GridCubepleia2, or someone, can you please aprove exio4 in the ubuntu-etherpad?00:00
Unit193GridCube: Good!  Getting him to submit results. :D00:02
Unit193She's a bit AFK, mhall119 is part of the community team, does that count as admins? :P00:03
pleia2I was at dinner with my father in law, but approved on my way out to the car ;)01:57
Unit193pleia2: Enjoyed it?  And danke.02:07
Unit193https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1199450 I read that as commited, and since it's supposed to be committed in 955/948, lag issue should be gone in the mir package as of an hour ago.  I'll spin another out on Monday, if someone agrees with me it's fixed. :P05:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1199450 in Mir "[xmir] Inputs slowing, last event of a stream of events greatly delayed" [Critical,Fix committed]05:04
elfyochosi bluesabre - so lightdm greeter - you logout and top right corner - 4 icons - what's the flower one for - and assuming the flag one is for languages etc - it's not working here07:07
ochosielfy: the flag is for languages, the "flower" is a gear for the system-menu07:13
ochosibluesabre: has the latest gtk-greeter already been uploaded?07:14
elfyochosi: I assumed those to be the meanings - installeda vm to finally get the testcase written, installed spanish language and keyboard - log out - no options working to change to spanish07:17
elfythat's with the latest iso07:17
knomebluesabre, as ochosi said, you'll now need somebody who's going to merge it approve :)10:42
knomeUnit193, hah, thanks.10:48
knomei do agree with ochosi that we should get some development stuff from 4.11 in10:52
knomeof course, we should test them enough to make sure they *will* work, but otoh, 13.10 is not an LTS, and we have until 14.04 to iron out bugs and stuff from them, if xfce 4.12 wasn't ready before that either10:53
knomeif it was, we'd have to test the 4.12 stuff anyway10:53
knomeelfy, that's a known bug!10:54
knomeelfy, (no options)10:54
knomeelfy, bug 120448610:54
ubottubug 1204486 in LightDM GTK+ Greeter "Unable to select alternate languages at login screen" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120448610:54
knomeelfy, also see my comments 3/410:54
elfythought you were away this weekend 10:56
knomei was/am10:56
knomei'll only be around for some time today10:56
knomebut i thought i'd catch up with the awaylog and -devel backlog10:57
elfyI'm going to be doing some package tests today - done some iso ones :)10:57
knomei just linked that ^ bug to the devel blueprint10:58
elfyokey doke10:58
elfyknome: should I remove the fix released ones from the blueprint? 11:00
knomeelfy, nope11:02
knomeelfy, see http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-s/group/topic-s-flavor-xubuntu.html11:02
jjfrv8elfy, it seems that several of the Xfce Settings Manager testcases are 'archived' and aren't editable12:35
jjfrv8or am I missing something?12:35
elfywhere are you looking?12:36
jjfrv8on the link you sent in the call to arms e-mail. I can paste it if I rember how12:36
elfywhat do you mean by editable?12:38
elfyyou shouldn't be able to edit any of that unless you're in the team12:39
elfywhich you're not12:39
elfyjjfrv8: what is it that you're trying to do?12:39
jjfrv8I mean submitting test resultes12:40
jjfrv8here's a screenshot of one: http://imagebin.org/26710812:44
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elfyok - that looks right12:45
elfyjjfrv8: what are you clicking on there for it to tell you it's archived12:47
elfywhile you're about you can me too and confirm a bug for me - there's no way to report bugs against testcases in packages tracker - there should be 12:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1210728 in Ubuntu QA Website "Report a testcase bug missing from package tracker" [Undecided,New]12:48
jjfrv8I'm just clicking on the tescase name link. I get a results page for all of them but the first five under Xfce Settings Manager group12:49
elfyoic what you mean12:51
elfyjjfrv8: no idea how to unarchive those12:57
jjfrv8It's weird that slickymaster was able to submit one a couple of days ago. Must've just happened.12:59
elfyyea - noted it - will ask when there's someone about to ask - thanks13:00
jjfrv8I confirmed and "me too'd" that bug.13:00
elfyjjfrv8: thanks13:00
scottbombGreetings all. Where is the MIR testing ISO I've been reading about? Is it the daily listed here? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/270/builds13:27
elfyscottbomb: http://vanir.unit193.tk/mir/13:29
elfythose 2 you linked are normal iso's - no mir 13:30
scottbombexcellent, thanks13:33
elfywelcome 13:34
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bluesabreochosi: the latest and greatest being 1.0?21:03
bluesabreknome: thanks?21:03
bluesabreWithout the ? of course21:03
bluesabredang it21:03
bluesabreochosi: 1.6 I mean21:04
bluesabreI'll get it right eventually21:04
bluesabremicahg, mr_pouit: do either of you care to approve and upload this?  https://code.launchpad.net/~smd-seandavis/xubuntu-default-settings/lightdm-gtk-greeter-updates/+merge/17795921:05
bluesabretoday I am unable to say the things I need to say21:05
knomebluesabre, was :P21:06
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GridCubepleia2, :D in a lighter request, we should choose our first desktop of the week soon22:13
Noskcajknome, What do you think we should do with xfce4-settings 4.11? It's the only xfce thing not current in debian other than lightdm22:15
knomeNoskcaj, i agree with what ochosi said; we should probably cherry-pick some xfce 4.11 stuff, but we need to decide about that on a meeting22:15
knomei don't want xfce 4.12 as bad as i want some of the features built for it, which have been ready for ages 22:16
knomeit would be silly to stall everything because the xfce release schedule being what it is22:16
knomebut it would be silly to simply get every new component in too, because that would most probably break things22:17
NoskcajI've just got the datetime plugin merge working. where should i upload it?22:39
knomei'm off to bed22:45
lderangood night knome 22:45
Noskcajnight knome 22:46

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