mike_00vrms recognize all proprietary software00:01
Fieldyhello, how can I configure a custom firewall (iptables) command to be run after the rest of the firewall has been set up? I'd like it to be applied regardless if someone has logged in or not00:01
Dr_WillisFieldy:  command in /etc/rc.local should do it.00:02
FieldyDr_Willis: thank you00:02
jribFieldy: what do you mean by "the rest of the firewall"?00:02
Dr_Willisbut there is some iptables file that gets ran at boot time. so im not sure why you are doing it this way00:02
MoPacnutman: under that last tab, "additional drivers", it may show what video driver you're using00:02
Fieldyjrib: the command would be run after the other rules have been run (by whatever they're run by)00:03
FieldyDr_Willis: well, whichever gets the job done, i'm okay with editing the main rules (if there are any)00:03
jribFieldy: I don't know what you mean... there aren't any other rules by default...00:03
Fieldyi show a lot of rules with iptables -L -n -v00:03
Dr_WillisFieldy:  on a defaul ubuntu install. theres no firewall rules00:04
jribFieldy: then you've likely added them00:04
Fieldyanyway I had already added it to rc.local, and rebooted, let's see wehat happens00:04
Dr_Willisfirewall is there. but turned off/no rules basically00:04
Fieldyah okay... shared system, another admin probably dinking with it00:04
jribFieldy: I would suggest you not split up your firewall configuration.  Just add it to your existing configuration00:04
nutmanthanks for your help MoPac00:04
Fieldyjrib: fair point. i'll figure out how they got there in the first place (other admin)00:05
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo00:05
Fieldythanks folks, i'll read00:05
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MoPacwilee-nilee: I've just been through the CoC, IRC Guidelines, and Supporters' Guide, and I'm wondering if you can help me find the standard of conduct that you think nutman was violating?00:08
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Micko113tired to connect using teamviewer but it says connecting and just sits there00:08
=== Guest43696 is now known as |JZ|
|JZ|hello, would anyone know why all of the sudden ubuntu 13.04 will not boot up? .. I get a black screen with _ flashing00:10
wilee-nilee|JZ|, Did you install a proprietary graphic driver?00:10
|JZ|last thing I remember was it needed to restart for updates00:10
|JZ|I had the installed the intel driver a while ago worked fine00:11
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | |JZ|00:11
ubottu|JZ|: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:11
Guest65066what is a typical installation size for ubuntu? looks like it takes up 3.2G for me!00:12
wilee-nilee|JZ|, Generally drives from the manufacturers do not follow kernel upgrades...etc.00:12
wilee-nileeGuest65066, NO typical depends on what your use may be and if you want a sperate home.00:12
|JZ|so wilee how can I set it with nomodeset?00:12
|JZ|I need live cd?00:13
Guest65066i just want a GUI Browser, vlc, and python00:13
wilee-nilee|JZ|, Nope the thread gives you all the info, you can do it from the grub menu accessed by tapping shift at powering on if it does not show.00:13
Guest650663.1G seems to be a lot. can i trim the size somehow?00:13
Guest65066and this is a fresh installation00:14
reisioGuest65066: it's not a lot00:14
wilee-nileeGuest65066, You are not familiar are you, that makes no sense.00:14
Guest65066am not familiar00:14
|JZ|I tried hitting shift from boot but it didn't load00:15
wilee-nileeGuest65066, Give us your end goals with the OS it will be helpful.00:15
Guest65066i used linux long time ago - then it used to be really small. suddenly 3.1G seems tough - my goals are these -00:15
wilee-nilee|JZ|, Read the link.00:15
failmasterGuest65066, you may install it over netinst image and get some lightweight desktop environment00:15
Guest65066this is all i want - 1) Firefox 2) VLC and 3) python00:15
wilee-nileeI gave you detailed instructions as well. |JZ|00:15
Guest65066i chose xfce, thought it would be light00:16
failmasterGuest65066, i would go with some fluxbox/openbox00:16
wilee-nileeGuest65066, You can do a minimal install from the alternative iso a net install, you just need some sort of desktop.00:16
wilee-nileemaybe I guess00:17
s0m3b0dyHello, is there any FTPd that can run on multiple ports?00:17
wilee-nileeGuest65066, The net install starts with just the ubuntu base, no X unless you choose one.00:18
ubottuThe alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD00:18
reisio'minimal cd' now, right?00:18
=== ese is now known as Rope
reisiosilly to discontinue something in favor of something else that's basically the same thing with a different name00:19
wilee-nileeGuest65066, The bot lies, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads00:19
Guest65066wilee-nilee, thanks - which is a lightweight desktop environment? also does the desktop environment account for a lot of space? i have xfce right now00:19
wilee-nileeGuest65066, As far as ubuntu regular desktops lxde is the lightest, also lubuntu lxde with more, but there are handfuls of alternative X environments.00:20
|JZ|I read the link ... To set kernel boot options, you must edit your grub configuration. You can do this temporarily for a single boot by entering the grub menu. If you do not get to see the grub boot menu after the bios automatically, you may have to press SHIFT key after the bios logo to get in to grub00:20
|JZ|.. I am just gettin thrown back into the black screen .. I rebooted 4 times didn't work00:20
failmasterGuest65066, aewm, *box (e.g. fluxbox, openbox)00:20
Guest65066i see thanks a lot00:20
|JZ|pressing shift is not getting me to the next step00:21
wilee-nilee|JZ|, Poise your finger over the shift key and start taping like there is no tomorrow as soon as you hit the power on, at least to confoirm that is not bringing up the grub menu.00:21
Dr_Willisactually i thought you just pressed and HELD the shift key00:22
SuperLagWhen you take a screenshot, you have the option of uploading it to zimagez.com. Can you do that with a different service? is there any way to change that?00:23
|JZ|I tapped both shifts like no tomorrow still no grub menu00:23
Dr_Willis|JZ|:  so you are never getting into the 'grub edit screen' is what you are saying00:23
wilee-nileeDr_Willis, Maybe, however needs to be done ay times it seems earlier enough.00:23
|JZ|yeah I am not getting that00:23
Dr_Willisive also had pc's that ignored the usb keyvboard for grub.. :) had to use a ps2 keyboard.00:23
|JZ|going to power off and retry for 5th time00:23
Dr_Willisor use the boot-repair live cd thing.. to set it to not hide grub.00:24
Dr_Willisi really really wish they wouldent hide grub by default all the time.. it makes trouble shooting that much harder00:24
SuperLag|JZ|: I've had trouble with that, myself. what if you don't tap, but hold down the Shift key?00:25
wilee-nileeDr_Willis, He has a black screen and the good ole blinking _ and proprietary graphic drivers I think, ha rd to really tell.00:25
SuperLag|JZ|: no guarantees... I tried so many combinations of things, I don't remember which one finally worked00:25
failmasterSuperLag, you could look for custom script scenarios like there were some for nautilus a while ago i used gnome2 on gnome-look.org some of them are designed for purposes you're looking for00:26
DWSRHey all, having an issue booting into my 12.04 LTS server install. Used the server media to partition an LVM onto a boot drive, now booting from that drive gives me "Reboot and select proper boot media"00:27
|JZ|no luck with pressing shift or holding it down00:29
|JZ|I can ctrl alt delete n restart from the black screen but that's about it00:29
wilee-nilee|JZ|, I would boot a live cd and see if the partitions mount, might be something wrong, might need a fsck or some other work.00:29
aj_hello folks00:30
|JZ|going to boot from ubuntu 13.04 cd now rebooting00:30
failmaster|JZ|, can we be sure that bootloader even launches from the boot device?00:30
BorreguitoHi Friends... how can i remove  ATI Radeon  from my Toshiba Satellite ?00:30
wilee-nilee|JZ|, This a standard partitioning set up no uefi or encryption?00:30
|JZ|standard ext400:31
|JZ|going to boot from live cd or should I attempt hd from bios?00:31
failmasterBorreguito, with soldering station00:31
wilee-nilee|JZ|, You can use the per-session boot from menu outside the bios mine is f12 at powering on yours maybe different.00:32
failmasterpreferably infrared one00:32
BorreguitoSorry.... the drivers for ATI RADEOn-..... i can't see my Unity menu..  failmaster00:32
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|JZ|actually from hd brings me right back to bkack scrn00:32
|JZ|going to boot from live cd00:32
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto00:32
wilee-nilee|JZ|, If  cd choose cd00:32
|JZ|booting from cd now00:33
DWSRHey all, having an issue booting into my 12.04 LTS server install. Used the server media to partition an LVM onto a boot drive, now booting from that drive gives me "Reboot and select proper boot media"00:33
wilee-nilee|JZ|, ON occaison the computer may do it from cd or usb..etc inspite of actual media00:33
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=== viiiil is now known as vigs
|JZ|I can set the nomodeset from live cd?00:34
|JZ|or reinstall ubuntu?00:34
failmaster|JZ|, you can do that00:35
|JZ|which? failmaster00:35
failmaster|JZ|, both00:35
wilee-nilee|JZ|, I would just check to start with if the partitions mount and if there are any errors shown in gparted on them00:35
failmaster|JZ|, was bootloader installed in the MBR of that device?00:35
DWSRHey all, having an issue booting into my 12.04 LTS server install. Used the server media to partition an LVM onto a boot drive, now booting from that drive gives me "Reboot and select proper boot media"00:36
|JZ|yeah it always worked00:36
|JZ|just had updated needed to restart00:36
|JZ|now I can't get inti gui00:36
wilee-nilee|JZ|, If you had the grub bootloader showing you could do a nomodeset and a text boot to see errors.00:36
|JZ|I just loaded 13.04 live cd00:36
|JZ|do I click try ubuntu or install?00:37
Dr_Willisthat boot-repair tool can set the options for the default grub on the installed system cant it? its been a while since ive used it00:37
wilee-nileeDWSR, If  a #ubuntu-server you might ask there as well.00:37
riexHello everybody. Somebody here that can tell me which kind of traffic this here is: http://pastebin.com/pJU0h3d7 <- ? Please. :-)00:37
wilee-nileeDr_Willis, yeah, that is certainly a good option. ;)00:37
DWSRwilee-nilee: I am./00:38
|JZ|do I click try ubuntu or install from livecd ?00:38
wilee-nileeDWSR, Cool, just want to see you succeed. ;)00:38
wilee-nilee|JZ|, Try00:38
failmaster|JZ|, you may click nothing or click "try" until you dont want to resintall it, in that case i would go through chroot environment to have a look on what might went wrong00:38
failmaster!chroot | |JZ|00:38
ubottu|JZ|: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot00:39
wilee-nilee|JZ|, Did you install originally this way or from windows maybe a wubi?00:39
|JZ|I installed from ubuntu cd00:39
|JZ|fresh install of 13.0400:39
|JZ|when it came out00:39
rreedhey guys. if i have a trojan-infected Windows 8 installation, is it logical to assume that if I log into it and create a Recovery CD, that the Recovery CD will be infected?00:39
|JZ|no windows was on pc00:39
wilee-nilee|JZ|, Which release?00:39
failmasterrreed, not necessary00:39
|JZ|ubuntu 13.04 x6400:40
rreedtrying to get migrated completely over to 13.04, but not sure if i should bother with the USB or not.00:40
wilee-nileerreed, I would as k in ##windows00:40
rreedfailmaster, Alright. I imagine specifics are probably gonna need to be directed to ##windows.00:40
wilee-nilee|JZ|, Cool thanks.00:40
rreedwilee-nilee, Heading there now :)00:40
failmasterrreed, i'm not into windows 8 but i'm not 100% sure i understood your doubts, define the "rescue cd"00:41
DWSRHey, having an issue booting into my Ubuntu 12.04 Server install. Used an LVM, now getting "Reboot and Select proper Boot device" when trying to access the single disk in the LVM.00:41
riexHello everybody. Somebody here that can tell me what kind of traffic this here is: http://pastebin.com/pJU0h3d7 <- ? Please. :-)00:41
Dr_Willisrreed:  i would doubt it.. that wou;ld be some impressive malware.  but id say ask in #windows - or if worried about it.. get  an official recovery ISO media00:42
BorreguitoInto Windows.... .you cant use the Recovery  app at recovery partition!!!00:43
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trfsrfrwhat is the linux version of /?00:45
=== Guest85800 is now known as charpandnl
reisioyou mean the original version of /?00:45
reisioit's --help00:45
reisioor -h00:45
reisioor man foo00:45
FloodBot1reisio: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:45
riexnobody knows ?00:45
reisioriex: knows what?00:45
riexreisio: http://pastebin.com/pJU0h3d700:46
riexwhat kind of traffic is that?00:46
reisioyou might ask #networking00:47
riexTCP or UDP - ICMP?00:47
riexI will00:47
SunTsuor create a dump file and ask wireshark00:47
riexSunTsu: great idea00:47
reisiothe art of netwerk00:47
seliteMy graphics card is ATI Mobility Radeon 5470 and Ubuntu gravely overheats because of that. Is there any other Linux OS that might work with my shitty graphics card for which there are no drivers?00:49
danny4wayhow come ubuntu doesn't resume what i did after battery went dead00:49
failmasterdanny4way, due to politics on what it should do at emergency low power level00:50
wilee-nileeselite, Two things no swearing and for general OS info not really here, however here is a askubuntu.com with that issue addresses in some places. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=Radeon+547000:51
danny4wayso there is no way I am able to resume my ubuntu after  battery is gone dead?00:51
selitewilee-nilee: If you can help me, help me. If not, shut up.00:52
danny4wayBecause my laptop has very bad battery and my school has no outlet for my laptop00:52
wilee-nilee!attitude | selite00:52
ubottuselite: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:52
danny4wayIt does but I have sight problem so I have to sit in the front which there is no outlet for my laptop00:52
wilee-nileeselite, I would be more than happy to call the ops, however if you can have some composure you will get help.00:53
cstewartno doubt i missed the actual problem and might be able to help00:53
selitewilee-nilee: Sorry, what are the ops?00:53
wilee-nileeselite, The moderators with the power to ban or quiet you. ;)00:53
cstewartGood evening Gents00:54
rreedcstewart, Good evening :)00:54
failmasterselite, the thing is.. all distros include the same drivers, the only difference is versions of those, maybe all of them operate with it so it overheats, but i seriously doubt that the first cause is a driver itself00:54
vaskaloidisHey I have static IP set up on my Ubuntu 12 server through ethernet - I can ping my laptop connected to WIFI from my ubuntu server but I cannot ping the outside ethernet or my router00:54
failmasterselite, so you might wanna check the cooling subsystem00:54
wilee-nileeselite, WE try to jus in general interact here like we would face to face, general respect is all. ;)00:55
selitewilee-nilee: Alright sorry if I've offended you in any way.00:55
cstewartIt could be one of two problems, more then likely DNS does /etc/resolv.conf have nameservers or are me missing a gateway in your static config00:55
failmasterselite, don't feed volunteers00:55
babinlonstondpkg installation Error how to Clear it00:56
selitefailmaster: I've checked the cooling system and it works amazing with Windows 7, however, with Ubuntu it has really serious issues.00:56
vaskaloidiscstewart: I have the correct gateway set - I and I can view it through a web browser on my laptop00:56
wilee-nileeselite, I'm not offended but you were on a downword spiral in several areas, just a heads up is all. ;)00:56
vaskaloidisbut my server is connected to a switch which is connoted to the router cstewart so could that be the problem?00:56
selitefailmaster: Even with an external cooler, the laptop simply has problems functioning due to the heat.00:56
failmasterselite, maybe it's specifics of linux driver version, however you might wanna check the default documentation related to radeon driver, e.g. opensource one or propietary and trying switching one against another00:57
babinlonstonhisto: dpkg error facing please help http://paste.ubuntu.com/5971857/00:57
failmaster!radeon | selite00:57
ubottuselite: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto00:57
cstewartit could be but more then likely not, you can add dns-nameserver for example to your static config00:57
vaskaloidiscstewart: yeah I have my router listed as a DNS server00:57
vaskaloidiscstewart: I cannot ping my router's IP address even! it says host unreachable00:58
vaskaloidisbut I can ping my laptop though which is connected through WiFi00:58
selitefailmaster: I've tried both the proprietary and open source drivers and neither of them work. Is my only option to buy a new laptop?00:58
cstewartok back up you have a laptop and server or ubuntu pc on the same network00:58
danny4wayIs there any way that ubuntu will shut up when battery is dead and still resume when battery is connected?00:59
cstewartlaptop is over wifi and pc is connected to switch which is connected to router?00:59
vaskaloidiscstewart yes!00:59
vaskaloidiscstewart: I also have an extra access point contacted to the switch that the ubuntu server is on00:59
failmasterselite, besides that cooling systems in laptops are complicated in a context of whole enclosure design, so if we'll imagine there is some controller which operates main cpu fan rmps according to provide silent working and there is some thermistor behind another controller that should inform it to increase rpms according to gpu temperature00:59
vaskaloidiscstewart: but you are correct, the switch is connected to the router00:59
cstewartthe switch is it a wifi / router01:00
failmasterselite, it might not work for some reason01:00
reisioselite: what's the computer make/model?01:00
vaskaloidiscstewart: no the switch is a regular switch, and I have a wireless access point connected to it01:00
selitereisio: It's a sony vaio VPCEV2H4E.01:00
vaskaloidiscstewart: the access point is plugged into the switch to one of its ethernet ports, the switch is only wired01:00
danny4wayPlease? Anyone? My laptop has to resume sometimes.01:01
cstewartok but is the switch directly wired to your main internet router or are you using access point bridge01:01
vaskaloidiscstewart: my switch is running off my router - and the router is connected directly to the modem01:02
vaskaloidiscstewart: the switch is hard-wired to the router through ethernet01:02
danny4way                         01:02
cstewartit sounds like the switch or cable between them is faulty01:02
vaskaloidiscstewart: I am going to double check, I will be right back01:02
failmasterselite, so before buying the new one, check if it works fine under linux, it was like that in dark ages, you was choosing the appropriate hardware according to software support01:02
wilee-nileedanny4way, Your request are missing details in several areas.01:02
cstewartcan you plug your laptop into the switch and see if you can ping the pc and laptop etc01:02
jesusemelendezmDannny4way may I help you?01:02
danny4wayYes. My laptop has bad battery. So it shut downs automatically when it reaches 0%01:03
failmasteri have a problem with switching passphrase luks auth on boot to key file based, extra details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?01:03
danny4wayBut I want my laptop to let it shut down but I don't want to lose any information01:03
wilee-nileedanny4way, How many times have you let this happen?01:03
danny4wayIs there any way Ubuntu can do that?01:03
selitefailmaster: Yes, I should probably do that.Htnak you for your help.01:03
danny4wayWell. Many times.01:03
selitefailmaster: *thank01:04
wilee-nileedanny4way, Stop doing that it is damaging.01:04
hayerGet a new battery. warrenty or buy a new one01:04
reisioshutting down at 0% is what happens with good batteries01:04
wilee-nileedanny4way, Hard shutdowns damage any OS01:04
danny4wayI was like whatever  because my laptop battery is already damaged01:04
reisiopotentially damage...01:04
twodoo_Hey anyone know if V2P conversion of a VM is possible? I want minimum downtime for my server01:04
MrOFolks - i just wanted to say thank you to whoever works on Ubuntu.01:04
hayerEither you do it properly or you don't do it at all.01:04
reisiotwodoo_: v2p?01:05
BudManzHi, I am trying to use my ubuntu 12.04 fileserver to backup a remote windows file system.  I have the user created and can ssh in with the credentials, but I don't know how to connect to it from windows... any help?01:05
MrOIts a fantastic piece of software and i love using it.01:05
BudManz+1 Mr001:05
wilee-nileelinux is better tha most there, but common sense should answer this.01:05
danny4wayWhen i first bought my laptop, it at least lasted 5 hours. Now it only lasts 30 mins or sometimes more.01:05
mead|laptopcan anyone help me install a ati remote wonder plus driver ?01:05
twodoo_reisio: virtual to physical?01:06
hayerProbably some battery cells that have died. Usually heat is the #1 killer01:06
danny4wayYeah. I tried compressed air already. It helps a lot.01:06
danny4waySo should I get battery replacement?01:06
hayerdanny4way: When is the warrenty out?01:06
danny4wayIt's already out. I bought this laptop for more than 2 years01:06
hayerThen buy a new battery or salvage a battery from some other laptop01:07
mead|laptopdanny4way: price the battery and compare it to the cost of what you want to upgrade to01:07
danny4wayOh I see.01:07
reisioBudManz: mount -t cifs //ip.ip.ip.ip/dir /mnt/point -o "username=foo",uid=localuser01:08
danny4wayI mean my current laptop has intel core duo inside01:08
danny4waySo yeah. Probably I should get a new laptop01:08
DWSRCan anyone help me with recovering GRUB on a Ubuntu 12.04 server install using LVM?01:08
danny4wayI know intel core duo 2 can handle ubuntu but I just want more performance.01:08
reisioor carry a power plant around with you :p01:09
danny4wayIf you recommend, tell me what is the best requirement that would run smoothly for Ubuntu for Editing, Videos and Entertainment.01:09
BudManzreisio: thanks, but I already have the linkage on the Ubuntu box set up, I just don't know (other than using cygwin) how to access it from windows01:09
reisioBudManz: you want to ssh from Windows to Ubuntu?01:10
mead|laptopI hate  it when laptop manufactures build their laptops so that you can't access the fan/heat sink to clean it.   compressed air can only remove so much01:10
BudManzyes, so I can setup a Scheduled Task to backup a friend's documents on my server01:10
danny4wayBecause I heard that Ubuntu is lighter OS than Windows. Plus I hate Windows anyway. I like Mac more than Windows.01:10
* wilee-nilee looks for the windup power supply’s.01:10
reisioBudManz: mmm01:11
DWSRBudManz: Use Putty.01:11
BudManzDWSR: ok... plink?01:11
BudManznever thought of that01:11
DWSRBudManz: Yep, if you just need to the tunnel01:11
mead|laptopcan someone help me? I found a forum post for it : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1875938  but as soon as it starts talking about patching a kernal module it might as well be written in klingon...01:17
cuddylierI seem to be having a few network issues on my ubuntu server, it appears it can only ping certain websites such as google but the DNS resolution is fine as it shows the IP when trying to ping certain sites other server boxes I have can ping fine..01:19
cuddylierAnyone any ideas or things I can check?01:19
wilee-nileemead|laptop, Can you tell the channel the errors on any problem, details are the key here. Is that driver a proprietary source, for the channel please.01:19
Ben64cuddylier: what do you mean exactly01:20
cuddylierBen64 Well, my server box can ping e.g. google or using google's IP01:21
SunTsucuddylier: there's lots of packet filters that block ICMP, it's quite normal that you can't ping every server01:21
cuddylierBen64 But when I try to ping e.g. spartanmc.net which is online and pingable by other server boxes it doesn't ping eventhough it retrieves the IP address through DNS resolution.01:21
cuddylierSunTsu What happens if I can't ping a server that I need to ping and it's one that I own and I have many other boxes which can ping it fine which are in different datacentres and the same?01:22
Ben64cuddylier: sounds like a routing issue01:22
cuddylierBen64 Yep... is there anything I can do myself on my server box?01:23
SunTsucuddylier: then you might want to make shorter sentences ;)01:23
mead|laptopwilee-nilee: I have a product called a"ati remote wonderplus" I can't figure out how to install the apropriate driver to get it to work with my ubuntu (xbmcbuntu) install.  Google finds me loose instructions saying I need to patch a kernal module or something.   I am clueless when it comes to patching something manually with linux.01:23
SunTsucuddylier: try traceroute ing the server, see where the traceroute ends01:24
cuddylierSunTsu Tracerouting the server I'm having issues with remotely?01:24
SunTsucuddylier: yeah01:25
* wiak compiled his kernel with power save on battery01:25
wiakmore useful on laptop01:25
wiakso its forced to use that <301:25
wilee-nileemead|laptop, In general top the channel so it is obvious you are not getting help. Technically not a ubuntu support issue, however, does not mean no one will help, here is a thread with a solved, that's about my best effort, best of luck. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=187593801:26
cartusiahmm how do you theme Unity? I have been trying to do it through system settings is there somewhere else. The reason why I ask my mouse pointer is invisible, I had fixed that by changing the color of the mouse pointer before.01:26
cartusiaBut I dont know exactly how to do that in Unity.01:26
wilee-nileecartusia, you might check youtube.01:26
reisionot likely much to do with unity01:26
cartusiaI did get an error01:27
cartusiawicd needs to access your computer's network cards01:27
mead|laptopwilee-nilee: do you know where I could find help outside of this channel01:27
reisioand that's not likely much to do with mouse pointers01:27
cartusiaI already tried sir, plus its hard for me to check without being able to see where my mouse is at.01:27
Ben64mead|laptop: see if there is an xbmcbuntu channel or support forum01:28
wilee-nileemead|laptop, ##linux might help, there may be a forum on that stuff, I would look on the web for an irc channel maybe as well.01:28
mead|laptopthanks, wilee-nilee01:28
devicenullanyone have suggestions for speeing up ubuntu installs?  I'm trying to reduce the amount of time spent running the installer.01:28
devicenullI only need the bare minimum packages, plus ssh01:29
SunTsudevicenull: faster disks?01:29
reisiodevicenull: copy instead of install01:29
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reisioor use debootstrap01:29
cstewartuse clonezilla or imaging software01:29
devicenullimages are terrible, I'd really prefer to do installations01:29
wilee-nileeunderstand patience01:29
SunTsudevicenull: alternate/minimal image might help speeding things up by installing less, though01:30
failmasteri have a problem with switching passphrase luks auth on boot to key file based, extra details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?01:30
devicenullwell, I'm already netbooting and I think it's doing a minimal install.  I'll have to confirm it's actually minimal though01:30
wilee-nileeSunTsu, same thing as of now and includes the download actually takes longer, but you get a nice minimal.01:31
reisiodevicenull: you can tar up your install and just cp it over and extract it with minimal effort01:31
cuddylierSunTsu: http://pastebin.com/iGMBm7F501:31
cuddylierThat is from my home PC01:31
SunTsuwilee-nilee: hence the slash01:31
devicenullaka freebsd installer, heh01:31
SunTsucuddylier: looks normal to me01:32
wilee-nileeSunTsu, Still takes longer hash or not then a standard download and install01:32
SunTsuwilee-nilee: well, my latest install took 7 minutes, for a standard install. Fast enough for me01:33
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xaviousHello; I'm trying to locate an SD card in this notebook on xubuntu 13.04, Any help would be greatly appreciate.01:34
MercXdf -h01:34
MercXshould show you what is connected, from there you can mount it01:34
xaviousMercX; Thank you.01:35
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cuddylierSunTsu: This is a traceroute from the MySQL database box to the one I want to use as the client: http://pastebin.com/k7Z7ceSt01:40
cuddylierthe client is the one that cannot ping the database box IP01:40
HisaoNakaiHey folks. Got a USB 3 hard disk (on a USB 2 port) here refusing to work, need to get it running ASAP. The power indicator lights up, but the device doesn't mount. Part of dmesg - http://hastebin.com/qotevonihu.css01:40
cuddylierSunTsu: The database box can't seem to ping the client box either..01:42
Ben64cuddylier: wait for the routing to get fixed01:42
cuddylierBen64 How will I do that though..01:42
xaviousMercX; It says its already mounted on dev, As udev. Can't locate it.01:43
reisioHisaoNakai: does it have separate power?01:43
Ben64cuddylier: uh, you literally wait01:43
cuddylierBen64 Yeah... it seems to be a Europe -> US and US -> Europe problem as I'm in Europe, same as client server and it can ping my own Network IP01:43
Ben64xavious: what are you trying to do?01:43
cuddylierSo looks like routing as you said01:44
HisaoNakaireisio: No.01:44
reisioHisaoNakai: is this port powered?01:44
xaviousBen64;  Trying to find this SD card I inserted into the notebook.01:44
HisaoNakaireisio: Yeah.01:44
HisaoNakaireisio: If it lights up doesn't it indicate so? o.o01:44
Ben64xavious: pastebin the outputs of "dmesg" and "mount"01:45
reisiosome things take more power than an LED :)01:45
wilee-nileexavious, does sudo fdik -l show it?01:45
wilee-nileesudo fdisk -l01:45
HisaoNakaiHar har, reisio . It might be a power problem, I wouldn't know. How do I find out?01:45
xaviouswilee-nilee; Yes, It also gave its path.01:47
wilee-nileexavious, Cool do the pastebin suggested.01:47
reisioHisaoNakai: try it in the other ports, at least one will be powered01:47
dr_willis_HisaoNakai:  how are you mounting it?01:48
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:49
HisaoNakaidr_willis_: I'm afraid I don't understand your question o_o01:49
dr_willis_HisaoNakai:  you plug it in and then tried to mount it using the mount command?01:50
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount01:50
wilee-nileexavious, I have a acer d250 netbook always problematic with a mini ssd, booting it with it in was the only answer to work most often.01:50
HisaoNakaidr_willis_: No, I waited for it to automount :\01:52
xaviouswilee-nilee; Yeah seems that way, Thanks if not I'll be back. Heh01:52
HisaoNakaireisio: I think we can safely rule out power issues.01:52
AndChat-224721HisaoNakai:  mount it by hand.. look for errors. which device is it in dmesg?01:53
HexagoniteHow do you install Gnome Flashback on Ubuntu 13.04?01:53
=== AndChat-224721 is now known as dr-willis
reisiowhat's gnome flashback?01:53
reisioHexagonite: it's available from universe for 13.1001:54
Hexagoniteyou sure? Gnome Flashback is Gnome Panel for version 3.801:55
wilee-nilee!nounity | Hexagonite01:55
ubottuHexagonite: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic01:55
wilee-nileeHexagonite, 3.8 would not technically be supported her01:56
Hexagonite:( how come?01:56
HisaoNakaidr-willis: sdc01:56
wilee-nileeHexagonite, Not a stock install you would need a PPA at the least.01:56
dr-willisHisaoNakai:  sdc1 or what partition01:57
HisaoNakaidr-willis: and I get a 'special device /dev/sdc/ does not exist' when I sudo mount /dev/sdc /mnt01:57
Hexagonitewilee-nilee: doesn't 13.10 use 3.8?01:57
HisaoNakaidr-willis: I have yet to see partition numbers anywhere O_o01:57
wilee-nileeHexagonite, Does not mean no one will help, it just cuts down that possibility.01:57
wilee-nilee!13.10 | Hexagonite01:57
ubottuHexagonite: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:57
IdleOneHexagonite: you can try this PPA but note that PPA's are not supported in here http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/gnome_3/raring/main/base/gnome-session-flashback01:57
dr-willisHisaoNakai:  then the hd is not sdc or its not partitioned.. or its dead01:58
HexagoniteIdleOne: thanks!01:58
HisaoNakaidr-willis: ack. :o01:58
dr-willisHisaoNakai:  try lookjng at       sudo blkid   to see a list01:58
HisaoNakaidr-willis: Doesn't show up.01:59
HisaoNakai*in that list01:59
dr-willisHisaoNakai:   tried it on another pc?01:59
dr-willishow  did you think it was   sdc?02:00
HisaoNakaidr-willis: Do not have access to one but since someone just gave it to me to transfer files I can safely assume it was working for them.02:00
HisaoNakaidr-willis: dmesg02:00
dr-williswhat filesystem is on it?02:00
HisaoNakaidr-willis: How does one know that without mounting it?02:01
dr-willisask your friend? ;-)02:01
dr-willisits not some wonky exvfat or mac!02:01
HisaoNakaiIt has a very high possibility of being in some mac format o_O02:02
dr-willisid try it in a  powered usb hub also02:02
dr-willisid pastebin dmesg output also.  not a huge image please..  ;-)02:03
HisaoNakaidr_willis_: huge image? o_O02:06
HisaoNakaidr_willis_: Anyway, I had to send it back, time was an issue, sorry. Thanks for the help.02:07
dr_willis_its annoying when paste screenshots of  text02:07
HisaoNakaidr_willis_: mac formatted stuff causes issues on Linux?02:07
dr_willis_HisaoNakai: it can02:08
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE02:08
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HisaoNakaidr_willis_: Hm...I see, thanks, Doc. :)02:11
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mike_00ryaxnb_:how do i protect my horse from getting high all the time?02:31
wilee-nileekeep outta that special garden02:33
Guest56190hi channel02:38
Guest56190whats crappining?02:41
CalligarHey, I'm working on an Asus G74Sx, and on LinuxMint 15 Mate 64-bit, num keys don't work.  Any suggestions?02:41
Guest56190bet its drivers02:42
CalligarYeah, from what I was looking up, apparently it doesn't have a num lock key (which is frustrating), at the begining, there is a message (when loading) that says num lock turned on or turning on.  However on keyboard, num lock light is turned off, and any number key on the  keyboard doesn't um...well respond.02:44
Calligarwell the normal number keys work, specifically the ones on the num lock side don't work.02:45
Guest56190maybe plug and play needs to be enabled?02:45
CalligarIt's not an external keyboard, what does it have to do with plug and play?02:45
Guest56190never seen any form lf linux without the keybd02:45
MrHotsauceCalligar: try suspending and unsuspending your laptop02:46
MrHotsaucemy friend had issues with his keyboard same laptop doing that fixerd it for him02:46
Guest56190good call MrHotsauce<<<02:47
dr_willis_search the bug reports yet? do the keys work in the console?02:47
MrHotsaucemy friend had issues with his keyboard same laptop doing that fixerd it for him02:47
MrHotsaucesince you missed it02:47
CalligarOkay, suspended and unsuspended02:47
Calligarthose keys still don't work, num lock light still not coming on.02:47
dr_willis_sounds like a  weird bug02:47
MrHotsaucearnt the keys fn keys?02:48
Micko113how to start transmissionbt on boot in 12.04 ?02:48
Guest56190dam bugs anyways02:48
Calligarno they aren't, it actually has a num key side, and its a laptop02:48
Calligari dont have fn num keys afaik02:48
dr_willis_Micko113:  what?02:48
Guest56190mY CAPS light doesnt come on sometimes02:48
Micko113how do I auto start transmissionbt on boot02:48
reisioMicko113: the GTK+ UI?02:49
dr_willis_transmission has a cli  client also02:49
reisioMicko113: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup02:49
dr_willis_start it from rc.local perhaps02:49
reisiosaid GTK+02:49
reisioMicko113: you can also probably just start it, then log out02:50
reisiowhich will save your session02:50
dr_willis_use screen.  ;-)02:50
CalligarGuest said driver issue, is there a way to switch the keyboard driver to a different one or something, perhaps when I installed linux mint (which i jus did 3 days ago and was setting everything up), it didn't select the right keyboard?02:50
Micko113after reebot its not auto started, I have to manually start02:50
dr_willis_Calligar:  you may wsnt to ask in the  mjnt channels02:51
Micko113what would be a command for this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=ADD.png02:51
bencchow can I install a package from qunatal on 12.10?02:51
Calligaroh okay, would u mind tellin me what the mint channels are, this is the only one I know of?02:51
Guest56190its 64 bit he claims, I just thought first thing was drivers02:51
benccI've tried: sudo apt-get install -t quantal libopus-dev02:51
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:51
dr_willis_bencc:  you dont mixx package release versions02:52
CalligarSo the channel is called "#linuxmint-help" ?02:52
dr_willis_that can get  bad.02:52
wilee-nileeMicko113, Did you run the startup applications running command and what release is this?02:52
benccdr_willis_: in this case it should be fine. it's a standalone audio codec02:52
Guest56190how is ver 12 ubuntu running?02:53
Guest56190or 1302:53
benccdr_willis_: is there a way to do it?02:53
dr_willis_bencc:  download the deb  perhaps02:53
benccdr_willis_: I'm looking for somethign with apt-get02:53
Micko113just added "transmission -m" and did reboot02:54
benccI know it is possible02:54
Micko113hold on pls02:54
benccjust don't know the command02:54
dr_willis_bencc:  you dont mixx releases that way02:54
wilee-nileeMicko113, be sure to use nicks if you are answering someone.02:54
benccdr_willis_: you said it. I'm missing a line in my source list and it will be fine02:55
benccdr_willis_: don't worry : )02:55
dr_willis_bencc:  if it explodes.......02:55
benccwhat will happen?02:56
dr_willis_you blame yourself.. not us02:56
benccdr_willis_:  this is the package I need http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/libopus002:56
wilee-nileemmmm doctors orders02:56
benccyou see that there are no strange deps02:56
Micko113here's version http://i.imgur.com/lUeipZG.png02:57
benccso nothing can go wrong02:57
Micko113last start up command did not work02:57
wilee-nilee!who | Micko11302:57
ubottuMicko113: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:57
dr_willis_famous last words.02:57
Micko113ok, will do02:57
CalligarOkay, found linuxmint channel, thanks02:57
Guest56190nice channel, battery needing charged l8r's02:58
benccdr_willis_: it's ok to understand the risk02:58
benccdr_willis_: and not just act without knowing what you do02:58
wilee-nileeMicko113, Read my posts to you if you do not understand state this. you need just transmission in the command, and you want to populate the actual startup applications, hence I asked for the release.02:59
wilee-nileeMicko113, You're best to add startups from the startup applications gui.03:00
Micko113wilee-nilee: ok, I added this "transmission-gtk -m" to start up and did reboot03:01
wilee-nileeMicko113, and03:02
Micko113wilee-nilee: is that what you were talking about?03:02
wilee-nileeMicko113, Seems to be your case of contention, yes.03:02
Micko113wilee-nilee: its rebooting03:02
Micko113wilee-nilee: it works, this did the trick http://i.imgur.com/N1vxOT1.png03:05
wilee-nileeMicko113, Cool, enjoy03:05
Micko113wilee-nilee: Thank you!03:05
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S[o]letwhat's the best way to install 12.04 x86 desktop without x or gui? i -could- install and then rip it back out but that seems like a lot more work03:13
daftykinsminimal install disc03:13
daftykinsor alternate install disc03:13
zykotick9S[o]let: use the mini iso, don't select the desktop option03:15
S[o]letmini iso==alternate?03:16
zykotick9!mini | S[o]let03:16
ubottuS[o]let: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:16
ffiocan sendmail and postfix can work together ? or i have to uninstall sendmail to make postfix work successfully ?03:21
kiwicamHello. I hope I'm in the right place. I'm trying to upgrade my server from 10.04 to 12.04 but am getting "dpkg-reconfigure apt" and  if I install that "E: Package python-gnupginterface has no installation candidate"03:21
wilee-nilee!eol | kiwicam eol's have a specific path03:22
ubottukiwicam eol's have a specific path: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:22
wilee-nileekiwicam, Sorry my mistake not a eol.03:23
wilee-nileekiwicam, No desktop right?03:23
=== ertlsa is now known as steamboat
steamboatAnyone want to help me installing ubuntu? The installer can't recognize the windows 8 partition and wants to erase it03:27
steamboatI'm sympathetic, but would prefer to keep for games03:28
wilee-nilee!uefi |steamboat03:28
ubottusteamboat: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:28
kiwicamubottu: no desktop. Just  aserver03:28
ubottukiwicam: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:28
wilee-nileesteamboat, here be some more laddy. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729503:28
fbdystangHi, I just installed an ubuntu zentyal email server. I am using afraid.org for dns. I can send emails just fine but cannot receive them. Please advise, and thanks in advance!03:29
kiwicamubottu: no desktop. Server03:29
ubottukiwicam: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:29
wilee-nileekiwicam, You might ask in #ubuntu-server if this is a ubuntu server03:29
fbdystangah, thanks03:29
steamboatI'll see if that helps03:30
wilee-nileesteamboat, Heh, uefi is more fun than you should be allowed to have, backup/clone W8 first.03:30
wilee-nileesteamboat, And have a recovery or install disc03:31
noiroYou know how in KDE how you can set how many lines the scroll wheel scrolls on the mouse per 'click' of the scroll? How do you do that in Gnome?03:32
Rosenzweig_Hey Guys i need some help.03:33
wilee-nileenoiro, should be in mouse03:33
noiroNope. All I see is pointer speed, double-click and primary button03:33
Rosenzweig_So I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10, and my FGLRX driver broke. AFter fiddling around, I realized that FGLRX no longer is supported and that it breaks with X, so I instaleld some fglrx-legacy driver and that didn't work either.03:33
Rosenzweig_So now, I just want to use the free driver... but I don't know how.03:34
Rosenzweig_I removed all the fgrlx crap, installed the xserver-xorg-video-ati package and it still boots into VESA mode.03:34
Rosenzweig_Can someone help me? Because I'm extremely confused.03:34
wilee-nileenoiro, I'm not in ubuntu now so I can't actually look.03:34
circuthow do you take a screen shot? I have parted magic live usb running. Not sure which video is running?03:35
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.03:35
wilee-nileecircut, ^^^03:35
circutin terminal I tried the windows fn + prnt scrn keys , no output?03:36
Rosenzweig_So guys, radeondriver... free... not sure how to get working. Might anyone help me please?03:36
wilee-nileecircut, Partedmagic is not ubuntu though nor even linuxso not technically supported you might look on the web or ask in ##windows03:37
circutI thought it was part of unix os. Different animal. sorry for that!03:38
wilee-nileecircut, No biggie we want you to get help. ;)03:38
circutBut Ubuntu or libnux where does it output the file - the  comamnd 1screenshot ?03:39
Rosenzweig_Anyone here know how to completely install and test the free radeon driver?03:41
Rosenzweig_Because I never have any clue how to do this.03:41
wilee-nileecircut, This is ubuntu support only, if you were actually using it we would be done.03:43
Rosenzweig_Okay I removed fgrlx for the millionth time and tried installing the free ati driver.03:44
Rosenzweig_Let's hope this works.03:44
Rosenzweig_And nope, I get this broken resolution VESA crap again.03:46
Rosenzweig_Is anyone a legacy ATI user here?03:46
=== Rosenzweig_ is now known as Rosenzweig
zykotick9Rosenzweig_: the ATI driver is open, NOT free... there is a difference.  the open AMD/ATI driver still needs non-free firmware for 3D support, thus it is open source - but there is NO "free" (as in FAIF) 3d support for AMD/ATI03:51
circutAnyone know command to mount a /dev? I mean a partition on the hdd? do I need to be in any certain dorectory forst ?03:51
kiwicamwilee-nilee: I'm pretty sure it is now EOL: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases I have found this which is the exact same issue I'm having, but no solution thee http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=188679803:52
circutMy first partition sda1 is the directory - folder I want to open?03:52
Rosenzweigzykotick9, not FOSS free... but either way.03:52
RosenzweigI need to install this driver and I have no clue how to.03:52
wilee-nileekiwicam, The server is still supported for a little longer03:53
kiwicamI've tried changing my sources.list from  NL to Main with no luck. I have an internet connection and apahce2 is running and working. Ping to google doesn't workas per that thread but the other ping does.03:55
wilee-nileekiwicam, https://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en#bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&fp=43eebc53500b5131&hl=en&q=Package+python-gnupginterface+has+no+installation+candidate+bug03:55
wilee-nileekiwicam, Might be a bug I see various hits on this, but have no definitive answer.03:56
wilee-nileeI have no no definitive answer.03:58
wilee-nileekiwicam, Is this a ubuntu-server?04:00
kiwicamwilee-nilee: Yes, it is.04:00
wilee-nileekiwicam, Cool, just checking.04:00
wilee-nileekiwicam, I saw a sarge repo in that UF link, do you have any other then the ubuntu repos in your sources.list?04:01
=== kb3gtn|away is now known as kb3gtn
wilee-nileeIf so are they off for a upgrade?04:02
kiwicamwilee-nilee: I'll give you the sources.list shortly, just rebooting it...04:03
|JZ|wilee-nilee .. I tried reformating now I am at something that says initramfs04:04
wilee-nilee|JZ|, reformatting? Can you refresh my memory?04:04
|JZ|I had the black screen with _ flashing04:05
wilee-nilee|JZ|, How did you reformat?04:05
|JZ|couldn't get into the thing with shift04:06
|JZ|I used live cd04:06
|JZ|and install ubuntu erase and install ubuntu 13.0404:06
|JZ|it installed rebooted now I am at initramfs04:06
wilee-nilee|JZ|, So you made a new partition and or reformatted the one there say with the installer or gparted and installed there?04:07
|JZ|alert /dev/disk/by-uuid/dce longg does not exist04:07
|JZ|I used the livecd reformated with w.e tool it has04:07
plustaxim having an issue. I have 13.04 and I just downloaded the 13.04 iso and burned it using ubuntu's write to disc at slow speed. I have a trojan on my windows partition. the disc is burned but it wont let me boot to disc.04:08
plustaxi have a windows 8 disc which wont boot either.04:08
kiwicamwilee-nilee: It looks like I'll have to get back to you later. I can't ssh into it now and the website is down. I'll contact the provider.04:08
wilee-nilee|JZ|, initramfs is out of my area really, have you checked the hd is still good, the live cd has a smartcheck in disks, and or checked th md5sum on the ISO04:08
wilee-nileekiwicam, Cool, I'm probably not your best help is all.04:09
wilee-nileematter of fact I'm sure, lol. ;)04:09
kiwicamwilee-nilee: I've had worse ;) Like myself for instance :)04:10
wilee-nileekiwicam, I'm my worst enemy. ;)04:10
martin__i have a qwew04:11
holsteinmartin__: ask04:11
wilee-nileeplustax, In regular computers there is a bootfrom menu not in the bios gotten to with a key or key prompts, you might look on the net for yours, mine is a f12 at powering on.04:12
wilee-nileeplustax, NOt sure if on a fastboot setup this is as easy to reach, or there.04:13
wilee-nileeplustax, You might call the computer manufacturer as well.04:14
StarOnDI have libboost1.40 libbost1.49,how can I have one consistent verision and install liboost-all-dev?04:16
kiwicamwilee-nilee: Had to restart the server twice. My provider had switched migrated me to somewhere else (which I didn't know about) and the retart seems to have done the tirck with updating. Wish me luck on the upgrade.04:17
kiwicamwilee-nilee: Thanks for you help anyway. Always appreciated04:17
wilee-nileekiwicam, I officially wish you good luck and a life of happiness. ;)04:17
kiwicamwilee-nilee: :) Who could ask for more.04:18
kiwicamwilee-nilee: Should the etc/update-manager/release-upgradesfile be empty?04:19
kiwicambefoe adding "etc/update-manager/release-upgrades" anyway04:19
kiwicamsorry Prompt=lts.04:19
wilee-nileekiwicam, Not sure on that I'm in windows 8 at the moment I can't look at mine in general.04:20
kiwicamSilly me "    Note: The minumum contents of /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades should be:04:20
FloodBot1kiwicam: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:20
cartusiaI am attempting to copy about 2 TB of info into my hard drive. What is it that I can do to prevent from it skipping for example when a file name is too long etc...04:23
holsteincartusia: i use grsync..04:23
cartusiaI have it in USB external hard drives04:24
holsteincartusia: ok.. i use grsync on USB external drives04:24
wilee-nilee+1 grsync04:24
cartusiakk let me read on that. brb04:25
holstein!info grsync04:25
ubottugrsync (source: grsync): GTK+ frontend for rsync. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.3-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 147 kB, installed size 635 kB04:25
energizer1Hi. I want to know which local port a program is using. I cant find it in netstat. Where should I be looking?04:26
holsteinenergizer1: the applicaiont documentation?04:26
energizer1its a really old game im running in WINE. no docs04:26
RosenzweigSo guys I think I narrowed my problem down.04:27
RosenzweigThe reason why I'm using the VESA driver instead of the OSS driver is because my configuration is screwed up.04:27
wilee-nileeno, do tell.04:28
RosenzweigHow do I fix the driver configuration so taht I can use the radeon OSS driver?04:28
holsteinRosenzweig: you dont need to "install the free ati driver".. its just in the kernel04:28
holsteinRosenzweig: if it supports your device, it'll "just work"04:28
RosenzweigWell I'm using the VESA driver for some reason.04:28
RosenzweigThe HD Radeon 4200 is supported.04:29
RosenzweigFor at least the OSS driver.04:29
holsteinRosenzweig: did you set up a custom xorg.conf?04:29
RosenzweigI don't even have an xorg.conf.04:29
RosenzweigI checked.04:29
holsteinRosenzweig: for me, seeing is believing when it comes to graphics card support04:29
RosenzweigI believe I had it working on Debian a few months ago when this same exact problem occured.04:30
holsteinRosenzweig: you "believe" ?04:30
holsteinRosenzweig: what problem?04:30
Rosenzweigholstein, I'm pretty sure that a few months ago I did get it to work on Debian.04:31
RosenzweigWhen this same exact problem occured on Debian.04:31
RosenzweigThe problem is that FGLRX broke, I tried to purge it, and for some reason the OSS drivers won't boot up.04:31
holsteinRosenzweig: pretty sure?.. either id did or it didnt..04:31
holsteinRosenzweig: what "broke" it? a kernel upgrade?04:31
gordan12does anybody know working 3d driver for sis graphic card?04:31
RosenzweigI'm positive, holstein.04:31
holsteinRosenzweig: why are you not trying the proprietary driver?04:31
Rosenzweigholstein, my upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10.04:32
holsteinRosenzweig: you dont sound positive..04:32
RosenzweigLet me explain.04:32
RosenzweigI upgraded from 12.04 to 12.10.04:32
holsteinRosenzweig: i would either run 12.04 or 13.04 at ths point04:32
RosenzweigUnity was broken.04:32
RosenzweigSo what did I do?04:32
holsteinRosenzweig: unity? or the graphics card?04:32
RosenzweigI checked online and it appears that with my hardware, the fglrx driver will not support X.04:32
holsteinRosenzweig: unity is not in debian.. what was the issue over there?04:32
RosenzweigThe issue was the same, I had a kernel upgrade and X broke.04:33
holsteinRosenzweig: what do i suggest? download a 13.04 live CD.. test.. install if all is well04:33
RosenzweigDon't have any CD's here.04:33
holsteinRosenzweig: live USB then04:33
RosenzweigUSBs won't work with my mobo.04:35
RosenzweigWell... not when booting.04:35
holsteinRosenzweig: what would id suggest? take this as an opporinity to plan for when that hard drive *will* fail.. get the data backed up, and plan for booting media to repair or reinstall the OS04:35
holsteinthis will not be a waste of time, since it *is* a matter of time til that is an issue for you.. and after that, you will be able to test 12.04 or 13.0404:36
holsteinRosenzweig: if you are asking 'what happened?', you have a lot of variables going on with an upgraded system.. could have had PPA's, or who knows what04:37
jesusemelendezmhey there04:42
jesusemelendezmanybody working with ubuntu server here/04:42
holsteinjesusemelendezm: yes04:42
jesusemelendezmholstein how do you use it ?04:42
jesusemelendezmfor which services?04:42
holsteinjesusemelendezm: depends on the situation04:43
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
excrayTrying to install wubi in windows 7. Getting error - No such file or directory while opening C:\ubuntu\disks\root.disk04:57
excraycan anyone help?04:57
holsteinexcray: you are trying to install ubuntu.. using wubi.. from windows704:57
holsteinexcray: when do you get that error04:57
excrayAs soon as I start it after selecting the installation options04:58
excraywubi.exe --dimagepath=<iso path>04:58
Dr_Willisdoes that file exist?04:58
excrayroot.disk? no04:58
holsteinexcray: what would i suggest? doing a dual boot, or virtualbox installation.. wubi is notoriously problematic for folks.. if not, download the iso you want to use, and put it in the same directory with the wubi.exe04:59
Dr_Willisso the wubi installer is trying to make it and failing it seems.04:59
Dr_Williswubi is best not used. ;)04:59
holsteinmight be the user doesnt have permission or whatever... if the windows user is not an "admin" or whatever04:59
excrayoh alright05:00
latemushulo evry 105:01
wilee-nileehulu whoop05:03
Dr_Willishulu.com ? ;)05:04
wilee-nileehulu hoop loudly05:05
wilee-nileeosubuntu, Whatcha need?05:05
Dr_Willisi need to figure out how to turn off the 'auto open a directory when you mouse over it while dragging files' in nautilus.05:07
Dr_Willisit opens way way to quickly.. and really making it a pain for me to sort these 10000+ video files. and photos from vacation05:08
ss_hazegood morning *05:08
ss_hazecan I delete 1 grub entry by removing entry from this /boot/grub/grub.cfg05:08
osubuntuwilee-nilee, I need yUbuntu05:08
ss_hazeI have win 7 on sda3, where it isn't really05:08
HypnotiXHello, how do i get rid of the keyring password when ubuntu first loads05:08
ss_hazeHypnotiX: encryption in 13.04?05:09
HypnotiXi think so05:09
wilee-nileeDr_Willis, Have you looked in the deconf-editor05:09
osubuntubtw is there a way to instantly update from 12.04 to 13.04 without 12.10?05:09
wilee-nileeosubuntu, not that I know of.05:10
wilee-nileeosubuntu, YOu have 5 yeras support with 12.0405:10
osubuntuwilee-nile, actually yUbuntu never exist05:11
osubuntuwilee-nile, and that's why I'm asking about upgrading05:11
wilee-nileeosubuntu, No really.05:11
ss_hazeosubuntu:  you have to add repos of 13.04 to source list05:12
wilee-nileess_haze, NO that is wrong05:12
wilee-nileevery bad advice05:12
ss_hazethat is wrong, but that is the way to do it05:12
chiquesGoogle is my friend05:12
ss_hazeit worked 1 time for me05:12
wilee-nileess_haze, You are the king of just bad options, you should be banned.05:13
ss_hazewhat can he break there?05:13
ss_hazeI did it once, and it worked, and 13.04 was very usable, but 12.04 is a lot better to use in every day use.05:14
ss_hazeI would suggest downloading disk and installing new version then.05:15
wilee-nileeHypnotiX, You want to run without a user password?05:16
peterrooney90% of solutions found by google are wrong.05:17
Carrawayis there a better quick, fast http server than mongoose?05:18
osubuntuhow about 10%?05:18
wilee-nilee!ot | Peterman Carraway05:18
ubottuPeterman Carraway: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:18
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
=== wiak is now known as wiAk
ss_hazepeterrooney: for ubuntu, most solutions in google work really well, unless user touches something what he isn't supposed to05:20
postmodernubuntu has a libudis86-dev package, correct?05:23
postmodernapt-cache search udis isn't showing anything in this VM05:23
reisiothere are some 3rd party builds05:25
=== pat is now known as Jo-El
Mace268is there a guide on enabling multiple desktops in unity?05:41
osubuntuMace268, multiple X servers or workspaces?05:41
osubuntuMace268, Switch workspaces in the bar on the right05:42
Mace268all i have is the top and left bars05:43
wilee-nileeMace268, unity-tweak http://askubuntu.com/questions/34572/how-can-i-reduce-or-increase-the-number-of-workspaces-in-unity05:43
Mace268thank you05:44
wilee-nileeMace268, Left panel has a icon for going to any desktop workspaces, no problem.05:45
=== jo-erlend__ is now known as jo-erlend
excrayCan i install ubuntu from a portable HDD. It is NTFS. Should it be formatted to FAT32?05:46
wilee-nileeexcray, Maybe, however not the easiest way, and probably wont work, this a HD with any valuable data?05:48
Mace268that's perfect showing workspaces with hot corners :D05:48
excray@wilee-nilee - Yes, it is a backup disk05:51
Dr_Willisbest would be to use a usb flash drive excray  i think 4 gb is big enough.05:52
=== daniel is now known as Guest67702
cyrano_Has anyone run in to having a black screen and blinking underscore when trying to load proprietary Nvidia drivers?05:53
Dr_Williscyrano_:  its a common issue with video card/drivers sadly05:54
Dr_Willis!nomodeset | cyrano_05:54
ubottucyrano_: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:54
dubeyI am using apache2 on Ubuntu 10.04 server and want to rotate my site log. my /etc/logrotate.d/apache2 file at http://pastebin.com/hwXNUdWu06:05
hoho`hello, is there a way to print to a file using lpr without cups-pdf?06:14
adityaHey guys ! I am using a Vostro 5460.. I am using the Ubuntu pre-loaded edition.. However, I am facing an issue of low audio output.. which does not plague Windows users ATM.. Please help..!06:14
Dr_Willislow audio is a common issue with some chipsets. I suggest checking the forums and askubuntu.com for others with similer issue for that make pc. and the audio chipset06:17
Dr_Willisaditya:  ive never seen a 'quick fix' mentioned in here.  so dont know what anyone has done to fix the issue06:18
DarwinSurvivoraditya: also checked that *all* audio channels (Master, PCM, etc) are set to reasonable levels06:18
Dr_WillisAudio in linux/ubuntu still needs some work. :)  of course its also a bit of a disaster in windows.. but theres audio 'things' i want to do in ubuntu that i just cant figure out.06:18
=== sarcasticsimba is now known as vigs
Dr_Willisright now - i got 'cheese' captureing video and audio from a USB Video Capture dongle.. it works well. buti cant hear the audio of the incomming capture stream as im captureing it..06:19
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
=== benji is now known as Guest69802
adityaDr_Willis, DarwinSurvivor Hey! Thanks guys..! So, there's no immediate fix as such..? Right now, I have everything maxed out as I can see in alsa..06:25
adityaAlso, I have tried discussing this at ubuntuforums as well but got no answer..06:26
FloodBot1akashj87: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:26
akashj87something weird ..i am not pasting anything ..i have a big join list that i am trying to join using /join06:27
magdurguys my computer had had ubuntu 12.04 later i installed second os windows 8 but windows 8 deleted my grub screen and i cant see boot screen for ubuntu 12.04 how can i start with ubuntu ?06:29
cjopcjopis it possible to create a multi-domain subdomain, eg. chat.example.uni.cx ?06:33
cjopcjopIf so, is there a unique way I need to go about it?06:33
magdurguys my computer had ubuntu 12.04 later i installed second os windows 8 but windows 8 deleted my grub screen and i cant see boot screen for ubuntu 12.04 how can i start with ubuntu ?06:35
xmetalthere are many ways you can do this, I'd advice using a live cd/usb (example there is one called "Super Grub" that was created for just such an occasion)06:38
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: hey bro, can i still get help with the usb hdd not mounting06:38
xmetalto get back into Linux and then redo grub06:38
DarwinSurvivormagdur: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_the_LiveCD_terminal06:39
Dr_Willisghostnik11:  summarize what you have done, and what you are doing..06:41
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: last time you told me to use dd command to zero it then use fdisk to create partition then it was created but when i then went to gparted to format it since we had it mounted gparted couldn't see it06:42
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: right now i wanted to change the drive location as it had that weird wnnxxxxxx location06:43
Mace268how do i assign the software center to apt:// urls?06:43
reisioterrible idea06:44
Mace268ok what should open them then?06:45
reisioyou really want your browser to be able to install things?06:45
xmetali need to learn the bot's commands so i dont have to hunt for links, while helping people06:45
ubottuDON'T POST LINKS! Saucy isn't out until it's announced, and indicating anything otherwise causes the server to get more load, thus making the release LATER. Is that what you want?06:45
reisiookay then...06:46
Mace268not necessarily just browsing through apps.ubuntu.com and noticed it06:46
reisioit's https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptURL anyways06:46
reisioterrible idea06:46
toneswhy not a good idea?06:46
sunswordwho wants to help the noob?06:46
xmetalwow i was lagging06:47
=== cartusia is now known as saintcajetan
Rapid2214reiso, why is it a bad idea?06:47
sunswordneed to figure out how to get my laptop video card supported so I can move beyond 1200x800...06:47
Dr_Willisghostnik11:  you can set up fstab to mount it to whatever directory you want. if you want to rely on the auto mounting to give it a place use the 'tune2fs' command to set a lable on the filesystem.06:48
Dr_Willisso do you want to auto mount it on demand.. or mount it at boot time (edit fstab)06:48
Mace268I'll just leave apturl alone lol, I guess it could be a security hole06:50
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: which one is best? automout means that when i plug it in it pops up06:50
Dr_Willisif its alwyas plugged in - use fstab.06:50
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: well right now its plugged in to my desktop but i will need it primarily for my laptop06:51
Dr_Willisits slightly 'weird' to have ext2/3/4 auto mounting on demand by the users.   thats normally used for removeable flash drives which are ntfs/vfat/fat3206:51
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: okay then what type you i make it?06:53
Dr_Willistotally depends on what OS's are accessing it. and what job you are doing with it.06:53
DarwinSurvivorDr_Willis: not very uncommon if used for backups and stuff where permissions matter06:54
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: it will be primarily accessed by both windows and linux as I will need to put files on it that come from windows laptops while my laptop is ubuntu 13.0406:55
Dr_Willisthen use windows to format/partion and set the label as you need.06:56
Dr_WillisNTFS should work fine for you.06:56
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: i don't have a windows laptop, when i get to school i will get files and power point slides from others who have different computers06:57
Dr_Willisand their windows pcs will only be able to read/write to ntfs, or fat32, do those are your 2 options06:58
ikillcypherDr_Willis, do you know anything about the ubuntu touch:?06:59
Dr_Willisikillcypher:  it has its own channel. and i dont use touch. im not even testing it out on my Nexus-7 tablet yet.07:01
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch07:01
ikillcypherthere isnt a developer around at any point of time :(07:01
Dr_Willisi dont really 'develop' either. ;P07:01
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: so i have to format it to fat 32 or ntfs. quick question because i was told by someone that on campus someone got a virus on their ubuntu machine from sharing if i make the hard drive fat32 will it prevent viruses from going on it?07:01
Dr_Willisghostnik11:  i doubt very much they got any 'linux' virus from a fat32/ntfs drive.07:02
=== Fyodorovna is now known as sporkeee
Dr_Willisa windows machine with a virus could do somthing to the drive.. but i doubt if  that 'windows virus' would do anything to a linux box.07:02
=== sporkeee is now known as wilee-nilee
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: well so i can use tunefs to format and change label?07:05
Dr_Willisif its ntfs/vfat theres some other cli tools, i forget the names. or next time you pop it in a windows machine just rename disk/label from windows.07:06
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: i will try that when i come in contact with windows but i rather the cli tools07:07
Dr_Willistheres some 'dosfs tools' in the repos.. not used them in ages.07:08
Dr_Willisgparted works for me to relabel mine - if the proper dos tools are installed also.07:09
Dr_Willis!info dosfstools07:10
ubottudosfstools (source: dosfstools): utilities for making and checking MS-DOS FAT filesystems. In component main, is standard. Version 3.0.14-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 50 kB, installed size 195 kB07:10
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: i already have it installed by default07:11
user82hi. my wireless lan is constantly breaking down in 13.04. I tested two networks and two usb wifi dongles. is this a known problem/is there a solution for that. strangely the linux mint i had two months ago did the same thing07:13
user82usually it runs for a while and then disconnects/reconnects/...07:13
=== eaWPq4nU is now known as Guest4288
dreamon_Having a wifi connection. want to make a hotspot same as in handys possible. how can I do wie networkmanager?07:17
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing07:18
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: okay i plugged in and out the hard drive then ran fdisk and got nothing then did lsusb and got this:07:18
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: Bus 001 Device 005: ID 152d:2329 JMicron Technology Corp. / JMicron USA Technology Corp. JM20329 SATA Bridge07:18
Dr_Willisyou mean you ran 'sudo fdisk -l' ? or are you just trying random commands again?07:18
Dr_Willisthe tail end of 'dmesg' should also mention the device if its seen/detected07:19
lotuspsychjei have his screen and mouse pointer distortion again on 13.04 clean install on driver radeon and older ati X800 grafix card: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=96jp7b&s=5 , any sugestions?07:19
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: no i did sudo fdisk -l because i read up on dosfstools07:20
lotuspsychjeoh and its only first boot, all boots after distortion dissapears07:20
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: i should try the dmsg tail command07:20
Dr_Willisit just spits out info.. so why not.. its not going to DO anything other then print out diag. messages.07:20
dreamon_ubottu, Is it possible to do with only one wifi adapter?07:22
ubottudreamon_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:22
Dr_Willisi dont think all the differnt wifi drivers/adaptors support the hotspot/ad-hoc type stuff but some do.07:23
Dr_WillisI just got a router. ;) saves hassles07:23
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: here is the dmesg | tail command readout i got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5972664/07:23
Dr_Willisghostnik11:  and your drive is 'sdb' ?07:26
Dr_Willislooks like its still a confused drive in one way or another.07:26
Dr_Willis sdb: unknown partition table07:26
Dr_Willis[ 4566.810611] sd 5:0:0:0: >[sdb] Very big device. Trying to use READ CAPACITY(16).07:26
Dr_Willishow big is this 'very big device' ?07:26
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: yeah, weird it is 500gb07:27
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: the type of files that was on the drive was mostly mp3s and other music files07:27
Dr_Willisthe type of files on the drive dont matter.. if the hd is failing.. its failing07:27
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: but can't we make it not fail07:28
Dr_Willishds fail.. eventually they ALL fail07:28
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: yeah but i thought i could like format it and then use it as just storage from scratch07:28
Dr_Willisyou had it working yesterday.. its not working today (correct?) commands that worked yesterday, are not working today..07:28
Dr_Willisif your car blows the engine.. putting a new coat of paint wont fix it...07:29
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: so just throw it in the garbage07:29
* Dr_Willis has a whole box of dead hard drives.07:29
Dr_WillisThe HD makers often have special tools for windows to try to 'kick the drive in the head' depending on the brand.07:29
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: WD (western digital)07:30
Dr_Willisgo to the WD homepage and see.. it might even be under warrenty still07:30
ghostnik11Dr_Willis: it has been owned for a while unless they have lifetime warrenty07:31
=== madmouse is now known as madmouser1
Mace268some have 5 years07:32
Mace268but those could have been made over 5 years ago, i can't recall07:32
Dr_WillisIve definatly had drives replaced at 4 yrs old. ;)07:34
Dr_Willisgotta love it whenthey replace a 1TB hd with a 2 TB...07:34
Dr_WillisI think those were Segate. ;)07:35
Mace268I like seagate's service. never had a problem yet.07:38
HypnotiXI just make an orange selection box on my screen, how do i get rid of it? :)07:39
HypnotiXmade even07:39
=== Noskcaj10 is now known as Noskcaj
Mace268it's not supposed to stay07:39
wilee-nileeSome seagates have cooling issues I have a 2 tb external that shows a hot run in disks smart info, not really possible, however I elevated it and it does run cooler07:39
HypnotiXbut it does just stay on the screen07:40
Mace268make a bigger selection around it and it might go away, long shop though07:40
HypnotiXits not the first time it happens either07:41
wilee-nileeHypnotiX, a screen shot in imagebin might be nice.07:41
Mace268i'm no expert by any means but it sounds like a video driver issue07:41
JVizpkg-config appears to be missing atleast one library i have installed that i need07:44
JVizlibpcap-dev is installed, but pkg-config --list-all doesn't list it07:44
wilee-nileeHypnotiX, You have a lot opened there, you check the ram and cpu usage?07:45
HypnotiXthose are just small programs07:46
wilee-nileeHypnotiX, Never the less have you checked?07:46
HypnotiX6gb ram free 10% cpu usage07:46
wilee-nileeHypnotiX, Cool, thanks, not sure I have had that happen occasionally not very often though, I think there is a unity restart command not sure of it though I ues the gnome-shell.07:48
wilee-nileeHypnotiX, What release is that?07:49
HypnotiXok i ran unity twice in the console and it fixed the problem07:50
wilee-nileeHypnotiX, excellent, I saw that as a restart command in earlier releases @ askubuntu.com07:51
wilee-nileeHypnotiX, Here is a unity and compiz reset if needed for 13.04 too. http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/how-to-reset-unity-compiz-in-ubuntu-12-10-and-13-0407:52
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
JVizi figured out my problem, libpcap-dev doesn't come with a pc file08:06
xmetaldrats ... ordered amazon.com brand dvds and the brand i like just went on sale08:09
wilee-nileexmetal, where?08:10
* wilee-nilee pops a pepper "mint" mmmm whole foods08:11
xmetali see office depot has TDK (not counting Dying burners or rare power outages, i never had any coasters with tons and tons of that brand)08:11
xmetaloh well08:12
ichuoteverybody here?08:17
spacecasecan a linux-image-extra deb be found for the mainline daily kernels?08:20
wilee-nileeso what is the specifications on dvd+rw 4x or 2x what does the numbered x mean this a limitation of burning speed?08:21
xmetaldont need two hundered, but while i am there i may pick up a pack08:21
xmetali think thats is it... based on the burner of course, but in theory, that should be the burning speed08:22
xmetalTDK's have just been so realible for me in the past, if i am up by OD, i may get a pack anyway08:22
wilee-nileeah found this at amazon, http://www.amazon.com/Memorex-32025541-DVD-Pack-Spindle/dp/B0000A98AC/ref=sr_1_12?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1376209154&sr=1-12&keywords=dvd%2Brw+discs+blank08:22
wilee-nileeseems best price08:23
xmetali am sure the amazon one's will be good and work with my DVR (that uses DVDS) and PC burners08:23
wilee-nileewith prime delivery08:23
=== daniel is now known as Guest32266
suoreHello, how to install ati drivers at Ubuntu 13.10?. I have ATI Radeon 9800.08:26
wilee-nilee!13.10 | suore08:27
ubottusuore: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:27
xmetallol clicked that url and hexchat crashed08:28
xmetalnever saw that before08:28
GODDOGsuore: do you search the drivers on the official website08:28
suoreaww , sorry 13.04 xD08:28
suorei mistake with 12.1008:28
suore13. 0408:28
suorenewest are Calyst 9.308:29
suorebut cannot install08:29
suoreis write somrethink about that this distribution is not supported08:29
xmetalgot a pack of +R's ... amazon's brand for 26.0808:29
suorelast i use 9.0408:29
suorei move to 13.0408:29
xmetal(-R's were 24.99 + shipping ... if i got it to $25.00, no shipping :P .. .one cent short)08:30
suorehttp://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Legacy/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx oficial drivers08:30
GODDOGsuore: it's so bad08:30
suorei know08:30
suoreso i ask maybe for unoficial drivers, meybe it exist08:30
suorei think ATI stop supporting Linux drivers for 9XXX and less08:31
GODDOGsuore: sorry There is nothing I can do08:32
suorenah.... so i back 9.04 :(08:32
=== DenBeiren is now known as zz_DenBeiren
xmetalhmm off to read some more Robert Ludlum in a few minutes08:37
theoshey! i bought a lenovo laser mouse. dmesg says "[1293404.012087] ehci-pci 0000:00:1d.7: setting latency timer to 64" but the mouse is not working. no movement or scrolling. no light in the mouse even. please help08:39
theoslooks like autosuspend issue08:43
lotuspsychje i have his screen and mouse pointer distortion every first boot on 13.04 clean install on driver radeon and older ati X800 grafix card: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=96jp7b&s=5 , any sugestions?08:48
xmetalhttp://www.amazon.com/TDK-4-7GB-DVD-R-100-Pack-Spindle/dp/B0009RKL5S/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1376210090&sr=1-1&keywords=TDK+DVD = 24.99 + tax at Office depot this week08:48
xmetalwell i am going to get going08:48
lotuspsychje!ops | xmetal08:49
ubottuxmetal: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!08:49
theosre: hey! i bought a lenovo laser mouse. dmesg says "[1293404.012087] ehci-pci 0000:00:1d.7: setting latency timer to 64" but the mouse is not working. no movement or scrolling. no light in the mouse even. please help08:50
xmetallet me guess, i have been reported08:50
lotuspsychjexmetal: this is an ubuntu channel, not spamming new hardware08:50
xmetallol one post08:51
dongt630good day. I need help with my ubuntu settings. changing resolution to 1360x768 (monitor's native res is 1366x768) causes the screen to bloat and now my entire left menubar is offscreen08:51
EricJdongt630: wouldn't you want 1366x768 instead if that's the screens native resolution?08:53
dongt630oddly enough, it only gives me the option of 1360x76808:53
xmetaloh whatever, i dont care08:54
mastroLiveHi, I'm dealing with EFI boot for the first time... My system have 2 disk, the first is an SSD used for RST by Windows8 (pre-installed + don't let me create recovery disks) the second one is a standard disk with GPT partition table and many partitions (I already managed to install the system but it doesn't give me the options for Linux) -- http://paste.ubuntu.com/5972831/08:54
OerHeksdongt630, have you tried to reset the monitor? this might help.08:54
mastroLiveI already disabled secure booting and fast start from windows08:54
e66hello all. I am in a very bad situation08:55
EricJdongt630: if you feel like getting your hands dirty, check out the documentation for xorg.conf -- most resolution-related stuff can be configured there, albeit not easily.08:55
lotuspsychjeanything in my xorg log that could cause this scren distortion? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5972859/08:55
dongt630Ive tried: Resetting the monitor, switching to DVI-VGA, installing nvidia 304 - 31008:55
gordonjcpdongt630: silly question, but when you set 1360 width and it looks weird, did you hit the auto-adjust button?08:55
dongt630yes ive also tried the auto-adjust08:56
e66I am from a corrupted live cd. I can not install anything from it. My Computer does not have linux. And windows is corrupted. I have a 250MB USB stick only. No Burner. How can I install ubuntu?08:56
Joalim having problem connecting to openvpn. SecurityKiss. I did everything in tutorial, connected, but no connection in browser. any clue?08:57
Dr_Willise66:  debootstrap is one way. or put the HD in a differnt pc install to it.. then move it back08:57
xmetalor download the livecd on another pc and reburn08:57
dongt630EricJ: what part of xorg.conf should i be looking at?08:58
xmetalsee if you can install that one08:58
EricJe66: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick08:58
Dr_Willise66:  of course if you had a network ands a 2nd pc.. you could setup a netboot install setup.08:58
=== Phantom is now known as Guest85232
sina2_suggest me a software to redirect whole my TCP traffic through a https proxy with User&Pass. I need to redirect my DNS request through proxy too??08:58
e66Dr_Willis: there is no other pc.08:58
lacy20anyone here08:58
xmetalno we are all gone08:59
Joalwouldnt it be possible to partition the hard-drive, and install linux from one to another?08:59
Dr_Willise66:  so how are you on teh internet now? the semi-broken pc?  You could partion the hd. and setup grub on the hd to boot an iso file you had downloaded to the HD. ;)08:59
Dr_WillisJoal:  grub2 booting a iso file - is one way to do that. If you got the skills. ;)08:59
xmetalgood point08:59
xmetallol i haven't messed with that lately .. keep forgetting09:00
dongt630what part of xorg.conf should i be looking at to fix this problem?09:00
xmetal(grub2 to boot iso)09:00
e66I have internet access. is it possible to install from net? any way to utilize 250mb USB?09:00
e66thats the problem09:01
=== megha is now known as Guest87222
xmetalTiny Linux that small?09:01
xmetalnot even sure what Tiny is based on09:01
xmetali cant even remember09:01
xmetalir is it PuppyLinux09:01
xmetalor *09:01
JoalDr_Willis: yep, One needs the skills ;)09:01
e66Is itpossible to install ubuntu minimul via this usb?09:01
xmetalthats one, dong09:01
kubblaisina2_: DNA lookups are not handled by a https proxy however you can change your dns servers in network manager09:01
bekkse66: You should buy a reasonably sized USB thumb drive. There are about a very few dollars for 16GB.09:01
BodsdaDSL is about 50mb09:01
xmetal(thank god i didn't forget the comma)09:01
kubblaiDns *09:01
Joalso, no idea about my vpn-connection?09:02
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
e66bekks: Right now I am at parents place. the place is a bit remote.09:02
trijntje!hi | lacy2009:02
Guest87222I am a beginner in Open source contribution, trying to fix a small bug in ubuntu, how can I get source code from launchpad? Can you please help me09:02
BodsdaGuest87222: be more specific - a link would be useful09:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 887525 in bash-completion (Ubuntu) "Obsolete option --print-installation-architecture of dpkg still present in bash completion" [Undecided,In progress]09:03
lotuspsychjei have his screen and mouse pointer distortion every first boot on 13.04 clean install on driver radeon and older ati X800 grafix card: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=96jp7b&s=5 , any sugestions?09:04
trijntjehi lacy20_, whats up?09:04
lacy20_test chat09:04
BodsdaGuest87222: so the bug is either in dpkg or bash -- sudo apt-get source dpkg     will get you the dpkg source for example09:04
trijntjeGuest87222: if you click on 'code' at the top of that page, you can get the development release and download it using bzr09:05
Guest87222trijntje: I was trying to do that09:05
xmetalhmm should have put DSL on my old laptop before it died09:09
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Guest87222trijntje: Should I go for the last modified development release?09:10
=== rahul is now known as Guest84856
Joalmaybe its my firewall. do I need to open any port out or in if im using openvpn?09:11
trijntjeGuest87222: I guess so, then it wil be fixed in the comming version(s) of ubuntu09:11
=== Guest84856 is now known as sailor923
sina2_<kubblai> OK. How can I check that DNS is OK, I mean it can pass the firewall ?09:12
Guest87222trijntje: Ok09:13
SunTsuJoal: depends on your setup and how tight your firewall is configured09:13
sailor923hello I need information. for radeon hd 4250 integrated chip I had horrible performance with oss drivers on all desktop environments. i tried the catalyst but unity 3d disappeared and fell back to unity 2d and moving windows became slow etc so I uninstalled ubuntu. can someone tell me if catalyst for this chip will give me same performance as on windows, if yes, i'll install ubuntu and try again, or should i install win?09:14
sailor923i need my snes games to run well09:14
SunTsuJoal: if it allows outbound connections to port 1194 (tcp or udp, depends) it should be OK, if it doesn't you will have to configure it the way it does09:14
JoalSunTsu: well, im connecting to specified vpns where each has their own port, for example one has 123.09:16
JoalSunTsu: I specify those when I add vpn-connections in network-manager09:17
Joalso, do I need to specifically allow 123 in or out in firewall?09:20
sailor923if anyone knows, please tell me09:21
strokonofi need some helps from someone living in other country than mine (france)09:21
Joal1600 ppl, like a small town in here :P Someone must know the answer09:22
Joalstrokonof, whats ur issue?09:23
theoshey! i bought a lenovo laser mouse. dmesg says "[1293404.012087] ehci-pci 0000:00:1d.7: setting latency timer to 64" but the mouse is not working. no movement or scrolling. no light in the mouse even. please help09:23
strokonofit's not about ubuntu, i just wanna know if this website (www.usniff.com) doesn't work for everyone, or if it is just blocked in my country09:24
OerHekstheos, what is the 8 digit hex code of your mouse? open terminal: lsusb09:24
Guest87222trijntje: what is Launchpad ID?09:25
ptuladhartheos: did you tried 'lspci' command.09:26
=== DenBeiren is now known as zz_DenBeiren
ptuladhartheos: did you see your mouse controller.09:27
lotuspsychjehowto grep only graphics issues in /var/log/syslog.1 ?09:27
Joalstrokonoff: u could use a vpn to find out ;)09:27
Guest87222trijntje: I don't know more about bazaar, Can you please explain me about downloading source code using bazaar?09:27
=== zz_DenBeiren is now known as DenBeiren
strokonofJoal, i know, but i don't have one, and it's never free ^^09:28
Joalstrokonof: securitykiss is free09:28
kelvinellahello, how to type special char like "(" in shell script?09:29
Joalatleast for a limited amount of mb-transfers09:29
kelvinellacp file\(1\).txt file.txt ??09:29
ptuladharkelvinella: escape it using '\'.09:30
kelvinellain .sh file09:30
ptuladharyes, in .sh file.09:30
kelvinellai have this line: pdftk LPK20.pdf cat 20-22 output 812.1C_\(Optional\)Proof.of.Pythagoras.Theorem_ANS.pdf in the sh file09:30
kelvinellaand it still give me error09:30
Guest87222Can anyone please tell me, how to download source code  from launchpad using bazaar?09:30
kelvinellaline 112: syntax error near unexpected token `('09:31
ptuladharyou can put the 802.1c... inside double quote and remove '\'.09:31
kelvinellacan someone help me?09:31
ptuladharpdftk LPK20.pdf cat 20-22 output "812.1C_(Optional)Proof.of.Pythagoras.Theorem_ANS.pdf"09:31
kelvinellaptuladhar, the whole thing in " "?09:31
kelvinellahold on09:32
theosOerHeks lsusb doesnt detect it. ptuladhar what to see in lspci? the mouse works fine on ubuntu 13.04 live usb boot09:33
ptuladharWhich OS and Kernel your using.09:33
theosubuntu 13.0409:34
ptuladharin lspci did you see USB controller.09:35
kelvinellaptuladhar, thx09:35
theos00:1d.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) USB UHCI Controller #1 (rev 03)09:35
ptuladharkelvinella: np09:36
lotuspsychjetheos: you have usb mouse enabled in BIOS?09:36
theoslotuspsychje no idea. i will have to reboot09:37
lotuspsychjetheos:doublecheck for sure09:37
strokonofthank you Joal, a great website you just gave me !09:38
Joalnp strokonof :)09:38
theosis there a way to save session in gnome 3?09:43
theosi dont want to open everything again on reboot :S09:44
Joalaarh! why cant I add new rules to firewall?09:44
SunTsuJoal: Nobody knows the answer because we don't know your firewall setup - as I said09:47
JoalSunTsu: I dont have a very special firewall setup, just regular.09:50
RituSHey I am very new to bug fixing in ubuntu! Couldsomeboody help me report a bug in launchpad?09:59
=== VampiricPadraig_ is now known as VampiricPadraig
RituSHey I am very new to bug fixing in ubuntu! COuld somebody help me report a bug in launchpad?10:02
=== DenBeiren is now known as zz_DenBeiren
=== zz_DenBeiren is now known as DenBeiren
Guest87222Is it necessary to have SSH key in launchpad?10:07
snuffthey guys10:08
snuffti'm having some trouble with eyefinity on a 7970 in ubuntu 13.04. as a desktop, it seems to work "ok" (there's bgs with running things in full screen on a single monitor), but playing Serious Sam 3 BFE through steam, it will only use the centre monitor.10:09
snufftall the guides i've seen have said to create a monitor group, but there's no option for that when viewing catalyst through gksudo amdcccle10:10
kikyyhey guys10:10
snuffti also can't find anything for bezel correction10:10
A1ReconIf a bluetooth headset has HSP and HFP profiles, but no A2DP profile...does this mean that I can't listen to music on it?10:13
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wilee-nileeRituS, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs10:19
RituS<wilee-nilee> thank you!10:22
wilee-nileeno problem10:22
ItsMeLennyppm2pcx no longer exists?10:22
wilee-nilee!info ppm2pcx10:22
ItsMeLennyi really need something to export or convert to pcx because gimp doesnt work properly10:22
ubottuPackage ppm2pcx does not exist in raring10:22
ItsMeLennyohhh its ppmtopcx, sorry my mistake10:23
wilee-nilee!info ppmtopcx10:24
ubottuPackage ppmtopcx does not exist in raring10:24
dgxHey all. How can I acomplish this: i want to be logged in as root and always have all permissions and priviliges? Now when I log in, i can edit files in /var/www for example10:25
bekksdgx: Hopefully, you cant.10:26
bekks!sudo | dgx10:26
ubottudgx: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo10:26
dgxbekks: Currently im using gksudo nautilus to do so.10:27
bekksdgx: Thats the way to do it.10:27
dgxSo I guess its intended that way?10:27
bekksAnd using nautilus as root permanently - might mess up your permissions.10:27
ItsMeLennydamnit it put the colours in the wrong order, im so close though, editing apogee dos games is difficult10:27
=== picca_ is now known as picca
dgxbekks: I see. Another question: apache currently gives me 403 forbidden, even when lookin at html pages?10:27
bekksdgx: Then your already messed up the permissions by using nautilus as root.10:28
bekksdgx: Look at the apache log to see the exact and full error message.10:28
Flanneldgx: To allow yourself to edit files in /var/www without sudo, you'll want to do is add yourself to the www-data/apache group (depending on your Ubuntu version), and then make sure those files are writable by group, not just user.10:29
bekksWritable by group might mess up permissions too, since there are applications out there that a) do not need group write access and b) do not allow it - like configuration files.10:30
bekksIts a very bad idea to give write access to a regular user.10:30
Flannelbekks: Nothing in /var/www has those conditions.10:30
dgxHmm, coult it be that I've copied the dir from different partition with gksudo ?10:30
bekksFlannel: Then you never dealt with configuration files for phpmyadmin, etc.10:31
Flannelbekks: Those configuration files should not be in browsable web directories, they should be elsewhere in the filesystem.10:31
dgx Those permissions are so messed-up -_-10:31
bekksFlannel: "should" and "are" ...10:32
dgxAnd my phpmyadmin works correctly10:32
bekksdgx: Then fix the permissions.10:32
ItsMeLennyi must have an old ppmtopcx10:32
ItsMeLennymight have to hex edit10:33
bekksItsMeLenny: To do what?10:33
ItsMeLennybekks, so i can specify the colour order10:33
ItsMeLennyprobably using "-stdpalette " would fix it but its not recognised command10:33
Flannelbekks: phpmyadmin must be up there with ebox in security considerations.10:34
henning3Hi. I'm trying to get my pc to connect to multible fullHD screens, but get an error that the virtual desktop is only 2048x2048, witch is not enough for two fullHD monitors ;-) Anyone that can point me in the direction of changing that setting? Google hasn't been friend so far :-(10:34
bekksItsMeLenny: Then you better write a patch to the source code and recompile your own version.10:34
ItsMeLennybekks, the version here states them http://linux.die.net/man/1/ppmtopcx10:34
ItsMeLennyunrecognized option `-stdpalette'10:35
bekksItsMeLenny: So that man page does not match your ppmtopcx version.10:35
ItsMeLennyyeah, im going to cheat and just put a line of dots in the order in my image, that should fix it10:35
=== zz_DenBeiren is now known as DenBeiren
ItsMeLennydamn it, didnt fix it :P10:38
tk_i have a problem:10:39
cfhowletttk_, greetings10:39
tk_sudo apt-get update produces the error:10:39
tk_wait, I solved it ;)10:40
scathen^Chey all trying to setup sendmail for the first time. i can successfully send emails from console, but have no idea how to set it up so i can receive emails. any help?10:43
bekksscathen^C: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer10:44
lotuspsychjei have his screen and mouse pointer distortion every first boot on 13.04 clean install on driver radeon and older ati X800 grafix card: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=96jp7b&s=5 , any sugestions?10:47
ikonialotuspsychje always worth checking the support of your card with the driver you are using10:48
lotuspsychjeikonia: well the funny part is, second boot it works flawless10:49
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, so it configured after the first boot then ...10:49
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: not sure how this happens exactly, wanna see xorg log or syslog?10:50
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, umm, nope.  I can't read that stuff.  WAY over my head.10:51
bibi23I have connected a device through USB on my computer, is it possible to directly send data to it?10:51
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest7425
cfhowlettbibi23, "device" ?10:51
bibi23cfhowlett: it's a ticket printer10:52
cfhowlettbibi23, ah.  depending on drivers, etc., you should be able to communicate directly  ... which I'm guessing is NOT happening?10:53
lotuspsychjeikonia: seems supported here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver X800 agp10:53
ikonialotuspsychje: always a good start10:53
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, is there a "generic" setting available?10:54
henning3bibi23: You might already have got a serial device on /dev/serial/* or a parallel device on /dev/*. Have you tried to let cups detect new printers?10:54
bibi23cfhowlett: it's esc/pos compatible, from what I understand it can work without any driver (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ESC/P) but I'm not sure?10:54
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: meaning?10:54
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, I was thinking perhaps there's a default "generic" setting10:55
cfhowlettbibi23, so have you tested it then?10:56
bibi23henning3: I'm on windows currently, I'm switching to ubuntu and come back to check10:57
cfhowlettbibi23, sounds like a plan.10:57
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: i think i might need a kernel update for this11:00
ikonialotuspsychje: why do you think that ?11:00
ItsMeLennyDAMNIT, hex editing cuffles the colours too11:00
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, ow.  perhaps try a dist-upgrade first11:00
RituSI was trying to upload the public part of the key and encountered the following error: http://pastebin.com/QvDpp6Di . Could somebody help me with this?11:00
lotuspsychjeikonia: seems sortlike : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/55678211:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 556782 in linux (Ubuntu) "[rs690m] Graphics corruption with ati x1200" [High,Triaged]11:00
ikonialotuspsychje: are you using that kernel/card/drive ?11:01
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
lotuspsychjeikonia: driver radeon on X800 ati card11:01
ikonialotuspsychje: are you using the same kernel/driver/card as in that bug ?11:01
lotuspsychjeikonia: not card, but similar isue11:02
ikonialotuspsychje: then why do a random kernel update ?11:02
ikonialotuspsychje: if you read the bug a fix was release to the 10.10 release, so anything after 10.10 should have that fix already in place11:02
ikonialotuspsychje: what version of ubuntu are you using ?11:03
lotuspsychjeikonia: 13.04, but i had same problem on previous versions aswell11:03
ikonialotuspsychje: ok, so the fix was released to 10.10 - so the fix should be in 13.04 - so it is not the same issue, so why look at random kernel updates ?11:03
lotuspsychjeikonia: every time the same mouse corruption11:03
ikonialotuspsychje: so ? why look at random kernel updates ?11:04
ikonialotuspsychje: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2752911:04
ubottuFreedesktop bug 27529 in Driver/Radeon "[rs690m] Graphics corruption with ati x1200" [Major,Resolved: fixed]11:04
ikonialotuspsychje: that bug is closed11:04
ikonialotuspsychje: so it is not the same bug,11:04
fudusall that means is that someone closed it, not that it was fixed11:04
ikoniafudus: "resolved fixed"11:04
ikoniaRituS: and it details the fix11:04
fudusbeing marked as fixed doesn't mean it is actually fixed :P11:04
ikoniafudus: and it details the fix11:04
ikoniafudus: grow up - the bug is marked as fixed and the fix detailed11:05
ikoniafudus: stop putting nonsense comments into a discussion11:05
bibi23henning3: ok I've switched to ubuntu, sorry I don't remember where you told me to check the printer? is it /dev/sda* ?11:05
RituS<ikonia> I am sorry?11:05
ikonialotuspsychje: is it the open driver you are you are using ?11:05
ikoniaRituS: apologies, hit tab to the wrong person11:06
lotuspsychjeikonia: driver is radeon11:06
ikonialotuspsychje: is it the open driver you are you are using ?11:06
ikonialotuspsychje: just to confirm11:06
lotuspsychjeikonia: driver that installed by default11:06
henning3bibi23: /dev/serial/* if it connects as a serial device11:06
RituSikonia: yeah thats okay!11:06
ikonialotuspsychje: ok, so the radion open driver was patched in 2.6.34 so as long as you are using a later kernel than that, the fix is already in your kernel11:07
ikonialotuspsychje: so I have no idea why you think a kernel update  (to what kernel ??) will fix your problem11:07
bibi23henning3: it's connected with USB on the computer and RS 232 on the other side11:07
lotuspsychjeikonia: on previous ubuntu versions this issue dissapeared for me after an update, not sure indeed kernel upgrade did the trick...but what else?11:08
ikonialotuspsychje: honestly just doing "random" things is not the way to fix it11:08
ikonialotuspsychje: you need to find out where the problem is (most likley as you suggested in the radion xorg driver) so that's nothing to do with the kernel11:08
lotuspsychjeikonia: i never said i was going to random one, just think i might..11:09
henning3bibi32 so you have a separate usb->serial adaptor?  Then the ought to be something in /dev/serial/*11:09
ikonialotuspsychje: why ? what possibly reason do you think the kernel needs an update ? what even suggests that11:09
crazyhorsehi i want to have a bunch of external drives that are fully encrypted and that are readable/writable from windows/ubuntu and osx11:09
crazyhorsethe maximum size of the external drive is 2TB11:09
crazyhorseadditionally these drives will have to appear on the filesystems as normal mounts so i can do backups with standard software etc11:09
crazyhorseany suggestions on what to format them as and what encryption scheme to use?11:10
ikoniacrazyhorse: you have a problem then as your cross file system support for linux/windows/macosx is pretty much "nill"11:10
bibi23henning3: right looks like i see it, when I switch put usb on I can see /dev/serial and when I remove I don't see it anymore11:10
lotuspsychjeikonia: i've tryed really many stuff on this issue, and kernel upgrade was one of the sugestions i got here in chat once...11:10
ikonialotuspsychje: ok, so that's random as you have nothing to suggest the problem is with the kernel, nor that a kernel update will fix it11:10
RituSHey I am having issues publishing the key on the ubuntu server. The following message was being displayed http://pastebin.com/3t2YxPza.11:10
crazyhorseikonia: i don't mind installing software11:11
ikoniacrazyhorse: the file system is not software - it's the format the file are stored on, and there is no cross-platform-filesystem for windows/linux/macosx11:11
crazyhorseikonia: for example i can have fully working NTFS on osx11:12
henning3bibi32: /dev/serial is a dir where the actual device can be found in subdirs. - I can access on od my connected phones as /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Sony_Ericsson_Sony_Ericsson_K750_35655xxxxxxxxxx_0-if01 What your device depends11:12
ikoniacrazyhorse: sorry I just said there is "NO" cross platform file system for linux/macosx/windows11:12
crazyhorseikonia: that wasn't my question11:13
crazyhorsehas anyone tried ExFAT?11:13
fudusfat32 unless you want to do mroe than 2gb files?11:13
dhanyaI got a bug i.e. a speeling mistake in a manpage of a command, i reported it. How do I proceed ?11:13
ikoniacrazyhorse: it's not available on linux,11:13
ikoniacrazyhorse: so it's not really something #ubuntu can help you with11:13
crazyhorseikonia: i've just read in many forums that people are using ExFat with ubuntu11:14
dhanya I got a bug i.e. a spelling mistake in a manpage of a command, i reported it. How do I proceed ?11:14
bibi23henning3: ah yep :) /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Prolific_Technology_Inc._USB-Serial_Controller_D-if00-port11:14
fudusoh encrypted11:14
ikoniacrazyhorse: it's certainly not a "stable" supported solution11:14
ikoniacrazyhorse: if you are happy with risking data loss, use it11:14
ikoniacrazyhorse: the vfat file system mount process should work11:15
ikoniacrazyhorse: from the docs11:15
ikoniacrazyhorse: "Some distributions of Linux have begun to include support for exFAT. It is however, only available as a file system in user space, as it's not supported by the kernel"11:15
ikoniacrazyhorse: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ExFAT11:15
fudusthere was a leak of samsung's driver, which was done with ms's approval, but it may have legal issues11:16
ikoniafudus: please stop making things up11:16
ikoniafudus: there is no confirmation of Microsofts involvement11:16
henning3bibi23: but it might still be an idea to let cups handle the communication as a generic printer, and you can send pre-formatted data using ' echo ^XA^WD^XZ" | lpr -p ticketprinter ' ( sending a zpl label to the printer )11:16
fudusA non-FUSE implementation has also been released on GitHub[19], written by Samsung, however there is ongoing debate of the legality of this implementation as it appears it has been re-licensed without permission from Samsung[20][21].11:16
=== daniel is now known as Guest77596
bibi23henning3: ok, the easiest the better, so I have to install "cups", then would I be able to have files as input to print tickets? for example like this one from the epson doc : http://pastebin.com/JdBfbUWC11:22
BlitzHereHow do I start networking through recovery mode via command line11:32
BlitzHereThe recovery option doesn't work11:32
cfhowlettblockshadow, hallew11:33
BlitzHereIt just says my file system is clean and gets stuck11:33
henning3bibi23: cups is properbly already installed on your desktop. You just have to setup cups to know your printer. there is a passthru driver that simply passes everything directly to the printer so you can send pre-formatted data to the printer.11:40
alvaro123hi, I am trying to mount a windows server share but I keep getting a mount error, could anyone help me out? I explained the full problem here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5973277/11:41
henning3alvaro123: Have you tried to mount using ip instead of hostname?11:45
crazyhorsewhat's the NTFS support in ubuntu (3rd party or native) like?11:46
dhanyaI got a bug and reported it -   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/secure-delete/+bug/1210967 . Could I just make a patchfile and upload it or do I have to do something else ?11:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1210967 in secure-delete (Ubuntu) "Manpage of sfill shows a misspelled word " [Undecided,New]11:47
MonkeyDustcrazyhorse  ntfs-3g11:48
alvaro123henning3: is there a way to find the ip? pinging the hostname doesnt seem to work11:48
crazyhorseMonkeyDust: nice, is it known to be stable?11:50
MonkeyDustcrazyhorse  what do you want to do?11:51
crazyhorseshare files between osx windows and ubuntu11:52
crazyhorsethrough external hard drives :D11:52
crazyhorsei've got NTFS support on OSX11:52
crazyhorsei've just plugged it in and it seems to be working great11:52
MonkeyDustcrazyhorse  start here http://www.liberiangeek.net/2013/04/mount-external-ntfs-partitions-in-ubuntu-13-04-raring-ringtail/11:55
crazyhorsethanks :)11:56
CheckDavidinfite, hi, you are sending me seomthing?12:00
bibi23henning3: I've installed it, now I can see it with lpstat -d -v "system default destination: espontm \ device for espontm: serial:/dev/ttyUSB0". However when I run "echo "^XA^WD^XZ" | lpr -p epsontm", I'm getting "lpr: Error - unable to access "epsontm""12:00
infiteyes, but i am trying to figure out how this interface works.12:01
infiteeverything so new to me12:01
cfhowlettkarthik__, greetings12:04
karthik__just testing out the IRC , new to this12:05
ubottukarthik__,: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )12:05
QuackQuackerHi im trying to setup a local server which serves a welcome page with apache2. This is working fine. Now i have setup a AP and would like when connected to it and asking for any adress (etc. test.com ) go to my localhost instead. I have tried googling around and looked and iptables, but without success.12:05
cfhowlettQuackQuacker, if no joy here, ask in #ubuntu-server12:07
henning3bibi23: You have configured cups to use an epson driver witch is not installed. If you want to use preformated output (that is your application genereate the code directly you need to change the driver to generic ( if I remember correctly - I'm normally using printers with print-servers ;-) )12:09
Dj_FlyByI'm looking for a VERY good dupe checker that has the ability to check across both multiple drives (internal & external) and also across the network?  ANY recommendations?12:09
funky1anyone knows if you can flip the screen in xawtv?12:13
bibi23henning3: I've installed it through ubuntu interface and picked up the recommanded driver, which was "Generic text-only printer"12:13
cfhowlettkarthik__, /clear   note the backslash12:18
henning3bibi23: Then it's the connection that is the problem. You need to connect it to /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Prolific_Technology_Inc._USB-Serial_Controller_D-if00-port or /dev/ttyUSB0 not epsontm:/xxxxxxx12:20
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Guest87222Hi, I am trying to fix a bug  -https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash-completion/+bug/887525, downloaded  the branch , how can I proceed12:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 887525 in bash-completion (Ubuntu) "Obsolete option --print-installation-architecture of dpkg still present in bash completion" [Undecided,In progress]12:25
bibi23henning3: currently it's connected to "serial:/dev/ttyUSB0", so you mean it should be "file:/dev/ttyUSB0"?12:26
jribGuest87222: http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/fixing-a-bug.html12:27
dhanyaDo I have to use bzr diff to create a patch or can I straight away use diff, after downloading the source code .12:28
jribdhanya: bzr diff is only useful if you are using bzr12:29
dhanyathanks jrib .12:29
maximus-maximus2guess what im the best #1 10th grader ever!!!12:30
=== Guest87222 is now known as neema
dhanya  If using bzr , how do I create a patch for a downloaded source code ?12:34
fartfaceI have a list of torrents loaded in Transmission via the desktop, but I'd like to move them to transmission-daemon so that transmission runs at boot rather than having to open it.  When I load transmission via transmission-daemon, my torrents that were loaded via the desktop aren't there--does anyone know if there's a setting I need to switch or how I can get the same torrent list via the daemon as I have on the desktop?12:35
=== The is now known as Guest56224
henning3bibi23: No that sounds correct. the problem is that I don't get where the " epsontm:" fits in.12:35
bekkshenning3: epsontm:/dev/...12:41
Guest56224sorry i bessy now12:43
ShivenHey all, anyone had an experience configuring xerces for ubuntu (13.04)?12:45
bibi23bekks: there is no such thing as "epsontm: " in the target, it's just the name I gave to this default printer, eg. "lpstat -v" outputs "device for epsontm: serial:/dev/ttyUSB0"12:46
bibi23henning3: I give up for today :(, anyway thanks for your help pointing me out to cups and so12:51
=== gtsui is now known as math_monkey
henning3bekks: Yes but he also write that destination was serial:/dev/..... elsewhere ;-)12:54
Guest2832Hi! I just connected a Canon camera. If I want too "see" it in the terminal, where to I cd too? =)12:56
bekksGuest2832: Take a look at dmesg12:56
crazyhorseI've got a drive that's listed as FAT (32-bit version_ EFI System Parition and i am unable to delete any of the files12:58
crazyhorseor write to the drive12:58
crazyhorseany idea why this would be?12:58
yeatscrazyhorse: are you getting any error messages?12:59
crazyhorseyeah permission errors12:59
crazyhorseyou don't have permission to access xyz12:59
crazyhorseit's mounted as a Read-only file system13:00
crazyhorserm: cannot remove `vpn-mf9_ovpn142_account (1).ovpn': Read-only file system13:00
zykotick9crazyhorse: i'm not sure you should be messing with the "EFI System Parition", just sayin'13:00
yeatscrazyhorse: sounds like you've got your reasons right there ;-)13:00
crazyhorseah ok13:00
crazyhorsemaybe i can just copy everything off and format it13:01
zykotick9crazyhorse: i'd guess, it's required to boot your computer...  i wouldn't mess with it!13:01
crazyhorseit's in an external harddrive13:01
crazyhorseit's not for booting13:01
zykotick9crazyhorse: oh...13:01
crazyhorsei'd prefer if i could mount it as a rw parition13:02
SuperLagIs it bad to always to dist-upgrade, rather than just upgrade?13:02
yeatscrazyhorse: if it's not taking up much space, I'd just leave it, but that's just me13:03
Guest2832bekks:  Ok, did that. Gave me a ton of text, not sure if I found any line that spoke of any camera. What should I look for?13:03
yeats!dist-upgrade | SuperLag13:03
ubottuSuperLag: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.13:03
bekksGuest2832: The device node your camera is connected to.13:05
bekksGuest2832: Why do you want to see the ls -lha of the device node?13:05
Guest2832bekks:  Hm, ok. Not a 100% what that means. Not sure why I want to, a little bit because I am curious. I was hoping I was gonna see it as a disk, like /dev/video1 or something. Is that not how it works?13:07
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
crazyhorsehey does ubuntu have anything as good as picasa or close too?13:07
bekksGuest2832: No, its not. You can see a device node - but unlike a disk, you cannot mount it.13:07
crazyhorsewith facial detection etc?13:07
bekkscrazyhorse: digikam.13:07
Guest2832bekks:  Ok! So there is no more exat way of telling, form the cli, if the camera is connected properly?13:08
bekksGuest2832: No.13:08
crazyhorsebekks: nice..how goods the facial detection?13:10
bekkscrazyhorse: It works.13:12
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
iceroot_Guest2832: you want the camera asa disc or as a webcam?13:16
iceroot_Guest2832: so you want to find out were you can find the mounted disk?13:16
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
robin0800Guest2832, Try media folder13:27
Guest2832iceroot_:  I want to see if the camera is working, and recognized by the system.13:29
Guest2832robin0800:  Where is that?13:29
robin0800Guest2832, in the file system13:30
HexagoniteAnyone know how to set-up a Hotspot on Ubuntu for Android devices to connect?13:34
Dj_FlyByI'm looking for a VERY good dupe checker that has the ability to check across both multiple drives (internal & external) and also across the network?  ANY recommendations?13:35
jribDj_FlyBy: fdupes?13:36
Dj_FlyByjrib: Works "ok" for local drives, but cannot get it to work across the network....  Same thing with FSlint13:37
crazyhorsei've got some files currently copying from one drive to another13:38
crazyhorsehow do i show the dialog which indicates the progress?13:38
=== cyrano_ is now known as cyrano
Guest2832robin0800:  "in the filesystem"... Doesnt really say me much. How do i cd there?13:45
Guest56224Hey ! guys i want install KDE on ubuntu How i do13:46
yeats!kde | Guest5622413:46
ubottuGuest56224: KDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.13:46
Guest56224thanks yeats13:46
robin0800Guest2832, cd .. cd .. cd media13:49
ChrisMaQhi guys13:52
Violinstandalone xonotic mod (3d game): http://sourceforge.net/projects/chaosesqueanthology/13:52
Guest56224guys How i install flag keyboard in KDE13:53
blzIs apache2 installed by default?13:53
blzI don't remember installing it at any point...13:53
* blz suspects the NSA, since clearly it's them...13:54
mnfHi... I have a problem with my Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS i686 and with flash N90013:54
blzmnf, you should describe the problem =)13:55
Guest2832robin0800:  What do you mean with that?! "cd /media/"?13:55
mateoburI can't enable sharing options on my directories under ubuntu 13.0413:55
mateobur"Sharing service installation failed"13:55
blzmateobur, I think you have to install samba or NFS or something in order to share directories.  I could be mistaken, though13:56
blzmateobur, but that's worth looking into13:56
mnfyes, sorry for my English... i'm from Italy :p yesterday i connect my mobile with the usb device. Now i can't start the N90013:56
mateoburblz, I know the thing is that ubuntu offers to install the service, but when you click on install, it fails xD13:56
blzmateobur, yeah that brings back painful memories13:57
blzmateobur, try installing samba and smbfs13:57
blzmateobur, and then it should work13:57
blzmateobur, *should* being the operative word =)13:57
blzmateobur, `sudo apt-get install samba smbfs`13:57
mateoburdoesn't exist13:57
mateoburin the repos13:58
lvlephI have a weird question about moving files. I want to turn off the extents flag in my ext4 partition and then move the files, so that I can mount as ext3.13:58
lvlephIf I mv a folder are the files moved too?13:58
blzmateobur, try without it... must be an old backage from back in the day =)13:58
djiefoHow do I change the text box color and the text color? I installed a nice desktop theme through Tweak Tool but i can't just read myself back because the text color and the box are almost the same.13:58
mateoburI need to restart session, bye!13:58
lvlephOr do I need to mv every file?13:58
=== bing is now known as Guest74495
blzmnf, I belive there's #ubuntu-it for Italian speakers =)13:59
blzmnf, although your English is certainly better than my Italian =D13:59
blzmateobur, you don't!13:59
CYR4N01So I was having an issue with nvidia proprietary drivers the other day. Where I was getting a blinking underscore on a black screen. I was informed of adding nomodeset to grub. I did this and now I no longer see the black screen. However nvidia doesn't seem to be using the proprietary driver and is stuck at 800x600 resolution.13:59
Slingthe only Italian I know is from Family Guy ;)13:59
blzmateobur, try `sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart`13:59
blzor start instead of restart, potentially13:59
mnfyes but no one can help me there14:01
lvlephblz restart will start it if it hasn't already14:01
blzlvleph, that was my feeling as well, but I wasn't sure =)14:02
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
=== arglos is now known as HAWiese
mnfon #ubuntu-it they told me: go to onother chat like #n9 #n900 #mer.... but are all empty chat!14:04
k1l_!alis | mnf14:04
ubottumnf: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*14:04
lvlephI have a weird question about moving files. I want to turn off the extents flag in my ext4 partition and then move the files, so that I can mount as ext3.14:06
lvlephIf I mv a folder are the files moved too?14:06
doktorbrain /msg alis list #ubuntu14:06
lvlephOr do I have to move each file individually?14:06
blzlvleph, normally yes, mv moves files and folders recursively14:06
blzlvleph, but I have no idea of modifying the extents flag changes anything14:07
blzlvleph, can't you just try it and see?14:07
frisi ran into an issue with ubuntu, i run it in vmare fusion, and all of a sudden when i rebooted the machine, it starts up with a memtest, i rant it, when rebooting again, it just does an infinite loop, anyway to fix this without the install cd?14:07
lvlephIf you turn off extents and then mv around files you should now be able to mount as ext314:07
lvlephfrom my understanding14:07
lvlephYeah, I was going to.14:08
lvlephFigured I would ask while I was completing some other operations14:08
lvlephfris: you should be able to get into the grub menu and skip the mentest14:09
frisya i can get into grub, how would i skip the mem test and reboot so the ubuntu shows on the menu, right now in the grub menu it just shows memtest14:09
lvlephfris: to access grub menu hold the left shift button (if I recall correctly)14:09
lvlephat boot14:09
ActionParsnipfris: are there kernels installed?14:10
lvlephyou can boot from live disk and do a grub-install14:10
frisit was after i did a dist-upgrade14:10
lvlephmaybe grub got screwed14:10
ActionParsnipfris: If you see no kernels in Grub you may need to chroot to the installed OS from liveCD to run:   sudo update-grub14:10
lvlephsorry fris  ActionParsnip has the correct command14:11
ActionParsnipfris: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/live-usb-sticking-grub-2-video14:11
frisso no way to do it without the cd?14:11
lvlephIf you could mount the image and edit the grub file directly fris14:12
frismaybe i will just reinstall ubuntu ;), i only had it running apache and mysql for local dev anyway nothing of importance was on it14:12
lvlephmounting the disk image should be easy from vmware14:13
lvlephbeen a while, so...14:13
mnfI think i'm going to be mad... but thank you :)14:14
dragoonisI installed 'nginx' package with apt-get. but when i try to do 'service nginx start' it doesn't output anything to STDOUT14:14
dragoonisbut when i do 'service nginx stop' it says '[OK]'14:14
lvlephmfs what are you trying to do? I haven't seen any questions.14:14
ActionParsnipfris: why reinstall, only the bootloader is faulty14:14
lvlephcan't type14:14
ActionParsnipfris: plus reinstalling will also need the liveCD14:15
dragoonisSorry, I DC'd there, did anyone reply to my question?14:15
frisya i have the vmware ubuntu 13 image14:15
ActionParsnipfris: there is no 'Ubuntu 13'14:15
dakotawulfyhave an easy question for some one  wminput  needs sudo would it be a problem to make it work with out sudo?? or would that cause a security problem14:15
ActionParsnipdragoonis: are there any bugs reported?14:15
fris13.04 i mean14:15
dragoonisActionParsnip, not that i know of14:16
fristhis one http://www.thoughtpolice.co.uk/vmware/#ubuntu13.0414:16
ActionParsnipfris: the guide is quite simple. Your last kernel update seems to have screwed up Grub, if you manually run 'sudo update-grub' it will populate Grub with Kernels (if some are present)14:17
dragoonisActionParsnip, nothing in the error_log14:17
frisk thanks will try that14:17
SeboHi, I need a simple and secure LDAP service implementation for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (mainly for gerrit @ localhost). Can you point me to the one proffered by yourself.14:17
ActionParsnipfris: yes, that is 13.04 codenamed 'Raring'. "ubuntu 13" doesnt exist14:17
frismy bad ;)14:17
ActionParsnipdragoonis: maybe the service file needs updating to output to the screen. You could check to see if it is missed14:18
dragoonisActionParsnip, this is a fresh install i just literally ran apt-get on LAMP stuff.14:18
ActionParsnipdragoonis: then I suggest you report a bug14:19
dragoonisActionParsnip, ok14:19
Bejo!seen vino14:19
ubottuI have no seen command14:19
snuffthas anyone got eyefinity running on 13.04? I can't seem to find much through google for setting it up.  I've got my screens set to "multi-desktop display, with display(s) 2, 3" but games will still only run in a single screen14:19
snufftthere's also multiple problems with fullscreen apps like chrome, banshee, etc, flickering like crazy14:20
ocooelHow safe is it to set up accounts in Gwibber and Empathy..?14:20
ActionParsnipocooel: in what sense14:21
ocooelActionParsnip: I read there was a security vulnerability with gnome-online-accounts. How secure are these connections..?14:22
dragoonisI got it working, there was an issue with the default sites-available/default file, but also nginx fails to start if you don't  do it as 'root'14:23
dragoonisReally they should be saying 'Permission denied, unable to restart nginx'14:23
ChrisMaQcan anyone tell me where to get a stable version of skype for ubuntu 12.0414:23
jrib!skype | ChrisMaQ14:23
ubottuChrisMaQ: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga14:23
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:23
ChrisMaQthanks let me check14:24
ActionParsnipdragoonis: then you have found a bug14:24
ocooelChrisMaQ: There's always http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-computer/14:25
ActionParsnipocooel: I'd imagine they will use whatever is suitable for the service. Are there any bugs reported?14:25
ActionParsnipChrisMaQ: if you have the partner repo enabled, you can install the app like any other14:25
ocooelActionParsnip: Let me ask the question a different way. Do you use Empathy or Gwibber to connect to your social networks or as IM?14:26
=== SuRfDaEmOn is now known as Bjond
ActionParsnipocooel: gwibber connects to your twitter feed and gives live alerts on new tweets14:26
popitanyone can help me use kali linux?14:27
popiti mean people on #kali-linux is not very helpful14:27
ActionParsnippopit: ask in #kali-linux14:27
ActionParsnippopit: its not supported here14:27
MonkeyDustpopit  wrong channel, not supported here14:27
ocooelActionParsnip: Yes. I guess it's a vague question - more suited to a security channel..?14:28
ChrisMaQi get this error when executing the first step of installing skype14:28
ChrisMaQdpkg: error: unknown option --add-architecture14:28
ActionParsnipocooel: possibly. I would look at bug reports to see if there are known security issues14:28
ActionParsnipChrisMaQ: did you use the partner repo?14:28
ChrisMaQis that where u select the option in the software center?14:29
MonkeyDustChrisMaQ  sudo apt-get install skype should do the trick, after you activated the source14:29
HAWieseMoin, moin!14:29
HAWieseMoin, moin!14:29
ChrisMaQoki let me try14:29
iceroot_ChrisMaQ: on ubuntu mutliarch should be enabled by default, only on debian it is missing14:29
iceroot_HAWiese: moin14:29
ChrisMaQok im installing now ... thanks for the help hope it works bug free this time14:30
ocooelActionParsnip: Where can I find the bug reports? On ubuntu or the app-specific sites? Bugzilla..? Sorry, I have moved to ubuntu from opensuse.14:30
ActionParsnipocooel: launchpad14:30
MonkeyDustocooel  what did you read and where?14:31
iceroot_ocooel: you will all bugreports on launchpad14:31
iceroot_!bug | ocooel14:31
ubottuocooel: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.14:31
iceroot_ocooel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/PACKAGENAME14:34
iceroot_ocooel: for example https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vim14:34
streulmafinally got my Ubuntu 13.04 working on my Macbook Pro Retina. If there are people here with a Retina, I can help!14:35
funky1putin is a douchebag14:36
ocooelThanks guys - there's definately more help than opensuse irc :-)14:36
ocooelMonkeyDust: This is where I read it - http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-1779-1/ - there is an update there, but I thought I'd ask the pro's in irc.14:37
ocooelDoes this mean that I can report bugs right here in irc..? - ubuntu-bug <package>14:39
ActionParsnipstreulma: i have a retina, one in each eye :)14:39
ActionParsnipocooel: run that in a terminal and it will start the process14:40
ocooelThat's cool14:40
ocooelMonkeyDust: Did you read it..?14:42
dakotawulfywminput  needs sudo would it be a problem to make it work with out sudo?? would that cause a security issue?14:44
ActionParsnipdakotawulfy: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/wminput.1.html    shows how you can make it not need sudo.....14:46
=== shai_ is now known as shai
MonkeyDustocooel  yes, just to know it was not some random message, somewhere14:47
dakotawulfyActionParsnip thanks14:47
MonkeyDustocooel  but I don't use social media myself14:47
goaw_hello. I'm a novice programmer, though I've not yet written any programs specifically for linux really. What language would I need to write a program for learning a language with a flash-card-type thing?14:48
goaw_I could easily do what I'm wanting to do with html, though I wanted to write a program that was native to Linux rather... any suggestions?14:50
janne_phoenix__, hi!14:52
phoenix__after xubuntu install on my laptop i added a new user account and set it as administrator. after that i deleted the previous account which i created at the time of installation.but now i am unable to do any adminstrator task. it  says i am not in sudoers list14:54
phoenix__janne_, after xubuntu install on my laptop i added a new user account and set it as administrator. after that i deleted the previous account which i created at the time of installation.but now i am unable to do any adminstrator task. it  says i am not in sudoers list14:55
ocooelMonkeyDust: Yeah, it (was) is official.14:55
ChrisMaQ:( installed skype cant see call notification and it wont allow me to choose device for audio14:55
Dako300I have a Riva TNT2 and I need to run blender on Ubuntu 13.04 (upgraded from 12.04). Whenever I try and run it, I get this error:X Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation) and complains about GLX. How can I fix it?14:55
janne_phoenix__, administrator is not same as root user i think14:55
ocooelActionParsnip: Yes or No. Do you trust IM clients..?14:55
ChrisMaQwhat can i do14:55
phoenix__what should i do now?14:56
janne_phoenix__, "sudo passwd root"14:56
phoenix__janne_, but i am not in sudoers list14:57
janne_type in password then try loging in with the root account14:57
janne_sudo su in terminal?14:57
ActionParsnipocooel: i use pidgin14:57
ActionParsnipjanne_: sudo -i     is advised, not sudo su14:57
janne_ActionParsnip, why?14:57
ActionParsnipjanne_: please dont advise users to set the root pass, its not necesary14:58
zykotick9janne_: you're giving bad advice to phoenix__ luckily it won't work14:58
phoenix__ActionParsnip, janne_ but i am not in the sudoers list14:58
ActionParsnipjanne_: the fact you have to ask why, should be screaming at you to not advise users about the accoun14:58
janne_ActionParsnip, explain it to me then14:58
phoenix__zykotick9, why?14:58
janne_or us14:58
ubottuWe do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.14:58
phoenix__yes what?14:58
ActionParsnipjanne_: you can use 'sudo' to get any and all access you need, you can use:  sudo -i   to become root but use your user's profile. sudo -i   will use root's profile14:59
janne_is it against the rules to discuss how to set the use password?14:59
ocooelActionParsnip: Of course :-P14:59
zykotick9janne_: for root = YES14:59
janne_really awkward imo15:00
bekksphoenix__: Why do you crosspost btw? The solution to your problem was just provided in #xubuntu.15:00
ActionParsnipjanne_: enabling the root account is not needed and NOT supported. If you want to set the account on your PC (even though it is not needed) then this is your choice15:00
phoenix__ActionParsnip, it seems i am not in the sudoers list and the account i had created during install was deleted now i am unable to do any admin task even though the new account type is admin15:00
Dako300How can I fix it?15:00
janne_however he wants to create a root account15:00
ActionParsnipjanne_: Ubuntu is made by people who I am very sure know a LOT more about Linux than you,15:00
bekksphoenix__: And it stays the same: you arent in the sudoers list, the user once being a member was deleted, and now you need a live cd to fix it.15:00
zykotick9phoenix__: your new user needed to be added to the "sudo" group... not "admin"15:00
phoenix__bekks, how?15:00
ActionParsnipphoenix__: then you will need an admin to put you in the 'sudo' group and you will get accesss15:00
bekksphoenix__: I told you twice, in #xubuntu.15:00
Dako300I have a Riva TNT2 and I need to run blender on Ubuntu 13.04 (upgraded from 12.04). Whenever I try and run it, I get this error:X Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation) and complains about GLX. How can I fix it?15:01
janne_ActionParsnip, yes ofcourse, why are you even telling me that?15:01
ActionParsnipjanne_: basically, you don'y know what you are doing yet see fit to advise users/15:01
ActionParsnipjanne_: because you asked.....15:01
ActionParsnip(15:57:55) janne_: ActionParsnip, why?15:01
bekksjanne_: He doesnt want to create a root account, because a root account is already there.15:01
bekks!root | janne_15:02
ubottujanne_: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo15:02
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
janne_ActionParsnip,  i asked why sudo -i is advised over sudo su. but whatever15:02
janne_ActionParsnip, you're being inpolite15:02
ActionParsnipjanne_: if you want a root password  on your PC then fine but please dont advise users how to break their OS. The account is disabled for a lot of reasons and the fact that you asked me to explain basic system security should be a warning for you to not do it15:02
ActionParsnipjanne_: I explained the sudo -i   earlier15:02
zykotick9janne_: "sudo -i" sets the environment correctly, while "sudo su" doesn't.15:03
ActionParsnipjanne_: it gives a root prompt without needing to enable the root account, but also uses the user's profile.15:03
janne_ActionParsnip, yes, after i asked "why"15:03
ActionParsnipjanne_: so why does root need enabling if sudo -i   does exactly the same thing, but better15:03
ActionParsnipjanne_: ?15:03
ChrisMaQcould compiz affect skype not posting notifications?15:04
ActionParsnipChrisMaQ: could try a session without Compiz to test15:04
janne_ActionParsnip, it doesn't15:04
ActionParsnipjanne_: so why advise it earlier then?15:04
janne_ActionParsnip, because i thought that was the way you did it15:04
ActionParsnipjanne_: do what?15:05
janne_ActionParsnip, make a root acount15:05
ChrisMaQthats my main problem with skype there is no notification when someone is calling15:05
ActionParsnipjanne_: the root account is always present on all systems, there can only be one root account and that is 'root'15:05
phoenix__but i will not be able to create a root account because my account is not in the sudoers list15:06
janne_ActionParsnip, yes i do realize that now.15:06
ActionParsnipjanne_: you can give users root-like access by adding them to the 'sudo' group, this can only be done by root or people already in the sudo groujp15:06
zykotick9phoenix__: you need to use recovery mode, or livecd/chroot15:06
phoenix__zykotick9, ok i got it15:06
phoenix__zykotick9, thanks15:06
janne_ActionParsnip, yep15:07
ActionParsnipjanne_: so how ca you 'make a root account' when it already exists from install time, from the very first boot?15:07
phoenix__ActionParsnip, why do other distros force us to set root password during install15:08
janne_ActionParsnip, apparently you can't, right?15:08
ActionParsnipjanne_: yes, as it already exists. it is root. Its like local administrator in Windows. Its always there15:08
zykotick9phoenix__: other distros use the root account, *buntu doesn't.15:08
janne_ActionParsnip, i said i understand that now15:08
ActionParsnipjanne_: do us all a favour, stick to the sudo group etc and we won't have to fix nearly as many issues15:09
phoenix__zykotick9, the what does ubuntu use?15:10
janne_ActionParsnip, yes i most certainly will, please do us all a favor and be more polite so people dont have to get pissed by your attitude15:10
zykotick9!sudo | phoenix__15:10
ubottuphoenix__: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo15:10
Guest8072what is this ubuntu all about?15:10
zykotick9phoenix__: you should probably see that "fixsudo" link!15:10
ActionParsnipjanne_: well you are making problems with your 'help', then people need to dig user's out of the hole they are in and it makes the distro look bad15:11
ActionParsnipGuest8072: in what sense15:11
janne_ActionParsnip, oh15:11
ActionParsnipjanne_: Ubuntu is for the lay-user, so when they start needing to mess with Grub or chroot from liveCD it puts them off15:11
janne_ActionParsnip, i understand, no hard feelings15:11
Guest8072is it socially?15:12
janne_ActionParsnip, i shall no longer try to give "help" with anything about linux or ubuntu that i am not 100% certain of15:12
phoenix__zykotick9, so i can repair without live cd..15:12
ActionParsnipGuest8072: socialy...what do you mean15:12
ActionParsnipjanne_: its just a bad practice to avoid root :)15:13
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ikillcypherhello guys how to contact a ubuntu developer ?15:18
digitalizeddeathIs this a open discussion IRS Channel15:27
blzlol the IRS doesn't know how to use computers ^^15:28
Nasugablz: NSA started giving lessons :P15:28
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:28
digitalizeddeathCorrect if they did we wouldnt have have half as bad of a budget crisis!15:28
blzOh... damn.... we're all screwed15:28
blzzykotick9, chill out, man... 3 lines in a dead channel15:29
zykotick9blz: the !ot was actually an answer to digitalizeddeath question.  NO this isn't a "discussion" channel.15:29
blzzykotick9, oh, apologies then =)15:29
digitalizeddeathQuestion im trying to get my FAHControl to utilize my GPU does anyone have any experience with setting up the FAHControl for that purpose. Folding@Home (FAH)15:30
kriskropdI am having so much trouble installing sqlite3 on this ubuntu server vm - does anybody know why 'sudo apt-get install php5-sqlite' in 13.04 doesn't actually install sqlite3 into php5?15:35
elpeladohi everyone, have a nice day!15:36
nova_34can somebody help me understanding how irc works here?15:36
sam113101nova_34: ask your questions15:36
nova_34i want to find people who have ux in ubuntu, and helping newbies in answering related questions. So im looking for some  helpfull IRC Servers15:37
nova_34user experience ;-)15:38
kriskropdnova_34: this is an ubuntu support channel. You can check out  #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to ask unrelated questions there15:38
sam113101looks like you're in the right channel, though15:39
sam113101if you have questions about ubuntu you should ask them here15:39
nova_34ok, i keep the offtopic channel in mind.15:40
irc4I'm using macchanger (linux) executing ifconfig shows my mac address changed, but my router still displays the factory mac address...15:40
Pwnguin_what the fuck15:43
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:43
Pwnguin_hey can I do that too? !language15:43
Pwnguin_oh well15:43
semitonesAnybody know what this means? I'm getting this rsync error: rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed to write 4 bytes to socket [sender]: Broken pipe (32). http://paste.ubuntu.com/5974035/15:44
kriskropdsemitones: looks like you got disconnected15:45
Nasugasemitones: I've experienced a broken pipe error whenever I lost a connection. Example, SSHed into server while suspending computer.15:45
kriskropdsemitones: mid-transfer15:45
semitonesif that's the most common reason, maybe this usb cable is iffy15:45
lvlephIs there a way to unset extents flag? chattr apparently can't do this.15:47
irc2if a connection to a network fails my macchanger reverts back...15:47
irc2to the original mac address weird15:47
kriskropdirc2: I'm unfamiliar with mac spoofing with macchanger, but looking at this list of instructuins suggests you only can see the spoofed address with macchanger commands (http://www.ubuntugeek.com/macchanger-utility-for-manipulating-the-mac-address-of-network-interfaces-included-gui-utility.html )15:50
=== jhenke_ is now known as jhenke
semitonesI realized what was happening: the dest directory didn't have a drive mounted on it, so was too small15:56
babinlonstonis it possible to use iphone in ubuntu 13 ?15:56
=== kb3gtn is now known as kb3gtn|away
semitonesi think so,  not sure16:02
dakotawulfyok trying to write a rule and not working can some one help me out?16:02
RagingHello Massives16:03
chamunksI need a little help with regex / sed16:03
chamunkssed -i "s/(\b[0-9]{1,3}\.){3}[0-9]{1,3}/$HOSTIP/g" /home/$USR/server.properties16:03
chamunks$hostip is declared using some other fancy regex but im getting sed: -e expression #1 char 35: unknown option to `s'16:04
RagingAnyone know about Kturtle?16:06
hello_worldguys ..i am in ulimate ubuntu trouble..first i removed network manager in hope of configuring hotspot,,i that i tried to reinstall and after fixed some dependencies of dsub ..i am getting low graphics kind of crap...now all hope is here ..how can i restore my ubuntu..can i used fdisk ..plzz help16:07
blaircseHey ppl having some issues with my ethernet connection in ubuntu 13.04,    I can connect with wireless fine but when connecting with ethernet I get a DNS error...... any suggestions would be awesome16:07
Nasugablaircse: DNS error with addresses outside your LAN?16:08
blaircseyep i get the error when surfing16:09
gbear14275hello, I'm running into a really frustrating problem where mysql was upgraded when it's db was corrupted and I can't remove mysql-server.  It keeps trying to configure mysql 5.5 before removing the package and it can't finish so it won't purge or remove.  Anyone able to offer advice?  http://pastebin.com/2wB0fRk616:09
hello_worldanyone ..can throw somelight my cases .atleast how can i recover my data..i am not able to login and my network manger is purged(silly me)16:10
=== versi is now known as kalkov
blaircsei get an ip, but no surf, both the ethernet connection and the wireless are coming from the same router/same network16:11
Dark_lightthis might be a moronic question but sitll, does 12.04 gets the latest unity from backports or is it limited to the version it was released with ?16:13
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=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
gbear14275Anyone able to help with a package that won't purge or remove?  Mysql-server : http://pastebin.com/2wB0fRk616:14
hello_worldcan i replace the damaged or uninstalled packages from live usb folder..since i can access the disk ?16:14
hello_worldi am in one of the deepest shit !!16:16
hello_worldguys ..i am in ulimate ubuntu trouble..first i removed network manager in hope of configuring hotspot,,i that i tried to reinstall and after fixed some dependencies of dsub ..i am getting low graphics kind of crap...now all hope is here ..how can i restore my ubuntu..can i used fdisk ..plzz help16:17
hello_worldcan i replace the damaged or uninstalled packages from live usb folder..since i can access the disk ?16:17
RagingANYONE khow about Kturtle please help me16:19
blaircseHey ppl having some issues with my ethernet connection in ubuntu 13.04,    I can connect with wireless fine but when connecting with ethernet I get a DNS error...... any suggestions would be awesome16:19
gbear14275blaircse, what's the error?16:20
hello_worldRaging: you need to reinstall network-manager..using sudo apt-get network-manager16:20
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as Nisstyre
gbear14275hello_world, if you are just trying to reinstall why not boot from live usb, reformat and reinstall16:21
Lighting “/join #metasploit"16:21
blaircseusing chrome to surf, the error i get is : Error code: ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED16:22
blaircseusing chrome to surf, the error i get is : Error code: ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED16:22
blaircseusing chrome to surf, the error i get is : Error code: ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED16:23
Nasugablaircse: try setting your DNS with network manager to
NasugaThat's googles DNS16:23
Nasugatell me if it helps16:23
Nasugaalso, restart chrome16:23
nckoalso check your proxy settings16:23
hello_worldgbear14275: thanks for reply..i am not trying to reinstall ..i am trying to repair without an internet connection ..somehow from live usb..16:25
blaircseno proxy settings16:25
blaircseso add into additional dns settings? sorry i'm very much  beginner with ubuntu16:26
Nasugablaircse, tell me if it helps.16:27
Nasugablaircse, sometimes my router doesn't passed dns settings through DHCP so try this.16:27
hello_worldcan i use ubuntu live usb to replace file in filesystem of my hardisk ubuntu [03:28] <schumaml> you should ask this on an ubuntu channel16:30
blaircsesorry got disconnected16:32
blaircsesorry Nasuga, didn't get your last msg16:37
Nasugablaircse, add as your dns in network manager, and restart chrome.16:37
NasugaTell me if it helps16:37
semitonesis there a graceful way of telling rsync to stop midway16:44
blaircseHey Hey!! seems to have worked!!!16:47
blaircsethanks so much!16:47
Nasugablaircse, no problem. I've gotten the problem and glad to help.16:48
kim79hey all16:59
subz3r0hey you17:00
RagingHELLO JACK17:03
Jack^^is ubuntu professional cert still available?17:03
Jack^^i saw this on ubuntu website before.. but i can't find it nowadays17:04
dowaatanyone have a good reason why I cannot edit detail on an old forum account nor can I request to removei t? It's quite a pissoff17:04
=== orwell|sleeping is now known as orwell
kim79need some help here..  im caught between 3 distros and ned some help choose17:05
Jack^^kim: what are them?17:06
kim79fedora, ubuntu and mint17:06
Jack^^what do you want to use it for?17:06
jribkim79: why do you need to choose?  Use them all; use the one *you* like the most17:07
Jack^^kim: you come to ubuntu channel, i will recommend ubuntu.17:07
Jack^^i'm using ubuntu for my desktop os..17:07
kim79jack :yes i know i`m in an ubuntu channel :P17:09
Jack^^kim: go for the one u like the most..17:10
k1l_kim79: use ubuntu17:10
Jack^^you can try them and then go for the one u like..17:11
Jack^^the one you feel comfortable with.17:11
k1l_kim79: for all other comparison questions ask in ##linux or in the offtopic channel17:11
wilee-nileedowaat, #ubuntuforums17:11
NasugaUse a VM to install each OS, and learn their internals without fear of breaking your system.17:11
NasugaIt's what I do.17:11
Jack^^yes. use VM..17:12
Jack^^but, i don't use vm when i starting to use linux distro17:12
Jack^^just get one laptop or pc and install it.. try it for a week or more than that..17:13
NasugaI did, I started with a vmware using Fedora before I even knew what linux was.17:13
Jack^^i just install it and follow the guide online..17:14
Jack^^but i still couldn't understand it. lol.17:14
Jack^^started to use it is the first step to learn it..17:14
kim79is there a good way update ubuntu thise days?17:14
k1l_kim79: use the update manager?17:14
kim79i meen upgrate17:15
Jack^^use command line. :D17:15
k1l_Jack^^: and Nasuga we have a extra #ubuntu-offtopic for not ubuntu support related chatter17:15
daftykinskim79: between one version and another, or just to install the latest packages?17:15
daftykinsno caps thanks17:15
kim79between versions17:15
k1l_!upgrade | kim7917:15
ubottukim79: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade17:15
Nasugak1l_, sorry.17:15
k1l_!details | Raging17:16
ubottuRaging: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:16
wilee-nileeRaging, Caps are yelling please.17:16
Ragingi mean Kturtle can anyone tell me the use of it?17:16
wilee-nilee!info Kturtle17:17
ubottuPackage Kturtle does not exist in raring17:17
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade17:17
wilee-nileeRaging, What release are you running?17:17
Ragingam just use to caps in other sites sorry about that .17:17
k1l_Raging: dont ask who knows something, just ask the specific question17:17
wilee-nilee!eol | Raging17:18
ubottuRaging: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:18
kim79i`m running ubuntu live now and i like unity more then gnome 317:18
kim79just missing the hot corner17:18
wilee-nileekim79, unity is a compiz plugin on top of gnome 317:19
Ragingi tried upgrading but it was not successful maybe i'll try again.17:20
wilee-nileeRaging, A eol upgrade has a specific path it is in that eol link.17:21
k1l_Raging: see the upgrade instructions17:21
harrisif i have a bunch of libreoffice writer files how can i convert them to pdf all at once17:22
Dj_FlyByinstalled kubuntu-dekstop for my wife to use as she doesn't like Unity. Then I needed an update that prompted me to reboot and now when I boot the machine it gets to the part where it says loading 13.04 and then loads to a black screen. Any suggestions?17:23
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | Dj_FlyBy17:23
ubottuDj_FlyBy: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:23
subz3r0harris: why not searching google, ehh?17:23
subz3r0!google batch convert pdf...17:24
ubottuI have no google command, use http://www.google.com/17:24
jockey4hera friend asked me to assist with his L-ubuntu on his 'very' small harddrive. He wants to install 13.04, but he has only a 6Gb drive. Can it be done?17:28
jockey4herthe reason is that his previous version wont patch itself (no space OFC) and he can't get online with it.17:28
kim79been i while ago i tested ubuntu and i like it alot so far17:30
daftykinsjockey4her: it's probably not going to be comfy17:31
jockey4herokay. thanks a bunch.17:32
loinhi guys, how can i get the kernel sources of my kernel?17:33
rypervencheloin: apt-get source linux-image, I believe17:34
rypervencheloin: You probably need to specify the exact version of it.17:34
aquaticI downloaded a game and have no idea how to get it started. help anyone?17:34
daftykinsaquatic: what kind of game?17:35
Jack^^angry bird? :D17:35
loinrypervenche, that doesn't seem to be the sources package17:35
loinryanakca, there's linux-sources17:35
loinbut it's version 3.2 not 3.5....17:35
rypervencheloin: Let's find it in a PM, so we don't bother other people.17:36
aquaticit's called achron. i'm new to linux to its not the typical double click i'm use to17:36
Jack^^may i know what can we do with kernel?17:36
loinsure rypervenche17:36
Bragex9I have just switched from Ubuntu to Linux mint, and I I am now having the exact same problem that I had when I installed Ubuntu 5 months ago. I got help from someone in here, and everything was fixed. The problem is I don't remember what we did. All I remember is NVIDIA and Xorg. The error message i got after installing Linux mint is: cinnamon is running without video hardware acceleration. When I check driver manager, it says that I am using the17:39
auronandaceBragex9: mint isn't supported here17:39
jrib!mintsupport | Bragex917:40
ubottuBragex9: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:40
auronandacejrib:  i was told that factoid was out of date17:41
Bragex9auronandace: I know... I went to #linuxmint but it was not much activity there17:41
jribauronandace: do you know mint's new support loaction?17:41
auronandacejrib: i don't sorry17:41
jribauronandace: it's what they point to on http://www.linuxmint.com/contactus.php17:42
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hudohello with which tool can i control audio in ubuntu 12.10 ?17:48
wilee-nileehudo, Control audio in what way?17:49
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
sunranybody who can help with vpn setup17:50
hudohm, i do not remember, i had a tool, where you cantrol loudness , left/right, apps and so on17:50
semitonesin byobu, how can you make a window maximized? For some reason none of the manuals say anythign about it17:51
wilee-nileesunr, This a 3rd party vpn?17:52
rypervencheWhat is the best way to compile a kernel and have it create a deb package in Ubuntu?17:52
kelvinellaCan I install Adobe Acrobat XI Pro on ubuntu?17:52
kelvinellado i install it in playonlinux??17:52
sunrwilee-nilee, its anonynommuius internet access17:53
wilee-nileesunr, Right I know that are you using the ubuntu repos, that is what is supported here basically.17:53
sunrwilee-nilee, whats is ubuntu repos17:54
wilee-nileekelvinella, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro I doubr there is a linux version, playonlinux is in the repos I believe.17:54
wilee-nileesunr, Not sure I don't bother with vpn my self, if you want help though you have to detail what is aup not ask if someone will help you is all.17:55
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
sunrwilee-nilee,  what is aup17:56
hudoi think it was pavucontrol17:56
hudothx anyway17:56
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
wilee-nileehudo, Look up at the up* correction.17:57
kelvinellai mean do i need to install acrobat pro in playonlinux?17:58
kelvinellai mean does acrobat pro work on playonlinux?17:58
auronandace!appdb | kelvinella17:58
ubottukelvinella: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help17:58
streulmaI removed appmenu in Ubuntu 13.04, now I have no menu in nautilus... what can I do?17:58
wilee-nileekelvinella, Hard to say, try it, I doubt there is a linux version, adobe does not support linux in any way as of now that I know of.17:58
wilee-nileestreulma,  I removed appmenu?17:59
hudowilee-nilee, what do you mean ? Sorry i dont understand17:59
streulmawilee-nilee, yes the menu bar on top in the bar, now I have menu's in apps itself, but not in the Nautilus app (finder)18:00
semitonesif I want to be able to ssh to my computer from the internet, should I just port forward port 22, or is that a bad idea for security?18:00
wilee-nileehudo, several lines below my spelling error I posted up* that is a correction commonly used on the irc18:01
wilee-nileehudo, If you are looking for perfect english composition here you will be disappointed.18:02
Ragingwhat is the command use to shutdown in Ubuntu?18:03
mrmothRaging: poweroff18:03
streulmaRaging: sudo shutdown -h now18:03
Ragingcan i add time to it like it is done in windows?18:04
rypervencheRaging: Sure, sudo shutdown -h 60 (for an hour)18:04
TheUsDdoes anyone know how to uninstall zentyal from a ubuntu server? can't seem to find any documentation online about it.18:05
ellendwayhey, anyone with iPhone and iOS7?18:06
wilee-nileeellendway, This is ubuntu support, you have any relevant needs?18:07
semitonesRaging, I think you can do absolute times as well. Check out shutdown's man page18:07
Ragingthanks @Rypervenche sometimes i like to give that command to the computer when am going out but i could not.18:07
ellendwayYes, Ubuntu 12.04.2 is not able to verify my phone and I cannot access my pictures.18:07
Marleneehow to record any thing happen while iam ruunig programmes in back ground18:08
Marleneei try "logsave" command and it not record all18:08
rypervencheRaging: You can also use the "at" command to specify a time you want a command to run.18:08
peeepsHi everyone!18:08
wilee-nileeellendway, There is a apple or mac channel I believe18:08
peeepsGot a question. Is there any keboard key/command that allows me to switch the worplace on unbuntu studio?18:08
ellendwaywilee-nilee, okay, thanks anyway.18:08
JVizi made a pcap.pc file so that libpcap will work with pkg-config, where can I submit it?18:09
semitonesMarlenee, sometimes the program is already saving its own logs, did you try that?18:09
semitonespeeeps, did you look up the normal ubuntu keybindings and try those? maybe they will work18:09
TheUsDellendway could just be ubuntu, it does not see or mount my BB z10 either.18:10
ellendwayTheUsD, I can see the phone as connected, unfortunately I just cannot verify it.18:11
Raging@Rypervenche if i want the command to run 20 mins after i left can i write like this(sudo shutdown -h 60 at 20)  is it correct to do that?18:11
TheUsDellendway infact all my other machines (win7) see it over the network too as a NAS device but 12.04 does not see it.18:12
TheUsDellendway could just be a driver issue...?18:12
TheUsDdoes anyone know how to uninstall zentyal from a ubuntu server? can't seem to find any documentation online about it.18:12
rypervencheRaging: sudo shutdown -h 2018:12
ellendwayI don't think so. I never had a problem on Windows 7. They did a new feature (https://neosmart.net/blog/2013/apple-finally-locks-down-the-usb-port-ios-7/) and it's being more annoying than ever before.18:13
Raging@Ryper how can i abort if i change my mine/18:13
semitonesRaging, sudo shutdown -a18:14
semitonesRaging, you really ought to "man shutdown" it explains everything18:14
Ragingwow! thanks people18:14
unitraxxhi all. I have an Asus n56v and I'm having the battery and fan issues which a lot of users seem to have according to google but I have not found a solution. Someone an idea?18:17
Ragingthis thing says "shutdown: Need to be root"18:17
unitraxxI tried installen 3.10.5 kernel.. but that didn't help. (How do I uninstall a kernel and go back to my still installed 3.8 kernel? )18:18
streulmaRaging: sudo shutdown -h now18:18
wilee-nileeunitraxx, Choose the original kernel at the grub menu to begin with.18:19
unitraxxoh ok18:19
unitraxxthen I have to reboot :p18:19
unitraxxbut apart from that, any idea for the battery and fan issue?18:19
wilee-nilee!details | unitraxx18:20
ubottuunitraxx: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:20
wilee-nileeunitraxx, Details get you far grasshopper. ;)18:20
Raging@streulma i tried and it worked thanks.18:20
wilee-nilee!tab | Raging18:21
ubottuRaging: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.18:21
Ragingi did not write the sudo at first18:21
unitraxxwell if I boot into ubuntu, chances are (yes not always) that my battery led starts blinking, and my fan goes 100% while not on a specific load. Only solution is to shutdown, unplug cable, unplug battery and reboot.18:21
unitraxx13.04 Asus n56vb, but I did some research and a lot of asus models are having this problem on either 12.04 12.10 and 13.0418:22
unitraxx(The issue occur when the laptop is still a bit warm from a previous boot. Or so it seems to me. I never have the problem if I boot after a night of sleep.)18:24
wilee-nileeunitraxx, Just a general search might help while you wait. https://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en#bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&fp=50e29643d5ca2335&hl=en&q=13.04+Asus+n56v+fans+battery18:24
unitraxxyeah that gives me all the links I already visited : people reporting the same bug without a solution :)18:25
wilee-nileeunitraxx, Yeah, that happens, bugs are not really fixed here, so hard to say what the answers are, have you made a thread at the ubuntu forums?18:26
semitonesdoes anything bad happen to an ext2 partition if you mount it as ext4? Can it still be read by things that are ext2 only?18:27
semitones(later on)18:27
wilee-nileesemitones, Can you share mounting in that way?18:28
Voii get an error 127 on make install, http://pastebin.com/msamqQFe what went wrong?18:28
wilee-nileeVoi, What are you installing and did you check the ubuntu repos for it?18:28
Voiwilee-nilee, node.js, i checked software center but not the repos18:29
GrakovNeGood morning from cold Siberia!18:29
unitraxxwilee-nilee: I did not make a thread.18:30
semitoneswilee-nilee, not concurrently, but yes. I have two computers that sometimes access this drive, and one can only read/write to ext218:31
GrakovNeWhat is last release? 13.04?18:31
TheUsDis ripping a website considered illegal?18:31
wilee-nileeunitraxx, Just for extra possibilities I would that forum has at least 60,000 regular user and over a million signed up or at least did.18:31
semitonesTheUsD, only if you plagiarize18:31
semitonesbut not on topic here18:31
DJonesTheUsD: Probably not, most websites have a copyright notice of some sort18:31
ellendwayTheUsD, okay, it's a know bug :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/120781218:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1207812 in linux (Ubuntu) "Iphone with iOS 7 does not work on Ubuntu" [Medium,Incomplete]18:32
jribTheUsD: ask a lawyer.18:32
TheUsDsemitones I asked that because I wanted to ask for a good website ripping tool for ubuntu, but don't want to without violating rules here.18:32
semitonesI'm not sure what website ripping is, then. Firefox>save as?18:33
jribTheUsD: httrack and wget18:33
GrakovNego to Russian sites! There are not copyright!18:33
NasugaTheUSD: the wayback machine must have hidden servers then.18:33
TheUsDjrib httrack will not work for the site I am looking at.18:33
f00bar80how to stop dnsmasq in ubuntu 13.04, i've tried service dnsmasq stop, but got "dnsmasq: unrecognized service"18:34
jribTheUsD: why is that...?18:34
GrakovNesyko, Greeting!18:34
blazemoref00bar80: Why do you think the service is started in the first place?18:34
sykof00bar80, what is the output of sudo service dnsmasq status?18:34
TheUsDjrib not sure, I tried it and when I go to load the local copy its just a blank page18:35
sykoand greetings to you too, GrakovNe!18:35
f00bar80blazemore, getting the following  http://pastebay.com/1278127 , when tried to start unbound, at the time bind9 is stopped18:35
TheUsDjrib its an html5 page and it looks like it is located on several servers.18:35
f00bar80syko, i'm running this as root18:35
blazemoref00bar80: That's a pretty self-explanatory error message18:35
sykof00bar80, what is the output of grep -i dns /var/log/dmesg?18:36
f00bar80blazemore, but bind is stopped18:36
jribTheUsD: you have to investigate what exactly is happening and why that isn't what you expected18:36
blazemoref00bar80: You should confibure bind (/etc/bind) to listen on a different address18:36
f00bar80syko, [    1.605402] Key type dns_resolver registered18:36
TheUsDellendway good to know, thanks for the link!18:36
GrakovNewhat about badblocks? Which program can relocate em?18:37
=== KyleYankan is now known as KyleYankanD
sykohave you tried running it manually, f00bar80?18:37
wilee-nileeGrakovNe, If you have bad blocks enough to have to ask I would get a new HD.18:37
=== sarcasticsimba is now known as vigs
sykof00bar80: what you're saying, that is not the normal behavior. it SHOULD respond no matter how it is started.18:38
sykof00bar80: If you start it as a service, does the daemon really start? Is it listed in a ps? Does it start at startup or do you always start it manually? If manually, then how did you install it?18:38
TheUsDjrib its a template on wix.com and from what I understand the templates they have are open source but I cannot find the template name (real name) and they break down the website onto several servers18:38
unitraxxI did at "options snd-hda-intel model=asus-mode4" to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf to get my subwoofer working. Although I have no idea what that actually does.18:38
unitraxxCould that in anyway "hurt" my installation?18:38
GrakovNewilee-nilee:  only 16. But system can't start normally because en18:38
f00bar80syko, the same when tried to start unbound as a service18:39
sykof00bar80, go in /var/run/dnsmasq/resolv.conf and uncomment  IGNORE_RESOLVECONF=yes.18:39
wilee-nileeGrakovNe, Get a HD and dd it to it.18:39
f00bar80syko, /var/run/dnsmasq/resolv.conf is empty18:39
sykothat's weird, f00bar80.18:39
wilee-nileeGrakovNe, Are you sure it is badblocks?18:39
sykolooks dnsmasq is corrupt, f00bar80. maybe try re-installing it manually?18:39
wilee-nileeGrakovNe, There is a smartcheck on the live cd in disks I believe.18:40
GrakovNe<wilee-nilee>, tried. But at next reboot all mark theren't. Yeah, its badblocks18:40
wilee-nileeGrakovNe, The more you run a bad HD the closer you get to no recovery at all, so be careful.18:41
f00bar80syko, i've reinstalled dnsmaq ... and always the same issue when tried to start unbound18:41
GrakovNe<wilee-nilee>, All data was copied, of cause.18:42
wilee-nileeGrakovNe, Then get a new HD, we don't do miracles. ;)18:43
f00bar80blazemore, how to change the bind port ? /etc/bind/named.conf.local , has nothing about ports and all is commented in there18:43
Jeeves_Mosswhere is the SNMP snapin for configuration on a 2008 server?18:43
blazemore!bind | I'm not sure f00bar80, maybe this is a factoid and can help18:43
blazemoref00bar80: maybe https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto18:43
wilee-nileeGrakovNe, http://askubuntu.com/questions/104070/what-is-the-best-way-to-check-and-repair-hard-drive-for-bad-sectors18:44
GrakovNe<wilee-nilee>, it's bad... But i'm russian) And "new" - is'n my way) Want try the low-level formatting18:45
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GrakovNe<wilee-nilee>, thank for links!18:45
alalavinquestion about tablet18:46
bushyI have some links on the Top Bar and don't see how to remove them18:46
wilee-nileeGrakovNe, I hope you can achieve what you need, however you have to ask yourself is it a possibility.18:46
bazhang!touch | alalavin18:46
ubottualalavin: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch18:46
=== KyleYankanD is now known as KyleYankan
alalavinhow can i move to that page from here ?18:47
bazhangalalavin, /join #channelname18:47
wilee-nilee!details | bushy18:47
ubottubushy: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:47
GrakovNebushy: What a trouble? What a links?18:48
streulmaI can't set the screen brightness in Ubuntu on Macbook Pro Retina18:48
streulmawhere can I look ?18:49
bushyI haven't used UBUNTU for quite a while, just started it today.  I guess I should get jy bearing before posting for help.  I'l be back when I have better info.18:49
sykobushy: do you want to be a Ubuntu pro?18:50
streulmaoh boshy, can we help us together ? :)18:50
sykostreulma & bushy: do you two want to be pros of ubuntu?18:50
GrakovNe<streulma>, look it /sys/class/brightness18:50
=== liam_ is now known as Guest22653
sykostreulma & bushy: then try out http://ubuntu-manual.org18:50
Guest22653im wondering how to add somthing to quicklists for firefox18:51
daftykinsstreulma: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-2006475-p-2.html18:51
bushyThanks, I first need to see what version I am on and I am struggling with that simple task ;-)18:51
wilee-nileeGuest22653, quicklists for firefox?18:51
blazemoreGuest22653: Look at the top answer here : http://askubuntu.com/questions/187429/how-to-add-firefox-profiles-to-quick-list-for-firefox-launcher18:51
blazemoreGuest22653: You can edit the Firefox quicklist with Ubuntu-Tweak http://askubuntu.com/questions/75454/how-do-i-install-ubuntu-tweak18:51
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
Guest22653im lookind to open bookmarks libary from quicklist18:52
bushyOK I'm on 12.04 LTS with a gnome desktop.  The top bar has my home folder, I want to remove it and don't know how.18:53
blazemoreGuest22653: You would have to find a command which opens the firefox bookmark library18:53
blazemorebushy:  Super(Button with windows logo on it)+Alt+Right Mouse Click on the bar18:54
wilee-nileebushy, The fallback desk top, there are multiple gnome 3 desktop possibilities.18:54
sykowilee-nilee: xfce>gnome18:55
Guest22653blazemore, was wodering if someone knew it18:55
jesusemelendezmguys, how can I change my root password if I forgot it.18:55
daftykinsboot rescue mode18:56
blazemoreGuest22653: Looking at "firefox --help" there isn't one18:56
sykorescue mode to the rescue!18:56
wilee-nileejesusemelendezm, You mean the user password, there is no root password18:56
jesusemelendezmthat's my question. So there is no root password for ubuntu ?18:56
jesusemelendezmhow come ?18:56
jesusemelendezmmy user pw is my own root/18:56
wilee-nileejesusemelendezm, That is the design18:56
blazemore!ot | jesusemelendezm It's an awesome question but not for this channel18:56
ubottujesusemelendezm It's an awesome question but not for this channel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:57
hellz_anyone know the most up to date way for addling click listener to a Button? When googling I see ClickListener and ChangeListener18:57
wilee-nileejesusemelendezm, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword18:57
jesusemelendezmthanks ubottu18:57
jesusemelendezmhow about ubuntu server? does it have a root/18:57
streulmahello ubottu :)18:58
Guest22653also is there a quick list for display to switch montor out put18:58
streulmathe bot do not answer :(18:58
blazemoreGuest22653: There's an application indicator - https://code.launchpad.net/~nmellegard/disper/disper-indicator18:59
nielHey, I'm having issues configuring my mouse with ubuntu. I added this to xorg.conf but it still doesn't work. http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=tax1FAxY Could anyone help me?18:59
jribjesusemelendezm: do you know about sudo?18:59
blazemore!details | niel19:00
ubottuniel: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:00
nielWhat commands do I have to run to give you guys more details then?19:01
f00bar80how to stop dnsmasq in ubuntu 13.04, i've tried service dnsmasq stop, but got "dnsmasq: unrecognized service"19:01
Guest22653wondering if its possible to do through quicklists19:02
sykof00bar80: do you know about kill?19:03
blazemoreGuest22653: You'd have to find a command which does exactly what you want; quicklists are just lists of commands19:03
blazemoreGuest22653: Take a look at the command-line utility RandR which is used to change display settings19:03
fosstererHi ! Why do I receive "Requires Installation of Untrusted packages"  while installing new packages?19:04
JVizis there and ubuntu dev channel?19:04
Ampelbeinfossterer: Because you don't have the archive signing key for some packages on your system.19:04
Ragingi have the poorest connection. my upgrade time says 2days.19:05
fosstererAmpelbein: how do I get one?19:05
AmpelbeinJViz: there is #ubuntu-devel19:05
JVizAmpelbein, thank you19:05
Ampelbeinfossterer: That depends. Did you add any 3rd party repositories?19:05
Ampelbeinfossterer: Can you poste the contents of your /etc/apt/sources.list and sources.list.d folder? Use paste.ubuntu.com for the files.19:06
fosstererno.. I was installing 'gnome-do' from Ubuntu Software Center19:06
fosstererpost the contents? yeah wait19:06
blazemorefossterer: http://naveenubuntu.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/fixing-gpg-keys-in-ubuntu.html19:07
f00bar80syko, i did already kill -9 PID of dnsmasq19:07
wilee-nileeJViz, I believe so but closed19:08
A_J_I have a little bit of a problem. occasinally my pc refuses to connect to my wired network. idk why it seems random.19:09
fosstererAmpelbein: blazemore: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5974632/19:09
wilee-nileeJViz,Stae your issue for actual help.19:09
A_J_only happenbs in ubuntu too.19:09
JVizwilee-nilee, i made a pcap.pc file so that libpcap will work with pkg-config, where can I submit it?19:09
wilee-nilee!details | A_J_19:09
ubottuA_J_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:09
blazemorefossterer: Can you do the same thing for the output of "sudo apt-get update" please?19:10
wilee-nileeJViz, NOt sure you have to have a luanchpad account and be a ubuntu member at the least I suspect19:10
A_J_wilee-nilee: umm okie. the network is connected via a router. it normally connects automatically cause everything is dynamic19:10
JVizi would think that pkg-config is distro specific, so that's why I came here19:10
A_J_wilee-nilee: i'm not sure what the issue can be.19:10
fosstererblazemore: ohh... I have about 500 MB updates waiting to be installed.. Is that the cause ?19:10
wilee-nileeA_J_, Neither am I.19:11
fosstererI'm postponing the update process intentionally19:11
Ampelbeinwilee-nilee: You don't have to be a ubuntu member to report a bug or feature request. Though that would make life of the bug triagers easier ;-)19:11
blazemorefossterer: No, could you show me the output?19:11
A_J_wilee-nilee: anything i should check in settings ?19:11
wilee-nileeAmpelbein, Hence the "Isuspect" tell the user19:12
JVizwilee-nilee, do you know anyone who has a launchad account and is an ubuntu member who could submit it themselves?19:12
AmpelbeinJViz: Generally, .pc files should be submitted upstream, with the developers.19:12
JVizAmpelbein, since it's a pkg-config file, shouldn't i submit it to pkg-config?19:13
wilee-nileeJViz, I would talk with Ampelbein maybe they seem to want to help. ;)19:13
AmpelbeinJViz: No, while pkg-config uses those .pc files to calculate library dependencies and flags, they belong to the specific source package.19:14
AmpelbeinJViz: Otherwise pkg-config would have to be reuploaded every time a new .pc file gets added.19:14
fosstererblazemore: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5974653/19:15
JVizAmpelbein, surely there is a better way to handle updates19:15
blazemorefossterer: OK I know exactly how to fix this. Close all programs/windows which have to do with installing software e.g. Synaptic, software-centre and terminals.19:16
AmpelbeinJViz: Yes, open a ticket at https://github.com/the-tcpdump-group/libpcap/issues19:16
blazemorefossterer: Now you should delete the locked files. You can delete the lock file with "sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/lock", you may also need to delete the lock file in the cache directory "sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock"19:17
AmpelbeinJViz: They are the upstream developers. That way, your contribution will be available to all users, not just Ubuntu.19:17
alfredo_nedding help19:17
blazemore!details | alfredo_19:17
ubottualfredo_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:17
blazemorefossterer: Then do sudo apt-get update --fix-missing19:17
alfredo_need to generate an script to download from terminal an archive that changes their name19:18
fosstererblazemore: doing...19:18
blazemorealfredo_: Could you give an example?19:18
fosstererblazemore: meanwhile let me ask 'what could have caused the problem'?19:19
=== jack is now known as Guest20233
alfredo_I need to download form: "http://www.cabrillo.edu/~dbrown/tracker/installers/Tracker-4.81-linux-64bit-installer.run" this archive with wget19:20
blazemorealfredo_: OK so why do you need a script?19:20
alfredo_the archive changes its name with every actualization19:20
blazemoreHow does it change its name?19:21
alfredo_because Im generating an script to install all my software every time that I format my machine19:21
DarwinSurvivoralfredo_: can you give us an example of which part of the name changes? Are the old files still left in place (leaving multiple options)? If so, do you want all of them or just the latest?19:21
blazemoreNo I mean, in what way does the name change? Does the number increase?19:21
alfredo_changes the number in the extension19:22
alfredo_I tried using a wildcard but doesn{t work19:22
alfredo_no, the old files are deleted19:22
spartanxhello all i have pen tablet a 6 kraun it is compatibility on ubuntu19:23
alfredo_I want the only one file in that direction19:23
DarwinSurvivoralfredo_: wget the directory, grep for the lines matching part of the name, last -n 1, sed the part you want, send to wget19:24
alfredo_can you write the line?19:24
DarwinSurvivorif there is only one, you could omit the tail -n 1, but I'd leave it in just in case an old version gets left in for some reason19:24
ubnoobtuhow do I checksum?19:25
fosstererblazemore: Got this - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5974704/19:25
James_EppI tried to get help on linuxmint spotnet IRC but twice no-one has responded. I would appreciate if someone could help me with my issue. A few days ago, I plugged in my Samsung Galaxy S3 into my LM 13 Cinnamon install and it initially came up with a wizard asking for the carrier name and APN to set up the Mobile Broadband connection. This worked perfectly after I supplied the information, as I got a 10.xxx.xxx.xxx IP and had Internet access. Come today,19:26
DarwinSurvivorhmm, actually they seem to render a webpage if you access just the directory, so that might not work19:26
DarwinSurvivoralfredo_: is there any page on their site that shows which version is the current one?19:26
DJonesJames_Epp: I'm afraid Mint isn't supported here, the channel only supports the official Ubuntu variants19:26
ubnoobtu!checksum SHA25619:27
=== TDK is now known as Unknow
Jeeves_Mosswhy does my Cacti server still show servers having an "unknown" status when the SNMP shows all of the information correctly about the hose?19:28
wilee-nilee!md5sum | ubnoobtu19:29
ubottuubnoobtu: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:29
wilee-nileeJames_Epp, If you install ubuntu you will have much more support, mint is just ubuntu in drag.19:30
DandalionHi I'm trying to install GCC 4.7 or higher19:30
wilee-nileeJames_Epp, ubuntu 13.04 has cinnamon in the repos.19:30
Dandalioncurrent installed is 4.6.3 I believe, anyone know how to get 4.8 ?19:30
ubnoobtu!sha256 | wilee-nilee, What's up man, thanks for putting me on the right direction last time.19:30
jellfhi all19:31
wilee-nileeubnoobtu, I don't remember it, I was just serving my own needs, glad you were a part of it. ;)19:31
fosstererjellf: A hi alone is generally not answered... place your question19:31
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DarwinSurvivoralfredo_: wget $(wget http://www.cabrillo.edu/~dbrown/tracker/ -O- -q | grep "Linux 64-bit" | sed -e 's/^.*"\(.*\)".*$/\1/')19:32
alfredo_lets prove19:32
ubnoobtuWilee-nilee| I'm such a noob, so what are some things I sould know when dealing with this system.19:32
DarwinSurvivoralfredo_: wget $(wget http://www.cabrillo.edu/~dbrown/tracker/ -O- -q | grep "Linux 64-bit" | head -n 1 | sed -e 's/^.*"\(.*\)".*$/\1/')19:33
wilee-nileeubnoobtu, Not sure really, just be careful and execute only confirmed stuff really to start with.19:33
James_Eppwilee-nilee: What do you mean by "in drag" ?19:33
DarwinSurvivoruse that one, it will keep working if they ever add the words "Linux 64-bit" to the body of the webpage19:33
wilee-nileeJames_Epp, dressed up19:33
wilee-nileea fake in some sense19:34
DarwinSurvivoralfredo_: whoops, sorry, forgot to include the base-url, just a second19:34
James_EppTrue enough. Dont' get me wrong, I absolutely love ubuntu. I just feel as if I get a better experience out of lm.19:34
DarwinSurvivoralfredo_: wget http://www.cabrillo.edu/~dbrown/tracker/$(wget http://www.cabrillo.edu/~dbrown/tracker/ -O- -q | grep "Linux 64-bit" | sed -e 's/^.*"\(.*\)".*$/\1/')19:35
ubnoobtuGood stuff | Nilee, Is running a virtual box easy. I remember only being able to do it once with archlinux. It was easy then, but is it difficult for windows gaming.19:35
DarwinSurvivoralfredo_: ^^ Ok, I've tested that one and it works 100% (unless they ever change the layout of that first page)19:35
wilee-nileeJames_Epp, Sure but not very good support is all.19:35
reisioubnoobtu: the performance won't always be good enough for games, depends on the type of game, and your hardware19:35
ubnoobtureisio| thats whats i'm thinking, esp if ts only gaming.19:36
wilee-nileeubnoobtu, If you tab complete nicks we are actually informed you are talking to us.19:36
DarwinSurvivoralfredo_: if you want something more robust, you could look into xml parsers (like beautiful soup)19:36
ubnoobtuwilee-nilee| is it sap sensitive?19:36
Dr_Willis'Case Sensitive'  ;)19:37
wilee-nileeubnoobtu, No just completes the nick if you have enough of it started, the terminal in ubuntu will do this to with commands.19:37
James_Eppwilee-nilee: We shall agree to disagree :D19:37
wilee-nileeJames_Epp, Okay, not sure where that is. ;)19:38
ubnoobtuokay, so commands are case sensitive?19:38
fosstererblazemore: away?19:38
rafaelsoaresbrdoes anyone knows if fglrx from official repositories is working?19:38
ubnoobtuI'm using this irc through my  broswer19:39
ubnoobtucan I run this completely through a terminal?19:39
wilee-nileeubnoobtu, I like hexchat, a terminal use is a bit more on gthe geek side.19:40
Ampelbein!irssi | ubnoobtu19:40
ubottuubnoobtu: irssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help. See also !screen19:40
DarwinSurvivorubnoobtu: there are a few terminal-only irc clients (like irssi), though they are a bit more difficult to set up and use19:40
Dr_Willisi tend to use weechat for terminal based irc.19:41
Dr_Willisbrowser based irc - one of the worst ways to irc. ;)19:41
alfredo_thanks a lot19:43
lvlephI appear to be having trouble with a hard drive19:44
DarwinSurvivoralfredo_: no problem19:44
lvlephbut I am not sure how to diagnose the problem19:44
lvlephfsck fixed a bunch of erros19:44
DarwinSurvivoralfredo_: feel free to play around with the command and see what else you can get it to do19:44
lvlephand SMART says everything is fine19:45
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: are you familiar with S.M.A.R.T. tests?19:45
lvlephbut the computer seems to freeze on IO19:45
lvlephDarwinSurvivor: Yes, just posted that SMART says things are good19:45
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: what level of test did you run?19:46
lvlephI don't like that there are 409 bad sectors but...19:46
wilee-nileeDr_Willis, I installed weechat, how does it fire up?19:46
Dr_Williswilee-nilee:  wee<tab>  :)19:46
lvlephI ran short, but I am running extended now DarwinSurvivor19:47
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: what tests have you done to confirm that the crashes are being caused by IO?19:47
alfredo_thanks again from uruguay19:47
lvlephI said it appeared to be IO related, I am trying to figure out how to confirm this DarwinSurvivor19:47
lvlephwhich is my question19:47
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: also, how old is the machine, how long has this problem been happening and did it come quickly or slowly get worse over time?19:47
lvlephIn fact, it only seems related to one partition19:47
wilee-nileeDr_Willis, Cool thanks, looks like I will have to actually think with that one, lol. ;)19:48
lvlephProblem started when my daughter decided to push it off a table19:48
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: what are you doing that makes you think it is 1 partition? dd'ing a big file, reading large files...?19:48
Dr_Williswilee-nilee:  it has some decent user guides at its homepage.  it has what amounts to a 'package manager' tool built in for getting scripts also.19:48
lvlephWatching movies, rsync, etc19:48
lvlephonly from the one partition19:48
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: oh, WELL then. step 1) have you opened it to make sure none of the cables are lose?19:48
wilee-nileeDr_Willis, Thanks I was thinking of a manual that help. ;)19:48
lvlephalso, I can still use the system as long as it doesn't relate to that partition19:49
lvlephI believe I did19:49
lvlephI can't remember19:49
lvlephit has been a bad weekend for computer19:50
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: if that partition has mainly larger files (movies, etc) than your system partition, it may be "loading large" files that causes problems, not "loading files from that partition". Also, what error/problem are you encountering when you think you've triggered it?19:50
Dr_Willisso a single hard drive. with several partitions, accessing files on one partion of the hard drive causes the system to 'hang'  for several moments, then the computer resumes?19:50
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: is it kernel panicing, videos appear corrupted, "cannot open file", etc?19:50
lvlephDarwinSurvivor: What tends to happen is the process that is accessing the partition (large files) locks for minutes19:50
reisioDr_Willis: slow rpm?19:51
Dr_Willismonitoring the tail end of 'dmesg' as you are accessing files Might give some info messages about whats going on.19:51
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: If you stick your ear against the machine do you hear any strange ticks or clicks when accessing the problematic files?19:51
lvlephNo weird sounds19:52
lvlephno spikes in temp19:52
Dr_Willisif its hanging for several Minutes - well.. it sounds like the hd is in a state of failing.  reguardless of what smart says.19:52
lvlephIn fact, the thing is too quiet.19:52
guntbert!enter | lvleph19:52
ubottulvleph: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!19:52
Dr_Willisdmesg Might give a clue if theres any io errors or other problems.19:52
savidMy bash completion is messed up. When I type, for example, "grep --exclude-dir=/ho",  and hit tab,  it changes the line to "grep /home".  It removes the argument flag. Anyone know what could cause this/19:53
Dr_Willissavid:  Hmm . it seems to work correctly here..  what ubuntu release?19:54
lvlephDr_Willis: dmesg doesn't really give me any clues19:54
lvlephI am completely baffled19:54
savidDr_Willis, 12.1019:54
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: have you tried using iostat?19:54
lvlephI am guess the drive is failing, but the fact that it is one partition seems weird19:54
savidDr_Willis, it also seems to happen with the "dd" command. That is, "dd if=/ho<tab>" changes to "dd /home".19:55
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: if there was physical damage done to the disk (need hit, etc), it could be localised to a partition (partitions are actually created as physical "areas" of the disk19:55
lvlephgood point DarwinSurvivor19:56
Dr_Willissavid:  Hmm.. well its working right here. but im on 13.0419:56
savidDr_Willis, any idea what could cause it to happen, though? Or where I can look?19:56
Dr_Willissavid:  i tested on box #2  and it worked.. but im not sure ifits a 12.10 or 13.04 box. its in mid release upgrade at the moment19:56
Dr_Willissavid:  theres the bash completion rules in /etc/19:56
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Dr_Willissavid:  try making a new user. and see if it affects them also19:57
lvlephFor the iostat are you suggesting to run it when things are locked?19:57
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: iostat -d 219:57
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: run that for 30 seconds or so, then cause a "lockup" and see what changes19:57
DarwinSurvivorthe 30 seconds is to get a base-line (all systems are different, so it's the "change" that is most important)19:57
savidDr_Willis, ah, good idea. I'll try that.19:59
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: note that if the extended test is still running, it may interfere with stats...20:01
savidDr_Willis, yep seems to be system-wide, happens for a new user as well.20:01
lvlephI killed the test20:01
lvlephit seemed to be locked DarwinSurvivor20:01
savidOk, seems to be something in /etc/bash_completion.d, as moving that directory fixes the problem. At least I've narrowed it down. Thanks!20:03
DarwinSurvivorsavid: try moving individual files inside that directory. once you find the culprit, find out which package owns it (dpkg -S) then do an apt-get --reinstall of that package20:03
shere_khan_ich such das lied?20:04
shere_khan_sorry, false thread20:04
junktextI just sent my $50 to the Ubuntu Edge campaign!  The project better succeed.  I want my new t-shirt!20:04
guntbertjunktext: that has nothing to do with ubuntu support20:04
junktextSo, supporting Ubuntu financially has nothing to do with supporting Ubuntu?20:05
lvlephweird I can't even get nautilus to open20:06
guntbertjunktext: in this channel we give support to ubuntu users20:06
lvlephcould not register the application: timeout was reached20:06
lvlephI have never even seen that before20:06
wilee-nileejunktext, #ubuntu-touch is your nirvana. ;)20:08
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: have you done a memtest since the "fall"? I've found bad or mis-seated ram can emulate all sorts of hardware problems. I ended up reinstalling 3 operating systems on a machine of mine before finding out it was a ram stick that died on me...20:08
mobileanyone know anything about wifi channels20:09
wilee-nileebeside a cotton shirt20:09
lvlephI think I am going to crack this thing open20:09
wilee-nilee!anyone | mobile20:09
ubottumobile: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.20:09
lvlephI know with the Macbook that fell this morning it was the ram20:09
lvlephlike I said it has been a bad weekend for computers20:09
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: sounds like a good idea. check all cables and mount points as well as ram/cpu attachment.20:09
lvlephLost 2.1TB of data this weekend too20:10
wilee-nileemobile, Give the channel you issue with details if you can . ;)20:10
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: lol, time to put a guard-rail around your desks :P20:11
mobilecause its easier to get a reply that way to a confusing question. but ok. channels 1 6 and 11 dont overlap, which is easy to understand, but what about the rest of the channels inbetween like channel 2, doesnt that overlap with 1?20:11
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: also, back up EVERYTHING next chance you get!20:11
lvlephUnfortunately, I had to ditch my backup solution since I moved half-way-round the world.20:12
ubnoobtui've decided none of the hardware I have is good to run it in a virtual box.20:12
lvlephOtherwise I wouldn't have lost any data.20:12
wilee-nileemobile, Not a channel norm though that is your own reality, not a shred one.20:12
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: darn. time to order some HDD's and open a safety deposit box (safest place to store backup HDD's)20:13
streulmaubuntu and retina's... not so good so far, back to my Mac :)20:14
lvlephtoo late now, at least my research is backed up in multiple places.20:15
lvlephI have, I think, 4 backups.20:15
reisiostreulma: I read that 13.10 fixes retina issues20:15
reisiostreulma: 13.04, even20:16
streulmareisio: really ?20:16
guntbertmobile: I fail to see how that is an ubuntu suport question20:16
reisiovia the links at the end of this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro20:16
streulmayes, yes, but the screen is at 2280 px20:16
streulmato high for me reisio :D20:17
reisiostreulma: clearly you didn't even read the link I went to the trouble of providing you :p20:17
* reisio goes back to work20:17
savidDr_Willis, found the culprit.  It was the completion script installed by npm. :-P20:17
guntbertsavid: time for a bug report then20:18
billyroebuckhow can I set up my ubuntu machine so that localhost (/var/www) uses a folder on my Desktop (so I don't have to worry about permissions/etc) ?20:19
billyroebuck(im a complete newbie)20:19
mobileit is because ive been having trouble connecting from ub to my router with reason 6. guess its congestion, so i kinda need the right channel, and to understand them a bit better20:19
savidWould anyone be willing to test this for 13.04 real quick?  "sudo apt-get install npm",  then try "grep --exclude-dir=/ho<tab>"20:19
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k1l_mobile: better see a hardware or networking channel for that question. see alis20:20
k1l_!alis | mobile20:20
ubottumobile: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*20:20
guntbertmobile: without going into details: try to use channel as afar apart as possible - never use adjacent ones20:20
Nothing_MuchDoes anybody know how to get mono audio working with just ALSA?20:21
sykoNothing_Much: pulseaudio is better.20:21
reisioNothing_Much: you don't want stereo?20:21
Nothing_MuchI only have 1 speaker20:21
Nothing_Muchand Pulseaudio crashes Steam for some reason20:22
Nothing_MuchSo I have to use only Alsa20:22
reisioif you only have 1 speaker, then it's already mono :p20:22
Nothing_Muchnot with just Alsa20:22
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guntbertbillyroebuck: the correct solution is to add your user to the group www-data:    sudo adduser billy www-data   (or you can do it with "users and groups" graphically), then log out and log in again and you will be able to work in /var/www)20:25
kriskropddoes anyone here know of a program like 'fdupes' that can find "similar" but not necessarily perfectly "duplicate" files?20:26
jribkriskropd: no, but how do you define "similar"?20:27
Nothing_MuchSo how do I get Mono sound working?20:29
Nothing_MuchWith just ALSA?20:29
ubnoobtuhow do i set up a seperate partition20:29
kriskropdjrib: for instance, with images, one file may have artifacts or lower quality or smaller resolution, but essentially it is the same or nearly the same image/file20:30
abiss27\whois abiss2720:30
DarwinSurvivorNothing_Much: there is a #mono channel on irc.gnome.org that will probably be able to answer that better than us20:32
kriskropdjrib: I'm trying to do what these applications do but from a bash script (http://alternativeto.net/software/similarimages/)20:32
Dr_WillisErr.. i dont think he ment the MONO language. ;)20:33
Dr_Willishe wants to remap stero sound into mono output.20:33
lvlephDarwinSurvivor: My wife had said something about the DVD not seated correctly, but didn't mention it wasn't working. Thing had come completely unseated and wasn't even connected. lol20:33
DarwinSurvivorDr_Willis: Nothing_Much: oh, my bad, I read that differently. lol20:34
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: lol. anything else loose?20:34
Dr_WillisDarwinSurvivor:  :)  gotta love the horriable names companies and people have been using for projects lately, .net, mono, edge, touch,20:34
lvlephDarwinSurvivor didn't look straight so I took it out and put it back in.20:35
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: years ago I actually bought a brand-new (in the box) desktop machine and found out the first day they'd forgotten to connect the power cable to the 3.5" drive!20:35
reisiokriskropd: there is software for that, I don't know what it's called, though20:35
wilee-nileeubnoobtu, You have a unallocated space, a screen shot of gparted would help in a imagebin, you will have to install gparted is all.20:35
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: that would *definitely* cause problems! do a memtest when you boot it up just to be sure20:35
lvlephThings seem to be a bit snappier now DarwinSurvivor20:36
lvlephhopefully this fixes all my issues, but i doubt it.20:36
reisiokriskropd: imagemagick has a way to calculate the 'differences' between images, too20:36
lvlephForget the memtest20:36
reisiofor a really brutal way of doing it, you could find them all and diff them all :p20:36
lvlephDamn Macbook has a dent in it and it is actually warped now. DarwinSurvivor20:37
lvlephI had a RAM stick pop out randomly twice today.20:37
billyroebuckguntbert, i just saw your message, thanks!20:38
guntbertbillyroebuck: You're welcome20:38
ubnoobtugparted, isnt the g\\ uh edittor?20:38
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: yeah, macbooks tend to dent instead of crack. you can usually straighten them out with pliers (friend of mine had to do that a couple times after dropping his)20:38
codephobicanyone been experiencing soundcard issues of late in ubuntu 13.04? for some reason, occasionally the audio out gets set to "dummy output" and there is no sound driver available.20:38
lvlephThis one fell 2m lol20:38
q236hi, I want to install ubuntu on a portable hdd and use it on multiple computers, with different motherboards, can I do that, or should I stick to a live installation, and add things I need alongside?20:39
lvlephgood thing for the auto drive lock20:39
ubnoobtuI used pulsaaudio in 12.0420:39
wilee-nileeubnoobtu, ? use nicks please?20:39
guntbertlvleph: back to ubuntu support please20:39
q236(last time I did that with windows, it did not work out that well)20:39
lvlephI miss the way the Ubuntu IRC was in the early days20:40
wilee-nileeq236, externals even a usb 3 will run slow, use a usb flash with a full install.20:40
lvlephmuch more lax20:40
ubnoobtuwilinee | I'm sorry, brb.20:40
billyroebuckguntbert ... i ran that command... (note: localhost was already working for me)20:41
q236wilee-nilee: I kind of need alot of space.20:41
guntbertlvleph: there is #ubuntu-offtopic ...20:41
lvlephI know20:41
billyroebuckguntbert, but I was hoping to be able to manage files (E.g. through filezilla) without having to run it as sudo20:41
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guntbertbillyroebuck: that is the purpose, you have to log out/log in before it will take20:41
billyroebuckguntbert, of ubuntu ?20:42
q236wilee-nilee: but I would like to know if I can plug it in other computers and wether it will work or not...20:42
wilee-nileeq236, A live installation does not fit that picture can you possibly make sense? ;)20:42
guntbertbillyroebuck: yes20:42
billyroebuckokay cheers brb ;)20:42
DarwinSurvivorq236: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization20:42
q236wilee-nilee: I thought you could customize it.. like that link from DarwinSurvivor20:42
lvlephtypically a login logout cycle isn't needed in linux20:42
wilee-nileeq236, Soemtimes yes sometomes no depends on the hardware really.20:42
lvlephit may be easier than the required command sequence but...20:43
wilee-nileeq236, I put them in ignore a while back to much garbage.20:43
guntbertlvleph: in this case it is necessary, group membership is only applied on log in20:43
lvlephI am always weary of instructions that include a reboot20:43
guntbertlvleph: no reboot - just log out/in20:43
lvlephyou're right guntbert20:43
lvlephI was just mentioning my aversion to reboots20:44
q236oh well, thanks, guess I will stick to a live installation20:44
billyroebuckguntbert, I restarted my Ubuntu VM... opened filezilla, but I still can't create folders in /var/www20:45
billyroebuck(i'd like to be able to do that, or have a 'sites' folder on my desktop that I can work in)20:45
guntbertbillyroebuck: filezilla?? I thought we were talking about the localhost?20:45
lvlephdo a ls -l on /var/www20:45
lvlephand make sure the user and group are correct20:46
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: are you running filezilla on the same machine as the web server...?20:46
guntbertbillyroebuck: send the result of what lvleph said into a !pastebin and tell the channel the URL20:47
billyroebucklvleph,  i see www-data on the folders in my /var/www dir20:47
billyroebuckDarwinSurvivor, yep all the same machine20:47
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: as the user or the group? (or both?)20:47
billyroebucksorry im a bit slow ;)20:47
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: no need to use filezilla to access local files, that's for ftp and sftp (remote systems)20:47
lvlephthe problem billyroebuck is that it would have to be accessible by ftp group20:47
lvlephthe current and default group is www-data20:48
DarwinSurvivorlvleph: actually, ftp (if using system accounts for login) will inherit the groups assigned to the user you log in as20:48
lvlephgood point DarwinSurvivor20:48
lvlephso just add the user to www-data group20:49
guntbertlvleph: I leave you with the issue - bedtime :-))  (I had him add himself already)20:49
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: you have some directories owned by root in there, are those files/directories *you* created or were they installed by something eles?20:49
billyroebuckI ran " sudo adduser billy www-data" before... you're referring to the FTP user though20:49
lvlephand this is the user you are using in filezilla?20:50
DarwinSurvivorif *you* put them in, then do a "sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/" to fix your current permissions problem20:50
billyroebuckapart from index.html (created by apache), I created the rest.... maybe after running sudo -s20:50
guntbertbillyroebuck: aah - you should use your user name for that command - my bad20:50
lvlephwhatever the user is for filezilla will have to be added to that group billyroebuck20:50
billyroebuckmy user = billy20:51
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: sudo -s would make you root, which means any files you create/copy will also be owned by root (and thus un-editable by you when not root)20:51
billyroebuckim running FileZilla from Unity20:51
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: if you are on the same machine, why are you using filezilla? Just open the directory with your filebrowser or editor directly...20:51
lvlephalso, having the index.html as root:root will make in inaccessible from the web. billyroebuck20:52
billyroebuckDarwinSurvivor, http://pastebin.com/g6Px5GT920:52
Nothing_MuchMono sound enabling? Anyone?20:52
lvlephI would run sudo chown www-data:www-data index.html20:52
lvlephI actually have to go to bed too20:53
kingpin8080Can someone tell why ubuntu will not resolve a hostname.  I have checked the resolve.conf and it is fine.20:53
lvlephso later20:53
billyroebuckto go back a step, I created an Ubuntu VM, installed LAMP, etc... and localhost is working... if i put a folder/files in there, they load in the browser...20:53
kingpin8080I was working then it stop20:53
kingpin8080It was working then it stop20:53
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DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: lvleph actually, index.html will work fine because it is world-readable, you'll just have to be root to edit or delete it20:54
billyroebucki want to be able to create files/folders in there (either thru Nautilus or FileZilla)20:54
billyroebuckif I browse to var/www in Nautilus, I can't create folders (same for FileZilla)20:54
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: are you going to need to edit/create files from another machine (remotely)?20:55
qinbillyroebuck: just chown whole www folder to yourself, or better put in your /home/$USER20:55
billyroebucknope. it's just a simple local dev environment where ill be FTPing stuff up to a server (or downloading from a FTP server to the machine)20:55
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: then don't worry about filezilla and I'd disable/remove the ftp server for security reasons.20:56
billyroebuckDarwinSurvivor, maybe im missing something (like my brain for example) but its just the FileZilla client20:56
qinbillyroebuck: yeah, ftp is bad thing20:56
DarwinSurvivoryou'll only need filezilla to access your remote ftp server (although I would *STRONGLY* recommend using something else like sftp if you can)20:56
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: for editing the local files, just use your filemanager20:57
billyroebuckshould I do what qin said... ?20:57
qinbillyroebuck: sshfs is as simple as secure (if asked)20:57
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: I would chown all of the stuff *in* www to your user, but leave www owned by www-data20:57
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: "sudo chown -R billy:billy /var/www/*"20:58
billyroebuckbut then how would I create a new folder in /var/www ?20:59
billyroebuckI basically want a folder that I can use with the logged in user, billy, for all my web-dev stuff20:59
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: the www folder is owned by the www-data group and writable by anyone in that group (which you should be the next time you log in)20:59
billyroebuckDarwinSurvivor, I added billy to the www-data group earlier, but it doesn't look like i can write to the folder20:59
billyroebuckbilly@ubuntu:/var/www$ mkdir test21:00
billyroebuckmkdir: cannot create directory `test': Permission denied21:00
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: for you to actually become a member of the group, you will need to log out and back in again (to Unity). You do not need to reboot the machine, just log out21:00
billyroebuck(i shutdown the whole VM and powered it up again)21:00
billyroebuckthanks heaps for your help guys, i really appreciate it21:00
billyroebuckI'm running Ubuntu as a VM via VMWare on a Windows 7 host21:01
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: is the "localhost" machine running in a VM...?21:01
billyroebuckI start my VM, open my browser and go to localhost, and Apache is working fine... I'm just trying to make it easier to manage my sites21:01
billyroebuckwith the 'billy' user21:02
DarwinSurvivorso you are logged into the host operating system (which OS is this by the way..?) and then run apache in a VM (which I'm assuming is the Ubuntu machine).21:02
DarwinSurvivorare you doing your development in the VM, or on the host machine then moving the files to the VM?21:03
billyroebuckI think I'm confusing you guys...  I have a Win7 machine running  Ubuntu on a VM via VMware ... on the Ubuntu VM I have everything.. my files, programs, LAMP, etc and it's working fine..21:03
billyroebuckDarwinSurvivor, everything on the VM21:03
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: ok, but are you doing the actual file editing in Windows or in Ubuntu?21:03
billyroebuckeverything in Ubuntu21:04
rafaelsoaresbrplease help me adding this PPA: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer21:04
DarwinSurvivorok, nevermind then.21:04
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: what can you copy/paste the output of "id" from the VM terminal?21:04
DarwinSurvivorand then pastebin the output of "ls -la /var/www" (note the a this time)21:05
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: sorry, that should be "ls -la /var/www/" (with the trailing slash)21:05
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: that doesn't have the "a" in "-la"21:06
DarwinSurvivoroh, my bad, wrong link :P21:06
DarwinSurvivorok, you are in the www-data group. let's see what the ls command shows :)21:06
billyroebuckDarwinSurvivor,  http://pastebin.com/wVS0U7g521:06
billyroebucki owe you guys a beer21:07
DarwinSurvivoraha, www isn't group writable, that would be your problem right there21:07
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: sudo chmod 775 /var/www21:07
billyroebuckDarwinSurvivor, thanks, that did it21:08
billyroebuckI can create a folder from FileZilla, but not via Nautilus21:08
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: good to hear. I recommend doing some reading on how Unix permissions work (rwx, etc). You will most likely find it *very* useful in the future.21:09
billyroebuckyeah... i studied this stuff at uni 10 years ago but its all gone21:09
billyroebucki just had to restart nautilus, i can manage files now...21:10
billyroebuckthanks everyone...!21:10
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: good luck with your web development21:10
billyroebuck DarwinSurvivor - thanks... yeah I'm making the transition from Windows to Ubuntu (my background is with .NET and M/S) ... here's the new site I'm working on with Drupal/drush/etc - http://meowzen.com/pac21:11
DarwinSurvivorrafaelsoaresbr: for background information, why do you think you need that ppa?21:11
HAWieseMoin, moin!21:12
HAWieseMoin, moin!21:12
rafaelsoaresbrDarwinSurvivor: i want to install fglrx-installer package from there21:12
DarwinSurvivorrafaelsoaresbr: is the default fglrx package not working for some reason?21:13
rafaelsoaresbrDarwinSurvivor: it's not working, already tried. I have had to chroot to repair my system21:13
billyroebucklast question - how can I create a shortcut from my Desktop to my /var/www folder?21:14
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: "ln -s /var/www/ ~/Desktop/name_of_then_link_here"21:14
rafaelsoaresbrDarwinSurvivor: following intructions from here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI21:15
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: you can also hold "alt" and drag the folder to your desktop and chose "as link"21:15
billyroebuckDarwinSurvivor, thanks for the alt tip, worked!21:16
DarwinSurvivorrafaelsoaresbr: on second look, I don't think that's a PPA. try just doing "sudo apt-get install fglrx-installer"21:16
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: no problem21:16
billyroebuckthanks qin, lvleph !21:16
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: just a side note, unlike windows links, you can actually work inside the link as if it were a directory "ex: gedit ~/Desktop/www/index.html" :)21:16
bigbadbenHey if I want to make a desktop app what is the best way to do it?21:17
DarwinSurvivorbigbadben: what language do you want to use?21:17
rafaelsoaresbrDarwinSurvivor: understood, what about this? https://launchpad.net/~khurshid-alam/+archive/xorg-edgers21:18
=== nilatac1230912-3 is now known as zmokey
reisiobigbadben: do you want handheld devices to be able to use it?21:18
reisiodesktop as a paradigm is changing21:19
DarwinSurvivorrafaelsoaresbr: I would try all of the packages in the actual repository first (as the #ubuntu channel doesn't support 3rd party PPA's). If however you REALLY need to install it, there are instructions on the page you linked to21:19
bigbadbenDarwinSurvivor, reisio, I guess21:19
reisiobigbadben: make yourself a python backend and a web UI21:19
reisiothat'll minimize the porting you'll have to do21:19
DarwinSurvivorbigbadben: if you want something actually "desktop", look at pyqt, pygtk and pytk21:20
rafaelsoaresbrDarwinSurvivor: i really wanted to use oficial repositories, but actually it is not working. :-(21:20
bigbadbenwell the real reason I ask is because there is a old app out there that no longer works and I want to make it work on 13.04 but I dont know where to start21:20
reisiobigbadben: which app?21:21
DarwinSurvivorbigbadben: unfortunately iPhones, Androids and Blackberrys all use their own programming language for native apps and porting is a PITA.21:21
reisioyou can use python for all those apps21:21
reisiothere are packages that will bundle the interpreter for you21:21
reisioall those devices*21:21
reisiobigbadben: what is it?21:21
bigbadbenyou set it up on your android and it forwards texts to your desktop then you can respond21:22
CYR4N0I'm tyring to get the nvidia proprietary drivers to work in 13.04. I was able to get passed the black screen with using the nomodeset setting. Now the nvidia drive doesn't seem to load and I get a very low resolution.21:22
DarwinSurvivorbigbadben: do you need to re-write both applications or just the desktop one (it looks like the system works by pairing an ubuntu application with an android app that talk to each other)21:22
bigbadbenjust the ubuntu one21:22
reisiobigbadben: mmm21:23
reisiowouldn't it be simpler to just take your mobile messaging out of the equation altogether?21:23
reisioand send messages over the network alone?21:23
reisiocheaper, too21:23
bigbadbenreisio, what do you mean?21:23
reisiothis app helps you send a message from your desktop to your phone, which then sends to whomever21:24
reisiowhy not just send from your desktop directly to whomever21:24
DarwinSurvivorbigbadben: do you know what language the original application is written in?21:24
bigbadbenwell the part I like about it is every time I get a txt it pops up on my desktop then I just type my response and contuie working then my hands never have to leave the keyboard21:25
reisioI get it, it's just backwards21:25
bigbadbengtk2.0+ I guess?21:25
reisiojust tell your friends to use skype or something, and then you take the text messaging of your phone entirely out of the equation21:26
reisioyou can even use such software on your phone as well21:26
bigbadbenreisio, there are other applications out there but this is one I want to work on and make better your missing the point of my question21:27
reisiono I get it :p21:27
reisioyou want what you had21:27
reisioI'm just saying it could be better, and it's kind of a waste of time :D21:27
DarwinSurvivorbigbadben: have you tried approaching the developer? He may not know that it is broken and could just fix it for you.21:28
reisioor he's just working on the new version21:29
reisioit works for 1221:29
reisio13 is still pretty new21:29
reisioI'm not seeing any source code, though21:29
reisioanother reason to not tie yourself to this app21:29
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bigbadbenI have talked to the dev and he is on holiday till September, I offered some help but anyway the code is not that complicated. Every time I try to run it though I get a "warning" in python and it seems to be a bug in ubuntu21:32
billyroebuckDarwinSurvivor, how can I update all the files in my www folder (and subdirectories) so that I'm the owner21:33
billyroebuckright now its a bit of a mix and a mess21:33
peterrooneybillyroebuck: chown -R is your friend21:34
DarwinSurvivorbillyroebuck: "sudo chown -R billy:billy /var/www/*"21:34
billyroebuckwhat does the second 'billy' do ?21:34
jribbillyroebuck: group21:35
reisiosecond is group21:35
billyroebuckjrib , reisio - thanks !21:35
billyroebuckthat worked DarwinSurvivor  - thanks... no more padlocks :)21:35
billyroebuckyou're right though, I need to brush up on UNIX permissions21:36
newbie1234Hello all21:36
egust21could anyone help me create a bootable USB using os x please?21:47
egust21I have done it many times before using the terminal but today I just seem to be creating unreadable disks21:47
bandobunhi, I've got a problem with my mouse. the cursor is randomly jumping to the edges, when i move it. it's not the mouse's fault21:49
bandobunany ideas? I'm not using vm either21:49
Nasugabandobun, I had that problem myself. Are you using a laptop by chance?21:49
Nasugabandobun, ohh, never mind.21:49
bandobunit's killing me. i don't want to reinstall the system just for that annoying bug21:50
Nasugabandobun, I was going to say it could be a problem with your touchpad but I'm out of ideas.21:50
bandobunbut if i don't solve this, i'll smash the mouse against the wall and feel even worse :P21:50
bluefox83having some boot-time problems...no idea what to do >.>21:50
egust21I'd like to install ubuntu to begin with21:50
papnaI'm using 12.04 and running metacity. I want pidgin to have its own system tray icon, but I can't seem to get it to be anything but under indicator applet.21:51
papnaI've turned on displaying a system tray icon in the pidgin configiration settings21:51
hayerrTorrent starts before the fstab has mounted my NAS -- whats the best way to fix this? <_>21:51
DarwinSurvivorbandobun: what testing have you done to decide it's not the mouse's fault?21:52
bandobuni've attached it to a windows laptop21:52
bekkshayer: Dont start rtorrent automatically.21:52
DarwinSurvivoralso, what surface are you using the mouse on (many mice, even expensive ones, don't work properly on some surfaces)21:52
hayerbekks: that is not a solution.21:53
DarwinSurvivorbandobun: have you tried another mouse on the problem machine?21:53
bandobuni only have this one, unfortunately21:53
DarwinSurvivorbandobun: has anything changed since it was working (installed/reinstalled ubuntu, moved computer to a new desk, ran an update, etc)21:54
bandobuni haven't used the computer in quite a while (3-4 months), then started it again and ran all the updates21:54
bekkshayer: Then create a wrapper script for starting rtorrent.21:55
DarwinSurvivorbandobun: was it working before you ran the updates?21:56
trismpapna: the system tray icon would show up in the notification area, not the indicator applet, have you added the notification area to your panel?21:57
hayerbekks: links / pointers? Wrapper script doesn't tell me much..21:57
bekkshayer: a shell script that checks al prerequisites befor starting rtorrent.21:57
bluefox83rcpbind: cannot open '/run/rpcbind/rpcbind.xdr' file for reading errno 2 (no such file or directory)   I get that error on my server box when i boot it up, it wont go much further than that :(21:59
bluefox83it stops after deciding my main HD is clean and that's all it does...21:59
bluefox83also i get a mountall: Event failed error22:00
DarwinSurvivorbandobun: does the mouse feel sporadic and unpredictable, or just extremly fast and hard to control?22:01
bandobunthe former22:01
bandobunlike, i can move it in a circle and suddenly it's in the upper left corner22:02
DarwinSurvivorso if you move the mouse slightly left, it doesn't necessarily fly to the left?22:02
DarwinSurvivorand when you tested in on the windows machine, was the mouse physically in the same place (on the same desk/table)?22:03
bbc581You forgot to ask him if it was Wireless22:03
bandobuninteresting. I've just increased the pointer sensitivity (it was strangely extremely low), and now it still happens, but just not as often. when i tested it on the laptop, the mouse was on the same spot. it's a cable mouse22:03
bbc581How old is the damn thing... It might be the dpi it sports22:05
hayerCan I use hostnames in my fstab file?22:05
bandobunalso, sometimes when it jumpes into a corner, it can be difficult to get it back, as if it's fighting against me22:05
Nasugabandobun: have you tried a different mouse?22:05
=== tor is now known as Guest55988
bandobuni only have this one22:06
Nasugabandobun, try borrowing a mouse from a relative or a friend and see if you have the same problem.22:06
=== wiAk is now known as wiak
Dr_Willishayer:  for what kind of share?  and what network setup? ive had issues using hostnames befor22:07
bandobuni'll probably buy one tomorrow. kind of isolated at the moment22:07
DarwinSurvivorhayer: yes you can, just make sure the entries are in your hosts file or you have a very reliable DNS server22:08
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DarwinSurvivorbandobun: also try another usb port on the computer (if it's usb). unlikely but possible issue I've seen once or twice22:09
bandobunyep, tried that too22:09
hayerDr_Willis: for a NFS share22:10
=== Clank|Gone is now known as RedefinedClank
hayerDarwinSurvivor: Its the hostname of my NAS. Would that be "OK"?22:10
Guest55988need help resolving slow wireless file transfer between two computers in ad-hoc. my every day computer is a laptop connected to another in ad-hoc. when i  use it to download files from internet using bittorrent i get speeds up to 300 kB/sec. the other computer witch is connected to internet has a mobile modem. but when i transfer files between the two computers the transfer speed is almost slower than when i download from internet. '22:11
DarwinSurvivorhayer: how is the hostname resolved? (hosts file, dns server, router's dns, etc)?22:11
hayerDarwinSurvivor: Routers DNS, a pfsense box.22:12
DarwinSurvivorhayer: should work22:13
DarwinSurvivorhayer: if it's on a laptop, you'll see issues when connecting to other networks (NFS is notoriously difficult to unmount when the remote server is no longer accessible)22:13
hayerDarwinSurvivor: soo "stronghold01:/mnt/storage01 /mnt/stronghold01 nfs rw,hard,nolock,intr 0 0" ?  stronghold01 is the hostname.22:13
DarwinSurvivorhayer: but that's fstab specific, not hostname specific22:13
DarwinSurvivorhayer: yep, that's actually how I have my desktop configured22:14
abaddonHey guys, I'm trying to get ePSXE1.8 to run my ps1 games in Ubu. If I launch the program with wine through terminal all is hunky dory. But when I launch it by clicking on the file issues arries where the program can't find the needed folders to run. I'm thinking it's a group issue where my user isn't in the correct Wine groups. Any thoughts?22:15
bandobunis there a general approach towards reinstalling the mouse driver or something like that?22:15
columbWhy there is no widgets for unity?22:16
papnatrism: That makes sense. I haven't and don't know how to add the notification area. I've tried to find some results on google, but they don't seem to work--I think some might be assuming I'm using unity.22:16
Dr_Willisabaddon:  make a script that cd's to where the binary is at. then runs it in wine.   then make a launcher that runs that script.   it dosent sound like a group issue to me.22:17
Dr_Willisabaddon:  i find wine to flakey to rely on double clicking the .exe files ;)22:17
TannedVampirei'm going to dual boot two os on my acer laptop.  I already have ubuntu.  So how do I put peppermint on the laptop?22:18
trismpapna: alt+right click the panel in an open area22:18
[DS]MatejHi I an new on unbuntu22:18
papnatrism: Thanks!!!22:18
Dr_WillisTannedVampire:  if you are lucky - you resize the partions make room for pepermints /  then install it there. and its grub will HOPEFULLY see both disrtos and add them to the grub menu22:18
[DS]MatejOne question is this free VPS or?22:18
Dr_WillisTannedVampire:  if you just want to test pepermint.. id just test it in virtualbox.22:19
Dr_Willis[DS]Matej:  what?   ubuntu is an OS - not a VPS.22:19
abaddonDr_Willis,  I know it's petty of my to want to double click but hey, it's faster at times. I didn't think of doing a script. hmmmm22:19
Dr_Willisabaddon:  i imagine its an issue with where the binary is being ran from more then anything else.22:19
chrisseyand shouldn't peppermind offer a function to set up a dualboot?22:19
TannedVampireDr_Willis: I resized partitions to make room for pepermints.  Should I leave unallocated space or make a new partition for it?22:19
bluefox83im having some serious boot-time issues, and I need some help figuring out what the problem really is....22:20
Dr_Willisabaddon:  many people have to  make scripts to do wine stuff because wine games like to exit and leave the resolution set wrong22:20
Dr_WillisTannedVampire:  depends on ther installer.. it shouldent matter - you just tell the installer what to do22:20
abaddonDr_Willis,  Location ould make sense if it hadn't been working fine a month ago.22:21
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chrisseybluefox, how does your issues show?22:22
TannedVampireDr_Willis:  oh okay.  when i install peppermint...it says it will overwrite ubuntu...so i choose to manually select a partition for peppermint22:23
Dr_Willisabaddon:  thats one of the quirks with wine.. wine versions, X version, even kernel versions can all cause issues when they change.22:23
TannedVampirethen I click Install Now22:23
abaddonDr_Willis, How would I go about creating the script? Would it be something like-- > #!/bin/bash cd /home/abaddon/Emulations/epsxe     THEN  wine ePSXe.exe?22:23
bluefox83chrissey: eh, i can't tell if it's stuck doing an fsck force check (says /dev/sda1 is 12.0% non-contiguous) or whether it;s a rcpbind issue22:23
Dr_Willisabaddon:  yep.22:23
TannedVampirethen it says "no root filesystem is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu."22:23
abaddonDr_Willis,  Well that seems easy,lol I'll try it. Thanks22:24
Dr_Willisabaddon:  people often have to use such scripts with a xrandr command at the end to set a proper res.22:24
gumblehey, I just read that kubuntu isn't made by canocial? so it is like competition? why doesn't ubuntu just implement the kde desktop?22:24
abaddonDr_Willis,  Will report is it goes arry22:24
Dr_WillisTannedVampire:  you need to define where to put /22:24
reisiogumble: very little is _made_ by Canoniacl22:24
bluefox83chrissey: booting into the recovery mode doesn't help much, says everything is in read-only mode and trying to mount only messes it up again...22:24
Dr_WillisTannedVampire:  if this is all new to you. i suggest testing pepermint out in virtualbox instead.22:24
reisiogumble: Ubuntu is Debian GNU/Linux plus GNOME 3 plus Compiz plus Unity plus a few other things22:24
reisiogumble: Kubuntu is Debian GNU/Linux plus KDE plus a few other things22:24
reisioall the stuff under KDE or GNOME should match, more or less22:25
chrisseybluefox:have you tried booting a live system, e. g. Knoppix or similar22:25
gumblereisio: it's sure more the debian + gnome22:25
gumblea lot more22:25
cody_im setting up a new install of irssi with ru torrent plugin and a bit confused...22:25
reisiogumble: uh, not as a percentage, no22:25
bluefox83chrissey: yeah the only one i had was one for my laptop which is for amd64 but the box in question is 32bit D:22:25
reisiocody_: about?22:25
gumblehaha then debian just is linux reisio22:25
reisiogumble: hrmm?22:25
cody_im getting a port error in rutorrent22:25
=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
KalelI would like to install Kali in dual with my Raring and I want to keep the Ubuntu's grub. How can I Install without chage that?22:26
cody_it points me to .irssi/config22:26
reisiocody_: and the error is?22:26
gumblereisio: then debian just is linux + and de with your logic22:26
gumble* an de22:26
cody_ Error downloading files. Make sure autodl-irssi is started and configured properly (eg. password, port number): Error getting files listing: Error: Could not connect: (111) Connection refused22:26
Dr_WillisKalel:  you may need to boot back to ubuntu the first time and rerun 'update-grub' from ubuntu.22:26
abaddonDr_Willis,  would I type exit 0 at the end?22:26
reisiogumble: and GNU, and a package manager, yes22:26
k1l_gumble: kubuntu was a sponsored by canonical community distro. now the sponsor changed but its still a community distro in the ubuntu family22:26
gumblereisio: you can't say ubuntu is nothing/ sure debian is a lot more then ubuntu22:26
Dr_WillisKalel:  or tell kali to not  install grub to the mbr.22:26
reisiogumble: I could say that, but I haven't22:26
Dr_Willisabaddon:  thats the proper way to end a script. ;)22:26
chrisseybluefox, can you get a x86 version maybe on a thumbdriver or any other media, your pc can boot from?22:26
gumblereisio: well you did say ubuntu is not much more then debian22:27
KalelOk, Dr_Willis.22:27
k1l_and for more talk about that we got the #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss channels22:27
TannedVampireDr_Willis: Thanks.  I put / on it.  I don't need virtualbox.  I just use my laptop for fun.22:27
k1l_@ gumble and reisio ^22:27
reisiogumble: it isn't22:27
abaddonDr_Willis,  XD I've only written one script and that was for installing a LOT of repos and ptrograms. =p thx22:27
reisiok1l_: mmm22:27
bluefox83chrissey: yeah but it'll take time to dl, i was hoping we could figure something out a faster way?22:27
pieguy123hello. does anyone know how to install norton on ubuntu, via wine?22:28
cody_any tips on the connection refused error?22:28
qin pieguy123 huh?22:28
gumblek1l_: still don't understand why it wouldn't be wiser for can. to just implement kde/xfce and stuff and shut down the competition22:28
pieguy123qin: i'm trying to install norton antivirus22:28
k1l_pieguy123: why do you want to install an antivirus software in wine?22:28
pieguy123incase i get a virus22:28
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus22:28
Dr_WillisTannedVampire:  just skimmed the peppermint linux site/docs.. and well..i dont see the point. ;) but have fun22:28
Dr_Willispieguy123:  your not going to get a virus.22:29
vJk7Rpqin, very bad def22:29
reisioand if you did, Norton inside Wine wouldn't help much22:29
k1l_gumble: its not a competition, its an addition. but see my remarks to the other discussion channels to keep this channel to technical support, thanks22:29
Dr_Willispieguy123:  biggest danger to a Ubuntu/Linux box - is tyhe end  user doing somthing stupid i find..22:29
gumblereisio: maybe as a percentage. still we have very different opinions here22:29
qinvJk7Rp: hm? elaborate?22:29
chrisseywhat is about the media, you installed ubuntu from?22:29
bluefox83chrissey: is there something we can try from the grub boot menu?22:29
bluefox83chrissey: oh, i wiped that thumb drive and put another version (the one for x64) on there a long time ago22:30
vJk7Rpthere are linux exploits and cross platform malware22:30
chrisseymaybe you could try disabling fsck in grub, but i dont know how22:30
bluefox83i wonder if i have an old knoppix cd O.o22:30
vJk7Rpqin, and after all stupid users with root priviledges...22:31
TannedVampireDr_Willis: it works!  peppermint is installing at this moment.  Thank you!22:31
abaddonDr_Willis,  It says wine: cannot find L"C:\\windows\\system32\\ePSXEe.exe" when i launch it from terminal22:31
rypervencheabaddon: Why don't you use a better PS1 emulator?22:32
abaddonDr_Willis,  I was checking to see why it wasn't running.22:32
abaddonrypervenche,  what would you recommend? I frankly like ePSXe...when it works.22:32
rypervencheabaddon: One sec, I'll get you teh name.22:33
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
chrisseybluefox: after some research, you have to add "fastboot" to the kernel options, that are passed to the kernel22:34
rypervencheabaddon: http://psxemulator.gazaxian.com/22:34
abaddonrypervenche,  Dr_Willis  I know there are linux versions out there just so you guys know. But I find they don't stay in a single folder unlike the window versions.22:34
bluefox83chrissey: how do i do that?'22:34
abaddonrypervenche,  thx, will look at it22:34
chrisseywbvluefox, when you boot up your pc, does grub show its menu?22:35
abaddonrypervenche,  psx emu is less feature rich compared to epsxe. They intend it to be EXACTLY like ps1. Which is...well...errr...not too great at times22:36
bluefox83chrissey: yep22:36
rypervencheabaddon: Well, if you want something that just works without plugins or anything, then that's the way to go.22:36
chrisseythen  there is a text under the menu, you press the key that is mapped to 'edit'22:37
abaddonrypervenche, that's the thing, it didn't for me. No joke, tried it today while i was considering dumping epsxe. the video is buggy and sound blips weirdly. I record game sessions so need it to work nearly flawlessly.22:37
bluefox83where do i put the fastboot option?22:37
chrisseyso you are now in this edit-menu?22:38
rypervencheabaddon: Well it's up to you. Do you want plugins and features for an emulator that doesn't work, or do you want to be able to play your PS1 games?22:38
abaddonrypervenche,  epsxe has been the only one to do that. I can run it fine through terminal it's just lame that I'd have to is all.22:39
chrisseynow you select the line that begins with 'linux'22:39
bluefox83like: linux /vmlinux-3.2.0-48-generic-pae root=/dev/mapper/Ubuntu--server-\ root ro22:40
bluefox83ok...so where in that line do i put the fastboot option?22:41
abaddonrypervenche, I know, lame that i'll create a script but not use terminal. =p22:42
abaddonAnyway, Dr_Willis  any ideas as to what's up with the error?22:42
bluefox83chrissey: at the end? i'm really new to tinkering with this stuff...22:42
=== pukkapi is now known as pukk_pi
chrisseyso you appended 'fastboot' to the line?22:43
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as Nisstyre
Dr_Willisabaddon:  how are you launching it from the command line exactly?22:44
abaddonDr_Willis,  well, the bash file i just type bash epsxe.sh it wasn't opening with clicks so was troubleshooting through terminal. =P22:45
Dr_Willisabaddon:  so you are IN the current directory where  the .exe is at22:46
Dr_Willisabaddon:  try it from a differnt location givieng the full path to the .exe22:46
bluefox83chrissey: yes?22:46
chrisseyso you appended 'fastboot' to the line?22:47
bluefox83oh nice, it kicked me into busybox >.>22:47
abaddonDr_Willis,  I cd to my home dir a typed bash /home/abaddon/Emulation/ePSXe1.8/epsxe.sh same error comes up22:48
bluefox83chrissey: what should i do? it kicked me into a busybox initramfs and i have no idea what to do >.>22:49
chrisseyerrm, could you enter mount and give me the output? (maybe over pastebin -> excess flood)22:50
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abaddonDr_Willis,  the exe when run from terminal works fine. My bash script doesn't when ether in the same dir or another .22:50
InFlamesmy 13.04 seems to be having a dns issue, can someone help me out? i can ping ups, but not domains, however, other machines on the network can still use the web as bormal22:51
bluefox83there are only 4 rootft on / type rootfs (rw), sysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime). proc on /proc (same as sysfs). udev and devpts22:51
rzekaWhich VPN service should I use to get VPN access (hm?) and to get my ip visible as server's ip?22:51
bluefox83oh and tmpfs22:51
willowsSometimes random status messages like "Initializing video... Video Mode: 512 x 448..." will appear in terminal. Is there a way to make it so terminal (and particularly Vim) doesn't display these messages?22:51
Dr_Willisabaddon:  paste the script and error to pastebin for the channel to look at.22:53
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:54
bluefox83chrissey: yes? i'm not typing all that out. it's a bit much and i'm afraid i'll botch it22:54
Dr_Willisrzeka:  any of them wouls show the servers ip.22:55
bluefox83if there was one of those entries you need info from i'll type it out though22:55
chrisseyokay, so is in the output anywhere /dev/sda1?22:55
Dr_Willisrzeka:  digitalocean had a $5 or $10 'free' special the other day. they seem to be a decent service.22:55
bluefox83should i fsck.ext2 /dev/sda1 ?22:56
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abaddonDr_Willis,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5975304/22:56
chrisseyyou could try this: http://justcheckingonall.wordpress.com/2010/07/18/howto-repair-broken-ext4-partitions/22:56
rzekaDr_Willis: You did not understand me :) I've got a server, now I've got VPN service too :) Now i just have to forward it somehow to become visible as server not as me when I'm connected22:56
rzekaI am using pptpd right now22:57
Dr_Willisabaddon:  yoru shell script is not cd'ing to where the binary is at..22:57
abaddonDr_Willis,  i fixed it's launching issue from terminal22:57
abaddonDr_Willis,  exactly... I just realized that.... XD Sorry. lemme try through clicking22:58
abaddonDr_Willis,  mmmm, nope. while it launches all happily it still refuses to see the folders22:59
Dr_Willisalways striks me as odd... i copy a file to my USB flash drive.. mc (or nautilus, or whatever) copys it 'fast' but then just seems to hang at the very end - aparently its saying its done. (well 99% done) befor the file actually gets copied fully22:59
Dr_Willisabaddon:  see what folder? i dont get the error.23:00
bluefox83chrissey: well fsck wasn't a workable option so i decided to make a ubuntu 12.04 startup usb disk...23:00
chrisseysrry, i have to leave now23:02
abaddonDr_Willis,  OK, epsxe has folders it looks to get bios info for the ps1 as well as plugin stuff. When I launch it through terminal epsxe sees all these folders fine. When double clicking and launching it it doesn't see the needed folders and files. It launches but doesn't see the folders and files needed to run iso's23:02
bluefox83i found a usb thumb drive...i'll try chrooting in and fixing whatever the heck is wrong...23:02
chrisseygood idea, bye23:02
bluefox83thanks for trying!23:02
chrisseyyoure welcome23:02
Dr_Willisabaddon:  wine is setting the default C:\ and other paths depending on where its launched from perhaps? is this .exe in your .wine directory?23:03
Dr_Willisabaddon:  or are you just unziping it and running whtever.exe is from the archive whever it happens to be?23:03
abaddonDr_Willis,  No siir, it's not in the .wine folder. it is in my home dir in two sub dirs. It was running fine like this untill now.23:04
InFlamesmy 13.04 seems to be having a dns issue, can someone help me out? i can ping ips, but not domains, however, other machines on the network can still use the web as normal23:04
abaddonDr_Willis, I unzip it to the Emu folder I have set up for it.23:05
NasugaInFlames: open up network manager and try setting your DNS. Try which is Google's DNS23:05
NasugaInFlames: You may need to restart for it to take effect23:05
minetapeSomeone know how to format a thumb stick to EXT4 in GParted/Terminal? In GParted I only get manage flags, information and something else. Everything else is greyed out23:05
Dr_Willisabaddon:  wine has a lot of settings where the C: and stuff go. so i would imagine thats what confuseing it.. id say time to ask about it in #wine-hq23:06
minetapeOh, unmount is the other option23:06
abaddonLike I said, when run through terminal by the command wine ePSXe.exe it sees all need folders fine.23:06
abaddonDr_Willis,  ahh, ok....23:06
InFlamesnasuga, but the dns is designated at the router, right? other machines on the network can resolve domains.  in fact, i am using a laptop tethered to the ubuntu box to get internet and it can even resolve domains.23:06
minetapeFormat to is greyed out, how do I ungrey it?23:06
Dr_Willisabaddon:  when you double click - its using differnt settings which are pointing it to your .wine directory would be my guess23:06
NasugaInFlames: Yes but sometimes it can't get the information from the router (in my experience).23:07
Dr_Willisthen again. you could make a launcher that just runs  'xterm -e wine whatever.exe' in the  current directory and watch the output23:07
wilee-nileeminetape, The usb unmounted?23:07
InFlamesNasuga, so update the router's dns?23:07
minetapeNo, it's mounted23:07
NasugaInFlames: not only that, my router has been modified by my ISP to only work with their DNS which is missing a few domains I visit. So I set the dns myself.23:07
abaddonDr_Willis,  was tyhinking the same thing. Which made me onder if it needed to be part of a wine grp so that wine would see it correctly23:07
wilee-nileeminetape, unmount it in gparted.23:07
Dr_Willisabaddon:  thers no wine group that i know of.23:08
NasugaInFlames: You can try but I haven't had unluck without setting it myself.23:08
Dr_Willisor else all my users have had it by default. :) never messed with a wine group befor23:08
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InFlamesNasuga, I am not understanding what you are suggesting, I can update the router's dns, but it's a third party Netgear.  All other machines on the network can resolve domains, even this ubuntu box as of last night23:09
abaddonDr_Willis,  well bummer. How do I get to wine-hq? Are thewith the ubuntu servers group?23:09
=== whoever is now known as Guest22327
NasugaInFlames: Open your network manager and change your networks settings to set your DNS manually23:09
InFlames"network manager"23:10
InFlamesin the router's panel?23:10
InFlamesor somewhere in ubuntu?23:10
NasugaInFlames, on your affected box.23:10
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu23:10
Dr_Willisabaddon: trying to download the thing to test.. all these silly 'file downloader sites' want to install extra cruft :P23:10
InFlamesthat fixed it, wonder what the real issue was23:11
abaddonDr_Willis,  let me get you the link23:11
NasugaInFlames: I'm not sure, I've had the problem with GNU/Linux and Windows.23:11
NasugaInFlames: I fixed it the same way and infact someone else had the same problem earlier this afternoon23:12
InFlamesthank you Nasuga, i was unaware you could set a dns on a per machine basis (makes sense, i generally leave everything with dhcp)23:12
Dr_Willisabaddon:  err.. your not using a directory with a A SPACE in the name are you? that can really goof things up23:12
InFlameswell thank you sir.23:12
Dr_Willisabaddon:  rename the directory where there no spaces.23:12
NasugaInFlames: No problem. I wish I knew a permanent fix.23:12
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abaddonDr_Willis,  http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/psx/epsxe.html23:12
Dr_Willisabaddon:  spaces in shell/paths can totally mess things up23:12
NasugaInFlames: Well, it's permanent but machine specific.23:12
Dr_Willisabaddon:  i just noticed the package expanded into a   'EpsxE 1.8'  directory - that Space in there can cause issues23:13
abaddonDr_Willis,  no spaces23:13
InFlamesyea, i'll try to remove it later and see if things have worked themselves out, probably not23:13
Dr_Willisabaddon:  theres goes that idea then. ;)23:13
abaddonDr_Willis,  my package expands to no folder. just dumps it in current location23:14
Dr_WillisWow people cant make up their minds for the case of that Emulator.. the Directory is EpsxE but the binary is called ePSXe.exe  ;)23:14
Dr_Willisabaddon:  i just got a .7z archive and used unp for it.23:14
abaddonDr_Willis,  which is why i unzip it to a folder set for it23:14
Dr_Willisabaddon:  wheni run it from terminal it mentions a lot of23:16
abaddonDr_Willis, i've got both xarchiver and 7zip. should I unpack the folder via terminal?23:16
Dr_Willistype paths.. Z:\\ is what wine defines to be your /home/username/ directory23:16
abaddonDr_Willis, should I then type my location as z:/blah?23:18
abaddonDr_Willis,  mines h:23:19
Dr_Willisthe winecfg tool sets the stuff automatically23:19
Dr_WillisI dont have an ISO or  a rom to even test the emu. ;)23:20
Dr_Willisthe message is the plugins are not found.. but they are in fact at that directory23:21
mertcanekizI downloaded some themes from gnome-look.org and I extracted and put them in /usr/share/themes folder and when I opened gnome-tweak-tool windows theme was working but GTK+ themes section was showing only the default ones. Then I put the themes into ~/.themes folder but still no luck. How can I fix this?23:22
abaddonDr_Willis,  OK OK, I fixed something. When I run my bash script through terminal it ran correctly. Now all i need is to launc it via a click23:22
abaddonDr_Willis,  It wont launch with a click. I associated the file to be open by /bin/bash23:23
abaddonDr_Willis,  but I get nothing23:24
hayerBuying a new HTPC. What graphic card should I go for? Should be as silent as possible23:24
Dr_Willisabaddon:  make a launcher  (whatever.desktop) file to launch the script23:24
hayerasking here since I'm gonna run ubuntu + xmbc23:24
Dr_Willishayer:  most intel should be able to handle video playback23:25
abaddonDr_Willis,  I use openbox... I don't have icons on my desktop23:25
Dr_Willishayer:  i alwyas go 'nvidia, then intel. and run away from ati'23:25
Dr_Willisabaddon:  No idea what you are double clicking in then...23:25
Dr_Willisabaddon:  what file maanger are you using?23:25
InFlamesDr_Willis, why do you say that?23:25
mertcanekizI downloaded some themes from gnome-look.org and I extracted and put them in /usr/share/themes folder and when I opened gnome-tweak-tool windows theme was working but GTK+ themes section was showing only the default ones. Then I put the themes into ~/.themes folder but still no luck. Doesn't anybody know what should I do?23:25
Dr_WillisInFlames:  which part?23:26
abaddonDr_Willis,  xfe Also, i'm clicking on my bash script i created23:26
InFlamesATI vs nVidia, Intel vs AMD23:26
hayerDr_Willis: okey, so "ASUS GeForce GT 620 2GB DirectCU Silent" is a good choice?23:26
Dr_Willismertcanekiz:  make sure they are gtk3 themes?23:26
Dr_WillisInFlames:  because thats the order they seem to work best in for me.23:26
mertcanekizI have gtk2 installed so I downloaded gtk2 themes23:26
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InFlamesi've never used amd cpus to be fair...23:27
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reisiomust be rich :)23:27
hayerInFlames.. you don't know pain.23:27
Dr_WillisI dont really bother with AMD cpu's these days either.  but i havent built a new pc in years23:27
InFlameswell last time i owned an amd cpu was like, hmm, 10 years or more ago23:27
reisioI use what comes in the box23:27
InFlamesreisio, must not build your own machines?23:28
hayerreisio what if the socket doesn't match the mb socket? >_>23:28
reisioInFlames: nope, never had the time23:28
abaddonDr_Willis,  you're killing me. I love AMD and it's currently my system build.23:28
reisioand/or money, which is time23:28
InFlamesalmost every machine i've ever had, i've built, even prebuilts, i always tweak them23:28
reisiomaybe next time23:28
InFlamesreisio, custom is more efficient on time and money...23:28
reisioInFlames: only if you have the time and money at the outset to do it23:28
nevyndepends on scale23:29
Dr_Willisabaddon:  i havent built one lately. and really havent seen much lately to justify going amd over intel23:29
reisiootherwise, definitely23:29
InFlamesi can spec an entire machine in a week, and build it in half a day23:29
reisiothat's eight days I've never had, and money23:29
abaddonDr_Willis,  XD To each their own23:29
InFlamesonly reason it takes more than a day is to find better prices and do actual shopping23:29
reisioright, time consuming23:29
reisioI'll get around to it23:30
InFlamesyou can go to a store and buy it all at once and build it all in an afternoon23:30
reisiofor even more money :p23:30
InFlamesbut if you see the extra grand you spend as not wasting time, then you're not calculating the money and time23:30
abaddonDr_Willis,  so like I said, I use xfe for my fm and i've been clicking my bash script to try and launch the program23:30
hayerMeh, custom builds are cheaper than prebuilts23:30
InFlameshayer, exactly, and more reliable and easier to maintain and upgrade23:30
reisiotime never comes back23:30
reisiohayer: if you ignore the time it takes to find everything for the right price :)23:31
reisiowhich is fine if you have that time, heh23:31
nevyndepends on scale.23:31
InFlamesreisio, if you are paying more than 2-3 hours of your time more, then the measurement is totally off23:31
Dr_Willisabaddon:  i cant even get it working in wine, any way i try to launch it. so all i can say is good luck. ;)23:32
InFlamestime = money, so if it costs more money, it's required that money be made, so you're wasting your time by wasting money23:32
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InFlamesin other words, custom = always cheaper, better, faster23:32
abaddonDr_Willis,  did you mark it as executable?23:32
reisioInFlames: I agree, _if_ you don't count the time it takes to get from A to B :p23:33
reisiounfortunately, you should count that23:33
InFlamesif it's a matter of not knowing how to do it, you could learn in a day, reisio, new egg delivers to me within 48 hours...23:33
nevynso to spend  day building a mchine would cost 2k or so.23:33
Dr_Willisabaddon:  im running it from the terminal.23:33
Dr_Willisthe binary runs. i try to play a iso. it hangs23:33
reisioInFlames: you just said it took you eight days23:33
rebbecajohnson20Hy guys im back ^_^23:34
abaddonDr_Willis,  just type --> wine ePSXe.exe23:34
reisiorebbecajohnson20: wb23:34
Dr_Willisabaddon:  yes.. and it runs.. and hangs when i try to start a actual game.23:34
nevynspecig stuff doesn't go away if you buy it23:34
rebbecajohnson20Reisio: what means wb?23:34
abaddonDr_Willis,  uhhhh... change graphics plugin23:34
InFlamesi said if you want to shop around a bit, sure.  on that note, if you're crazy enough to walk into a store and just buy a prebuilt machine the first day you look at it, then yea, you are wasting such an insane amount of money that i just can't even fathom it23:34
reisiorebbecajohnson20: welcome back23:34
reisioand if you don't shop around, you spend more23:35
rebbecajohnson20Reisio: thanks :-*23:35
reisionah, I bought a prebuilt for a great deal23:35
reisioBestBuy has to get rid of things every now and then23:35
abaddonDr_Willis,  I recommend pets drivers for epsxe23:35
InFlamesbest buy over charges even for clearance, rofl23:35
abaddonI could just send you my setup?23:35
abaddonDr_Willis,  I could just send you my setup?23:36
reisioeverybody overcharges, that's profit23:36
InFlamesbut this is super off-topic :x23:36
savidWhere would I file a bug having to do with the bash completion file that's installed with npm?23:36
InFlamesreisio, new egg prices vs best buy can sometimes be $100 difference23:36
rebbecajohnson20When will wine come to android ?23:36
abaddonDr_Willis,  besides, I just need the shell to run now through double click. XD23:36
reisioInFlames: and probably vice versa, plus you have to find them either way23:37
reisiorebbecajohnson20: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22wine%20for%20android%2223:37
reisiorebbecajohnson20: also: #android23:37
S[o]letso... what's it mean when top says that one of the processes is using 181% cpu :P23:37
rebbecajohnson20Reisio: thank you23:37
abaddonDr_Willis,  What launches bash stuff?23:37
atrusS[o]let: more than one cpu/core.23:38
abaddonDr_Willis,  It is /bin/bash, correct?23:38
InFlamesreisio, never vice versa, you clearly don't know what employees pay for shit at best buy, anything rocket fish is sometimes 70% off, not kidding23:38
S[o]letatrus: its an atom n270... there's only one core23:38
reisioInFlames: doesn't matter what employees pay, it matters what I pay, vs what I pay elsewhere23:38
InFlamesyea, and you pay msrp at big box stores23:38
reisionot going to go work at some place to get a better deal23:38
atrusS[o]let: hyperthreading then.23:39
reisioI pay the least amount for whatever I have the time for just like everyone else with any sense23:39
InFlamesreisio, i am also talking quality23:39
Dr_Willisabaddon:  the file manager may hae special ways to launch a shell script. I dont use that file manager so no idea what it needs.23:39
reisioif you say so23:39
abaddonDr_Willis,  could I convert the bash script to binary?23:39
Dr_Willisabaddon:  the first line of the .sh script defines what it needs. so all it really needs to do is get ran from a shell, or somthing like 'xterm -e pathtothe.sh'23:39
InFlames$50 hdmi that i can pck up for $4 with employee discount, you really think that cable compares to the $30 monster cable?23:40
Dr_Willisabaddon:  you dont just 'covnert a bash shell to a binary'23:40
InFlamesbestbuy is horrible23:40
InFlamesi mean shop where you like, just some friendly advice, buy online, avoid big box stores, avoid msrp23:40
reisioInFlames: again, it doesn't matter what employees pay, as I am not an employee23:40
reisiothe comparison is meaningless23:40
InFlamesit's not meaningless at all, employees only get deep discounts on poor quality merchandise23:41
abaddonDr_Willis,  mmmm...ok. Welp, i'll keep trying. Thx mate23:41
InFlamesanyhow, this conversation is meaningless23:42
reisiocan say that again23:42
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:42
InFlamesiceroot_, my thoughts.23:43
=== RedefinedClank is now known as Clank|Gone
rebbecajohnson20I was banned on Ubuntu offtopic23:55
IdleOneif you want to actually discuss your ban you should join #ubuntu-ops, otherwise don't bother.23:56
daftykinsrebbecajohnson20: did you have a support question nobody was helping with?23:57

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