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TheLordOfTimeanyone know who has sysadmin for the lists.ubuntu.com mailing lists?  I think there's a "spam generating" account on one of the MLs and I'd like someone to look at it.  Not sure who to ask though.17:57
cjohnstonTheLordOfTime: send a ticket to rt@ubuntu.com18:00
TheLordOfTimecjohnston:  ack, i'll do that now, thanks.18:01
TheLordOfTimecjohnston:  any idea on the time it takes for someone to take a peek at the ticket, or how long it takes for the system to pick up new email tickets?18:07
cjohnstonyou should get an auto reply quickly18:11
cjohnstonnoone will look at it until atleast monday.. then it all depends on how busy IS is18:12
IdleOneone of the list admins might see it on the list18:12
IdleOnejust sens an email to the list ?18:13
elfyI know we get lots of the stuff - gets seen to quickly18:17
TheLordOfTimecjohnston:  yeah i got the autoreply, just hope nobody else gets hit with this spammer18:18
TheLordOfTimethey don't spam the ML either, they spam the person who responded to the ML or posted on the ML :/18:18
TheLordOfTimeanyways, ticket's there, someone'll take a look sooner or later18:19
TheLordOfTimeand if not, well...18:19
TheLordOfTimethen there's a problem.18:19
popeyTheLordOfTime: which list? can you not email the list admin, listed at the bottom of the list admin page20:10
popeyhello Brain20:50
popeyThat sounds weird.20:50
BrainI'm new to IRC.20:50
popeyWelcome to the madhouse.20:52
BrainThanks, Alan. May I ask a question regarding ubuntu?20:53
popeyFeel free.20:55
BrainI have a late 2006 XP pro box that I am testing 12.x desktop on via a flash drive. My cd drive is not recognized, especially when I try to eject it. Same as running 13.x on DVD to test. Any ideas?20:57
BrainAnyone home?21:06

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