sam113101HI GUYS03:00
xjuniorGood morning, guys! I have libmirserver0 marked to be removed, but it's also messing up the installation of libmirserver1. apt-get install -f doesn't solve the issue and manually remove libmirserver0 doesn't work. Is there another way of solving it?14:04
smartboyhwxjunior, dpkg --install --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/libmirserver1*.deb14:06
smartboyhwWith sudo of course:P14:06
xjuniorthat worked, smartboyhw   :)14:07
xjuniorhave this happened to anyone else?14:07
smartboyhwxjunior, me14:11
xjuniorhahaha, gotcha14:11
xjuniorsmartboyhw, is #ubuntu+1 somehow official for (currently) 13.10?14:12
smartboyhwxjunior, yes14:12
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