randomnameIs there a file selector in the Ubuntu SDK?02:53
randomnameI want to give the user the option to select one of the pictures on their device02:54
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_5m0k3What is the radius of curvature for UbuntuShape "small"07:47
_5m0k3it's scales.  odd08:27
narekbHi, I just learned of the App Showdown, and I'd like to ask if the judges may score differently based on the languages used to make the app13:44
narekb(i.e. will a C++ app score more than a JS one?)13:44
mefriohi guys is there a way to display a photo selector in my ubuntu touch app??16:01
Cantideis there any documentation about accessing the phone's hardware? (i.e. turning on the flash or accessing the gps)18:18
MomoHi, I'm planning on porting a CLI c++ program throught the ubuntu SDK for ubuntu touch. The program loads youtube videos, strips the video and adds an album cover in the mp3 tag. Due to the use of libraries and popen i'm not sure what the best way to port this is...19:04
Momoany advice would be great, even if it is a straight up "Sorry not possible"19:05
mefriohey guys :) can someone help me there: http://askubuntu.com/questions/331331/photo-selector-api-for-ubuntu-touch ??19:06
Cantidewhere can i find info about the Ubuntu Touch OSK ? Is it an app, can another keyboard be written as part of the App Showdown?20:12
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