kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1210909] ksysguard leaves weird empty vertical line in cpu/mem/net graphs @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1210909 (by Søren Holm)01:54
ScottKxnox: OK.  qbittorrent is broken.04:31
smartboyhwkubotu: newversion plasma-mediacenter 1.0.9507:19
smartboyhwshadeslayer, yofel if you are awake review + upload https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/packaging-staging-1/+files/plasma-mediacenter_1.0.95-0ubuntu1.dsc07:34
* shadeslayer can look at it tomorrow07:34
smartboyhwshadeslayer, sure, it's not a hurry:)07:38
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d_edhey, can someone do me a favour.11:15
d_edcan someone run ldd /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/ktp-call-ui  | pastebinit on stock kubuntu11:15
d_edand send me the output of course :)11:16
yofeld_ed: http://pastebin.com/Xx38v59x on kubuntu 13.10 and ktp-call-ui 0.6.3-0ubuntu111:30
d_edooh and this is right. It's just my local setup that's screwed11:36
smartboyhwHey guys.12:30
smartboyhwOh no, my Developer application is tmr, real nervous...12:30
smartboyhwyofel, do you have time to review plasma-mediacenter 1.0.95 package?14:08
yofelhm, can do14:10
smartboyhwyofel, https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/packaging-staging-1/+files/plasma-mediacenter_1.0.95-0ubuntu1.dsc14:10
yofelalready got it from the backlog14:11
smartboyhwyofel, great:)14:11
smartboyhwyofel, uh, my dev application is tmr (HORROR HORROR HORROR, as in the Macbeth line)14:12
smartboyhwIn case if you are wondering why did I update the copyright file, it's because I bugged upstream about the dual-headers and they fixed it14:13
yofelah nice14:13
yofelmeh, spend some time trying to get icecc working. After taking the package from sid it at least runs, but only builds locally14:14
smartboyhwyofel, oh14:15
smartboyhwI'm trying to port my device (GALAXY Pocket) to CM14:17
smartboyhwBut I can't seem to get mtp working14:17
* yofel ponders whether what upstream did is legal.14:19
yofelI'm no relicensing expert...14:19
yofelit's their issue anyway14:20
smartboyhwyofel, yeah14:22
smartboyhwyofel, \o/14:23
smartboyhwHello Quintasan 14:48
Quintasanyofel: I'm going to delete some buffers in Quassel now so things might go strange in the load I gues14:51
yofelplease delete them one at a time14:51
smartboyhwyofel, \o/ plasma-mediacenter is now in raring-release;)15:24
Quintasanyofel: Sorry15:51
yofelQuintasan: what happened? I was fine15:51
Quintasanyofel: Oh lol, I'm getting disconnected each time I delete one.15:54
QuintasanIf you're not getting hit by it then I'll keep it up15:54
yofelweird, I thought it would lock the whole DB table, seems it doesn't15:55
QuintasanI mass spammed delete requests and thought it killed the server16:01
Quintasanyofel: Well, anyways, my db should be considerably smaller16:12
markeywhere are the monochromatic icons from the system tray located?16:19
markeyor actually... do mind ;)16:23
Quintasanmarkey: Uh, they should be in /usr/share/icons I believe16:24
markeyI'm confused, can't find the monochrome amarok icon16:25
markeyonly the blue one that we bundle16:25
yofelmarkey: /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/icons/amarok.svgz16:31
yofelmight be what you're looking for16:31
yofel(from kde-runtime)16:31
shadeslayeryofel: do you know where the various debhelper variables are documented?17:08
shadeslayera quick google didn't find anything17:08
yofelno, not really17:09
shadeslayerokay, any ideas what the top level source folder is refered to as?17:10
shadeslayerthis source has a whole bunch of shell scripts and desktop files and no CMakeLists.txt file17:12
shadeslayerhm, actually, I think it'll be easier to write a cmake file17:12
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