slangasekrelocating to Uruguay?  who does *that* :)00:08
infinityslangasek: People who live in Brasil, apparently.00:11
slangasekinfinity: people who live in Brazil and have a grudge against Argentina, maybe?00:11
slangasekI mean, c'mon, Uruguay only exists because the two of them needed a buffer state ;)00:11
infinityAll I know about Argentina is that they have a booming beef industry.  I know nothing of their politics. :P00:12
infinity"Uruguay won its independence between 1811 and 1828, following a four-way struggle amongst Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil."00:15
infinityThat's enough to sell me on them.00:15
slangasek"won" its independence00:15
infinityTakes some serious fortitude to flip the bird to four nations at the same time.00:15
slangasekthat's historical revisionism00:16
slangasekUruguay was created by fiat by a treaty between the powers that were struggling over the territory ;)00:16
infinityAhh, yes, the article goes into more depth later. :P00:16
infinityEither way, they appear to have some very impressive moustaches in their history.00:17
infinitySo, that's something.00:17
slangasekgaucho + moustache -> gaustache00:17
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