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WakaFlockaFlamei would like to know how that pref works00:00
xmetali am not saying it mounts linux FS's though i have used Truecrypt in a number of distros00:01
xmetalwhat it mounts is usually NTFS or FAT though00:01
wilee-nileearthur_, That second link is on all end of life OS's, make sure you are finding what is appropriatte for your install, the first link had the info needed basically.00:01
cartusiawhat is the dash home shortcut for Unity?00:01
arthur_wilee-nilee: really>00:02
wilee-nileewindows key00:02
WakaFlockaFlamei use alt+F1 then enter00:02
WakaFlockaFlamegets you to the dash00:02
wilee-nileenot sure what dash home is really00:03
cartusiaunity's launcher00:04
xmetalshould go back to studying curcuit analysis ..brb00:04
cartusiathanks that worked00:04
lunchdumphas anyone experienced X windows not drawing and then freezing, unable to close? in specific, i'm using fluxbox ontop of gnome00:04
wilee-nileecartusia, the windows key00:04
lunchdumpthis noticably happens on any browser "save as" dialog box00:04
cartusiaI dont have it00:04
wilee-nileeah, ot sure then carif_00:05
cartusiaI have this keyboard :) http://www.elitekeyboards.com/products.php?sub=pfu_keyboards,hhkbpro2&pid=pdkb400b00:05
wilee-nileecartusia, ^^^00:05
wilee-nileesorry carif_00:05
cartusiabest keyboard ever, expensive as hell :)00:05
WakaFlockaFlameanyone know about that pref?00:05
Shadow}}I need to find where a possible file transfered over to my Pendrive from a Win.8 computer would be.00:10
Shadow}}Its a partitioning boot iso, I cannot remember the name I would simply redownload it..00:11
Shadow}}I also require a channel for possible HP Notebooks /support/00:13
cartusiaK I have had a previous installation in another hard drive of Ubuntu where I had paid for some software.  The worst thing is that lavabit.com the email that I have is no longer working so lost password won't work. What would you guys recommend?00:14
cartusiaThat has to do with NSA stuff00:14
cartusiaSo it wont do me any good to put "Forgot your password"  https://login.ubuntu.com/Q68RgDCVVNRZF7Fz/+decide00:14
cartusiaahh nevermind I just found out what to do.00:15
Shadow}}Seems no one is around to aid~00:18
Guest74987when running "sudo apt-get upgrade" on the LiveCD it says not enough space, how would i solve this problem?00:18
histoShadow}}: I'm here00:18
histoShadow}}: How many files are on the pendrive that you can't find a file there?00:19
daftykinsGuest74987: you can't upgrade a live setup :)00:19
cartusiaare you connecting to your Windows 8 through SSH?00:19
cartusiaOhh wait you said pendrive?00:19
Taar779I keep getting this error when running apt-get update http://vpaste.net/kvl10 Does anyone know how to solve this issue?00:20
histoShadow}}: do you remember approximately how big the file was?00:20
Shadow}}histo; I believe it was yourself that told me of the very parting boot ISO I would /possibly/ be able to use to fix my friend's HP Noteb00k after I secured erased the HDD while drunk. I guess it was not you afterall..shame.00:20
histoShadow}}: or find . -type f -name "*.iso"  in the root of the usb drive00:20
Guest74987daftykins, i'm trying to upgrade so i can install proper graphics drivers (legacy) so test out if my card works well under Ubuntu00:20
Shadow}}It seems I lost the pendrive's location all together, Let me refind it.00:20
histoShadow}}: It could have been but I would use testdisk or any live cd to recover partitions00:21
daftykinsGuest74987: yeah you won't be able to update the whole OS in live mode.00:21
Shadow}}histo; I need a livecd indeed, I thought it was you who recommend the one I seem to have lost.00:21
daftykinsGuest74987: what graphics card are you having issues with?00:21
histoShadow}}: I think I remember someone recomending systemrescue cd to you or something.00:22
histoShadow}}: you could check the logs00:22
histo!log | Shadow}}00:22
ubottuShadow}}: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.00:22
Guest74987apparently, current versions of Ubuntu don't support Radeon HD 2000, 3000,  4000 series graphics cards00:22
daftykinsGuest74987: they will do, but not really properly accelerated. that's mostly due to AMD having stopped supporting 4000 and older00:22
Shadow}}histo; Yes but that was put aside and I chose to try "Partioning ... " I cannot remember...00:22
Shadow}}Guest74987; The open source drivers work fine.00:23
Guest74987yeah, i noticed in the LiveCD i couldn't play HD video properlym which s why i was trying to install legacy drivers on the LiveCD to test it out00:24
Shadow}}Guest74987; I myself am on a Radeon HD 2xxx PRO card, The open ones work, The /apt-get/s do not.00:24
histoShadow}}: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step00:24
histo!ati | Guest7498700:25
ubottuGuest74987: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto00:25
daftykinsGuest74987: where was the video playing from? youtube?00:25
Shadow}}histo; I have already ran testdisk, It came up with no errors&passed both memory and discs, Located the HDD quite fine, But failed to recognise it upon OS installion from Win.7 CD. Perhaps my Xubuntu 13.04 LiveCD will not encounter such a problem?00:26
daftykinsGuest74987: what player?00:26
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Guest74987the light weight gnome mplayer00:27
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Shadow}}histo; The HDD in the notebook has been secured erase to all 0's, I merely need to ...the term for redoing the HDD to usable?00:27
ZooltrixI have a usb problem with ubuntu, someone can help?00:27
Shadow}}Outside of the actual HP /recover/ discs that Cannot be found I do not know how to do this, As that was my intentions while drunk..00:28
Guest74987i think i will just keep Windows on the computer and try again when the next LTS release comes out, thanks00:29
histoShadow}}: what OS are you going to put on it?00:29
CyLWhat's the path for ther kenel and initrd files on a ubuntu alternate iso?00:30
Shadow}}histo; I have two options, Win.7 Ultimate which failed to have the drivers needed for all internet, And my own Xubuntu 13.04. Does Xubuntu 13.04 have built in int /drivers/ to allow the use of ethernet during installion on such a device?00:30
histoShadow}}: depends on the device but most likely it will00:32
histoShadow}}: you could boot to the xubuntu live cd and find out00:32
TBotNikAll, where do I find help for PHPList? I have GMail config issue there!00:33
histo!alis | TBotNik00:35
ubottuTBotNik: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*00:35
Shadow}}histo; Are you familiar with the concept of a secure erased HDD?00:36
Shadow}}histo; All signs point to a complete failure without a recovery disc from HP for that specific notebook..00:36
histoShadow}}: yes00:36
TBotNik"/msg alis help list00:36
histoShadow}}: How did you perform this secure erase?00:36
Shadow}}histo; Bios00:36
histoShadow}}: then why do you think you need an HP disk that's nonsense.00:37
histoShadow}}: low level formatting is another issue but from the sounds of it you didn't do that.00:37
Shadow}}histo; Because I was drunk and I AM NOT familiar with secure erase...00:37
Shadow}}Well, It said it turned the drive to all 0's, Are you implying I can recover it myself through the use of command prompt on my Win.7 disc?00:38
histoShadow}}: No recovery is not possible if you overwrote the drive with 0's but you could repartition and format the drive and install whatever OS you want.00:39
Shadow}}histo; As figured previously months ago. Now I need a suitable LiveCD for such.00:40
Psil0CybinHey guys00:41
Psil0Cybinanyone know what command i would use to encrypt plain text00:42
Psil0Cybinthat i would want to post on a forum00:42
Shadow}}histo; Wait, How do i Mount my pendrive on Xubuntu?00:42
Shadow}}Can I grep connected devices or something of the like?00:43
histoShadow}}: you can just plug it in and it should auto mount00:45
Shadow}}It did then it dropped and it will not do so again..00:46
histoShadow}}: you can manually mount it. Look at lsblk and see the /dev/sdX# for the device then sudo mount /dev/sdX# /to/some/directory00:47
Shadow}}histo; Never mind, I was plugging in the wrong USB~ -_-00:48
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Shadow}}histo; Now where might I find this ISO, I believe it places transfered files to root but I do not see it..00:50
DrDigitalIm kinda new to ubuntu, I was wondering if there is any kind of GUI that will allow me to take the internet connection coming in thats gigabit and share it out of the 10/100 card in it to another device on the network as a hub/switch e.g. i don't want to do any dhcp00:50
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histo!ics | DrDigital00:51
ubottuDrDigital: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing00:51
semitonesanybody know all about rsync?00:51
histosemitones: yes00:52
semitonesi want to exclude files that start with .     can I just --exclude=.* ?00:52
Shadow}}...-Sighs- Whats the line to sudo open file mannager?00:52
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histoSpyke220: gksu thunar00:53
UbuntuFanubuntu terminal bell to activate the sound card. I have no pc speaker00:54
Spyke220histo; Thank you.00:54
histosemitones: I would put the patter in '00:54
DrDigitalhmm, for my version it talks about wireless and adhoc, i don't have wireless and I'm just trying to hook a voipphone to the computer00:54
DrDigitalthe phone itself has the hub built in, but then it make the ubuntu system connect at 10mbit vs 100000:54
DrDigitaland the ubuntu is a media server00:55
semitoneslooks like a curious face lol00:55
compdocShadow}}, I like:   gksudo nautilus &00:55
Spyke220histo; Which would be better suitable for this Zero'd out HDD task, Gparted live-0.16.1-1-i486, Or PartitionMagic_8.05-bootable.iso?00:56
histoSpyke220: Whatever OS installation media your are using will be fine to partition the drive and format it00:57
Spyke220histo; my Win.7 Ultimate failed to list the zero'd HDD, Will Xubuntu 13.04 not fail at this? Or will I still need to format the HDD before the OS media using gparted livecd?00:58
histoSpyke220: Well I can't hlep with windows but you should be able to install with their cd. The Xubuntu cd will have no problem with it.00:59
Spyke220histo; As figured, Thank you...Very very much. You have saved me shame and money~01:00
DrDigitaleh, i figured out how to get it to work without the guide, but the ip address doesn't match any of my network so i cant access its web interface01:02
compdocDrDigital, cant just connect the phone and the pc directly to a switch?01:05
DrDigitalthe computer is connected to the switch with 1 of its gigabit ports, then i got the 10/100 port i want to connect my phone to01:06
EnchieHey guys im hoping this aint stupid but Im running an ubuntu home server (12.04 no gui) on my old PC which has two graphics cards. Is there any way i can trun it into an HTPC without installing a GUI?01:07
Enchieand play media via VGA to my TV01:08
histoEnchie: playing media via the cli?01:08
histoEnchie: you could use mplayer etc... if you want more of a robust interface you could install xbmc01:09
iceliteEnchie: try VLC01:09
Enchiehisto, but doesnt xbmc need a GUI>01:09
Enchiefor OpenGL etc01:09
histoEnchie: yes that's why I warned if you want more of a robust interface01:09
histoEnchie: any of the fancy media center stuff is going to require X01:10
histoEnchie: just playing videos and audio you could accomplish via cli though but you'd be sending command etc...01:10
Enchiecould vlc maybe stream media specifically to my other graphivs card? like the intergrated one?01:10
histoEnchie: for instance you could use vlc nox or mplayer for video, something like mocp for audio or vlc, and fbi for picture slideshows.01:11
Enchiehmm beginnaing to see how this is retarded haha xD better not get too exited and go to sleep nite nite peeps (:01:12
Bard58I'm going to have to install ubuntu onto a laptop as a dual-boot with the installed Windows7(64). I have found a webpage that offers instructions on how to do this: http://lifehacker.com/5403100/dual+boot-windows-7-and-ubuntu-in-perfect-harmony01:15
Bard58Anyone familiar with this guide? Do you recommend this, or know of a better I am pretty Linux-unsavvy01:16
wilee-nileeBard58, Kinda old but accurate, use windows to shrink it and make sure you do not have 4 primary partitons already using gparted on the live ubuntu cd, 4 is the limit or 3 primaries and a extended partition for the logicals for ubuntu, if you try to make a 5th primary you can make the disc dynamic and that is bad.01:19
wilee-nileeask any questions needed here for sure01:20
Bard58wilee-nilee, Disk Management shows three existing partitions on my internal HD: the recovery partition, one called SYSTEM RESERVED, and the main C: partition01:27
Bard58are those the partitions you are talking about?01:28
wilee-nileeBard58, Disk manager will not show the boot partition you most likely have 4, which gives a couple of options, gparted will show that 4th.01:28
wilee-nileeBard58, Yeah in linux the partitions go by numbers not letters is all.01:29
wilee-nileelike sda1, sda2...etc01:29
Bard58gparted is a windows command line program, maybe? or something in the ubuntu setup?01:29
wilee-nileeBard58, gparted is shown in that link as on the ubuntu live cd.01:30
Bard58okay, thanks01:30
wilee-nileeBard58, Best thing you can do though here is to have a clone of all the windows just to be safe and a recovery disc made in window, a install disc is great as well.01:31
wilee-nileethe image/clone is best on a external HD01:31
wilee-nileeBard58, So you understand that you probably have 4 primary partitions gparted will confirm this and you will have to lose one to get a ubuntu install which will be in logical ext4 partitions inside a extended partition?01:34
wilee-nileeIf you only have one HD that is.01:34
wilee-nileeBard58, Mat sound kinda confusing, but we can get you set up here, its not that hard.01:35
clj_newb_2345can someone suggest a good tutorial on docker on ubuntu 13.04 ?01:42
histounbind C-b01:46
histoset -g prefix ^A01:46
histobind a send-prefix01:46
histoclj_newb_2345: http://docs.docker.io/en/latest/01:47
clj_newb_2345histo: almost done with that tutorial01:48
icelitefrank_: garett ?01:50
icelitehi icar01:50
mnainesIs there a fix for FGLRX so I am not having to deal with the "Unsupported Hardware" watermark?01:53
frank_icelite: ?01:54
icelitehey frank_01:54
icelitehows it going?01:54
histoclj_newb_2345: #docker01:55
kaeltermnaines: Do you know what video card you are using?01:55
mnainesKaelter, AMD A8-3500M01:55
mnainesIt should register as the Radeon HD 6620G, kaelter01:56
frank_icelite: all well, thanks, but... my name isn't garett :D01:57
clj_newb_2345histo: that channel is awesome01:57
clj_newb_2345histo: it's like as if the main devs are answering questions01:57
histoclj_newb_2345: they are01:58
kaeltermnaines: You could use AMD's proprietary drivers if you want to.01:58
mnaineskaelter, yes, I tried those...They resulted in me having to reinstall Ubuntu every time I did a kernel update01:58
frank_I'm trying to install ubuntu server the 2nd time now. Now I'm just asking: I want to install a server with two users having encrypted homedirs01:59
frank_the machine (VM) should start without entering any password at all01:59
kaeltermnaines: What version of ubuntu are you using?01:59
frank_the first user I had to enter during setup was asked whether the homedir should be encrypted, what about the second one?02:00
xmetalback .. afk trying to troubleshoot "backup" (realitive didn't want it anymore) DVDr02:00
frank_is the second user automatically crypted? 12.04 LTS here02:00
mnaineskaelter, I use Ubuntu 13.04 and I've been having this problem ever since I started using 13.04...In 12.10, FGLRX did not work at all because of the upgrade to Xorg 1.302:01
kaeltermnaines: does the watermark say "Testing use only Unsupported hardware"?02:02
mnainesNo, it just says "AMD Unsupported Hardware"02:02
mnaineskaelter, what little info I did find on the problem said the "Unsupported Hardware" is basically equivalent to the "Testing Use Only" and fixing the problem involved writing a shell script, but I do not feel comfortable doing that02:03
kaeltermnaines: if it's equivalent there's already a shell script available. http://askubuntu.com/questions/206558/how-to-remove-the-amd-testing-use-only-watermark02:04
kaeltermnaines: I don't personally know if they work so use them at your own risk.02:05
xmetalhmm http://tinyurl.com/kd4x2na  well at least i know i am not the only one who doesnt like it02:05
mnaineskaelter, this is the only info I could find on the Unsupported Hardware watermark: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer-updates/+bug/109856102:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1098561 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) ""Unsupported hardware" watermark appears when FGLRX is installed on 13.04" [Undecided,Fix committed]02:05
LopeI'm having trouble installing udftools. I get an error from apt-get about unmet dependencies?02:06
Lope"kde-runtime : Depends: oxygen-icon-theme (>= 4:4.9.2) but it is not going to be installed"02:07
Waka_Flocka_Flamhow can i disable the broadband port on my computer?02:07
Waka_Flocka_Flamnot the wireless one02:07
wilee-nileefrank_, If it helps there is #ubuntu-server02:07
frank_wilee-nilee: nice, thanks02:08
kaeltermnaines: it looks like you can use the old drivers since you were saying this issue popped up only in 13.04.02:08
kaeltermnaines: on the page you linked me it has alternative instructions for fixing that problem. Did you try that already?02:08
mnaineskaelter, you mean the ATIcontrol stuff?02:08
kaeltermnaines: yeah02:09
mnaineskaelter, negative...I do not know if that fix will work, as it has been sporadic in the past02:09
Waka_Flocka_Flamim using 13.04 if that helps02:10
mnaineskaelter, also, AMD treats these APUs differently than standard GPUs, so their stated fixes don't always work for APUs02:10
xmetaloh well02:10
xmetalit works as a dvd player for now anyway02:11
xmetal:) and it was free02:11
mnaineskaelter, the current APUs are advertised as having a Radeon HD 8000-series GPU integrated, but the 8000-series GPUs aren't stated for release until Q4 201302:12
mnainesAnd AMD's latest drivers will only support Radeon HD 7000-series02:12
trismLope: if you try to install oxygen-icon-theme, what errors do you get?02:14
kaeltermnaines: I thought you said it was registering as a 6000 series? Do you mean that on the box it claims to be an 8000 series?02:14
kaelterI mean the box the computer came in02:15
mnaineskaelter, I am using the first-generation APU...The current generation is a 3rd-gen...The 3rd-gens read as Radeon HD 8000-series02:15
kaeltermnaines: alright.02:15
mnaineskaelter, but I was using that as an example to show that AMD treats these APUs differently from their regular GPUs02:16
kaeltermnaines: I know that you said you were uncomfortable with bash script but I do think it's going to be your best bet. I found a walkthrough for the procedure that looks really straightforward.  http://www.linux-ai.com/how-to-solve-or-fix-amd-unsupported-hardware-on-ubuntu/02:19
kaeltermnaines: it's really just copy and paste so there's nothing too tricky there.02:19
goddardcheck out my question http://askubuntu.com/questions/327249/2-amd-7950s-do-not-work-in-crossfire-mode02:20
mnaineskaelter, the words "guinea pig" in that article make me nervous02:22
kaeltermnaines: it's the same fix as in the bug report you sent me. I understand if you don't want to take the risk. As far as I can tell, it's the most solid fix though.02:23
kaeltermnaines: also, the guinea pig comment was directed at someone else who tested the fix, not you, the potential user of said fix.02:24
wilee-nileethey are ready squealed off02:25
bigbadbenI am using sftp and I can copy files via filezilla from my root directory is there a way to stop that02:28
kaelterbigbadben: it looks like this tutorial might be of help: https://library.linode.com/security/sftp-jails02:32
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kairosI have an album of music whose ID3 tags are all set properly, yet when I add them to my music player, no title is displayed (I'm using cmus).02:35
rypervenchekairos: Use mocp instead02:38
rypervenchekairos: Package is called moc02:39
dr_willis!info moc02:39
ubottumoc (source: moc): ncurses based console audio player. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.5.0~alpha4+svn20120224-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 244 kB, installed size 680 kB02:39
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dr_willishmm. cant say ive ever noticed a version of a package that said  'alpha' in it.02:40
Guest5117what is a good program to check if your disk is getting bad?02:42
ubottusmart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools02:42
dr_willisfsck the filesystem, monitor dmesg messages, smart monitoring..  not sure what else. ;)02:42
Guest5117dr_willis, i would like to check the disk drive on a windows machine02:43
dr_williseven the 'smart' output may not be totally acurate02:43
dr_willisGuest5117:  clarify what you mean.. you want to use windows tools ? ask in #windows02:43
dr_willismany hd makers have their own insensive diag. tools also.02:44
Guest5117well, i know Ubuntu has a disk check utility on the LiveCD02:44
Guest5117but the liveCD i wasn't loading the disk checker02:44
dr_willistheres that sysgem-rescue live cd that may have a lot of other tools for a similer task also.02:45
dr_willisid imagine most any of the 'smart' monitoring tools would give the same output.02:46
irssi-mikeGuest5117: file system? i wouldn't02:47
dr_willisGuest5117:  clarify what you are wanting to do  - will help us help you02:47
Guest5117i just want to a program to check if a disk drive is failing, which has the file system on02:48
dr_willisany of the smart monitoring tools should be able to give some  warnings about faliure02:49
dr_willis'which has the file system on'   <-- makes no sence.02:49
Guest5117the drive which has the operating system02:49
dr_willisif you think a hd is failing.. its time to be making backups.  Hard drives are  the weakest link these days it seems when it comes to system reliability02:50
semitonesIs it possible to change a filesystem from ext3 to ext2?02:50
dr_willissemitones:  Hmm. I dont think it is. why do you need to do that?  ext3 should be backwards compatable with ext202:51
semitonesdr_willis, well I want to access the files from windows, and I think the inode size is too great for fs-driver.org to work, and it's the most reliable driver02:51
dr_willisi  seem tp recall the driver.org stuff working with ext3 here. but i normally used some alternative 'read only' ext* browser tool to access files that way02:52
Guest5117semitones, if you want to access the files from Windows it is probably better to use NTFS02:53
kaelterLooking at the faq for fs-driver it should work fine.02:53
dr_willisi cant even recall what the tool was i used.  extexplorer or somthing02:53
semitonesthere were some things like that too -- I have music on this partition, that's all I need to access02:53
rypervencheGuest5117: No, that is horrible on Linux.02:53
dr_willisntfs-3g works decently well for me. ;)02:53
wilee-nileesemitones, I would use a ntfs partition to share.02:54
semitonesdr_willis, if I find that this ext3 is compatible, I'll us eit02:54
dr_willisbut if the data is allready on a ext3 - sort of silly to move it all to ntfs.02:54
Guest5117why not create a separate partition that is NFTS, which both Linux and Windows can access02:54
rypervencheThat would work.02:54
dr_willisi definatly recall using that fs-driver.org tool on ext302:54
dr_willissince ext3 has been the 'default' for years. ;)02:55
semitonesdr_willis, I believe that ext3 with inode 128 and below is compatible, but 256 and above (ubuntu's default) is not compatible02:55
dr_willisbut now its ext4 ;)02:55
kaelterdr_willis, even their FAQ claims it will work for ext302:55
semitonesubuntu's default since 2011 or something02:55
dr_williscant say ive ever really messed with inodes.  so no idea there.02:55
dr_willisOne way to find out. ;)02:55
semitonesyeah. excelsior!02:55
ffiocan i use ubiquity as an installer to my live arch linux cd ?03:02
dr_willisffio:  i very much doubt that will work03:03
dr_willisffio:  claify what you are trying to acomplish exactly.03:03
ffiodr_willis: i am having an arch machine, i have created the live cd of my current setup. Now i would like to install the same packages to my other machine using the newly created live cd.03:05
dr_willisffio:  somthing is confuseing here.. you do realize arch linux and ubuntu are totally unlrelated disrtos?03:05
dr_willisyou could clone your existing install using clonezilla or some other tools.03:06
ffiodr_willis: yeah i know, i thought there might be possibility of using ubiquity as an installer.03:06
ffiodr_willis: ok :)03:07
wilee-nileeffio, If you want an easy arch install use archbang03:07
dr_willisthat sounds like a game with 'exploding arrows'   ;)03:08
tonescruchbang is cool, maybe not arch but it's cool03:08
dr_willisHmm.. potential android game there.. ;)03:08
ffiowilee-nilee: ok :)03:08
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histoffio: pacstrap could probably accomplish all that.03:15
CyLhow do i instruct the 12.04 alternate installer to mount a iso image of the instalation media, and not a device?03:15
wilee-nileeCyL, What?03:16
wilee-nileeCyL, You getting an error on the install of no media?03:18
CyLwilee-nilee: I'm booting from a USB stick and getting an error when the installer tries to scan for the CD. It searches the available block devices for a CD image, but I`d like to loop mount an iso image though03:18
wilee-nileeCyL, Why?03:18
CyLwilee-nilee: I don't know03:19
CyLwilee-nilee: why I want to mount the iso image?03:19
wilee-nileeCyL, yes, not sure that is the easiest way to do this even if possible.03:19
CyLwilee-nilee: Because this computer has no DVD drive to boot from.03:20
wilee-nileeCyL, Put the iso on the usb03:20
CyLwilee-nilee: thats what I`ve done, but the installer reports it was not able to find the disc03:21
wilee-nileeCyL, How did you load it to the usb?03:21
ffiohisto: this is what i am looking for thsi can prove useful :) thank you so much03:21
CyLwilee-nilee: Using grub from the usb stick MBR03:22
histoffio: np /j #archlinux03:22
CyLwilee-nilee: I copied a buch of live iso images to the stick and provided a grub menu that loop mount the relevant file03:23
bigbadbenHey I am working with a raspberry pi but how do you disable daemons from running at startup03:23
wilee-nileeCyL, people did use grub on a stick to do this before there were so many usb loaders some of which do multi iso's, honestlt can you give a detailed decrition so we can avoid the 1010 questions and the final goal and what the iso is.03:23
CyLwilee-nilee: Sure I can, what do you want me to detail (sorry if I'm not being clear, I'm not a native English speaker)03:25
wilee-nileeCyL, Do you have a problem with just using like unetbootin or any of the handful of other usb loaders?03:25
ffiohisto: ok :)03:26
wilee-nileeCyL, And is this a ubuntu ISO?03:26
cartusiawhat is the command to look for program names?03:28
cartusialike in BSD I usually would use whereis to find ports or other file03:29
asopsomething's up with my DNS. when i try to update apt, all the repos resolve to however, my DNS servers are, nslookup ubuntu.com gives me on the Server: line. and i'm running dnsmasq03:29
CyLwilee-nilee: I'm not using any USB loaders, I formatted this USB stick with ext2, and copied a few live images to it. SO I installed grub as the boot loader, and set up a menu that loop mount the selected iso image, and boot it up, as if it was a CD. I`m able to successfully boot the Ubuntu 12.04 alternate CD...03:29
wilee-nileeCyL, I can't really help you, good luck. ;)03:29
CyLwilee-nilee: but when I try to use it to install ubuntu, there is a tep on the installation in which the installer looks for the media, and at this point the install fails03:29
dr_willistheres some known bugs/issues where the usb/live usb  might not see the files to do the install.  I just use 'dd' to image the iso straight to usb normally03:30
dr_willisaskubuntu.com may have some other work arounds to try cyl.03:31
CyLdr_willis: i'll take a look, thanks03:31
usuariocodico de usuario03:32
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Pyromy dad just upgraded his 12.04 install and when he rebooted he didn't get a grub menu anymore... anyone know of any weirdness going on with upgrades lately like that?03:56
reisioPyro: after he didn't get a grub menu, presumably, he didn't get anything else like an OS?03:56
daftykinshad the timeout value been set to zero?03:56
Pyroreisio: he got a windows bootloader03:57
Pyrohe's got dual boot but he hasn't used the windows partition in a while...03:57
Pyroseems like maybe a grub upgrade went wrong and got broken or something?03:58
reisioPyro: okay, that might mean something as simple as you need to fix grub "manually"03:58
reisioor it might mean something more complex :p03:58
reisioPyro: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair03:58
Pyroreisio: yeah, that's what I'm thinking. you know if the install disk has an easy way to reinstall grub?03:59
reisioand if that doesn't work someone can walk you through some other things03:59
reisioyeah it should have that stuff I linked, among other things03:59
reisioI don't know it all well enough to say whether that stuff will fail in the exact same way your upgrade stuff clearly has :)03:59
reisiobut I do know enough that I can help you fix it if it does03:59
Pyroreisio: ah, the gui boot repair might be the easiest thing for me to walk him through03:59
reisioPyro: yup, hopefully that'll just work :p04:01
dr_willisthat boot-repair live  cd/usb is a must have in your pc toolbox. ;)04:02
reisiosome live OS with grub on it, for sure04:02
Pyroyeah. I've got those, but I'm a good thousand miles away. trying to find the most painless way to walk him through ;)04:03
dr_willisbe nice to have some official ubuntu-system repair live cd. that included tools like that and others to fix specific issues04:03
Pyroit'd be nice if these things were on the install cd, because that I know he has :)04:03
dr_williswhat does show up on his pc if not the grub menu?04:03
dr_willisyou can install the boot-repair tool onto the live-cd04:04
dr_williswith the proper commands.04:04
Pyroyeah, that's what I'm about to walk him through04:04
dr_willisbe nicer if it was installed by default04:04
Pyrohe's seeing the windows bootloader for some reason04:04
dr_williswindows av or other software/updates may have replaced the bootloader04:04
dr_willisif he has more then 1 hard drive. it can also be the bios is booting the wrong hd.04:05
Pyrojust the one drive :/04:05
dr_willisif theres external usb plugged in.. ive seen those boot instead and confuse things also04:05
Pyrohe upgraded his ubuntu install. that's the change that seems to have screwed things up04:06
enchiladoWTF some dude called enchie was here04:06
enchiladoStealing my name :(04:06
dr_willis   that shouldent have replaced the grub mbr with the windows loader Pyro .04:07
dr_willisunless the grub menu is now hidden. and defaulting to windows.04:07
xmetalagain "Super grub" may help04:07
Pyrodr_willis: yeah, doesn't make sense to me. I'm thinking about grub got fucked up and it's defaulting to windows or something04:07
dr_willisbut that would be rare also.04:07
dr_willisPyro:  ive never seen grub 'die' in such a way it defaults to windows04:07
Pyrodr_willis: me neither :/04:08
dr_willisi wouldent put it past some windows app/virus/tool/security thing.. overwriteing the mbr.04:08
dr_willisalso seen bios AV settings/features do that04:08
Pyrohmm, I wonder if something in the bios did something weird then04:09
xmetali dualboot alot and i haven't seen that before04:09
Pyroafaik he ran the upgrades that ubuntu prompted him for and then rebooted and was in this weird state04:09
dr_willisive only seen the bios av thing on a few motherboards in the past04:09
reisioPyro: you could um04:10
dr_willishave him boot and hold down the shift key and see if the grub menu is hidden.. shift should make it appear.04:10
reisiohave him load up teamviewer in Windows04:10
reisioPyro: and then go from there04:10
xmetalwell i must have missed the question, though i would use a cd like "Super Grub" (example) to get back into ubuntu and then "redo"/"fix" grub04:10
Pyroyeah, currently trying to walk him through setting up wifi on the live cd install disk to download the boot repair tool04:11
dr_willisthe ubuntu live cd, or that boot-repair live cd would  be the easiest 'fix' if you can get him to run boot repari and it works04:11
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dr_willisbest $5 i ever spent was a 'works out of the box , no efffort'  wifi usb dongle ;)04:12
xmetaltrue @ dr_04:12
dr_williseven for laptops with wifi built in.. its handy to get the drivers for the other wifi ;)04:12
xmetalsounds like a great idea04:14
wilee-nilee"I keep my feathers numbered for just such occasions" Foghorn Leghorn04:14
dr_willisbought 3 differnt usb dongles off amazon and amazing enohgh - all 3 work for linux out of the box. ;)04:17
dr_willisthey even work for these linux based media/htpc player boxs..04:18
xmetalthat souynds likething i could have used with ubuntu 9.04 .. .had to get online to get wifi drivers04:19
xmetal(years ago, needless to say)04:19
dr_willisworse case.. is having to do  that with windows..    and even finding the drivers.. "driver needed for 'unknown network card' "04:20
dr_williswifi seems a lot less hassles now a days then it used to be04:20
dr_willisi still cant get Bluetooth working half the time. ;;)04:20
xmetali just ordeed amazon brand DVD+R's .. hope they work with my burners lol04:21
xmetaltrue  .. mint for example detected all the hardware on all the systems i tried it on04:21
dr_willisamazon 'value' brand stuff has all worked for me.04:21
ghostnik11can someone tell me a good partition type to go with as I am trying to format my 500gb external using testdisk04:22
reisioghostnik11: using testdisk?04:22
ghostnik11reisio: yeah, the external doesn't show up when i plug it into ubuntu04:22
dr_willispartition type? or filesystem type.04:22
dr_willisghostnik11:  tried mounting it by hand?04:22
ghostnik11dr_willis: partition type, it won't mount for some reason04:23
reisioghostnik11: doesn't show up via what?04:23
dr_willisghostnik11:  what are you using the drive for? just linux? windows and os?04:23
dr_willispartition type as in Primary/extended/logical?04:23
ghostnik11reisio: dr_willis: I have files on them but can't get them so i am frustrated and want to just format it and start over, its just an external usb hdd04:24
dr_willisso use  use gparted to format it how you want.04:24
reisioghostnik11: what'd you try to make it "show up" with?04:24
dr_willisif you want to know what FILESYSTEM to use.. that depend on the job its to do.04:24
dr_willisbe rather sad to refromat it .. if its just not auto mounting becasue its a ntfs  thats 'currupted' and easially fixed04:25
ghostnik11dr_willis: reisio: i tried to plug it in and have it appear in nautilus and nothing, dr i want it to show up as a storage so i can save files and other things to it04:26
truexfan81is there an official wayland channel someonewhere?04:26
truexfan81i have a question i'd like to ask the wayland devs04:26
dr_willisghostnik11:  #1  thing to do is TRY to mount it by hand..   it may not need reformated.. if you inssist on formating it.. then tell us what OS's are you going to be using it with04:26
reisiotruexfan81: /msg alis list *wayland*04:27
dr_willisghostnik11:  gparted should be able to partion and format it however you want.. once you know what you want04:27
reisio"IRC: #wayland on freenode" — http://wayland.freedesktop.org/04:27
xmetalchannel hoping04:28
ghostnik11dr_willis: gparted can't do anything to it, that was my first choice then i looked up on google and found testdisk04:28
JainAmberHow can I find number of cores on my Ubuntu system? 'grep "^processor" /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l' shows number of threads but I'll like to know the number of cores on a system04:28
reisioJainAmber: /proc/cpuinfo prints a thing for each core04:28
xmetalanyway ... i was looking at $16.99 TDK 100pk on newegg but they kept cancelling my order04:28
dr_willisghostnik11:   better figure out why gparted 'cant do anything' with it.. could be the HD is totally dead. and is junk now.04:28
reisioJainAmber: so just grep it for anything ( | grep -i flags) and however many lines, that's how many cores it thinks you have04:28
ghostnik11dr_willis: I will use it with ubuntu 13.04 as a back storage for books that i need to study from (digital books, power point slides and etc.)04:28
xmetalread a few reviews of other people having same issues with NE04:28
xmetali figured i'd try Amazon's04:29
clintoncHi folks; I have a question about aptitude search.04:29
dr_willisghostnik11:  so you will want to use it with UBUNTU ONLY.. that would mean you would want ext3 or ext4 on it.04:29
reisioJainAmber: will probably match the value of grep cores /proc/cpuinfo04:29
clintoncIn your learned opinion, what should "aptitude search '?installed !?reverse-depends(?installed)'" do?04:29
ghostnik11dr_willis: when testdisk sees it it has the wrong size, its a 500gb but shows up as 539gb04:29
reisioand if it's intel you can check the intel ark04:29
ghostnik11dr_willis: yeah but i need it to save files from other computers that aren't just ubuntu04:29
dr_willisghostnik11:  thats why i asked exactly WHAT  you were going to do with it...04:30
dr_willisghostnik11:  so now your statement ponts to you wanting to uswe NTFS if  its going to also go into windows machines04:30
ghostnik11dr_willis: i think the size is wrong like the cylincders and sectors and head, i just don't know how to fix that though04:30
dr_willisghostnik11:  i would use 'dd' to zero  out the hard drive. then use gparted to repartion it after the zeroing.04:30
JainAmberThanks reisio! I didn't noticed "cpu cores:" in the output of /proc/cpuinfo before04:31
ghostnik11dr_willis: yeah but can't it also be fat 12 or fat32 or any type of storage type partition04:31
dr_willisits also likely the hd is in fact dead or dieing/sick if its reporting the wrong info ghostnik1104:31
dr_willisfat16 and fat32 have file size limitations04:31
ghostnik11dr_willis: oh so thats why ntsf makes it a better choice04:31
ghostnik11dr_willis: okay i wan to try the dd to zero first04:32
minii would like to download youtube to mp3 for free04:32
ghostnik11dr_willis: okay so i have to put all the size to 004:32
minii have 13.0404:32
cfhowlettmini, see the firefox add-ons ... lots of choices04:33
ghostnik11dr_willis: like 0 for cyclinder, 0 for sector, 0 for head, 0 for what ever else option it gives me04:33
dr_willisghostnik11:  no.. just use dd to try to write all zeros to the hard drive04:33
minii am new on ubuntu but liking it04:33
cfhowlettmini, have fun, be safe04:33
ghostnik11dr_willis: i can just type that into testdisk command line04:33
dr_willis!manual | mini04:33
ubottumini: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:34
dr_willisghostnik11:  dd is not testdisk.. totally differnt tools04:34
minigreat thanks04:34
dr_willisclose out testdisk.. and try to zero it with dd04:34
ghostnik11dr_willis: okay i will go and get dd from synaptic04:34
dr_willisdd is allready installed by default i imagine04:35
clintoncNo takers on my aptitude search question?  what should "aptitude search '?installed !?reverse-depends(?installed)'" do?  I would suspect it should list all installed packages which are not depended upon by another installed package, but I'm concerned that this is not what actually happens.04:35
iamsodamnconfuseIs there any chance i can get some help with manual install of Xubuntu 13.04?04:35
danny4wayI need help with desktop.04:35
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:35
cfhowlett!details|iamsodamnconfuse, of course.  details please ...04:35
ubottuiamsodamnconfuse, of course.  details please ...: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:35
iamsodamnconfuseI am currently installing04:36
ubulostDoes anyone know what a user share mask of 0755 means?04:36
ubottudanny4way,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:36
iamsodamnconfuseCrap hit enter sorry04:36
danny4wayOn mac, I can just put all file everywhere. But on ubuntu, i have limited space to put files on the desktop04:36
ghostnik11dr_willis: is there anywhere i can read up on dd04:37
dr_willisdanny4way:  what?04:37
danny4wayOn mac, I can double them. Usually I like the messy look and how I can just put up the files on desktop.04:37
dr_willisghostnik11:  10000's of guides about it on google.04:37
danny4wayI am talking about on Desktop04:37
dr_willisicons on the desktop is so 2011. keep stuff in your home dirctory..04:37
dr_willisicons showing on the desktop is disabled by default i thought.. or at least can be.04:38
danny4wayI know. But I am not using this for personal now.04:38
iamsodamnconfuseI am currently trying to install Xubuntu 13.04, however I want to do a manual partitioning because i want to use my entire 2nd HDD as a swap Partition. I need help with setting up the primary partition (I.E. Mount Point, Size, Type).04:38
dr_williswhat icons are you refering to anyway?04:38
danny4wayicons on desktop.04:38
dr_willisdanny4way:  icons for what..04:38
danny4wayEvery icons on desktop04:38
dr_willisiamsodamnconfuse:  swap filesystem would be 'swap' and it dosent have a mount point04:38
danny4wayExample: On Mac, I can just double them.04:38
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, did you just state you want to use the entire HDD as swap?  what ever for?04:38
damianosI've had enough of Unity so I logged into a gnome classic session instead. I can't remember for the life of me how to rearrange my workspaces so they're all in a 1x4 line instead of a 2x2 grid. Can somebody refresh my memory please?04:38
danny4wayOr put anywhere. They have no limited space.04:38
dr_willisdanny4way:  your not being very specific..04:39
dr_willisdanny4way:  icons for what kinds of files/apps/whatever? are you refering to??04:39
mjt_manishi need help installing graphic driver04:39
mjt_manishAdvanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RS880M [Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series04:39
mjt_manishin linux kernel 3.5x04:39
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, generally speaking, swap can be calculated by doubling your system RAM, e.g. 4 gigs of RAM = 8 gigs for /swap.04:39
danny4wayI don't know how to explain specificially.  But what I meant was  On Desktop, I save files or pictures or whatever. But the thing is that Ubuntu has limited space04:39
dr_willisdanny4way:  what do you mean by space?04:40
iamsodamnconfuseJust for the fact that the 2nd HDD is small and i have no use for it, so I am just using it as a entire Swap. I only have 1GB RAM anyway.04:40
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, details of your systems specifications please04:40
dr_willisiamsodamnconfuse:  so make a primary partion. makt its type swap.04:40
danny4wayUsing Ubuntu desktop is like having invisible square patterns so I can only save files on desktop parallel04:40
dr_willisdanny4way:  anything you save to your ~/Desktop folder shows up on the desktop (or can at least)04:41
dr_willisdanny4way:  so you want smaller icons so you can have a moar cluttered desktop?04:41
danny4wayAnd i am not sure what you mean by moar cluttered desktop.04:42
cfhowlettdr_willis, some people just process that way.   I saw a guy last night with no few than 60 desktop icons ...04:42
dr_willisdanny4way:  and im not sure that anyone knows what you mean..  you save stuff to the Desktop folder.. icons show up on the Desktop.04:42
iamsodamnconfuseI am running an eMachines K8MC51G Motherboard with a 100GB Master HDD, a 15GB Slave HDD, 1GB RAM, and a Pentium IV Processor04:42
danny4wayNot desktop folder04:42
dr_willisthey auto arrange i belive these days04:42
mjt_manishneed help on configuring ati graphic driver04:43
danny4wayOkay. Yeah. if I save files on desktop folder04:43
mjt_manishneed help on configuring ati graphic driver04:43
mjt_manishneed help on configuring ati graphic driver04:43
dr_willisdanny4way:  the Desktop is a Mirror of the Desktop Directory04:43
danny4wayIt shows up on Desktop04:43
Pyrohey, thanks guys, that boot-repair tool is pretty slick :)04:43
FloodBot1mjt_manish: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:43
icelitef/join #hardware04:43
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, and installing xubuntu, right?04:43
danny4wayDesktop that I am talking about is what I see after i log in04:43
Pyroproblem turned out to be something weird in the efi config, but the auto repair fixed it04:43
iamsodamnconfusecfhowlett: Right04:43
icelitehi mjt_manish04:44
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, ok then.  manual installation is obviously the way to go.04:44
danny4wayPlease give me link for uploading pictures04:44
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.04:44
danny4wayThat way you can look at it carefully.04:44
iamsodamnconfuseOkay. I am on the screen where you select Installation Type. I have a ext4 partition of 1GB as my primary partition (My entire first HDD, /dev/sda)04:45
dr_willisa huge 1gb hd> :) oh my.04:46
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, continue ...04:46
dr_williscan ubuntu even instgall to a 1 gb hd?04:46
iamsodamnconfuseI mean 100GB... Stupid old keyboard04:46
cfhowlettdr_willis, he's running xubuntu so ...04:46
dr_willisok.. that makes more sence.. 100gb.. plenty ;)04:47
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels04:47
danny4wayNever mind.04:47
iamsodamnconfuseWhat mount point do i need to have for the ext4 partition?04:47
xmetalhmm bot doesn't like me04:47
mjt_manishi need help regrading ati graphic card... its not supported in kernel 3.5x???04:47
xmetaln/m :)04:48
dr_willisiamsodamnconfuse:  '/' is the root partion for your install. thats the mountpoint  '/'04:48
ghostnik11dr_willis: okay i ran fdisk as i am trying to format and the usb hdd is at /dev/sdc but when i put in fdisk /dev/sdc D for to delete i get nothing04:48
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, you need "/" no quotes for the root partition.04:48
dr_willisghostnik11:  if you zeroed the hd.. it needs to be partionef firsst.. its allready all deleted04:48
dr_willisghostnik11:  look at what partions are on the disk.04:48
iamsodamnconfuseOkay, and then i have my 15GB swap partition on my Fireball (2nd HDD)04:49
dr_willis15gb swap is a little - overkill04:49
ghostnik11dr_willis: well fdisk didn't show the hard drive, i know their is another command i can run to see the hard drive that isn't fdisk command04:49
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, hell of lot easier to just put ALL of ubuntu on the 15 gig and use the 100 gig for data storage.04:49
ghostnik11dr_willis: i had to go to testdisk and see drive located at /dev/sdc04:49
dr_willisghostnik11:  sudo blkid, and sudo fdisl -l04:49
dr_willisfdisk -l04:50
ghostnik11dr_willis: i ran fdisk -l from the beginning and it gives me my 2gb flash drive and the main computer hard drive04:50
ghostnik11dr_willis: not the usb 500gb hard drive04:50
iamsodamnconfuseCan i do that without moving the physical hard drives?04:51
dr_willisghostnik11:  sounds to me like the HD is dead if fdisk is not seeing it. (or very sick)   if you unplug/plug it back in. check the output of 'dmesg' to see if its seen and if any errors are shown about it.04:51
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, yes.  you'll need to edit some bios perhaps to boot the 15 gig drive first.04:51
clintoncNo takers on my aptitude search question?  what should "aptitude search '?installed !?reverse-depends(?installed)'" do?  I would suspect it should list all installed packages which are not depended upon by another installed package, but I'm concerned that this is not what actually happens.04:51
iamsodamnconfuseThat i know how to do. So, i would use 2GB of my 2nd HDD as the swap and the rest as the ext4 partition?04:52
dr_willisiamsodamnconfuse:  thats very doable.04:52
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, sounds legit04:52
=== olea is now known as Guest99286
dr_willisiamsodamnconfuse:  you may want to use about 20gb for / and rest for /home/ on the 100gb hd also04:53
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, and manually set the 100 gig as /home04:53
dr_willisiamsodamnconfuse:  15gb for / might be a little tight - dependoing on what you do with the system04:53
ghostnik11dr_willis: here is a pastebin04:53
ghostnik11dr_willis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5968730/04:53
ghostnik11dr_willis: that is dmsge output04:53
ghostnik11dr_willis: it sees it04:53
iamsodamnconfuseOkay hold on04:54
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, for your consideration: I've got ubuntustudio, fully loaded with extras codecs and such.  the entire /home runs about 6.5 gigs, + another 8 gigs for ram.  my /home takes up the remaining 232 gigs04:54
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, grr.  the entire ROOT SYSTEM /04:55
histo!partition | iamsodamnconfuse04:55
ubottuiamsodamnconfuse: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes l - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap04:55
dr_willisghostnik11:  it looks unpartioned to me..04:56
dr_willissudo fdisk -l    should confirm that04:57
dr_willisghostnik11:  you did zero it out with 'dd' ?04:57
ghostnik11dr_willis: yeah, look right here:04:57
ubulostcan anyone point me to a specific location that lists all possible x's and their meanings for "create mask = X"04:57
ghostnik11dr_willis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5968742/04:57
histoubulost: in what context?04:58
dr_willisghostnik11:  your dd command is.. well.. total garbage04:58
dr_willisit dident do much of anything04:58
=== felon is now known as dro
ghostnik11dr_willis: huh!!!04:58
ubulosthisto: samba share permissions04:58
=== dro is now known as luckydog
ghostnik11dr_willis: you said dd zero it thats what i thought i did thats what the instructions said to do04:59
histoubulost: probably in the samba man pages04:59
sdakkHey guys, I just installed ubuntu - and I cannot remember the username I set.  I tried using the command line in recovery mode, but ls /home did not give any output.  Any ideas?04:59
histoghostnik11: but you can't dd if=/dev/sdc  does nothing.04:59
ghostnik11dr_willis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dd_%28Unix%2904:59
histosdakk: there is no directory within /home check /etc/passwd04:59
ghostnik11dr_willis: but thats what the wiki said04:59
iamsodamnconfuseTo compile, My 15GB HDD should be partitioned into a 2GB swap partition, and a 13GB ext4 partition with the mount point "/". On my 100GB HDD, i want to use it all as an ext4 partition with the mount point "/Home". Coreect?05:00
dr_willislook at the output ghostnik11  at how many recoreds it wrote.. it   wrote like 0  data..05:00
dr_willisit should have wrote  a lot more then that.. how big is this hd ghostnik11 ?05:00
ghostnik11dr_willis: 500gb, but i think i need to restart the computer for changes to take effect thats what test disk had told me when i selected the partition table and stuff05:01
ubulosthisto: thanks.  I don't know what those are but I'll see if I can find them05:01
histoubulost: man -k samba05:01
dr_willisdd failed to write anything to the disk from what i can tell ghostnik1105:01
ghostnik11dr_willis: think i should restart it then05:01
histoubulost: oh those are probably umask you are referingto05:02
ghostnik11dr_willis: then see if dd will do something to it05:02
dr_willisghostnik11:  it also should have taken some time to do the dd command.. i bet it returned instantly05:02
ghostnik11dr_willis: yeah05:02
ghostnik11dr_willis: it did return instatly05:02
dr_willisghostnik11:  so once again the tests point to the HD being dead.05:02
dr_willisyou are hearing the drive spin up and make noises?05:02
ghostnik11dr_willis: yeah05:02
dr_willisi would not trust that drive with any data you value05:03
iamsodamnconfusedr_willis / cfhowlett: ?05:03
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, still here05:03
histoubulost: man smb.conf  and search for mask it's in there.05:03
ghostnik11dr_willis: your a doctor, you have the ability to bring it back, just show me the steps or point me in the direction, i know i can save it05:03
ghostnik11dr_willis: make it even better05:03
histoubulost: / is search forward type mask and hit enter. Then you can go to the next result with n05:03
iamsodamnconfuseRE: To compile, My 15GB HDD should be partitioned into a 2GB swap partition, and a 13GB ext4 partition with the mount point "/". On my 100GB HDD, i want to use it all as an ext4 partition with the mount point "/Home". Correct?05:04
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, spot on05:04
iamsodamnconfuseOkay, Thank you for your assistance05:05
ghostnik11dr_willis: will be back05:05
cfhowlettiamsodamnconfuse, best of luck05:05
ubulosthisto: I'm feeling kinda stupid but I'm having the same problem with man smb.conf that I'm having everywhere.  It does not show options, only examples without explainations.  Like directory mask = 0755 as default, but it doesn't say what that is.  I'm looking for something that will say what those numbers mean05:08
dr_willisubulost:  perhps the man page or other guides on  'umask'05:10
luckydogim having a issue  with my package manager, when i try and reload i get this error W: GPG error: http://archive.ubuntu.com raring Release: The following signatures were invalid:05:10
dr_willisthe permissions would be   like 777-the mask     i think05:10
dr_willisubulost:  ie   if  mask was 222   its permissions would be    777-222   =   55505:11
dr_willis or am i backwards...05:11
dr_willisa mask of 755 seems.. wrong.05:11
histoubulost: is there a reason you want to change the mask?05:11
ubulostdr_willis: not sure I got that, but at any rate, how would you knwo what numbers gave what permissions?  I've been three days on this and getting now where05:12
histodr_willis: he's talking about samba's mask flags05:12
dr_willisubulost:  see  chmod for what permissions are what05:12
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions05:12
dr_willisyea/ not sure how mask flags for samba differ from normal bash permissions/umask05:12
ubulosthisto: I want to give client permisions they do not have at the moment,05:12
dr_willis!info samba-doc05:13
ubottusamba-doc (source: samba): Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.6.9-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 5615 kB, installed size 13734 kB05:13
dr_willis #samba may have some better guides on their ussage.05:13
histoubottu: man chmod explains all the masks05:15
ubottuhisto: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:15
histoubulost: man chmod explains all the masks05:15
histoubulost: the mode section05:16
fellayaboywhere the heck is the synaptics.conf that is suppose to be in /etc/X11/05:16
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histoubulost: https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/samba-create-mask-305173/05:17
=== kaxing is now known as Guest33849
reisiofellayaboy: find /etc/X11 -iname '*synaptics*' ?05:17
reisiofellayaboy: dpkg -L xserver-xorg-input-synaptics | grep -i conf ?05:18
histoubulost: basically what permissions do you want?05:18
researcher123Can someone help with this failure here http://paste.ubuntu.com/5968768/05:19
ubulosthisto: this is a two parter, first, I want client to have any and all permissions of any kind, second, I'd like to understand the process05:19
dr_willisubulost:  so you want a single user to hiave full rights to a single share?05:19
reisioresearcher123: enable 'universe' repository: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu05:19
histoubulost: also check this page http://muhdzamri.blogspot.com/2006/09/samba-explained.html05:20
cartusiawhats the command to log out of your username05:20
researcher123reisio: OK,trying05:20
fellayaboyreisio thanks man i found it05:20
cartusiaI keep searching to no avail :(05:20
ubulostdr_willis: yes, well, it's a couple of users, but anything that moves me in that direction would be great05:20
reisiocartusia: out of the GUI, or out of the terminal session?05:20
dr_williscartusia:  logout, exit. quit, ctrl-d05:20
cartusiaout of GUI05:20
cartusiaout of terminal session is exit05:20
dr_willisalt-ctrl-d pops up a logout dialog here. ;)05:20
fellayaboylisten i also have an old version of virtualbox that i have installed and i wanna get rid of it but i donkow whats the pgrogram called..its not simple as sudo apt-get autoremove virtualbox...it says theres no virtualbox isntalled05:21
dr_willisyou could always enable that alt-ctrl-delete to close out X option i guess.05:21
histoubulost: This page really breaks the mask down. https://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2003-March/063429.html05:21
dr_willisalt-ctrl-delete  pops up a logout dialog here. ;)05:21
dr_willisor was it alt-ctrl-backspace.. :) been so long.05:21
dr_willisyea - alt--ctrl-backspace an be set to  quit X with extreme prejudice.05:22
wilee-nileefellayaboy, take a look here. http://askubuntu.com/questions/190004/how-to-uninstall-virtualbox-in-12-0405:23
dr_willisfellayaboy:   use tab completion to get the proper package name. and how did you install vbox befor?05:23
dr_willisfellayaboy:  the vbox vm's are still stored in the users home i belive.05:23
fellayaboydont remember05:23
dr_willisso how do you know its installed? ;)05:23
fellayaboyi guess the website05:23
dr_willisuse the package manager tools to search for vbox see if its installed.. if you used a .tar.gz then you need to discover where its installed to and delete the files05:24
fellayaboythe package manager tool is dpkg command?05:25
fellayaboyyes they are05:25
dr_willisor synaptic or the ther gui tools05:25
ghostnik11dr_willis: okay i got some progress05:26
ghostnik11dr_willis: so i went to disk program and then went to automount option now i see it in nautilus05:27
fellayaboyhmm mine says unmarked in the synaptic packagemanager for vitualbox 4.2.10...im using 4.21205:27
fellayaboyi think im using a ppa05:27
ghostnik11dr_willis: but when i click on it in nautilus it says i can't mount and need to be in root05:27
ghostnik11dr_willis: mount: only root can mount /dev/sdc on /mnt/wwn-0x50014ee2ad3abbd505:27
fellayaboybut i dont see no upgrade for ppa i arealdy did apt=get update and upgrade05:27
dr_willistry mounting the filesystgem by hand using the mount command ghostnik11  forget about the gui stuff05:27
ghostnik11dr_willis: i have to look up the mount command05:28
dr_willisghostnik11:  and what filesystem is on the drive? and it most likely is /dev/sdc1  not sdc05:28
Nqf523Question: Why aren't the users' files stored on the Ubuntu One server encrypted? I don't understand.05:28
dr_willis!mount | ghostnik1105:28
ubottughostnik11: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount05:28
dr_willisNqf523:  perhaps ask in #ubuntu-one  or whatever the channel is called05:28
Nqf523dr_willis: Thank you.05:29
researcher123reisio: After enabling Universe I tried to reload and this is what I got http://paste.ubuntu.com/5968773/05:30
ghostnik11dr_willis: mount: /dev/sdc: can't read superblock05:30
ghostnik11dr_willis: will try with sdc105:30
dr_willisghostnik11:  see what 'sudo blkid' says it is supposed to be05:31
dr_willissdc = the hard drive...   sdc1 - the partuon ON the drive05:31
reisioresearcher123: ask the channel about that05:31
researcher123After enabling Universe I tried to reload and this is what I got http://paste.ubuntu.com/5968773/  Can someone HELP?05:32
ghostnik11dr_willis: sudo blkid didn't show me drive, only this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5968788/05:32
dr_willisghostnik11:  you did partion the hard drive?05:34
ghostnik11dr_willis: i tried to but remember it didn't work last time will try again05:34
dr_willisghostnik11:  so what did you do to the drive exactly so far?05:34
ghostnik11dr_willis: i tried testdisk and dd commands, but i got it to show up in nautilus using disk program and telling it to automount05:35
dr_willisit showed up after you used the  'dd' command which failed?05:35
researcher123where can I paste image in this channel?05:36
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.05:36
ghostnik11dr_willis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5968794/05:37
ghostnik11dr_willis: http://imagebin.org/26708205:38
dr_willisyou zeroed sdc1 for 1 gb the first time ghostnik11 . you would then need to reformat the filesystem on it in order to use it.05:39
ghostnik11dr_willis: okay so now use gparted?05:39
dr_willissee if gparted sees it and can do sttuff to it..  if so.. delete all the partions. make a new one.. and format it05:40
ghostnik11dr_willis: nope gparted can't see it05:40
ghostnik11dr_willis: can i try testdisk05:41
dr_willisdoes fdisk -l see it?05:41
dr_willisive never used testdisk that i can ever recall...05:41
ghostnik11dr_willis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5968800/05:42
ghostnik11dr_willis: do you think i should try and run dd command using sudo su05:43
dr_willistry zeroing   /dev/sdc   not sdc1     - it still looks to me like the hd is in a state of failure.05:43
dr_willisyou MUST have sudo rights to run dd..  i dont see how you ran it befor without them05:44
historesure: try again05:45
historesure: sorry wrong nick05:45
ghostnik11dr_willis: mount: /dev/sdc: can't read superblock05:46
ghostnik11dr_willis: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt05:46
ghostnik11mount: you must specify the filesystem type05:46
dr_willisghostnik11:  after you zero the drive.. you must partion it.. then format it...   have you done that allready>05:47
dr_willisif so - what filesystem did you use on sdc1 ?05:47
dr_willismount -t auto      (other options here)     may let it auto  detect the filesystem05:48
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klynchey all, I've been having issues getting dell r720's to boot with gpt using bios mode (not uefi) - sometimes my kickstart install just works, other times it fails to load grub stage2 saying "out of disk error". been googling, but haven't found a solution. anyone know about this? using ubuntu 12.04 fwiw05:52
TheHow are you ?05:52
klyncwell, thank you05:52
=== The is now known as Guest36691
Guest36691i have some problem in my Linux05:53
ubottuGuest36691,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:53
Guest36691i can't move the mouse05:54
Guest36691i live in KSA05:55
Guest36691ubuntu it's great man05:56
Guest36691you are welcome05:56
cfhowlettGuest36691, ... not exactly helpful details there ...05:57
* klync is more confused than when he /joined05:58
Guest36691sorry guys i bissey05:59
researcher123all websites opne except a fe like http://www.tatasky.com/ yahho etc. Any help?06:02
cfhowlettresearcher123, this is not an ubuntu issue ...06:02
researcher123cfhowlett: where can I talk?06:02
dr_willisif the server is down.. its down...06:03
ubotturesearcher123,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:03
klyncdr_willis: have you tried rebooting it three times?06:06
xmetallol, watching dvd tutorials in circuit anaylsis just gave me the munchies06:08
xraixedi get lost+found file keeps showing when im done finished formating and finally partitioning my external hard drive and says that i do not have permission to access the file06:10
xraixedi was using gparted06:10
xraixedam using gparted06:10
klyncxraixed: lost+found is automatically created on each partition. only root can read it (i.e. "sudo")06:11
reisioxraixed: you can rmdir them as root06:11
reisiobut they're harmless06:11
klyncreisio: rmdir? will fsck make it again if it needs it?06:11
dr_willislook in the directory as root to see if theres anything in there.06:12
dr_willisif fsck recovers a file and dosent know where to put it... it goes into the lost+found   ;)06:12
Nqf523Is there an easy way to adjust the monitor's gamma settings in 13.04?06:12
dr_willisNqf523:  whats your video chipset/drivers?06:13
Nqf523dr_willis: I'm using the integrated Intel HD graphics on Intel Pentium G860.06:13
cbbais it suitable to combine it with windows 806:13
Nqf523Sandy Bridge chipset.06:13
reisioklync: yes it will06:14
reisioit's a waste of time to rm, really06:14
reisiobut I always do :p06:14
reisioI like my new partitions clean :p06:14
klynchuh and, heh06:14
dr_willisso you can fill them up with dirty stuff06:14
Nqf523I read about xgamma, but it's manual page says that it is obsolete.06:14
reisiodr_willis: heheh06:15
reisioNqf523: some people know what the word 'obsolete' means06:15
reisioand some people don't06:15
xraixedon my terminal where exactly is my external hard drive located or in what directory ??06:15
reisiowhomever edited the manual page for xgamma clearly is in the latter group06:15
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
reisioNqf523: anyways, why do you want to adjust gamma?06:16
kumarat9pmI bought a new HP enve laptop, which have SSD to load OS06:16
dr_willisxraixed:  somewhere in /media/ if its mounted06:16
kumarat9pmwill ubuntu support that machine?06:16
Nqf523reisio: Well, I'm not sure about any of this, but I only want to knock the gamma settings down a few notches, because it is bit too bright.06:16
dr_williskumarat9pm:  whats more imporntant is what chipset the laptop is using for its parts.06:16
xraixedfound it, thanks06:16
reisioNqf523: this isn't a laptop?06:17
Nqf523I already set my monitor's gamma settings to the lowest value, but it's still too bright.06:17
reisioLED backlit? :p06:17
kumarat9pmdr_willis: Its a intel chipset06:17
ghostnik11Dr_willis: okay my computer crashed on me but it seems that from boot since I changed the boot order my computer has been trying to boot the usb hdd06:17
Nqf523reisio: No, the monitor I'm using is LG 22EN42 LED monitor.06:17
reisiointeresting how manufacturers don't really think about how bright is too bright, eh? :p06:17
dr_williskumarat9pm:  intel makes a lot of chipsets for differnt devices..  most work decently well in linux06:17
reisioNqf523: right, that means it is backlit by LEDs (instead of a fluorescent)06:17
reisioand therefore far brighter than raptor gebus ever intended monitors to be06:17
kumarat9pmdr_willis:How about SSD? will Ubuntu supports it?06:18
Nqf523The colors look a little bit washed out, but not too much.06:18
reisioNqf523: what I find works a lot better than merely dimming the screen is inverting the colors entirely with 'xcalib' (xcalib -i -a)06:18
reisiomap it to a shortcut and you're gold06:18
Nqf523reisio: Uh.... I'm not sure about that.06:18
MrHotsauce Hey everyone i was wondering if someone could help me out. Ever since i updated to 13.04 i have problems with my usb headset. Every so often it just stops putting sound through the microphone. I can usually fix this by going into the volume control and disabling and re-enabling it. This didn't happen in 12.10 any ideas on how to fix it? ive asked in #xubuntu without answer06:19
ghostnik11 dr_willis: on phone as my computer tried to fix the usb hard drive and brought me directly to command line, it says when I run mount command that critical error, dev sdb, sector 206:19
dr_williskumarat9pm:  my ssd works fine06:19
reisioNqf523: you will be if you try it :)06:19
reisioit's like massaging your eyes with darkness06:19
kumarat9pmthanks Dr_willis06:19
reisiothe only thing better is computing while wearing sunglasses06:19
dr_willisghostnik11:  your  usb hd is now sdb ? it was sdc earlier06:19
xraixedths is bugging the shit out of me im trying to use the gui file manager in order to move files into my external hard drive but it keeps saying i dont  have read write permission and so i have to do everything through the terminal how do i unblock this06:20
MrHotsaucerun your file manager with root permissions06:21
Nqf523In Ubuntu, I can copy files to my external USB2 HDD at 35MB/s while using the ext4 filesystem, but in Windows the speed was only at 25MB/s. How can that be? Or do they use different ways of interpreting the speed?06:23
Mace268sudo nautilus, but then all files transfered will belong to root06:23
ghostnik11dr_willis: I don't understand why it says critical error and stuff like superblock can not be read06:23
MrHotsauce^that im a slow typer lol06:23
dr_willisghostnik11:  because the hd could be failing.06:24
dr_willisghostnik11:  so now you try to mount /dev/sdb1 and it gives an error?06:24
clintoncHi everyone; is there an easy way to tell what packages were installed originally with the system?06:24
ghostnik11It says unable to read boot sector, unable to read superblock and it tells u the sectors it is happening at on hdd06:25
histoclintonc: I'm sure you could find a default package selection somewhere on the site06:25
clintoncWell, I was hoping for an apt solution06:25
clintoncIn particular, I'm playing with aptitude search a bit06:26
clintoncAnd I'd like to be able to filter out packages installed originally06:26
ghostnik11dr_willis: says it can't find sdb1 but sees sdb06:26
histoclintonc: doesn't the software center have that option?06:27
dr_willisghostnik11:  so  once again.. did you partion the hard drive after you did the 'zeroing'  of it with dd?06:27
ghostnik11dr_willis: no06:27
dr_willisghostnik11:  you must partion then format the partion to the filesystem you want to use.06:27
dr_willisTHEN you mount it06:27
clintonchisto: I wouldn't know -- I never use it.06:28
ghostnik11dr_willis: okay I will try and run gparted from command06:28
clintonchisto: But again, I'm looking for a way to tell from apt.06:28
clintoncFor example, I thought it might have been the task "ubuntu-desktop", but not nearly all of those have been installed.06:28
ghostnik11dr_willis: it says it can't open display since I am in just command06:28
ghostnik11dr_willis: any notes on partition from command line06:29
histoclintonc: there are several meta packages06:29
histoclintonc: http://askubuntu.com/questions/105082/how-do-i-find-if-a-package-is-installed-by-default-for-each-ubuntu-release06:29
wilee-nileeNqf523, Two totally different operating systems and partition types there is no definitive answer, to many variables.06:30
dr_willisghostnik11:  use fdisk, or parted. or cfdisk. i  tend to just use gparted06:30
dr_willisghostnik11:  sudo fdisk /dev/sdb     then   create a new partion of whatever type you want. *you make the partion, then set its type*06:31
ghostnik11dr_willis: gparted won't run because I am in like the command terminal when you press ctrl + f2 and you just get a black screen with your name and # symbol06:31
clintonchisto: Yes, but I have no idea if there is a small number of them that are installed in the beginning06:31
ghostnik11dr_willis: thanks will run that command06:31
histoclintonc: read the manifest file for a list06:32
clintonchisto: What is this manifest you speak of?06:32
histoclintonc: the link I gave you explains06:33
clintoncAh, I missed the link06:33
ghostnik11dr_willis: okay I used write and then it said the partition table has been altered then syncing disks06:34
clintonchisto: Unfortunately, all those links are dead, but I'll keep looking :P06:34
histoclintonc: the manifest list can be obtained from cdimages.ubuntu.com06:35
histosorry ditch the s06:35
dr_willisghostnik11:  and what filesystem type did you use on the partiton?06:35
histoclintonc: http://releases.ubuntu.com/raring/06:36
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ghostnik11dr_willis:  the only option it gave me when I ran the initial command it said device didn't contatin a valid dos partition so it created a dos disklabel06:37
clintonchisto: Thanks!06:37
clintonchisto: Unfortunately, this is not the sort of answer I was hoping for :\06:37
ghostnik11dr_willis: I will try and run fdisk -l now and see if it sees it06:38
dr_willisghostnik11:  so you need to make a partion. and set its 'type'06:38
histoclintonc: it's a list of all the packages06:38
clintonchisto: But that's probably because the sort of answer I was hoping for doesn't exist06:38
histoclintonc: I don't understand how it's not what you want.06:38
clintonchisto: Yeah, but I was hoping for something that could easily be used to filter an aptitude search06:38
histoclintonc: why?06:38
wilee-nileeclintonc, You are doing this backwards you would usu the alternative netload and add what you want.06:39
clintonchisto: Because it'd be pretty cool to be able to type in an aptitude search which produces a list of packages installed since the system was installed06:39
clintonchisto: I have no idea what alternative netload means.06:40
wilee-nileeclintonc, Thats to bad, if you want a light setup it would be the answer, that seemed to be the genral besides understanding aptitude goal.06:40
clintoncwilee-nilee: It's not just a "light" setup; it'd just be nice to have a pared-down list of what has been installed.  I can get pretty good approximations, but it seems that an aptitude search cannot delineate between what was already there and what has been installed since06:42
ghostnik11dr_willis: okay I just finished it as ext306:43
dr_willisghostnik11:  so mount that puppy!06:43
clintoncwilee-nilee: Something like "aptitude search '?installed !?reverse-depends(?installed) !?automatic'" comes close; adding "!?task(ubuntu-desktop)" goes further, but possibly excises stuff which was installed by the user, since not all of that task was installed originally06:44
histoclintonc: I thought you wanted the default installed apps?06:44
clintonchisto: Yes, but only so I can filter them out of searches06:44
histoclintonc: dpkg --get-selections06:44
ghostnik11Okay its mounted now I have to get out of command line, what command is that and get to gui06:44
histoclintonc: that's everything installed then remove the crap from the manifest06:45
ghostnik11dr_willis: its mounted now I have to get out of command line, what command is that? To get back out of the black screen with just my name and # symbol06:46
clintonchisto: blergh :\06:46
clj_newb_2345I'm setting up a minimal disk image with just firefox and xfce4. I do a "debootstrap raring raring", I load up this image; I do an "apt-get install xfce4 firefox" (inside of this image): and I get complaints about dbus/fuse/consolekit/pol saying that they were not configured porperly -- how do I fix this icykit-1/aptdaemon06:47
clintonchisto: That would give me a list, but then I'd have to filter that list through aptitude again to remove the ones which are depended upon...06:47
utfans05ghostnik11, alt+ctrl+F706:49
WizekAnyone using Nuvola Player with Grooveshark with success? (2.1~r736.beta1)06:50
ghostnik11dr_willis: just had to say exit06:51
ghostnik11dr_willis: just got to log in and too see if usb hd will boot I am so happy if this works06:52
ghostnik11dr_willis: nope won't mount06:53
ghostnik11dr_willis: wait okay so I have created /dev/sdb1 on the usb hard drive and it shows up mounted06:54
ghostnik11Will send a screen shot06:55
histoclintonc: what is your ultimate goal here?06:55
clintonchisto: To be able to more effectively filter packages I didn't install myself from aptitude search06:56
ghostnik11dr_willis: http://imagebin.org/26708606:58
ghostnik11dr_willis: the usb to atap is suppose to represent the usb 500gb hd06:59
dr_willisghostnik11:  created /dev/sdb1? You mount to a mount point.    not a /dev/xxx entry06:59
ghostnik11dr_willis: huh?07:00
plustaxcan someone help me out? Im on 13.04 and my screen freezes very often with the exception of the mouse. I got the opportunity to update ubuntu further but I accidentally clicked remind me later. how do I07:00
plustaxget that ubuntu update again?07:00
plustaxperhaps that will fix my issue?07:00
ghostnik11dr_willis: so do all the steps over and use /dev/sdb07:01
dr_willisghostnik11:  use the command line tools to mount and see where  and whats mounted where.  your screen shot  dosent say much07:01
dr_willisghostnik11:  mount /dev/sdb1  (REMBER ITS GOT A 1 for the partition)07:01
dr_willisnot sdb07:01
dr_willismount /dev/sdb1 /media/make-a-directory07:02
ghostnik11dr_willis: mount: mount point /media/make-a-directory does not exist07:03
clintoncHowever, I really don't think there is such a thing.  For example, aptitude search '?installed !?reverse-depends(?installed)' includes account-plugin-aim, and indeed nothing depends upon it.  It is a member of the (large) gnome section, but otherwise nothing.07:03
ghostnik11dr_willis: what does it mean when it says its mounted as loop07:03
clintoncThe only solution that I can figure is to take the manifest, convince aptitude to tag all of the packages as "originally-installed" or somesuch; then I can filter against that.07:04
dr_willisghostnik11:   no idea on the loop..     and yes. logically.. the diurectory you are mounting TO must ecist.. thats why i used the name 'make-a-directory'07:04
clintoncplustax: To update, you can run "Software Updater" from the activities menu07:04
dr_willisghostnik11:  what does mount say as for the info on the device ? where  its mounted to ? with what options07:05
clintoncOr else from a terminal, run "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade"07:05
plustaxclintonc, i did that and i no longer see the distro upgrade there07:05
clintoncOh, *distro* upgrade...07:05
ghostnik11dr_willis: says: mount: according to mtab /dev/sdb1 is already mounted on /mnt as loop07:05
dr_willisghostnik11:  id unmount it - and remount it via the command line  and see what happens.07:06
ghostnik11dr_willis: okay07:06
plustaxclintonc, yes distro. how do I get that popup again?07:06
dr_willisnever seen the phrase 'as loop' befor used for that07:06
clintoncplustax: good question, researching :)07:06
plustaxim on 13.04 but it seemed to be a newer version. I just want this freezing to go away. I have 8 gigs of ram in this it shouldnt be freezing07:06
clintoncplustax: I agree, seems strange07:07
holsteinplustax: you dont upgrade to 13.10 yet07:07
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:08
ghostnik11dr_willis: now my system says i don't have mount via command line how is that possible07:08
ghostnik11dr_willis: no command 'unmount' found, did you mean07:08
clintoncplustax: evidently, there's a "do-release-upgrade" command you can run from the terminal07:08
plustaxwhat could be causing this freezing then holstein and clintonc ?07:08
holsteinplustax: is this something that just recently started happening? or was it "OK" before?07:08
clintoncplustax: No idea :\07:08
holsteinplustax: hardware driver support07:09
plustaxEven now in xchat I go to type to you, itll freeze for 30 seconds then my text will appear07:09
clintoncplustax: How often?07:09
holsteinplustax: bad hardware07:09
holsteinplustax: mis-configuration07:09
dr_willisghostnik11:  its 'umount'     you mioght want to read that mount wiki page to learn the  basics of mounting07:09
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount07:09
plustaxclintonc, constantly07:09
holsteinplustax: what would i do? run a live CD, and see if the machine does it from the live CD..07:09
plustaxi tried that07:10
holsteinplustax: and?07:10
plustaxit doesnt :D07:10
plustaxplus I want to clean wipe07:10
holsteinplustax: so, its something with your installation.. or your hard drive07:10
ghostnik11dr_willis: now it says this: umount: /dev/sdb1 is not mounted (according to mtab)07:10
holsteinplustax: want to wipe what clean?07:10
plustaxcan i do all that through do-release-upgrade?07:10
dr_willisghostnik11:  so try mounting it someplace and see if it works07:10
holsteinplustax: you shouldnt do an upgrade to 13.1007:11
plustaxholstein yes07:11
EldakI'm looking foward to 13.10.  Mainly in regards to the 3.10 Kernel and newer versions of QEMU07:11
plustaxholstein, i wont. i just want to wipe this and start over07:11
plustaxit took me just now 3 minutes to type that and send it to you07:11
plustaxi dont have a live cd07:11
plustaxcan i do it from here?07:12
plustaxlike, in my OS as of now?07:12
ghostnik11dr_willis: i think i just mounted my home on sdb1, i think i just screwed up my system07:12
holsteinplustax: what would i do? install from the live CD where everything is working.. *dont* do upgrades during or after the install just test07:12
holsteinplustax: what live CD did you say you had tested with?07:12
plustaxid make one but my computer would freeze 30 times before i could make a live cd07:12
plustaxit was an old 12,10 version07:12
Gold_hey, how to check current version of Ubuntu?07:12
Gold_Eldak, is it your real nickname?07:12
EldakNah.  Patrick is my real name.07:12
dr_willisghostnik11:  reboot then07:12
reisioGold_: try cat /etc/*release*07:12
plustaxwhich i dont have at the moment07:13
holsteinplustax: then, i would consider using the 12.04 version.. if that better supports your hardware07:13
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »07:13
Gold_thank you07:13
plustaxholstein i have an asus x54c07:13
plustaxwould 12.04 be better?07:13
plustaxi dont want to miss out on the new features07:13
holsteinplustax: "better" is a matter of opinion and use case07:14
holsteinplustax: "better" would arguably be the thing that supports your hardware without freezing07:14
plustaxokay i guess compatibility for my hardware. think thats a good move?07:14
EldakIf new features are what you're after, I would go with the latest 13.04.  However, depending on the hardware you have to look at a balance of features/stability/performance.07:14
holsteinplustax: i suggestd it because, from what you have said, it might be07:14
Gold_Here is my real problem guys. Internet becomes unavailable after a minute or two after restarting the network service. I can't even ping google. Looks like a random thing07:14
Gold_I'm on 13.0407:14
plustaxright eldak im not good with this stuff. i have an asus x54c what do you think?07:14
Gold_any ideas, what I can check?07:15
plustaxi put an additional 4 gigs of ram in it to make 807:15
holsteinplustax: you dont need mroe ram07:15
EldakThat should run 13.04 without any problems, plustax.07:15
snuffthas anyone had problems setting their screen res to 1920 x 1080 in 13.04? the resolution doesn't seem to exist for me07:15
holsteinplustax: ubuntu runs fine.. doesnt freeze.. you are having issues relating to your specific hardwrae07:15
plustaxI dont know what to do then07:16
holsteinplustax: ?07:16
plustaxim a linux ple07:16
Eldak13.04 also has the 3.8 Kernel, which has more support for hardware.07:16
holsteinplustax: have you tried 12.04?07:16
plustaxi havent07:16
EldakBut if 13.04 is giving you problems, try 12.0407:16
plustaxjust live cd07:16
holsteinplustax: you said, 12.10, live CD07:16
plustaxseemed to work fine but so did 13.04 on a live cd07:16
plustaxohhhh okay07:16
holsteinplustax: 12.04 is an LTS..07:16
plustaxis 12.04 LTS?07:16
plustaxah okay07:16
plustaxmaybe ill slap that on there then07:16
holsteinplustax: have you tried booting an older kernel?07:17
plustaxholstein, i never have07:17
Gold_hey guys07:17
holsteinplustax: the question is this.. assuming (and there is no reason to assume this since you can test) the hardwrae is fine.. whats the difference in the live CD 13.04 and the installed 13.04?07:17
Gold_how do you check that network is configured properly?07:17
holsteinplustax: the kernel could be upgrade and causing an issue with your hardware setup07:18
holsteinGold_: i usually just use the device.. ping and other tools07:18
reisioGold_: http://zombo.com/07:18
wilee-nileeGold_, If no one helps here check ##networking07:18
wilee-nileedoh missed the help07:18
Gold_I'm pinging google and after a minute or so it is become unavailable07:19
Gold_thank you, wilee-nilee07:20
clintoncwilee-nilee, histo: Here's what I've come up with. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5969039/07:22
clintoncThen aptitude can search based on those tags, which is what I was hoping for07:22
histoclintonc: what is the ultimate end goal here?07:23
histoclintonc: you have an XY problem07:23
clintonchisto: a what?07:23
clintonchisto: My end goal is for an aptitude search to be able to tell what packages were installed originally.07:24
clintonchisto: So I can use that information in aptitude searches.07:24
histoclintonc: For what?07:24
histoclintonc: http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=54234107:24
netlarSo if conical does not reach the 32 mil goal for the edge, means the device is not going to be sold?07:25
holsteinnetlar: i would try the #ubuntu-offtopic channl07:26
clintonchisto: My question is exactly as general as I phrased it.  If I had a more specific question, I would have asked it.07:26
clintonchisto: My question was exactly about aptitude searches.  Don't try to convince me otherwise.07:27
histoclintonc: Okay what the hell is the point of using the installed packages in aptitude searches?07:27
clintonchisto: So that, for example, you can search for programs which were originally installed satisfying whatever query, or for packages that were not originally installed that satisfy that same query07:28
histoclintonc: Why would anyone want to do that?07:28
=== asus is now known as Guest85390
clintonchisto: Well, for example, so that someone could search your dpkg to see if you were a jerk at installation, or if someone installed the jerk package somewhere along the way.  You were very helpful in pointing out the manifest, but please stop trying to solve a problem I don't have.07:30
histoclintonc: I'm still trying to help you. I'm not being a jerk. Good luck on your journey07:30
histoclintonc: Because i'm sure there is a way to do what ever the hell you want to do. But I don't understand the problem completely to point you to the solution. That's why i'm asking questions.07:31
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=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
ghostnik11dr_willis: i found where the usb is07:40
dr_willison your desk? ;)07:41
ghostnik11dr_willis: lol, no. V07:42
ghostnik11dr_willis: lol, no. /mnt/wwn-05x50014ee2ad3abbd507:42
dr_willisghostnik11:  the 'mount' command would show its mountpoint.07:43
ghostnik11dr_willis: well doctor, it can't read its superblock and when i run mount command the color on hdd changes showing like its trying to be access07:44
dr_williscolor on hdd? onnce again i got no idea what you mean.07:44
ghostnik11dr_willis: power indicator light goes from green to orange07:45
dr_willisyou can mount it whever  you want, with the right mount command, or fstab ntry07:45
ghostnik11dr_willis: last_lba(): I don't know how to handle files with mode 4075507:46
ghostnik11dr_willis: happened when i ran this command: sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb /mnt/wwn-0x50014ee2ad3abbd507:46
dr_willisthat command makes no sence what so ever.07:47
dr_willis'fdisk -l'   lists partitions07:47
dr_williswhat are you thinking that command should do?07:47
ghostnik11dr_willis: following this guys method: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=189872107:48
dr_willis'sudo fdisk -l' /dev/sdb '   would show the partions on  sdb    the    /mnt/ stuff is  incorrect i imagine07:49
=== superman is now known as Guest83939
dr_willisif its mounted on /mnt/wwn-whatever     then cd to that directory and see if you can 'sudo mkdir test-directory' and make a directory07:51
ghostnik11dr_willis: okay07:51
ghostnik11dr_willis: just got this after i followed same steps mount: you must specify the filesystem type07:52
dr_willisi ask/say to do somthing.. and then you seem to do somting  totally differnt...07:53
dr_willis#1  -  the 'mount' command shows the device mount3d at  /mnt/wwn-somthing   Correct?07:53
ghostnik11dr_willis: yes doctor07:54
dr_willisso its mounted...         now you 'cd /mnt/wwn-whatever''    and then 'sudo mkdir test-directory'   then 'ls'   and you see the test-directory?07:54
ghostnik11dr_willis: you know doctor, it worked what you told me07:56
dr_willisso its working.. congratulations07:56
ghostnik11dr_willis: i should have just followed your steps from the beginning07:57
ghostnik11dr_willis: yeah but i still can't mount it via nautilus and copy and paste files to it07:57
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
ghostnik11dr_willis: when i run ls it shows the created test-directory07:58
TeamRocket1233cOne of my dA buds is saying there's a Wubi for 13.04, but I doubt there is.07:58
ghostnik11dr_willis: so can i try gparted on it now07:58
dr_willisghostnik11:  err.. WHY are you thinking you need to ' try gparted?07:58
dr_willisghostnik11:  you seem to want to just try things at random. instead of learning how things are working07:59
dr_willisit IS working.. you wrote to it..  your user cant write to it  - because the user does not have permissions to write to it.07:59
ghostnik11dr_willis: okay07:59
dr_willisif you want  the user to have access to it - then you use the normal chmod/chown  linux permissions methods to give them access08:00
ghostnik11dr_willis: okay08:00
dr_willischown that test-directory to be owned by your user, then they will have permissions for that directory08:00
dr_willisTeamRocket1233c:  as far as i know wubi is dead in 13.0408:00
ubottuWubi allows you to install or uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from within Windows ( version 7 or earlier ) in a simple and safe way. Wubi is INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI, Windows 8 Certified computers, and Windows RAID arrays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for more information. File wubi bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug08:00
TeamRocket1233cJust making.08:02
TeamRocket1233cJust making sure.08:02
dr_willishopefully wubi will go the way of that old 'envy' script that everyone was always asking about years ago...  ;)  ie:  dead as the dodo birds08:03
dr_willisand die off soon.08:03
=== maksim is now known as maks232
ghostnik11dr_willis: sudo chown X /var/www -R; with X = my username and R= test-directory08:04
TeamRocket1233cSo basically, that guy has to install from a disc or flash drive.08:05
ghostnik11dr_willis: don't want to mess it up like before since you told me to learn first before trying to fly08:05
ghostnik11dr_willis: should have been sudo chown x R, with R being test directory and x my username but anyhow i did the command and it went through08:07
ghostnik11dr_willis: i can access it the usb hard drive now when i go to /mnt/wwn....08:08
dr_willisghostnik11:  why are you messing with /var/www?08:09
dr_willissudo chown username:username directoryname08:09
ghostnik11dr_willis: i didn't run that /var/www command08:10
ghostnik11dr_willis: i did this:  sudo chown ghostnik test-directory08:10
dr_willisif you want the whole drive owned by the user    sudo  chown username:username /mnt/whatever-that-was      (for future referance)08:10
dr_willisso your user should be able to write in test-diretory08:11
dr_willisso as your user  'cd /mnt/wnn-whateber/test-directory' then se eif they can 'touch testfile'08:11
dr_willisif you change the  filesystems label - it will use that label as the mountpoiint instead of that annoying wnn-####08:12
dr_willisnext time it auto mounts08:12
dr_willisor you can just mount it whevver you want08:12
ghostnik11yeah it can touch the test-directory folder from terminal when i ran the command and changed directory08:13
ghostnik11i want to change the filesystem label08:13
dr_willistune2fs command or gparted can change the label08:14
ghostnik11gparted doesn't load it up only shows sda108:16
ghostnik11or sda08:16
ghostnik11will try tune2fs08:16
dr_willisyou are using the button thing at the top right in gparted to select the right drive?08:16
dr_willisthats weird08:17
dr_willisgksudo gparted /dev/sdb   should also work08:17
ghostnik11gparted says no device detected when i ran that command08:18
ghostnik11dr_willis: do you think its because of what i did in disk program08:18
dr_willisweird..  does 'sudo blkid' show the device now?08:19
ghostnik11just shows my sda1 linux and sda5 swap08:20
dr_willisbut the mount command shows /dev/sdb1 mounted?08:21
ghostnik11no just now ran that command and got: mount: can't find /dev/sdb1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab08:22
dr_williswhat was the exact command you used?08:22
ghostnik11sudo mount /dev/sdb108:22
dr_willisand i asked what does the 'mount' command said about the device...08:23
dr_willisnot  your sudo mount xxxxxxxx    command. (which is wrong by the way)08:23
ghostnik11dr_willis: nope didn't put the ww... one in the one you told me08:24
dr_willisso the drive is not mounted..08:24
dr_willissudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/MAKE_A_DIRECTORY  -t auto                                            should mount it.08:25
dr_willisunless somtng else has gone wrong.08:25
ghostnik11dr_willis: mount: mount point /media/MAKE_A_DIRECTORY does not exist08:26
dr_willisnow.. THINK.. and reread that...08:26
dr_williswe covered this earlier.. the mount point directory MUST EXIST. :) so make it08:26
ghostnik11dr_willis: why did you tell me to use media when last time we used /mnt08:28
dr_willisubuntu uses /media/ I never told you to use  /mnt/08:28
dr_willisi have no idea how/what/why it was going to /mnt/XXXXX last time08:29
dr_willisthat was your doing08:29
ghostnik11dr_willis: oh, becasue the /mnt/xxxx is where the test directory was created08:29
dr_willisthe location of the mountpoint dosent really matter. as long as its where you want it to be08:29
ghostnik11dr_willis: no bueno08:29
zeus1que estas tratando de montar ghostnik11?08:31
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
ghostnik11dr_willis: it is 4:30am i have work at 9am, will try another day, have to rest to get up for work08:33
=== RichiH is now known as RichiH_DebConf13
ghostnik11zeus1: Yo monto usb hdd, no yo tranto de montar y fracaso08:34
=== RichiH_DebConf13 is now known as RichiH_DebConf
=== RichiH_DebConf is now known as RichiH_DebConf13
=== h is now known as Guest30637
ghostnik11dr_willis: later bro, will come back and try and learn a lot more, zeus1: hasta luego hermano08:35
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
dr_willisi am at work. :) at 4:30 am.08:36
dr_willis3rd shift.08:36
AricaneHi. When I open Guake using 13.04, then close it - it won't reopen before I click on another window. Does anyone have a cure for that?08:37
zeus1use /nick08:46
ntzrmtthihu777Heyo, what would be the best (yeah, I know best is relative) chmod code for a secure $HOME?08:49
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
dr_willisntzrmtthihu777:  make it only accessable to your user. if yoou want to be truely paranoid  use an encrypted home08:50
ntzrmtthihu777dr_willis: nah, I see too many folk in this channel locked out of their encrypted home.08:52
ntzrmtthihu777dr_willis: so would that be 700, then?08:52
lkeijserhi, can I have multiple 'up' lines in network/interfaces?08:52
dr_willisi think so.  how many other users are on your system ntzrmtthihu777 ?08:52
lkeijseror do I have to append each command after eachother?08:53
ntzrmtthihu777dr_willis: me, but I'm about to move back into my family's place so I'll likely end up having to share XD08:53
dr_willisyou really think they are going to be exploreing your /home/userplace  ? ;)08:54
ktosiekHi! I just got a trackball, and I'm playing with xinput settings - can I use wheel emulation on 3rd key, and still have middle button emulation?08:54
lkeijserfamily will go _everywhere_ :P08:54
ntzrmtthihu777dr_willis: I dunno, but quite frankly I've got some very delicate settings in my $HOME I'd rather not botch XD08:55
lkeijsers/delicate settings/porn/g     there, corrected it for you :P08:55
ktosiekespecially if there are children08:55
ntzrmtthihu777lkeijser: nah, I could give a shit less about them seeing my porn. I've got things setup just like I want, lol, and I'd really like to keep it that way.08:56
ntzrmtthihu777dr_willis: but do any root owned programs need to access my $HOME?08:57
ktosiekthe only candidate I can think of is login manager trying to save ~/.Xauthority08:58
dr_willisntzrmtthihu777:  some fancy features like lightdm's wallpaper  changeing thing do.. but its nothing critical08:59
dr_willisit shouldent affect .Xauthority i imagine09:00
ntzrmtthihu777dr_willis: meh, I use the lightdm-gtk-theme from xubuntu :309:00
dr_willisi use GDM. ;)   lightdm is just... annoying09:00
dr_willisif your settings are imoorntant.. back them up to your Ubuntu One account. ;)09:01
ntzrmtthihu777dr_willis: U1 annoys me. I'm a dropbox guy XD09:01
dr_willisi use them ALL09:02
dr_willisbut i rarely acrtually need them ;)09:02
dr_williscomic books or ebooks or other things i may want to get to from my phone is about alli do with them09:02
ntzrmtthihu777heh. I use dropbox to host my minecraft mods :309:04
ktosiekntzrmtthihu777: MC mods? Is there some SDK?09:05
ntzrmtthihu777ktosiek: yep. its called forge :309:05
dr_willisnever really played it.. i got  to much other stuff to waste my time on09:05
ntzrmtthihu777and by mods I mean the finished product, not the source code. I keep the source on github :309:06
ktosiekoh, I tough the official SDK I've been hearing about since forever is there already09:06
ntzrmtthihu777ktosiek: trust me, forge is everything a modder could ever want in a SDK :P09:07
dr_willisi got that minecraft for android. ;) it was on sale one day...     guess thats not the true minecraft.. but i just dident care for it, heh.09:07
ntzrmtthihu777dr_willis: the full-on version is another beast entirely09:08
dr_willisI did play Terreria on steam for a long time.. wonder if its got a linux port.09:08
rhumbothi all, is there a way to deactivate the backlight sensor of my asus laptop?09:09
jubeiguys I have a 12.04 version stuck in my machine and sometimes it gets booted to acidentally. I want to completely remove it and stick with 13.0409:09
reisiorhumbot: sensor?09:09
jubeianybody  know how?09:10
ntzrmtthihu777jubei: remove its partition?09:10
jubeintzrmtthihu777, but that won't remove the grub entry09:10
dr_willisjubei:  delete the partions its on.09:10
ntzrmtthihu777jubei: then run update-grub after you do that.09:10
jubeiok let me try that thanks!09:11
rhumbotreisio, the sensor which is responsible for changing the display brightness according to the room brightness09:11
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sabgentonis there a way to count in ddrescue?09:13
sabgentonlike count=2  bs=512 in dd09:13
=== fego_ is now known as fego
dr_willischecked the ddrescue example page sabgenton ? i think it can do that..09:13
dr_willisi recall examples of it doing only part of a hard drive09:14
streulmahello, TweetDeck for Ubuntu is not dead :) it runs in Wine!09:14
dr_willisstreulma:  tweets - so 201209:14
jubeintzrmtthihu777, dr_willis  thanks it worked :)09:15
streulmaI can watch TV with Silverlight in XP, but XP with Silverlight in Virtualbox is slow. What can I do to run faster?09:17
jsjc1How can I change the values for  vm.overcommit_ratio and vm.overcommit_memory without rebooting?09:19
jsjc1I dont want oomkiller to run!09:19
jsjc1I know it is not safe but… i want it taht way09:20
jsjc1it is killing things I dont want09:20
dr_willis!netflix | streulma09:22
ubottustreulma: If you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop09:22
dr_willisthat netflix thing is a tweaked firefox and silverlight that can do netflix and other online video things09:22
iKillCypheris there a ubuntu touch channel ?09:25
ntzrmtthihu777iKillCypher: #ubuntu-touch ;)09:25
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch09:25
sabgentondr_willis: http://www.manpagez.com/info/ddrescue/ddrescue-1.14/ddrescue_6.php#Examples    doesn't show much09:27
streulmaI cant change brightness on Ubuntu09:28
ktosiekwhat can be changing my button map in xinput?09:30
ktosiekxinput set-button-map 13 '3 2 1 4 5 6 7 9 8'; xinput get-button-map 13 => 3 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 909:30
dr_willissabgenton: try the ddrescue homepage?09:32
sabgentondr_willis: sorry that was a mirror of https://www.gnu.org/software/ddrescue/manual/ddrescue_manual.html#Examples09:35
stefano__good morning, am having some problems using an internet key huawei. It's recognized only on a port usb but not on the other one. The choice "Enable Mobile broadband" is displayed only connecting the internet key but not on the other. Could you help me please?09:51
LLckfanI am trying to reconnect a blu-ray player to my router wirelessly and keep get dhcp cannot be acquired whe auto connect but manualconnected it connects without problems. Is there a way to fix this?09:57
Lee87hi all,10:00
=== Guest76746 is now known as matthewvz
lilleecan iwlwifi be installed on kernel 2.6.35?10:07
ARW0does anyone knows why copy progress bar is crazy on ubuntu ?10:09
LLckfanwow some people10:11
ARW0no one can explain me ?10:12
iKillCypheranyone here know how to port ubuntu touch to our devices ?10:17
ffiowhen i am doing sudo service isc-dhcp-server stop it's says unknown instance.10:20
ffiobut when doing start it starts -> isc-dhcp-server start/running process 751210:21
histo!touch | iKillCypher10:34
ubottuiKillCypher: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch10:34
histoffio: because it's not running when you issue the stop10:35
histoffio: try sudo service isc-dhcp-server status10:35
aleksey_http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308013/ru     ----  linux    and just wait for help and do not seek help as you want only the very prompt ... bad guys are working10:38
aleksey_this is10:39
ikoniaaleksey_: this channel is for ubuntu support discussion only, please try to keep it to that10:40
aleksey_policy windows to help the user by any method                Linux policy to help the manufacturer by any method since they themselves can no10:40
ikoniaaleksey_: this channel is for ubuntu support discussion only, please try to keep it to that10:40
aleksey_I just wrote a method using on windows and linux10:41
histoaleksey_: What are you babbling about?10:41
ikoniaaleksey_: this channel is for UBUNTU, SUPPORT discussion only, not random Microsoft V Linux discussion10:41
aleksey_little help people10:41
histo!ask | aleksey_10:41
ubottualeksey_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:41
ikoniaaleksey_: please keep it to UBUNTU SUPPORT discussion eg, ask a question you need help with10:41
OrpheonHello, I am trying to run an app which gives the error "Can't open /dev/dsp, errno 2". Apparently this is because it expects OSS and ubuntu doesn't use OSS, but the app features an option to specify the sound device sink other than /dev/dsp. What should I pass it?10:41
ikoniaOrpheon: alsas dead in terms of ubuntu, so I'd be surprised if apps in the ubuntu repos expect it10:42
aleksey_I just put you in a place you've forgotten what the scope of the developer and the User have many people can not describe the problem10:42
Orpheonikonia, this isn't from the repo10:42
ikoniaaleksey_: do you understand linux ?10:42
ikoniaaleksey_: do you understand English ?10:43
histo!ru | aleksey_10:43
ubottualeksey_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:43
aleksey_sktop 3.8.0-28-generic #41-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 26 16:26:01 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux10:43
ikoniaaleksey_: do you understand english ?10:43
histoikonia: no this is google translate at it's best10:43
ikoniaaleksey_: ok, what is the problem you want fixing ?10:43
aleksey_rus pigs fack all russ10:43
aleksey_i am rus xd10:44
ikoniaaleksey_: ok, what is the problem you want fixing ?10:44
histoor bath salts10:44
aleksey_artifacts in the video10:44
histo!nomodeset | aleksey_10:44
ubottualeksey_: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:44
ikoniaaleksey_: what video card ?10:44
aleksey_nvidia 650 ti10:45
ikoniaaleksey_: ok, many users have had problems with that card, although it is supported10:45
ikoniaaleksey_: have you used the nvidia drivers from the additional drivers tool ?10:46
aleksey_driver 313 nvidia10:46
aleksey_all version10:46
ikoniaaleksey_: "sudo dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia" into pastebin.ubuntu.com please10:46
lilleehow can i backport iwlwifi for 2.6.35 ?10:47
ikonialillee: request it backported from the maintainers on launchpad.net10:47
lilleeapparently it works already.10:48
ikonialillee: so it should be easy for them to backport10:48
ikoniaaleksey_: that looks good10:48
ikoniaaleksey_: do you have /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?10:48
ikoniaaleksey_: is there a line that says "Driver "Nvidia" "10:49
ikoniaaleksey_: that also looks good10:49
ikoniaaleksey_: is the card running at the correct resolution on your monitor ?10:51
aleksey_Is this normal?      300 frames in 5.0 seconds = 59.941 FPS10:51
BluesKajHowdy folks10:52
ikoniaaleksey_: I don't have a benchmark for frame rates for specific nvidia cards10:52
lilleeok thanks ikonia. in the meantime would iwlagn help at all?10:54
ikonialillee: what do you mean would it help ?10:55
ikoniaaleksey_: I'm looking for reference problem on our bug tracking system10:55
lilleei'm trying to get my wifi adapter to be detected10:55
z0rani have alix 2d2, and in my /dev i cannot see my cfcard....any idea why, please10:56
ikonialillee: what card is it ?10:56
ikonialillee: what does 8086:08ae mean ?10:56
zykotick9ikonia: that's a pciid10:56
ikoniawhat good is that to me /10:57
lilleesorry Intel Centrino Wireless-N 10010:57
ikonialillee: ok, so that should work find with no additional software10:57
ikonialillee: why are you trying to use other software to get it working ?10:57
=== sebo is now known as Sebo
lilleethere's no wlan so i assume it isn't detected10:58
melodieI have tried an upgrade from precise to raring and it seemed to me that raring has come with new problems which don't exist in Precise : Virtualbox not available, had to install it through a ppa, gnome-language selector removed, and other things10:58
ikonialillee: you need to check these things and confirm it before trying to do things,10:58
Dr_Willis!info vbox10:59
ubottuPackage vbox does not exist in raring10:59
Dr_Willis!info virtualbox10:59
wilee-nileemelodie, Can you detail what precise upgrade to raring means?10:59
ubottuvirtualbox (source: virtualbox): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.2.10-dfsg-0ubuntu2.1 (raring), package size 13823 kB, installed size 50079 kB10:59
melodiehi ubottu : yes, how come ?10:59
Dr_Willisvirtualbox is in the repos.10:59
lilleei've checked the internet. iwlwifi supports my adapter10:59
ikonialillee: please pastebin the output of "sudo ifconfig -a" and "sudo iwconfig" into pastebin.ubuntu.com11:00
melodiewilee-nilee it means I upgraded from 12.04 to 13.0411:00
ChikiMan I can't wait to reinstall Ubuntu today.11:00
wilee-nileemelodie, through 12.10 or a fresh install?11:00
melodieDr_Willis strangely the package from the repos had not binary11:01
melodiewilee-nilee it's not the point11:01
melodiethe distro is supposed to be working, but it seems to me raring is not as reliable as precise is11:01
wilee-nileemelodie, well yes it is as far as actually helping you and understanding what you saying, anyway best of luck.11:02
melodiewilee-nilee I'm going to wait for Saucy and see how it comes11:02
Dr_Willismelodie:  im using the one from the default repos now.11:03
melodieDr_Willis Raring or Saucy ?11:04
lilleeikonia - http://pastebin.com/DB8PVjxk11:04
ikonialillee: interesting, I'm assuming eth0 is the wired connection ?11:04
lilleeyea, and there's no wireless extensions for either eth0 or lo11:05
ikonialillee: which is correct11:05
ikonialillee: can you look thorugh the sys log for references to your wireless adaptor (you may find it easier to delete the syslog and reboot to get a clean one)11:06
melodieDr_Willis ok thanks11:07
lilleesure, rebooting11:08
lkeijsersmall question: can I have multiple 'up' lines in network/interfaces?11:08
lilleeikonia, how will it reference it. pciid ?11:08
histolkeijser: you shouldn't have any up lines11:08
lkeijserhisto: thanks. That wasn't my question11:08
ikonialillee: it should reference it in english11:08
histolkeijser: you just asked if you could have multiple 'up' lines.11:09
histolkeijser: the answer is No you shouldn't have any 'up' lines in interfaces file11:09
LLckfanIs there a way to relieve the paiin of a ear ache11:12
lilleeikonia, no results found for "wireless"11:12
ikoniaLLckfan: nothing to do with this channel11:12
ikonialillee: that's interesting, does it reference anything about firmware or wlan0 or anything like that11:12
=== rider is now known as Guest88256
lilleeyes, for firmware.11:14
lilleei'll pastebin for you11:14
ChikiWeird. In a C++ program I made, if I type "Fish" when I should type a number, it runs fish as a command rather than giving me an error.11:15
ChikiBut only for fish. I tried ls, didn't do anything.11:15
ikoniaChiki: that isn't really anything to do with ubuntu11:15
ChikiI know. I was just pointing something out that I noticed. I'm on irssi, and I haven't used it in about 3 years. I just noticed I'm not in offtopic right now.11:16
ikoniaChiki: we don't need it pointing out,11:16
lilleeikonia, http://pastebin.com/SzwmY9Jn11:16
histoChiki: /join #ubuntu-offtopic11:17
ikonialillee: yeah, that's not your wireless card, that is most odd11:17
ikonialillee: what version of ubuntu are you running ?11:17
lilleeJoliOS (ubuntu based).11:18
ikonialillee: ok - so it's not ubuntu, so it's out of scope for this channel.11:18
Dr_WillisJolios has a forum and i belive an irc channel here on freenode.11:18
lilleeoh sorry, thanks for your time anyhow11:19
ikonialillee: good luck11:19
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Dr_WillisHoly Core Dumping Compiz Batman.. this is annoying. ;)11:25
Dr_Willismakes me wonder whatever happened to that 'fail safe-x' that we had years back.. really annoying when i have to figure out how to recovery from compiz seg faulting  all of a sudden.11:26
wilee-nileeclick your heels and realize it's not kansas anymore. ;)11:27
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natsukaoi am using lftp11:40
natsukaoi got files in local, i need to upload them, how to ?11:40
Dr_Willis!info lftp11:41
ubottulftp (source: lftp): Sophisticated command-line FTP/HTTP client programs. In component main, is optional. Version 4.3.8-1.1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 452 kB, installed size 1076 kB11:41
Dr_Willisi seem to recall ftp having some sort of 'put' command? (been years/decades since i last used ftp cli)11:41
Dr_WillisIll refrain from posting that 'ftp must die' url ;)11:42
andygraybealhow to i make chrome the global default browser?  and how do i remove the "firefox" icon from the Unity Launcher and replace it with the Chrome icon globally (for all users) ?11:42
ubottuThe alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD11:46
Dr_WillisHmm not that factoid..11:46
Dr_Willistheres the 'alternatives' system that can define what default apps are for what things11:47
andygraybealDr_Willis, okay thank you11:50
andygraybealDr_Willis, is this global?11:50
andygraybealDr_Willis, i've never used alternatives11:50
Dr_Willisit would be global11:51
Dr_Willisbut users can override them11:51
Dr_Willis!info galternatives11:51
ubottugalternatives (source: galternatives): graphical setup tool for the alternatives system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.5+nmu2ubuntu1 (raring), package size 29 kB, installed size 292 kB11:51
andygraybealokay awesome thank you11:52
MonkeyDustandygraybeal  system settings > Details11:52
Dr_Willisaskubuntu.com may know of a better way to do it for just the browser also.11:52
BluesKajapt-get alternatives ?11:53
andygraybealcool.  now that chrome is default; how do i remove and replace the firefox icon on the launcher, globally?11:54
BluesKajapt-get update alternatives ?11:54
andygraybealer remove and replace the firefox icon with the chrome icon11:54
Aaruninot sure if I can ask questions related to wget here... can I ?11:54
columbIs there any widget for unity to display RSS with option to set transparent background?11:57
MonkeyDustandygraybeal  right click on the icon > unlock from launcher11:58
andygraybealMonkeyDust, does that change it globally for all users?11:59
MonkeyDustandygraybeal  not sure, i have only one11:59
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digitallysickHi, i need some help12:09
digitallysickubuntuforums.org   i had an account before the website hack or whatever12:09
digitallysickit says to create a new account, using my exiting email12:10
digitallysicki try that, but it says "this email cannot be used"12:10
digitallysickanyone know how to fix it?12:10
DJonesdigitallysick: It might be worth asking in #ubuntuforums they're probably best placed to be able to help you with that12:10
digitallysickahh sorry didnt know it was a special channel, thanks12:11
DJonesdiffycat: No worries, its a social channel, but its probably the place where the forum admins hang out12:11
DJonesdiffycat: Sorry, wrong nick12:12
somanI need to debug my app without gtk theme. How can I disable gtk theme?12:13
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JacksonIsaacI am getting an error can anyone please help me:12:21
JacksonIsaacThe config script /usr/bin/libgcrypt-config was built for x86_64-pc-linux-gnu and thus may not match the used host x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.12:21
JacksonIsaacYou may want to use the configure option --with-libgcrypt-prefix to specify a matching config script.12:21
ikoniaJacksonIsaac: what are you trying to build ?12:24
JacksonIsaacgnome-music using jhbuild12:24
ikoniaisn't there a package for gnome-music ?12:24
JacksonIsaacthe package is totem-pl-parser12:25
ikoniais that the same thing ?12:25
JacksonIsaachere's the log http://paste.ubuntu.com/5969703/12:25
JacksonIsaacfor g-m I need these packages which are too old in my os12:26
JacksonIsaacso using jhbuild12:26
samba35how do i create bootable usb drive with startup disk creator ,when i select any other image then ubunut it unable to  add that iso image to program12:26
ikoniaJacksonIsaac: I thought there was a PPA for gnome-music, which included the dependencies12:26
JacksonIsaacno, it is still under development12:27
samba35but ubunut image are getting proper listing for usb drive creation12:27
JacksonIsaacI think they are planning to implement the ppa12:27
ikoniaJacksonIsaac: there is a build in here https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/staging12:28
ikoniaJacksonIsaac: ignore that, it's for 13.1012:28
=== rajesh is now known as Guest21552
JacksonIsaacI am running 12.04 that's why :)12:28
ikoniaJacksonIsaac: the gnome base for that is way too old for the music player12:29
ikoniaJacksonIsaac: I'm just reading about it now12:29
JacksonIsaacikonia: well distclean made it work btw :)12:31
JacksonIsaacsorry for the trouble :)12:31
ikoniaJacksonIsaac: really, I'm surpriseding as reading your log it looks like your env is a bit screwed12:31
ikoniaJacksonIsaac: no trouble at all, you fixed it yourself12:31
JacksonIsaacmaybe because I had copied the checkout from the debian os12:32
JacksonIsaac^ I mean to say the source pakcages :)12:33
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ffiohisto: when i am doing, sudo service isc-dhcp-server status it gives -> isc-dhcp-server stop/waiting12:39
ffioafter starting it, and then entering the stop command it says stop: unknown instance12:40
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ffioifanyone knows why is this happening they can guide me12:49
=== nate-away is now known as nate-
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit12:51
MonkeyDustffio  if you don't get an answer here, try asking in #ubuntu-server12:51
ffioMonkeyDust: ok :)12:52
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=== aaass is now known as aaas
ffiodoes it make any difference if i start any service as a root ?12:56
damianosRunning ubuntu 12.10 in a Gnome Classic session here. For the viewport switching, how do I set it the arrangement of the viewports? I want it to be in one horizontal line instead of a 2x2 grid. I've looked in the compiz settings under viewport switching but I'm not seeing it. Can somebody help me out please?13:01
Generator_new kernel wont start after upgrading please help13:01
MonkeyDustGenerator_  what kernel in what ubuntu version?13:02
ryanzimi need to use scp to transfer all files and sub directories in a directory, though i don't want to overwrite files, it's because my connection keeps breaking partway through the transfer13:02
Generator_MonkeyDust: I am not very much ubuntu user I have to google for commands please keep patience13:03
ubuthetechgurumy xubuntu 12.04.2 sometimes will just not boot up all the way. i have an nvidia 8400GS so I use nomodeset and removed quiet and splash. the last thing I see on the boot messages is "can not set freq 48000 to ep 0X86". that's on tty1, on tty7 the last message I see is "Starting NFSv4 id <-> device mapper". Any suggestions?13:03
ryanzimcan you tell me how to do that?13:03
Generator_Linux ubuntu 3.5.0-23-generic #35~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 25 17:13:26 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux @MonkeyDust13:04
ryanzimso i need to recursively upload files using scp without overwriting files already there13:04
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kr15t14nsis there someone?13:06
kr15t14nsto help me?13:06
jribryanzim: consider rsync?13:06
ubuthetechgurujust ask your question13:06
MonkeyDustGenerator_  precise uses 3.2 and is your hardware 64bit ?13:06
DJoneskr15t14ns: We don't know, you haven't asked a support question yet13:06
SuRfDaEmOn!ask | kr15t14ns13:06
ubottukr15t14ns: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:06
ryanzimjrib that's the only thing i guess scp doesn't have an option like that, thanks13:06
kr15t14nsi need a help with my battery, becouse when it's fully charget it's only about 2 hours, and before (on windows) I had about 5 hours. my laptop is sony vaio s15, and ubuntu is version 12.0413:07
kr15t14nssorry for my english :)13:07
lychapcCześć  , dzisiaj zaczynam przygodę z Xubuntu, takie pytanie na sam początek, jakaś strona z komendami ? Proszę podajcie, oraz w jaki sposób mogę zainstalować grę w formacie ISO13:07
Generator_MonkeyDust: dont knw my hard ware is 64bit or not as it is very old.13:07
ubuthetechgurui believe my boot hang problem is related to NFS mounts in my fstab.13:08
kr15t14nssorry, i forgot, ubuntu is clean installed13:08
BluesKaj!cz | lychapc13:08
ubottulychapc: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.13:08
ubuthetechgurusome are saying adding "noauto" to the nfs mounts in fstab removes the boot hanging issue. guess I have to fire up a live usb stick. :(13:08
BluesKaj!pl | lychapc13:09
ubottulychapc: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:09
chudubuthetechguru, i would use autofs, with /net and a bookmark13:09
chudnfs in fstab not a good idea13:09
ubuthetechguruchud, never heard nfs in fstab was a bad idea13:10
MonkeyDustGenerator_  what's the output of      sudo dmidecode -t processor|grep 64 ?13:10
ubuthetechguruchud, do you have any links to back up that statement?13:10
andygeein 12.04, how do i display the logged on user in the top control panel?  in 10.04 it showed which user was logged in.13:11
chudubu, nope just experience13:11
akshaypai94hello which version of ubuntu supports external graphics card.. coz i installd 13.04 and its not detecting my nvidia13:11
BluesKajexternal graphics card13:12
Generator_MonkeyDust: unable to open file readonly13:12
chudubu, over the years ive had trouble with cifs/nfs in fstab always causing problems at some time or another13:12
MonkeyDustGenerator_  paste that line in a terminal, with        sudo dmidecode -t processor|grep 6413:13
chudubu basically causing hangs13:13
Generator_MonkeyDust: yes i just did that , I am using ssh connection to ubuntu box.13:13
Generator_does that effect?13:13
BluesKajakshaypai94, which nvidia card ? sudo lshw -C video13:14
ubuthetechguruchud, i've been using ubuntu since 5.10 and this is the first time I've experienced an issue with an NFS mount13:14
MonkeyDustGenerator_  idd, that complicates things13:14
Generator_MonkeyDust: :d13:15
chudubu, yeah 99% of the time its fine, but I have always had sporadic issues with it causing hangs from either the server going down/up or being down when I boot or other connectivity problems causing hangs13:15
Johnny_LinuxBluesKaj, in 12.04, is it still setting the UTC to no, in /etc/default/rcS  to make ubuntu not set the bios clock on boot ?13:16
Generator_MonkeyDust: what is the fpaste command replace for ubuntu? pastebin like... so that I can show u something13:17
MonkeyDustGenerator_  pastebibn13:17
MonkeyDustGenerator_  pastebinit13:17
BluesKajJohnny_Linux, I don't know , I haven't used 12.04 in long time13:17
Johnny_Linuxi was wondering if that was the standard13:18
Johnny_Linuxthanks tho13:18
ubuthetechguruchud, actually I wonder if it's related to NFS versus NFSv413:18
ubuthetechguruhow can I find out what my server is running?13:18
ubuthetechguruchud, how can I tell what my xubuntu 12.04 server is exporting as far as the NFS version?13:19
Generator_MonkeyDust: i think there is some problem to ssh connection when I log it it says "failed to add entry for user xxxxx"13:20
chudmount should show you13:20
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
chudubu mount ouput should say vers=13:21
ubuthetechguruchud, on the server?13:21
ubuthetechguruchud, can you tag my name so I see when you respond to me please?13:21
chudubu :exportfs -v13:21
CaneToadanyone had any luck with getting samba server running on 12.04.2 LTS ?13:22
OerHeksJohnny_Linux, i have time /utc issues too, /etc/default/rcS UTC=no for leaving the HWclock untouched?13:22
compdocCaneToad, sure, its not that hard13:22
Johnny_Linuxi changed that, not sure if it worked13:22
BluesKajchud, use the the tab key to complete the full nick13:22
chudah yes, sorry i haven't used irc in about 15 years13:23
SuRfDaEmOntab key to complete all13:23
chudubuthetechguru: exportfs -v13:24
ubuthetechguruchud, it's ok, thanks. ok, i ran sudo exportfs -v and this is 1 of the lines: /media/500gb1,async,wdelay,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check,anonuid=1000)13:24
ubuthetechguruchud, well I just added "noauto" to my 3 NFS shares in my fstab and the system doesn't hang and it boots right up BUT now obviously the 3 shares aren't mounted. I have to issue sudo mount for each one. is there a file I can add those 3 mount commands to that will do it after start up?13:26
chudubuthetechguru: do process list it should say [nfsd4] if its 413:26
chudubuthetechguru: specically you should see several [nfsd] and one [nfsd4] and on your client , mount should say if its connected via 3 or 413:27
ubuthetechguruchud, ok, i see a whole lot of just nfsd BUT also 1 line that reads root      1324  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        S<   Jun25   0:00 [nfsd4]13:27
chudubuthetechguru: its 4 then :)13:27
ubuthetechguruchud, so is there different fstab entries I need than since it's version 4?13:28
chudubuthetechguru: if you put vers=4 in fstab it forces it, not sure the default off top of my head13:28
CaneToadcompdoc: I've had samba running on debian just fine, but I find with the samba version on 12.04.2 LTS, I get a whole lot of stuff logged in /var/log/samba/%.m from ldb_wrap.c saying "No such object" ... my smb.conf uses a smbpasswd backend13:28
chudubuthetechguru: anyway id suggest using autofs instead as you dont need to specify the mount points just the servers ip and it fins then itself13:29
chudubuthetechguru: install autofs, edit/uncomment  /etc/auto.master with /net -hosts  --timeout=6013:30
compdocCaneToad, oh, I know nothing about passdb backend13:30
chudubuthetechguru: then if you go to /net/<server> in nautilus it will find the shares automatically13:31
ubuthetechguruchud, can't i have the shares mounted where I want them? not in /net/?13:33
chudubuthetechguru: i guess you change /net in auto.master to what you want13:34
chudubuthetechguru: you end up with like /net/  and it will mount and unmount automagically13:34
ubuthetechguruchud, ok, thanks for the suggestion. I don't have time to mess with autofs now cause I have a lot of work to get done but will look into it for my smb and nfs shares in the near future.13:34
ubuthetechguruchud, thanks again for all your help. I love the Ubuntu community13:34
miroknici have a dual boot laptop with ubuntu and windows7 installed..now the issue is that my down key is not working..so is there any way to select windows from the boot entry13:35
miroknicwithout editing the grub or making windows7 as the default os to boot into13:35
miroknicanybody knows about my query?13:39
varikonniemican you cycle the menu by pressing up? :D13:39
miroknicvarikonniemi: no..it's not cycling13:39
miroknicany way to make it cycle13:40
varikonniemiyou should be able to select what to boot from the grub cmd line13:40
chudFn-K ?13:40
varikonniemilook into that13:40
chudFn-K on my laptop is down arrow, i dont know if it works in grub though13:40
miroknicok would check it13:41
miroknicand tell13:41
miroknicthanks guys13:41
varikonniemiyou could always compile grub and make another key cycle down than down :)13:42
varikonniemibut yeah, if you were capable of that you would not be here asking for help :)13:42
chudor buy a new keyboard13:42
varikonniemion laptops it can be difficult/very expensive13:42
BluesKajjust buy a plain keyboard, usb or whatever , even wireless are cheap now13:43
chudits usually dead easy to change a keyboard on a laptop13:44
BluesKajtoo bad , he missed our good advice13:45
chudah ha, Page Down, then use up arrow is one other solution :)13:48
amtronwhats up pal13:49
BluesKajwhich pal? :)13:49
SuRfDaEmOnall of them13:50
amtronyou pal13:50
nopfhm. something in my networking in a running vserver is broken. i connects to some addresses via port 80 and 22, but not to others. it pings some, but not all. i think restarting networking would work, but is there any way i can see why and whats happening or not?13:51
Walexnopf: yes.13:53
BluesKajamtron, stop that DCCing , I don't want it , thanks13:54
amtronhey blueskaj can u giv me some awesome videos13:54
nopfWalex: yes, but how :) ?13:54
amtronoh dnt get annoyed i m sorry13:55
BluesKajamtron, this isn't a software download/exchange site , it's ubuntu support13:55
=== afflicto_ is now known as afflicto
minijust downloaded 13.04 yesterday. I like it but i do not see great difference, maybe i am missing something, i do see it is faster13:56
KartagisI need to increase resolution to 1366x768. is xorg.conf the only way?14:06
MoPacKartagis: Are you using the generic Xorg drivers or proprietary (say, Nvidia) drivers?14:07
Left_Turnhey sorry.. but how do i type or move something to the current directory. Like mv /home/user/downlads [??current dir??]14:07
KartagisMoPac: generic14:08
KartagisLeft_Turn: .14:08
zykotick9Left_Turn: "." is your current directory.  so "mv /home/foo/file ."14:08
Left_Turnok thanks guys14:09
ikoniaKartagis: xorg.conf is the correct way to set the display resolution14:09
MoPacKartagis: There may be GUIs to help with it, like http://sourceforge.net/projects/xorg-edit/14:09
MoPacI don't know how current they are14:09
ikoniayou don't need an app to edit it, it's just a text file14:09
oupateddiehow do I get the flash player to work again. It suddenly started crashing last week and all applications using it do not work.14:10
bigbadbenDoes anyone know what setting to make the "fade trancsparency" on the window bar go away http://imgur.com/coUQxU414:10
bigbadbenSee how the word inverse blends with my desktop?14:10
MonkeyDustbigbadben  unity-tweak has a lot of settings14:11
miroknicchud :looks like there is no way to boot into windows partition without editing boot sequence or chainloading windows ..when the down key is not working14:11
bigbadbenMonkeyDust, I think it is a compiz setting14:12
bigbadbenbut it is making me mad14:12
oupateddieflashplayer is crashing on 12.04 I have Version: 11,2,202,297 installed. Anybody can help here?14:15
jdolesoupateddie: install latest drivers/install different hardware/install Windows/don14:16
jdolesoupateddie: 't use Flash at all/use gnash (if you like lower res movies).14:16
jdolesoupateddie: /live with it.14:17
bigbadbenAlso is there anyone who has some time to help teach me to compile a package?14:17
jdolesoupateddie: that's the executive summary of what you can do.14:17
oupateddieWhy is it crashing since 3 days ago. It used to work14:17
jdolesoupateddie: because you did something slightly different.14:17
jdolesoupateddie: do not waste time on it.14:17
oupateddiecan it be due to an update on firefox14:17
jdolesoupateddie: no14:18
oupateddieOk so what do you say14:18
oupateddieI need the applications to do my work and WIndows is no option14:18
jdolesoupateddie: Flash is basically a piece of software created by a bunch of incompetent idiots.14:18
jdolesoupateddie: (because otherwise it would have worked)14:18
oupateddieYes I know14:18
OerHeksoupateddie, re-install flashplugin, maybe FF 23 update has broken the plugin?14:18
=== dominus_ is now known as rikut
jdolesoupateddie: so, you have to consider whether you even *want* to use such broken stuff.14:18
OerHeksupdate was 3 days ago14:19
jdolesoupateddie: you can also install Windows in a VM and Flash runs 5 times faster there.14:19
OerHeksjdoles how is that helping him?14:19
jdolesOerHeks: there is *no* solution.14:19
oupateddieMust I remove the flash first and then reinstall14:19
jdolesoupateddie: reinstalling has no effect.14:19
OerHeksoupateddie, yes, use the purge option14:19
jdolesoupateddie: there is just some programmer, probably at Adobe, who made a mistake.14:20
oupateddiepurge all flash related software and then reinstall14:20
OerHeksoupateddie, before re-install, restart the browser14:20
jdolesOerHeks: you can pay someone 10,000$ and it would likely even be possible to fix it without their help.14:20
oupateddieMust I use the Ubuntu Software Centre to install the fleash plugin14:20
jdolesoupateddie: but otherwise, there is no hope for anyone other than Adobe to fix it.14:21
jdoles(and since they don't care about Linux/are too incompetent to release working software, that's unlikely)14:21
OerHeksjdoles please stop your rant, it is not helping.14:21
oupateddieOk let me recap, I purga all falsh stuff and then reinstall14:21
=== superman is now known as Guest42793
jdolesoupateddie: and there is no reason why that would work.14:21
jdolesoupateddie: all you are doing is removing the exact same bits and placing them back again.14:22
oupateddieguys I can't do my work as the online system needs flash to work14:22
jdolesoupateddie: also, what flash application crashes?14:22
jdolesI can imagine that in some cases, it's not even Adobe's fault per se.14:23
oupateddieI need to upload articles to a newspaper and it seems as if they are using a flash based application14:23
oupateddieAs I say it used to work prior to FF2314:23
jdolesoupateddie: or try Chromium.14:23
oupateddieSame problem there with flash crashing14:23
oupateddieAlso Opera14:23
jdolesoupateddie: at such a point, I would simply inform the newspaper to get their act together.14:24
BluesKajoupateddie, chromium ?14:24
oupateddieHave tried chromium as well as chrome14:24
jdolesOerHeks: at some point you need to draw the line.14:24
oupateddieI also find that websites with streaming vidoe now also crashes14:24
jdolesoupateddie: does Youtube work?14:25
oupateddieYes youtube works14:25
jdolesoupateddie: and how much memory do you have in your machine?14:25
oupateddie1.2 Gb14:25
jdolesoupateddie: ok, that explains a lot.14:25
jdolesoupateddie: everyone assumes that people have more these days.14:25
oupateddieI accept that but why suddenly with ff23... Is it that much heavier on juice?14:26
jdolesoupateddie: as such, I can imagine that the Flash VM gets assigned a particular amount of memory and uses more than that.14:26
jdolesoupateddie: at that point it simply crashes.14:26
oupateddieOK can I change that perhaps14:26
jdolesoupateddie: do you have swap?14:27
oupateddieYep I have swap14:27
oupateddie1 gig14:27
jdolesoupateddie: that's still not a lot.14:27
oupateddiemust I make that bigger14:27
jdolesoupateddie: that depends on whether it is almost full.14:27
oupateddieI can check when I run the applic and see if it runs out14:28
oupateddieat least I have some idea. Can I allocate more mem to Flash VM14:28
jdolesoupateddie: I don't know how to control that.14:30
jdolesoupateddie: I don't even know the details of that.14:30
jdolesoupateddie: but running on swap is always a bad idea.14:30
jdolesoupateddie: having swap is like a life vest, you shouldn't need it under normal circumstances.14:30
oupateddieI just checked the swap is HUGE 9 Gb14:32
=== megha is now known as Guest39727
oupateddieI don't think its the problem14:33
DozyActually can someone explain to me what SWAP does?14:33
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info14:33
oupateddieI'll pourge flash and then see if I reinstall the flash plugin14:34
oupateddiethnaks guys14:34
Dozyso like what RAM does when you have processes executing14:34
dhanyaI got a bug, where there is a spelling mistake in the manpage of sfill https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/saucy/secure-delete/saucy-proposed/view/head:/sfill.1. Found out that it is not a translation bug. How do I proceed ?14:38
MonkeyDustdhanya  saucy is unstable, support in #ubuntu+114:40
dhanyaThank you  Monkey Dust14:45
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Kartagisikonia: do you have a guide on what to put in xorg.xonf?14:58
auronandace!xorgconf | Kartagis15:00
ubottuKartagis: The /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf - ATI/AMD ( fglrx driver ) specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd - NVidia ( nvidia driver )specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia man xorg.conf for file structure and syntax.15:00
Kartagisthanks auronandace15:01
andygeei asked earlier, but is there a way for  me to change firefox with the google chrome in the Launcher Bar thingy in 12.04 for all current users and future users?15:01
=== neo is now known as Guest93741
auronandaceandygee: i don't know how to change the default icons that show on the unity sidebar but you can simply add and remove icons whenever you like15:04
=== bedahr_ is now known as bedahr
MonkeyDustandygee  what is your end goal?15:06
andygeethe end goal is to get all my users, and future users to not have "Firefox" launcher, but Google Chrome launcher in the launcher bar.15:08
andygeeauronandace, i have like 80 users15:08
Kartagisthere is no resolution related setting in the new created file15:09
andygeeMonkeyDust, --^ ... "the end goal is too "15:09
andygeeMonkeyDust, i guess the end goal is get all users so they use Chrome with as little interaction as possible....15:10
Fahhttps://help.gnome.org/admin/system-admin-guide/3.8/ <-- use the guide for whatever version you're administering15:10
=== andygee is now known as andygraybael
amtronwhaT R U DOING15:11
=== andygraybael is now known as andygraybeal
MonkeyDustandygraybeal  IIRC, 13.10 or 12.04 will have chromium (not google chrome) as default browser15:14
MonkeyDust13.04, even15:14
andygraybealwell, it appears that firefox is default in 12.0415:14
MonkeyDust14.04, d'oh!15:14
OerHeksjust uninstall firefox :-)15:14
andygraybealOerHeks, well, we want to keep firefox just in case.15:14
OerHeksandygraybeal, see this answer http://askubuntu.com/a/143229  >> gksudo gedit /usr/share/applications/defaults.list15:18
andygraybealthank you OerHeks i'll have a look15:19
utusanit's easy just to get the upstream firefox or google chrome and install15:19
OerHeksbut don't let firefox set itself as default :-)15:19
andygraybealhmm... well i have the system already running.. and we decided after the fact that we want google chrome as default.15:20
andygraybealOerHeks, i think your suggestion is goign to work PERfectly.... heh eh he he <evil laugh>15:21
Kartagishi again. I have the following in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf: http://paste.debian.net/23991/ but I can't make my resolution 1366x768. what am I missing?15:21
MonkeyDustOerHeks  +115:22
utusanmost web browsers try to jockey itself as default, so you will always get prompted to set as default unless it's already15:24
GeorgeJHello folks.15:24
MonkeyDustutusan  per user, but andygraybeal wants it for all users automatically15:24
Kartagisalthough, that behaviour can be altered with options15:25
GeorgeJI have a disk with no filesystems, it doesn't even have a partition table right now. The smart self-test fails quite quickly with a status of "Completed: read failiure" . I read that this is due bad blocks. How can I scan a disk with no FS for bad blocks, and mark them as such?15:26
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utusanMonkeyDust: andygraybeal you can always have firefox and/or chrome in one spot and then create a .mozilla or google link in each user/home15:28
andygraybealutusan, i think i got the answer, i don't want to mess with each home folder....15:29
=== Guest96180 is now known as liquidee
meethi. I am not able to share my folders with other ubuntu pcs. I right clicked the folder and chose sharing options. set guest access and read/write permission from that menu. Now this folder is visible on other computers. But the contents cannot be copied or anything. Also, only first level of this shared directory is visible. If i try to access a folder within the shared folder it gives a access denied message. How do I share without using SSH?15:29
Kartagismeet: install samba15:30
MonkeyDustGeorgeJ  badblocks is a command, use    man badblocks     to find out more, badblocks -X looks like what you want15:30
meetKartagis: have installed it. on both the machines.15:30
netlar_Does Ubuntu have movie downloads?15:30
MonkeyDustnetlar_  like youtube-dl ?15:31
netlar_MonkeyDust: No, more like iTunes15:31
netlar_I want to be able to buy movies to download15:32
Kartagismeet create the share in smb.conf and set the options, then start/restart15:32
GeorgeJMonkeyDust: "badblocks -b 512 -X -n /dev/sdg 306613820 306613800" did not solve the issue. The self-test still fails with  LBA_of_first_error:  30661380915:32
theadminnetlar_: Google Play movies close enough?15:32
meetKartagis: the GUI does not do that?15:32
netlar_theadmin: Can you play them on linux, or does it need to be played on just android15:33
Kartagismeet: it should, but since you were unable to...15:33
theadminnetlar_: I think movies/music work everywhere, apps are Android only15:33
theadminnetlar_: I haven't actually ever bought, though, but I saw their trailer when they introduced Play Movies, and it mentioned playing on PC15:34
netlar_theadmin: Just iTunes movies have strict conditions15:34
andygraybeali watch hulu :)15:34
andygraybealor you tube :)15:34
alekseyhow to fix the problem of fonts to go15:34
KartagisI have the following in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf: http://paste.debian.net/23991/ but I can't make my resolution 1366x768. what am I missing?15:34
netlar_There are just a few titles I want15:34
TheRealBananahi there15:35
netlar_Just want to own the movie on the computer15:35
alekseyhow to remove the configuration of the font15:35
chrs_how do i get apt-get to tell me what binaries have been installed for a particular package?15:35
GeorgeJMonkeyDust: Or perhaps there's a different channel I could as the question in?15:35
chrs_i should be able to figure this out but i'm missing someting15:35
theadminchrs_: dpkg -L package | grep bin/15:35
jribchrs_: dpkg -L PACKAGE | grep bin    is usally close enough15:35
theadminjrib: Trailing slash helps :)15:35
Kartagisnetlar_: search it on youtube and get it with youtube-dl, or buy the movie and rip the DVD15:36
jribslightly closer that way ;)15:36
alekseyhelp fontd delete config15:36
jribaleksey: ask a proper question15:36
TheRealBananai just installed lubuntu 12 on a dekstop and iwconfig shows no wlan0, wicd says no wireless networks found , here is the pastebin : http://pastebin.com/0ybF5pGB15:36
netlar_Kartagis: True, I could do that, just don't want the store the CD15:37
MonkeyDustGeorgeJ  there's a forensics channel, moment15:37
chrs_theadmin, jrib: thanks15:37
alekseyhow to remove the configuration of the font how to remove the configuration of the font15:37
jribTheRealBanana: you should state 12.04 or 12.10, there's no ubuntu 1215:37
alekseyhow to remove the configuration of the font15:37
alekseywhere files are stored font settings15:37
jribaleksey: why are you repeating it 3 times instead of giving details?15:37
TheRealBanana@jrib is it relevant? how can i check?15:37
jrib!version | TheRealBanana15:37
ubottuTheRealBanana: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »15:37
MonkeyDustGeorgeJ  try ##forensics or ##digitalforensics15:38
aleksey5 years and this problem can not be solved15:38
jribaleksey: I still don't know what the problem is15:38
patchieDoes any of you know about any Dropbox alternative, which can be used with a FTP server. And I would want it to be encrypted on the FTP server as well. And it has to work with Windows and Android clientside. Linux serverside.15:38
alekseyblurred font is difficult to see15:38
TheRealBananaits lubuntu 12.1015:38
jribaleksey: have you changed the font settings?15:38
GeorgeJMonkeyDust: Thanks! I'm not really interested in recovering data. I'm just trying to make the HDD pass the smart test and make sure it's usable.15:38
TheRealBanana@jrib 12.1015:38
jribaleksey: try changing the font settings15:39
GeorgeJAre those channels still apropriate?15:39
jribTheRealBanana: that was my only suggestion; I can point you to the wireless wiki while you wait15:39
theadminpatchie: FTP must die -- it's a very insecure protocol. OwnCloud is very close, it works over WebDAV or browser and has clients for all major platforms.15:39
jrib!wireless | TheRealBanana15:39
ubottuTheRealBanana: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs15:39
alekseytried to change did not work15:39
jribaleksey: "did not work" is too vague15:39
theadminpatchie: (any file managers that are WebDAV-capable will work instead of the clients, too)15:40
patchietheadmin: sftp then..lol15:40
theadminpatchie: Uh. mount -t sshfs ?15:40
theadminpatchie: lols...15:40
patchietheadmin: what protocol does owncloud use?15:40
alekseyhow to remove the default font15:40
theadminpatchie:As said, webdav15:40
jribaleksey: you can change your font to whatever font you want.15:40
theadminaleksey: Please stop repeating and start making sense.15:41
patchietheadmin: ahh..ok..will check it out..thanks15:41
alekseyall fonts problem )15:41
theadmin!ru | aleksey15:41
ubottualeksey: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:41
jribaleksey: is there a language other than english you would prefer help in?15:41
alekseyfont okay when changing User have15:41
theadminaleksey: (assumption based on nickname)15:41
Left_Turnhey i have Sublime Text 2.0.2.tar.bz2 in my /Downloads/ .. what's the command to install it?15:43
alekseyLinux write in Russian (all teams) so that they can correct the error .. They have no brains .. it is easier for you to your own language15:43
Left_Turnor do i go the easy way and dbl click it15:43
=== daz_ is now known as Guest76848
bigbadbenHey so I have a window bar setting that I do not know how to get rid of, it makes like the right edge of words transparent and it bugs me to NO end I want to just delete all my settings but not have to reinstall is there a way I have been googling for hours15:44
Left_Turnoh no.. its a bit harder than a dbl click:(15:45
alekseyI'll throw your PC out the window15:46
Left_Turnnot mine!15:46
alekseywaiting for an answer as to remove the font setting and where is Fail15:47
alekseyHow to reset font configuration to default settings?15:48
theadminLeft_Turn: You can't "install" a .zip can you? That's what a .tar.bz2 is, an archive, so...15:49
JacksonIsaacHave anyone here tried 13.04 on vbox?15:49
theadminLeft_Turn: Unpack it and see15:49
KartagisI have the following in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf: http://paste.debian.net/23991/ but I can't make my resolution 1366x768. what am I missing?15:49
theadminJacksonIsaac: Somewhat laggy, but works.15:49
Left_Turni dont see .exe or anything similar15:50
Left_Turn@ theadmin15:50
JacksonIsaacI installed it but the desktop doesn't come up15:50
theadminLeft_Turn: This isn't Windows...15:50
JacksonIsaacI can only run the terminal15:50
JacksonIsaactheadmin: can you help what may be the issue15:50
=== Guest76848 is now known as CORP002H
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theadminLeft_Turn: I downloaded it. It contains a binary called sublime_text. Double-click it, it just runs.15:51
DozyJacksonIsaac:  try and type    startx15:51
JacksonIsaacwhat will it do15:52
theadminJacksonIsaac: Did you perchance download the server version?15:52
Left_Turnoh i see.. thanks theadmin :)15:52
JacksonIsaacI tried 13.04 desktop version15:52
JacksonIsaacand also the gnome DE version15:52
DozyJacksonIsaac: windows is a Graphical Operaiting system. Linux is a command line one15:53
Dozythat means that you will never get a blue screen of Death On linux15:53
Dozystartx means start xwindow15:53
gordonjcpDozy: that makes no sense15:53
JacksonIsaacI don't use windows :)15:53
Dozygordonjcp: whehere did I go wrong in what I was saying?15:54
gordonjcpDozy: Linux isn't an OS at all15:54
gordonjcpit's a kernel15:54
Left_Turnoh no.. theadmin on windows it had a whole lot of options and themes.. here it's so plain an bare:((15:54
theadminDozy: Linux isn't an operating system, it's a kernel. Ubuntu is an operating system. It comes with a graphical interface. So, you could consider it graphical...15:54
theadminLeft_Turn: Err... Look at top bar. The menu is there.15:54
JacksonIsaacis it okay if I upgrade from 12.04 to 13.04 through terminal?15:54
theadminLeft_Turn: Just like in all Ubuntu applications.15:54
Dozypeople don't understand when I use words such as kernel15:54
Dozybut ues I do agree15:54
pedro_oneHi !15:54
DozyJacksonIsaac:  did startx work?15:55
Left_Turnsorry theadmin :(15:55
theadminLeft_Turn: Nah no problem, migrating from Windows may be difficult (going back to Windows is even more difficult after you get used to Ubuntu though :D)15:55
JacksonIsaacI removed it15:55
JacksonIsaacI'll try on live cd then15:55
Left_Turntheadmin: heh im never going back:!15:56
gordonjcpLeft_Turn: what are you trying to do?15:56
Left_Turni was trying to install sublime text 2 gordonjcp .. ive got it now :)15:57
JacksonIsaacDozy: what will startx do ? will it show up the desktop ?15:57
iceliteh Left_Turn15:58
icelitehi Left_Turn15:58
Dozynormally when I install a linux os and the gui does not start by default startx does the job for me15:58
JacksonIsaacoh okay thanks :)15:58
theadminDozy: On Ubuntu, if a GUI doesn't start by default something's usually quite messed up.15:59
JacksonIsaac^ this is what I get16:00
Dozygnome shell issues16:00
JacksonIsaacbut the normal DE also shows a blank screen16:00
JacksonIsaacI can onyl see terminal16:01
gordonjcpLeft_Turn: there's a Linux package, for both 32- and 64-bit16:01
theadminJacksonIsaac: This is Virtualbox, right?16:02
theadminJacksonIsaac: Try to enable 3D acceleration.16:02
Left_Turnyes gordonjcp it opens on my ubuntu... but is there a way to open it via the terminal from any directory without having to give the pathname?16:02
Left_Turnlike how i can use gedit?16:02
gordonjcpLeft_Turn: where does it install to?16:03
theadminLeft_Turn: You can put a link to the binary to ~/bin16:03
theadmingordonjcp: It's not an installer package, it's portable16:03
kostkonLeft_Turn: you need to downloas the deb package they offer for sublime 316:03
theadminOh, they have a .deb? Cool.16:03
kostkonLeft_Turn: then double click on it to install it16:03
Left_Turnthey said sublime 3 wasnt completed16:03
Left_Turnoh i see16:04
Left_Turnkostkon: this page? http://www.sublimetext.com/316:05
Left_Turnok thanks16:05
joed_is there package for get compile kde application in basic ubunt?16:08
Left_Turnworks great kostkon .. thanks guys!16:09
kostkonLeft_Turn: :-)16:09
ikoniajoed_: just install the kubuntu-desktop if you want kde on ubuntu16:09
ikoniajoed_: as in the kubuntu-desktop package will install kde/kde applications onto the ubuntu platform16:10
joed_I would like test one small kde application in Ubuntu16:11
joed_installing kde-desktop is too bog for that16:11
ikoniajoed_: then install the kde package for the desktop and libraries, rather then the kubuntu full instlal16:12
ikonia!info kde-desktop16:12
ubottuPackage kde-desktop does not exist in raring16:12
ikonia!info kde16:12
ubottuPackage kde does not exist in raring16:12
ikoniadarn it, hang on16:12
ikoniajoed_: kubuntu-low-fat-settings should install basically a kde desktop that's trimmed down16:13
joed_ok i'ill check it16:14
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xkernelhow to reset all icons to default?16:16
=== VampireCavities is now known as TannedVampire
theadminxkernel: unity --reset-icons if I understand you correctly.16:19
=== jono is now known as Guest59661
xkerneltheadmin, no, I changed the home pictures, videos etc.. icons and they are not looking correctly now16:19
theadminxkernel: Oh, that... Dunno then. It's probably stored somewhere under ~/.gnome though.16:20
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SteevcaI have Windows 8.1 preview installed,and i installed Ubuntu 13.04 in a virtual box,but i have some problems with htc drivers for my phone,so is there a way to use the different drivers in the virtaul ubuntu then those in windows ?16:25
anoneehello ubuntu! can anyone please tell me how to fix the power indicator on the GNOME panel it's not working when on login screen16:25
anoneewhen I try to restart or shutdown the computer before loging in, it just won't work.16:26
anoneeis my question clear?16:26
MonkWitDaFunkHi steevca16:27
SteevcaMonkWitDaFunk: Hello.16:27
MonkWitDaFunkYou can get your operating system to search for the drivers it needs16:27
SteevcaActually i can't,it won't install any drivers i give him.16:28
Greylocksjoed: you can just d/load it from the software repository then.16:28
SteevcaOr any drivers using windows update,but this only happens when i plug my phone in fastboot.16:28
MonkWitDaFunkThere are third party drivers as well16:29
yeatsSteevca: this might be a better question for #vbox16:30
ethanhello everyone16:30
anoneehello ethan16:30
Steevcaethan: Hi.16:31
ethanI've been using Mint for a little less than a year now and I switched over to Debian recently because I wanted something a little more stable and it's been great and everything except for one problem...I notice that Audacity crashes a lot.  Maybe even more so on Debian than on Mint.  Can anybody explain the reason for this?  Is it just a Linux thing?16:31
anoneeagain, when I try to restart or shutdown the computer before loging in, it does nothing. any way to fix this?16:32
theadminethan: ...Neither Debian nor Mint are supported here.16:32
anoneeethan I have the same problem with Audacity, it's Audacity itself.16:32
ethani realize that but Debian wasn't answering16:32
ethani'll try mint16:32
anoneetheadmin would you please take a look at this: when I try to restart or shutdown the computer before loging in, it does nothing. any way to fix this?16:34
theadminanonee: Why me? I don't know16:34
anoneebecause you're theadmin :)16:34
MonkeyDustethan  if you're alot into music, try ubuntustudio16:34
ethanthanks monkey16:35
anoneeOK thank you I guess16:36
sarkishey guys, i am trying to create a bootable ubuntu install usb, i followed the directions using the dd command however, i always end up with a usb stick that is not readable and when examining in disk utility on mac only see a 2.3 mb partition on it16:36
sarkisanyone experience this issue trying to get a bootable usb on mac?16:36
TannedVampirei never tried a bootable ubuntu install usb but I'm curious about it.16:37
henk_anybody can help me16:37
zykotick9henk_: ask your question and see.16:38
k1l!details | HeN16:38
ubottuHeN: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:38
MonkeyDusthenk_  start with a question16:38
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irssi-mikehenk_: 911 what's your emergency16:39
henk_I want run root on my pc16:39
henk_but I cant have only user16:39
irssi-mikehenk okay did you try sudo passwd16:39
k1l!root | henk_16:39
ubottuhenk_: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo16:39
k1lirssi-mike: stop that16:40
auronandace!noroot | henk_16:40
ubottuhenk_: We do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.16:40
henk_I have password16:40
henk_but how I log in like a root16:40
k1lhenk_: you dont need to be root or log into root. use sudo (see the bots messages)16:40
MonkeyDusthenk_  you don't and shouldnt16:40
k1lirssi-mike: please stick to the ubuntu-way in here16:40
MonkeyDusthenk_  it's not safe, better use sudo16:40
henk_sudo root ?16:41
k1lhenk_: nooo16:41
k1lhenk_: read the bots messages. they have links with more explanations16:41
henk_what bots dude16:43
MonkeyDust!noroot > henk_16:43
ubottuhenk_, please see my private message16:43
irssi-mikehenk_: the nickname is automated script for this particular support group16:43
irssi-mikehenk_: the nickname ubottu, sorry16:43
semitones'Ello! I'd like to learn about directory performance. I have a hella huge folder with music in it. Any tips for keeping the computer from slowing down?16:44
MonkeyDustsemitones  put the music on an external usb drive or so, or on its own partition (it's what I have)16:45
KeyboardNotFoundHow to su user which don't have password /16:47
k1lif he comes back you could advise him to sort the music into artitst-folders. so its not one folder with that much single files which takes more time to load16:47
k1l!root | KeyboardNotFound16:47
ubottuKeyboardNotFound: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo16:47
semitonesk1l, thanks! What about a folder with hundreds of artist folders?16:48
semitonesI think that is kind of slow too16:48
rypervenchesemitones: It might slow down if you have a very large amount of inodes, but that can't really be helped.16:48
rypervenchesemitones: Can you pastebin your output of "df -i" ?16:49
semitoneshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5970502/ rypervenche16:50
semitonesit's the last one16:50
KeyboardNotFoundk1l, i need to su user which is no root and don't have password how to do it ?16:50
irssi-mikek1l: i think he means he wants to add a user to sudoers16:51
semitonesrypervenche, I made it with an inode size of 128 so it would be windows compatible16:51
rypervenchesemitones: Can you also run "df -hT" please?16:51
semitonesrypervenche, right now my music is on an external hdd, but it's new home will be sda816:52
TannedVampireOkay I'm using xchat and sometimes I see #ubuntu turn red.  What does it mean?16:53
rypervenchesemitones: Making the drive ext4 will make it a bit faster, but you shouldn't have any problems.16:53
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:54
semitonesrypervenche, it actually used to be ext4, but I just repartitioned so I could also access music from windows16:55
rypervenchesemitones: Oh. So long as that works for you then. I might use NTFS unless you're sure it'll work for you 100% with ext3.16:56
semitonesi think it should, rypervenche. I'm actually not sure if it's ext2 or ext3, because I made it as "ext2 with journaling," which is ext3, correct?16:57
rypervenchesemitones: Pretty much, yep. How did you create it?16:57
semitonesrypervenche, sudo mkfs.ext2 -j -I 128 /dev/sda816:58
rypervenchesemitones: Yeah, just verify that it works on both OSes before moving your files over.16:58
IdleOnesemitones: I would go with NTFS if you plan on using for storage, but ext2 will work also for accessing with windows.16:59
semitonesrypervenche, yup, works great :)16:59
rypervenchesemitones: You should be good then.16:59
semitonesIdleOne, interesting, why's that? I've heard that ntfs is good to avoid16:59
rypervenchesemitones: Windows is good to avoid, but if you have to use it then often times you'll want something like NTFS for sharing files between OSes.17:00
IdleOnesemitones: because I know the linux has no problems with writting to ntfs. I just like to make things easier for windows when I need to.17:00
IdleOnesemitones: doesn't matter though because windows is able to write to ext2-3 without problems.17:01
ikoniaIdleOne: I wouldn't say that17:02
ikoniait's not exactly a good "stable" solution, the ext2 driver in windows17:03
ikoniaand it can have problems with ext3 and 417:03
IdleOneikonia: I agree it isn't the best solution, which is why when I need to access from windows I prefer to use NTFS for staorage partitions17:05
Guest42793i just read that Google owns a company called Zeitgeist, is this the same Zeitgeist that is installed in all Ubuntu OSes???17:05
holsteinGuest42793: i would continue your research, and try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic17:05
holstein!info zeitgeist17:06
ubottuzeitgeist (source: zeitgeist): event logging framework. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.5-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 2 kB, installed size 33 kB17:06
holsteinGuest42793: ^^ that "fact" is that zeitgeits is a "component".. not a company17:06
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funky1hi there could someone help me out17:25
uhelpHellllo everybody.  How do you mount a usb drive from the command line in Ubuntu 12.04.2?17:25
funky1trying to get a dvr card to work17:25
uhelpmount /dev/? /mount/point doesn't work because I don't know the device file name17:25
funky1uhelp: check dmesg17:26
theadminuhelp: Then find it out using fdisk or parted17:26
funky1u will see the device17:26
MonkeyDustuhelp  sudo blkid17:26
uhelpfunky1: where do I paste my dmesg so that you can also conclude it is useless or tell me where I am wrong17:26
Mace268try /usr/bin/udisks --mount /dev/<partition>17:26
=== ese is now known as Rope
funky1connect ur usb device and right after type dmesg17:26
funky1it will say /dev/sdX connected17:27
funky1that will be ur USB disk17:27
funky1u can past on e.g. pastebing but u should be able to figure it out17:27
JonNRbuhelp: "cd /dev/disks/by-label" if you labeled the partition on the disk17:27
DJones!paste | uhelp17:27
ubottuuhelp: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:27
uhelpworking on getting you the dmesg now17:28
uhelppasted at http://paste.ubuntu.com/5970626/17:30
JonNRbuhelp: go look in /dev/disk/by-id. it will list the name of your usb disk in there17:30
funky1uhelp: ur device is sdb17:30
ffio_is ubiquity coded in python ?17:30
funky1so probabky sdb117:30
MonkeyDustuhelp  or use sudo blkid17:30
funky1so try sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /home/user/blalal17:31
funky1or check with fdisk the partitions on the device17:31
mayankhelp needed17:32
JonNRbuhelp: you don't need to do anything as superuser to mount a usb disk17:32
mayankplz help17:32
JonNRbuhelp: run "/usr/bin/udisks --mount /dev/sdb1"17:32
mayankplz help17:32
uhelpJonNRb, so I can run programs from a USB even if I don't mount as root?17:32
mayankhelp needed17:32
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mayankhelp needed17:33
DJonesmayank: How can anybody help, you haven't said what the problem is17:33
JonNRbuhelp: of course, your desktop can mount disks even if you aren't logged in as root17:33
uhelp /usr/bin/udisks --mount /dev/sdb1 Cannot stat device file /dev/sdb1: No such file or directory17:33
funky1well it is using root to mount anyways17:33
JonNRbuhelp: hmm17:33
JonNRbuhelp: "cd /dev/disk/by-id"17:33
Mace268did you say it was an optical drive?17:34
mayanki am sorry  i was using ubuntu 12.04 from yesterday.. from today wireless in not working17:34
uhelpJonNRbL I did this but I don't see any useful id17:34
funky1uhelp: sudo fdisk /dev/sdb17:34
uhelpI can paste them all for you17:34
funky1then press 'p'17:34
funky1and copy paste output17:34
JonNRbuhelp: do you see something with a "usb-" prefix17:34
uhelpfdisk: unable to open /dev/sdb: No such file or directory  <-- I think that sdb is OLD and currently there isn't such a device17:34
mayank  i was using ubuntu 12.04 from yesterday.. from today wireless in not working17:34
funky1uhelp: r u sure ur usb disk is working properly?17:35
uhelphowever I KNOW the usb drive was in because I was able to use it from a virtual machine (since disconnected from said virtual machine)17:35
bazhang!wifi | mayank have a read17:35
ubottumayank have a read: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:35
uhelpfunky1: I know it worked properly within the last 15 minutes or so and I have not plugged and unplugged it17:35
JonNRbuhelp: mounting things by /dev/sd* is not guaranteed to mount you correctly. you should always look for things in /dev/disk if you want a guaranteed block-device17:35
funky1uhelp: how big is that drive?17:36
uhelpfunky1: slightly less than 8 GiB17:36
uhelppossibly 8 GB17:36
funky1ok that is no problem17:36
funky1but ur dmesg clearly states ur usb disk is /dev/sdb17:37
funky1but your fdisk response is weird17:37
funky1should not give u an error, u have done as sudo?17:37
uhelpJonNRb: prefix options are scsi, ata, wwn17:37
uhelpfunky1: it clearly was /dev/sdb but now it clearly isn't and I don't know how to get it back without possibly plugging and unplugging it WHICH ONLY WORKS WHEN I AM IN OFFICE17:38
uhelpfunky1: I need to be able to do this without physically touching anything17:38
JonNRbuhelp: have you done as funky1 suggested and done "sudo fdisk -l"?17:38
JonNRbuhelp: you could also run a "sudo parted /dev/sdb print"17:38
uhelpsudo fdisk -l only shows three parts which are all on samsung 840 internal ssd17:39
zykotick9JonNRb: fyi, "sudo parted -l" also works17:39
uhelpsudo parted /dev/sdb print Error: Could not stat device /dev/sdb - No such file or directory.17:39
JonNRbuhelp: and you can't physically take out and reinsert the drive, am i correct?17:39
funky1uhelp i think there might be something broken with ur usb stick17:39
JimJonesis there anyway to securely uninstall ubuntu from my harddrive?17:40
JimJonesi got dual-boot with windows17:40
uhelpJonNRb: I can right now and that will probably work just fine but I MUST be able to do this remotely or the thing is garbage since I use the system remotely most often17:40
funky1what is dmesg showing now? should show some errors i guess17:40
ikoniaJimJones: delete the ubuntu partitions, replace the windows boot loader, job done17:40
mjaykJimJones: did you install via wubi or via a normal partition?17:40
JonNRbuhelp: we definitely need to see a dmesg...17:41
uhelpthe only error-maybe I see is usb 3-2: reset high-speed USB device number 6 using xhci_hcd17:41
uhelpI will pastebin it again with the updates since we started typing things17:41
JimJonesmjayk, normal install17:41
JimJonesikonia, how? would be nice to do this via windows tho17:41
ikoniaJimJones: the guys in ##windows will explain how to manage partitions and replace the windows boot loader17:42
Mace268uhelp, this might help: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/7412/how-to-reconnect-a-logically-disconnected-usb-device17:42
mjaykso as ikonia said just format the partion and sort the mbr out17:42
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions17:42
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions.... plz guide17:42
JuJuBeeI returned from vacation and my computer won't boot, grub error 15.  Any help?17:42
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions.... plz guide17:43
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions.... plz guide17:43
uhelpMace268: You might be on to something!  I want to try this before saying YES but I think it might work.17:43
ikoniaJuJuBee: error 15 is normally it can't find the files it wants, so either a.) you've changed your disks so the device ID has changed b.) you've lost data from where it's looking17:43
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions.... plz guide17:44
mayank4plz help17:44
bazhangmayank4, dont repeat every five seconds17:44
JuJuBeeikonia: Im gussing option b.  I downloaded super grub disk 2 but have never used it.  I cannot seem to boot from my USB stick17:44
piolhello guys17:45
piolim new  to linux17:45
ikoniaJuJuBee: why are you using super grub disk ?17:45
funky1uhelp: hm tricky one, could be a bug or trouble with the hardware not being properly supported, i assume you are not using a usb hub or something in between and have tried different usb ports17:45
ikoniaJuJuBee: you want to use an ubuntu CD so it uses the same grub versions as ubuntu expects/wants17:45
uhelphow do I know which lsusb -t device is the one i want to "power-cycle"?17:45
JonNRbuhelp: do an "ls /dev/disk/by-id" before and after you insert the disk17:45
piolguys is there a specefic channel for lubuntu users??17:45
ikoniapiol: #lubuntu ?17:45
JuJuBeeikonia: my usb stick won't boot for some reason.  Think my bios wont use it17:45
uhelpfunky1: I hvae a Lenovo W530 with the USB plugged in directly (tried two ports)17:45
meshuggah!seen sebsebseb17:45
ubottuI have no seen command17:45
ikoniaJuJuBee: so burn it to a CD17:46
JuJuBeeikonia: I need a dvd (over 700mb)17:46
ikoniaJuJuBee: then get one17:46
funky1uhelp: has this stick worked properly before with ubuntu or other linux distros?17:46
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions.... plz guide17:47
bazhang!halpme | mayank417:47
JuJuBeeikonia: assuming I can find one (we just moved into a new house)  What next?  I think it was using grub 1.517:47
ikoniaJuJuBee: what version of ubuntu are you using ?17:48
uhelpthe answer to how to tell which it is with lsusb -t is to look in dmesg from when you first connected it (if the mesg isn't gone yet) it will tell you the location it was inserted17:48
JonNRbuhelp: i have the W520 and sometimes USB2 devices don't work in the USB3 ports for some reason. did you try plugging it into the port on the back or the one in the eSATA port?17:48
uhelpJonNRb: I haven't tried the port in the back ... only the two side ports.17:48
JuJuBeeikonia: I think I was at 11.10, but not 100% certain17:48
JuJuBeeCan I install grub2?17:49
ikoniaJuJuBee: ok, so I would boot with "any" media to confirm the version, and if your data is still there, then go forward from there17:49
uhelpfunky1: it works properly with other distros if I connect it through vmware but I haven't tried it in another physical machine17:49
uhelpfunky1: I am going to try to the http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/7412/how-to-reconnect-a-logically-disconnected-usb-device instructions now17:50
funky1uhelp: r u currently running vmware? maybe it is being claimed17:50
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions.... plz guide17:50
piolwow you guys have a larger community than mint i guess17:50
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:50
funky1ah yeah that could maybe help17:50
theadminpiol: Ubuntu's older than Mint, so no big surprise.17:50
holsteinpiol: mint is based on ubuntu, which would make it "older".. that could be a reason why it would be "larger" as well17:50
uhelpno dice: echo suspend > /sys/bus/usb/devices/3-2/power/level  bash: echo: write error: Invalid argument17:51
piolthe only reason im not installing ubuntu is beacuse of its unity interface17:51
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic17:51
piolother wise its my choice17:51
theadminpiol: Use Xubuntu, it has a GNOME2-style interface known as Xfce.17:51
uhelpfunky1: vmware doesn't claim it is being claimed .... I checked this first thing17:51
holsteinpiol: many other desktop environments are available, such as LXDE, that i use17:51
theadminpiol: And is supported by the Ubuntu community.17:52
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions.... plz guide17:52
piolim using lxde17:52
theadminpiol: Then use Lubuntu ;)17:52
ikoniahe's on a lubuntu livecd, I think he's on top of it17:52
piollubuntu it seems17:52
Mace268uhelp use sudo on that command17:52
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions.... plz guide17:52
holsteinpiol: then, you are using ubuntu..17:52
pioli am using it17:52
GEEGEEGEEIs there anything like Microsoft Word on Ubuntu? Ive found open/libre office to be quite buggy and just awful17:52
piollol its true17:52
uhelpMace268 was running as root17:52
bazhang!repeat | mayank417:52
ubottumayank4: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:52
Mace268ah ok17:52
theadminGEEGEEGEE: That's the closest you can get honestly, sadly office suites are problematic :/ Especially when it comes to Microsoft document support.17:52
JonNRbGEEGEEGEE: you can always run Word in Wine17:53
uhelpI think the instructions are correctish17:53
uhelpwe need to know what command to send to power it down17:53
uhelpthen the command to power it up17:53
GEEGEEGEEEven when saving in the format they are supposed to support the formatting gets screwed up theadmin17:53
uhelpmaybe it needs to go to some file other than level or the command isn't suspend17:53
theadminGEEGEEGEE: LibreOffice supports OpenDocument completely, so I don't know what your problem is then..17:53
kostkonGEEGEEGEE, check Kingsoft WPS office. it's a ms office clone17:54
uhelpGEEGEEGEE: it isn't close to word as you probably like but you can try abiword17:54
kostkonGEEGEEGEE, http://www.wps-community.org/17:54
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions.... plz guide17:55
piolmayank4 not even eth0?17:55
MonkeyDust!wifi | mayank417:55
ubottumayank4: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:55
mayank4ubotti: i tried that17:56
mayank4but in vain17:56
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uhelpcat  /sys/bus/usb/devices/3-2/manufacturer might allow you to tell the device even if dmesg from when it is plugged in is gone17:57
uhelphowever I still cannot find the right thing to type to power down the device17:57
uhelpI tried 0ff 0 suspend and some others17:58
holsteinuhelp: what device? "sudo halt".. or "sudo shutdown -h now" should work on ubuntu17:58
JuJuBeeikonia: can I install grub 2 if grub 2 is not already installed?17:58
reisiothat's how most people install grub 2 :)17:59
reisioand by most I mean all, of course, heh17:59
ikoniaJuJuBee: it's not something I'd recommend you do on an 11.10 machine17:59
ikoniaJuJuBee: as I said, check what version of ubuntu you are using, check the data is there, then it's easy to work out what to do18:00
piolJuJuBee : uname -a  or uname -r18:00
ikoniapiol: he can't boot his machine18:00
Mace268uhelp try http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1163824/linux-usb-turning-the-power-on-and-off18:01
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uhelpMace268: suspend is no longer supported (see https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=95659)18:03
uhelphowever level is deprecated so even the new instructions are old18:03
uhelpthey want you to use control now but I have yet to figure out what to type18:04
uhelpholstein: I need to power down a usb port and then power it back up18:06
uhelpholstein: all I am trying to do is mount the USB drive but apparently that is a hard thing to do after the USB device is disconnected from a virtual machine18:06
Mace268uhelp there are other ideas besides sending suspend on that page, like sending commands to /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb/unbind and /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb/bind18:06
reisiouhelp: impossible, I'd say, needs to be connected18:06
uhelpMace268: I wanted to try those but thought if I could figure out the first option faster -- maybe not and I should switch off of learning how to use "control"18:07
uhelpreisio: I don't understand -- what do you think needs to be connected?  The USB drive is physically in the slot and vmware can connect it to a virtual machine so I expect to be able to connect it to the host.18:08
uhelpreisio: worst case I could connect it to a host and share it as a networked drive but that is ... crazy18:09
redditanalyticshello, I am getting an error when install php5-fpm18:09
reisioyou just said it was disconnected :p18:09
jribredditanalytics: you should pastebin the error18:10
uhelpreisio: it is disconnected logically -- but physically it is there18:10
reisioah :)18:10
redditanalyticshere is the error:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5970769/18:10
jribredditanalytics: apt-cache policy php5-fpm php5-common18:11
MonkeyDustredditanalytics  did you    sudo apt-get update     first?18:11
redditanalyticsMonkeyDust -- http://paste.ubuntu.com/5970776/18:12
redditanalyticsyes I did apt-get update18:12
redditanalyticsI added the universe repos18:12
redditanalyticsthen did the update18:12
Ampelbeinredditanalytics: You didn't add the precise-updates universe repo18:13
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redditanalyticswhat is the easiest way to do that18:13
Ampelbeinredditanalytics: How did you activate the universe repo in the first place?18:14
redditanalyticsI used this -- sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu $(lsb_release -sc) main universe restricted multiverse"18:14
yiyoit is true that the ubuntu kernel contains some propietary software?18:14
theadminyiyo: Uh, no. That doesn't even make sense.18:15
mayank4but in vain18:15
Ampelbeinyiyo: It contains a few binary blobs, I think.18:16
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions.... plz guide18:16
theadminAmpelbein: I am *quite* sure all proprietary drivers need to be installed from the repos and are modules.18:16
redditanalyticsis the reason why the candidate versions mismatch is because I didn't add the precise-updates universe repo?18:16
Ampelbeinredditanalytics: yes18:16
yiyoso I think i'll move to another distro that really cares for my freedoom18:16
redditanalyticsso I should just add that to my sources.list file then?18:16
theadminyiyo: Use gNewSense, Stallman-approved :P18:17
yiyoI think i'll install trisquel18:17
Ampelbeintheadmin: /lib/firmware/2.6.22-14-generic/ql2300_fw.bin is contained in linux-image-3.5.0-18-generic for example.18:18
Ampelbeintheadmin: linux-image-3.5.0-18-generic: /lib/firmware/3.5.0-18-generic/qlogic/1040.bin18:18
theadminAmpelbein: But that's a readily-built image. I suppose the source for that is available, no?18:18
Ampelbeintheadmin: Let me check, at least in Debian it's in non-free.18:19
theadminyiyo: Trisquel is Ubuntu based, you're not making much sense here :D Anyway, that's not supported here. Only Ubuntu is.18:19
theadminAmpelbein: Ah, hm... okay. Oh well, user experience is placed above the strange concept of "freedom" in Ubuntu anyways.18:19
redditanalyticsthank you Ampelbein -- that worked18:20
Ampelbeintheadmin: That doesn't change the fact that the Ubuntu kernel contains proprietary software though.18:20
redditanalyticsappreciate your time18:20
theadminAmpelbein: Guess so :D18:20
theadminAmpelbein: Ubuntu has a FOSS install mode though. No idea what that does.18:20
theadminAmpelbein: When you boot the live image, hold Shift, choose Modes => Free Software Only.18:21
Ampelbeintheadmin: I know.18:21
MonkeyDustAmpelbein  true, and that's why ubuntu is so popular18:21
theadminAmpelbein: That at least excludes non-FOSS repositories, but I dunno about those binary blobs18:21
yiyotrisquel is aproved to be 100% free https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-distros.html18:21
theadminyiyo: Well, install whatever you want, but don't ask for support here later. Have fun.18:22
uhelpMace268 and resio: what do you think? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5970807/18:22
anoneehello, is there a way to use grep instead of pidof in this script:18:23
anoneeI used to use this command to achieve the same18:23
anoneeps -ef | grep program-name | grep -v grep | awk {'print $2'}18:23
uhelpJonNRb: when you found out about ports not supporting USB 2 properly what was the reason?  Is there a firmware upgrade for the W520/W530 that might solve it (even though I don't think it is my current issue)?18:23
anoneebut I'm not sure how to edit this line to make it replace18:23
anoneeif pidof x $PMS > /dev/null ||18:23
FloodBot1anonee: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:23
jribanonee: what exactly do you want to accomplish?18:23
yiyoyes i won't search for support from a community that does not care for my freedoom!!!18:23
Ampelbeinyiyo: That's fine.18:24
reisiogood to know18:24
jribyiyo: that's great; this channel is for support though.  If you want to share your distro choices and reasons, please join us in #ubuntu-offtopic18:24
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions.... plz guide18:25
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions.... plz guide18:25
mayank4sir when using iwconfig, it is showing no wireless extensions.... plz guide18:25
FloodBot1mayank4: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:25
anoneejrib shutdown button is not working when in login screen, so I'm trying to fix the script, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1669946&highlight=login+shutdown+%20power+button suggested that I add the line /sbin/shutdown -h now before the mentioned above, but I think there should be a better way18:25
zetherooI thought swap was only used when RAM was maxed out ... why if over 400MB swap being used when only half of my 4GB of RAM is used?18:26
reisiozetheroo: that isn't exactly the case :)18:27
bonhoefferhow do i see my locale?18:27
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reisiobonhoeffer: run 'locale'18:27
uhelpzetheroo: swap allows for more cache to be available when there is data in ram not normally used18:27
reisiozetheroo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swappiness18:27
bonhoefferreisio: thanks!18:27
theadminzetheroo: Linux doesn't waste available resources, it uses them for maximal performance. That's the general reason. To be specific, see the stuff described at http://linuxatemyram.com -- this applies to swap too18:27
zetherooI see18:27
uhelpzetheroo: so even if you have 1TiB of ram non-used portion of memory can be swapped out to make way for more cache thus increasing speed18:27
JuJuBeeikonia: OK, burned 13.04 and booted.  My data seems fine and the partiitions are fine as well.18:28
jribanonee: interesting.  Have you determined if that line just has a typo?  Should it be "-x" and not "x"?18:28
zetherooI just thought that because memory is so much faster than swap on the HDD that the memory should first be used - wouldn't that be "best performance"?18:29
reisiozetheroo: it is first used18:29
Mace268can I reclaim swap space and add it to my root partition if I operd for LVM on install?18:29
JuJuBeeHow do I find the version of the current install?18:29
jrib!version | JuJuBee18:29
ubottuJuJuBee: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »18:29
reisioMace268: hrmm?18:29
Mace268opped* :S18:29
zetherooreisio: I mean used the max18:29
theadminJuJuBee: Ubuntu version? lsb_release -sc18:29
reisioMace268: opped?18:29
reisiozetheroo: see the link I gave18:29
Mace268chose :)18:29
zetheroowill do ;)18:29
reisioMace268: yes, also if you didn't chose18:29
JuJuBeetheadmin: Im booted from CD18:30
Mace268I don't think I'm gonna need 16GB Swap bit I might need the space eventually18:30
Mace268sorry my typing bites today :S18:30
theadminJuJuBee: Ah. Err. Locate the file /etc/os-release on your install partition and read it.18:30
uhelpMace268: was the strace helpful for the bind / unbind attempt?18:31
anoneejrib I'll try that, thank you.18:31
Mace268not sure what you mean uhelp18:31
JuJuBeethanks, 12.1018:31
reisioMace268: you'll always need more space eventually18:32
jribanonee: I don't think it would cause the script to fail though18:32
reisioMace268: and it's going to be more than 16GB that you'll need18:32
reisiowhich is a good reason to get more space in the form of additional drives18:32
uhelpMace268: I tried bind and unbind without any error (or positive results that I can see) http://paste.ubuntu.com/5970807/18:32
Mace268reisio, Yes true, but is there a good read on working with LVM so I can at least get some of that back?18:33
reisioMace268: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lvm#Resizing_Partitions-118:34
Mace268uhelp, I don't know anything about it TBH, I was just helping you google :)18:34
Mace268thanks reisio18:34
anoneejrib in fact I think it's because pidof itself doesn't return anything when the program is run by another user id, I've got the same problem when trying to know the pidof deluged (deluge daemon), so for now Im gonna add this - and try logging out and shutting down, and see, I'll give you feedback18:34
uhelpMace268: thank you for helping me google -- I really don't think this should be as hard as it is but apparently I am SOL for the time being18:35
jribanonee: that script should be executed as root though, isn't it?18:35
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juju32how can i get a text list of all applications (not packages) installed? i am having difficulty copying the one in the software center.18:35
jribjuju32: why do you want this?18:35
anoneeyes, jrib, pidof isn't working when I use sudo, this is the point18:35
jribanonee: what are you running exactly?18:35
uhelpjuju32A: you can use find to search for executable files18:35
uhelpanonee: I didn't read the rest of what you typed but is pidof in the super user's path?18:37
anoneeubuntu 12.04.2  32 bit, GNOME 3.4 in fallback mode, everything works fine when I'm in any of the unity shell, GNOME shell, or the GNOME fallback mode (GNOME Classic) as ubuntu calls it.18:37
JuJuBeeikonia: I have the info now, was using 12.10 not 11.1018:37
juju32jrib: long story short, i need to print that information.18:38
jribjuju32: since you won't answer that question, how do you define "application"?18:38
JuJuBeeikonia: Thinking it is just time to upgrade to 13.04.  That should take care of it, right?18:38
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anoneejrib ubuntu 12.04.2  32 bit, GNOME 3.4 in fallback mode, everything works fine when I'm in any of the unity shell, GNOME shell, or the GNOME fallback mode (GNOME Classic) as ubuntu calls it.18:38
uhelpjuju32: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4458120/unix-find-search-for-executable-files18:38
anoneeuhelp could u please remind me how to check that?18:38
juju32uhelp: ok thank you, will try that.18:39
uhelpanonee: echo $PATH18:39
juju32jrib: sorry dont mean to not be polite but it's really a long boring story and i dont see how it is important. you know when in the software center you can view all installed software? that's what i need. but in text in libreoffice.18:41
jribjuju32: pretty sure that's just a package list.  I'm asking you questions because what you've asked for is vague18:41
reisiojuju32: most applications are made up of more than one executable18:41
GoatmanHow do I tell if I’m running the Radeon driver or just the VESA drivers?18:42
reisiojuju32: what you could do is for i in $(dpkg -l); do dpkg -L "$i" | grep -i bin | grep -i "$i"; done18:42
reisiojuju32: that'd get you close18:42
uhelpI am going to leave now to go purchase an external ethernet drive since the USB drive is impossible for me to figure out how to mount without physically touching it.  GGGRRRRR18:42
reisiouhelp: what'd you try so far?18:42
uhelpreisio: fdisk doesn't show the device so mount won't work so I tried messing around in /sys/bus/usb/devices/3-2/power without luck18:43
uhelpreisio: then I tried http://paste.ubuntu.com/5970807/18:43
anoneeuhelp /home/<myusername>/bin:/usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games18:44
reisiouhelp: fdisk not showing it doesn't necessarily mean mount won't work18:44
juju32reisio: thanks18:44
uhelpanonee is the program in one of those?  if not you need to add it18:44
uhelpreisio: I was unable to get mount to work -- there is no corresponding device under /dev18:45
reisiouhelp: is there anything on the disk?18:45
uhelpreisio: yes18:45
anoneeuhelp I understand that I should add pidof to one of those?18:45
reisiouhelp: and it's for sure powered and also connected to the computer? (you tried a different port?)18:45
uhelpanonee: add the directory which has pidof not the path to pidof itself18:45
uhelpreisio: I can connect it to a virtual machine and it works fine18:46
anoneeuhelp how to?18:46
uhelpreisio: I can disconnect it from that virtual machine and can't get it connected to the host without unplugging it and plugging it back --- which only works if I am physically there18:46
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uhelpanonee: in ~/.bashrc (of root) add PATH=$PATH:/new/path   (then exit terminal and reenter)18:47
reisiouhelp: ah18:47
reisiouhelp: well I'm sure the channel for the VM software you're using could help, then18:47
reisiouhelp: but, you could also avoid the issue altogether18:47
uhelpreisio: pm me and I will check your msg when I am back --- now I am leaving for a while (1 hour +-?)18:47
reisiouhelp: access it via a network/share instead of directly connecting it to the VM18:47
juju32other question: is there an easy newsletter creator software or something like that?18:48
reisiojuju32: for print?18:48
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reisiojuju32: try scribus18:48
reisiojuju32: inkscape could also do, depending on what exactly you mean18:48
juju32reisio: for email18:48
reisiooh for email18:48
reisiojuju32: that is a realm of deep voodoo18:48
reisioI advise you avoid it at all costs, children, family, muffins18:48
GoatmanHi, I was wondering if anyone here knows the proper way to check for open source Radeon driver functionality?18:49
juju32reisio: what do you think of this http://www.campaignmonitor.com/ ?18:50
reisioGoatman: functionality?18:50
Goatmanreisio: Yes, is it being used or does it work18:50
juju32i mean i would prefer if there was an app i could install. but if not...18:50
reisiojuju32: no idea, presumably they test whether things render appropriately, that's all one can do18:51
bo0t_versus_oneAlexLikeRock toda esa informacion donde se supone que yo la ponga18:51
rhaguhi, I did this: sudo rsync -an --progress --stats * /datenraid/Filme/Video/   and got: "Number of files: 40 Number of files transferred: 28" does this mean rsync checked, if the missing 12 files are exactly the same as the ones at the source, or did it just check if some files with the same name existed?18:51
reisioGoatman: glxinfo | grep -i 'direct rendering' is usually telling18:51
reisioGoatman: and glxgears18:51
Goatmanthank you18:51
juju32is there an irc channel for newsletter help?18:52
reisioI doubt it18:52
reisio#html or #css might be the best there is, but they'll just refer you to resources18:53
juju32it's more complicated than i thought. i mean there are many things to take into account....18:53
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reisiojuju32: it's a total mess18:54
juju32i think a piece of software to make it easy would be needed....18:54
reisiocould be justified, yes18:54
reisioI dare say most people interested in simplifying the task decide that email newsletters are the devil and quit :p18:54
reisiobut we digress18:55
sykoIf ecryptfs stops working and I can't access my files or something bad happens, how can I recover? or if my linux kernel gets broken, how can I fix? or if I can't boot, how can I fix it?18:55
reisiosyko: 1) hypothetical 2) fix kernel or boot from live media 3) boot from live media or take hard disk out18:55
reisios/hypothetical/not specific enough/18:56
juju32bye and thanks again18:56
sykoreisio: hypothetical means what?18:57
reisionot specific enough18:57
reisiothe answer would require several hours and megabytes18:57
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reisioas long as you have a copy of the data on a device that isn't physically broken, you can get your data18:59
reisioand in rare cases, if you have lots of money but not enough sense to have had a backup system, even if the device is broken18:59
anoneeuhelp, pidof is in /bin19:00
reisiobecause a lot can break in, for example, an ordinary hard disk which has many moving parts19:00
reisiowithout actually damaging the platters19:00
reisioit's just highly involved to fix them :p19:00
sykoi see19:00
sykoso if my ubuntu doesn't boot up19:00
sykohow can I fix?19:01
sykowithout losing my data19:01
MonkeyDustsyko  depends on the error messages and such19:01
reisiothe only way you lose data is if you physically break your storage device (and you don't have a backup system, which you should have), or if you explicitly go out of your way to delete it19:01
reisiojust not booting up doesn't necessarily mean anything about your data19:01
sykoIs there any lightweight forensics/recovery distro that can help fix ecryptfs, kernel booting problems, or recover and fix your distro?19:02
reisiopotentially the OS files, yes19:02
reisiosyko: the Ubuntu install media should probably suffice most of the time19:02
reisiobut there are more comprehensive ones19:02
sykoIs there anything I can do from where I can re-install my OS files if something is wrong? without losing my files in /opt/ and /home/zodiac19:02
shadedpixelsyko, System recovery disk, or the debian live media19:02
shadedpixelsyko, Yes i beleive you can just perform an upgrade from the CD, witch would just replace the system files19:03
reisiosyko: you can reinstall OS files from the Ubuntu install media, that is after all its purpose19:03
anoneejaril I added the - but it didn't work, suggestions?19:03
sykoUbuntu install media?19:04
reisiosyko: install disk, image, iso, etc.19:04
shadedpixelsyko, The disk you used to install ubuntu19:04
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reisioyou can boot it and 'try' the OS as opposed to just running the installer19:05
reisioand the installer may have some options for recovery as well19:05
sykoI mean, how can I reinstall my OS files without losing my files in /opt/ and /home/ and such.19:05
Guest44800hey this isn't technically ubuntu related but it's super easy but I just can't figure it out, need help with vimrc/.vimrc/~/.vimrc19:05
jribGuest44800: ask your actual question19:05
reisiosyko: the most straightforward way is to have a backup19:06
EricJSo, anyone feel up to helping me troubleshoot 5.1 audio on an old Nvidia ION? (ALC662) I'm only getting sound on 2 channels.19:06
sykoreisio: I don't exactly understand, can you be more specific?19:06
Guest44800jrib: trying to just set the vimrc, but not sure it should be a directory or actual ...file?  or if i'm thinking about this the right way19:06
reisiosyko: something you should have regardless19:06
sykoI have a LiveUSB of ubuntu.19:06
anonee jrib I added the - but it didn't work, suggestions? jaril sorry wrong nick19:06
jribGuest44800: ~/.vimrc is a file19:06
reisioEricJ: alsamixer, tab around, toggle things19:06
reisioEricJ: what nvidia ion device do you have that does 5.1 audio, though?19:06
jribanonee: you never told me exactly what you are running that is failing19:06
shadedpixelsyko, same idea you can boot from the USB and use that to re-install system files so you can boot19:07
Guest44800jrib:  in the home   or  '~'  directory?  so i'll be able to see it in my home folder?19:07
shadedpixelsyko, or whatever your trying to reinstall19:07
jribGuest44800: ~ means $HOME which usually means /home/username19:07
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EricJreisio: the board supposedly got 3 audio devices: over HDMI, some digital/optical stuff, and old-fashioned analog. I'm using analog.19:07
reisioEricJ: far out19:07
sykoshadedpixel: I can boot from the USB and re-install system files without losing any data in /home/ and /opt/?19:07
reisioEricJ: well what I already said, look out for 'IEC'19:08
sykois there a option for that, shadedpixel?19:08
shadedpixelsyko, There should be recovery options on the liveusb/cd19:08
EricJreisio: IEC? Care to elaborate?19:08
sykoshadedpixel: like where?19:08
sykoand can I use systemrecoverCD?19:08
Guest44800jrib:  sooo... suppose I i'm in home in terminal and i 'vim .vimrc'  type nothing and just ':w'  and ':q'  ...does vim no recognize that .vimrc?19:08
reisioEricJ: it's part of a code name for the optical out19:08
jribGuest44800: it does, but an empty .vimrc wouldn't do anything...19:09
anoneejrib thank you, it's the power icon when in login screen, it's not working and I'm having to login, and then shutdown from inside my session... people are suggesting this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1669946&highlight=login+shutdown+%20power+button and I think that if nobody has a better idea then I'm gonna just use what they suggested.19:09
jribI think.  Maybe it changes nocompatible behavior.  can't remember19:09
shadedpixelsyko, Just choose the upgrade option from the installation wizard, this will leave your files untouched but replace system files19:09
EricJreisio: Oh, I don't use the optical out. Using the analog out, classic pink/green/blue jacks in the back.19:09
jribanonee: you said "pidof" wasn't working when you tried it.  i asked you what exactly you were trying19:09
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Guest44800jrib: right, okay so i'm going to write  ':set nu'  to it and now all my vim files have the numbering lines right?  or does it no work that way?19:09
sykoshadedpixel: thank you so much!19:09
reisioEricJ: optical'd be better...19:10
sykoI'll try that.19:10
jribGuest44800: yes, you can do that.  Though the ':' isn't needed in .vimrc19:10
shadedpixelsyko, No problem. If you experience any issues just come back here and we can help you out19:10
reisioEricJ: or S/PDIF, optical or not19:10
sykoshadedpixel: do you have any knowledge about ecryptfs?19:10
EricJreisio: no doubt, but that's the cable I got :)19:10
shadedpixelsyko, No I've never used it just ext4 and ext3 :D19:10
sykohaha :D19:11
lubuntu_wow ubunutu has got a big community19:11
sykolubuntu_: yep!19:11
sykogood amount of support. :)19:11
EricJreisio: anyway, it was working fine up until I did a "aptitude safe-upgrade". Now, I can't find what's bad for the life of me.19:11
Guest44800jrib: hmm tried 'vim .vimrc' and got "Cannot source a directory: "$HOME/.vimrc"19:11
shadedpixellubuntu_ I actually use debian, but thats what ubuntu is based upon19:11
sykothis is why I switched to Ubuntu.19:11
sykobecause their support is awesome!19:11
reisioEricJ: check the log, then, and undo things19:11
jribGuest44800: because you have created a directory called ~/.vimrc.  You should delete it19:11
reisiormdir ~/.vimrc19:11
Guest44800jrib should i del-  ahhhh ok19:11
lubuntu_shadedpixel i do not like debian 7 this time because of gnome 319:11
lubuntu_kinda slows my pc19:12
reisioso don't use it19:12
anoneejrib when you click the power icon it triggers the file /etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh which has a pidof line, and I think that its because pidof is not working that's why the script is doing nothing, and they added /sbin/shutdown -h now before if pidof x $PMS > /dev/null ||19:12
rypervenchelubuntu_: You can chose a different desktop environment on Debian.19:12
EricJreisio: any idea if mismatching ALSA version between libraries and driver is bad? My libraries are 1.0.25 but the driver is
EricJreisio: the only bug I found about that was close as invalid however, so... not sure.19:12
jribanonee: did you not say that pidof was not working when you tried it?19:12
lubuntu_rypervenche is it begineer friendly??19:12
reisiomixmatching most things is bad :p19:12
Guest44800jrib: i can't view the directory in the Gnome gui file explorer thing, so remove it via terminal right?  although... why can't i view it?  shouldn't it be a folder called '.vimrc' ?19:12
reisioif an update has broken something, you need to re/install other things, or un-update :p19:12
shadedpixellubuntu_ I don't use debian 7, i use debian sid and I also just use dwm for my desktop environment19:12
lubuntu_does it feel good for a newbie like me?19:13
jribGuest44800: by default files (and directories) that start with a '.' are hidden (so as not to clutter your workspace).  You can go to view -> show hidden files, or use the command reisio gave19:13
lubuntu_i mean will it19:13
rypervenchelubuntu_: See my PM.19:13
EricJreisio: right, time to read up on apt pinning or whatever then. Thanks. :]19:13
reisioEricJ: or just proper comprehensive upgrade procedure19:13
anoneejrib when I try it from inside my session for programs that are running under my user id then yes it works, otherwise no, and this problem is common...19:13
shadedpixellubuntu_, Debian is ubuntu without Unity on a basic level :P19:13
jribanonee: when you say "try it" what do you mean?19:14
lubuntu_alrigthy then19:14
reisioexcept you can install unity on debian if you want19:14
Guest44800jrib:  ahhhh i see.  makes 100% sense now.  I screwed it up when i made that directory... no wonder google wasn't helping19:14
reisiosilly google19:14
shadedpixellubuntu_, The difference is you have to install most everything yourself, ubuntu comes with everything pre-installed but with debian you just install what you need19:14
lubuntu_oh ? i see19:15
shadedpixelmore manual setup in a sence19:15
sykoshadedpixel: archlinux or ubuntu?19:15
sykoin terms of customization and eyecandy.19:15
lubuntu_but it's so hard to find the download link for debian19:15
shadedpixelsyko, Customization? Arch Linux by far19:15
lubuntu_can someone give a link19:15
lubuntu_straightly to the download lol19:15
shadedpixellubuntu_, 64 bit or 32 bit?19:15
sykoshadedpixel: is there any ebook you recommend for me so I can get a idea how can I run ArchLinux professionally and install it and customize things?19:16
sykoa ebook which explains that...etc19:16
lubuntu_i want 32 bit19:16
Guest44800jrib: aweeeesommmeee, finally to see it work and see the numbering and other stuff working now... so awesome...19:16
sykolubuntu_: I use 32bit aswell.19:16
lubuntu_a GUI other than GNOME 319:16
shadedpixelsyko, They have a beginners guide on there wiki but I do't know of any ebooks19:16
lubuntu_a much lightweight one19:16
sykolubuntu_: how much is your RAM?19:16
davidkrausersyko: the arch wiki is really good. Don't need a book. See: wiki.archlinux.org19:16
anoneejrib for example I could run $ sudo pidof conky or # pidof conky or $ pidof conky  they all work, but when I try # pidof deluged or $ pidof deluged it won't work19:16
lubuntu_lol how do i check19:17
Guest44800jrib: thanks a lot man, that was some quick responding! :D #ubuntu rules!19:17
lubuntu_lets say it is very small19:17
lubuntu_the machine is a netbook19:17
shadedpixellubuntu_, less than 1GB?19:17
lubuntu_its an HP-Mini something19:18
shadedpixellubuntu_, also do you have access to the internet on your netbook? Like via a ethernet cable?19:18
lubuntu_no ethernet19:18
lubuntu_i go for wireless19:18
sykolubuntu_: gnome 3 is poison for your laptop.19:18
sykolubuntu_: use xfce.19:18
lubuntu_thats what i am talking about19:18
sykolubuntu_: xfce is lightweight and uses only 90MB RAM19:18
shadedpixelXFCE or LXDE19:18
lubuntu_so can anyone send me  a link to download debian19:18
lubuntu_32 bit xfce19:18
shadedpixellubuntu_, Im getting it for ya :)19:19
sykoshadedpixel: lxde or xfce? in terms of less-RAM usage.19:19
lubuntu_lxde win19:19
reisioLXDE should technically use less, at the outset19:19
house_of_reasonLightweight doesn’t necessarily mean better ;)19:19
reisioitsme5n: hi19:19
reisiohouse_of_reason: that, too19:19
itsme5nhi all19:19
reisioitsme5n: hi again19:19
lubuntu_house_of_reason but it means faster19:19
itsme5nreisio, hi19:19
house_of_reasondepends what you use your OS for19:20
samehhello iam sameh i need help i install ubuntu 11 i have problem reslution know plz any help19:20
lubuntu_thats true19:20
Flannellubuntu_: http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/7.1.0/i386/bt-cd/debian-7.1.0-i386-lxde-CD-1.iso.torrent  it's not hard at all.  Also, #debian could probably help (http://www.debian.org/CD/torrent-cd/ has links)19:20
jribanonee: what does « ps -ef | grep deluge » show you?19:20
itsme5ni am trying to install bactract tools in ubuntu19:20
itsme5ncan anyone has list of imp pentest tools??19:20
sykoitsme5n: try #kali-linux19:20
samehhello iam sameh i need help i install ubuntu 11 i have problem reslution know plz any help19:20
shadedpixelFlannel, but does he know how to use bittorrent?19:21
itsme5nsyko, ok19:21
davidkrausersameh: what problems are you having?19:21
Flannelshadedpixel: His OS probably does.  Using bittorrent means he doesn't need to know how to check the md5 manually.19:21
samehscreen reslution with ubuntu 1119:21
shadedpixellubuntu_, Are you going to be using a USB or CD for installing?19:21
shadedpixelor DVD19:22
lubuntu_thank you Flannel19:22
itsme5njoin #kali-linux19:22
lubuntu_im going to do that itsme5n19:22
shadedpixellubuntu_, Did you get it? ;)19:22
sykoitsm35n, it's /join #kali-linux19:22
sykowith the "/"19:22
davidkrausersameh: is the resolution too low? Have you tried changing it in the preferences?19:22
shadedpixelFlannel, I stand correncted :)19:22
samehdavidkrauser> screen reslution with ubuntu 1119:22
shadedpixellubuntu_, Sure, enjoy debian19:22
sykocan I use SystemRecoveryCD to repair ubuntu?19:23
shadedpixelsyko, no but you can backup your files with it19:23
shadedpixelsyko, System rescue CD is based on gentoo not ubuntu :P19:24
davidkrausersameh: sorry. Have you tried going to the system settings menu from the menu bar and looked at the monitor or display pane?19:24
kosnickhi, ubuntu 13.04 dont have "create new document" in my right click menu. I added "new.txt" inside ~/Templates and made it 777 but nothing changed. Any help?19:24
anoneejrib http://pastebin.com/SVLVKFUu19:24
sykoshadedpixel: how can I backup /home/? /home/ is around 31GB, but how can I make it lower lol19:24
sykolike compressing it.19:24
samehdavidkrauser> screen reslution with ubuntu 1119:24
sykoI just need to backup /home/19:24
davidkrausersameh: http://www.myapitips.com/2011/11/02/how-to-change-monitor-resolution-in-ubuntu-11-10/19:24
samehplz help i have problem in screen reslution with ubuntu 1119:24
jribanonee: you have nothing running as "deluged"19:25
shadedpixelsyko, yah you can use System rescue cd to backup your /home/ direcetory to a usb drive or online, etc.19:25
sykodo I have to install system recovercd to backup my /home/ directory?19:25
shadedpixelsyko, no19:25
sykoI can't do it on my distro?19:25
MonkeyDustsyko  I use rsync -a to backup to an external usb disk19:26
sameh$ xrandr  $: command not found  <davidkrauser>19:26
shadedpixelsyko, you just boot from the live CD (or USB whatever you use) and you can use the file manager to copy and paste your home folder to a usb or back it up to dropbox or a similar service19:26
sameh$ xrandr  $: command not found  <davidkrauser>19:26
sameh$ xrandr  $: command not found  <davidkrauser>19:26
FloodBot1sameh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:26
jribanonee: you have python running though.  Probably with -x, you will get output for pidof -x deluged19:27
sykoMonkeyDust: which command do I have to enter to backup my /home/ directory to /dev/sdb1 (aka /media/[USB NAME])19:27
jribanonee: I must go but I suggest you try executing the actual powerbtn script, inserting debug print statements and using set -x, to figure out where it is failing19:27
anoneeit worked!19:27
anoneejrib thanks for your help19:28
shadedpixelsyko, You could also do what MonkeyDust said basically use and live cd and just use "rsync -a /home/[your username] /dev/[whatever your usb is]19:28
MonkeyDustsyko  rsync -a /home/[username] /media/[usb name]19:28
shadedpixel*any live cd is what i ment not and :P19:29
kosnickwhy my ~/Templates directory is not working? i put a "new.txt" file in there (made it executable) but still i dont get it in my right click menu. Anyone?19:29
sykoI'll try rsync!19:30
Dr_Williskosnick:  perhaps you need to restart nautilus , or log out/back in?19:30
shadedpixelsyko, yah it might be the fastest method19:30
sykoI see!19:30
kosnickDr_Willis: already done that, even restarted. How to restart nautilus?19:31
shadedpixelsyko, you may want to use not just -a but -v to so you can see what is going on (-v for verbose)19:31
Dr_Williskosnick:  if youlogged out - then you have restarted it.19:31
MonkeyDustsyko  if you want to see what happens, use rsync -av --progress --delete [source] [dest]19:31
kosnickDr_Willis: ok19:31
Dr_Williskosnick:  perhaps check askubuntu.com - personally i delete that template folder.19:31
anoneeanyone can tell me where I can read to do what jrib suggested? he suggests that I try executing the actual powerbtn script, inserting debug print statements and using set -x, to figure out, I don't know how to do this?19:31
shadedpixelMonkeyDust, why --delete?19:32
kosnickDr_Willis: well maybe that is my problem. I think i deleted it some time and now i cant have the "new document" option there19:32
Guest44800anyone here using smuxi?  what is its' process name how do you access it via terminal?  like suppose you wanted to start smuxi?19:32
kosnickDr_Willis: or the upgrade to 13.04 did the job for me...19:32
sykorsync -av --progress --delete /home/user /dev/sdb119:32
sykois this right?19:32
sykowhat do these parameters mean: -av, --progress and --delete?19:32
sykoI am curious.19:32
MonkeyDustshadedpixel  it deletes what's no longer on the source, after it was rsynced to the dest19:33
shadedpixelsyko, --progress shows your progress and im pretty sure --delete will just remove your home directory from the hard drive after copying it over to the USB19:33
MonkeyDustsyko  shadedpixel no19:33
shadedpixelprogress of the transfer that is19:33
MonkeyDustshadedpixel  syko --delete deletes files on the backup, that are no longer on the source19:34
sykono! I don't want to delete my /home/ directory, dude.19:34
shadedpixelsyko, then just don't use the --delete flag19:34
MonkeyDustsyko  it only happens on the backup19:34
sykoMonkeyDust: if I run that with --delete, my /home/ will be deleted?19:34
MonkeyDustsyko  no19:35
shadedpixelsyko, if you want to play it safe then you can just use: rsync -av --progress /home/user /dev/sdb119:35
MonkeyDustsyko  if files were copied to usb, after that, they were deleted from /home, they will also be deleted on the backup, when you rsync again19:36
sykoand what does -av mean?19:37
sykoI understand v is verbose, but 'a'?19:37
MonkeyDust-av mens archive verbose19:37
shadedpixelsyko, what he/she said xD19:37
MonkeyDust-a means that existing files are skipped and left alone19:37
sykoalright, thank you for your time and help :)19:38
shadedpixelsyko, no problem19:38
shadedpixelim off to install debian testing :P19:38
sykoBoot sector corrupt. Config.sys missing. Disk cannot be read.19:41
=== felon_ is now known as sillyme
bekksThere is no config.sys in Ubuntu. Thats a DOS/Windows specific file, so please ask in ##windows19:41
sykobekks, I was testing something.19:42
sykoif my boot sector is corrupt, or if my disk can't be read, how can I fix it? or just reinstall my system files and will that fix it?19:42
bekks!grub2 | syko19:42
ubottusyko: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub219:42
MonkeyDustsyko  from the rsyn man page : "--delete     This  tells  rsync  to delete extraneous files from the receiving side (ones that aren’t on the sending side), but only for the directories that are being synchronized."19:43
sykoI see, monkeydust.19:44
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llu_i see lights on sky :)19:45
=== stackofc1ts is now known as stackofcats
sykobekks, what if grub is broken?...19:47
Darkstar1hi can someone target a site and tell me if the site is visually fine19:47
bekkssyko: Then you have to read the articles ubottu just gave you.19:47
GeorwlI am having problems with "warning sounds". I disabled them but if I am adjusting the sound I still hear that "popping" sound. I can't mute them.19:48
bekksDarkstar1: Why dont you just start a browser and look yourself? :)19:49
GeorwlDoes anyone know how to mute that?19:49
Darkstar1I have, but the client who is from elsewhere is telling me it's broken19:49
Dr_WillisGeorwl:  you mean a 'ding' thats the volume feedback ?19:49
Dr_WillisDarkstar1:  yes it sowkr.19:49
bekksDarkstar1: And your client is using Ubuntu?19:49
GeorwlDr_Willis: Yes19:50
Darkstar1bekks: no. windows19:50
ggherdovHi all. How do I check if package X is installed on my system ?19:50
Darkstar1chrome 28.19:50
MonkeyDustggherdov  apt-cache policy [package]19:50
bekksDarkstar1: Then I dont think its an Ubuntu-related problem.19:50
Dr_Willisggherdov:  try reinstalling it perhaps?   or theres dpkg options19:50
Darkstar1bekks: thanks19:50
ggherdovThanks MonkeyDust Dr_Willis19:51
lonewulf85I have an annoyance with my netbook, It is an acer aspire one AO722. My issue is with the elantech touchpad, it will stop working and force me to use the keyboard to navigate with. Any ideas on how to fix this? I am running Ubuntu 12.04 x86_6419:54
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:57
lonewulf85Also I ran xinput list in terminal and got this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5971099/19:58
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:58
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Georwlcan someone tell me in which the "warning sounds" are stored?20:00
mojtabaHi, I am new to linux world. Does anyone know a site which teach a command per day? ( I want to feed the RSS. :) )20:00
Dr_WillisGeorwl:  'locate .wav' or 'locate .ogg' may show them in the list20:01
EleonoreHello. I have xubuntu 13.04. And I want to install libglib 2.0-0 ( version: 2.36 ) ( http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/libglib2.0-0 ) because I need it for mysql-workbench. But when I try to install it it says that it breaks the current libglib-bin package. How can I do it ? thanks.20:02
Dr_Willis!info libglib20:04
ubottuPackage libglib does not exist in raring20:04
ethanIs there any way I can capture both microphone and build in monitor at the same time when recording?20:04
EleonoreI give the link of the package.20:04
Eleonoregave *20:04
Dr_Willis!info libglib2.0-020:04
ubottulibglib2.0-0 (source: glib2.0): GLib library of C routines. In component main, is required. Version 2.36.0-1ubuntu2 (raring), package size 957 kB, installed size 4185 kB20:04
Dr_Willisthat is the current version in the repos - it seems.. so how are you trying to install it?20:05
GeorwlDr_Willis: The terminal doesn't show me the whole list. I guess it is way longer. How do I make the terminal show me a bigger list?20:06
EleonoreNope, the current version is 2.34.1, and I need 2.36. I tried installing it downloading that package20:06
mojtabaHi, I am new to linux world. Does anyone know a site which teach a command per day? ( I want to feed the RSS. :) )20:06
Dr_WillisGeorwl: huh? you mean 'locate whatever  | more'  ?20:07
Dr_Willisbot just said the version was  2.36.020:07
GeorwlDr_Willis: yes that is also working. thx20:07
AmpelbeinEleonore: What is the output of "apt-cache policy libglib-2.0" and "lsb_release -r"?20:08
Dr_WillisGeorwl:  bash/command line fundamentals. ;)20:08
ggherdovhello, given the name of a file, how to know what package installed it?20:09
Dr_Willisggherdov:  apt-file  can be used for that20:09
Dr_Willis!info apt-file20:09
ubottuapt-file (source: apt-file): search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.5.1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 26 kB, installed size 136 kB20:09
EleonoreAmpelbein: ohhh lsb_release -r tells me 12.10 >.< I thought it was 13.0420:09
Ampelbeinggherdov: "dpkg -S /path/to/file"20:09
Ampelbeinggherdov: If it's a file already installed.20:09
ggherdovAmpelbein: Dr_Willis: thanks20:09
Dr_Willisapt-file works for packages not installed. ;)  i wonder if thats what ubotu uses.20:09
sykodo you guys know of any ebooks which can teach me everything about Linux (or almost)20:09
sykodr_willis: ubottu has feelings.20:10
AmpelbeinEleonore: See. You'd need to find a backport for quantal then.20:10
Dr_Willissyko:  10000's of ebooks online.   look for the Oreially ones.. and theres no one book for 'everything'20:10
=== kaktuskuchen is now known as Guest23554
sykoI see.20:10
Dr_Willissyko:  id suggest starting with the ubuntu 'manual' then the orealy 'using bash' book.20:10
EleonoreYes, thanks Ampelbein20:10
Dr_Willisthen focus on whatever topixs you want20:10
AmpelbeinEleonore: And given the amount of rdepends, I doubt there is one.20:11
sykoubuntu's manual and using bash book20:11
sykocan teach me 98% of Linux?20:11
sykoor 70%?20:11
ryanzimhow can i rename all photos in a directory recursively from 0000 and up20:12
ryanzimpreferably organizing them by the date they were take20:12
reisioryanzim: you want to replace them with numbers?20:12
ggherdovHello, how do I tell dpkg to update the list of avail packages? I recently added a repo20:12
Dr_Willissyko:  any book that covered 70% of EVERYTHING linux could do would still be huge.20:12
reisioryanzim: first you'd need to determine whether they all have exif timestamps20:12
Dr_Willissyko:  focus on the topic you are interested.. then just read whatever else you can find of interest20:12
ryanzimreisio i want to replace the filenames with numbers because they were taken with different cameras20:12
zambzHi there I use xubuntu . I somehow dragged my gnome bottom panel to the middle of the monitor and then lost it . cannot retreive it any suggestions ?20:13
reisioryanzim: uhuh...20:13
ryanzimresio there are timestamps20:13
Ampelbeinggherdov: dpkg only lists files in installed packages, you want apt-file for files that are not yet installed (Dr_Willis' suggestion)20:13
ryanzimresisio in an online image gallery it looks odd with differently formatted filenames20:13
Dr_Willisryanzim:  theres some rename utils in the repos.   i tend to use 'qmv' at times. Or i cheat and use that 'bulk rename utility' in wine. (since i know how to use it well from my windows days)20:13
reisioryanzim: do they all have the same extension?20:13
Dr_Willis!find qmv20:14
ubottuFile qmv found in renameutils20:14
EleonoreWell, anyone knows how to solve this ? → http://oi44.tinypic.com/mict90.jpg   . I removed it ( with purge too ) reinstalled many times but it continues.20:14
Dr_Willis!info renameutils20:14
ubotturenameutils (source: renameutils): Programs to make file renaming easier. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12.0-1 (raring), package size 123 kB, installed size 645 kB20:14
mojtabaHi, I am new to linux world. Does anyone know a site which teach a command per day? ( I want to feed the RSS. :) )20:14
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Dr_WillisEleonore:  solve what exactly?   removed what exactly?20:15
sykoi see, dr_willis20:15
sykobut is there any book which has all the commands of linux?20:15
sykothat are pre-installed, haha.20:15
AmpelbeinEleonore: bug 119316020:15
ggherdovAmpelbein: ok. Point I am `dpkg -S <filename>` and it pretends it's in no package (but i suspect it to be wrong). it says "dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern <filename>"20:15
ubottubug 1193160 in mysql-workbench (Ubuntu) "Text displayed as blocks in 13.04" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119316020:15
EleonoreSolve the empty characters you see in that image. I removed mysql-workbench. And i think it's a problem with the confg.20:15
sykoand how to setup a distro, how to install/customize archlinux...etc (to dr_willis)20:16
EleonoreI will check Ampelbein.20:16
sykoand how to do recovery, fix ecryptfs, booting..etc20:16
Dr_Willissyko:  that would be the 'man' pages for whats installed on your system.. or as i said earlier . for bash learning. that oreially book is the king20:16
guntbertggherdov: you have to provide the complete path to the file20:16
reisioryanzim: find . -type f -iname '*.jpg' -exec sh -c 'mv -n {} $(exif {} | grep -i date | perl -pe "s/^.*?\|(....).(..).(..) (..).(..).(..).*/\1\2\3\4\5\6\.jpg/g")' \;20:16
sykowhat's the name, dr_willis?20:16
reisioryanzim: I'd recommend having a backup of all of the files though :p20:16
auronandace!abs | syko20:16
ubottusyko: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/20:16
Dr_Willissyko:  arch linux  is not  Ubuntu.. if you want to learn arch linux. they got their own channel.. and they will tell you to 'go read the arch wiki page'20:16
Ampelbeinggherdov: What file is it? You can also search on packages.ubuntu.com for contents.20:17
Dr_Willissyko:  id suggest starting with the ubuntu 'manual' then the orealy 'using bash' book.20:17
Dr_Willissyko:  i said it was 'using bash'20:17
sykodr_willis: where is this, "ubuntu manual"20:17
auronandace!manual | syko20:17
ubottusyko: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/20:17
Dr_Willisi bet tghat would be the first hit for 'ubuntu manual' on google also. ;)20:18
sykothank you, dr_willis and auronandance.20:18
Dr_Willisthey really need to make a link to that manual on the desktop, or panel. ;)20:18
sykoI see ;)20:19
syko"buy the book"20:19
Dr_Willisi got oreially e-books, ;)20:20
sykois ssh tunnelling + socks5 pretty secure?20:20
Dr_Willisactually i have bought most of the over the years also20:20
FloodBot1yxkvast: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:20
Dr_Willissyko:  when at book stores - keep an eye on the bargin bin also. older oreially books tend to be just as good as the latest ones. :)  the fundamentals still apply20:21
sykodr_willis: is ubuntu manual suitable for ubuntu-based distros users too?20:21
sykoa friend of mine needs help.20:21
sykohe runs backbox.20:21
Dr_Willissyko:  blackbox is a window manager.. and has its own homepage  and support channels.. its not a 'disrto'20:23
sykodr_willis: backbox linux.20:23
Dr_Willissyko:  i imagine it has its own homepage.. since its not ubuntu..  we really dont know about it in here.20:24
auronandacesyko: those derivatives are not supported here20:24
Dr_Willisi dont really see the point in most of these derivatives..20:24
Dr_Willisa few have some neat features. :)  but not much you cant add to a normal ubuntu install.20:25
sykodr_willis & dr_willis: backbox is highly based on ubuntu, a friend of mine who doesn't understand oreily, can I recommend him this ubuntu manual book?20:26
Dr_Willissyko:   err.. its not like its going to COST anything for him to read a FREE ubuntu manual.20:26
Dr_Willissyko:  so you tell us... go read the thing and see if it applys to blackbox linux. since we have NO clue what/how blackbox linux is arranged.20:27
auronandacesyko: and ubuntu is highly based on debian, doesn't make debian supported here20:27
sykois that ubuntu manual suitable for all linux distros?20:27
sykoabout the commands, setup..etc20:27
maitakeelementary os is releasing new in a few hours i think20:27
Dr_Willissyko:   the Fundamentals of the shell still apply to most alldisrtos20:27
maitakeit's an "ubuntu derivative" i think20:27
auronandacemaitake: not supported here either20:27
sykoso my next question is:20:27
Dr_Willissyko:  if you would go read the ubuntu manual you would learn about it and see what it covers20:27
sykois ssh tunnelling + socks4/sock5 secure?20:28
GeorwlDr_Willis: I can't find the warning sound file. What can I do else? I don't even know what to type in google...20:28
maitakeGeorwl: checked /usr/share/sounds?20:30
Georwlmaitake, it's not there20:30
maitakeare you talking about the 'alert' sound20:30
maitakethat's weird20:30
Georwlno aboute the volume popping when adjusting20:30
maitakeoh hmm20:31
Dr_WillisGeorwl:  no idea. most would be .wav or .ogg  its possible its built into the binarys.. or you could check askubuntu.com20:31
Dr_WillisGeorwl:  and its not 'poping' its 'playing a test noise' as you said earlier20:31
maitakehmm, seems mine is /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/audio-volume-change.ogg20:32
Dr_Willisunless you are refering to some crackling/driver issues..20:32
Dr_Willisi wouldent be suprised if its not a file being played. but a tone generated by the program20:33
Georwlmaitake, THANKS!!! I don't know how I missed that file20:34
Georwlthank god that sound was so annoying...20:34
GeorwlDr_Willis thank you too20:34
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
Dr_Williscant really see why its annoying...20:36
Dr_Willisserves a function20:36
maitakeit's just a little pop20:37
gordonjcpDr_Willis: it's annoying because it's an unnecessary noise20:37
gordonjcpmaitake: it's an earsplitting bang20:38
Dr_Williserr. i thought it served as a volume feedback so you dont blast your ears out.20:38
maitakegordonjcp: really?20:38
Dr_Willisits just a little 'ding' here - but that may be because i got differnt desktops installed.20:38
maitakemine sounds like a slight popping noise20:38
maitakeoh yeah20:38
gordonjcpmaitake: it is if you're plugged into a large sound system20:38
=== Companion is now known as companion
maitakegordonjcp: true..20:39
* Dr_Willis has a Huge Massive.. $2 usb-speaker. ;P20:39
maitakeheadphones here20:39
* gordonjcp aways deletes /usr/share/sound after every update20:39
=== johntash_ is now known as johntash
Dr_Willisnow those bongo drum noises at startup..... those are annoying.20:39
maitakejust deleting it wipes the sounds?20:39
guntbertback to support please :)20:39
gordonjcpmaitake: they're not there to be played any more20:39
gordonjcpmaitake: it's the only way to entirely stop Ubuntu making annoying noises20:40
maitakeguntbert: we're emotionally supporting eachother's frustrations with ubuntu sounds20:40
maitakegordonjcp: oh okay20:40
maitakeno errors or bugs result from it?20:40
Roland-hey there. seems like I need android-tools-fastboot  for my 12.04 ubuntu, what repo should I add?20:40
Dr_Willislink /usr/share/sound to /dev/null   :P20:40
maitakenot for linux, sorry20:44
elpeladoHi and good waves to everyone20:44
wilee-nileeRoland-, Not ever seen any fork of that out of android.20:46
rampage73ok I am attempting to setup a software raid using 2 3TB drives, and everything goes fine until grub install which fails any suggestions? oh I am using 12.04 LTS20:46
elpeladoi have an issue w thunderbird notification in ubuntu 13.04... anyone has to?20:47
wilee-nileeelpelado, The channel works with you stating the issue in details. ;)20:47
Rust3dCor3i have a question . how to make sure to use ssh20:48
Rust3dCor3just.. how to check it if it works20:49
reisioRust3dCor3: ?20:49
reisioRust3dCor3: do you have another box on the same local network?20:49
reisioRust3dCor3: phone with wireless?20:49
Rust3dCor3only single pc20:49
reisiommm, you could get a free shell, I s'pose20:49
Rust3dCor3and thats a bummer20:49
DJRWolfIs there a good program to check an HDD in an external USB dock for bad sectors? I want to clone a HDD that is failing to a new drive but want to check it for that problem first.20:49
wilee-nileeDJRWolf, The disks app has a smartcheck function, top right corner looks like a gear.20:51
DJRWolfwilee-nilee thanks20:52
johnny_arson_Hello everyone. Does anyone have experience with booting from a USB drive on an machine with UEFI BIOS?20:54
wilee-nileejohnny_arson_, Have you seen the uefi wiki or a relevant thread at the ubuntu forums?20:56
Dr_Willishmm,, the ubuntu live usb;s seem to work with me on my uefi pc.20:56
=== RedefinedClank is now known as Clank|Gone
Dr_Willisi seem to recall seeing a 'uefi' device in the boot menu of the pc's bios boot device menu i may have had to select20:57
johnny_arson_wilee-nilee I'm reading them right now.  I'm trying to help someone on a discussion board and this uefi stuff is new to me.20:58
goddardwhat counter strike should i get ?21:01
goddardcounter strike : source is kind of old21:01
goddardis there a newer one?21:01
=== Smedles_ is now known as Smedles
wilee-nileejohnny_arson_, Hardly anyone does understands all the possibilities definitively, you have manufactures with there own tweaked versions, I would rather remove a finger then help with uefi personally. ;)21:01
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/21:01
kostkongoddard, buy them all just to be sure :P21:01
goddardkostkon: sure do you want to donate to my bitcoin wallet?21:01
kostkongoddard, mine is empty :(  soooo even if i wanted... i couldn't21:02
johnny_arson_wilee-nilee I needed to hear that.  Thank you.  I've bitten off more than I can chew.  I'm going to gently abandon this poor fella.21:02
goddardi have pretty much given up on getting my 7950s into crossfire mode21:03
goddardno one knows how to do it21:03
wilee-nileejohnny_arson_, I know dual booting intimately, the best I do is here are the info I see as best and cut them loose.21:03
goddardive complained to AMD a few times already21:03
DAPOLITEusing linux on Windows Virtual Machine21:03
DAPOLITEit doesn't seem to have any Network Interfaces21:04
DAPOLITEhow do I fix this21:04
guntbert!enter | DAPOLITE21:04
ubottuDAPOLITE: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!21:04
DAPOLITEI am using linux on Windows Virtual PC and when I boot into the OS it does not parse any Network Interfaces. How do I fix this?21:05
Dr_WillisDAPOLITE:  you may want to try it in virtualbox. Most of us in here have experience with vbox. not windows virtual pc.21:06
guntbertDAPOLITE: I have no experience with windows VMs - are you certain that the settings include a virtual network interface?21:07
Dr_Willisits possible you need to change the virtual network card in the WinVirt PC settings21:07
=== I_Hate_Timezones is now known as Noskcaj
_21h_btrfs is a cake or sometimes crashes?21:07
DAPOLITEI have included the network interfaces in the settings before opening it up21:07
* sp2 waves hello21:07
Dr_WillisWe can only suggest the Windows Virtual PC forums/guides/wiki, and the #windows channel. since it may not be a ubuntu issue.21:08
=== Clank|Gone is now known as RedefinedClank
johnny_arson_wilee-nilee Well, you've helped me.  I'm going to go read these docs now.  Thank you.21:08
failmasteri have a problem with switching passphrase luks auth on boot to key file based, extra details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?21:08
Dr_WillisDAPOLITE:  test out some other disrtos and live cds in that vm perhaps see if any of them work21:08
DAPOLITEiwconfig  command shows no wireless extentions21:09
goddardAnyone running crossfire or sli?21:10
Chris262got a noob question about command environment.  Last command environment I really used was pre windows back in the day.  Don't use it much with my macbook, so therefore I am rusty and lost in that environment.  Any resources/books you guys can recommend to help my navigate ubuntu server and linux command period21:10
jrib!terminal | Chris26221:11
ubottuChris262: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal21:11
goddarddoes no one else like graphics?21:12
Dr_WillisChris262:  1000's of guides on using 'bash'    the oreially book 'using bash' is a must find/read21:12
Dr_Willisgoddard:  i really dont see much point in SLI/Crossfire. so no. ;)21:12
jribgoddard: we all hate graphics I guess21:12
Chris262much appreciate Dr_Willis21:12
Dr_WillisThis PC can even do  the dual video card thang.. but id need a bigger power supply. ;)21:13
goddardDr_Willis: why?21:13
=== asd is now known as Guest99801
IBM_CLONEHello folks. Lots of websites have MOUSEOVER video review and the video can be watched in increments. My question is: Is there a PHP daemon or any other daemon to install with Ubuntu or Debian. I teach classes in A+ and CCNA. I would like to have the students mouseover the cached videos without seeing the entire video. Any comments?21:14
brontosaurusrexChris262, bash http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ and #bash, basics http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Teaching/Unix/unix1.html21:14
Dr_Willisgoddard:  i dont see the point in spending 2x the $$ for  the gain. (which wont be much  for most people)21:14
jonaldsup guys21:15
jonaldwhat u all doin21:15
goddardDr_Willis: some motherboards can run 2 pcie slots at x1621:15
guntbertDAPOLITE: of course not, I've never seen a VM getting a wireless interface, they get virtual wired ones21:15
guntbertjonald: Do you have an ubuntu support question?21:15
goddardjonald: chillin bro21:15
Dr_Willisgoddard:  yes.. so?21:16
goddardDr_Willis: if you can run 2 cards at that speed then you can use both GPUs and memory on those cards21:16
goddardDr_Willis: the games just need to take advantage of it not to mention if you are some kind of fold at home person21:16
Dr_Willisgoddard:  i know how the games/stuff works..i just dont see the point in the extra cost.21:18
Dr_Willisdont really see much point in splurgeing on high end video cards these days either.21:19
Dr_Willisexpecially on a linux machine21:19
sp2is there a console based method to explore pakages from apt-get?21:19
Dr_Willissp2:  aptitude perhaps?21:19
goddardDr_Willis: we got steam now and higher resolution displays and cool graphics for desktops21:20
failmastersp2, aptitude show probably, yeah, but define "explore"21:20
goddardit makes sense21:20
larsjaasp2 apt-cache search *21:20
goddardDr_Willis: you can still nerd out and use your terminal21:20
sp2That did it.21:20
goddardDr_Willis: it just looks a lot better21:20
Guest98087When will Ubuntu 13.10 be out?21:20
failmasteri have a problem with switching passphrase luks auth on boot to key file based, extra details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?21:21
Dr_WillisGuest98087:  the version #  IS THE RELEASE date.. year/month21:21
Dr_Willisso 2013, 10th month21:21
rreedDr_Willis, and now my mind = blown. why did that go over my head for so long? lol21:22
Dr_Willisrreed:  makes you wonder why they  bother with the cute/annoying  names also..21:22
guntbertfailmaster: no real help from me but I edited your post for easier reading - the formatting is mucheasier too :)21:23
failmasterguntbert, thanks! =)21:24
guntbertfailmaster: You're welcome - and have a look at the editing help, its useful :-)21:25
MoPacHello - I'm looking for support with keyrings. I'm trying to figure out how to (1) get my PGP password to timeout, as per Enigmail instructions, and (2) set the "unlock this keyring at login" box to UNchecked by default when unlocking a secondary keyring21:29
xkernelhow to install Ubuntu development tools?21:37
Dr_Willisxkernel:  what tools exactly?21:39
xkernelDr_Willis, I mean the SDK, and IDEs  and build toosl21:39
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator21:40
OerHeksand this is a good start > http://developer.ubuntu.com/21:41
=== Te3-BloodyIron2 is now known as Te3-BloodyIron
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)21:43
Dr_Willistheres a ubuntu sdk? ;)21:43
Prock81what would cause the unity launcher to not scroll properly when i get close to the top and bottom edge(above trash icon)? When i bring the mouse to the bottom edge, it scrolls to where its all black with 3 and a half icons showing up at the top, , and the top edge only scrolls down too, i have to manually drag it down !!!21:45
Prock81its been like that a while, just taken be a while to get really fed up with it!21:45
OerHeksYes Dr_Willis http://developer.ubuntu.com/2013/07/ubuntu-sdk-beta-released/21:46
failmastersorry for such kind of a question, but would it be a hood idea to build some things i could probably miss for my RaspberryPi from deb-srcs?21:47
holsteinProck81: maybe the driver support.. do you have a 3d driver?21:47
Prock81i dont know, how would i tell21:48
Dr_Willisfailmaster:  i got several pi's - what are you missing? rasbian seems to have most everything i need.21:48
holsteinProck81: i usually run lspci -vv in the terminal and see what devices are there and what modules are loaded for them21:49
failmasterDr_Willis, i didn't get too close to it, but i thought there could be some stuff that might not be presented in repos, so i'm just asking for emergency case in advance =)21:49
Prock81 holstein openarena plays perfictly, its a 3d shooted up game21:50
holsteinProck81: if you would like, confirm that you are using a 3d driver.. thats what im propsing could be causing the issue..21:50
ServerHordeFellow Ubuntu users, my friend and I have a problem setting up our VPN on our Ubuntu 10.04 VPS. We first had the problem running it, which was easily fixed. We're trying to set it up with NetworkManager Applet 0.8. He setup his VPN to the exact correct setting, however it's greyed out and we're not able to selected it. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks. :)21:51
Dr_Willisfailmaster:  so you dont actually own one yet? ;)21:51
failmasterDr_Willis, i do, even launched the raspbian on it already =)21:52
holstein!vpn | ServerHorde21:52
ubottuServerHorde: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN21:52
Prock81 holstein graphice related; Kernel driver in use: nouveau; Kernel modules: nouveau, nvidiafb21:52
loinhi guys, i can't get the nvidia driver running21:53
holsteinProck81: looks like that is the open source driver.. you could try the proprietary one.. the unity dock wouldnt be "mission critical" for me, personally21:53
holsteinProck81: you can always try as another user to make sure its not your config21:53
wiehanHi. With the aid of fdupes I managed to clean my music library. Now I am stuck with troves of small folders with say just a piece of albumart or two or just empty folders. How can I through the CLI/terminal rm all folders with contents smaller than say 50kb?21:53
holstein!invidia | loin21:53
holstein!nvidia | loin21:54
ubottuloin: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto21:54
loini'm trying to install the nvidia drivers drivers http://paste.ubuntu.com/5971434/21:54
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
Prock81what config would belong to those properties of the task bar21:54
holsteinProck81: is the other user looking fine?21:55
Prock81i only have one user21:55
wiehanAny bash/terminal gurus here? I need to delete all tiny folders within /home/music.. need help21:55
hyliani would like to use a tool like norton ghost to image my disk, what software should I use, and will I have to re-install the boot sector software seperately? (grub, for instance?)21:56
holsteinProck81: you actually have a guest user.. its quite easy to create a new user, if you would like to test.. otherwise, the settings will be in .config somewhere21:56
wiehanhylian, see clonezilla21:56
loinholstein, i don't know if the information there applies21:56
hylianwiehan: does clonezilla support ext4? i thought it didn't...??21:57
loini don't have nouveau running and i have nvidia in lsmod21:57
wiehanhylian, parted magic21:57
Prock81loging out holstein...21:57
holsteinloin: there? the link i gave? it will tell you what package to install for your hardware, and how21:57
wiehanhylian, not sure.. see parted magic21:57
loinholstein, also, jockey doesn't find my nvidia card21:57
hylianwiehan: i am trying to do this for free if possible, does parted magic have a price?21:57
wiehanhylian, it's for free21:57
hylianwiehan: ok, thank you.21:57
Prock81err got to let something finnish before i log off21:57
holsteinloin: i dont use jockey.. i refer to the link i gave, and manally install what is needed21:58
hylianif i use something like ghost to load up my partition or hd image, do I need to install grub seperately again?21:58
failmasterhylian, why not image it with dd for example or make some kind of "necessary things backup" with that deja-dup thing or rsync?21:58
holsteinhylian: i dont know if ghost clones grub.. but nothing about grub is preventing that.. might depend on the location. its easy to restore grub21:59
reisiohylian: reinstalling grub is trivial21:59
holsteinhylian: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for example21:59
hylianfailmaster: i have never heard of those options... that's why. Sounds lucratively Linux, which is what I want, please do tell!21:59
loinholstein, do you also have a intel + nvidia gpu?21:59
reisioas is recreating partitions21:59
wiehanhylian, Grub is easy to fix and the easiest would be boot repair disk http://sourceforge.net/projects/boot-repair-cd/22:00
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning22:00
holsteinloin: i do.. though i dont follow that guide for my specific hardware. i use a 3rd party PPA that is not offically supported22:00
lointhat guide doesn't seem to be doing much22:00
holsteinloin: that guide *did* install the normal nvidia driver for me22:00
loinholstein, i'm not sure i find the instructions on how to install the normal nvidia driver22:01
failmasterloin, could you please show us your `lspci` output?22:01
holsteinloin: "normal" is the driver you need22:01
hylianholstein: thanks, that gives me a good start. Thanks to holstein loin wiehan reisio!22:01
holsteinloin: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current is where i might start.. *after* having read the wiki page22:01
loinfailmaster, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5971461/22:01
hylianohh yeah, and thanks to failmaster22:02
loinholstein, i assume you mean BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia22:03
loinwhich shows an image of jockey22:04
failmasterloin, so basically at average you need to instal nvidia-current package that would replace nouveau for nvidia propietary driver, that would be a good idea to check /etc/modprobe.d blacklists as well as, tell us if it's a laptop?22:04
loinand says that noveau is the default one22:04
loinfailmaster, it is a laptop, asus K93S if its relevant22:04
DoYouKnowAre there still a lot of problems with 13.04 or is it, at this point, nearly as stable as 12.04.1?22:05
DoYouKnowor 12.04.2?22:05
holsteinloin: as stated, i dont use jockey.. i install manually, much like the command i shared22:05
fsck-noobI get an error about my .bash_history having multiply claimed blocks.  Is there a way to just delete the file?  Fsck is taking forever (w/o progress bar)22:05
Dr_Willisfsck-noob:  its just a trivial file. delete it if you want22:05
holsteinDoYouKnow: the problems you would have would likely be hardware specific with *any* linux distro22:05
holsteinDoYouKnow: 13.04 has been "stable" since it was released stable22:05
failmasterloin, there is another problem related to "nvidia optimus" technology on systems with intel internal graphics and discrete nvidia ones22:06
hylianmaybe I am going abouty this the wrong way. all I want to do is not have to re-install all my apps, and re-update everything. besides /var/cache/apt/archives (which I already use to reduce downloads) what else should I backup?22:06
loinfailmaster, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5971476/22:06
DoYouKnowholstein, I see22:06
loinfailmaster, nvidia-current seems to be disabled by default22:06
wiehanhow do I fix this... fslint won't run http://pastebin.com/nMz4mg9522:06
holsteinhylian: whatever you think you might loose, if a hard drive failed.. since they all do22:06
Dr_Willishylian:  that apt cache may not be a full cache of everything you have downloaded.22:07
Prock81the guest session task bar scrolls fine!22:07
Dr_Willis!clone | hylian22:07
holsteinloin: by default, its not installed.. you install nvidia-current22:07
hylianholstein: my purpose isn't data saving, I already do that. My purpose is to not have to reinstall my apps and do update/upgrades every 3-6 months when i wipe my machine..22:07
Prock81 holstein: ^22:07
loinholstein, i have nvidia-experimental-310 by default22:07
Dr_Willishylian:  so you are planing on doing a clean reformat/reinstall ?22:08
loinshould i replace it with nvidia-current?22:08
holsteinProck81: so, i would blow out the config for your user.. or "reset" unity and try..22:08
jgornickHey guys, after Ubuntu boots up and shows the login screen, is there something available that shows like a diagnostics screen?22:08
jgornick... shows the diagnostic screen instead of the login screen.22:08
hylianDr_Willis: I do every 3 months. (Mostly because I mess with other distro's and also I am very anal about my machine, to my own detriment.22:08
Dr_Willisjgornick:  what are you trying to see?22:08
holsteinloin: if you have *any* packages marked "experiental", and you have issues.. yes. try ones that are *not* experiemental22:08
failmasterloin, i would dig for bumblebee, because normally even if nvidia driver for your discrete card is installed, intel internal one is in the place due to the fact there is no out-of-the box solution for nvidia optimus switching technology (which switches from one of them to another on-the-fly)22:08
jgornickDr_Willis, mainly network information22:08
Prock81reset unity?22:08
Dr_Willisjordan:  you can alwyas go to the console and get all sorts of info.22:09
holsteinbumblebee doesnt support my dual GPU chip22:09
Dr_WillisProck81:  delete the unity and compiz config files in the users home.22:09
failmasterloin, that's why it's so frustrating having nvidia adapter with appropriate module and not seeing it working22:09
loinfailmaster, i know about bumblebee but i don't really want it, i want the nvidia driver for cuda pretty much22:09
Dr_WillisProck81:  the webupd8 and omgubuntu sites (and askubuntu.com) have some guides on it22:09
holsteinshould be easy enough to try bumblebee.. but the PPA's are not officially supported, bear in mind22:09
failmasterloin, read about nvidia optimus, you won't get it up for cuda without bumblebee22:09
jgornickDr_Willis, this is for Ubuntu server, not desktop.22:09
jgornickSo, no graphical interface.22:10
hyliani guess what I am asking is, what do I need to replace to not have to reinstall/reupgrade anything upon fresh install of ubuntu.22:10
Dr_Willisjgornick:  so i dont get what you are asking then...22:10
failmasterloin, or similar solution to switch the state of discrete video from nvidia on laptops with optimus22:10
jgornickDr_Willis, something like https://github.com/turnkeylinux/confconsole -- http://www.turnkeylinux.org/screenshots/configuration-console-usage22:10
Dr_Willishylian:  if you backup your apt cache.. that will save SOME downloads.. but it will not be a complete archive of everything you may have installed.22:10
loinfailmaster, that doesn't sound like good news, let me try installing nvidia current, maybe then nvidia-settings will find the drivers22:11
holsteinhylian: "need" is based on your specific needs.. what i do is backup my data, and my /home folder.. *if* im interested in a list of applications i have installed, i make that.. otherwise, i fresh install, and add what i want. usually takes less than 30 minutes to "move back in" to an install22:11
wiehanImportError: No module named gtk22:11
wiehan --> what package do I need if an app gives this error? I have python-gtk2 installed22:11
Dr_Willisjgornick:  cant say ive noticed any console based 'webmin type tools' like that.22:11
hylianDr_Willis: it's not just download times, it also takes quite some time just to let Ubuntu do it's massive upgrades after re-install.22:11
failmasterloin, that's why Linus showed them his mid finger22:11
loinfailmaster, i support Linus's actions22:11
holsteinloin: nvidia-settings will *not* find any drivers.. its for setting nvidia settings22:11
loinat least in this particular instance22:11
Dr_Willishylian:  you may just have to spend the time.  if you are reinstalling.. you will reinstall every package you need.22:11
reisiohylian: hey you're back22:11
hylianDr_Willis: so besides the archives folder, what else should I be backing up?22:11
reisiohylian: you want to backup the OS?22:12
loinholstein, currently nvidia settings says "you're not running the nvidia driver"22:12
failmasterloin, you don't get it, nvidia discrete adapter is "behind" nvidia optimus switch and you need it to turn of having thing like bumblebee, you won't get it working otherwise22:12
hylianreisio: yep. I think I was over thinking the issue.22:12
Dr_Willishylian:  whatever custome configs you have. and a list of packages (see the !clone factoid)22:12
holsteinloin: AFAIK, you havent installed it, and it doesnt come by default22:12
loinholstein, "i suspect it won't say that when i am running the proper driver, right?"22:12
failmasterloin, turn on*22:12
Dr_Willishylian:  you are not really backing up the system.. you are just making a reinstall easier. ;)22:12
failmastersorry for my english22:12
holsteinloin: "proper" will be a matter of use case.. the open driver is not fitting your needs?22:12
reisiohylian: you can just tar it up22:13
hylianDr_Willis: yes, no net data, because my net connection blows, and as little update progress as possible,22:13
loinholstein, nope, i need cuda22:13
holsteinfailmaster: bumblebee is only in PPA right now.. not officially supported22:13
Prock81i seen a compiz config but not a unity, i deleted the compiz , log off and come back on and hte problem is fixed, with an system error on process /usr/bin/pkexec if its related some how22:13
reisiohylian: then to restore you remake partitions, untar, re-install GRUB22:13
failmasterholstein, as well as optimus22:13
failmasterbut that's not a reason to not having it working22:13
loinbrb, reboot22:14
failmasterloin, dig for bumblebee and optimus mate22:14
holsteinfailmaster: im just letting you know what theres no documentation.. it is in upstream debian22:14
hylianreisio: i think now I need not to "ghost" it, but to get every cached .deb and cofig download I can get, and to try and minimize the amoutn of upgradeing I have to do when I reinstall Ubuntu22:14
failmasterholstein, thanks22:14
failmasteri already was able to make a conclusion22:14
holsteinbumblebee *does* *not* support my dual GPU22:14
failmasteri wasn't suggesting it to you22:14
holsteinsure.. but the user has similar hardware.. which i why i state that..22:15
hylianreisio: just tar what, /?22:15
reisiohylian: yeah22:15
holsteinwont hurt to add the PPA and try it.22:15
failmasterholstein, i missed that thing, however it doesn't hurt so much to check things, something could change since22:15
Prock81any comments or questions for me before i go ,  holstein22:15
holsteinfailmaster: could have.. but i just tried it again 2 days ago.. i suppose there is time for a fix to have come in22:15
Prock81did u see what i said about it22:16
hylianreisio: so then my reinstall process would be 1) install Ubuntu 2) untar to current running distro 3) run update/upgrade?22:16
holsteinProck81: i literally go and remove *everything* from the home.. and put it elsewhere22:16
reisiohylian: you could actually "reinstall" by just making the partitions, extracting the tar, and reinstalling grub22:16
holsteinthen i reboot, and put what i want/need back when i see things are working as expected.. but, that is extreme Prock8122:16
Dr_Willishylian:  why are you going to clone the system to just reinstall it in its identical state?22:16
Prock81all i had to remove was compiz, there was no unity, and problem is fixed22:16
reisiohylian: you're just trying to give yourself a way to do a full upgrade revert should you want to, right?22:17
holsteinProck81: you mean, the config for compiz?22:17
MonkeyDustholstein  or you can symlink everything to your /home, if it is not on a different drive22:17
holsteinProck81: so, what are you saying? you are fine now?22:17
hylianDr_Willis: well, I waste a lot of time waiting for Ubuntu to install all my apps again. I have done everything I can to automate it using bash scripts, but it still is slow. (And I like to tinker with other systems natively to see how they will run)22:17
holsteinProck81: enjoy.. i have nothing to add, then22:18
Dr_Willishylian:  so you.. err. make a clone of what you got and you are going to save that clone to restore later? or what exactly22:18
reisiohylian: okay, let's take a step back22:18
reisiohylian: why would you reinstall the OS at all22:18
reisiothis is not something that you need to do22:18
wiehanI can't get the little app fslint to start I get the error pygtk2.0-libglade yet python and python-gtk2 and python-glade is installed22:18
hylianDr_Willis: right, the idea is to get back to my normal desktop (xfcer or lxde + ubuntu) quickly. that way I can mess around with the least amount of pain.22:19
Dr_Willishylian:  use clonezilla to make an image somewhere.22:19
Dr_Willishylian:  no need to 'reinstall' you would use clonezliia to 'restore' the image22:19
holsteinhylian: snapshots in VM... "mess around" on a live CD22:19
reisioexcept using clonezilla would be the slow way22:20
hylianDr_Willis: hmm, ok. I was torn between that and reisio's idea of just tarballing /.22:20
Dr_Willishylian:  i imagine clonezilla will be easier.22:20
reisioclonezilla is magic, you won't know what it's doing22:20
reisioand it'll probably waste your time with more than a file copy22:20
=== webanywhere is now known as SymeonT
hylianholstein: I have one machine, and vm sucks. I want to see how these distro's would work if they where on the hd. only one way I know of to do that.22:20
jago25_98If I go to type my email address in a signup page in firefox and somebody else's email is autocompleted for me... have i been hacked?/22:21
hylianDr_Willis: ok, that helps greatly, thanks!22:21
holsteinhylian: then, choose a method, friend.. there are lots of options here..22:21
Dr_WillisI have no issues with testing disrtos in virtualbox.22:21
MonkeyDustjago25_98  it's probably gone after you erased firefox history22:21
hylianholstein: i think i have, thanks. Dr_Willis gave me some good pointers for why clonzilla is the liekyl best way to go.22:21
Prock81there is one thing i would love to see changed in the unity launcher... the say way Alt+Tab gets reordered as you switch applications, I would love to see that happen the the unity launcher, active or most recently opened thats in the background, there icons be at the top, in the same order as Alt+Tab menu. CAN THAT BE DONE!!!!!22:22
hylianthanks again all! off i got to clonezilla my machine.22:22
holsteinhylian: i keep my data /home backed up as i said.. and i use virtualbox snapshots and live CD's.. cloning is a great way to clone..22:22
hylianholstein: thanks, i will do that.22:22
holsteinProck81: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu/Wishlist22:22
Prock81thanks !22:23
Dr_WillisProck81:  compiz has other plugins and settings to tweak your alt-tab fetishes22:23
jago25_98MonkeyDust: somebody elses email address is offered as if someone else has been using it, an address I don't recognise22:23
MonkeyDustjago25_98  i can't explain it, but i've also never heard or read linux being hacked22:24
jago25_98MonkeyDust: the FBI put javascript on the Tormail servers but I think that was only effecting Windows. The puzzle I still have is... what are these email addresses doing in my autocomplete..22:25
holsteinjago25_98: maybe try a security channel22:25
Prock81Dr_Willis, im talking more about the launcher, just using that menu as a reference to make my point for the feature22:25
loingood news failmaster22:28
failmasterloin, ?22:28
lointhe error message is no longer no cuda compatible device detected22:29
loinnow it's the installed NVIDIA CUDA driver is older than the CUDA runtime library. This is not a supported configuration. Users should install an updated NVIDIA display driver to allow the application to run22:29
loinso nvidia current works, but it's too old i'm afraid22:29
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
loinfailmaster, brb reboot22:30
holsteinloin: well, thats not true, necessarily22:30
failmasteryeah i wouldn't hurry with conclusions seeing such error messages22:31
misterxhi there22:32
misterxcan you tell me where gwibber stores it's data?22:32
misterxit's not ~/.gwibber as far as i can see22:32
Dr_Willismisterx:  commonly is in .config these days22:32
holsteinmisterx: what "data 'are you looking for?22:32
Dr_Willismisterx:  try ls -R | grep gwibber22:33
failmasteri have a problem with switching passphrase luks auth on boot to key file based, extra details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?22:33
daftykinsfailmaster: heh still that one eh?22:33
misterxholstein: config, tweets22:33
failmasterdaftykins, yup, not a word from anyone still lol22:33
holsteinmisterx: tweets? those will be in twitter22:34
misterxholstein: no download?22:34
loinfailmaster, if i use the ubuntu repository nvidia-current i get that the cuda driver is too old, if i use nvidia's nvidia-current, i get no cuda capable device, this stinks22:34
holsteinmisterx: what did you download?22:34
holsteinloin: i would relax, and give it some time.. about 10 minutes ago, you had no driver support22:34
johnny_123Has anyone installed openvpn on ubuntu server with openvz?22:34
failmasterloin, i see the situation clear, it's in the wrong state in context of optimus switch(es)22:34
holsteinjago25_98: yes22:35
holsteinjago25_98: sorry .. johnny_123 ^^22:35
loinholstein, i've been trying for the past months to get this running22:35
misterxholstein: nothing so far. just wanted to check what i'd need to synchronise between my desktop and netbook22:35
johnny_123Jeez, Ive had so much trouble I cant even tell you. For some reason I can get the certificates set up and everything but its routing the traffic22:35
johnny_123Do you know any good guides by any chance?22:35
piovisquiHi folks, will Ubuntu Edge work on Brazil's 4G at 2.5GHz???22:35
holsteinloin: well, you came here about 10 minutes ago running the open driver and now you have the proprietary one22:36
holsteinloin: what are you trying to do?22:36
loinholstein, i was running the proprietary one all the way22:36
johnny_123Tun/TAP is enabled on rocketvps, which is the VPS provider I have22:36
daftykins!touch | piovisqui22:36
ubottupiovisqui: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch22:36
loinholstein, just the experimental one, not the current one22:36
piovisquidaftykins: thanks22:36
holsteinloin: no.. thats the issue you had when you came here.. that the driver wasnt installed22:36
loinholstein, program cuda i suppose22:36
holsteinloin: no supposing, at all. what *exactly* are you trying to do22:36
loinholstein, get cuda running so i can program it22:37
holsteinloin: are you using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cuda ?22:37
misterxkay, thanks for the info ;)22:37
holsteinloin: how and from where did you "get" cuda?22:37
holsteinloin: i would ask that source for one that supports the driver that is supporting your device22:37
loinholstein, developer.nvidia.com22:38
holsteinloin: cool.. have you asked them why the product isnt working with the driver you are using?22:38
johnny_123holstein: sorry to bother you, but have you got any info on setting up openvpn on ubuntu server with openvz virtualization?22:38
holsteinjohnny_123: actually, i didnt use openvz.. i just set it up from the wiki pages22:39
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN22:39
loinholstein, nope22:39
holsteinjohnny_123: and ive since taken it down22:39
holsteinloin: they are providing the package.. i would ask them for support.. otherise, the ubuntu supplied proprietary driver is doing what is intended22:40
johnny_123ill definately check out the wikis for this and try my best, but routing my traffic is where everything just goes. Thanks for the link ubottu, but I want a vpn server with assymetric encryption22:40
loinholstein, maybe you're right22:41
failmasterbefore going on with whatever is end goal i would check if discrete nvidia adapter is even working at all in terms of it's direct functions22:41
=== michael__ is now known as DoYouKnow
failmasteri have a problem with switching passphrase luks auth on boot to key file based, extra details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?22:41
holsteinyeah.. im assuming you have testing the driver loin22:42
SunTsuSomehow NetworkManager seems to want to use dhcp on my 3g dialup interface despite being configured for ppp - which doesn't make too much sense. wvdial does the right thing and uses IPCP and gets its IP quickly while NetworkManager hangs in dhcp forever.22:44
johnny_123Also do any of you guys know how to get network-manager-openvpn on ubuntu client to use a configuration file?22:44
sasha|O hai22:44
failmasterjohnny_123, there should be an import dialog somewhere, can't be precise on that due to the fact i don't have one installed22:45
sasha|I was just wondering, would it be easier to wireshark traffic from my tablet over wifi using an OpenWRT router with a mirrored port, or a laptop with it's own access point through a wifi card?22:45
sasha|The later sounds easier for me but I don't know if it would work22:45
SunTsuIs there a way to make NetworkManager use ppp/IPCP? The strange thing is, it it creates a "wwan0" interface instead of a "ppp0" one, like it used to22:45
IdleOnesasha|: probably best to ask that in ##networking22:46
sasha|k cheers22:46
johnny_123failmaster: thanks for the help, Im giving it one last go. The worst thing is that I am a system admin for a very large webhosting company but this VPS environments are a whole different game22:46
failmastersasha|, you could tcpdump the session on openwrt router if there is enough space and look through it using wireshark later22:46
geri_hi, i tried to mount /dev/sdb1 but got the message: mount:unknown filesysyem type 'LVM2_member22:47
geri_what does it mean?22:47
sasha|nah it's massive… I'm trying to get RTMP stream urls, by the time I find the HTTP requests, several dozens of mb's have already been transfered22:47
bekksgeri_: Whats the entire command you are using?22:47
SunTsugeri_: it means hat you're trying to mount an lvm partition, you need to mount /dev/mapper/...22:47
SunTsugeri_: use lvs to see what volumes are there and mount them the ways you need to22:48
failmasterjohnny_123, you could make openvpn working as system service along with dhcp/static network configuration without network manager stuff or if it's nevessary, there is an alternative wicd tool, i experienced problems with network-manager while trying manually tune network things22:48
geri_SunTsu: http://pastebin.com/FTSj4Fe022:49
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto22:50
bekksgeri_: sudo blkid -g; sudo blkid22:50
=== Wug is now known as Wug[Hyperspace]
geri_bekks: http://pastebin.com/2Eq9C4j922:52
geri_bekks: its already mounted? to which target?22:53
bekksgeri_: Who says its already mounted?22:53
geri_bekks: no its not22:53
bekksgeri_: It cant be. :)22:53
geri_bekks: so how can i mount /dev/sdb1 now?22:54
bekksgeri_: You cant, because sdb1 is part of a logical volume group, and you have to mount the logical volume, not the physical volume.22:54
bekksgeri_: sudo lvdisplay -C22:54
geri_bekks: http://pastebin.com/SGF0tC3p22:55
bekksgeri_: -C not -c22:55
geri_bekks: http://pastebin.com/9qrs9CQv22:56
geri_bekks: but its part of LVM2 ?22:57
bekksgeri_: Its not part of LVM2, its a member of a LVM2 volume group called "VolGroup". Btw, that looks like a RHEL layout - correct?22:57
geri_bekks: yeah22:58
bekksgeri_: Then how is it related to ubuntu? :D22:58
daftykinsomw wrong distro - cast him OUT!22:58
geri_bekks: ^^22:58
OerHeksgeri_ this is the 3th day you keep fooling us :-D22:58
daftykinshe's a slippery eel22:58
geri_OerHeks: i dont fool u :)22:58
bekksgeri_: Just mount it like this: sudo mount /dev/VolGroup/lv_home /mnt/myhome   -- e.g.22:58
bekksOerHeks: He instantly admitted - thats not fooling ;) OK, he didnt tell us all he knew, so lets send him to Fort Meade. :>22:59
geri_bekks: that was not the right partition ^^23:00
bekksgeri_: LVM does not have partitions, but logical volumes only. You have two logical volumes, lv_root and lv_home which can be mounted.23:00
bekksgeri_: You cannot mount a physical LVM2 member.23:01
failmasteri have a problem with switching passphrase luks auth on boot to key file based, extra details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?23:01
geri_bekks, and /dev/sdb1 is part of it?23:01
bekksgeri_: sudo pvdisplay -C (yes, capital C again).23:02
geri_i cant see someth with 2GB23:02
bekksgeri_: And we have to guess what you are seeing? :)23:02
geri_bekks: http://pastebin.com/XwFeVsX123:04
bekksgeri_: I said: sudo pvdisplay -C23:05
geri_bekks: here: http://pastebin.com/6DkFiUAf/23:06
bekksgeri_: /dev/sdb1 is a physical LVM2 volume, but it isnt assigned to a volume group.23:06
geri_bekks: how to mount sdb1?23:07
bekksgeri_: read: you cannot mount a physical LVM2 volume.23:07
bekksgeri_: I told you two time already.23:07
geri_bekks: oh...23:07
daniel_hi!/j #rails23:08
SlingI'm getting repeated errors about 'file:///cdrom/pool/main/e/expat/libexpat1_2.0.1-7.2ubuntu1.1_amd64.deb' being corrupted during base install23:09
geri_bekks: can you explain me more details about?23:09
bekksgeri_: I already did, please read the backlog. :)23:09
Slingmounted the ISO directly in a vsphere environment23:09
Slingdownloaded again, just to be sure, same issue23:09
geri_bekks: why would u use a physical LVM2 volume?23:09
bekksgeri_: For building a logical volume group.23:09
Aeliusok all I want to do is install "flashrom"23:09
AeliusI enabled the universe package23:10
Slingthis is the 12.04.2 LTS 64-bit version23:10
Aeliusits stil not found23:10
Aeliuswhats going on23:10
bekksgeri_: A VG (volume group) consists of one or more PV (physical volume), and you can create LV (logical volume) in the VG as you like.23:10
bekks!lvm | geri_23:10
ubottugeri_: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto23:10
Wytshadowcan anyone help me with an install issue?23:14
daftykinsask away23:14
daftykinswhat's happening?23:14
Wytshadowso i'm trying to run a live cd or live usb on an hp pavilion g6. however it keeps getting stuck on the ubuntu splash page23:14
daftykinsWytshadow: nvidia graphics?23:15
Wytshadowthe dots under the logo move for a sec then everything stops.23:15
bekks!nomodeset | Wytshadow23:15
holstein!nomodeset | Wytshadow23:15
ubottuWytshadow: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:15
Slingare there any MD5 hashes of the iso's on the ubuntu.com site?23:15
holsteinSling: yes23:15
Aeliussomeone please explain why, from the bootable environment, flashrom is not showing up in the software center and is "not found" from cmd23:16
failmasterSling, http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/23:16
Aeliusfrom the terminal23:16
holstein!info flashrom23:17
ubottuflashrom (source: flashrom): Identify, read, write, erase, and verify BIOS/ROM/flash chips. In component universe, is extra. Version (raring), package size 141 kB, installed size 634 kB (Only available for amd64; i386; kfreebsd-amd64; kfreebsd-i386; hurd-i386; netbsd-i386)23:17
holsteinAelius: apt-get update? maybe23:17
Slingfailmaster: ah, nice23:17
Slingalso found some now @ http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-cdimages/12.04.2/release/23:17
Aeliusholstein: list of sources could not be read23:17
Aeliusmalformed line 523:17
holsteinAelius: is the machine online?23:17
Wytshadowdaftykins: its not nVidia its AMD radeon23:17
Aeliusholstein: yes23:18
holstein!md5 | Aelius i would confirm the iso23:18
ubottuAelius i would confirm the iso: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows23:18
daftykinsWytshadow: ah well give the nomodeset advice a go, should help out23:19
pilinhawhy doesnt fern wifi open23:20
failmasterSling, sorry, i'm not sure that the table i provided refers to control sums, better look through sums provided from your link and that Aelius thing23:20
litropyjoin ##vapers23:20
litropywhoops :D23:20
holsteinpilinha: fern wifi?23:20
Slingfailmaster: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes#A12.04_LTS23:20
holsteinpilinha: what is "fern wifi"23:21
Slingmy download does not match that md5sum though23:21
pilinhaIts a "security cracker"23:21
Slingso it is indeed corrupt23:21
pilinhaif you know what I mean23:21
holsteinpilinha: i would ask in a security channel23:21
pilinhaFern Wifi Cracker23:21
pilinhait doesnt open23:21
pilinhajust says opening fern23:21
pilinhabut it doesnt23:21
pilinhathe installation was okay23:22
pilinhabut the software does not open23:22
wilee-nileepilinha, wifi does not need cracking just the packages captured from what I understand, the channel does not support actual use but only installation.23:22
holsteinpilinha: did you install fern from the repos? i dont find it in the default repos23:23
pilinhaI installed with wget23:23
pilinhai believe its a python app23:23
holsteinpilinha: then, you will get support from where you obtained the packages23:23
bekkswget cant install anything, wget just downloads things.23:23
failmasterpilinha, it would be better to get some support on #backtrack or other kali distribution support channels23:23
holsteinpilinha: i would try a security channel23:23
pilinhathank you23:24
cartusiaHow am i supposed to modify a file that does not give me permissions? For example I want to add a line specifically or change and delete something23:25
holstein!sudo | cartusia23:26
ubottucartusia: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo23:26
cartusiaI have been reading a lot to figure out. But nothing so far that solves my particular problem.23:26
Micko113Connected to Ubuntu 12.04 via remote desktop and when I start Teamviewer it stays open for couple of seconds and it closes, what could it be?23:26
cartusiathat wont help me23:26
holsteincartusia: sudo nano /path/to/file for example23:26
cartusiahmmm I think that might help :)23:26
LectusHello! I have Ubuntu  13.04 installed. I want to install XFCE along with xubuntu artwork, basically xubuntu without the apps and keeping my apps. Will "sudo apt-get install xfce4 xubuntu-artwork" do it?23:26
holsteincartusia: sudo, to open with permission.. and "nano" is a text editor..23:27
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)23:27
cartusiayes I know its a text editor :)23:27
holsteincartusia: gksudo gedit to open from a GUI, for example23:27
failmasteri have a problem with switching passphrase luks auth on boot to key file based, extra details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?23:28
cartusiaand can I just be able to overwrite the file and save the changes then?23:28
holsteincartusia: yes23:29
bigbadbeneverytime I try to use quickly to run a app I get a error http://pastebin.com/wCUpaT3T23:29
cartusiaappreciate it wow, it was really stupid I tried with vi but I never thought of opening it with sudo also :(23:29
Slinglets see if my 3rd download has the right md5sum...23:29
Slingfeels like im downloading over udp23:29
wilee-nileefailmaster, Do you really need luks, is what I ask.23:29
failmasterwilee-nilee, yep23:29
holsteincartusia: sudo is just for permissions.. you can open the file with whatever you want23:29
bigbadbenI googled around but it seems to be a bug in python, is there a easy way to just get a clean start of all python and python related packages?23:30
Wytshadowthanks for the help guys! but i have another question, Since i had to set the nomodeset option to off to run the liveCD, do i have to permanently turn that off when i install ubuntu?23:30
wilee-nileefailmaster, I doubt that but carry on, might be a flawed core value.23:30
daftykinsWytshadow: no, you'll be able to install a graphics driver and avoid it eventually23:30
holsteinWytshadow: you dont have to do anything.. you can choose to use that option to install, and then add whatever proprietary driver you might need23:30
cartusialove you bro :)23:31
failmasterwilee-nilee, you may continue doubt it without bothering me with it lol23:31
wilee-nileefailmaster, It will be my pleasure to do so. ;)23:31
Micko113Connected to Ubuntu 12.04 via remote desktop and when I start Teamviewer it stays open for couple of seconds and it closes, what could it be?23:32
wilee-nilee!info Teamviewer23:32
ubottuPackage Teamviewer does not exist in raring23:32
holsteinMicko113: using the same "protocol" maybe... why do both?23:32
fommilhi all, which package contains the gfortran static library?23:33
wilee-nileeMicko113, What release are you running, and where did you get Teamviewer?23:33
Micko113software center23:33
failmasterwilee-nilee, it works actually with key script, but i don't like mine for example and i'm not sure it will stop working once upon a time due to how it works keeping the key in initrd image which requires from me giving and additional hook for it's rebuilding23:33
holsteini think the issue is, the dual remote desktop setup23:33
failmasterso yeah i really need it working23:33
Micko113!info Teamviewer23:33
ubottuPackage Teamviewer does not exist in raring23:33
failmasterwon't stop*23:33
holsteinteamveiwer is not in the repos23:34
reisiofommil: ask apt-file23:34
Micko113so it can't be run?23:35
holsteinMicko113: i would try *only* teamviewer23:35
holsteinMicko113: i use it23:35
Micko113holstein: please explain *only*23:35
holsteinMicko113: dont be connected via remote desktop *and* teamviewer23:35
fommilreisio: cool, never knew about that23:35
Micko113how do I know ID and pass then?23:36
SlingSo I downloaded the 12.04.2-amd64 iso three times now, with 3x incorrect hashes, from http://www.ubuntu.com/start-download?distro=server&bits=64&release=lts23:36
Slingany way to find out which mirror it picks so i can at least debug it networkwise?23:36
Micko113it closes fast I don't have time to configure and set pass23:36
Dr_Willisslig try the torrents perhaps?23:36
MoPacHello - I'm looking for support with keyrings. I'm trying to figure out how to (1) get my PGP password to timeout, as per Enigmail instructions, and (2) set the "unlock this keyring at login" box to UNchecked by default when unlocking a secondary keyring23:36
holsteinMicko113: i would do whatever it takes to test with *only* teamviewer.. you can set a static password.. and connect via your accoung online AFAIK23:37
cartusiawhy is glipper not integrated into Unity?23:37
reisiofommil: :D23:37
holsteinMicko113: if yuo are asking me "why is teamviewer not working?" im saying, it might be becuase you are using remote desktop already23:37
failmasterSling, consider as option to download it from torrents link i gave you, look into iso contents for sums and make sure it's all in there23:37
wilee-nileeSling, I would torrent it or try the alternative maybe.23:38
fommilreisio: and turns out I have it already. That was an expensive way to do a locate23:38
Micko113ok, let me close current session and try23:38
wilee-nileeSling, Posting the actual download is not really a good way to get help,23:38
cartusianever mind, it is working its just not launching from the other but it works from a terminal23:39
Slingwilee-nilee: I understand, but that's pretty much all I have23:39
reisiofommil: :)23:39
Slingim trying the torrent as we speak, but it doesn't really solve the issue23:39
reisiofommil: you're supposed to try locate first, heh23:39
nutmanI have a problem with my samsung TV not recognising the VGA output of my laptop with ubuntu installed on. Before i installed ubuntu I had win xp on it and the tv detected it fine so I'm assuming it's a ubuntu setting I'm missing? anyone know anything about this?23:40
failmasterSling, do you suspect that issue is related to network problems?23:40
Slingfailmaster: only because I assume that not *everybody* downloading the ISO has this issue23:40
Slingotherwise I wouldn't be the only person complaining here, I bet23:40
wilee-nileeSling, Try the torrent downloads. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads23:40
Slingwilee-nilee: yes, torrent is running23:41
Dr_Willisyou could even move one of the isos into the torrent download dir.. restart the torrent and it 'should' verify and correct the bad iso. ;)23:41
ss_hazenutman:  you still had xp, when it's 2013, it's nuts23:41
fommiltwo compiler questions: how can I get gcc4.8 in raring, and is there a nice wrapper for using dragon egg?23:42
wilee-nileesometimes the iso needs renaming is all to link the torrent23:42
failmasterss_haze, it's not btw due to software back-compat issues23:42
ss_hazenutman: I have two monitors, guess which has better resolution on ubuntu, than on win 723:42
Wytshadowso when i try to install ubuntu it spits out the CD and freezes... wtf?23:42
Slingand yup the iso from torrent has the correct hash23:43
nutmanits an old laptop I use just to stream tv from.23:43
fommilouch, libgfortran.a is not compiled with -fPIC !!!23:43
nutmanany idea on a fix ss_haze?23:43
Slingwhich makes me think that one of the main ubuntu repo's has a corruption issue23:43
ss_hazeWytshadow: it could be anything, from monsters to aliens, but you should check md5 hash.. or how it is called23:43
cartusiawow glipper sucks why is the history so small only 100? klipper allows up to 200023:43
Slingapparently my network or system is not the culprit :)23:43
cartusiais there anyway I can increase it?23:43
wilee-nileess_haze, have you run sudo update-grub?23:44
ss_hazenutman: use other version of ubuntu, version of driver, or use windows23:44
Wytshadowlol fair nuff23:44
Dr_Williscartusia:  look in its settings? or perhaps the code..  its a rather old app i recall23:44
failmasterSling, not necessary, most probably it's a network related issue, but i'll try to check it myself later! :D23:44
Slingim going to give it a shot on a couple of other machines behind different networks23:45
Slingjust to be sure23:45
Slingbut because of the loadbalancing behind the download, hard to pinpoint on this end23:45
failmasterbesides i'm sure there are ways of keeping an eye on it over some kind of autocheck routines23:46
MoPacss_haze: Do you have a manual switch to detect monitors?23:46
MoPacSorry, I mean nutman:23:46
wilee-nileeWytshadow, You want to be careful on language use her acronyms are no better that the actual words and against channel policy. ;)23:46
plustaxI keep getting an error when I go to install teamviewer in order for someone to help me fix a myriad of other issues. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2066611/Screenshot%20from%202013-08-10%2019%3A44%3A18.png anyone tell me what the issue could be?23:47
MoPacnutman: Have you tried the "detect displays" option in the Ubuntu settings menu?23:47
failmasteri have a problem with switching passphrase luks auth on boot to key file based, extra details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?23:47
wiehanhow can I delete ALL EMPTY directories in a specific path recursively through the terminal?23:48
wilee-nileeplustax, Technically not supported, however does not mean no one will help, I would find there forum if there is one.23:48
nutmanMoPac, ubuntu detects the display. It's my TV that doesn't seem to recognise the laptop output and allow me to change to the 'PC' input23:48
ss_hazenutman: does Samsung runs Android besides it's smart display?23:49
MoPacnutman: Are you able to manually change it on the TV?23:49
ss_hazethen why linux compability would be problem23:49
=== henk_ is now known as henky
nutmanthere's a hack where if u press on pin 10 of the VGA lead with a metal object it 'shorts' it and allows you to change to the PC channel on the TV and then you can see the ubuntu output.23:49
jribwiehan: easy, kludgy way: just call rmdir on every directory :)23:49
wiehanjrib, automatically for let's say a music or pictures dir with hundreds of empty folders23:50
MoPacnutman: Surely there's a "VGA in" input option on the normal non-hack menu?23:50
nutmanits greyed out until u hack it23:50
jribwiehan: I just gave you my suggestion23:50
nutmanwhen i was on XP i detected the input and just allowed you to change to the PC input23:51
wilee-nileenutman, Instructing someone to do a short is way out of channel allowances.23:51
nutmanim not instructing anyone23:51
plustaxim having trouble downloading and installing packages23:51
plustaxnothing is working23:51
wilee-nileenutman, really what would you call t then, think about it.23:51
MoPacwilee-nilee: He is explaining what he already did to this point; he is not advising anyone to follow23:52
Sling73d595b804149fca9547ed94db8ff44f  ubuntu-12.04.2-server-amd64.iso23:52
wiehanjrib, I don't understand your suggestion as it would entail hundreds of cd and rmdir commands in terminal23:52
MoPacwilee-nilee: He is the one with the question23:52
nutmani would call it explaining my situation and what ive tried so far23:52
Slingalso wrong hash on a completely different machine behind a different network23:52
Slingsomething's dodgy :)23:52
jribwiehan: use find.  For the proper way use -empty with find23:52
nutmanwilee-nilee, read better23:52
rreedplustax, you're missing a package you need to install TeamViewer.23:52
MoPacwilee-nilee: His "you" was a generic "one" in English, as in, "it is greyed out until one hacks it"23:52
plustaxrreed it seems i cant install anything23:52
plustaxmy dependencies etc are broken I think :(23:53
wilee-nileenutman, Fine, still out of any responsible channel allowances read the COC.23:53
plustaxI dont know what package I need23:53
rreedplustax, Try installing this the ia32-libs package.23:53
plustaxhow do i do that?23:53
wiehanjrib, I used find . -type d -empty -delete but it certainly didn't go through all the directories, it seemed to have only checked the folders directly under the parent dir23:53
plustaxrreed think you can walk me through it?23:54
rreedplustax, Try "sudo apt-get install ia32-libs"23:54
MoPacnutman: Anyway, so you're sure that the signal is being sent out of the Ubuntu machine, right? (before the TV is told to switch the channel on)?23:54
plustaxrreed, plustax@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install ia32-libs23:54
plustax[sudo] password for plustax:23:54
plustaxReading package lists... Done23:54
plustaxBuilding dependency tree23:54
plustaxReading state information... Done23:54
plustaxYou might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these:23:54
FloodBot1plustax: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:54
jribwiehan: give an example of something that wasn't deleted that you expected to be23:55
nutmanyep. if you move the mouse off the right of the screen its clearly going to the 2nd display23:55
plustaxsorry for the flood23:55
plustaxyou get all that though?23:55
wiehanis this a "safe" command find . -empty -type d -exec rmdir {} + to delete only Empty dirs in a path?23:55
Slingwiehan: try it without the rmdir but a ls instad?23:55
rreedplustax, Try running the "sudo apt-get -f install"23:56
wiehanSling, ty23:56
plustaxrreed i ran that23:57
failmasteri have a problem with switching passphrase luks auth on boot to key file based, extra details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?23:57
plustaxrreed should I now try to install the deb package again?"23:57
MoPacnutman: Are you using the generic Xorg driver or a proprietary one?23:57
wilee-nileeplustax, Pastebin all of running sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   hit the n for no on the ask.23:58
nutmanoo i have no idea. im a ubuntu noob. how do I check?23:58
MoPacnutman: go to your software sources23:59
MoPacnutman: "software and updates"23:59

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