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goddarddo you guys think it is a good idea when creating an open source project to say you cannot use this on OSX or Windows?19:44
Ampelbeingoddard: That goes against everything open source stands for in my opinion.19:46
penguin42yeh I don't think that quite qualifies as open source19:49
slangasekgoddard: restrictions on use are incompatible with Open Source, by definition19:49
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penguin42is it possible to ask for a rebuild of the coccinelle package on saucy - for bug 121085520:17
ubottubug 1210855 in coccinelle (Ubuntu) "Coccinelle needs rebuild against newer ocaml" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121085520:17
penguin42I'm not sure if this is a build-dep dependency or something magical about ocaml20:17
goddardit sucks making an open source project but then windows and mac guys just use it20:43
goddardand dont give anything to us20:43
goddardyou if you used a closed source operating system you cannot use open source software20:44
goddardthat should be like a rule20:44
penguin42goddard: Not necessarily20:44
goddardotherwise all the free work people do is just benifiting them20:44
penguin42goddard: There are a lot of users of things like openoffice on windows/mac and people who contribute changes to it back20:44
goddardLinux users have given so much but it is always a hassle to get larger companies to do small amounts of work to give their products to us20:45
goddardyet they use a lot of the open source tools and those guys dont care about ethics or morality or community20:47
penguin42goddard: Rather offtopic!  But not necessarily20:47
goddardIt seems like unless that was put into place really all open source is ... is a tool for these larger companies to exploit while you believe your doing something good20:47
penguin42goddard: It's like getting people to switch their servers to Linux - if you can get them first to switch their servers it can be good, but to get them to do that you have to make sure it works well for their windows clients20:48
goddardpenguin42: so far that method hasn't served us well20:48
goddardhas it?20:48
penguin42goddard: Or the one I've personally had the experience of is a company with mostly Linux users but where the guys in the suit and the finance guys use Windows, so you have to cater for them20:49
goddardWhy do we have to cater to them?20:49
goddardmakes no sense20:50
goddardI think now is the perfect time for us to diverge away from helping them at all20:50
penguin42goddard: Because it's easier to get Linux systems in if the few WIndows users don't actually realise you're using something else in the back20:51
goddardat least that way we seem competitive which is what businesses want to see20:51
goddardwe dont want to be in the back we want to be in the front20:51
penguin42goddard: Right but read what I said!20:52
penguin42goddard: In a situation where most users are Linux users if you also have to support a few Windows users, unless you can do that then you end up with Linux being pushed out20:52
goddardmaybe that was true in the past20:53
goddardbut not any more20:53
penguin42it might be easier now with a lot of web based stuff20:53
goddardlinux only sucks in the graphics deparment i think nowadays20:53
penguin42goddard: But I know lots and lots of companies where devs can use Linux or Macs or whatever - but they're required to have a Windows VM to run Outlook; so they're still stuck with Windows!20:54
goddardhopefully GPU manufactuers can fix that with steam20:54
penguin42anyway, we're very offtopic and will get flame-grilled if we carry on20:54
goddardpenguin42: outlook is going to the "cloud" so they might shot themselves in the foot20:54
goddardalright but i wanted to talk about this with actual developers20:55
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