kotuxhello, I have a package ready to submit01:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1210704 in Ubuntu "pylang needs packaging" [Undecided,In progress]01:52
kotuxI would like to know what I must upload.01:52
asomethingkotux, you have a few options: a link to a PPA with a package to review, a bzr branch of the packaging and a link to the orig.tar.gz01:57
kotuxhi asomething. I originally ran 'bzr commit -m "foo"' from the source directory.  Now, I just push the orig.tar.gz?01:59
kotuxWhat about the five other files?01:59
asomethingyour sponsor will have to rebuild the package to review it. the changes file, dsc file, and the debian.tar.gz till get regenerated02:01
Noskcajkotux, remember to put it into debian if possible too02:05
kotuxHi Nokscaj, I will probably do it through both debian and ubuntu02:05
kotuxshould I do debian first, or is it ok to do ubuntu first?02:05
asomethingif you go through debian first, it will be automatically synced to ubuntu in the start of the next development cycle02:06
kotuxwow, that's convenient.  Then what's the point of going through ubuntu first?02:06
asomethingkotux, in most cases you shouldn't02:07
kotuxthanks for the tip. how does the motu aid in this process then?02:07
kotuxI should go through the mentors process, correct?02:07
asomethingthere are some packages that rely on ubuntu specific things, that's most usual reason to go directly into ubuntu02:08
porthosekotux I would suggest going through debian PAPT https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/PythonAppsPackagingTeam02:08
kotuxhey porthose, thanks.02:08
asomethingit is *much* easier to get a package sponsored in Debian if there is a team that is a good fit02:09
kotuxRather than going through mentors, I should just join that group  and ask for sponsorship there?02:10
Noskcajkotux, MOTU exists for specific ubuntu changes and packaging things that debian can't/won't02:10
Noskcajkotux, put package in mentors with team as maintainer, you as uploader, then ask the team02:11
asomethingyou'd still upload to debian.mentors.net but ask for a sponsor on the python apps team's list02:11
kotuxAwesome, thanks for all the help.02:12
kotuxJust for show, here's my finished packgae.02:12
Noskcajtip: Get the packages a close to lintian clean as possible and with good copyright stuff before you upload02:13
kotuxOne more thing before I go: is an orig.tar.gz file the only thing they need to see from me?02:13
kotuxNoskcaj, it's lintian error-free. ;-)02:13
Noskcajeven the --pedantic ones?02:14
Noskcajgood work02:14
Noskcajand no, you will use dput to upload everything02:14
smartboyhwTip: Make sure you fill in the copyrigh properly02:16
kotuxsmartboyhw, it's all good.02:17
porthosekotux, make sure you have a working watch file also02:18
kotuxwhat's that?02:18
smartboyhwHmm, that's a problem if you don't know:P02:18
Noskcaja two line file that makes maintenance so much easier02:19
smartboyhwUsed to track new releases from upstream02:19
Unit193uscan is pretty great.02:19
kotuxok, thanks.02:20
porthosekotux, http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/dother.en.html02:20
RhondaLaney: Where are though!15:24
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LaneyRhonda: just arrived at hotel17:25
Laney(not staying at le camp)17:26
Laneywill be along tomorrow morning17:26
stgraberLaney: so do you need me to bring you a power cable along in the end?17:36
Laneystgraber: my adaptor works at the hotel17:37
Laneyalso, steve said he was bringing spares so should be fine17:37
Laneyfurther also, would have been a figure 8 which I don't think you said you have :P17:38
stgraberLaney: ah, if that's a c7/c8 (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/32/IEC_60320_C7.svg/100px-IEC_60320_C7.svg.png) then your french adapter will work fine as it's not grounded17:39
stgraberungrounded european/french plugs are compatible, the problem is the grounding pin which tends to differ quite widely between france, germany and switzerland (to take the 3 variants I'm aware of)17:40
Laneyah, yeah, there's no grounding pin on it17:42
Laney303 upgraded, 12 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.17:44
LaneyNeed to get 418 MB of archives.17:44
Laneyafter a week - not enough - try harder :P17:45
* Laney sees some interesting stuff17:46
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