xequenceFirst day of debconf06:17
knomeshouldn't your nick be debuence?06:25
xequenceknome: maybe next year :). This year I feel more like a tourist.06:31
smartboyhwzequence, yeah06:39
smartboyhwxequence, ^06:41
smartboyhwknome, it should be dequence rather06:42
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smartboyhwHey xequence 07:42
smartboyhwHow's Debconf?07:42
xequencesmartboyhw: Great weather. Introduction just started.07:57
xequenceMet some Canonical folks just now07:57
xequencecjwatson and stgraber among others07:58
smartboyhwxequence, great07:59
smartboyhwxequence, (or zequence) When will you send out the e-mail to call for testcase writing?13:09
xequencesmartboyhw: As soon as I've established a structure for how and by whom the the test should be written14:48
smartboyhwxequence, by whom? ...14:49
smartboyhwHow is easier than "by whom" I think14:49
smartboyhwThe community writes testcases:)14:49
smartboyhw*more difficult actually;P14:49
smartboyhwHow: Propose merge14:49
smartboyhwxequence, I know, but how = propose merge and whom = community14:50
xequenceThat much is clear, yes14:50
smartboyhwHow can that be difficult:P14:50
xequencesmartboyhw: Nothing is difficult14:50
xequenceit's just a matter of doing, and doing well14:51
smartboyhwxequence, I know, but I don't think the "structure" is different from what we are using in main QA team14:51
xequencesmartboyhw: What would you look for when writing a test for ardour?14:51
smartboyhwxequence, quality, typos, formatting14:52
smartboyhwAnd of course, testing:)14:52
xequenceI don have time to chat right now. bbl14:52
xequencesmartboyhw: your missing the point14:52
smartboyhwxequence, ...14:52
xequenceto be able to write a test for ardour, you need to be an ardour user14:52
xequencemany of these applications are quite different from other kinds of applications14:53
xequenceyou dont simply look for typos14:53
xequencein that case we can skip testing all together14:54
smartboyhwxequence, uh huh... But of course you have to be an Ardour user to write the test...14:54
xequencethe tests should be written for long term use14:55
xequenceand we need documentation for this stuff14:55
smartboyhwxequence, yes (as in the others)14:55
smartboyhwxequence, what do you mean by "documentation"?14:56
xequencesmartboyhw: Since you seem to know how this is done, why don you prepare a proposal for me?14:56
smartboyhwxequence, I just don't understand what you are meaning by "documentation"?!?14:56
xequenceI'll happily accept one within the week14:56
xequencesmartboyhw: Do you think you will have time for it?14:57
smartboyhwxequence, answer me first...14:57
smartboyhwIf you want "HOWTO write", you can just refer to all the QATeam wiki14:57
smartboyhwIf you want how to test, again, the QATeam wiki14:58
xequencesmartboyhw: I don't need your advice in this matter smartboyhw. And I'm done wasting my time right now14:58
xequenceeither you do it, or I do it14:58
* smartboyhw still can't understand why a proposal is needed, sorry14:58
xequencethen I do it14:59
smartboyhwxequence, sure14:59
smartboyhwOvenWerks, what do you think about this? ^15:00
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