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InHisNameback from Fosscon !01:22
bts3685same! i saw you there but i don't think you recognized me01:28
InHisNameI saw you too, but you were busy in a conversation, so I didn't interrupt.01:39
bts3685oh nah, i wouldn't have minded01:39
bts3685got swarmed after my preso. bunch of people cornered me. hehehe01:40
InHisNamejthan: were you there ?     We didn't say hello to each other, missed hunting for you.01:40
bts3685he wasn't01:41
bts3685and i am displeased01:41
InHisNamewas there an official count of warm bodies there yet ?01:43
InHisNameMe too01:43
bts3685i haven't seen one, but i saw it rounded off to 30001:48
jedijf270 it seems or more cause i didn't take a folder01:49
jedijf270 folders taken01:49
bts3685from the bin i was handing them out from?01:50
bts3685some people walked by without taking one- i'd estimate it closer to around 28501:50
jedijfthere were 300 folders total - 30 left01:50
InHisNameShoot for 395 next year ?01:52
bts3685is the friends center zoned for 395? :P01:52
jedijfmain room holds 70001:52
jedijfwith the church pews01:53
bts3685ah gotcha01:59
bts3685the balcony did look mighty empty during the keynote01:59
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jthanbts3685: You're the punk04:23
jthanWho says I wasn't there? :-p04:25
jthanInHisName: Very unfortunately, one of the people I was planning to attend with was ill. Then, since he wasn't going, the other man backed out.  I went to the train station in Lansdale.. No parking, got fed up, ate breakfast at A&N, went home.04:33
ChinnoDogjthan wasn't even there05:00
* jthan is not a happy camper 05:00
jthanI should have just gone anyway05:01
jthanChinnoDog: You never go anywhere. Not even to geeknic.05:26
jthanSo what are you saying about jthan?05:26
jthanDon't pick on the poor kid05:26
bts3685jthan: son i am disappoint05:29
ChinnoDogjthan: if I had been there you wouldn't have been there anyway.05:31
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jthanbts3685: I am too. I sulked all day.05:32
jthanI'M SUCH A LET DOWN.05:32
bts3685ChinnoDog: but then you could have at least caught my talk. :P05:33
jthanlook at him.05:33
bts3685^ = me explaining why ISPs and NSA is evil05:33
* jthan is crying. 05:34
bts3685err are evil05:34
* bts3685 is very tired05:34
jthanbts3685: You can see Windows running on your laptop. *gasp*05:36
bts3685that's a slide. lol05:36
bts3685bts@maqabi ~ $ uname -a05:37
bts3685Linux maqabi 3.10.3-gentoo-r1 #2 SMP Sun Jul 28 04:08:52 EDT 2013 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux05:37
bts3685no windows here05:37
bts3685no, it's literally a slide. i half-assed the slides so hardcore that they're literally white background, default black text, with pictures from google images thrown in here and there05:38
jthanNo copyright issues at all05:43
bts3685can't be arsed05:47
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JonathanDGood morning!13:13
rmg51Morning JonathanD13:19
JonathanDhiya rmg5113:35
rmg51have you recovered yet from yesterday?13:35
JonathanDheading to hive now :)13:38
JonathanDgot sprain or something still13:38
rmg51staying home as usual today13:39
rmg51baby sitting Mom13:39
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