jrwreni used to use a cookie manager.01:36
jrwreni don't recall its name01:36
rick_hugh, note to self...your son uses pull ups at bed time. Do not remove them from the camper or you will have to leave and go to the store at 10pm at night02:42
snap-lrick_h: Ugh indeed02:57
snap-lI swear the only way we'll get true patent reform is if there are container ships of both Apple, Samsung, and HTC phones blockading the US shipping lanes because they can't enter the country03:09
jrwren"alright boy, its time to man up. don't piss yourself in your sleep tonight. K?"13:21
snap-lGood morning14:13
jrwrengood morning!14:15
snap-lvim 7.4 was released14:16
jrwrenanything interesting in there?14:17
snap-lFinally, after more than a thousand patches, there is a new version of Vim. This is mostly a bug-fix release. Also, many runtime files have been improved, syntax highlighting and indenting works better. To find out the details, do ":help version7.4" after installing it.14:17
snap-lNot seeing a changelog or anything14:17
snap-l"Project manager Needed! the job is reliable and nice pay...email us nw "14:18
snap-lSounds legit14:18
* derekv watches mdlug on google hangout16:52
derekvthey are talking about mug heh16:53
* derekv reads about implementing rule engines in haskel16:54
derekvmichael lucus discussing dnssec live https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/64f02c64d1cdaf07c6b72c31fa96524ef9aee43884 at mdlug16:57
derekvmy pgp is weak ... wounder if i even would be able to find the revocation for every key i have on the keyserver18:04
nezsezanyone home?18:27
derekvhttp://dnssec.vs.uni-due.de/ dns-sec enabled22:42
derekvok now whycome ipv6 no worky now22:44

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