nazgulHi. Tim sent me here. I would like to get involved in packaging Gnome 3.10. I have already read about how packaging on Ubuntu works.13:09
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PendragonUKHi peeps, quick question... Use of Mir/MirX in future for Ubuntu-gnome? Or will it be using X for the future until Wayland is properly supported.13:39
tommie-liePendragonUK: Gnome will probably never use Mir14:03
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darkxstjbicha, so that compat change did not help with webkit symbols22:11
darkxstIt seems that the i386 -dbg and both dbgsym packages have debug symbols stripped, but the amd64 doesnt.22:12
darkxstI think I will just upload 2.0.4-1, but drop the -dbg packages22:13
Ultra_HRThe wubi.exe on the Ubuntu Gnome 13.04 ISO just downloads the regular version of Ubuntu. Is there a fix for this? I really want to install Ubuntu Gnome with Wubi.22:30

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