DWSRHey all, having an issue booting into my 12.04 LTS server install. Used the server media to partition an LVM onto a boot drive, now booting from that drive gives me "Reboot and select proper boot media"00:26
eutheriahello, can anyone suggest a dns server that has a java api to editing a zone?00:40
failmastereutheria, google knows some http://www.xbill.org/dnsjava/00:44
eutheriai was after first hand experience ;)00:45
failmastersorry then =)00:45
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Nicekiwiso.. Ive broken the SSH server on my 'server'.. so i cant use SSH and I cant start it. Help?02:27
Nicekiwii can access the console, but i cant figure out why ssh wont start02:27
qman__sudo start ssh; tail -n25 /var/log/syslog02:33
Nicekiwinvm, my sshd_config was currupted. Resinalled ssh server02:36
Nicekiwiqman__, thanks anyway :)02:39
funksteri have two servers. one is open to public, the other is behind a firewall/nat (ports cannot be opened) what is a way i can push notications to the firewall/nat server so it can trigger actions to take?03:14
RoyKdo it manually03:15
funksterthat wont scale for the project.03:15
qman__depends on what sort of notifications03:15
qman__you could have the firewalled server connect with SSH and read a file on a regular basis03:16
RoyKoutbound ports works by session handles if the iptables rueles are configured correctly03:16
qman__or if you are syncing files, you could use btsync03:16
RoyKreturn ports as well03:16
funksterRoyK: i have no clue what you are talking about.03:16
RoyKfunkster: what are you trying to do_03:17
funksterqman__: someone would perform an action on the public server and that needs to instantly trigger an action on the firewalled server.03:17
qman__what kind of action, at both ends?03:18
RoyKfunkster: if you don't know what I'm talking about, you might not know what *you* are talking about03:18
funksteri need to run a shell script on the firewalled server once the public server tells it to. in a nut shell03:19
qman__well, the first step is deciding on what method you want the action performed with, there are literally a million ways to do it03:20
RoyKsetup ssh keys and run thos jobs with ssh03:20
qman__if it's management tasks, you might look into salt stack03:20
qman__if it's a simple set of custom actions, reverse SSH or a cron job to check might be best03:20
funkstercronjob isnt fast enough03:21
funksterid have to loop a script every 1-2 seconds to check the public server.03:21
RoyKthen use a shellscript03:21
RoyKmake a loop in it03:21
RoyKwhile true ; do something ; sleep 2 ; done03:21
funksterdidnt i just say that?03:21
qman__you could set up autossh on the firewalled server providing a reverse SSH tunnel03:22
qman__then have your script on the public server run an SSH command over that tunnel03:22
qman__downtime can exist though, I find that in practice you might lose connection for as much as five minutes03:22
qman__if you need something with higher reliability you might have to write it yourself03:22
qman__openVPN is also a possibility, though probably overkill for this task03:23
fbdystangHi, I just installed an ubuntu zentyal email server. I am using afraid.org for dns. I can send emails just fine but cannot receive them. Please advise, and thanks in advance!03:30
qman__a static IP is required to run an internet email server03:33
qman__additionally, most residential internet connections and dynamic business connections block incoming SMTP traffic at the ISP level03:33
fbdystangqman_: Really? If that is true then that is my issue. But I find that very hard to believe03:34
qman__believe it, it's a fact03:34
qman__while there is no technical reason you can't accept mail using a dynamic IP, no one will actually send it to you03:34
fbdystangSMTP is open from my isp03:34
qman__spam is a huge problem and in order to combat it, mail providers are extremely picky about who they will and will not accept mail from and send it to03:35
qman__simply using a dynamic IP at all puts you in many RBLs03:35
qman__you can check a lot of public ones yourself by going to mxtoolbox.com03:36
fbdystangWow, that is too bad. I am not understanding why other mail providers need be involved if I host my own email server03:37
qman__in order for you to send email to other people, and for other people to send email to you03:38
qman__if you only care about sending email to yourself, it doesn't matter03:38
fbdystangOK, let me try sending email to myself and see if that goes through03:38
qman__but I assume that you want to actually send email to other people on the internet03:38
qman__as most do03:38
fbdystangI can send just fine, it is receive that gets broke03:39
fbdystangah, it worked to myself03:39
qman__what's your internet IP and domain name? I can check if it lines up from here and if the port is open03:40
fbdystangSo if I send an email from yahoo to my server, it won't go through because yahoo sees my server as too small and therefore a potential danger?03:41
fbdystangIsn't there a better way to send you my IP and domain?03:41
qman__not exactly, but if things aren't all set up the way they need to be, they might interpret it as virus activity or not be able to confirm your MX records match up03:41
qman__what do you mean by a better way?03:42
fbdystangI don't want the world to see it03:42
qman__your DNS is published to the world already, and your IP is available to anyone who looks03:42
qman__you're probably already getting hit by bots from china03:43
fbdystangIs there a way to PM on here?03:43
qman__my point is, the world already sees it, you're not protecting yourself in anyway by not posting it here03:44
qman__I'm just not willing to go through the effort of port scanning you and doing reverse DNS lookups03:45
fbdystangneither does anyone else, which is what protects me. There has to be a better way, as I would really like your help seeing if it is matched up correctly.03:47
fbdystangI have issued a dig command and it appears correct03:48
qman__did you run dig mx?03:48
qman__did you ask anyone else's nameserver, such as dig ns @ yoursite.com03:49
fbdystangcanyouseeme.org shows port 25 open so I assume I am good there03:49
fbdystangnope let me try that03:49
qman__dig mx @ yoursite.com03:50
qman__not ns03:50
fbdystangok what am I lookin for?03:51
qman__look at ANSWER SECTION03:52
qman__should look something like that03:52
qman__and then, you should be able to dig the answer to an A record03:52
qman__in this case, mail.deadface.org resolves to my server's IP03:53
fbdystangok, just going through it now. stand by03:53
fbdystangyep, mine looks EXACTLY like that03:54
qman__silly question, did you purchase a domain name or are you using one of their free subdomains?03:54
qman__yahoo may automatically block sending to all their freebie subdomains to prevent abuse03:55
fbdystangNo, I purchase from godaddy, then pointed to afraid.org because I don't understand dns yet03:55
fbdystangIf I do a pastebin of my domain and give a small TTL do you think you could take a look?03:56
qman__well, the basic requirements for other servers to send you email are having an A record that points to your server, and having an MX record for your domain which points to that A record03:56
fbdystangok stand by03:57
fbdystangI think it is a setting in postfix or zentyal that isn't talking to that MX correctly03:59
qman__ok, port 25 is not responding03:59
qman__the DNS lines up correctly, assuming that IP is right04:00
qman__do you have other ports open on the same server?04:00
qman__just to make sure it matches04:00
qman__when I GET on port 80 (http) I see a page like this: "Free domain sharing - Site not yet configured"04:01
fbdystangYes, I am blocking 80 on my router04:01
qman__well, it's going to a site04:01
qman__a site which says free domain sharing is not configured04:02
qman__are you connected here on the same internet connection as your server?04:02
qman__ok, then your A record is pointing to the wrong IP04:02
fbdystangtry port 8084 and see if that comes up with a website04:03
qman__nope, nothing04:03
qman__your A record should be pointing to the internet IP of your server, which can be gathered by running "curl ifconfig.me" on the server04:04
fbdystangOK, very interesting04:04
fbdystangstand by, typing that in04:04
qman__you might have to apt-get install curl04:05
fbdystangyea, installing04:05
fbdystangOk, curl gives me exactly what I thought my IP was04:08
qman__ok, the IP I get ends in 17904:08
fbdystangOK, that is wrong04:09
qman__how long ago did you set up your DNS?04:09
fbdystangIs there a way to see exactly what you are seeing?04:09
fbdystangIt was like a year ago, I am checking my account on afraid.org right now to verify the IP. But it has to be right because all other webtraffic comes in correctly04:10
qman__I set it to 10 minutes04:10
fbdystangI appreciate it04:11
fbdystangI am getting different nameservers with the same command04:12
qman__when I ask google I get the same IP but the NS is ns1.afraid.org.04:13
fbdystangI am stumped :(04:14
fbdystangBut I am sure this is my problem04:14
qman__well, it would definitely prevent mail from getting there04:14
qman__log into your afraid.org and check what it's set to04:14
qman__also, it's advisable to add more NS records to your domain, at least two is normal04:15
fbdystangDo you mean more NS records from afraid.org? There are 404:16
fbdystangOk, just typing in mail.mydomain.com into the browser gets to my webmail (A record), but it looks like the MX version doesn't make it. How is that possible?04:19
qman__I get an SSL protocol error04:20
fbdystangIs MX on a specific port that I need to forward?04:20
qman__but it redirects to a different subdomain04:20
qman__so unless your ubuntu server is doing that, you have something else in the way04:21
fbdystanga.mydomain.com is masked to my ip04:21
fbdystangafraid.org is doing that04:21
qman__I see04:21
GH0How would I go about changing the default group on a newly created file so that it is set for the parent folder, or for the users default group?04:21
qman__in that case, your MX record is pointing to the wrong name04:21
qman__the MX record _has_ to point _directly_ to your mail exchanger04:22
qman__so it should point to a.yoursite.com04:22
fbdystangahhhh, you are right!!!04:22
fbdystangLet me try that04:22
qman__GH0, setgid on the parent directory, or change filesystem mount options04:23
GH0Hey qman, I personally tried using ACL's, but for whatever reason the program I am using is not wanting to follow rules of the acl.04:23
GH0Okay, and if that fails, what would be the easiest way for the file to inherit permissions of the parent folder?04:24
GH0Because right now, every new file in the directory is created with rw------- which is not helping me.04:24
qman__the umask of the application04:25
GH0So... what if that application is firefox/chrome?04:26
GH0Hold on, before you answer that let me google how to do that.04:26
qman__firefox and chrome will abide your user's umask setting for downloaded files04:26
GH0Isn't changing the default umask for a user somewhat risky?04:27
qman__setting world read/write bits by default might be depending on your use case04:27
qman__but the default umask is 002204:27
qman__which would have files created 644 and directories / executables 75504:27
GH0Because while I would love for the ability of the newly created files to be read globally, I also don't want the home folder to be read by every single user in this case.04:28
GH0Because the files are being downloaded to /home/user/Downloads, I am trying to make it so that only that folder is able to read, write, and execute versus /home/user/Documents.04:29
fbdystangqman_ How long will it take to propagate that new ip on afraid .org?04:29
GH0Which is what I was trying to do with the ACL thing, but that failed.04:29
qman__fbdystang, depends on the TTL you set04:29
fbdystangqman_: on my server or on afraid.org?04:30
qman__it should only take a few minutes for your settings to apply in afraid.org's system, but for those settings to propogate to the servers, it can take up to the whole TTL length04:30
qman__the TTL setting in your DNS zone on afraid.org04:30
GH0qman, what is the third sticky bit? Is it o+s or something else?04:32
qman__GH0, you could create a script which runs "umask 0022; chromium-browser" to start it with04:32
qman__there isn't one04:32
qman__or 0000 depending on what yo uwant04:33
fbdystangOK, dig still lists the wrong ip, but I just received an email I sent to myself hours ago04:38
fbdystangSo I expect dig will straighten out with propagation time04:39
shaunoit's looking sane from here.  yourdomain still points to .179, but now has mx pointed to mx.yourdomain, which ends .231   (none of my business, but I thought I'd take a look since I don't have it cached)04:41
fbdystangmuch appreciated shauno04:45
GH0qman__, is there no other way then writing a script that initiates the function for the application?04:47
qman__not unless the application has a feature to set file permissions upon download04:48
qman__possibly a browser extension04:48
GH0I don't understand this then. Why if I set a umask for the user of 0057 the program doesn't follow that umask in the first place? Why does the program follow it's own umask?04:56
fbdystangqman_: shauno: It looks to be working perfect now. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. It is awesome people like you that promote open source and helping others that make a huge difference in the ubuntu community. Well done.05:05
fbdystangMX records are now pointing to the right IP :)05:06
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Halo1_how do i enable ftp in my server , am am trying to put filles to it , ssh seems to work just fine after download openssh-server09:46
mardraumideally, use sftp, part of openssh09:47
mardraumotherwise, install an ftp client like vsftp09:47
mardraumer, ftp server, like vsftp.09:47
mardraumyou can also use scp if you have ssh working fine.09:48
mardraumif you want a nice gui client that does sftp, try filezilla09:49
Halo1_am trying to ftp from a windowss client09:51
mardraumif you are not willing to use a client that supports sftp, then you have to install and configure an ftp server like vsftpd09:52
mardraum(filezilla works on windows, btw)09:52
Halo1_lol didnt think of that thanks09:53
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QuackQuackerHi im trying to setup a local server which serves a welcome page with apache2. This is working fine. Now i have setup a AP and would like when connected to it and asking for any adress (etc. test.com ) go to my localhost instead. I have tried googling around and looked and iptables, but without success.12:08
Rapid2214Just saw this in ubuntu, what is your AP (access point?) setup with?12:08
QuackQuackerAtm it is just setup with the ubuntu create wireless. But i could set it up with airbase or etc.12:09
Rapid2214Ok, what IP range do your client receive? and what is the IP of the server?12:11
Rapid2214and clients?12:12
QuackQuackerFor the server IP. For the clients i am unsure, how do i check this?12:12
QuackQuackerThe assigned IP when connected to the AP?12:13
QuackQuackerMoment, i will just have to jump of the network and check.12:13
QuackQuackerHang on. bbiab12:13
QuackQuackerThanks for the help and effort btw12:13
Rapid2214I assume it will be the DHCP of the same network, np12:13
QuackQuackerRapid2214, it was assigned
Rapid2214Ok, it's not getting a DHCP address then, can you do anything on that device?12:19
RoyKQuackQuacker: that's a self-assigned address12:20
QuackQuackerNo not really, it does not seem even to connect to the localhost via the ip12:20
QuackQuackerMaybe i should use airmon-ng instead?12:21
QuackQuackerwheps airbase12:21
RoyKperhaps you should set a valid ip-address for that box first12:21
RoyKI mean, on the same ip network as the other machines in that place12:22
Rapid2214RoyK, that is a wireless device he is connecting to a AP created on his server of
Rapid2214Quack, that will be fine, we will just have to use IP tables to make it work nicely12:24
Rapid2214Did you use the graphical network manager? or file based?12:24
QuackQuackerI would love to use a gui network manager, so far ive tried different "sudo iptables ... "12:25
Rapid2214What did you use to setup your wireless?12:25
QuackQuackeratm it is set up via. ubuntu "create new wirelesss network"12:26
Rapid2214Ok, not entirely sure how that works but I can give it an educated guess, do you have internet on that machine to give a pastebin output?12:27
RoyKQuackQuacker: a server with a gui?12:27
QuackQuackerRoyK, yes, i can just disconnect from the current connection, set it up, copy, and come back here again.12:28
RoyKQuackQuacker: anyway - if you "create new wireless network" it'll be a peer-to-peer thing, and not part of your wireless network (if you have one)12:28
QuackQuackerRoyK, i would like any peer connecting to my directed to my localhost nomatter what adress they put in...12:29
Rapid2214RoyK, I have bridged to access the internet in the past, so it's possible12:29
QuackQuackerPoint being, i do not want anyone that connect to my AP to be connect with the net, just be redirected to my localhost page.12:30
Rapid2214Quack, can you access your 42.1 from your current PC? does the svr has ssh installed?12:31
QuackQuackerIm using this machine im at as access point, so i would have to switch off the current connection, start the ap, go to another computer, connect to app. Check. And yes i have ssh on this server.12:32
QuackQuackerLet me just test. if you hold on.12:32
Rapid2214I will only work in command line so if you can ssh to that machine it would make things quicker :)12:33
QuackQuackerBack. Well no Rapid2214, it was no succes. I can connect to the AP fine. But when browsing to 10.42. it does not connect to that machine localhost12:48
QuackQuackerMaybe i should use a proper program for the ap instead of the ubuntu gui12:49
Rapid2214Yeah might as well12:50
Rapid2214Im just creating a vid tutorial so might be slow to respond12:51
QuackQuackerYea, thanks for the effort. I will try something like hostapd and return when i know more12:52
mikeeyis there a way to view the packets which have been sent to the NIC for TCP checksum offloading like there is in Windows?13:16
mikeeyor do I have to rely on ethtool -K being correct?13:16
mardraumhow would it be incorrect?13:24
RoyKmikeey: wireshark?13:29
mikeeyRoyK, I'll give that a go, thanks13:30
mikeeymardraum, Windows likes enabling things but not really enabling it, I was under the assumption that Ubuntu could do that aswell13:30
mardraumcan you give me some evidence about this "windows fact"?13:34
mikeeymardraum, what I ment was that I never get it to work properly in Windows, netsh int tcp show global tells me chimney offloading is enabled, while netstat -nt claims all connections are InHost13:48
mikeeyaka, not offloaded13:48
mikeeyhence I want to make sure they are actually getting offloaded in ubuntu13:49
Patrickdkheh? tcp checksum is just one of many things windows chimney offload does13:56
Patrickdkand the checksum only part won't show up in netstat13:57
Patrickdkatleast according to microsoft13:57
Patrickdkdo you have a real server grade nic in that machine? that supports scatter-gather, tso, gso, gro?13:58
Patrickdkprobably lro also13:58
mikeeyit's an Intel Pro/1000MT PCIe Server adapter13:59
Patrickdkya, it only has sending optimizations, nthing for receive14:05
Patrickdkit's just too old14:05
Patrickdknot that linux or windows isn't using it, but windows can't push the whole thing into the nic to be handled, cause it doesn't support the whole thing14:06
mikeeyso I'm out of luck?14:06
Patrickdkdunno, what kind of luck did you want?14:06
Patrickdkit supports tcp checksum offloading14:07
mikeeythat is what I want14:07
Patrickdkand that is very very easy to test with wireshark, it will complain all outgoing packets have bad checksums14:07
RoyKmikeey: is there a performance issue with your system, or are you just curious?14:07
mikeeyI'm just curious14:07
RoyKimho if there isn't an issue, why bother :P14:08
mikeeybecause it's fun to fiddle with it haha14:08
mikeeyPatrickdk, so if Wireshark complains about all the outgoing packets having bad checksums the tcp offloading part works?14:11
Patrickdkif other computers receive the packets? yes14:11
Patrickdkcause something outside of linux, is adding proper checksums14:12
* Patrickdk notes, this is a common xen issue14:12
mikeeythanks for the help/explanations14:13
mikeeywell, wireshark tells me that almost all my packets have invalid checksums - is that what I was looking for?14:23
RoyKcan you post a trace somewhere?14:24
RoyKtshark -i ethX -w blah.pcap14:25
mikeeyit does say "May be caused by TCP checksum offloading"14:25
RoyKthen try to disable it and see if it works better14:28
ddsssWhy does my fstab: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5973972/  produces this dir layout:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5973978/15:26
ddsss^ I mean -> why is junk_1tb is 755, while others are 777  with identical fstab entries?15:28
uvirtbotddsss: Error: "I" is not a valid command.15:28
ddsssI mean -> why is junk_1tb is 755, while others are 777  with identical fstab entries?15:28
bekksBecause of the permissions set on the filesystems.15:35
ddsssbekks, directories created automatically during boot. I don't create them manually.15:35
bekksThats not what I am talking about.15:35
bekksIn the past, you did set the permissions on A to 755 while you set them to 777 on B.15:36
ddsssbekks, emm. im not sur if I'm following....15:37
ddsssbekks, how would I go aboutt fixing it?15:37
ddsssbekks, when I unmount them and remove /mnt/* adn reboot - they get recreated during boot with junk_1tb being 755 and others 777...15:38
ddsssbekks, got it sorted. just chmodded 777 and it stays like that after reboot. thank!15:43
andolddsss: Also, are you sure that 777 is the right solution to whatever permission situation you are having?15:49
ddsssandol, this is a nas server. those 3 drives should be visible and browserable by anyone on the network, ie guest access (it's a home nas).15:52
ddsssandol, so I'm just mounting these 3 drievs to be used by samba  basically.15:52
QuackQuackerRapid2214, still around. Ive setup a new test box. Atm its running an AP with airbase. I can connect but do not get an proper IP.16:17
QuackQuackerIm in doubt on how to couple the ap thats running "mon0" with a dhcp server.16:18
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ironhalikit may be a stupid question, but how can I check if a system is ubuntu desktop or ubuntu server? :>21:53
ironhalikI'm not sure if deployed image is gui-less ubuntu, or ubuntu server21:54
ironhaliklsb_release -a says it's ubuntu 13.0421:54
Rapid2214Do you only have SSH access atm then?21:54
Rapid2214dpkg --get-selections | grep network-manager21:55
Rapid2214that is a graphical package21:55
Rapid2214not sure of another way, never come accross the need :)21:55
ironhalikwell, there's no output :>21:56
ironhaliksources.list has just raring repos21:56
Rapid2214dpkg --get-selections | less21:57
Rapid2214then you can check what packages are installed, pastebin the pages if you are unsure21:57
ironhalikwell, no Xorg :>21:58
ironhalikI'm new to Ubuntu as a server OS, not sure if Ubuntu is mostly a desktop 'remix' with GUI parts hacked out21:59
ironhalikor more of a standalone project21:59
bekksThe GUI pats are no hack.21:59
DWSRits neither, really.21:59
Rapid2214I much prefer using ubuntu as a server, gui just pisses me off :P22:01
ironhalikhmm, I do have alndscape installed :>22:02
Rapid2214isnt that just an update webui management thing? What more does it do?22:04
ironhalikkinda, allows for batch server management, etc22:04
ironhalikAFAIK, ofcourse22:04
Rapid2214humm, and it's pay for i think :( Puppet opensource ftw :P22:06
patdk-wkheh? puppet isn't opensource22:09
Rapid2214It has a opensource branch22:09
patdk-wkoh, I wrote it off, since it's so limited in what I would want it to do22:11
Rapid2214I really like it, just finished a class to setup to vm cluster nodes22:13
lifelesshallyn: so is there some way to turn off the subvolume stuff for lxc w/btrfs?22:19
lifelesshallyn: it interferes with --one-filesystem backups :<22:20
s0m3bodyHello, I have a server and I wanted to know what the best way to combine drives is? My host doesn22:33
s0m3bodydoesn't offer RAID0, so I wanted to do something like that22:33
mramariahi. any known issue on 13.04 64 mini not recognizing kb and mouse?23:33
mramariait«s a  TX200 S2 - XEON 3.2Ghz DUAL CORE. tested other OSs and do fine.23:35
mramaria... and i did try other kb & mouse...23:37
jkitchennot recognizing, as in, they don't work? or?23:38
jkitchencould be a usb thing.23:38
jkitchenlike it's not recognizing your usb hub23:38
jkitchenwhich would be *really* weird.23:38
mramariaI'm trying to do an installation and I can't pass installer boot menu due to kb and mouse not functioning23:39
mramariajkitchen: but it recognizes in debian, win server...23:39
jkitchenno, I mean a driver issue with 13.0423:39
jkitchennot blaming your hardware23:39
mramariaoh :)23:39
jkitchenare you using usb or ps2 keyboard?23:40
mramariausb jkitchen23:40
jkitchenis there a ps2 keyboard available you can use?23:40
jkitchenassuming the machine has ps2 ports.23:40
jkitchennot saying that's the solution. I mean, it's *a* solution, but we can use the ps2 keyboard to troubleshoot23:41
jkitchenor if you have a ps2/usb adapter23:41
mramariai have to find one. yes i have but not near by. that's a sollution indeed23:41
mramariasolution i men23:41
jkitchenyou can also look into your machine's bios to see if it has legacy usb keyboard support enabled23:41
jkitchenI've had that cause wonkiness depending on how it was  set23:42
mramariatks jkitchen . i'll install tomorrow23:42
mramariatks a lot23:42
delinquentmeso weve got a two servers on is the web .. other the database.23:52
delinquentmeI'm just assuming that we've got some SSH keys for connections between the two ... and I'm root on the web server23:53
delinquentmeHow can I 1) check to see what SSH permissions are between these machines 2) attempt to use that key for connection purposes23:53

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