elfyphillw: 1608 is there for you now as well06:38
elfymorning DanChapman07:08
DanChapmanGood Morning all07:08
DanChapmanelfy hey :-)07:09
elfyhow's sunday looking07:10
DanChapmanits looking good here. WHat about you?07:12
elfylooking like the small faces could write a song about it07:13
smartboyhwHey DanChapman07:18
smartboyhwNoskcaj, ping07:19
smartboyhwDidn't you change your nick?:P07:19
DanChapmansmartboyhw, hello o/07:19
smartboyhwDanChapman, hey07:19
smartboyhwNoskcaj10, ping07:29
Noskcaj10smartboyhw, I'm still here. i assume i missed something?07:31
smartboyhwNoskcaj10, I do have to admit: This hackfest is a fail:P07:32
Noskcaj10I got a few things done though07:33
Noskcaj10e.g. 16GB disk and 2GB RAM07:33
smartboyhwNoskcaj10, good07:33
elfysometimes you just have to assume that people aren't interested07:38
smartboyhwelfy, Noskcaj10 I think the problem is that it's a Saturday and people just wouldn't come-.-07:38
elfyeven if they had there was no-one here to run it07:39
Noskcaj10yep. And the timezone issue07:39
=== Noskcaj10 is now known as Noskcaj
elfyin an ideal world if something is supposed to run as long as it was supposed to then you'd have cover in more than a couple of tz's07:40
knomeor a very limited, strict time with highly specified activity, so people can schedule that and then know they'll be free07:56
elfyphillw: and 160916:49
phillwelfy: okies :)18:22
phillwadded, thanks18:24
elfywelcome - don't expect me to do 2 every day :p18:25
=== Noskcaj10 is now known as Noskcaj

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