Tassadar_does anybody here have the new N7, flo? Could you please give me output of commands "dmesg" and "cat /proc/iomem"?00:33
RobbyFTassadar_, someone might in #android01:09
Tassadar_RobbyF: thanks, I'll try it01:22
ThatTomPersonHey Guys01:27
ThatTomPersonstill morning here01:39
ThatTomPersonAnyone here that can help me with flashing the ubuntu rom onto my n4?01:40
TQuidI mourn your lack of help. Alas, I"m just getting here myself and don't have a Nexus device I want to sacrifice. Just a Galaxy Tab 7 Plus, I think.01:42
c-lOwHello. I'm very interested in trying out ubuntu-touch on my phone, however I don't own a nexus. Is there a list of unofficially supported phones or something like that?01:42
TQuidc-IOw: I just looked earlier today, the only official list seems to be the Nexi.01:43
TQuidI'll wager people are trying on other devices too, though.01:43
c-lOwTQuid: what about a non-official list?01:44
c-lOwdo you know of any?01:44
TQuidI think just Googling is your best bet there . . . maybe xda-developers forums?01:45
ThatTomPersongalaxy tab 7.7 is in there01:46
c-lOwI was looking around at xda-developers, I found out that some devices are partially supported. However I wondering if did anybody compile a list of those partially supported devices.01:47
c-lOwThanks anyway :-)01:47
c-lOwThatTomPerson: thank you!01:47
TQuidAh, I'm a dolt and didn't read the rest of that page.01:48
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anmolsir there is a problem while flashing03:36
anmolHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable      The file is already fully retrieved; nothing to do.  Starting new HTTP connection (1): cdimage.ubuntu.com File download failed for http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130808/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip to /home/dell/Downloads/phablet-flash/ubuntu-touch/20130808/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip03:36
anmolplease help03:36
RobbyFphablet-flash cdimage-touch < worked for me03:38
anmolwhat should i write interminal now?03:39
RobbyFphablet-flash cdimage-touch <03:39
anmolmy device is nexus 403:40
anmolplease tell me exactly .. i couldnt understand03:40
anmolits givin error03:40
anmolusage: phablet-flash [-h] [-d {mako,maguro,manta,grouper}] [-s SERIAL]                      [--alternate-settings ALTERNATE_SETTINGS]                      [--no-device-validate] [-b] [-D] [--wipe] [--legacy]                      [--list-revisions] [--series SERIES]                      [-r REVISION | -l | -p BASE_PATH | -u URI | --pending]                      [--ubuntu-bootstrap]03:40
RobbyFupdate your stuff03:40
RobbyFsudo apt-get upgrade phablet-flash03:41
anmolit as been kept back the phablet-flash03:42
anmolnot updates03:42
anmolRobby what should i do now brodr!03:43
RobbyFyou have an older version, update and upgrade03:43
RobbyFthen flash with cdimage-touch as i said above.03:43
anmolrobby what files i need for manual installation?03:46
RobbyFscroll down for instructions.03:47
* RobbyF is off to bed.03:47
anmolthnx Robby :)03:49
anmolfile download failed :'( but i have both files !!!!!04:16
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Xyverzanybody got Ubuntu Touch working on the new Nexus 7 (flo) ?06:54
anmolproblemmm   HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable      The file is already fully retrieved; nothing to do.  ERROR:phablet-flash:Checksum does not match after download for /home/dell/Downloads/phablet-flash/ubuntu-touch/20130808/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip and hash 0c147d121853ab28c0f8de49cfb05cee5559bedeec1451181916aeaad344282506:55
anmolmy device nexus 406:55
anmolpleasee help06:55
TobiH8Try phablet-flash -b or if you have already Ubuntu Touch update via Terminal06:57
anmolusage: phablet-flash [-h]  ... phablet-flash: error: too few arguments06:57
anmolit says this06:57
bef0rdtry adding some arguments06:57
TobiH8phablet-flash cdimage-touch -b06:58
anmolwhich arguments?06:58
TobiH8does this work for you?06:59
Xyverzcan somebody tell me where I'd find touch for the new Nexus 7? The Devices page doesn't look like it's been updated in a LONG time...07:06
anmolproblem installing ubuntu touch07:40
anmolERROR:phablet-flash:Checksum does not match after download for /home/dell/Downloads/phablet-flash/ubuntu-touch/20130808/saucy-preinstalled-recovery-armel+mako.img and hash 0e4c7bbec0fe9194b0057083decc9603e091c6a8bf83616a26ebbfa5e177ac9b07:40
anmolused phablet-flash cdimage-touch -b07:41
anmolplease tell what to do07:41
anmolhey any one?07:44
anmolhey guys help me!!!!07:48
anmolResolving cdimage.ubuntu.com (cdimage.ubuntu.com)..., 2001:67c:1360:8c01::20, 2001:67c:1360:8c01::21, ... Connecting to cdimage.ubuntu.com (cdimage.ubuntu.com)||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable      The file is already fully retrieved; nothing to do.  ERROR:phablet-flash:Checksum does not match after download for /home/dell/Downloads/phablet-f08:04
anmolplease help08:04
anmolchecksum problem08:04
NimbleI'm trying to install ubuntu touch on my nexus 4 but when it comes to using "phablet-flash" I get an error08:44
Nimblenevermind, factory reset fixed it09:02
iKillCypherhello guys Im actually thinking of porting ubuntu to my phone :)09:26
iKillCypheris there anyone here?09:30
iKillCypherany idea how to port?09:37
WufuHey, im trying to install ubuntu touch on my nexus 4. But i get this error when i phablet flash it.... phablet-flash: error: too few arguments - Any one that can help me?09:44
iKillCypherI want to port it to my device09:44
iKillCypherIm confused as I can build cm10.1 just fine09:45
iKillCypherso Im wondering what I else I need09:45
iKillCypherif anyone is here ping me ty I really need help regrading porting Ubuntu Touch to my Device09:54
WufuHey, im trying to install ubuntu touch on my nexus 4. But i get this error when i phablet flash it.... phablet-flash: error: too few arguments - Any one that can help me?09:54
Nimblethey made some changes to phablet-flash09:54
NimbleI figured it out the hard way just now :)09:55
Nimbletry phablet-flash -h09:55
NimbleiKillCypher, there is a guide for porting09:55
Nimblebut I'm not sure how up to date it is09:55
iKillCypherNimble, I can build cyanogenmod 10.1 just fine09:56
Nimblethen ubuntu touch should work09:56
WufuNimble - think i got it thanks <309:56
Nimblenp wufu09:56
iKillCypherbut I want to port it ? how09:56
iKillCypherthe porting guide is not so detail09:56
Nimbleyou might find that clockworkmod has some issues with the new phablet-flash09:56
NimbleI found that I had to manually apply the zips in it09:56
Nimblearmel first and then armhf09:57
iKillCypherNimble, so where do I start ?09:57
NimbleiKillCypher, sorry, I don't know09:57
NimbleI've never ported09:57
iKillCypherEnabling a new device ?09:57
iKillCypherwell I need someone to guide me09:57
iKillCypherlol o.o09:57
NimbleI'm as clueless as you here09:57
Nimbleactually since you've built cyanogenmod once, you're doing better than me09:58
iKillCypherso I will wait for someone here to help me out10:10
iKillCypher:S damn why isnt any one talking at all10:19
WufuGSM/3g is that not working on the Nexus 4 yet?10:19
NimbleI managed to get a phone call10:22
Nimbleand a text message10:22
Nimblebut I haven't tried data yet10:22
iKillCyphero.o damn I want to port to my device badly10:22
iKillCypherand no one is helping :(10:22
WufuWell i cant get a signal on it... Did i do something wronge?10:22
Nimblenot sure10:24
Nimblewhat device are you using?10:24
WufuNexus 410:24
Nimbleall I did was flash the armel zip and then the armhf zip10:25
NimbleI used the cdimage-touch10:25
* iKillCypher is sad :(10:25
iKillCypherdamn I really want to use Ubuntu Touch for my device10:25
Nimblesorry iKillCypher10:27
Nimblewhat device do you have?10:27
iKillCypheryuga ?10:27
iKillCyphersony xerpia z10:27
Nimblewell, you might have to wait a bit10:29
Nimbleor try to figure it out yourself10:29
MayorSheFFCould I ask some question?10:29
NimbleI see other xperias in the list so it should be possible10:29
Nimblehi MayorSheFF, you already asked one so you might as well ask another10:29
iKillCypherwell yeah I really want to port and contribute to development10:29
iKillCypherany idea when the developers will arrive ?10:29
Nimbleyou might have better luck on the xda forums for your device10:30
MayorSheFFOk. Can I download ubuntu for phone?10:30
iKillCypherwell Nimble I believe someone here can help better10:31
NimbleiKillCypher, alright10:32
Nimbleultimately it is your time10:32
MayorSheFFPlease, tell me. Can I download ubuntu for phone?10:33
NimbleMayorSheFF, yes, you can10:33
MayorSheFFPlease, tell me. When?10:33
Nimbleright now10:34
MayorSheFFI have no good English. Sorry for it.10:34
MayorSheFFMay be right now.10:34
Nimblewhat phone do you have?10:34
MayorSheFFI have iPhone and HTC.10:34
Nimbleyou won't be able to install it on the iPhone, but maybe the HTC10:34
Nimblewhich HTC?10:34
MayorSheFFI have the HTC Desire X.10:35
iKillCypherdid you port it over?10:35
Nimbleis there a difference between the HTC Desire X, Z, and S?10:36
MayorSheFFI don't know it very well. I try to see it now.10:37
MayorSheFFIt is a little difference.10:38
iKillCypher:S im dying here learning how to port it10:38
MayorSheFFIt is a little difference between the HTC Desire X and Z.10:39
MayorSheFFNImble, please help me.10:43
NimbleMayorSheFF, the desire x doesn't seem to be supported at the moment10:46
Nimbledo you know if you can run cyanogenmod 10.1 on it?10:46
MayorSheFFI don't know about cyanogenmod.10:47
MayorSheFFCould you give me some link for downloading ubuntu for phone?10:48
Nimblefor devices that aren't the nexus 4/7/10 or galaxy nexus, you can check on this list10:48
Nimblethe desire x isn't there10:48
Nimbleit doesn't mean that it won't work10:49
Nimblesomeone might not have ported it yet10:49
Nimblebut I don't know if it's possible to do with your device10:49
Nimbleyou need to be able to install custom roms and cyanogenmod 10.1 needs to be able to run on your phone10:49
Nimbleif those two things are possible, you can install ubuntu touch10:50
iKillCypherNimble, I will wait for someone who is a developer to help me out10:51
iKillCypherbrb booting into Ubuntu10:51
MayorSheFFOk. Thank you very much. I will try to install those.10:51
anmolhey problem installling ubuntu touch11:56
anmol phablet-flash cdimage-touch INFO:phablet-flash:Device detected as mako INFO:phablet-flash:Download directory set to /home/dell/Downloads/phablet-flash/ubuntu-touch/20130808 INFO:phablet-flash:Download directory set to /home/dell/Downloads/phablet-flash/ubuntu-touch/20130808 INFO:urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTP connection (1): cdimage.ubuntu.com INFO:phablet-flash:Downloading http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-p11:56
anmolchecksum doesnt matches!!!11:57
anmolplease help11:57
anmolcan anyone tell me please?11:58
smartboyhwanmol, try again?11:58
mapreriHi! I'm trying to install utouch on my nexus 4, so I'm following wiki.u.c/Touch/Install. There is wite to run "phablet-flash -b", syntax not recognized by phablet-flash. Lookin to `phablet-flash -h` I probably the command to run is `phablet-flash cdimage-touch`. Can someone confirm it?12:10
mapreri(note: I've already onlocked the bootloader, but it's not rooted)12:11
ogra_sergiusens, how about updating the docs :)12:11
maprerigema: thank you :)12:11
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gemamapreri: not sure why, but any time ;)13:16
mapreriCaution: I try to flash utouch on a stock nexus 4 (only unlock the bootloader) and obtain: WARNING:phablet-flash:The device needs to have a clockwork mod recovery image (or one that supports extendedcommands) in place for the provisioning to work13:19
mapreriINFO:phablet-flash:Restarting device... wait13:19
mapreriINFO:phablet-flash:Restarting device... wait complete13:19
maprerierror: device not found13:19
mapreriERROR:phablet-flash:Command 'adb shell mount /sdcard/' returned non-zero exit status 25513:19
mapreriprobably you want to update the docs at wiki.u.c/Touch/Devices13:19
Wufuhey, i installede ubuntu touch on my nexus 4 but i cant get it to find any network with my simcard. any one that can help?13:48
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Wufuhey, i installede ubuntu touch on my nexus 4 but i cant get it to find any network with my simcard. any one that can help?14:00
jreianyone here who works on the calendar14:40
jreianyone alive?14:46
ikillcypherhello how do I port over my device ?15:05
ikillcypheranyone here developer ?15:07
jreiubuntu touch teams is currently not available, please hold ...15:07
jreiat least noone fliched for the last 30 min15:09
ikillcypheroh well I will wait15:10
smartboyhwikillcypher, jrei you came at a Saturday, which is when the Ubuntu Touch team normally go for holidays:P15:13
smartboyhwSo, probably come back at Monday will be a better choice15:14
smartboyhwBut, I thought ogra_ will always be here..15:14
jreijea I like weekends too15:16
ikillcypher:( damn15:16
jreibut there was a chance that there is a team member without a privat live ;)15:17
ikillcypherso no one can help me out in porting it to my device?15:18
smartboyhwjrei, what is your problem?15:20
smartboyhwLook at wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting15:20
smartboyhwikillcypher, ^15:21
smartboyhwjrei, Ubuntu Calendar Developers can be contacted through https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calendar-dev15:21
jreismartboyhw, thanks I will  go there15:22
jreiok i was there15:22
jreiI am just trying to figure out the ubuntu development structure so that I can contribute15:23
smartboyhwjrei, maybe you should subscribe to the ubuntu-phone mailing list15:23
smartboyhwAnd ask:)15:23
smartboyhwjrei, if you want to contributte15:23
smartboyhwCheck out https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app15:23
Alex___hi there15:23
smartboyhwThis is a number of bugs you can fix;)15:23
jreiI will15:23
smartboyhwjrei, read through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/DevelopmentGuide15:24
jreiI did15:24
ikillcypherwell the tutorial isnt that clear15:24
smartboyhwikillcypher, for instance? What's your issue?15:25
ikillcypherwell likw how do I port do I build cyanogenmod 10.1 ?15:25
ikillcypherthen do what15:25
smartboyhwikillcypher, what device are you going to port?15:26
ikillcypherxerpia z15:26
jreiI am not yet shure how to get the trunk of the calendar souce, and debug an run it15:26
jreiif it even is possible without a device15:26
smartboyhwjrei, to get trunk, install bzr (sudo apt-get install bzr) and run bzr branch lp:ubuntu-calendar-app15:27
smartboyhwjrei, for debugging, I suggest you use the Ubuntu SDK15:27
jreigot that15:27
smartboyhwjrei, Ubuntu SDK installation instructions available at http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/15:28
smartboyhwikillcypher, does it have cyanogenmod 10.1 available?15:28
ikillcypheryeah so what do I have to do next15:29
ikillcypherhelp me out mate :P15:29
smartboyhwikillcypher, install the packages at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting#Set_up_your_development_environment15:29
ikillcypherso I have to build cyanogenmod 10.1 or have the source here no ?15:29
ikillcypherI strongly believe I dont need cyanogenmod 10.1 right?15:30
ikillcypheras in the source15:30
ikillcyphersince I will be using ubunti15:30
smartboyhwikillcypher, I know, you need the cyanogenmod CODE15:30
smartboyhwNot installing it, no worries:P15:30
ikillcypherso I dont need cyanogenmod 10.1 source on my ubuntu right ?15:31
smartboyhwikillcypher, source yes...15:31
smartboyhwOnly the source15:31
ikillcypherso I need to checkout cyanogenmod ?15:32
smartboyhwikillcypher, yes15:32
ikillcypherD: ? 20GB OMG15:32
smartboyhwikillcypher, uh yep:)15:32
ikillcypherwell dont make sense dude15:32
ikillcyphersince Im checking out ubuntu source as well right ?15:32
smartboyhwikillcypher, after you check it out, you will be running a breakfast command. Then you get to do the Ubuntu bits15:33
smartboyhwBut make sure you DO install all the development tools15:34
smartboyhwAnd https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Step_1_-_Desktop_Setup15:34
ikillcypherjust a quick question15:34
ikillcypherso I follow the tutorial till http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Build_for_yuga < breakfast ?15:35
smartboyhwikillcypher, here's what you need to do really15:35
ikillcypherwell I have build cyanogenmod before so not really an issue just want to port it over for my device15:35
smartboyhwInstall the tools15:35
ikillcypher<smartboyhw> And https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Step_1_-_Desktop_Setup ?15:36
smartboyhwRun phablet-dev-bootstrap15:36
smartboyhwikillcypher, that's required for "repo" command15:36
smartboyhwAfter phablet-dev-boostra15:36
smartboyhwsource build/envsetup.sh15:37
smartboyhwbreakfast yuga15:37
ikillcypherok so first I follow <ikillcypher> so I follow the tutorial till http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Build_for_yuga < breakfast ?  or no ?15:37
smartboyhwThen repo sync (to get Cyanogenmod bids)15:37
smartboyhwikillcypher, no15:37
smartboyhwphablet-dev-bootstrap (get the Ubuntu bits)-> source build/envsetup.sh -> breakfast yuga -> repo sync (the CM bits)15:38
ikillcypherthe repo sync will connect to a special cm10.1 which is ubuntu type ?15:38
smartboyhwikillcypher, uh, the Ubuntu type is done in phablet-dev-bootstrap15:39
smartboyhwrepo sync does the CM15:39
ikillcypherok so after that what happens ?15:39
smartboyhwikillcypher, follow the steps starting from v15:40
smartboyhw(Sorry for the extra v(s):P)15:40
ikillcypheryou ported before ?15:41
smartboyhwYou retrieve the proprietary blobs15:41
smartboyhwikillcypher, NO:P15:41
ikillcypherso how did you know all this ?15:41
smartboyhwikillcypher, from the wiki page:P15:41
smartboyhwI tried once before15:41
smartboyhwBut after all, the device wasn't what I'm using anyway15:42
ikillcypherso did it work?15:42
smartboyhwikillcypher, if you are porting a device that wasn't yours, it won't work, trust me15:43
ikillcypherhuh ?!15:43
smartboyhwikillcypher, you are using Xperia Z so you're fine:)15:43
ikillcypherI dont get you15:44
ikillcypherwhat you meant it wasnt mine15:44
smartboyhwikillcypher, like I'm trying to port a Sony device when I actually use a Samsung15:44
smartboyhwYou get what I mean15:44
smartboyhwYou are OK15:44
ikillcypheroh lol that is stupid of cause I have the device with me15:44
ikillcypherwell so when you ported did it work?15:44
smartboyhwikillcypher, I gave up in the middle since I have no time (I'm an active Ubuntu contributor in other areas)15:45
ikillcypheroh lol so you are a developer?15:45
ikillcyphersmartboy ^^15:45
smartboyhwikillcypher, applying to be (a Kubuntu Developer)15:45
smartboyhwAnd also an active QA tester15:46
ikillcypherso pretty much everything you said should work fine ? and I should able to boot ubuntu touch on my device15:46
smartboyhwikillcypher, it SHOULD15:47
jreiwhere can I fined planed features of a core app?15:55
jreiis there something like a backlog15:55
jreiI am new to launchpad projects15:56
smartboyhwjrei, a blueprint?15:58
smartboyhwjrei, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+spec/initial-calendar-development15:59
smartboyhwjrei, look at above link15:59
jreithe link is broken16:00
smartboyhwjrei, :O16:00
smartboyhwThe wiki needs an update..16:00
smartboyhwjrei, yeah, that:P16:01
ikillcyphersmartboy so I start of by following16:02
ikillcypher<smartboyhw> *bits16:02
ikillcypher<smartboyhw> ikillcypher, no16:02
smartboyhwikillcypher, ?16:02
smartboyhwYou start off by installing all the prerequisities16:02
ikillcypher<smartboyhw> And https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Step_1_-_Desktop_Setup ?16:02
smartboyhwikillcypher, yeah16:03
ikillcypheryou guys dont use java at all right?16:03
smartboyhwikillcypher, we do16:03
ikillcyphero.O applications?16:03
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smartboyhwikillcypher, oh, openjdk-6-jdk16:03
jreiis there a youtube video to undestand launchpad ;)16:03
smartboyhwikillcypher, sudo apt-get install git gnupg flex bison gperf build-essential \16:04
smartboyhw  zip bzr curl libc6-dev libncurses5-dev:i386 x11proto-core-dev \16:04
smartboyhw  libx11-dev:i386 libreadline6-dev:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 \16:04
smartboyhw  libgl1-mesa-dev g++-multilib mingw32 tofrodos \16:04
smartboyhw  python-markdown libxml2-utils xsltproc zlib1g-dev:i386 schedtool16:04
ikillcypherok I will try it right now see if im able to port16:04
smartboyhwAnd sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk16:04
ikillcyphero.O what about16:04
ikillcyphersudo add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/tools ?16:04
smartboyhwikillcypher, and that16:04
smartboyhwAnd install the tools16:04
smartboyhwjrei, I don't think so:P16:04
ikillcypherphablet tools are ubuntu os right ?16:04
jreiok, there are no blueprints for the calendar app16:04
smartboyhwikillcypher, yes16:05
smartboyhwjrei, oh:(16:05
smartboyhwWeird team:P16:05
jreior I am blind16:06
smartboyhwjrei, no https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/initial-calendar-development16:06
smartboyhwThat is a valid blueprint16:06
ikillcyphersmartboyhw, I actually done with step 1 ? so now do I  head back to the porting guide ?16:06
smartboyhwikillcypher, yeah16:06
smartboyhwHave you installed all those things I listed above?16:06
smartboyhwAnd I'm sorry, I have to sleepnow:P16:06
ikillcyphernope going to now o.o16:07
smartboyhwikillcypher, good16:07
ikillcypherE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.16:08
ikillcypherblah I will do this tomorrow :(16:10
ikillcypherIm going to learn Java now16:10
jreiI think I am still missing a level of information about the planed result16:11
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Cantidemhall119, may i trouble you for a minute?16:31
Cantideoh, i may have found what i'm looking for..16:40
cleptoHello, if I want to create a popup to appear to the center of the page what I should put to PopupUtils.open() second arg?16:45
iBelieveCan I port Ubuntu Touch to a device using Ubuntu 13.10? The Porting wiki page makes it sound like I must using 13.04 or lower.17:13
Alex___Seems the Manual Installation guide on the wiki.ubuntu.com is not correct - you can not make adb push command after adb reboot recovery because there is no any operating system loaded17:14
Alex___Make sense?17:15
ikillcypheriBelieve, I think the latest Ubuntu is 13.10 as of now17:16
ikillcypherso when you port and flash to a device it should be 13.10 if Im not wrong17:16
iBelieveikillcypher, in the PortingFlippedInProgress wiki page it says "For development you can run any 64-bit Desktop version of Ubuntu between 12.04 LTS and 13.04. "?17:17
ikillcypherit might be updated17:18
ikillcypherI doubt it17:18
ikillcypherwait a min isnt Ubuntu on 13.0417:18
iBelieveikillcypher, Ubuntu 13.04 is the current version, 13.10 is the development version.17:19
ikillcypheroh yeah so it should be 13.1017:19
ikillcypheryou can try it out as Im porting too17:19
iBelieveikillcypher, I guess I'll try using 13.10 and see if it works.17:20
iBelieveDo you know if I'm supposed to be using the Porting or PortingFlippedInProgress page?17:20
ikillcypherwhat ? PortingFLippedInProgress ?17:22
iBelieveikillcypher, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting - which one should I be using?17:22
ikillcypherPorting no idea what is the other one tho17:23
annerajbhas someone been able to get ubuntu touch running on a phone with less than 918MB of /data???17:48
annerajboops i dc17:49
ikillcypherannerajb, you can try see how it works18:20
ikillcypherI think the minimum requires is 512 ram18:21
annerajbikillcypher, i tried it runs out of space after installing the rootfs18:24
ikillcyphero.O what device18:25
annerajbikillcypher, i had to delete /usr/share/doc and a bunch of files before flashing18:25
ikillcypherdid you port it ?18:25
ikillcyphero.o so what happens ?18:25
CantideRAM or storage? 'o'18:25
ikillcypherdid you delete your cache or factory reset ?18:25
annerajbwell it boots with like 300k left and cant run anything because of file system space error. storage18:25
annerajbyes both before flashing the rootfs18:26
annerajbikillcypher, any idea of what i can delete on the rootfs to save space. I was thinking of reducing the swap. But I figure that would make it super slow since it only has 10mb of ram free.18:41
annerajbikillcypher, other option would be having the rootfs on the sdcard thought that would require a lot of change18:41
ikillcypherI really have no idea mate are you able to run cm 10.1 without any storage issue ?18:41
ikillcypherwhat did you do to get this storage error18:42
annerajbsudo apt-get upgrade: E: Write error - write (28: No space left on device)18:43
annerajbE: IO Error saving source cache18:43
annerajbwhere in here i can get the latest rootfs? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/18:47
skoczohi. I have nexus 4 with android and i want to try ubuntu. I stuck on phablet-flash command.19:20
skoczophablet-flash -d mako -b usage: phablet-flash [-h]  ... phablet-flash: error: argument : invalid choice: 'mako' (choose from 'cdimage-touch', 'cdimage-legacy', 'ubuntu-system', 'community')19:20
ikillcypherany developers here?19:21
skoczothere is some change in phablet-flash command but i cant find instructions how to use :/19:21
RttommyHi, I'm starting a little program to enter the app showdown, and I have some beginners questons about my qml code. Is this the right place?19:37
sergiusensskoczo: did you see the email that wen to the mailig list?19:42
sergiusensskoczo: phablet-flash cdimage-touch .... that's what you want19:42
ikillcyphersergiusens, developer?19:44
iBelieveRttommy, #ubuntu-app-devel might be better19:52
sergiusensikillcypher: a big depends and I'm feeling very lazy today :-)19:56
ikillcyphersee that19:56
sergiusensikillcypher: is yuga on cyanogenmod and does it have a 10.2 branch?19:57
ikillcypher10.1 yes19:57
ikillcypher10.2 yes19:57
ikillcypherisnt ubuntu-touch 10.1 ?19:57
sergiusensikillcypher: yes, it's 10.1 ... but the phablet-saucy branch is 10.1.2 (still 10.1)19:58
sergiusensjust looking you error is something else19:58
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ikillcypherhuh ?19:59
sergiusensikillcypher: urllib2.HTTPError: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden19:59
ikillcypheryup no clue wtf is that shit19:59
sergiusensikillcypher: I get that from github when I abuse their webservice19:59
ikillcypherso what should I do ?19:59
ikillcypherany idea ?20:01
sergiusensikillcypher: I have something like this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5971122/20:04
sergiusenslet me breakfast yuga20:04
ikillcypherwhat is that20:04
sergiusensikillcypher: breakfast yuga? It's what you did in your pastebin ;-)20:05
ikillcypherno I meant the github gives me 40320:05
ikillcyphertry breakfast yuga see if it works for you20:05
sergiusensikillcypher: http://developer.github.com/v3/rate_limit/20:06
sergiusensikillcypher: see if you are getting the 403 due to a rate limit20:06
ikillcyphersergiusens, http://pastie.org/private/hktmxrhkq1o50bisiojhpg20:09
sergiusensikillcypher: the ratelimit is a http call20:09
sergiusensikillcypher: breakfast yuga works for me20:10
sergiusensI'm guessing you hit the ratelimit20:10
sergiusensso either you wait20:10
ikillcypherbuild/core/product_config.mk:239: *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/sony/yuga/cm.mk]]: "vendor/sony/qcom-common/qcom-common-vendor.mk" does not exist.  Stop.20:10
ikillcypherwhat is that ?20:10
sergiusensor create a github user and ser your .netrc20:10
sergiusensikillcypher: that's because your previous sync went wrong20:11
ikillcypheryeah I cant repo sync too20:11
ikillcyphersince it cant breakfast20:11
ikillcypherso what should I do20:12
sergiusensikillcypher: rm .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml and you should be able to repo sync and start over with breakfast again20:12
ikillcypherremove that?20:12
ikillcypherok so once I remove it20:12
sergiusensikillcypher: you are welcome to look at it's contents20:12
ikillcypherI repo sync and then breakfast ?20:12
ikillcyphershould work?20:13
ZorthosHey guys, why does the install for Maguro want you to push to sdcard when it doesn't have one?20:13
sergiusensikillcypher: there are manu ways to do this20:13
ikillcypherwell I followed the ubuntu tutorial20:13
sergiusensZorthos: the 'sdcard' is a virtual entry... it's just like android20:13
ikillcypherthey said breakfast then repo sync20:13
ikillcypherwhich is why I did not get it20:13
sergiusensikillcypher: who is they? breakfast accomplishes the same thing for a bootstrap... but once that's done, repo sync regularly20:14
sergiusensto get the new stuff20:14
ikillcyphero.O but it cant get the vendor/sony/qcom-common20:15
ikillcyphertutorial of porting20:15
Zorthossergiusens: my drivers must be proken then, as every time I try and install it can't push to it.20:15
sergiusensZorthos: how are you doing it?20:15
ikillcyphersergiusens, the breakfast in yuga is broken or seems like this20:17
ikillcypherthe vendor/sony/qcom-common needs to be added manuelly in roomservice20:17
ZorthosThe auto install, "phablet-touch cdimage-touch -b", it goes to recovery then fails to push to sdcard, then softlocks the phone20:17
sergiusensikillcypher: jsut finished here, seems it is20:17
ZorthosOh yeah, and then when it's in recovery I can't push to it anymore20:18
sergiusensikillcypher: noooo20:18
ikillcypherrunning source build/envsetup.sh && breakfast codename20:18
ikillcypherbuild/core/product_config.mk:239: *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/sony/yuga/cm.mk]]: "vendor/sony/qcom-common/qcom-common-vendor.mk" does not exist.  Stop.20:18
ikillcypherwill get me that again20:18
sergiusensikillcypher: do this...20:19
sergiusensikillcypher: cd device/sony/yuga; ./extract-files.sh; cd -; breakfast yuga20:19
sergiusensikillcypher: try that please, I don't have that device so I can't try20:19
ikillcyphersony/yuga dont exists20:20
sergiusensikillcypher: device/sony/yuga ? I have it after a clean breakfast20:20
ikillcypherwhat ?! wait20:21
* sergiusens waits20:21
ikillcyphersee this20:24
sergiusensikillcypher: from that pastebin, it is clear that you DID HAVE a device/sony/yuga ... just look at line 8 as evidence20:25
ikillcypheryeah anyway I just ran repo sync now20:26
sergiusensso now do what I told you to do20:26
sergiusensikillcypher: cd device/sony/yuga; ./extract-files.sh; cd -; breakfast yuga20:26
annerajbwhat's the command to start on ubuntu touch the xserver or w/e equivalent of service lightdm start??20:26
ikillcypherwell let repo sync to finish up20:26
sergiusensyou need your device connected and with adb enabled20:26
ikillcypheryeah I know that20:26
ikillcypherI have built cm10.1 and cm10.2 before20:27
sergiusensannerajb: for the phablet user initctl start unity820:27
annerajbsergiusens, it says unknown job unity820:28
sergiusensannerajb: you have to do it as the phablet user20:29
annerajbsergiusens, my shell looks like this phablet@ubuntu-phablet:/$  does that mean i am on the phablet user?20:30
sergiusensannerajb: yes, how did you get there?20:30
annerajbadb shell -> ubuntu_chroot shell -> initctl start unity820:31
sergiusensannerajb: oh, wait, you are on unflipped?20:31
annerajbit appears so?20:32
sergiusensikillcypher: if you already built cyanogenmod, just copy that directory over...20:32
sergiusensseems the setup is broken for yuga20:33
sergiusensannerajb: well yeah, if you are on unflipeed you need to as root do, initctl start ubuntu-session20:33
annerajbsergiusens, btw this rootfs is from like a month ago not sure if there is a latest one20:33
ikillcypherikillcypher@ikillcypher:~/xperiatouch$ repo sync20:35
ikillcypherFetching projects: 100% (119/119)  fatal: Couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/phablet-saucy20:35
ikillcypherfatal: Couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/phablet-saucy20:35
annerajbsergiusens, should i be on flipped or unflipped?20:38
ikillcyphersergiusens, any idea what is wron20:38
ikillcypherwhere did that dude went of to20:43
annerajbhis probably working :P give him a break he should come back later20:44
ikillcypherfatal: Couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/phablet-saucy :(20:44
ikillcypheranyone else know ?20:47
annerajbi can try helping ya ikillcypher can you paste bin more of the lines displayed on the screen20:49
ikillcypherdamn I really need that guy now20:51
sergiusensikillcypher: if that's for your new repos, that would be expected20:51
sergiusensannerajb: you should be on flipped20:52
ikillcypherso what should I do now ?20:52
ikillcypherFetching projects: 100% (119/119)  fatal: Couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/phablet-saucy20:53
ikillcypherfatal: Couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/phablet-saucy20:53
ikillcyphererror: Cannot fetch TheMuppets/proprietary_vendor_sony20:53
annerajbsergiusens, how do i go flipped download a new rootfs?(if so from where and which one)20:54
* ikillcypher eyes are getting teary20:54
ikillcypherit has been more then 36 porting this shit20:54
wilee-nilee!language | ikillcypher20:55
ubot5ikillcypher: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.20:55
sergiusensannerajb: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20:55
ikillcyphersergiusens, any idea what should I do now ?20:55
ikillcypherIm really lost here20:55
ikillcypherand I want to port it over20:56
sergiusensikillcypher: how good is your makefile editing?20:56
ikillcyphernot good20:56
ikillcypherif you could help me I would be grateful20:56
sergiusensikillcypher: development skills?20:56
ikillcypherI know java programming20:56
ikillcypherbash not so20:57
sergiusensikillcypher: well I'm signing out soon, so I can't help you all the way20:57
ikillcypherwell so I give up the porting?20:57
ikillcypherI mean is that normal to see or no ?20:58
sergiusensikillcypher: I didn't say that20:58
ikillcyphercause those guys at cyanogenmod did not add vendor to automatically grab the vendors20:58
ikillcypherwhich seems to cause huge issues20:58
sergiusensikillcypher: no it's not normal... I have no idea what you are doing to get so much errors, I just did a breakfast and it was flawless20:58
sergiusensikillcypher: nooo20:58
ikillcypherbuild/core/product_config.mk:239: *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/sony/yuga/cm.mk]]: "vendor/sony/qcom-common/qcom-common-vendor.mk" does not exist.  Stop.20:59
sergiusensikillcypher: the device/[vendor]/[device] directory has an extract_files.sh which is supposed to setup vendors for you20:59
sergiusensikillcypher: the yugo setup is clearly broken or not mature20:59
ikillcypherbut it failed20:59
sergiusensikillcypher: can you build plain cyanogenmod for this same device?20:59
ikillcypherbut I have to edit21:00
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sergiusensikillcypher: did you copy vendor/sony from that build tree to this one as I told you to?21:00
ikillcypheradd <project name="TheMuppets/proprietary_vendor_sony" path="vendor/sony" remote="github" />21:00
ikillcypherand repo sync21:00
ikillcypherthen it works on cyanogenmod21:00
ikillcyphernope as I only have 10.2 over here21:01
sergiusensikillcypher: does the github TheMuppets repo hold a 10.1 branch?21:02
annerajbsergiusens, the steps to install the latest rootfs are the same as previous ones factory reset-> install bootstrap -> install daily. IS this done using the same bootstrap as for unflipped? or do i have to change something on my bootstrap to be flipped?21:04
sergiusensannerajb: the boot.img's ramdisk needs to be an ubuntu one21:05
sergiusensannerajb: there's a link, but I can only IRC now21:05
sergiusensso can't find it21:05
annerajbdo you remember the name of the site so i can search for it or keywords on the page?21:05
sergiusensjust google touch porting flipped21:05
sergiusensthere's also an architectural diagram21:06
annerajbfoudn this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress21:06
sergiusensannerajb: that's the one21:06
sergiusensikillcypher: your entry is incomplete21:07
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ikillcyphernvm dude21:07
sergiusensikillcypher: add <project name="TheMuppets/proprietary_vendor_sony" path="vendor/sony" remote="github" revision="cm-10.1" />21:07
sergiusensikillcypher: or whatever revision is appropriate21:07
ikillcyphercan you slap me21:09
ikillcypherit has been 36 hours21:09
* annerajb slaps ikillcypher 21:09
sergiusensikillcypher: if anything the cm.dependencies in device/sony/yuga are incomplete...21:10
ikillcypherhuh ?21:10
ikillcypherRetrieving the proprietary blobs from Android I will do that tomorrow as I have cm10.2 over here21:11
sergiusensikillcypher: the device repo should list all the dependencies for all the branches/repos that are required21:11
ikillcyphersergiusens, should I run breakfast again21:12
ikillcyphersince I ran repo sync21:12
sergiusensi wouldn't think you need to21:12
ikillcypherthere should be an output like cm right ?21:12
ikillcypherno ?21:12
sergiusensikillcypher: oh, if the breakfast command never completed successfully, then yes, you need to run it21:13
ikillcypherim tired21:13
sergiusensinitial new ports take an hour if you know what you are doing... then you have the glitches to fix21:14
ikillcyphersergiusens, is this correct for ubuntutouch ?21:16
ikillcypherand before i go and sleep21:17
sergiusensikillcypher: yes... your build will fail without the binary drivers though21:17
ikillcypherI will continue tomorrow I just have to follow this right : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting#Retrieving_the_proprietary_blobs_from_Android21:17
sergiusensso you'll need to get them21:17
ikillcypherwhat is that21:18
ikillcypherIf you don’t find any files there, grep for “nosuid”.21:18
sergiusensikillcypher: grep is a linux command21:19
annerajbsergiusens, how do i flash the boot.img ?21:19
annerajbsergiusens, nvm found it21:19
ikillcypherwell what does it means actually ?21:19
sergiusensannerajb: it should be bundled in the device zip21:19
sergiusensikillcypher: grep means find21:19
ikillcypheroh lol :3 thanks21:20
* sergiusens is out for a while...21:20
ikillcyphercant we jsut use find?21:20
ikillcypherlater ?21:20
annerajbgrep searchs for file content ikillcypher21:20
ikillcypheroh cool anyway Im off mate21:20
ikillcypherIm dead tired21:20
ikillcypheratleast part 1 is done21:20
ikillcypherleft part  2 tomorrow21:21
annerajbikillcypher, l8r21:21
ikillcypherhopefully I can port before monday xD would be cool21:21
annerajbi need to figure out how do i know my device zip is flipped or not :(21:21
ikillcypherwhat is that21:21
ikillcypherflipped or not21:21
piovisquiHi folks, will Ubuntu Edge work on Brazil's 4G at 2.5GHz???22:37
annerajbpiovisqui, not sure it says on the canonical page that it will cover standard lte frequencys23:08

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