ax562doesn't look good for the ubuntu edge :/01:49
ZorthosNo :( I wonder if they'll manage to make a smaller scale one?01:52
ax562who knows.  Looks like they are trying to make a safe/profitable investment01:53
wilee-nileeax562, Not sure it was an intended drive seems like a bit of a question whether 32 mil would be actually generated by the general public, maybe a super hero will fly in at the last moment and save the day.01:53
wilee-nileeand call their bluff01:53
ax562hopefully, it just seems they want to take 0% risk01:55
DJJeffwhats wrong with ubuntu edge?01:58
ax562nothing is wrong with it except that it will probably never come out01:59
DJJeffoh 11 days to reach 32 million01:59
wilee-nileenothing I see, just the idea of the public investing that kind of money is a dream not a reality01:59
DJJeffthe people over at cyanogenmod are pissed off that ubuntu touch is using their code02:01
DJJeffbut to my understanding its just built on top of cyanogenmod02:01
ax562why are they mad?02:02
DJJeffI do like the idea of having stereo speakers on a phone ;-)02:04
DJJeffis anyone making weekly/daily youtube videos of ubuntu touch?03:39
DJJeffwould love to see what changes have been made recently03:40
ikillcypherhello anyone here developers ?04:43
ikillcyphersergiusens, ?04:44
ax5623whats up ?04:53
ikillcypherI dont have04:54
ikillcypherIm porting over to my device so far everything is good so far04:54
ikillcypherI dont have that fstab04:54
ikillcypherhow come there is like no one here at all05:08
ax5623I'm here but can't help05:08
ikillcypherwhy not05:09
=== Namidairo`bnc is now known as Namidairo
ikillcypherno developers or ports here at all05:10
ikillcypherI need someone to help this05:23
ikillcypheranyone care to help05:24
ikillcypheranyone ?????????????05:35
anmolnexus 4 with android 4.3 stuck at google logo after flashing ubuntu touch by manual method? why?05:43
anmolany one?05:44
ikillcypherclear factory reset ?05:44
ikillcypherclear cache ?05:44
ikillcyphertry again05:44
* ikillcypher afk05:44
ikillcypherany developers here please pm me ty05:44
anmolokay thnx will try like this@ikillcypher05:45
=== jo-erlend__ is now known as jo-erlend
anmolnexus 4 stuck at google logo after installing ubuntu touch zips!!!06:27
anmolplease help me out06:27
anmoltrying from two days!06:27
anmolplease developers help ,me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!106:31
interloperI'm not real familiar with ubuntu touch. But, I know there's gotta be some way to find logs, sonce the kernel is Linux06:32
interloperso, what does ubuntu touch use, do they have ADB since this is based so heavily on CM and AOSP?06:32
interloperand, if so do you know how to use it?06:33
anmolinterloper i unlocked my bootloader flashed custom recovery and installed ubuntu touch zips06:33
anmolnow stuck at google logo06:34
anmoli have nexus 406:34
interloperso, you used fastboot in the beginning, falshes CWM or TWRP?06:35
interloperhave you tried ADB during the boot to get a logcat?06:36
interloperstart there. But Google logo is called splash and thats the "first_init" phase of boot06:37
interloperIf a device doesn't pass that it's usually how the kernel is made06:38
interloperis this a prebuilt or did you build it?06:38
anmolprebuilt for nexus 406:38
interloperhave you tried flashing any other custom ROM's?06:40
interloperand can you get to bootloader or recovery still?06:40
anmolno i havent tried to install any custom rom on this model06:40
nhainesOkay, so I must've missed it.  What's the new 'phablet-flash -b'?06:41
ikillcypherany developers here06:41
ikillcypheranmol, did it work?06:41
anmolit didnt06:41
ikillcypherIm actually stuck here06:41
ikillcypheranmol, what happen ?06:41
anmolstuck at google logo06:41
ikillcypherstill bootloop ?06:41
ikillcypherreflash might be bad flash06:42
anmoli had android 4.3 reviously06:42
ikillcypherno wonder06:42
ikillcypheryou need 4.2.206:42
ikillcyphercm 10.106:42
ikillcypher4.3 wont work06:42
interlopertry getting a log while booting. If there is no log, pwer down and boot into recovery. use adb mount system and find last_kmsg06:42
interloperif adb gives a logcat at boot, try getting a dmesg too06:43
nhainesWait, wait.  anmol, are you saying you had Android 4.3 installed before trying to flash Ubuntu Touch?06:43
anmolyes nhaines06:43
nhainesThat's no problem.  I've switched between Ubuntu and Android 4.3 several times on my Galaxy Nexus.06:43
anmolikillcypher should i put 4.2.2 now?06:43
ikillcyphernot 4.306:43
ikillcypheryou device need to be using cm 10.1 aka 4.2.2 for the flash to work06:43
ikillcypherinterloper, care to help me with my issue ?06:44
anmolthanks @ikillcypher06:44
ikillcypherhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting#Device_changes this isnt available for my device06:44
interloperI looked at the page06:44
ikillcypheranmol sure :P a beer would be nice06:44
nhainesanmol: that shouldn't be true, but flashing 4.2.2 won't hurt, so feel free to try it.06:44
interloperhaven't finished reading it yet06:44
ikillcyphernhaines,  it is ?06:44
anmolcan you tell melol06:45
nhainesikillcypher: it's not.06:45
ikillcyphercause ubuntu uses 4.2.2 as based ?06:45
nhainesikillcypher: and Ubuntu replaces everything on the phone.06:45
ikillcypherbut the code is based on 4.2.206:45
ikillcypher4.3 wont work06:45
interloperdoes it flash a new kernel every time?06:45
nhainesDoesn't matter.  Ubuntu's based on Debian, but you can still install to a blank hard drive.06:45
nhainesinterloper: yes.06:46
ikillcypherwe are talking about ubuntu touch here06:46
nhainesAnd so Ubuntu Touch is Ubuntu.06:46
nhainesIt doesn't matter what's already on the phone as long as the recovery supports extended commands.06:46
ikillcypherwell dude nvm care to help me ?06:47
nhainesThe only time Android 4.2.2 matters is in source code if he's trying to compile and build Ubuntu Touch for another platform.06:47
interloperikillcypher, you said "I am stuck here" Are you trying to build from source?06:48
ikillcypherhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting#Device_changes :(06:48
ikillcypherIm porting ?06:48
interloperok, then apply that patch in the kernel06:49
interloperthats what it says to do06:49
ikillcypherThe default fstab for the new device will have its /data partition mounted with nosuid, which needs to be removed, as certain Ubuntu applications/daemons require the use of setuid. The path to fstab is:06:49
ikillcypherI dont have that06:49
nhainesWell, that's step one.06:50
interloperthen get it from somehwere06:50
nhainesWhat device do you have?06:50
ikillcypheryuga ?06:50
interloperit's on github06:50
ikillcypherxerpia z06:50
ikillcypherno it is isnt supported06:50
nhainesIs device/sony/yuga/fstab.yuga  a thing?06:50
interloperbut the file you need is there06:51
ikillcypherit is not on my home06:51
ikillcypherwait a min06:51
ikillcypherwhy did they said fstab. ?06:51
interloperit's just an example06:52
interloperdevice is the device folder in the build source06:52
nhainesikillcypher: they said fstab.[codename].  You have to replace (expand) [codename] with your device's codename.06:52
ikillcypheryou both sure it is recovery.fstab ?06:53
nhainesWhen you see a [variable name] in brackets like that, that's your cue to take the generic instructions and adapt them for your own use.  The variable name tells you want to replace.06:53
nhainesNeither of us have said recovery.fstab.  So no, we are not sure.06:54
ikillcyphercause I have just took a look at recovery.fstab there isnt suid06:54
ikillcyphernone of you are developers ?06:54
nhainesI'm done.  I wish you the best of luck.06:54
ikillcypheryou are done what ?>06:54
ikillcypherwell there isnt a yuga.fstab06:55
interloperhttps://github.com/xInterlopeRx?tab=repositories  <---- thats my github06:55
nhainesikillcypher: I'm working on something else at the moment and while I appreciate skepticism, if you're going to not read my advice and then argue about it, I have to get this other thing done.  I'm sorry, it's not personal.06:55
interloperhttps://github.com/OUDhs <---- thats my teams github06:56
ikillcypherwell the instructions of porting ubuntu isnt that clear at all06:56
interlopersir, you need to slow down, read what its really saying and think things through if you plan to complete this port06:56
interloperthe instructions are clean06:56
interloperit says you will not be mounted with suid so aplly the patch in the kernel06:57
ikillcypherIf you don’t find any files there, grep for “nosuid”.06:57
interloperwell, did you?06:58
ikillcyphergrep for "nosuid" ?06:58
nhainesWe explained that you replace the [bracketed] names with the information mentioned.  It's a universal Unix documentation convention.  grep's been around since 1973.06:59
ikillcypherI dont get it so06:59
ikillcypherthe correct path is06:59
nhainesThe instructions are fairly straightforward.  If you're confused about them, you need to let us know.06:59
nhainesProbably, yes.06:59
ikillcypherprobably ?06:59
nhainesI don't have your tree in front of me.07:00
ikillcypherthere isnt07:00
ikillcyphera fstab.yuga07:00
nhainesBut the directory exists?07:00
ikillcypherof cause07:01
nhainesOkay, so there you go.  Now you're reading the instructions correctly and we know there *should* be a fstab.yuga.  You've been pointed to the correct file by interloper.07:01
ikillcypherno where ?07:01
nhainesSo the good news is you can find the file, and additionally I'd make sure I had the full source branch downloaded.07:01
nhainesWhat happened when you 'grep'ed for "nosuid"?07:02
=== Fyodorovna is now known as sporkeee
ikillcypherI never did ?07:02
ikillcyphergrep "nosuid" seems like hangs the terminal07:02
=== sporkeee is now known as wilee-nilee
ikillcypherIf you don’t find any files there, grep for “nosuid”.  meaning  ikillcypher@ikillcypher:~/xperiatouch/device/sony/yuga$ grep "nosuid"07:03
interlopergrep nosuid ./07:03
ikillcypheram I correct ?07:03
interloperthere must be a path for grep to follow when no other args are used07:04
nhainesYou have to give it a list of files, or else it'll read from standard input (i.e., your keyboard)07:04
ikillcypherso grep nosuid ?07:04
ikillcypherwithout quotes ?07:04
interlopergrep nosuid ./07:04
nhainesinterloper's command is what you should write.07:04
ikillcypherikillcypher@ikillcypher:~/xperiatouch/device/sony/yuga$ grep nosuid ./07:04
ikillcyphergrep: ./: Is a directory07:04
interlopersorry, I use a lot of aliased commands on my machine07:06
interloperyou should do07:06
nhainesikillcypher: try grep -lr nosuid ./07:06
interlopergrep nosuid ./* -R07:06
interlopereither will give results07:06
ikillcypherikillcypher@ikillcypher:~/xperiatouch/device/sony/yuga$ grep -lr nosuid ./07:07
nhainesikillcypher: that means it found no matches.07:07
nhainesPersonally, it sounds to me like you don't have the complete source.07:07
ikillcypherI can build cm10.1 just fine07:08
ikillcypherand cm10.207:08
ikillcypherand now you are telling me im not having the complete source07:08
nhainesYes, based on the facts that you're missing files such as fstab.yug07:08
ikillcypherlet me check up with the cm team07:08
nhainesLet us know what you find.07:09
ikillcypherthe tutorial/porting might be outdated07:09
ikillcypheras I said it not so clear >:(07:09
nhainesIt's perfectly clear.  It's just not quite matching what you're seeing.07:10
nhainesSo let's find out why there's a discrepancy and we can go from there.  Documentation's easy to fix, if it's wrong.07:10
nhainesThat's why it's important for you to let us know if there's a problem.  :)  Are you on the ubuntu-phone mailing list?07:10
ikillcypherare you a developer ?07:11
ikillcypherI think Ubuntu touch team will be happy if I manage to port it it is like one step close to success07:12
ikillcypherfor the community07:12
ikillcypherif I can I would love to port it to most devices07:12
nhainesA lot of people will be happy.  I'm rooting for you!07:12
ikillcypheryou have a xperia z ?07:12
nhainesGalaxy Nexus from Google.  But I want it to be as simple as possible for everyone who wants Ubuntu on his phone.07:13
interloperthe issue here is that yuga is a common device and the ftab.yuga is actually ftab.qcom in another common device repo07:15
interloperand it has nosuid already because its in the 4.3 tree07:16
ikillcypherhuh ?07:16
ikillcypherso what should I do ?07:16
interloperwell, I'm not sure if ubuntu-touch builds the same way using device repos and common repos07:17
interloperbut, if you have cm-10.2 source for zperia z, you should have almost everything07:18
smartboyhwHey ikillcypher07:18
smartboyhwikillcypher, how is your progress on making your port?07:18
ikillcypherlol ask interloper07:19
ikillcypherwell I dont have device/[manufacturer]/[codename]/fstab.[codename]07:19
smartboyhwikillcypher, oh?07:19
interloperthere's a lot of people in this channel07:19
ikillcypherinterloper, I have cm10.107:19
ikillcypherthat is what ubuntu touch supports07:19
smartboyhwinterloper, use cm10.1 please07:20
interlopercool, the file you need is still there in cm-10.107:20
ikillcyphersmartboyhw, care to help me out ?07:20
ikillcypherI dont have the file07:20
interloperwith nosuid07:20
ikillcypherand Im lost07:20
ikillcypherI dont know what to do anymore07:20
interloperI just provided a link to it07:20
nhainesYay, the new 'phablet-flash -b' is 'phablet-flash cdimage-touch -b'.  I am glad I read Python.07:21
ikillcypherdude what is that ?07:21
ikillcyphersony_blue-common isnt my device07:21
interloperI'd like to see this on the nexus 7, but if your on cm-10.1 it will be too much work for me07:22
nhainesinterloper: it works on the nexus 7.  Do you mean the v2 Nexus 7?07:22
ikillcyphersmartboyhw, care to help07:22
ikillcypherwhat should I do ?07:23
smartboyhwikillcypher, yes, looking07:23
nhainesinterloper: no luck with that then.  Hopefully someone will pick it up in the next couple of weeks.07:23
interloperwell, I'd like to pick it up07:23
interloperbut if ubuntu isn't ready for 4.3, I can't change that07:23
interloperI can only work on the porting, not the OS development07:24
ikillcypheranyone help07:26
ikillcyphersmartboyhw, ping me once you find a soultion ty :P07:26
smartboyhwikillcypher, you can't grep nosuid?07:26
nhainessmartboyhw: when he tried he got no hits.07:27
ikillcypherthere isnt any fstab.[codename]07:27
smartboyhwikillcypher, wait, are you running Cyanogenmod on your device?07:28
ikillcypheryes cm10.107:28
smartboyhwAnd you can't grep nosuid *on your device*?07:29
ikillcyphergrep on my device ?07:31
ikillcypheruh meaning07:31
ikillcyphersmartboyhw, Im currently at this step07:32
smartboyhwikillcypher, I get it =07:32
smartboyhwBut, can you launch a terminal emulator in your cyanogenmod-running device and grep for nosuid07:33
ikillcypherwhy would you want me to do that07:33
smartboyhwikillcypher, because it *should* appear in your device.07:33
ikillcypher? go to terminal emulator ?07:34
ikillcyphergrep nosuid ?07:34
ikillcypherIm not really good in  bash commands07:35
=== pressy4pi is now known as pressy4pie
interloperimma get the code and see what I can do07:38
interlopergood night and good luck07:38
ikillcyphersmartboyhw,  ?07:39
ikillcypherwhy did you abandon me half way07:39
=== Noskcaj10 is now known as Noskcaj
smartboyhwikillcypher, ah, I mistaken you with interloper :P07:40
smartboyhwikillcypher, install a app that emulates terminal (find it in App store)07:40
smartboyhwOuch, Google PLay:P07:40
ikillcypheryes got that pre-installed in my phone07:40
ikillcypherso what do I do now07:40
ikillcypheras in bash command07:40
smartboyhwikillcypher, just launch it and "grep nosuid"?07:41
ikillcypherseems like hang07:42
smartboyhwikillcypher, :O07:44
nhainesYou can't run 'grep' by itself. You have to give it something to search.07:45
nhainesikillcypher: press Ctrl-D and you'll get a prompt back.07:45
pressy4pietry grep nosuid /07:46
ikillcypherim on at android phone07:46
pressy4pieikillcypher volume up should be the ctrl key07:46
nhaines"grep -lR 'nosuid' /" should work.07:46
ikillcypherthere are afew07:48
ikillcyphergrep : /tmp/adbd : Permission Denied07:48
pressy4pieare you rooted?07:48
ikillcypherof cause07:48
ikillcypherCyanogenmod 10.1 and not rooted ?07:49
pressy4pieclose it out and type su first07:49
pressy4pieikillcypher i wasnt here at that point in convo lol07:49
ikillcypherare you a developer ?07:49
pressy4piei wish07:50
pressy4piei know some things about stuff.07:50
pressy4piei can help a bit07:50
nhainesThe devs won't be here until Monday, and it's Sunday morning (dev time).07:50
ikillcyphernow no such device or address07:50
ikillcypherare the developers paid or something ?07:50
pressy4piewell most arent07:51
ikillcypherso whats with them here only on monday ?07:51
pressy4piei dont know about ubuntu-touch developers07:51
smartboyhwSome are:P07:51
pressy4pieno idea07:51
* smartboyhw points at famous paid ubuntu-touch devs like ogra_:P07:51
ikillcypherIm facing this07:52
nhainesAll the core Ubuntu Touch developers are paid by Canonical.  There's a ton of other community devs, but if you insist on someone from Canonical, you're going to have to wait until Monday.07:52
pressy4pieikillcypher you have a functional cm10.1 device?07:52
smartboyhwikillcypher, please root then do the grep command07:52
ikillcypherhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting#Device_changes < have to wait till monday for it to be resolved ?07:53
ikillcypheryes I have a functional cm10.1 device07:53
smartboyhwikillcypher, read above07:53
pressy4pieok so as root run the grep command07:53
ikillcyphersmartboy root on where my phone root access ?07:53
smartboyhwikillcypher, ??07:53
smartboyhwYou just type "su“ in terminal07:53
ikillcypheropen terminal emulator on my phone07:53
ikillcyphertype su07:53
ikillcyphergrep nosuid /07:54
ikillcyphergrep : / : Is a directory07:54
pressy4piegrep -lR 'nosuid" /07:54
smartboyhwikillcypher, yeah07:54
ikillcyphergrep -lR 'nosuid'  /07:55
pressy4piegrep -lR 'nosuid' /07:55
ikillcypherwith the single quotes ?07:55
nhainessmartboyhw: that's what grep is telling him.  grep needs files, not directories.07:55
smartboyhwnhaines, hmm why not use *?07:55
smartboyhw* is a wildcard:P07:55
pressy4piethat command searches files for the string nosuid07:55
nhaines(-R makes it search recursively in a given directory and follow symlinks; -r means the same except don't follow symlinks)07:56
nhainessmartboyhw: nothing's wrong with using *, but it's not the advice you offered.  :P07:56
ikillcypherI dont understand a shit that is happening now07:56
ikillcypherInvaild Argument07:56
ikillcypherno such device or address07:57
ikillcypherand why am I running this on my phone and not on my laptop when Im suppose to port it from my laptop07:57
pressy4piei was wondering why you werent using adb07:57
nhainesadb shell = <307:58
pressy4piewait is this all to find fstab?07:59
pressy4pieikillcypher what device are you using?07:59
smartboyhwnhaines, my fault07:59
smartboyhw!language | ikillcypher07:59
ubot5ikillcypher: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:59
nhainespressy4pie: pretty much.07:59
smartboyhwikillcypher, no s*** word07:59
ikillcypherwhy did you !language me for07:59
ikillcypheroh s***08:00
ikillcypherI will have to pm a developer for cyanogenmod on this08:00
ikillcypherseems like cm issues over here08:00
pressy4piehave you built cm for yuga?08:01
ikillcypherim starting to think the porting guide is outdated08:01
pressy4pieno its not08:02
pressy4pieyou have the device profile?08:02
ikillcyphermeaning what08:02
pressy4piethe thing you git cloned08:02
ikillcypheryup what about it08:02
ikillcypherit works fine till this part08:02
pressy4piesomething like git clone https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_sony_yuga.git device/sony/yuga08:03
pressy4pieand your looking for recovery.fstab i presume?08:03
ikillcypherthat is the question I dont know08:03
smartboyhwpressy4pie, not exactly, he's looking for fstab.yuga08:04
ikillcypherthe tutorial said fstab.yuga08:04
smartboyhwikillcypher, I do agree that the guide needs some changes08:04
ikillcypherthe porting guide needs to be revisited for easiler way08:04
pressy4pieadb shell find / -name fstab.yuga08:04
ikillcyphersomething like what cm does08:04
ikillcypherpressy4pie, why am I finding this on my device08:05
ikillcypherwhen I suppose to do it via my laptop08:05
pressy4pieit exists on your device?08:05
pressy4piedo it over adb it is loads easier08:05
pressy4pieyou have a vold.fstab in system/etc08:06
pressy4piebut that doesnt mount data08:06
ikillcypher<pandaball> ikillcypher, what you're looking for is in device/sony/fusion3-common/rootdir/fstab.qcom08:07
ikillcypherfinally a cyanogenmod developer08:07
ikillcypherthat tutorial reallys needs to be rewritten08:08
ikillcyphergood god08:08
Nimbleit would be nice if the tutorial for installing ubuntu touch on a nexus 4 were up to date08:08
ikillcypherfk 3 hours man08:08
pressy4pieits not that difficult. theres no way to know exactly what file is where for every single device08:08
Nimblebut as it is the arguments for phablet-flash are wrong08:09
mapreriHi! I'm going to restoring android next to a one-day-trying of ubuntu touch. A lot of tutorial (and also the wiki) tell me to run ./flash-all.sh <img>, but where I can find that script? thanks in advance!08:09
ikillcypherpressy4pie, still the tutorial needs to be rewritten08:09
ikillcypherit is badly written and give the people chance to give up08:09
pressy4pieit requres some intuition, theres no way they can accomidate every device. it just requires some patience.08:09
ikillcypherthat will help alot you know08:11
nhainesmapreri: what device do you have?08:11
maprerinhaines: I have a nexus 408:11
nhainesmapreri: https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images08:12
maprerinhaines: yeah! I have already downloaded the image08:12
Nimbleit's in the image08:12
nhainesmapreri: unzip the zip file, then navigate to that directory.  just './flash-all.sh' by itself will work.08:12
pressy4pieikillcypher: look at line 9 of the file pandaball linked08:13
pressy4piechange nosuid to setsuid08:13
ikillcypheryou are the cyanogenmod-dev too ?08:13
ikillcypherwhat ?!08:13
pressy4pieive done a little porting but im no dev08:13
ikillcypherit clearly said remove - nosuid08:14
maprerinhaines: oh! thanks :)08:14
nhainesmapreri: my pleasure.  :)08:15
pressy4piei can see how that guide is confusing08:16
ikillcypheroh so I suppose to change it to setsuid ?08:17
pressy4pieno you can just remove it08:17
ikillcypherhuh ?08:17
ikillcypher<pressy4pie> change nosuid to setsuid ?08:17
pressy4pieikillcypher in that file, line 9 just remove "nosuid"08:18
pressy4pieso it reads:08:18
ikillcypherthen why did you said change nosuid to setsuid ?08:18
pressy4pie/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/userdata  /data    ext4  noatime,nodev,barrier=1,data=ordered,noauto_da_alloc  wait,check,encryptable=footer08:18
ikillcypherthen why did you said change nosuid to setsuid ?08:19
pressy4piei was mistaken08:19
ikillcypher<pressy4pie> i can see how that guide is confusing08:19
ikillcypherI think you are confusing people dude08:19
smartboyhwikillcypher, hey hey hey calm down, not all of us know everything:)08:20
pressy4piesuid is set by default. so by erasing nosuid it means its enabled08:20
ikillcypheruh is this needed ?08:23
pressy4pieeasy patches.08:23
pressy4piedo you know your kernel defconfig?08:23
smartboyhwikillcypher, of course08:24
ikillcypherdone that08:24
ikillcyphercm_fusion3_yuga_defconfig ?08:24
smartboyhwikillcypher, no08:25
ikillcypherwhat no ?08:25
ikillcypherhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting#Device_changes ?08:25
ikillcypherOUTDATED ?08:25
smartboyhwikillcypher, ^08:26
ikillcypherhuh ?08:26
ikillcypherwhy is there two ?08:26
smartboyhwikillcypher, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting#Build_changes08:26
smartboyhwYeah, the two are the same, no worries;P08:26
ikillcypherWhen porting to a new device, you should include the following procfs patch which allows us to better manage applications running in the Ubuntu container. As there is much variation in the kernels shipped with Android, the patch may need adjustment to apply cleanly.08:26
ikillcyphernot needed ?08:27
pressy4pieits needed08:27
smartboyhwikillcypher, ?08:27
ikillcyphersmartboyhw, see08:27
ikillcyphernot Device_Changes08:28
smartboyhwikillcypher, you need the patch08:28
smartboyhwikillcypher, actually, BOTH.....08:28
smartboyhwYou need both Device_Changes and the patches...08:28
ikillcypherwhat both ?08:28
ikillcypherIm talking about patches now08:28
smartboyhwikillcypher, yea08:28
ikillcypherThe part of interest are the subdirs included in the build and if special treatment for devices need to be made, i.e.; make sure the new vendor subdirs are added.08:33
ikillcypherany idea what does it means ?08:33
ikillcypherIm on devices changes08:33
smartboyhwikillcypher, wait, my network is too slow...08:34
pressy4pieikillcypher: did you patch your kernel files?08:34
pressy4pieie: https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_kernel_sony_apq8064/blob/cm-10.1/fs/proc/array.c08:34
ikillcypherThe part of interest are the subdirs included in the build and if special treatment for devices need to be made, i.e.; make sure the new vendor subdirs are added.08:35
ikillcypherThis will eventually not be needed.08:35
ikillcypherdont understand this part08:35
ikillcypherI know about that08:36
ikillcypherI at the part where08:36
ikillcypherThe part of interest are the subdirs included in the build and if special treatment for devices need to be made, i.e.; make sure the new vendor subdirs are added.08:36
ikillcypherThis will eventually not be needed.08:36
pressy4pieok i gotcha. its basically like the vendorsetup process on cm08:37
pressy4piebut you have to do it manually08:37
ikillcypherI have to add that in ?08:37
pressy4piemeaning if you have any extra vendor stuffs too add, add it here08:40
pressy4piebut if you built in cm fine it shouldnt need it08:40
ikillcypheroh ok so skip that part :D08:41
ikillcypherlast part now08:41
pressy4piethat file in particular. but again i dont think you'll need it08:42
pressy4piehave you patched the brightness in init?08:42
ikillcypherdoing that now08:42
pressy4pieline 1208:44
pressy4pieit should be changed to say "chmod 666 /sys/class/leds/lm3533-lcd-bl/brightness"08:44
ikillcypher# Panel backlight08:45
ikillcypher    chown system system /sys/class/leds/lm3533-lcd-bl/brightness08:45
ikillcypher    chmod 660 /sys/class/leds/lm3533-lcd-bl/brightness08:45
ikillcypherchange the chmod ?08:45
pressy4pieyou got it08:46
ikillcyphernow what should I do ?08:46
ikillcypherBuilding the image ?08:46
pressy4piechanged to chmod 666?08:46
pressy4pienow you can brunch and built08:46
ikillcypher48 hours later08:46
pressy4piethat could take a few08:46
ikillcypheryup I know08:46
ikillcypherso I can just flash after this ?08:47
ikillcypherno ?08:47
pressy4piei can build in about 30 minutes08:47
ikillcyphercause it faster ?08:48
pressy4pieif it doesnt error out, you should be able to flash phablet then your autodeploy.zip08:48
ikillcypherwhat does the output file look like ?08:48
ikillcyphercm ?08:48
ikillcypherwill there be two output file ?08:49
ikillcypher*.zip and autodeploy.zip ?08:49
pressy4pieyouwill get out/target/product/<codename>/*.zip /sdcard/autodeploy.zip08:51
ikillcypherit is the building faster then cm ?08:51
pressy4piei dont know.08:52
ikillcypherI meant build faster then cm08:52
pressy4piei built ubuntu on my old machine08:52
ikillcypherdid you successfully ported before08:52
ikillcypherpressy4pie, help anmol out08:52
ikillcypherhe cant boot ubuntu - touch on his galaxy nexus08:52
anmolits my lg nexus 408:53
anmolstuck at google08:53
pressy4piei did a personal learning port on the samsung epic 4g08:53
pressy4pieanmol: i dont have a galaxy nexus but isnt is officially supported by phablet?08:53
anmolyes my lg nexus 4 is supported08:53
anmolits mako08:54
ikillcypherpressy4pie, the build stopped08:55
pressy4pieit'll do that08:55
anmoli flashed 4.2.2 then unlocked bootloader , rooted ,installed cwm recovery and flashed  ubuntu touch image08:55
anmolnowits stuck on google logo08:55
pressy4pieikillcypher: you are missing file08:56
ikillcyphermissing what file08:56
ikillcypherhuh what should I do ?08:57
pressy4piehold on08:57
pressy4pieok. did you run extract-files.sh?08:58
anmoltell me i m stuck at google !!! :(08:59
ikillcypher~/xperiatouch/ extract-files.sh ?08:59
pressy4pieanmol hold on08:59
ikillcypherpressy4pie, ?08:59
pressy4pieok so im guessing ~/xperiatouch08:59
pressy4pieis your source dir09:00
pressy4pieok cd device/sony/yuga09:00
ikillcypherok ?09:01
pressy4pieyour phone is plugged in?09:01
pressy4piedo ./extractfile.sh09:02
pressy4piedo ./extractfiles.sh09:02
pressy4piejust to be sure09:02
ikillcypherbash: ./extractfiles.sh: No such file or directory09:02
ikillcypherextract-files.sh ?09:02
pressy4pie./extract-files.sh my bad09:02
ikillcypherok extracting09:02
ikillcypherok done xD09:02
pressy4piejust doing that to be sure09:02
pressy4piecd to top09:03
ikillcyphercroot ?09:03
ikillcypher~/xperiatouch ?09:03
ikillcypherok now what09:03
pressy4pieok and do you have all the dependencies?09:03
ikillcyphernow what do I do ?09:04
pressy4piehold on09:04
pressy4pieok i think i gotchu09:05
pressy4piegit clone https://github.com/Dees-Troy/extract_elf_ramdisk.git external/extract_elf_ramdisk09:06
ikillcypheryou sure ?09:07
pressy4pienot 100 percent09:07
anmolm waitin :(09:07
ikillcypherok done09:07
pressy4piebut thats the tool your needing09:07
ikillcypheranmol just awhile more09:07
ikillcyphernow what should I do09:07
pressy4piehold on im looking at how kali- set up the device profiles09:08
ikillcypheranmol did you clear factory and cache ?09:08
pressy4pieok. so i think your missing a dependency09:08
ikillcypherafter flashing 4.2.209:08
anmolyes i did09:08
ikillcypherpressy4pie, missing meaning09:09
pressy4pieikillcypher: do you have https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_sony_common.git in device/sony/common?09:09
pressy4piethats your tool09:09
ikillcypheryup have iut09:10
pressy4pieso you can rm -rf external/extract_elf_ramdisk09:10
ikillcypherwhy ?09:10
pressy4piewe already have it. you dont need it in external09:10
ikillcypherok done removed09:10
ikillcyphernow what09:10
pressy4piehold on reading09:11
pressy4piewell. ok. heres one solution09:13
pressy4piecd device/sony/common/extract_elf_ramdisk09:13
pressy4piedont do that yet09:13
pressy4piestay at croot09:13
pressy4pielunch your device09:13
ikillcypherlunch ?09:14
anmoli think my saucy-preinstalled armhf file is corrupted... i am downloading it again .... :( thanks for the care @ikillcypher and @pressy4pie..09:14
pressy4pieanmol sorry i couldt be of more help09:14
ikillcypherpressy4pie, http://pastie.org/822650209:15
pressy4pieits an android building basic09:15
ikillcyphernow what09:15
pressy4pieok you caught on quick there nice.09:15
ikillcypheryes I have built cm before09:15
ikillcypherso pretty I know what Im doing09:15
pressy4pienow try "make extract_elf_ramdisk"09:15
pressy4piethat may or maynot work09:16
ikillcypherjust not good with bash commands09:16
ikillcyphermake extract_elf_ramdisk ?09:16
ikillcypheris that a vaild command ?09:16
pressy4piewhen you lunch your device09:16
pressy4pieinside of envsetup.sh09:16
ikillcyphersee that09:16
pressy4pieyou can make anything with an android.mk09:16
ikillcypherwhat should I do now ?09:17
pressy4pieits still thinking hold on09:17
pressy4piegivie it a sec to build it09:17
ikillcypherbuild it ?09:17
pressy4pieits building extract_elf_ramdisk right now09:17
pressy4piealong with other needed depends09:18
pressy4piethats what i thought lol. ok cd device/sony/common/extract_elf_ramdisk09:18
pressy4piecd device/sony/common/extract_elf_ramdisk09:19
ikillcypherok then ?09:19
pressy4piewhats it doing?09:21
ikillcypherdoing nothing09:21
ikillcypherim waiting09:21
pressy4pieoh. type "mm"09:21
ikillcypherNo private recovery resources for TARGET_DEVICE yuga09:22
ikillcyphermake: Entering directory `/home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch'09:22
ikillcyphermake: *** No rule to make target `/home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch/out/target/product/yuga/obj/lib/crtbegin_static.o', needed by `/home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch/out/target/product/yuga/obj/RECOVERY_EXECUTABLES/extract_elf_ramdisk_intermediates/LINKED/extract_elf_ramdisk'.  Stop.09:22
ikillcyphermake: Leaving directory `/home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch'09:22
pressy4piei cant read that pastie it09:22
pressy4pieo k.09:23
pressy4piego ahead and cd to your yuga device prof09:24
pressy4piecd device/sony/yuga09:24
pressy4pieopen yuga.mk in your favorite editor. and at line 70 add xtract_elf_ramdisk09:26
ikillcypherline 70 is ?09:26
pressy4pieline 70 is a blank line lol09:27
pressy4pieyou need to include the PRODUCT_PACKAGES += \ XperiaSettings \ extract_elf_ramdisk09:28
ikillcypherwhat to add ?09:28
ikillcypherPRODUCT_PACKAGES += \09:28
ikillcypher    XperiaSettings \09:28
ikillcypher    extract_elf_ramdisk09:28
ikillcypherlike that ?09:28
pressy4piethere you gop09:28
ikillcypherok now what09:28
pressy4piemake clobber and build again09:29
ikillcyphersave -> make clobber ?09:29
ikillcypherwont that remove phatom tools again09:29
ikillcypherbuild again from branch ?09:29
pressy4pieok dont make clobber then09:29
pressy4piejust do make cleaninstall09:29
ikillcypherat xperiatouch ?09:30
ikillcypherikillcypher@ikillcypher:~/xperiatouch$ cleaninstall09:30
ikillcyphercleaninstall: command not found09:30
pressy4pieer make installclean09:30
ikillcypherDeleted emulator userdata images.09:30
ikillcypherDeleted images and staging directories.09:30
pressy4piethere you go. now brunch it again09:30
ikillcypher. build/envsetup.sh  && brunch yuga ?09:31
pressy4pieyou dont need to envsetup.sh but essentially yes09:31
ikillcypherI will just do it anyway09:31
ikillcypherok brunching yuga09:31
ikillcypherlet hope it works this time09:32
pressy4pie. build/envsetup.sh only needs to be ran once. its function is set up environment09:32
ikillcypheroh my god09:32
pressy4pieit error out09:32
pressy4piehm that is very weird09:33
pressy4piei think it could main.mk09:34
ikillcypherwhich main.mk ?09:35
pressy4piethe only one/09:35
pressy4piein core/build09:35
ikillcypherhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting#main.mk ?09:35
ikillcypherwhat about it :309:35
ikillcypherwhat should I do now09:35
pressy4piehold on im seeing how other people dealt with that09:35
pressy4pieok link me your build/core/main.mk09:38
ikillcypherlink you ?09:39
ikillcypherpastie ?09:39
pressy4pieyea pastie paste bin w/e09:39
pressy4pieI FOUND IT09:40
pressy4pieafter line 19009:42
pressy4pieadd vendor/sony \09:42
ikillcypher$(info Checking build tools versions...)09:42
ikillcypherendif  # HOST_OS is darwin09:43
ikillcypherthat is line 190\09:43
pressy4pieoh strange09:43
pressy4piefind vendor/nxp \09:43
pressy4pieafter that att vendor/sony \09:43
ikillcypher# device and vendor ?09:43
ikillcypherso just add09:44
ikillcyphervendor/nxp \09:44
ikillcyphervendor/sony \09:44
pressy4pieim not sure why its needed but now i get what the guide meant09:44
ikillcyphernow what :309:44
ikillcypherwhat guide ?09:44
ikillcypheranyway what should I do now ?09:45
pressy4pieanyway. try to build again09:45
ikillcypherbrunch yuga will do right09:45
ikillcypherno  need ./envset?09:45
pressy4piethis time you'll need to . build/envsetup.sh09:45
pressy4pieyou changed it so you have to reinitialize unfortunately09:45
pressy4pie. build/envsetup.sh && brunch yuga09:45
ikillcypherso . build/envsetup.sh && branch yuga ?09:45
ikillcypherok trying now09:46
pressy4piei dont know if that will solve the particular error. but i will solve many down the road09:46
pressy4pieim not sure why its doing that09:47
ikillcypherhow do I slove it ?09:47
pressy4pieim still looking.09:47
ikillcypher:'( help me please09:48
pressy4pieim looking. this is a compleely new device to me and i dont know how it was built09:49
nhainesikillcypher: pressy4pie is basically doing all the porting work at this point.  Please be patient and calm.09:49
pressy4piehes doing his fair share09:50
ikillcypherwell it is at the final part nhaines so I dont know what are you on about09:50
ikillcypherIm just asking for help with the error09:50
pressy4pielook in out/targer/product09:53
pressy4pieand tell me whats there09:54
ikillcypheryuga ?09:54
ikillcypherinside yuga obj folder09:54
ikillcypherclean_steps.mk and previous_build_config.mk09:55
nhainespressy4pie: you're a lot more patient than I am.  I'm quite impressed.09:55
pressy4pienhaines i enjoy it09:55
pressy4pieikillcypher: theres no folder called utilities09:56
pressy4pieok so its trying to call the boot.img thing too early09:56
pressy4piehold on09:57
pressy4piethis was a well documented device profile i like it09:58
ikillcyphero.o cool09:59
ikillcypherI think thousand of people will be happy of the prt09:59
ikillcypherport not forgetting Sony ;)09:59
pressy4pieok. so you have device/sony/fusion3-common?10:00
pressy4piels you device/sony10:01
pressy4piecd device/sony10:01
pressy4piepastie it10:01
pressy4pieline 97 calls extract_elf_ramdisk10:03
pressy4pieso you can remove it from your yuga.mk10:03
ikillcypheryuga.mk ?10:04
pressy4pieremove the line i told you to add10:04
pressy4piewhy the hell isnt it getting build10:05
ikillcypherlol ?10:05
ikillcypheryou want me to branch again?10:05
pressy4pieno it wont work10:05
pressy4piepastie your fusion3.mk file10:06
pressy4piek thats good10:06
pressy4piethese profiles build fine in cm i presume?10:07
pressy4pieok idea. try to build it with lunch10:08
ikillcyphercroot ?10:09
pressy4piedo lunch cm_yuga-eng10:09
ikillcypherok doing that now10:09
pressy4pieok sure10:09
pressy4pieshouldnt matter10:09
ikillcypherok done10:10
pressy4piewhat are your specs10:10
pressy4piedo make -j210:10
ikillcypheranyway lets continue10:10
ikillcyphermake -j2 ?10:10
ikillcypherwhat is thaat10:10
pressy4pieits lunch10:11
pressy4piemake is your command to make android10:11
pressy4pieer ubuntu i spose10:11
ikillcypherlike brunch ?10:11
pressy4pieits kinda like brunch but a bit different10:11
pressy4piegood reading for envsetup.sh and brunch and lunch and breakfast and what not10:12
ikillcypherwell so far it is good10:12
ikillcypherdid you fix it ?10:12
pressy4pieit does things differently. it is possible but doubtfull10:12
pressy4piekeep an eye on it for that module that was failing to copy/build10:13
pressy4pieok rild is failing to go this time10:15
pressy4piegit clone https://github.com/theminigame/android_vendor_sony_yuga.git vendor/sony/yuga10:17
ikillcypherlol haven seen that repo before10:17
pressy4pieits the same author so yea10:17
pressy4pieit shouldnt be needed but apparently it is10:17
ikillcypherikillcypher@ikillcypher:~/xperiatouch$ git clone https://github.com/theminigame/android_vendor_sony_yuga.git vendor/sony/yuga10:17
ikillcypherfatal: destination path 'vendor/sony/yuga' already exists and is not an empty directory.10:17
pressy4pieoh rm -rf it first10:18
ikillcypherrm -rf /vendor/sony/yuga ?10:18
ikillcypherikillcypher@ikillcypher:~/xperiatouch$ rm -rf /vendor/sony/yuga/ikillcypher@ikillcypher:~/xperiatouch$ git clone https://github.com/theminigame/android_vendor_sony_yuga.git vendor/sony/yuga10:18
ikillcypherfatal: destination path 'vendor/sony/yuga' already exists and is not an empty directory.10:18
ikillcypherforgot the /10:19
pressy4pieyou have an extra /10:19
ikillcyphercloning now10:19
ikillcypherso basically what are you trying to do now?10:20
pressy4pieget any libs that could be missing10:20
pressy4piethe build was missing libril10:20
pressy4piewhich is in here10:21
pressy4pieok let that finish10:21
pressy4pienow do make installclean10:22
pressy4pieor is it cleaninstall10:22
ikillcyphermake installclean10:22
ikillcypherok done10:22
pressy4piei always get em backwards10:22
pressy4pienow make -j2 agaom10:22
ikillcyphermake -j2 ?10:22
ikillcypherok hopes it work10:23
pressy4pieme thinks its a problem with ubuntu not picking up everything10:23
pressy4piedont worry about it10:24
ikillcypherlooks good so far10:26
pressy4piewhats this phones name?10:27
ikillcypherso you actually successfully ported for your device10:27
ikillcypherXerpia Z10:27
pressy4pienot ubuntu-touch10:27
pressy4piei hate ubuntu-touch10:27
pressy4piewell not hate10:28
pressy4pieim not a fan yet10:28
pressy4piewhen it is more stable im sure ill like it10:28
ikillcypherso what did you port10:29
pressy4piewell i got ubunt-touch running on my samsung epic 4g10:29
pressy4piebut that device was made for gb and it didnt run reall nice10:29
pressy4pieplus all the missing stuff10:29
pressy4pieandd i got cm10.1 on the epic 4g unofficially.10:29
pressy4piefor my own learnign10:30
ikillcypherso far terminal is still building10:30
ikillcypherafter which I should get the same as brunch right?10:30
pressy4piethats good10:30
pressy4pieyou'll have to run mka bacon10:30
ikillcyphermka bacon ?10:31
pressy4piehopefully ubuntu-touch didnt bork that10:31
pressy4piemka bacon is cyanogenmod's special mka otatools10:31
ikillcypherit is still making10:31
ikillcypherhow long is this o.o10:31
pressy4pieota something i dont remember10:32
ikillcypherOH NOOOOO10:32
pressy4pieand it will take a good while10:32
pressy4piewhat now/?10:32
pressy4pieyou know c?10:32
pressy4piemy bad tahts the same error10:33
ikillcypherany idea what should I do now :')10:34
pressy4piedo you still have your cyanogenmod install?10:34
pressy4pieer repo10:34
ikillcypherI have 10.2 here10:34
ikillcyphernot 10.110:34
pressy4pieerm. how fast is your internet? but, id resync cm10.1 and use these device profiles and see if it goes.10:35
ikillcypher50MBPS ?10:35
pressy4piethatd get it done quick enough10:36
ikillcypherwell what you want me to do ?10:36
pressy4pieif i were you id go ahead and sync cm10.1 and build thesse repos against that to check there integrity10:36
ikillcypherD: ? wtf10:36
ikillcypherthat's pretty insane10:37
pressy4pieotherwise i think ubuntu is screwing you over somewhere10:37
ikillcyphershould I wait for a developer ?10:37
pressy4pieif you like10:37
ikillcypheror mail it to ubuntuptouch ?10:37
ikillcyphercan I try brunch yuga10:38
ikillcyphersee if the kernel error is gone10:38
pressy4piei dont know enough about ubuntu-touch to know why its not building your stuff in order10:38
pressy4piewait there is a kernel error?10:38
ikillcyphersee if the kernel error is gone <<10:38
ikillcypherikillcypher@ikillcypher:~/xperiatouch$ brunch yuga10:39
ikillcypherjust ran that now10:39
pressy4piewhats happening is its not building extract_whatever_;da;lkj in time and its trying to build your boot.img before its there10:39
ikillcyphercant we edit that?10:40
ikillcypherhuh ?10:41
pressy4pieyou can. or i can look at it late tommorrow again. but i have stuff to do in about an hour and i could use some sleep.10:41
ikillcypheryeah it has been quite long10:41
ikillcypherI will pop by later to see if any developers are on10:41
pressy4piebut your repo to look at is herehttps://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_sony_common/commit/f19a1b319b67afd8640422466f3c6b42a5ec544810:42
pressy4piemy bad10:42
ikillcypheranyway branch still has the same kernel error10:42
pressy4pieanyway im out man sorry i couldnt be more help10:43
ikillcypherits okay you have done enough10:43
pressy4piebut your repo is set up and patched10:44
pressy4pieall you need is the device profiles to work10:44
pressy4piesee if someone who knows your device can help10:44
roman2861How I can parse html pages with QML+JavaScript? People recommend XMLHttpRequest, but it doesn't work.10:55
psypher246-bhello all, does anyone know if I can use phablet-flash to flash any recovery, even clockworkmod, to use it like heimdall?11:42
nhainesIt has to support the extended commands, I believe.11:44
nhainesphablet-flash installs CWM recovery, though.  So you're probably set there.11:44
psypher246-bi went back to stock. so what you saying is I can just phablet-flash the ubuntu recovery and use that too flash any roms, including ubuntu?11:45
nhainesThey just did a major update.  I'm not sure it would work, although in theory you could write a plugin that would do this.11:47
nhainesHowever, it doesn't flash the recovery on its own.11:47
psypher246-bso best to just stick to heimdall?11:49
nhainesI'm not sure what you're asking.  phablet-flash doesn't have an option to flash only the recovery.  The only part that's optional is the recovery.11:49
nhainesIf Heimdall does what you want, then probably.11:50
psypher246-btrying to find the easiest way to switch between ubuntu and other droid roms11:50
nhainesI only travel between stock Android and Ubuntu, but I just use each tool to do so.11:51
a2b4Hi there, I'm getting 'phablet-flash: error: too few arguments' when running phablet-flash -b anyone any ideas?12:44
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ikillcypherany developers here ?15:03
ikillcyphersergiusens, ?15:04
OBXJohnGood morning15:11
OBXJohnFlashing Ubuntu toro and get nothing but a black screen15:11
OBXJohnUsing twrp15:12
OBXJohnany ideas?15:12
ikillcypherblah :( it is so hard to contact a ubuntu developer15:18
smartboyhwikillcypher, wait till Monday15:19
smartboyhwMonday there will be a lot of them:)15:19
ikillcypherhere ?15:19
smartboyhwikillcypher, it's a Sunday don't forget. Yep here15:19
ikillcyphermonday Im from gmt +8 timezone15:19
smartboyhwikillcypher, me too15:20
smartboyhwikillcypher, I mean, monday GMT:P15:20
ikillcypheralright then tc :)15:21
smartboyhwHello annerajb15:36
annerajbanybody have the updated steps to checkout the flipped image? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress appears to have the same steps as the previous guide. so it still checks out unflipped source code.15:37
annerajbI updated my .repo/manifests.xml to use this revision  <default revision="refs/heads/phablet-saucy" remote="phablet" sync-c="true" sync-j="1" /> But it dosnt produce a timestampped device zip like it did before.15:40
pixelshuckHi guys15:54
pixelshuckI'd like to know whether it is already possible to watch youtube videos on Ubuntu Touch>15:54
pixelshuckIs there anybody alive?16:03
mamenyakapixelshuck, hi16:05
pixelshuckHi, could you help me with installation of Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 4? I have weird issue16:05
pixelshuckto be exact, phablet-flash -b fails16:05
pixelshuckphablet-flash: error: too few arguments16:05
mamenyakaokay, have you installed other custom roms like CM on your phone before?16:06
pixelshuckIt is on AOSP rom right now16:06
mamenyakathe just download the .zip and flash it, don't bother with phablet-flash16:06
pixelshuckWhich one?16:06
pixelshuckEvery one with *Mako in name?16:07
pixelshuckand the last one?16:07
mamenyakaonly the one mako zip16:07
mamenyakaand the big ne16:07
pixelshuckboot and last one?16:08
mamenyakaand reboot to recovery, wipe, nstall mako.zip and install phablet.zip16:08
mamenyakaand  saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip16:09
pixelshuckAlright, I'll try16:09
mamenyakaIf you need help, just ask16:09
pixelshuckOfftopic: Ubuntu 13.04 should come with MTP support, right?16:10
mamenyakawell, you need additional steps16:11
mamenyakacheck this out16:12
pixelshuckMounted already16:13
pixelshuckrebooting into recovery16:13
pixelshuckWhich file to flash first?16:13
pixelshuckbig or small one?16:14
mamenyakapixelshuck, mako.zip16:22
pixelshuckFlashed, and had my first bug and crash already (:16:22
mamenyakawhat bug?16:23
pixelshuckOpened gmail app(site), it did not allow me to write anything in the textbox16:23
mamenyakahow come?16:24
pixelshuckreboot helped16:25
pixelshuckHow do I close apps?16:26
pixelshuckFound it :)16:27
Oroku_SakiGot saucy to boot off an lvm2 partition, had to compile lvm.static and put that in my initramfs and change the touch script16:30
pixelshuckWell, I expected a little better overall experince, but oh well, it's alpha.16:30
Oroku_Sakipowerd is complaining that it cant find my backlight, looking in /sys/class/backlight but my tablet uses /sys/class/leds for the backlight16:30
Oroku_Sakishould I change my kernel to do /sys/class/backlight instead of led's or can I change where powerd is looking and tell it to look somewhere else?16:31
Oroku_Sakimy kernel is 7 mb. =)16:31
pixelshuckGuys, "Popular" tab supposed to allow playing video, or not?16:32
Oroku_Sakithis doesn't seem to work..... mount --bind /sys/class/leds \ /sys/class/backlight16:35
pixelshuckAww, ubuntu is not ready yet :(16:48
pixelshuckAny head ups about release?16:48
Oroku_SakiI updated my phablet-dev-tools or whatever, and it by default will build saucy16:52
Oroku_Sakidownloaded a daily image from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130811/16:53
Oroku_Sakimodified touch script to work with lvm on a hp touchpad16:57
Oroku_SakiHow to compile lvm.static for initramfs http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=26164531#post2616453116:59
Oroku_SakiI compiled it on ubuntu 13.04 raring (non-touch) with my touchpad.. made it easier instead of messing with qemu16:59
vicOroku_Saki: ubuntu touch runs fine on the touchpad?17:00
viclast I checked the status was a couple of months ago and it still had some big chunks that weren't working17:01
mamenyakaanyone knows why saucy port reboot when USB is unplugged?17:05
annerajbmamenyaka, does the dmesg say anything?17:05
annerajbif you do a tail -f while plugin the usb?17:05
mamenyakaannerajb, it reboots instantly17:05
mamenyakaI get some powerd errors in dmesg17:06
annerajbcan you paste bin them?17:06
mamenyakaannerajb, of course17:06
annerajbOroku_Saki, how did you modified phablet-dev-tools to build saucy by default.17:06
Oroku_Sakisudo apt-get update17:07
Oroku_Sakiupdate came out yesterday or the day before17:07
Oroku_Sakithen do the upgrade and you should see phablet in your list of updates17:07
mamenyakadoes the phablet tool now default to saucy?17:08
mamenyakaso phablet-dev-bootstrap also?17:08
Oroku_SakiI redownloaded ubuntu and it was saucy17:08
Oroku_Sakione command will update all phablet dev tools17:08
annerajbso i just run bootstrap again and this time it will get phablet saucy?17:09
Oroku_Saki@vic no... touchpad doesn't show gui like it did with quantal17:10
mamenyakaannerajb, without usb plugged in, it doesn't even boot17:10
Oroku_Sakithat is what I am working on....17:10
Oroku_Sakipowerd or dpower complains about not finding a backlight17:10
mamenyakaI already had saucy, bootstrap was good with that17:10
vicah alright, thanks17:11
annerajbOroku_Saki, did you grant it permissions like it says on the porting guide?  10 +       chmod 0666 /sys/class/backlight/panel/brightness17:11
Oroku_Sakiyep... bit mine is /sys/class/leds not brightness17:12
Oroku_Sakipowerd seems to be looking at class/backlight which is empty for my device17:12
mamenyakaannerajb, are you working on ubuntu touch?17:12
mamenyakaannerajb, this is what I get: powerd: unhandled page fault (11) at 0x00000000, code 0x01717:13
mamenyakaannerajb, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5974311/17:13
annerajbmamenyaka, i am not a ubuntu touch developer. just trying to help since my full time work consist of fixing issues like this for a company. so it's similar17:15
mamenyakaannerajb, I would e forever thankful if you could help me17:16
annerajbmamenyaka, i can try17:16
Oroku_Sakipowerd needs work, imo17:17
mamenyakaannerajb, my device is Sony Tablet Z17:17
Oroku_Sakithey patched it last july...17:17
mamenyakawell, it's working for other devices I guess17:18
Oroku_Sakiyep... ones that happen to adhere to /sys/class/brightness only =)17:18
Oroku_Sakipowerd also gives me some binder error in my syslog17:18
mamenyakawhat device are you porting on?17:19
Oroku_Sakihp touchpad17:19
mamenyakaand if you just add the line?17:20
annerajbmamenyaka, did you add the udev rules for your device?17:25
annerajbmamenyaka, it seems udev is complaining a lot about them. from line  671-725 of the pastebin it complains about udev rules.17:26
annerajbalso found this mamenyaka http://devlabs.linuxassist.net/issues/22817:27
mamenyakaannerajb, what is about devtmpfs_17:28
annerajbi am not sure since the bug repot is vague. but it's the only thing i could find searching online.17:29
mamenyakathank you17:30
mamenyakahmmm, I have this in the kernel config, from the porting guide: CONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y17:31
Oroku_Sakihere is my issue: http://pastebin.com/GTsX6vC8 =)17:34
Oroku_Sakibuntu-phablet powerd[654]: No backlight devices found17:34
mamenyakacan't you live without that?17:37
Oroku_SakiI don't know =) not getting a gui..17:37
Oroku_Sakithat is why I am here17:37
Oroku_SakiI don't know what to do next17:37
Oroku_SakiI don't see ubuntu-session anymore, which.. I read.. isn't supposed to be there anymore17:38
Oroku_Sakiso.... uhhh17:38
mamenyakawell, that why don't you ask for help on not getting a gui? I don't think it's related to backlight17:38
Oroku_Sakidoing that now, good idea =)17:38
mamenyakaso, do you have the udev rules?17:39
annerajbOroku_Saki, if you run initcl start unity8 what happens?17:39
annerajb(must be run as phablet i think)17:39
annerajbmamenyaka, if the LCD dosnt have blacklight is going to be extremely dim. AFAIK17:39
Oroku_Sakiinitctl not found17:39
mamenyakawhat do you have in your console?17:40
Oroku_Sakiright now my brightness is at 255 anyways17:40
mamenyakaroot@ubuntu-phablet ?17:40
Oroku_Sakiphablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ initcl start unity8 -bash: initcl: command not found17:40
mamenyakaso your not using flipped?17:40
Oroku_SakiI suppose not, I modified touch to do unflipped, but I have / mounted and my /system mounted with my /system, etc17:41
Oroku_SakiI thought about pushing my system.img to my data to see what happens17:41
mamenyakawhich ubuntu image did you flash?17:41
Oroku_Sakitoday's =)17:41
mamenyakawell that's for flipped17:41
mamenyakayou need nonflipped17:41
mamenyakaalso, to access the ubuntu shell, type ubuntu-chroot17:42
Oroku_Sakido you know where I can download the daily nonflipped image?17:42
mamenyakado you have the link for the daily flipped?17:42
Oroku_Sakiubuntu-chroot command not found17:42
Oroku_SakiI seem to be inside the chroot17:42
mamenyakawell, what do you get when you just start to type ubuntu and smash TAB?17:42
Oroku_SakiI have a swap.swp file at /17:43
mamenyakatry android-chroot17:43
Oroku_Sakiroot@ubuntu-phablet:/var/log# android-chroot chroot: cannot change root directory to /proc/-1/root/: No such file or directory17:43
mamenyakayes, so you are in flipped, that means ubuntu by default17:44
mamenyakanevertheless, here you go: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/17:44
mamenyakaget the latest nonflipped17:44
annerajbmamenyaka, shoudnt he use flipped since that's it what ubuntu touch is going to release with?17:45
Oroku_Sakihttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/saucy-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip is that flipped or non flipped? how can you tell the difference? only 1 download17:45
mamenyakawell, unless he has the fliped device image17:45
annerajbi think the one that says -preview is unflipped17:45
Oroku_Sakiperhaps I should just upload my system.img to my /data and reboot and see what happens??? =)17:45
annerajbI believe this is flipped http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/17:45
Oroku_Sakitouch script seems to be looking for that file and if it doesn't find it, then it goes to nonflipped part of the script17:45
Oroku_Sakiwell hell, see what happens17:46
mamenyakajust don't try to break stuff, it will break on it's own17:46
mamenyakawhat device image do you have?17:47
Oroku_Sakimy lvm2 partitions get mounted with lvm.static command, but the uuid's don't get added to /dev/disk/by-uuid17:47
mamenyakadid you build it17:47
Oroku_Sakiso the preload mount script doesn't "see" the /data partition17:47
Oroku_Sakiyeah I built the lvm.static17:47
Oroku_Sakiso my partitions are in /dev/mapper and /dev/store17:48
mamenyakahave any github sources I could check?17:48
Oroku_Sakijust links... to threads..17:48
Oroku_SakiI did it last night at midnight17:49
Oroku_Sakiwith the compiled lvm.static I put that in /bin on my initramdisk (unpacked and packed)17:49
Oroku_Sakithen changed the touch script17:49
mamenyakawhich script?17:49
Oroku_Sakiscript is:/scripts/touch in the initramfs....      lvm.static vgscan     lvm.static vgchange -ay            mount /dev/store/cm-data /tmpmnt17:50
Oroku_Sakithose 3 commands17:50
Oroku_Sakito get my data partition mounted @ /tmpmnt17:50
Oroku_Saki# Old flipped model elif [ -d /tmpmnt/ubuntu ]; then mount --bind /tmpmnt/ubuntu ${rootmnt} mount /dev/store/cm-system ${rootmnt}/system mountroot_status="$?"17:51
Oroku_Sakiexcept that was old.. I had to do mkdir ${rootmnt}/system then it would mount17:52
mamenyakaand how do you install the ubuntu image?17:53
Oroku_Sakithrough clockworkmod17:54
mamenyakamaybe I just misunderstood some things, sorry for that17:54
Oroku_Sakibut I put the ramdisk changes is boot after the install for the modified touch script and lvm.static addition17:54
Oroku_Sakinp it is confusing17:54
mamenyakaso again, you have phablet-10.1 or phablet-saucy source?17:55
Oroku_Sakibrunch tenderloin etc17:55
mamenyakafliped (phablet-saucy) or unflipped (phablet-10.1)?17:57
Oroku_Sakiwell, I went off the porting directions... there was an update to phablet-dev-bootstrap tools... it said that it would now do saucy by default, as of yesterday17:57
mamenyakacat .repo/manifest.xml | more17:57
mamenyaka<default revision="refs/heads/phablet-saucy"17:58
Oroku_Sakiso I installed it, redownloaded the entire thing from scratch, compiled, and noticed it brought me into a busybox17:58
Oroku_Sakihang on17:58
Oroku_Saki<default revision="refs/heads/phablet-saucy"17:58
mamenyakaokay then17:58
mamenyakaso you need the latest flipped iamge17:58
mamenyakano need to download anything17:59
Oroku_Sakithat is what I have17:59
Oroku_Sakithis has something to do with that touch script finding partitions and then | tail 117:59
Oroku_SakiI bet...17:59
Oroku_SakiIt looks for partitions with uuid's or labels17:59
Oroku_SakiI should just focus on getting my lvm2 partitions to show up in udev in the ramdisk18:00
Oroku_Sakithe uuid do not show in /dev/disk/by-uuid18:00
Oroku_Sakiyou guys know how to pull that off? =)18:00
Oroku_Saki"/proc/-1/root/" that is related I bet18:01
Oroku_Sakiseems I will have to get my uuid to show up for this to work18:01
Oroku_Sakiyep.. just uploading my system.img to my data partition doesn't help.. script needs to find my uuid's... going to work on that I suppose18:02
Wufuhey, i installede ubuntu on my nexus 4, but i cant get a network connection18:03
Oroku_Sakithough I do seem to wind up booting in phablet if I use the unflipped part of the touch script18:03
mamenyakadidn't you get any build errors?18:03
Oroku_SakiI don't think so18:03
Oroku_Sakidunno =)18:04
mamenyakain your $OUT, do you have android-boot.img, right?18:04
Wufuany one that can help me out?18:04
Oroku_Sakiaww I know18:04
Oroku_SakiI had to uncomment that18:04
Oroku_SakiI remove it I mean18:05
Oroku_Sakiin build/core/makefile18:05
Oroku_Sakiremoved that so it would build18:05
Oroku_SakiI saw some pastebin about it when it was called ubuntu boot img install or whatever18:05
Oroku_Sakinow it is called android18:05
Oroku_Sakiyour a mind reader18:06
mamenyakafrom uboot-bootimg.mk18:07
Oroku_Sakioh yeah.. ./out/target/product/tenderloin/boot.img18:07
annerajbI had this same problem yesterday18:07
mamenyakaI just renamed it to android-boot.img18:07
Oroku_Sakistrange... mine builds without having to do that18:07
mamenyakawell, mine doesn't18:08
Oroku_Sakimust be our init scripts =)18:08
annerajbOroku_Saki, did you do the nosuid fstab modification before building the image?18:08
Oroku_SakiI just copy and paste18:08
mamenyakaalso, did you convert the rules from ueventd.tenderloin.rc?18:08
Oroku_Sakimodified the nosuid18:08
annerajbOroku_Saki, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress#w-flo.27s_Notes18:09
mamenyakahow does you fstab look now?18:09
Oroku_Sakiudev rules... hmmmm18:11
mamenyakayes, but if you can't android-chroot, I think there are other problems as well18:12
rahhow much space do you need for an ubuntu touch filesystem?18:16
annerajbrah, around 980MB18:17
annerajbi am installing it on a 918gb partition and it finishes with 300k But i am not sure if it copied everything succesfully18:17
rahok thanks18:18
annerajbalso for my 918gb install i had to delete files like /usr/share/doc18:18
annerajbyes my bad18:19
mamenyakai hope so, at that size you would be just rounding to 1 TB18:19
Francesco_qualcuno parla italiano?18:23
Francesco_which is the difference betwen ubuntu touch preview and ubuntu touch18:25
annerajbFrancesco_ i believe preview is unflippedand ubuntu-touch is flipped18:26
Francesco_sorry but i don 't understend flipped18:27
Francesco_what does it mean?18:28
annerajbFrancesco_, Unflipped is the old way where we run the android kernel and ubuntu touch runs like and app of sort.18:28
annerajbFrancesco_, Flipped we run a ubuntu kernel and android runs on a container like and app.18:28
Francesco_so i need to install in my nexus device the ubuntu touch daily preinstall?18:29
annerajbFrancesco_, which nexus you have? I believe phablet-flash should install the latest version automatically18:30
Francesco_galaxy nexus18:30
Francesco_but i con 't find the phablet file18:31
annerajbFrancesco_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Step_4_-_Deploying_Image_to_Device18:31
annerajbthat tool will automatically pull the laltest18:32
Francesco_by adb?18:34
mamenyakaleave that tool alone18:36
mamenyakadid you install any custom ROMs befora?18:36
Francesco_i ve twrp recovery18:36
mamenyakajust grab saucy-preinstalled-touch-armel+maguro.zip18:37
mamenyakaand saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip18:37
mamenyakareboot into recovery, wipe, flash, done18:37
Francesco_of the ubuntu touch o ubuntu touch preview?18:37
mamenyakaubuntu touch18:37
mamenyakathe link you posted18:38
Francesco_i ve try with the 11/08 build18:38
mamenyakayou can18:38
Francesco_and i ve e boot loop of google open padlock18:38
mamenyakaopen adlock means you've unlocked your bootloader18:39
Francesco_yes but i ve this screen for ever18:39
mamenyakathat it meansyou did something wrong18:39
Francesco_i try with the 08/8 build18:40
mamenyakahow did you flash it?18:40
mamenyakathe 11/0818:40
Francesco_yes and i ve a boot loop18:40
mamenyakadid you flash it18:41
Francesco_wipe and isntall18:41
mamenyakamore precisely18:41
Francesco_one moment18:42
Francesco_advance wipe(twrp)- dalvik cache system cache18:43
Francesco_then factory reset18:43
Francesco_after flash 2 files18:44
Francesco_then wipe and reboot18:44
mamenyakaplease expand "flash 2 files"18:44
Francesco_first saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip18:46
Francesco_second saucy-preinstalled-touch-armel+maguro.zip18:46
Francesco_is it ok?18:48
Francesco_now i try to 8/8build18:48
alalavinnew to touch18:48
alalavinwe run a company and we want to setup ubuntu over our tabs.18:49
annerajbgalaxy tab?18:49
Francesco_thanks to all18:50
mamenyakaFrancesco_, sorry18:51
mamenyakaFrancesco_, you are flashing them in the woprng order18:52
mamenyakafirst maguro.zip, hten the other18:52
alalavinno, AM335x18:53
alalavinis there anybody who can help ?18:53
mamenyakaalalavin, why do you need ubuntu touch?18:54
alalavinbecause, we want to have linux istead of android and it's open source advantages18:54
wilee-nileealalavin, the touch is top of android18:55
mamenyakayou do know that it is only a developer preview? and for you to deploy it on your device, first you need to port it?18:55
wilee-nileeon top18:55
alalavinyeah, but i'm asking if there is any ubuntu linux that can install independently on out tabs. ?18:56
alalavinu know, we don't want to have android18:56
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
alalavinu know, i want to know if it's possible to run ubuntu on tabs. like ubuntu on nokia n900 ?18:58
alalavinwilee-nilee, can u help me ?18:59
wilee-nileealalavin, this is a development as of now wait till its been actually released.19:00
wilee-nileefor a company dispersal19:00
alalavinok, right know, what can we do with this relaese ?19:01
alalavinbecause u know, in ubuntu.com on tablet page u see many feautres19:01
mmenefeenot much.  Most of the apps are broken.19:01
wilee-nileealalavin, Install it and check it out, if your looking for  hand holding help the IRC is the last place to be.19:01
alalavini want to know, how can i use it on our tablets ?19:02
wilee-nileealalavin, THe only real use as of now is fairly geek orientated, you have to ssh in to make any changes.19:03
wilee-nileenot really for common consumption19:04
mamenyakaeven to install it you need a lot of stuff to do19:04
wilee-nileealalavin, YOu can try it out though. ;)19:04
alalavinand r u familar with texas instruments as TI19:04
mamenyakalike woiding the warranty of the tablets19:04
alalavinwe have a AM335x starter kit19:05
alalavinand it has a linux version with SDK19:05
alalavinbecause u know, it's not popular19:06
alalavinbut the problem is that we have to develop any apps. for it19:06
alalavinwilee-nilee, can u help me throught the tabs design19:11
alalavinwe are affraid of android19:11
alalavinand ubuntu is something fine but with our customized linux with SDK, we can't use many market apps.19:12
Wufuhey, i installede ubuntu on my nexus 4, but i cant make calles or sms on it. can any one help?19:13
alalavinis there any one who can help or make a brain storm about what we should do with our tab. ?19:14
annerajbalalavin, what are you trying to use them for on your company?19:15
alalavinfirst we want to sell them for some specific organs.19:15
alalavinand then we want to move to public market19:16
alalavinbut our SDK and its limitation is warning us19:16
annerajbso you wanna sell the tablets with touch preinstalled?19:16
alalavinyeah with some necessary requirements19:17
aandersemy only complaint about ubuntu touch is that its not installed on all my devices yet! :D19:18
alalavinfor the start we can just run our customers program but later we should enter the market19:18
alalavinso, no one can help???19:20
alalavini should use chinese AH to OEM and run android19:20
Cantidemy complaint is that i have no devices that are capable of running it yet T-T19:21
alalavinyeah i red from aaderse19:21
aandersei have a nexus 4, but sounds like a couple show stoppers still19:22
aanderseso i'm waiting19:22
codoes ubuntu touch usually have apt-get installed19:22
alalavinthnx everybody19:23
Cantideaanderse, show stoppers such as what? I think the basic functionality is all there, isn't it?19:23
n0c_co, yes, it does.19:26
aanderselooks like mobile data and mobile are are WIP19:26
aandersefront and rear camera are also not working completely19:26
cook, then if it's missing how should I go about restoring it19:26
n0c_aanderse, mobile data, front, rear camera all work fine on my Galaxy Nexus.19:26
aanderseis that spreadsheet out of date?19:27
aandersecause i'm real excited to try out ubuntu touch :)19:27
n0c_co, I'm not certain, but personally I would probably just re-flash the ROM.19:27
cook thx19:27
n0c_aanderse, probably.  Last time I looked at it, it was.  Check the dat eon the top of the spreadsheet, it's probably from July.19:27
aandersen0c_: looks like i have some research to do then :)19:27
annerajbco forgot to mention that he probably wants to ubuntu_chroot shell but he left19:27
aandersehmm also no date19:28
aandersewould also love to install on this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/tf300t19:29
n0c_aanderse, which spreadsheet are you looking at?19:29
n0c_If I'm looking at it correctly, the last update is listed under the device build.19:30
n0c_For example, under "Maguro" you cna see 2013072319:31
Cantideoh yeah, well spotted19:35
aanderseoh, i'm blind19:40
Cantidethat date could do with some better formatting though :)19:41
aanderseso if apt-get is installed and i have sudo access... all we need now is sdl ported over to mir!19:43
aandersethen i can install an up to date version of battle for wesnoth on my phone!19:43
n0c_libsdl?  Is there a particular revision you're looking for?19:45
aandersehopefully thats up and fully functional soon19:46
aandersei'm assuming ubuntu-touch is going to be a pretty standard linux disto at the core19:47
wilee-nileeaanderse, Thats the dream, is not even close at the moment.19:52
aandersewell hopefully we get there :)19:52
Cantidewas ubuntu touch built from scratch?19:53
Cantideor is it ubuntu just hacked enough to run on phones?19:53
wilee-nileeI like the idea of the edge, but I suspect it will never really be available.19:53
Cantideme, too19:53
Cantidei'd throw money at it if i had known it was coming when it did, but now i'm in a position where i'm unable to do so because i didn't plan / budget for it19:54
aandersei just bought my nexus 4, so buying another phone is out of the question19:55
Cantidei'm in the market for a new phone, but i'm immigrating19:55
Cantideso it's pointless buying one right now19:55
Cantidewhen i get there, then i will be able to get one19:56
wilee-nileeIf I had 32 million to waste I would call canonical's bluff19:57
wilee-nileeright now I got about fiddy cents19:58
Cantidei'm in the middle of immigration and between jobs, so spending 700 usd right now is not sensible -.-19:58
Cantide(just in case i have unforeseen expenses)19:58
Cantidebad timing, canonical! :@19:59
Cantidebut i did throw 20 USD at it :)19:59
wilee-nileeCantide, You immigrating from a country?19:59
Cantideimmigrating to a country, yes, that's usually the case 'o'19:59
wilee-nileeCantide, Cool, a different cultural environment radically, or similar?20:00
Cantideradically, but one to which i am accustomed :)20:00
CantideAfrica -> Asia :)20:00
aandersegood luck, culture shock ahead!20:01
wilee-nileeCantide, Coo, I have a degree in Black Studies and am in a intercultural grad program, it is all interesting20:01
CantideBlack Studies? there is such a thing :)20:02
Cantideaanderse, thanks :) I've lived in Asia for 3 years prior to this, and visited 5 countries there, so I kinda know what to expect :)20:02
aanderseah, cool20:03
aandersewhich country are you moving to?20:03
CantideSouth Korea20:03
Cantide(if all goes according to plan)20:03
wilee-nileeCantide, Actually in the US academics there is, Africam American, Caribbean and African studies, basicall the worlds diaspora.20:03
Cantideand i am pleased to see SK and KT in the CAG :)20:03
aanderseSK... sounds exciting! good luck20:04
Cantidewilee-nilee, now that makes a lot more sense to me than "Black Studies" :) (sorry, i don't mean to sound rude, but i didn't understand it at first)20:04
wilee-nileeCantide, I didn't take it as rude no biggie. ;)20:05
Cantideoh, that reminds me, OSK for Ubuntu Touch... is the keyboard an app? Would we be able to make a new keyboard as part of  the App Showdown?20:05
Cantidewilee-nilee, great :)20:05
Cantideit's an interesting subject though - I studied a bit of ebonics when I did linguistics, and i touched on the slave movement during some African literature studies :)20:06
wilee-nileeCantide, The department at the university is toed to the civil right movement in its name still to some extent, they will probably change the name at some point to be more undertandable.20:06
wilee-nileetied* understandable*20:07
Cantideyeah, i think that's necessary20:07
Cantideso as to not give the wrong impression20:07
Cantideanyone know about the OSK for Ubuntu Touch?20:07
fredy14hello, i was wondering if I made a backup with # adb backup -apk -shared -all, do I need to reflash android stock before restoring the backup or just do an adb restore will work?20:43
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Oroku_Sakicurios about something in the touch script... "mount -o loop,ro /tmpmnt/system.img"    is the system.img a yaffs2 filesystem????21:09
interlopersystem.img is usuallt ext421:20
interloperwe use mount -t ext4 -o loop21:21
annerajbsergiusens, does LXC have to be enabled on the kernel config?21:23
annerajb(for flipped images)21:23
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Oroku_Sakiroot@ubuntu-phablet:/etc/init# /usr/bin/powerd Segmentation fault23:31
Oroku_Sakimount --bind /android/system /system23:32

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