TopaazHi everyone, I am seeking some help in removing duplicate files from a single folder.01:53
TopaazThe format is relatively standard such as:01:53
TopaazJohn Doe - Some Content.pdf01:54
TopaazJohn Doe - Some Content_copy_1.pdf01:54
Topaazfor i in `find *copy*`; do mv $i /home/me/ebooks/Duplicates   !(This just appears to hang)01:54
Topaazfdupes -d -r /home/me/ebooks/Duplicates/     !(I wasn't sure of how to proceed with this?)01:54
Topaazany ideas?01:55
SunSwordAnyone want to help me figure out how to get the correct drivers for my intel video chipset?06:51
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earthling_anyone know where config files are located?  I'm looking for the chromium config file.16:48
wilee-nileeearthling_, In home hidden .config17:25
earthling_I found it, thx17:25
wilee-nileeNOt sure it will be what you want what is your end goal17:25
earthling_my chromium doesn't work17:25
earthling_I'm using chromium version 28.0.1500.71 on Ubuntu 12.04    I'm getting the alert message "Your profile could not be opened correctly.Some features may be unavailable.  Please check that the profile exists and you have permission to read and write its contents."17:25
earthling_creating a new user profile doesn't change it17:26
earthling_nor does uninstalling, installing17:26
wilee-nileeearthling_ Is that the latest updated version?17:26
earthling_well, I just installed it from USC17:26
wilee-nileeearthling_, Has it ever worked, and if so have you modified it?17:27
earthling_it worked for a year17:28
wilee-nileeand two questions there17:28
earthling_I don't think I did any changes17:28
wilee-nileeearthling_, no flash problems?17:28
earthling_just adding bookmarks17:28
earthling_flash works fine17:29
wilee-nileeearthling_, If it were me I would save the bookmarks and purge and reinstall it, might be another methods but that is the fastest, do you know how to purge an app?17:30
earthling_is that from USC?17:30
wilee-nileeearthling_, sudo apt-get purge "app" without the quotes a reinstall or just uninstall leves the package basically.17:31
wilee-nileeno in a terminal17:31
earthling_I was using a PPA at one time I think17:33
wilee-nileeearthling_, So I'm on multiple channels if you use my nick I'm notified you are speaking to me.17:33
earthling_so maybe thats part of it17:33
wilee-nileeearthling_, That will cause a problem if the PPA is not supporting your release, as well PPA's are not technically supported.17:33
wilee-nileeearthling_, the ppa will be in /etc/apt/sources.list.d most likely check if it is supporting your release by finding it on the web.17:35
earthling_wilee-nilee, interesting17:35
wilee-nileeearthling_, I look like this. https://www.google.com/search?q=chromium+PPA&btnG=Search&hl=en&biw=&bih=&gbv=117:35
earthling_wilee-nilee, I can also use synaptic to remove ppas?17:36
wilee-nileeearthling_, Yes that would be the easiest way.17:36
wilee-nileeearthling_, The stable PPA is covering all releases right now, you have to watch PPA's they sometimes move around.17:37
earthling_wilee-nilee, hmm, I don't see any PPAs in Synaptic, other than a printer driver17:39
ubot93To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html17:40
holsteinearthling_: ^17:40
wilee-nileeearthling_, I'm in W8 at the moment use the drop downs at top to get to software sources, usc is edit-preferences-software sources, maybe no prefrences there.17:40
wilee-nileeearthling_, Check that info by holstein as well.17:41
sunranyone who can help with vpn setup17:47
earthling_wilee-nilee, holstein, I installed ppapurge, but I don't think I have any ppas17:49
wilee-nileeearthling_, Look in that path a I mentioned earlier or run cat /etc/sources.list another repo area for them.17:51
earthling_wilee-nilee, no ppas there17:56
earthling_wilee-nilee, in either17:56
wilee-nileeearthling_, Cool, have you purged chromium?18:03
wilee-nileeand reinstalled18:03
wilee-nileeearthling_, IT may as simple as deleting the chromium config in .config18:04
wilee-nileea new one will build as soon as you open it if it opens18:05
earthling_wilee-nilee, http://pastebin.com/B5AJdERN18:45
earthling_wilee-nilee, I do see a profile 1 in chromium config, maybe I should delete that18:48
wilee-nileeearthling_, I though you found no PPA's, do you have synaptic or usc open when running that command?18:49
wilee-nileedoh thought*18:49
wilee-nileeearthling_, always post every bit of the commands18:50
wilee-nileeand data run in a terminal18:50
earthling_wilee-nilee, yeah, I'll close them, didn't know they interfere18:52
wilee-nileeearthling_, Ah, easy mistake.18:52
earthling_wilee-nilee, Warning:  Could not find package list for PPA: chromium-browser ppa18:55
earthling_wilee-nilee, looks like the ppas were removed already18:56
wilee-nileeearthling_, are you using the purge ppa command?18:58
wilee-nileechromium-browser ppa does not look like the actual ppa name18:59
earthling_wilee-nilee, ok, I think deleting "profile 1" worked!19:04
wilee-nileeearthling_, You seem to be using a hunt and peck methodology, while not informed, that will bite you in the end, am I guessing here?19:06
wilee-nileeno biggie you have to start somewhere, I deleted home 3 times in the first 6 months.19:07
earthling_wilee-nilee, :-) still learning, millions of files hard to wrap head around19:07
earthling_wilee-nilee, I used windows most my life, so still used to that I guess19:08
earthling_wilee-nilee, one of these days I gotta build a cheap box to practice on,  this is my primary computer, so I really can't afford to mess things up19:11
wilee-nileeearthling_, I understand, I would start with if you ask a question and don't understand the answer, be sure to clarify it, rather then jus picking at it, linux is pretty easy to screw up you have much more hands on control, however it is quite stable if run correctly. ;)19:15
earthling_wilee-nilee, do you understand the system easily?19:15
wilee-nileeearthling_, Open source was where I started about 6 years ago, so it seems normal to me, but I have in the mean time acquired MS OS I have used XP tp W8 as of now.19:16
earthling_wilee-nilee, I'm a visual learner, its all very abstract to me, and it seems endless to try to understand it all19:17
wilee-nileeearthling_, Depends on the partes of the system really, I'm just a obsessed armchair user in the end.19:17
wilee-nileeearthling_, No one understands it all really, at least a few maybe, but there are some basic ways to use it safely.19:18
wilee-nileeearthling_, ubuntu is fairly new user orientated in general, but still has all the possibilities of any linux install19:19
earthling_wilee-nilee, cool20:04

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