AzelphurAnyone interested in trying out torchat too? It's a pidgin plugin :)00:16
Azelphur(or a standalone app)00:16
Azelphurand it's in apt, so you can just apt-get install torchat && torchat00:16
popeyAzelphur: do you need tor setup though?00:19
Azelphurpopey: yea, but it's all default, I think apt-get install torchat just does it all for you.00:19
popeyok, I'm in it00:19
Azelphurgot your address?00:20
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popeyAzelphur: does torchat show me offline now?00:37
ali1234awesome... someone made a software dab receiver for my rtl-sdr05:04
ali1234and it actually works!05:04
shaunointeresting .. I'll have to give that a shot in the morning05:40
shaunoI'd been looking for ways to decode broadcast TV too.  because my little el-cheapo sdr can do everything but the function that's printed on it05:41
shaunonot that I bought it for the function printed on it, but I got to thinking05:42
Neoti_Desktophi people. am wondering how traffic CCTV is connected back  the central monitoring station. i would like to know if possible makes and /or models of equitment used, IE if they use GSM what device are they using, is it an IPSEC or GRE Tunnel back to the monitoring office etc...08:44
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MartijnVdSNeoti_Desktop: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_Information_Act_2000 ?08:57
MartijnVdSNeoti_Desktop: they probably use cables, so interference is much harder08:58
isleofmandanMorning. I don't suppose anyone here has the Dell XPS 13 DE with the 'new' AR9462 wifi card in and Ubuntu 13.04? Trying to decide if the hassle of upgrading from stock 12.04 will fix my wifi dropouts...09:01
MartijnVdSisleofmandan: there are AR9xxx fixes in 3.11, which is not yet finished, but will be in 13.1009:02
Neoti_Desktopim just intrested. as i have been asked to set up 2 camras at a remote location and all there is, is a 3G signal on vodafone, and was thinking of using some kind of 3G router??? connect the cams to it, use something like PPTP, GRE, or IPSEC to connect back to the remote location etc ????09:02
isleofmandanMartijnVdS: Thanks. I'll grin and bear 12.04 a bit longer then :/09:03
MartijnVdSNeoti_Desktop: 3G signals are easily blocked/overloaded to make the camera image unreliable. 3G is also expensive.09:03
MartijnVdSNeoti_Desktop: is there nothing visible within a few miles with better connectivity?09:03
Neoti_Desktopnope its all wooded else i would have used something like ubiquity devices... :(09:03
MartijnVdSNeoti_Desktop: because you can set up a (most likely 5GHz) private wifi network (with directional antennas, so not everyone can pick it up)09:03
MartijnVdSNeoti_Desktop: I use a setup like that on a wooded caravan park, works great09:04
dwatkinsNeoti_Desktop: does it need to be viewed live, or can it be simply recorded locally and collected regularly?09:04
MartijnVdSall you need is a line of sight09:04
Neoti_Desktopthey want to stream and record09:04
MartijnVdSI don't think 3G is ever going to be reliable enough09:05
Neoti_Desktopi have choosen the cams there the grandstream GXV3672_HD . i chose them become of the MJPEG stuff, and are compatibil with Zoneminder09:06
MartijnVdSNeoti_Desktop: http://www.ses-broadband.com/10334323/en :P09:07
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:08
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon09:08
MattJ100Morning brobostigon09:08
MartijnVdSNeoti_Desktop: But, seriously: 3G might work, but you'll burn through megabytes and have possible reliability issues09:08
brobostigonmorning MartijnVdS and MattJ10009:08
MartijnVdSNeoti_Desktop: a 5GHz line-of-sight wifi setup with directional antennas will probably be better09:09
MartijnVdSNeoti_Desktop: digging a trench even better (power has to get there too somehow, hmm.. powerline ethernet adapters?)09:09
SuperMattmorning all09:13
MartijnVdS\o SuperMatt09:14
brobostigonok, question, i just pushed some changes from my nexus7 yesterday to my github, now when on my normal machine and i try and git pull it complains, any ideas as to why ?09:41
Neoti_Desktopthe remote site has solar panels and is running a 12v 2.5kw system09:41
Neoti_Desktopwith batteries i might add...09:42
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: what's the error?09:47
brobostigongit pull09:51
brobostigonThere is no tracking information for the current branch.09:51
brobostigonPlease specify which branch you want to merge with.09:51
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:52
brobostigongit pull09:53
brobostigonUpdating 8daa2c3..1fa173d09:53
brobostigonerror: unable to unlink old 'BareSaabv2/BareSaabv2-due/BareSaabv2due/BareSaabv2due.ino' (Permission denied)09:53
brobostigonand it isnt old as it claims, i updated it about 10 mins ago.09:54
MartijnVdSah! permission denied09:54
MartijnVdSthat would explain why it fails :)09:54
brobostigonok, how do i fix this?09:55
MartijnVdSdid you chmod things?09:55
MartijnVdSwhat did you check out, did you do it on Ubuntu?09:55
brobostigonas i said, i made a few changes to that file on my nexus7 yesterday and submitted them, then this morning, i wanted those changes on my main machine, and it throws that wobbler.09:56
MartijnVdSso you run git on a n7?09:56
brobostigoni am using debian.09:56
MartijnVdSgit runs on android now?09:56
MartijnVdSI know permissions on android can be strange sometimes.. but I'm not sure of the details09:57
brobostigonhmmm, ok. that might explain it then.09:57
MartijnVdSespecially if you use multiple apps on one file09:57
brobostigonone single app, one one single file,09:58
brobostigonMartijnVdS: ok, is there a way to normalise it again? and then ditch the nexus7 to do changes.10:00
^2fChellloooo :-)10:49
dvrrHow give  database connection in tomcat server for multipul  database instances10:52
* penguin42 is in one of those 'perhaps I should change telco providers' mood evenly balanced with the 'it's working don't touch it'13:09
penguin42nice; this is an SD card running Linux?15:48
MartijnVdSyeah, with an arm5 core in there15:48
MartijnVdSso you can do SD, wifi and ARM on something the size of an SD card now15:48
moreatithere are cards linke that, which take a microsd card for the storage15:49
penguin42I'm tempted by one of those Trascend ones now - pity he hasn't posted the cpuinfo/free info15:52
MartijnVdSpenguin42: you can probably ask him :)15:57
bigcalmmoreati: good to see that you're still alive. The LUG misses you!16:00
penguin42MartijnVdS: Transcend seem to have the code on: http://uk.transcend-info.com/Support/DLCenter/index.asp?#Detail16:01
MartijnVdSoh it's GPL of course, the busybox people would sue them otherwise ;)16:02
penguin42MartijnVdS: Hey don't knock it, Transcend seem to have full kernel and busybox source there16:07
MartijnVdSdoes it contain everything needed to build valid replacement kernels/busyboxes?16:08
MartijnVdSlike build scripts, etc.16:08
penguin42MartijnVdS: That I can't tell without trying it, seems to be a KA2000 chipset16:11
MartijnVdSpenguin42: googling that leads to Ford 8-)16:11
MartijnVdS"Pop the back off the card and16:12
MartijnVdSthere's a TTL level serial port."16:12
MartijnVdSoh they,re a bit on the expensive side16:13
penguin42yeh the transcends are about 40gbp - which is a bit pricey for the spec, but hey it is tiny16:13
* popey has 13 issues of 2600 from 1999-2002.. pondering ebaying them.. not likely to get much am I?16:15
MartijnVdSfrom back when you were a l33t h4x0r?16:15
mgdmon that note, go to a YouTube video, and type '1337' (no quotes and not in the search box), and look at the comments16:17
mgdm(for those who've not heard that already)16:17
MartijnVdSor 198016:17
mgdmhehe, nice16:18
* penguin42 had some computer mags from late 70s that my dad had bought and I was clearing out, I was giving them to people in the office who were born in that month16:20
MartijnVdSwe have a few 1980s issues of computer magazines in the office16:20
mgdmif you find a Jan 1983 one... :-)16:20
* popey rummages ebay to find other people selling similar16:20
MartijnVdSthe ads are the greatest16:20
popeyalso, I am selling my last joggler16:21
mgdmi forgot abut my joggler, and found it the other day16:21
mgdmgoing to make it do Android shortly16:21
mgdm(don't suppose they run Ubuntu Touch, eh? :)16:21
penguin42mgdm: Let me guess, one of hte ones bought on the #50 deal from a couple of years ago?16:21
mgdmpenguin42: indeed16:22
mgdm~4 years ago, I think16:22
penguin42hehe yes16:23
penguin42I didn't buy one because I thought I'd probably do the same16:23
mgdmI got it, then moved to a different city16:24
mgdmor indeed, a city16:24
MartijnVdS"1 person is viewing this item per hour"16:26
popeynice job if you can get it16:27
popeyalso selling a yubikey! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281149907420?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l264916:27
MartijnVdSpre-pwned? :)16:27
popeyclean as a whistle, never inserted into anything16:28
MartijnVdSalready have one (from $boss)16:28
MartijnVdSpopey: but.. good idea16:28
MartijnVdSpopey: I need to clean out my cupboard :)16:28
popeyyeah, thats what triggered it, clearing out stuff16:31
ali1234i also need to get rid of a lot of junk16:34
popeyi should get rid of my old laptops too16:34
Azelphurali1234: my ASICs are in the UK :o16:35
ali1234from who did you buy them?16:35
AzelphurBFL, last june preorders.16:35
Azelphur180GH/sec ;)16:36
penguin42any Virgin Media broadband users?16:41
* penguin42 is starting to consider moving to them16:41
mgdmI'm on a VM connection just now, it's not mine though. The 'superhub' thing seems to drop the wifi for about 10 seconds every now and again16:41
penguin42the loss of a static-ip would be a pain, but my ADSL has dropped in speed a bit and I'll never get it16:41
ali1234on VM you practically have a static IP16:41
ali1234when i used them it didn't change in 2 years16:42
ali1234with cable, you get the speed they actually advertise, instead of 20-50%16:42
ali1234also "drops every 10 minutes" describes every wifi connection i have ever used16:43
penguin42ali1234: Yeh the speed is what attracts me; I'm getting about 7.5Mbps/950kbps on ADSL2 (was 10-11Mbps/1Mbps) - VM's 30Mbps tier is only about 20% more16:43
shauno"practically static" works well here - 28 day dhcp leases  lol16:43
mgdmmy wifi at home (WRT54GS running OpenWRT) is solid as a rock16:44
penguin42yeh but practically static doesn't feel enough for making peepholes in my mailserver16:44
* penguin42 isn't particularly worried about the wifi stability, I'm happy to use separate wifi boxes for that16:44
shaunoit hasn't been an issue here .. if I'm disconnected for more than 28 days, I tend to know about16:44
* penguin42 is in an annoying blackspot for BT infinity - just these two postcodes16:45
ali1234oh, and try to avoid the superhub16:46
penguin42ali1234: What's a superhub and what choices would I have?16:46
ali1234try to get the engineer to give you a standalone modem16:46
ali1234i don't know if they still do them16:46
ali1234the superhub is a huge piece of crap that does everything badly, like the bt superhub16:46
ali1234or homehub or whatever its called16:46
* penguin42 used to be on cable ~10 years ago but switched to DSL when the company I worked for started giving it out and hadn't changed back, but 3x the speed is tempting16:47
* penguin42 wonders if they'll be able to reuse the same cabling and if I'll have to wire it downstairs again16:50
daftykinsphone line vs. coax? :)17:11
penguin42daftykins: No! I mean whether they can reuse the coax installation from 10 years ago when I previously had cable17:21
daftykinsoh so you might go *back* to cable?17:26
shaunowhere we're going, we don't need line rental17:26
MartijnVdSCan you get cable internet without cable TV in the UK?17:27
penguin42daftykins: I can't get Infinity17:27
MartijnVdSbecause you can't here..17:27
penguin42MartijnVdS: Yes17:27
shaunohere, you can, but they pretend you can't.  you have to order it over the phone (so they can try to upsell) instead of online17:27
MartijnVdSshauno: yeah you can get "business" cable here, which is more expensive17:28
MartijnVdSAlso, you still get analog TV channels even if you get a the digital package..17:28
penguin42MartijnVdS: For £22.50/month I can apparently get 30Mbps/2Mbps broadband only17:28
daftykinsi always signed up for virgin media way back when without TV services with no issue17:29
daftykinsback when things were simple with no rubbish routers :<17:29
penguin42ali1234: I don't see a way not to get the superhub17:29
shaunoI've learnt to love this trash router UPC gave me.  you can confuse it into giving you multiple IP addresses :)17:30
MartijnVdSpenguin42: 44/month @ 150mbit/s is the cheapest cable/internet-only for me, or 49 with a static IP but max 60 mbit/s17:30
MartijnVdSAnd the "Fibre is bad" propaganda on their website.. LIES17:31
MartijnVdS100/100 > 150/417:31
penguin42MartijnVdS: I can go upto 120mbps, that's 35/month17:31
penguin42what arguments do they have for fibre is bad?  It's GPON over there isn't it?17:31
popeyhm. just dug out a digi box which we got when we first setup virgin cable, and plugged it in, getting complaints it's not registered17:32
popeyengineer coming tuesday17:32
MartijnVdSpenguin42: They say their network is just as future-proof, and "measured speed" is higher on their network17:32
MartijnVdSpenguin42: which it isn't17:32
penguin42MartijnVdS: Thing is I don't really like the cable company, but once something like a speed drops on the DSL there's very little chance of getting it to go faster again17:35
MartijnVdSpenguin42: yeah, I know the problem - I waited for years to get fibre :)17:36
MartijnVdSWorking for your ISP has a downside if you can only get DSL ;)17:36
MartijnVdSAlanBell: If you want to meet the brewing brothers, they'll be in town this week: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=510144532401880&set=a.451423728273961.1073741825.417406958342305&type=1&theater :)17:41
penguin42MartijnVdS: Will he remember the meeting afterwards?17:45
MartijnVdSpenguin42: if you take a picture with him, sure ;)17:45
daftykinsthis remote desktop software they just referred to on LAS seems interesting - http://guac-dev.org/17:46
MartijnVdSdaftykins: what's the server like? or is it just a client?17:47
daftykinsnot tried yet17:47
daftykinsread the page :D17:47
AlanBellMartijnVdS: are they doing all the days?17:47
MartijnVdSAlanBell: I don't know17:48
MartijnVdSAlanBell: @vandestreekbier does though ;)17:49
penguin42MartijnVdS: OK so it sounds like it's another one using java to do the screen scraping17:49
AlanBellpenguin42: nope18:19
AlanBellit is using rdp or vnc to screen scrape18:19
AlanBellthen re-serving that to a browser client18:19
AlanBellso on the server you configure the VNC or RDP connections to initiate18:20
AlanBelllooks quite cool, but not quite as general purpose as it first sounds18:20
ali1234VNC based? so in other words it's garbage?18:24
penguin42AlanBell: Are you sure - it talks about a java module that's served to the client18:27
AlanBellyeah, that is the viewer18:27
AlanBellerm, maybe it isn't18:28
penguin42AlanBell: ? I thought the point was the viewer was HTML518:28
AlanBelljavascript, not java18:29
ali1234^ everything you need to know18:29
penguin42AlanBell: http://guac-dev.org/doc/gug/installing-guacamole.html#compiling-guacamole-client  ah I think the Java is a tomcat thingy on the server side that sides the client18:30
penguin42ali1234: No18:31
penguin42ali1234: That doesn't really give enough detail18:31
AlanBellworks for me :)18:32
ali1234what more detail do you need?18:32
penguin42ali1234: It's not clear to me whether you can share and view from each of the rdp/vnc/others and web interface18:32
ali1234what do you mean "each"18:33
penguin42ali1234: It's not clear from that diagram if it can use any of those protocols for sharing and/or any of those protocols for viewing18:34
ali1234it can't18:34
penguin42ali1234: In that case I stand by my case that that diagram doesn't contain enough detail18:35
ali1234i still have no idea what you are talking about18:35
ali1234what is the difference between "sharing" and "viewing" by the way18:35
penguin42ali1234: whether I can make my desktop visible to others or whether I can see others desktops18:36
ali1234using VNC?18:36
ali1234yes, of course you can. that's what VNC does18:36
penguin42ali1234: Using guacamole in between18:36
penguin42I know I can with plain vnc, I don't know what guacamole is bringing to the mix from that diagram18:37
ali1234well suppose you have a VNC server (at the bottom)18:37
ali1234and a HTML5 browser (at the top)18:37
ali1234guacamole allows you to connect them together18:37
penguin42ali1234: Well you're supposing a lot!18:37
ali1234are you looking at the same diagram i am looking at?18:38
penguin42ali1234: guac-arch18:38
penguin42ali1234: You're right that is one reading of it18:38
ali1234see at the bottom where it says "RDP VNC Other" and underneath that it says "remote desktops"18:39
ali1234those are the remote desktops18:39
ali1234at the top there is "HTML5 web browser"18:39
* penguin42 sees that as well18:39
ali1234and then there's guacamole in the middle with arrows connecting them together18:39
ali1234i don't see what other ways you can interpret this18:39
penguin42ali1234: OK, does it let me use an RDP client to connect to the guacamole server to view a VNC servers output?18:40
ali1234no. see where the top arrow is labelled "guacamole protocol" not "RDP protocol"18:40
penguin42ali1234: Well sure but that's the arrow connected to the web browser, it doesn't tell you whether you can connect other viewers on the ports on the bottom (they are two way arrows)18:40
ali1234well the diagram also doesn't contain any dinosaurs18:41
ali1234but i am pretty sure dinosaurs are not involved18:41
ali1234yes, you can connect other viewers to the stuff on the bottom. you can connect a vnc client to the vnc server for example18:41
penguin42ali1234: It seems a bit of a dumb design if it's got that 1 way architecture18:41
ali1234the arrows are two way because the data goes in both directions18:42
ali1234display pixels go one way, user input goes the other way18:42
* penguin42 would have thought it would make more sense to make the viewer side cope with multiple protocols as well then you could let any talk to any18:43
ali1234what would be the point?18:43
ali1234the entire point of it is that you don't need any client at all18:43
ali1234of course it's not really any different to the old vnc system that served up a java client on a http server18:44
ali1234except this time it is written in javascript and most of the logic is server side18:45
penguin42ali1234: yeh you're right not having any client is nice, it does need gluing together to be more what I expect from the type of sharing systems people use for conferencing though - where you can hand off from one user to another18:46
ali1234i don't understand what conferencing has to do with it?18:46
penguin42ali1234: I've used systems for teleconfering where people can share their desktop to do a presentation, and they're normally a centralised server system for that18:47
ali1234so under this model everyone would just open their browser and go to the server18:48
ali1234and then they would see your desktop18:48
penguin42ali1234: Not quite18:48
ali1234yes, that's literally all they would have to do18:48
penguin42ali1234: In the nicest systems you can hand off so that you can switch from viewing one presenters desktop to the next - so the interface people see isn't just necessarily a viewers interface18:49
ali1234your computer is running VNC or RDP. guacd connects to it, then broadcasts the display to each HTML5 client18:49
ali1234so all that is required to support that is a panel that lets you change what RDP server guacd connects to18:49
ali1234which it probably already has18:49
penguin42it seems very broken way to do it18:50
penguin42making it have to connect into the client like that just won't work for most across firewalls/nating - you'd think you'd want the client to be able to proxy that18:50
ali1234it doesn't connect in to the client18:50
ali1234it's a web server18:51
ali1234the client connects to it18:51
penguin42 'ali1234: your computer is running VNC or RDP. guacd connects to it,'18:51
penguin42ali1234: That is what I'm saying is broken18:51
ali1234your computer is running VNC server, exporting it's remote desktop18:51
ali1234guacd connects to the VNC server as a VNC client and reads the display18:51
penguin42yeh, that's broken18:51
ali1234then converts it to a stream of javascript nonsense18:51
ali1234then the browser connects to the web server and reads that, and displays it18:52
penguin42yes yes, that's broken18:52
ali1234perhaps, but that is the what they set out to create18:52
ali1234it doesn't have any more firewall issues than just using VNC does18:53
penguin42ali1234: And hence doesn't really solve any problems18:53
ali1234i agree18:53
ali1234like i said, it's not any different to the old VNC java client, except that now it is written in HTML518:54
penguin42ali1234: Now if the JS client they served to you had a way to tunnel the VNC/RDP/whatever back then it's almost useful18:54
ali1234tunnel it back to where?18:54
penguin42ali1234: Tunnel it from your vncserver to the guacd so that the guacd didn't have to connect in via your firewall18:54
penguin42ali1234: Then it would let arbitrary users of different OSs share screens with each other whatever firewall/NATing they had18:56
ali1234well firstly guacd doesn't... VNC can be set up so that the server connects out18:56
penguin42really? I've never seen VNC server setup for that18:56
ali1234so what you want is an entire remote desktop client and server written entirely in HTML5?18:56
penguin42ali1234: Well yes it would be ideal if you could have the destop server delivered to you via HTML as well; but I'm happy if it just proxied from an existing local vncserver or rdpserver18:57
ali1234or i suppose really what you want is a way to set up a TCP tunnel between two web browsers, with a connection service that is accessed using HTML518:58
penguin42ali1234: I want to be able to go to a website and share my desktop with an arbitrary selection of [verifiiable] people18:58
ali1234that would be a pretty neat general purpose thing to have18:58
penguin42ali1234: can js listen on a local socket?18:59
ali1234i think it can with HTML518:59
ali1234maybe it can only connect out18:59
penguin42I'd assume it can make a localhost connection - with suitable security - so I guess it could try connecting to your local vncserver although I'd hope that browsers generally stop it18:59
ali1234basically what you want is for guacd to also be written in HTML519:01
ali1234but it is not19:01
penguin42ali1234: Not necessarily - I'm happy for it to be a centralised thing; but I want the way to connect to it to go through my browser19:02
ali1234it is a proxy19:02
ali1234it connects to the VNC server using guacd19:02
ali1234it connects to your browser using http19:02
ali1234you want it to do both using http19:02
ali1234well, maybe one day19:03
ali1234websocket isn't suitable for this19:03
ali1234and web browsers are obviously really paranoid about what stuff they make available19:03
penguin42ali1234: I'm not desperate to use VNC server, but it does solve a problem, in that being able to use vncserver, rdp whatever means you can find a desktop sharing thing that already works19:04
ali1234that's not the problem they are trying to solve19:06
ali1234they are trying to solve the problem where you need to install a VNC client to access your computer19:06
ali1234where as with this you only need a HTML5 browser19:07
penguin42ali1234: But as you said given the old vncviewers that worked in browsers I'm not sure what they've really gained19:07
ali1234well the old VNC java client is pretty rubbish19:07
penguin42I guess being able to remote access the rdp as well is nice19:07
ali1234and of course it needs java19:07
ali1234yeah, RDP is much much better than VNC19:08
ali1234VNC is horrible anyway19:08
penguin42ali1234: I've never seen a linux rdp server though19:08
ali1234it's called X1119:08
silnerAren't they trying to avoid Oracle Java?19:08
penguin42ali1234: Well no, I really mean rdp19:09
penguin42ali1234: And something like spice protocol I guess would be to add to the list19:09
ali1234what does RDP do that X11 does not?19:09
ali1234i suppose reconnecting/multiple viewers19:09
penguin42ali1234: ANd file transfer, access to remote printers/etc19:10
hamitrondoes it do basic Direct3d now too?19:10
ali1234so if you RDP into a server and print a file, it comes out your local printer?19:10
ali1234that's pretty cool19:11
penguin42ali1234: Yes it can do that, it can also pass samba filesharing across the connection19:11
ali1234i would never have even guessed that would be available19:11
penguin42ali1234: So you can load from your local storage into the thing you're remotely using19:11
ali1234yeah i bet guac can't do any of that19:13
penguin42ali1234: Nod19:14
ali1234the idea though, i suspect, is to serve up some web desktop eventually, and do away with VNC, RDP etc19:14
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malicoyI'm trying to install ubuntu on my new computer but i keep getting a "Missing operating system" error when I boot. Help!?21:04
ali1234malicoy: start at the beginning and tell us what you did21:08
malicoyI downloaded ubuntu from their website then used unetbootin to put the OS onto my 1 terabyte external drive from my mac computer. i then plug the external drive into my new computer and boot from the usb and get the error.21:12
ali1234hmm ok21:14
ali1234what type of computer is the new computer?21:15
ali1234does it have windows or another OS pre-installed or is it totally blank?21:15
malicoyIts is a custom computer with no OS21:15
ali1234ok. what motherboard? and is it in UEFI or BIOS mode?21:16
ali1234i kind of suspect you've used the wrong install disc, htere's one for each21:17
malicoyThe mother board is an ASRock 960GM-VGS3 FX21:18
malicoyBIOS mode21:18
ali1234if you downloaded the image with a mac it may have redirected you to download the UEFI version, because macs use that. but i'm not sure21:19
ali1234i don't know if unetbootin even supports UEFI to be honest21:20
ali1234precisely which ISO did you download?21:20
shaunodid you format the disk using the mac, or was it already formatted?21:21
malicoyubuntu from http://www.ubuntu.com/21:22
shaunoworth being aware the mac will default to partitioning with non-hybrid gpt, so bios won't see a partition map21:22
ali1234there is an easier way to make a USB boot disc, if you don't mind wiping the whole USB disc, or if you have a spare flash drive >1GB21:23
malicoyi formatted it on the mac to fat3221:23
ali1234just dd the iso directly to the raw device21:23
ali1234yes. just a raw copy21:23
malicoywhat is dd?21:23
ali1234i think macs have dd right?21:23
dwatkinsyeah, they do21:24
ali1234it's a shell command21:24
dwatkinsyou can even get a progress bar with 'pv'21:24
shaunothat's where I went wrong doing the same; I had the partition formatted fat32, but the partition map itself as gpt so my PC couldn't see it21:24
dwatkins...although that probably requires homebrew, so ignore me21:24
ali1234seems like shauno has the answer anyway ^21:25
malicoyshauno: how did you solve it?21:26
shaunoif you format it on the mac, make sure to go into the options button that lets you pick; http://cl.ly/image/201y222h2X2h21:26
malicoyi think i can do that21:27
shaunoI don't know if it's your problem, but the mac defaults to making gpt without mbr, which pc-bios won't like  (most systems try to do both gpt & mbr to avoid this)21:28
malicoymy disk utility doesnt have those options21:29
shaunoit should if the mac is intel (the last 8 years or so)21:30
dwatkinswouldn't it be simpler to use unetbootin for the Mac, or am I missing something?21:32
shaunothis is how I get to those options: http://cl.ly/image/270Y1r2l2R2Q21:32
shaunoif it says 'master boot record' at the bottom like that example, then I'm totally wrong and you can ignore me :)21:32
malicoyyeah it does....21:32
shaunothen I'll shut up  (just one I've tripped over trying to do exactly what you're doing)21:33
malicoyi did use unetbootin, i'm still getting the error21:33
directhexunetbootin doesn't work with uefi at all21:40
directhexif you usef unetbootin, don't expect gpt and efi to work21:41
dwatkinsI tried this procedure, and it worked on one of my Macs but not on another: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting21:43
ali1234the goal isn't to boot on the mac though21:44
ali1234it is to boot on a BIOS motherboard21:44
dwatkinsah ok21:44
ali1234i'm kind of half tempted to install windows on a spare computer so i can play some gaemz21:52
dwatkinsHalf-life 2, Portal and Left4Dead 2 will run on Ubuntu ;)21:52
ali1234yeah but i hate FPS games21:52
dwatkinsWhat sort of games do you like, ali1234?21:53
ali1234i like sand box games, empire building, and puzzle-adventure games like zelda21:53
ali1234i want to play saints row 3 and darksiders that i got from humble bundle a while ago21:54
dwatkinsI like the 3D GTA games for their sandbox nature.21:54
ali1234i also want to try out arma free, cos even though it's a FPS, it goes for total realism, which means it avoids most of the things i don't like about FPS games21:55
dwatkins0 AD looks neat.21:55
dwatkinshttp://play0ad.com/ that is21:56
ali1234oh also i just got this game called "men of war" which is like a RTS but with more tactics and less "who can micromanage their factories the best"21:57
dwatkinsMy absolute favourite game right now is Homeworld 2, for the fact it's a strategy game in 3D.21:57
ali1234actually it has no factories at all apparently21:57
ali1234the thing that puts me off most games is when it comes down to knowing the cheesy tactics21:58
ali1234i don't blame the players for this, i blame the game designers21:58
andylockranWow - saucy and xMir are both running incredibly well on my acer revo23:05
andylockranhappy days23:06
daftykinsye olde ion1 system?23:13
andylockranyep - does that mean that xmir is just falling back to standard X23:15
daftykinsi guess you'd have a Xorg.0.log if so?23:18

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