kbmonkeymorning all o/02:13
Kilosmorning all06:36
magespawngood morning07:11
Kiloshi magespawn nlsthzn 07:13
nlsthznalo uncle Kilos07:15
Kilosyou must learn some python man07:15
magespawnhey nlsthzn Kilos 07:16
magespawnme or nlsthzn?07:16
* nlsthzn is planning on that07:17
Kilosim to doff to set nickserv_password in my bot07:17
Kilosthe thing was cloaked long ago but it needs to identify everytime to stay cloaked07:18
Kilosi see you havent cloaked yet magespawn 07:19
* nlsthzn will start Learn Python the Hard Way (again) but this time finish it too :p07:22
magespawnno not yet07:22
magespawni practice python when i get the chance07:22
Kiloswe could have a python class like we started with LPI07:25
Kilosjust gotta set a permanent day/evening and no excuses07:26
nlsthznLPI didn't last long :/07:26
nlsthznor did I just miss it?07:26
Kilosno the monkey moved remember07:27
Kilosthen had no internet07:27
Kilosi forwarded a mail to the list about the new exam stuffs07:28
nlsthznoh yes I saw that... so the book I have has now lost some of it usefulness :/ not like I was using it anyway :(07:30
Kilosthe main stuff will be the same i think only new stuff is added and obsolete stuff removed from the exams07:31
nlsthznI played around with LVM on my desktop, eventually had to use my windows disc to get control of my hdd back because not even gparted could get them to a clean state >.<07:40
nlsthznwas a difficult morning, installed fedora because it makes LVM easy, then hit a snag as the Radeon driver doesn't work with the new 3.10 kernel which fedora updates too so I tried to revert back to ubuntu and that took 4 hours of fighting07:44
nlsthznalmost re-installed windows >.<07:44
Kilosyou tried byte of python hey?07:50
Kilosi got as far as hello world i think07:50
Kilosyou gotta then learn vim, i started learning vim and forgot python which was the point07:52
Kilosnow its all forgotten again07:53
nlsthznthat would suck...07:54
nlsthznor does suck07:55
Kiloshehe yeah07:55
Kilosmain thing is i member aptitude reinstall and how to rsync -av07:55
Kilosso all good07:55
nlsthzndoes it force you to use vim?07:56
Kilosyou use editor of choice i think07:58
nlsthznI see I also have a copy of An Introduction to Python07:59
nlsthznby John C. Lusth07:59
nlsthznpity downloading them doesn't make you know them :p07:59
Kilosthe fly always recommends byteofpython to start with07:59
nlsthznthen I will have a look at it , thanks uncle Kilos\08:00
Kilosif i could get the basics going you should crack it08:00
Kilosand playing with it didnt crash my pc08:01
Kilosi manage that quite well on my own08:02
magespawnpython lseems to me relatively easy to learn and powerful08:18
magespawnthere are also python lessons on codcademy08:18
nlsthznI have done some of the lessons on codeacademy...08:20
* nlsthzn will bbl08:22
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mazalAfternoon all10:22
charlgood afternoon10:23
charlhi mazal10:23
mazalHi charl 10:23
charlMaaz: coffee on10:23
* Maaz puts the kettle on10:23
charlmazal: how's it going10:23
mazalGood thanx and you charl ?10:23
charlmazal: good thanks10:23
mazalAnybody have a link to how to remove old kernels with synaptic ?10:25
mazalI only find cli ones10:25
charlsudo apt-get autoremove10:25
charloh i see, with synaptic10:25
charlno idea10:25
Kiloshi mazal charl 10:26
mazalwith apt-get I'm going to have to type each ones name10:26
charlmazal: no10:26
mazalHallo oom10:26
charlmazal: autoremove does that for you10:26
charlhi Kilos 10:26
mazalAh , nice :-)10:26
mazaljust the one command like that ?10:26
charlKilos: how's it going10:26
charlmazal: yes10:26
charlmazal: i do that frequently especially on servers because otherwise the boot partition fills up10:27
Kilosnot bad ty just some things dont wanna work10:27
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!10:27
charlMaaz: thanks10:27
Maazcharl: No problem10:27
Kilosmazal, remastersys gives an error10:27
Kilossomething about not finding filesystem.squash something or other10:28
mazalWhen you boot or when you create ?10:28
Kilosbut it actually makes the file then loses it10:28
mazalDefault target path or did you change it ?10:28
mazal"working folder"10:29
Kiloswhere would i change it10:29
mazaldefault then :-)10:29
mazalThat's a strange one Kilos 10:29
mazalNever had that before10:29
Kilosyeah i always have strange probs10:29
mazalEnough space on /home ?10:30
Kilosbefore it just worked10:30
Kilosya lots10:30
mazalAnd you did remember to run the clean command first ?10:30
Kilosill run it again and we get the clever peeps to see where it went wrong10:30
mazalI would suggest creating a remastersys folder in your own home folder10:31
Kilosclean command or clear logs??10:31
mazalThen make that the "working dorectory"10:31
mazalclean command of remastersys to clean out previous creates10:31
mazalIt must always be run , before you create again10:31
Kiloswhere you see that10:31
mazaldo you use it in cli or gui ?10:32
Kilosdo you run it from cli or the gui10:32
mazalgooi weg die gui10:32
mazalin cli :10:32
mazalsudo su10:32
mazalyour password10:32
Kilosok give commands10:32
mazalremastersys clean10:32
mazalremastersys clean10:32
mazalremastersys dist10:33
mazalIt must clean out all the old stuff in the working folder first10:33
mazaland it must run in root mode , that's why the first one is sudo su to change to full root mode10:33
mazaland the clean command I always run twice10:34
mazaland everything must be closed , all apps , nothing open10:34
Kilosok i got it running that way now, well see ty10:35
mazalAny open app that changes files or anything can also make it fail. Things like mail , irc , firefox etc.10:35
Kiloswbb ty10:36
mazalIf that don't work I suggest another working folder10:36
mazaloi too slow10:36
Kilossame thjing10:37
KilosThe filesystem.squashfs filesystem is missing.  Either there was a problem creating the compressed filesystem or you are trying to run sudo remastersys dist iso before sudo remastersys dist cdfs10:37
mazalThat is very strange10:38
mazalTry the different working folder plan.10:39
mazalMaybe it will help if the folder is in your own home folder10:39
mazalcharl you still here ?10:41
charlmazal: yes10:43
mazalcharl, that autoremove command , does it remove other stuff that is not needed anymore as well , or only the kernels ?10:44
charlit *could* remove other stuff too10:44
charli usually only use it to remove old kernels10:45
charlit will give you a list of the packages it will remove before it does it10:45
charlmaybe you can select certain packages to be removed / retained10:45
mazalok thanx10:45
charlunder most circumstances you could let it remove everything10:45
charljust be careful if you have some strange configuration10:45
Kilosai! drive died10:47
Kiloswill see what maverick can find10:47
charlbah :(10:47
charlold drive ?10:47
Kilostry to boot and it says insert boot media and press enter10:48
mazalKilos, there is my config file. Check if yours is ok. Especially the squash option line10:48
Kilosya charl but not as old as my mavericks drive10:48
Kiloswait till i fix the drive first10:48
mazalIs it the one you tried to remaster that broke now ?10:49
mazalThat might explain why renastersys failed. 10:50
mazalThe failing drive might have caused the problem10:50
Kilosmaybe ya10:50
Kilosjust run sudo fsck -f /dev/sdb110:50
Kilosit says filesystem was modified so ill see if i can boot from it now10:51
mazalStill dead ?10:57
Kilosnope im on it now10:57
Kilosits like there is a virus somewhere10:57
Kiloshow can the drive just disappear but fsck fixes it10:58
mazalCan one specify multiple drives with that fsck command ?10:58
Kilosi think i read you must not do it on the drive you are on10:59
mazalfor example sudo fsck -f /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 ?10:59
Kilossudo fsck -f /dev/sdb1 i did that10:59
mazalAnd on multiple partition drive , can one say sudo fsck -f /dev/sdb and it will check all partitions on the drive ?11:00
Kilosi dunno11:00
Kilosits a command the crash kid gave me to fix an external that didnt work11:00
mazalIf remember gonna boot my recovery drive and then use that command to see if it checks all partitions on my main drive11:02
mazalgtg , need to image this drive and test a few things11:11
inetprosuperfly: ping14:20
inetprogood afternoon everyone14:20
inetprousing Kubuntu how can I force a 2nd or 3rd user's tty session to end in the background without killing individual processes manually?14:22
* inetpro looking for something similar to gnome-session-quit14:25
Vince-0ya good question15:06
Kiloshi inetpro 15:59
inetproKilos: wb15:59
Kilosty this modems back to timeouting looks like15:59
Kiloshave you read the logs??16:00
inetprono, why?16:00
Kiloslol i need to know how to set nickserv_password in ibid.ine16:00
inetproKilos: ag nee man16:01
inetpropla dit jou?16:01
Kilosits so it can identify with freenode so the cloak works16:01
Kilosi just remembered what i did last year16:02
Kiloslogged in as the bot them identified16:02
Kiloswhy are you cloaked?16:03
Kilosi spose security so ip not visible16:03
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Kiloshi Cantide 16:23
Cantidehey Kilos :)16:24
inetproKilos: I don't care so much about cloaking my home connection as I do my office's connection17:06
Kilosah ok then. just thought it would be good if QA was cloaked as well like maaz17:07
inetproat home we rely on the 8ta, voda and others to keep us protected in a way17:07
Kilosill get the weed to explain in old fashioned english when he has time17:08
Kilosyeah but funny things happen here17:08
inetprofunny things happen when you allow them to happen17:09
Kiloslike modem stays working fine for 3 days the disappears and all of a sudden drive is missing and nothing can find errors on it17:09
Kilosdisk utility shows drive is healthy17:09
Kilosyo smile 17:10
smilehi Kilos :D17:11
smileI like ChatZilla ;)17:11
inetprowhen you have adsl or leased line you have to take care of your own connection more than with 3g17:12
inetproKilos: those are most likely your own local issues17:13
inetprohmm... looks like he really has a few issues there17:18
Kilosnight all. sleep tight17:52
Kilosnag inetpro 17:52
Kiloshi bye superfly 17:52
Cantideoh, who is taking part in the app showdown?19:34
kbmonkeyhello. wha is the app showdown cantide?20:20
Cantidehold on..20:20
Cantidelink incoming20:20
Cantideif you win, you can win an Nexus 4 with Ubuntu Touch preloaded20:21
Cantidetime to get coding!20:23
Cantidethe only thing is thinking of a cool idea that is within my capabilities >.<20:23
kbmonkeytrying to download 3mMB on 10 kb/s is really painful :(20:24
Cantideoh :(20:25
Cantidei had to install the ubuntu sdk - it was nearly 70 mb20:25
Cantideso i thought twice about it20:25
Cantidebut now that i have it, i have to make use of it - so make an app i shall!20:26
kbmonkeyit has to be using the sdk?20:28
Cantidei think that is preferred20:28
kbmonkeywill check out the page once this download is done20:29
Cantidebut you could write it in a text editor and run it from the terminal20:29
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