frank_I want to install ubuntu server 12.04 LTS on a VM. The homedir should be encrypted for every user, but the server should be able to boot without any interveniance (since it's a VM, vmware, ha, etc). What do I select in the installer?02:10
frank_Encrypt the first user and add the second one from cli via adduser? How do I get the homedir of the second user to be encrypted?02:11
sarnoldfrank_: probably "encrypted user home directories" -- that sets up ecryptfs to mount the user home directories with a stacked encrypted filesystem when users log in. it does complicate user crontabs, but it does boot without intervention02:11
frank_I guess the installer doesn't provide support to create n user accounts during installation where the homedir is encrypted02:11
tyhicksfrank_: I'm not sure if the installer provides that02:12
tyhicksfrank_: but see the --encrypt-home option of adduser02:12
frank_tyhicks: nice, thanks02:13
frank_sarnold: what do i select during installation? Use entire vmdk and set up lvm?02:13
sarnoldfrank_: I believe that would allow you to grow the image / filesystem later if you wish.02:14
frank_sarnold: done02:15
frank_my provider promised me only level 3 filtering, configuring apt tages ages but eventually will finish. On TTy3 I see failed to fetch http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/...02:18
frank_i guess he's lying, isn't he?02:18
frank_i guess during install I haven't got a links to verify02:19
sarnoldtry also w3m, curl, wget, links, elinks, might be something..02:20
sarnoldor if all else fails, maybe bash's /dev/tcp02:20
frank_last time I was behind a watchguard, which was pretty funny when I did am echo of seq(1,100) in a .txt and then wget'ted it. First got lines 51-100. Then 1 - 5002:22
centaur5I have a NFS share that mounts and even though I specified rw in fstab whenever I try to write to the mount point it says read only. Any ideas?03:30
hallynstgraber: all right no worries, i see what's going wrong with nested lxc in ppa.  i *could* wokr around it in the mountcgroups script but am going to spend some time doing what i think is the right thing when creating containers04:15
hallyn(which is keep curcgroup per cgroup mount, and check tasks file to figure out what cgroup we are in relative to the mounted one, not to the host's / cgroup)04:16
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avis_quite the large room, hello everyone04:57
avis_I'm having a slight dependency problem when installing libapache2-mod-python: I recieve the following error: http://pxl.uni.cx/irc04:58
avis_basically says I have have unmet dependencies04:59
avis_Depends: python (< 2.7) but 2.7.3-0ubuntu2.2 is to be installed04:59
avis_however this is my phython version output - Python 2.7.3 (default, Aug  9 2013, 22:08:36)05:00
avis_sudo aptitude provides too many regressive dependencies to warrant going that route05:00
avis_Any ideas?05:00
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samba35i have strange problem ,on my home system i am not able to boot with harddisk of vmware esxi 5.1 when i try to boot with harddisk  booting process goes in loop but if i boot with dvd and select boot from hardisk then system boot properly11:38
samba35is it possible to add other then ubunut iso image to create startup disk /using startup  disk creator12:03
progre55Hi guys. Is logrotate's delaycompress option needed for apache2, if I have set postrotate to reload apache? It's just, I rotate the logs weekly, and the access-forward logs can be really huge uncompressed.15:13
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andygraybealhow do i transfer a KVM with an that lives in an LVM container to another machine?15:51
andygraybealLVM container/partition ... i don't know the words.15:51
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yeatsandygraybeal: the fact that it's on LVM shouldn't matter - you should be able to move it16:34
yeatsat the userspace level, the details of the storage medium shouldn't matter16:35
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andygraybealyeats, okay16:42
andygraybeali have no experience with this, so i'm not sure ;)16:42
andygraybealso... the over view is.. to copy the data out of the LVM partition into another LVM partion and then load up the KVM definition into libvirt?  is that basically what i need to accomplish?16:44
yeatsandygraybeal: I believe so, yes16:57
andygraybealokay thank you yeahpla16:57
andygraybealerrrr yeats16:57
andygraybeali've never done snapshotting of LVM yet16:58
yeatsandygraybeal: the main point is, at the OS level, you can think of this as "directories" rather than worrying about which type of storage medium it is16:58
yeatsandygraybeal: very simple16:58
yeats'virsh snapshot-create <vmname>'16:58
andygraybealhmm.. with virsh?  it deals with LVM ?16:59
andygraybeali was thinking that i would need to do LVM snapshot of the partition16:59
andygraybealor.. i'm listening, i'm full of confusion :)17:00
yeatsoh LVM?17:00
andygraybealyes, i got a libvirt box on lvm17:00
andygraybealnot a image file17:00
yeatsis your end goal that you want a snapshot of your VM?17:01
andygraybealwell.. the goal is to move a virtual machine from one physical machine to another physical machine.17:01
yeatsandygraybeal: oh - I see - "snapshot" has a specific meaning in KVM, so I thought you meant that ;-)17:01
andygraybealyes, sorry, i meant LVM snapshot, i forgot it meant something in the KVM world for two seconds17:02
progre55Hi guys. Is logrotate's delaycompress option needed for apache2, if I have set postrotate to reload apache? It's just, I rotate the logs weekly, and the access-forward logs can be really huge uncompressed.17:05
axisyswhy does one precise server showing linux 3.2 and the other precise server showing linux 3.518:28
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sl8_slickI'm having an issue with my ovh server, I just added an IP block and everything went fine, but it broke one of my ubuntu VMs. It refuses to connect to the internet or ping the gateway, and when I type ifconfig all the information is correct18:39
RoyKaxisys: probably because those that say 3.5 were installed with 12.04.2, which uses 3.5 by default. earlier 12.04 releases uses/used 3.2. you can install 3.5 on the older ones if you need to, but 3.2 will work as well. default kernel was changed to 3.5 to allow for better support for newer hardware18:49
axisysRoyK: oh ok..19:09
axisysI will just upgrade the kernel since these two servers will be failover for each other.19:09
axisysRoyK: thanks19:09
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RoyKaxisys: np19:10
ddsssfresh ubuntu server 13.04 install. installed from usb key. doesn't boot.19:21
ddssssimply flies thorugh intial output and then monitor says no signal.19:21
ddsssI can't even see what erro is there - so fast it goes.19:22
axisysddsss: you get anything with shift-alt-F1 or F2 or F3 .. F7 ?19:48
ddsssaxisys, yes - bios works just fine.19:49
ddsssaxisys, then - ubuntu installs just fine.19:49
axisysshift-alt-F1 gives you anything?19:50
ddsssaxisys, ahh - no.19:50
axisysits one of the vtys19:50
axisyshow about F2 .. to .. F719:50
ddsssaxisys, Its a headless server install. so i didn't install gui.19:50
axisys15:21:46 < ddsss> simply flies thorugh intial output and then monitor says no  signal.19:51
ddsssaxisys, exactly!19:51
axisysif it is headless why expecting something in the monitor?19:51
ddsssaxisys, I mean - server without gui.19:51
axisyscan you ssh to it?19:52
ddsssaxisys, but yes - there is  a monitor attached via vga cable.19:52
axisystty0 is vga and ttyS0 is console19:52
axisyswhere are you redirecting the display in grub?19:52
ddsssaxisys, mmm. it was an automatica installl. how would I check?19:53
ddssse in grub menu?19:53
axisysautomatic install usually points to tty0.. but yes check in the grub19:53
ddsssi'll start it again. hang on:)19:54
axisysit should be something like console=tty0 and/or console=ttyS0,9600n8 or like19:54
axisysi would remove the quiet after --19:54
axisysand also remove the splash..19:54
axisysfor server you really dont want to use those crap19:55
ddssshmm. pressing e on ubuntu entry gives me some short script or a config or what not.19:57
ddssssetparams 'Ubuntu '19:57
ddsssimhonestly not sure which one is video19:58
ddsssit does ave load_video though19:58
ddsssit does have load_video though19:58
ddsssahhh! GPU power managament timed out - what does that mean?20:02
ddsssaxisys, I've got the actual error  - I've had to record the whole thing on camera and then select the last part:)20:03
ddsssgma500 GPU: power managament timed out.20:04
ddsssaxisys, ahh. it seems the new mobo I got for a nas has some completely unsupported graphics which require adding additional repos during install: gma500 on Launchpad.20:09
ddsssaxisys, ha. I was just been able to ssh in. SO I guess it worked ll along  - just video driver wasn't present.20:17
bananapieAre hardware interrupts related to kernel frequency?20:56
failmasteri have a problem with switching passphrase luks auth on boot to key file based, extra details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?21:13
RoyKbananapie: no21:27
bananapiehow can I tell if I have a bottleneck from my IRQ interrupts?21:29
RoyKcan you pastebin /proc/interrupts?21:31
RoyKor perhaps how much hi is reported from top?21:31
RoyKalso - what sort of server is this?21:31
bananapieHP Proliant I think.21:32
bananapieDL360 or something like that I bought back in 201021:32
RoyKa router?21:32
bananapieNope. It has 4 networks cards bonded into bond0 and bond1. It has a Sangoma A108DE card that receives PRIs from my telco and I convert the calls into SIP/RTP on the server.21:33
* RoyK smells asterisk21:34
bananapieNope :P I stopped using asterisk, I am running freeswitch.21:34
bananapieBut close ;)21:34
bananapieI can't tell if that is sarcastic21:35
RoyKI guess the NICs don't support much buffering or may be need to get their buffers increased21:35
RoyKno, it was not ;)21:35
bananapieWhat makes you believe that I have buffer problems?21:35
RoyKwith higher buffers, you get lower interrupt rates21:36
RoyKcheck the module settings for the NIC driver(s)21:36
RoyKno idea if those MSI NICs support much buffering, though21:37
RoyKIntel cards are usually my best bet for such use21:37
bananapieI'll check. Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme II BCM5709 Gigabit Ethernet21:37
RoyKthose aren't too good21:37
RoyKbut may be tunable for something better21:37
bananapieI like that the first page I found on google starts with "These cards are flawed".21:38
RoyKI mean - the NIC may be good, but Broadcom doesn't release much info about their hardware so much of the driver development is about reverse engineering21:38
bananapiecould the badness of these ethernet card impact the performance of my sangoma card?21:39
RoyKhardly, unless it's PCI21:40
RoyKyou should have enough CPU cores to handle it21:40
bananapiethe 4 ethernet cards are built into the motherboard and the sangoma is PCI express21:40
RoyKthen it should work well21:41
RoyKon which interrupt is the sangoma?21:41
RoyKrather a few interrupts from that one as well :P21:42
bananapie916 million interrupts in 5 days, is that a lot?21:43
RoyKbananapie: this says a bit about what I think about asterisk :P http://karlsbakk.net/fun/asterisk-installation.wav21:43
bananapieThat was brilliant!21:44
RoyKor http://karlsbakk.net/fun/asterisk_architecture.jpg21:44
bananapieWould it be a bad idea to allow 4 CPUs to the sangoma card?21:47
bananapieI really need to learn more about Interrupts. Do you have any documents that you especially like that gives good info about interrupts in Linux?21:49
bananapiewhat's odd about the card is the smp affinity was 00200020 instead of ffffffffff like I found in /proc/irq/default_snmp_affinity21:50
Patrickdkhow about we stop all this *guessing*21:51
Patrickdkwhat is the *problem*?21:51
bananapieI randomly get talk-off on my PRI and some faxes fail. I thought it was a sangoma/freeswitch problem, but yesterday21:51
RoyKbananapie: talk-off?21:52
bananapieI installed a Zabbix machine on the network to monitor my servers, all the servers generate  beautiful graphs.21:52
* RoyK doesn't quite understand21:52
bananapieBut for some reason, Zabbix can't get more than about 5% of the data it requests from the machine with the Sangoma in it.21:52
RoyKbananapie: t.38 is always hard to work with, though21:52
bananapieBut I ping the machine and it responds fine.21:52
bananapieSo, I don't know what is going on, so I suspect there may be an evil spirit living in my PCIE bus.21:53
Patrickdkseriously unlikely21:53
Patrickdka bad driver, sure21:53
RoyKbananapie: have you tried to talk to coppice about the spandsp issues?21:53
bananapieThe Evil Spirit of Sys-admin-know-nothing-about-his-IRQs21:53
bananapieYes. I spoke with coppice, we talked about echo cancellation and stuff.21:54
Patrickdkbananapie, how many pri's?21:54
bananapiebut, I disconnected 2 to see what would happen21:54
bananapieso the only 6 have been connected for the past few weeks21:54
bananapieBecause of the funky behaviour from Zabbix that is isolated to this machine, I think something else is going on on the server.21:54
Patrickdkwell, that should max you out around 17mbit21:55
bananapieBut only 2 of the PRIs see any serious use, it is rare that the other PRIs use more than 3-4 channels a tthe same time.21:55
Patrickdkhow did you monitor this, only 5% data?21:56
bananapiethe graphs on Zabbix have a few dots instead of full lines like all the other servers that have the exact same hardware and Ubuntu version ( excluding the sangoma card )21:56
Patrickdkit is a pcie sangoma card?21:58
Patrickdknot the pci version?21:58
bananapied = hardware DTMF and E = PCI Express.21:59
bananapieless -S makes /proc/interrupts readable on my screen :D22:08
failmasteri have a problem with switching passphrase luks auth on boot to key file based, extra details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?22:51

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