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inetprouh, this place is quiet13:51
Kiloshi superfly and others15:01
inetprowb Kilos15:08
Kilosty inetpro and hi to you15:08
Kilosbeen a long long day15:08
Kilosbut i think ive found a use for xp15:09
Kiloshaha not to use it man but to have it installed on the area of the 500g drive that keeps crashing15:11
Kilosit boots to a black screen anyway15:12
Kilosbut it is on the first 10g of drive so lets hope15:13
magespawngood evening15:21
Kiloshi magespawn 15:21
magespawnhey Kilos, you are going to get lots of "ai's" if you keep saying things like that15:23
Kilostook most of the day to install xp. kept saying it closed down to protect against damage to pc and call my admin guy15:24
Kiloshad to boot from supergrub cd then boot xp from there and continue install15:25
Kilosabout 10 times15:25
Kiloshi kbmonkey 15:25
magespawnKilos: i think you would get the award for persistance15:36
Kilosaw i forgot to save ibid.db16:04
inetproKilos: surely you have a backup of that!?16:05
Kilossigh i got so frustrated i even formatted home16:06
Kilosbut might have some of it on kde16:06
Kilosand i used 12.04.2 cd not remastersys16:07
Kiloswas seeing probs with everything16:07
Kilosek vat my epos addy terug16:10
superflyhi Kilos16:36
Kiloswbbjust gonna try loggin in as QA\17:07
Kiloshehe inetpro she be cloaked17:20
inetproKilos: pragtig17:21
QAen ek kan ook sy wees17:21
inetprowhere did you get the solution?17:21
Kilosim learning more about xchat even17:22
Kilosi logged in as QA17:22
QAwhat ai!17:23
inetproQA: coffee on17:23
Kilosnee man dis ekke hier nou nie sy nie17:23
inetproKilos: I remember you once did have it cloaked properly17:24
inetproso where are your backups now?17:25
superflythere is a way to get the bot to talk :-)17:26
Kilossomewhere in the first 10g of this drive there is something very sick even though disk utility says it healthy17:26
Kiloshaha @ superfly 17:26
Kiloshi Cantide 17:29
Cantidehey Kilos :)17:29
Kiloshi SnowyZA 17:38
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za17:39
superflySnowyZA: Feeling chilly? :-P17:40
Kilossnowed under17:42
Kilosjust restarting xchat17:45
inetprowb Kilos17:46
Kilosty sir17:46
inetprosuperfly: how's the weather down in the Cape?17:46
Kiloswe gotta work out how to add that identify thing in ibid.ini17:47
superflywhen it's not wet, it's windy17:48
superflyand there's snow on the mountains17:48
inetprosuperfly: eish!17:49
inetprosuperfly: sounds like normal for this time of the year, not?17:50
inetprosuperfly: good to see you here again17:52
superflyyes, normal winter weathe17:52
Cantidewb Kilos 'o'17:59
Kilos-ty Cantide 17:59
Kilosaw that was a flop18:00
Kilosim here twice18:00
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magespawnhttp://xmodulo.com/2013/04/how-to-run-command-on-multiple-servers-at-once.html from Linux FAQ on G+18:04
magespawnhey superfly inetpro 18:04
inetprogoeie more magespawn18:05
magespawnhi Cantide 18:05
Cantidehey magespawn :)18:06
CantideI am really stumped by what to make for the app showdown T-T nothing is simple..18:06
QAcoffee is ready for magespawn 18:06
magespawnty QA18:07
Kilosnp magespawn 18:07
magespawni have an idea for an app, but will take a lot of work18:08
magespawnlol @ Kilos 18:08
Kilosi cant get the thing to identify18:09
Cantideyeah... i have some ideas, but really tricky ones -.-v18:10
magespawnand it would be more of mobile than desk top but would need both18:11
magespawnmaybe we could set up a group or something to work on it18:11
magespawna colaboration18:11
Cantidecollaboration  *18:14
Cantidei'm not a skilled programmer by a long shot18:14
magespawnbrb going to submit wife's assignment18:14
Cantideand i'm very new to Qt18:14
Cantideas an indication of my skills, i made this last night -> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36318710/Screenshot%20from%202013-08-11%2020%3A15%3A48.png18:16
Cantideall it does is rotate the image randomly when i click the button :p haha, quite useless >.<18:17
CantideI wouldn't mind making it into a compass, but i don't know how to do that and I don't have a phone to test on -.-18:17
magespawni am also very new to programming, but there is a lot of people here who may join in or help18:26
magespawni thought you could load an emulator or such for testing18:27
Cantidei have cool ideas, but then i don't have the knowledge to make them work - like making a compass app - how do i get that info from the phone? -_-18:27
Cantideoh, maybe... i'm not sure18:27
Cantidethe Ubuntu SDK runs it on the desktop, but i don't think it emulates the phone hardware or screen size18:27
magespawnandroid has the sdk to emulate i think18:40
Kilosi go sleep now. night all you good peeps 18:42
Kilossleep tight18:42
Cantidenight Kilos :)18:43
Cantidemagespawn, ah, yeah, i think so18:43
magespawnwell lets keep it as idea and maybe something will come of it.18:45
Cantideyeah :)18:49
Cantidewell, i am keen to enter, i just need a good idea for a simple app18:50
Cantidean FTP client would be cool18:50
Cantidebut i'd need to know a bit more about FTP first :p18:50
magespawni will see what i can find out18:54
inetproCantide: FTP must die!18:55
inetproMaaz: ftp18:55
MaazDump FTP! http://www.43folders.com/2008/07/14/dump-ftp see also: FTP must Die!! http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FtpMustDie18:55
inetproplease don't go there18:56
Cantidei use it a lot uploading files to a server sometimes >_>18:56
Cantidewell, i didn't mean to start a debate on FTP18:56
* inetpro has seen way to many broken implementations18:56
Cantidei was simply saying that there are many possibilities for an app for the app showdown18:56
inetproand sadly these implementations tend to stick around for ever18:57
CantideI use filezilla... never had any problems18:58
Cantidebut hey, that's not my poooooooint >.<18:58
Cantidethe point is... what apps would we be able to make for the app showdown?18:59
inetprodon't build another broken FTP solution, that is all I'm asking19:00
Cantidei was looking around for cool APIs to make something19:01
inetproread the above for the many reasons19:01
Cantidebut i see the Google Translate API is a paid service T-T19:01
superflyYou know what's really funny? Ubuntu started out as a Gnome distro, and it's slowly moving over to Qt, the technology powering KDE19:06
Cantidelooks like a move in the right direction though19:06
Cantidei didn't know KDE uses Qt though 'o'19:07
Cantidei see :)19:07
CantideI like KDE a little more now :p19:07
superflyIt was extremely controversial at the time, because Qt was an almost completely proprietary toolkit19:08
superflyon Linux Qt was dual licensed, GPL and the Qt license. On anything else Qt only used the Qt license.19:08
superflyDid you know that Gnome was started because of KDE and Qt?19:08
superflyKDE was around before Gnome19:09
CantideI didn't know that either :)19:09
superflySome freedom loving hippies declared that even though Qt used the GPL on Linux, it wasn't free enough19:09
Cantidethat makes it even more ironic that Ubuntu is moving to Qt then19:09
superflyso they used GTK, the GIMP Toolkit, to create a new desktop environment19:09
Cantidei get the whole freedom thing though19:09
Cantideit is quite a big deal19:10
superflyBut KDE and Trolltech (the company behind Qt) had an agreement that if ever Trolltech went under, or something somehow happened to Qt, KDE would be able to fork the last known good version of Qt and carry on with it without fear of litigation or other harm19:11
Cantideseriously? Trolltech?19:11
superflyBut if you ask Richard Stallman, which is more free, the GPL or the LGPL, his answer is always, "the GPL"19:11
Cantidewasn't Nokia involved somewhere..19:11
CantideI think I dislike Richard Stallman a little :)19:12
CantideHe pushes idealistic things which are not so practical, and complains a lot about Ubuntu19:12
Cantidehe has good intentions, but they don't seem to work in the real world much19:12
superflyYes, Trolltech was bought out by Nokia when they started heading in the Linux Phone direction. Then they got Mr Microsoft on board, and essentially tried to ditch Qt19:12
superflyCantide: yeah, my thoughts exactly19:13
Cantidein an ideal world i'd like him a bit more19:13
superflywhich is also why I don't have an issue with the KDE/Qt thing either. The KDE guys saw this awesome GUI toolkit and it was GPL on Linux, so they went for it19:13
Cantidealso, it's nice and light19:14
Cantideand very flexible and portable19:14
superflyAnyone who uses GTK and Qt will tell you that Qt rocks their socks and GTK sucks.19:14
Cantideso hey, if it works well for what it should do, why make a fuss about it19:14
Cantidewell, just playing around with the Ubuntu SDK and making some small, albeit pointless apps, i can see how nicely it scales19:15
Cantideand how light and fast it is19:15
superflyyeah, QML is a fantastic idea19:16
Cantidealso, the Ubuntu buttons and such are really beautiful imho - they did a really good job19:16
superflyI still haven't gotten stuck into it properly yet, but I love the ideas19:16
Cantidetoggles, sliders... everything... i like them all19:16
Cantidei even like orange now!19:16
superflyCantide: QSS - Qt Style Sheets. Just like CSS, only works in Qt apps19:20
Cantidestill lacking credible ideas for the app showdown19:24
Cantideperhaps the easiest is a little game of sorts T-T19:24
magespawni am out of here for now, later all19:25
Cantidecheers magespawn '<19:29
Cantidehello '-'/19:51
Squirmseems the only stable connection I have is a local connection20:05
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