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Munchorhi, that list of countries - https://translations.launchpad.net/+languages/pt - where does it come from?19:45
guillaume_hi everybody21:39
guillaume_i have some troubles with bazaar21:39
guillaume_i bzr branch lp:openobject-addons/trunk addons21:39
guillaume_after complete, i have no folder except .bzr which size more than 600mB21:39
guillaume_where are the files downloaded ?21:39
guillaume_there is nobody here ?21:43
wgrantMunchor: It's manually maintained by the Launchpad team.21:45
wgrantguillaume_: What was the output of the bzr branch command?21:45
Munchoris it in the source code then wgrant?21:45
wgrantMunchor: No, the database. You can request changes at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad.21:46
Munchorty wgrant21:48
wgrantMunchor: At least Brazilian Portuguese has a separate language code (pt_BR). I'm not sure about the others.21:53
Munchorpretty sure there's pt_US and pt_UK and they're both there21:54
guillaume_wgrant: bzr branch lp:openobject-server/trunk server/22:00
guillaume_bzr: ERROR: Already a branch: "server/".22:00
wgrantguillaume_: That's not the command you mentioned earlier.22:01
wgrantWhat was the output of the initial invocation?22:01
guillaume_replace openobject-server by openerp-addons22:01
wgrantThe initial command wouldn't have failed saying that the directory was already a branch.22:02
guillaume_Branched 8849 revisions22:03
wgrantWhat does 'bzr info' in the 'addons' directory say?22:03
wgrant'bzr info -v'22:05
guillaume_wtf, with openobject-server/trunk it's working but with openobject-addons/trunk and openerp-web/trunk, it is not working22:07
wgrantbranching openobject-addons/trunk didn't create a working tree. 'bzr checkout' in the addons dir will fix it22:08
guillaume_the same problem occurs for the 2 last projects22:08
wgrantYou don't have some strange bzr config that would have prevented it from automatically doing that?22:08
wgrantbzr branch will create a working tree by default, unless you're using a treeless repository, which you're not.22:08
guillaume_i am on ubuntu 1222:10
guillaume_i try22:10
guillaume_it's good thank you very much Mr William Grant22:10
wgrantNot sure why it didn't work in the first place, but unless there was an error 'bzr checkout' should always fix it22:11
guillaume_ok i'll remember that22:11
Munchorthanks wgrant22:12
dmj_novaany reason why uploading a new version to a ppa might report success, but not show up in the ppa?22:56
wgrantdmj_nova: The package wasn't signed properly.23:02
dmj_novawgrant: ah right, launchpad probably checks the signiture against your account keys23:17
wgrantdmj_nova: Right, the changes file has to be signed with an OpenPGP key that's associated with a Launchpad account.23:19
dmj_nova...yep, found the issue23:42

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