ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (xmetal)08:49
ikonia21:21 < syko> dr_willis: is ubuntu manual suitable for ubuntu-based distros users too?10:43
ikonia21:21 < syko> a friend of mine needs help.10:43
ikonia21:21 < syko> he runs backbox.10:43
ikoniait's the same guy10:43
ikoniaand there we have it10:43
ikoniaas this is why he was kicked out of #kali-linux as he was running backbox - not kal-linux and he was arleady banned from #ubuntu10:43
ikoniaso he's still using backbox linux10:43
ikonia@mark #ubuntu fudus just making up comments and blaming microsoft as "fact" for things that there is no suggestion let alone fact of MS's involvement in11:18
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:18
DJonesTheUsD> is ripping a website considered illegal?18:32
DJonesNot the first time that nicks asked about questionable activities18:32
bazhang<TheUsD> semitones I asked that because I wanted to ask for a good website ripping tool for ubuntu, but don't want to without violating rules here.18:34
bazhangthat means... he wants to violate rules18:34
DJonesIs syko supposed to be banned or not? I can see the comments in scrollback about them, and can see that they've got a killed idoru, spam is offtopic on freenode in scrollback earlier/yesterday18:55
LjL-Alpsdownloading websites, such a heinous crime19:05
bazhangthe @bansearch says no19:06
DJonesAh well, thats good19:07
CoreyI got to meet pici yesterday!21:59
IdleOneIs as nice in person as he is in real life?22:00
IdleOneyou know what I mean22:00
IdleOnelol I confused IRC with real life22:01
IdleOnewas that at FOSSCON?22:04
PiciIt was pretty random.  I wasn't expecting to see anyone besides the 'local' freenodian people there.22:10
CoreyWhen you live in airports, everywhere is local. :-)22:10
IdleOneI thought Lyz was going to be there also22:10
PiciShe was.22:11
CoreyYeah, but I've known her for years.22:11
PiciJohnathanD and Lyz were the ones who I knew where going to be there.22:11
CoreyI finally got to meet jonathanD.22:11
IdleOneSo have I but I haven't had the fortune off meeting her in person, or you or Pici :(22:11
CoreyThat only took five years. :-)22:11
CoreyIdleOne: No, I mean I've met her before. Repeatedly. At pretty much every conference I go to. :-)22:11
IdleOneSure, rub it in22:12
Coreypleia2 is, much like American Express, everywhere you want to be.22:12
IdleOneSome day...22:12
Piciyano and jtrucks were there as well.22:12
CoreyThat's not as exciting. Particularly if you've met yano. :-D22:13
IdleOneso it was a mini freenode staffcon22:13
CoreyI gave a talk. It was lovely.22:13
CoreyPeople wept at the end.22:13
PiciWe heckled him.22:13
CoreyOkay, *I* wept at the end.22:13
PiciHe heckled himself too.22:13
IdleOneThey were that mean to you huh22:13
CoreyOh please, I bring it on myself.22:14
IdleOneleast you are past the denial stage22:14
pleia2pleia2, just like amex22:53
FlannelIt's funny because that's Visa's slogan, not AmEx.23:09
pleia2so.. just like visa?23:16
IdleOneI think you would be more like Discover23:17
pleia2not acepted anywhere :(23:17
IdleOneunrelated note, I am upset with Discovery channel for fooling me.23:17
IdleOnepleia2: err never mind that then.23:17
IdleOneI was thinking more about how you travel a lot and share awesome stuff you "discover"23:18
pleia2oh, I see :)23:18
IdleOneDid you really think I meant you are not accepted anywhere :(23:19
pleia2I actually had no idea ;)23:20
IdleOneJust so you know. I never think anything but positive when it comes to you.23:21
* pleia2 hugs IdleOne 23:21
* IdleOne hugs back 23:21
rebbecajohnson20Idleone bought me here23:57
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: Howdy.  How can we help you?23:58
rebbecajohnson20Flannel you banned me23:58
rebbecajohnson20On ubuntu offtopic23:58
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: This is correct.23:58
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: Did you have a question? or what?23:58
rebbecajohnson20Why I was banned23:59
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: because it became apparent that you had no interest in paying attention to the channel guidelines.23:59
rebbecajohnson20What is chabnel guidlines?23:59

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