mnainesIs there any reason why I was banned from #ubuntu this morning?01:07
Flannelmnaines: None that I can see.  You do have some history a while back, so I'll just give a blanket reminder to read and follow the channel guidelines and CoC (links in topic).  I've removed your ban.  Please make sure I did it properly.01:52
mnainesYes, it works...01:53
mnainesI don't even know what the past bans were for anymore01:54
mnainesI know one of them was something about being oto01:54
mnaineso4o, I mean01:54
Flannelmnaines: It's nothing to worry about.  Just follow the guidelines and the CoC.  That's what matters!01:55
mnainesFair enough01:55
sykoanybody ?09:58
sykoi joined freenode, and did /join #ubuntu, it says "you have been banned", i never came here but i have been banned ?10:00
sykoi asked a moderator at #freenode, he says there is wideban on me10:00
syko<erry> [09:55] ~~~Irssi: Ban against *!*@119.157.* matches syko!~syk0@
syko!ops hi10:04
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!10:04
ubottusyko called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()10:04
sykoplease see previous msg10:04
jaredsyko: I'm sure someone will be along soon, apologies I don't have access to the channel you're referring to.10:05
AlanBellsyko: one sec, I will sort that out10:19
sykoAlanBell, a moderator on freenode told me you guys banned 119.157.x.x10:20
syko119.157.x.x is the default ip range of PTCL10:20
sykoPTCL is the biggest ISP of Pakistan10:20
sykoso you banned 50/50 of Pakistan10:20
sykosee https://www.google.co.uk/?gws_rd=cr#bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=a898ec0b8e97eb61&psj=1&q=119.157.+ptcl10:20
AlanBellyeah, I know10:21
sykoyou are not a operator, alanbell10:21
sykoit doesnt show ur name in emergencies10:21
AlanBellsyko: try now10:21
sykonow it works10:21
sykothank you10:21
AlanBellit was a temporary ban set last week for someone who was bouncing around lots of IP addresses10:22
sykoi see10:22
AlanBellsorry you got caught in the crossfire :)10:22
sykoits ok :)10:22
AlanBellsyko: can you part from this channel now please, we like to help people one at a time10:26
ikoniaAlanBell: that's the same guy the ban was there to catch10:31
k1ldebian and mint support in one question. i think that is the highscore so far :)16:34
IdleOneGuest42793 is one of them conspiracy cooks17:08
IdleOnethat is why I muted in #u17:08
bazhangalso a fairly regular troll of multiple channels17:09
bazhangnever tried to write it before17:10
IdleOneI wasn't so much correcting as much as I was adding my voice to the yodel.17:11
IdleOneI thought it would be nice if we harmonized17:11
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from anonee)18:23
Guest42793what the fuck is your problem21:58
IdleOnewell first off, that sort of language21:58
Guest42793who is abusing their op privileges on the Ubuntu channel?21:58
IdleOneare you talking about the mute in #ubuntu?21:59
Guest42793yes, who muted me and why21:59
Guest42793i leave and come back and realized i was muted22:00
IdleOneI muted you because you kept cross posting off topic comments in both #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic. Seeing how you just wanted to discuss off topic subjects I figured I would just mute you and stop you from breaking channel policy in #ubuntu22:00
IdleOneif you can keep your comments in #ubuntu support related only. I'll gladly remove the mute.22:01
Guest42793what exactly did i cross post, it was only one thing and started to talk on the other channel when i was told22:01
IdleOneif you know it was only one thing why ask me what it was??22:02
Guest42793is asking about Zeitgeist not related to Ubuntu?22:02
IdleOneit isn't a ubuntu support question22:02
IdleOneand you were answered22:02
Guest42793is Zeitgeist integrated in Ubuntu install ISOs?22:02
IdleOneyou asked about the company that google apparently owns that is named zeitgeist22:03
Guest42793what is wrong with asking if it Google's Zeitgeist is the same Zeitgeist that is integrated in Ubuntu?22:03
IdleOnenothing actually, what was wrong was the cross posting22:04
Guest42793so if i say hello on 2  channels is considered cross posting?22:04
IdleOneSeeing how google zeitgeist is not the same thing as the zeitgeist in ubuntu, that makes it off topic.22:04
Guest42793both channels are Ubuntu channels and not everyone is on both channels who may know the answer22:05
IdleOneDo you want to resolve this mute and have it removed or do you just want to argue about it?22:05
IdleOneI see. I am not going to argue either or remove the mute. Have a good day.22:06
Guest42793how would i know if Google Zeitgeist is the same Zeitgeist that Ubuntu uses? which what the reason i was asking about it22:07
Guest42793both are called Zeitgeist and both are logging agents22:08
tsimpsonmaybe you can fine the web page for the company and see if it mentions a the software22:08
Guest42793so now i am not allowed to get any Ubuntu support because an op didn't like a support question that i asked22:10
tsimpsonthat wasn't really a support question22:11
tsimpsonand that's not even the reason for the quiet, as was explained22:11
Guest42793if you were looking for an answer to a question, would you not want multiple opinions to help you discover the answer?22:12
tsimpsonsure, if there were multiple unrelated channels which could be such a source22:13
tsimpsonbut that's not the case, as #ubuntu is _only_ for Ubuntu technical support22:14
Guest42793i asked a Ubuntu question on Ubuntu channels, what is wrong with that?22:14
IdleOneif it was a support question (I am not saying it was) why ask it in the offtopic channel where the topic clearly says that it isn't a support channel, and if it isn't an ubuntu support question (which I believe it isn't) why ask in in the support channel22:14
tsimpsonjust because it has the word "Ubuntu" in it doesn't make it an Ubuntu technical support question22:14
IdleOneWould me asking where to get my Ubuntu logo/circle of friends tattoo touched up be am appropriate question for #ubuntu?22:16
Guest42793first, you should put only "technical" or software related support on the ubuntu channel, which Zeitgeist happens to be software related to Ubuntu22:16
tsimpsonyou're still stuck on the "related to Ubuntu" thing, that's not the point22:17
tsimpsonit has to be an Ubuntu technical support question22:17
tsimpson"How do I install zeitgeist" would qualify, for example22:18
Guest42793Technical is not even on the channel topic22:18
Guest42793support just means support22:18
tsimpsonstop trying to find ways of saying you didn't "technically" do anything22:19
tsimpsonthat's not going to work for you22:19
Guest42793a Firefighter support team22:19
tsimpsoneither you can accept that it's against our rules, or you can't22:19
Guest42793its proper english22:19
Guest42793if you go to dell they have phones numbers for Customer Support and Technical Support, when anyone just says support it usually implies customer/user support22:20
tsimpsonso you can't accept it, that means I can't help you with removing the quiet22:21
Guest42793but that is not even the point, why should an op one Ubuntu be able to dictate that someone can say or ask on another channel22:22
tsimpsonthey are there to keep the channels on-topic22:22
Guest42793it was, apparently i was muted because i asked the same question on two different channels22:22
tsimpsonyes, you cross posted22:23
tsimpsonwhich is another thing ops look out for22:23
Guest42793if i am an op on this channel and see you ask the same question on the linux channel, why should i mute you?22:23
tsimpsonthe channels have unrelated topics, so any cross posting is obviously off-topic in one of the channels22:23
tsimpsonif you're an op on your own channel you get to make up your own rules, we have ours and they are linked to in the topic of #ubuntu22:24
Guest42793is channels are unrelated then why should it matter?22:24
Guest42793that is totally BS22:24
tsimpsonthey have an unrelated topic, one is for technical support and the other isn't22:25
tsimpsonit's not hard to understand22:25
Guest42793so if you don't know if the question is a support or off topic question, what is wrong with asking on both channels?22:26
tsimpsonsupport questions go one place, off-topic stuff goes to another22:26
tsimpsonnot both22:26
Guest42793this is just another sign of ops abusing their privileges22:26
tsimpsonthose are our rules22:27
tsimpsonif you don't agree with our rules, that's fine, you're free to find other avenues of communication22:27
Guest42793you didn't even answer my question "so if you don't know if the question is a support or off topic question, what is wrong with asking on both channels?"22:27
tsimpsonthen you ask in _one_ of those channels and see if someone tells you it'd be better off asking in the other channel22:28
Guest42793if i see you say something i don't like on a channel called #computers does that mean i should mute you on the Official Ubuntu Support channel?22:29
Guest42793think about it22:29
IdleOneI didn't see you cross posting from out of the ubuntu namespace. I saw you do it from within our namespace.22:29
IdleOnewhat you post in other channels that have nothing to do with ubuntu don't concern me as it relates to my op duties22:30
Guest42793if had a Dell computer and complained about customer support, managers would actually do something about it because customers are important, but here it is the total opposite22:30
IdleOneyou're not a customer, you haven't paid us anything.22:31
Guest42793when linux software in general there is a sense of snob22:31
tsimpsonwe do have an appeal process if you'd rather go through that22:31
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.22:31
Guest42793exactly, which is why there is a sense of snobiness in linux22:32
Guest42793and why linux does not adopt more users from windows22:32
tsimpsonnow you have the link if you want to appeal22:32
tsimpsonanything else we can help you with?22:32
LjL-Alpsmaybe we should run an Adopt A Windows User campaign22:32
Guest42793so basically it was pointless even coming here22:33
tsimpsonGuest42793: if you disagree with the action, I suggest you follow the instructions in the above link22:33
Guest42793which appeal is probably just going to go to you22:34
tsimpsonthey go to the IRC Council22:34
tsimpsonthey will decide if it was right or wrong22:35
Guest42793think about it, if i muted you on a channel and you wanted the mute overturned you would have to come back to me and beg LOL22:36
LjL-Alpswell if it were your channel, how would that not be reasonable? you set the rules.22:36
tsimpsondepends on the process whoever runs that channel has in place22:37
Guest42793i'm glad successful companies always put their users first22:37
IdleOneWe aren't a company22:37
Guest42793LjL-Alps, you do not own nor invented Ubuntu22:37
tsimpsoneveryone here is a volunteer22:38
IdleOneWe are a community of volunteers trying to help keep a little bit of sanity in a large number of irc channels with a large number of users. Some of those users don't like the rules and they are free to not use the channels.22:38
LjL-AlpsGuest42793: yet the whole infrastructure that does own and has invented Ubuntu appointed various people, among which me, to run these channels.22:38
Guest42793yeah, ops should actually be voted by Ubuntu users, anyone can volunteer that does not mean they have automatic authority over every else just because they are a volunterr22:39
IdleOnethey are22:39
tsimpsonGuest42793: ops are assigned by the IRC Council, the IRC Council is voted for by IRC users and assigned by the Ubuntu Community Council22:39
LjL-AlpsGuest42793: i'm sure most of these companies you mention that put their users first have their users vote on their management22:40
Guest42793ops should actually be paid, so that if anyone does have issues with an op they will lose their pay22:40
LjL-Alpsyou're full of ideas, why don't you mail the IRC Council about them22:40
IdleOneWill you pay membership fees to be able to use our irc channels?22:40
Guest42793if it is volunteer it should be by vote, if it is by pay people vote by how they spend their money22:40
IdleOnethis money you think ops should be paid needs to come from somewhere22:40
Guest42793If people do have good experience with Ubuntu they will donate22:41
tsimpsonwe clearly aren't going to resolve your quiet right now, is there anything else?22:41
Guest42793tsimpson, why not22:41
tsimpsonbecause you don't agree with our rules, or how we apply them22:42
tsimpsontime for you to move on in the appeals process22:42
Guest42793a portion of Ubuntu's revenues should to support to ensure better quality support to help users instead of arguing with them22:42
tsimpsonso there's nothing else?22:42
Guest42793tsimpson, your rules are anything you say and do is right. period.22:43
Guest42793think about it, there is nothing wrong with asking the same question on 2 different channels when both channels are Ubuntu topic channels22:43
tsimpsonwell that's not true as we have them documented in the #ubuntu topic22:43
tsimpsonyou disagree with them, fine22:44
tsimpsonbut that means we can't help you in here any more22:44
IdleOne@mark Guest42793 ~superman@24-246-51-209.cable.teksavvy.com22:55
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:55

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