studio-user155русские есть?00:49
Onslaughthey im new to ubuntu studio, and im getting a error at the initial part of installation, imj getting a exit error code 10, can anyone give me some insight to what this is about?08:13
smartboyhwOnslaught, hmm, this never was mentioned before08:15
Onslaughtlatest stable, i think 12.04 if memory serves me correctly08:15
Onslaughtvia usb.08:15
smartboyhwOnslaught, latest stable is 13.04...08:19
smartboyhwHmm, what's the error traceback?08:19
infitecan any one help me very new. cant open software center :(12:07
peeepsHi everyone18:06
peeepsGot a question. Is there any keboard key/command that allows me to switch the worplace on unbuntu studio?18:06
peeepsjust found it18:13
peeepsctrl-alt/left-right cursor18:13
HisaoNakaipeeeps: Eh18:13
HisaoNakaiCtrl+Alt arrow keys?18:13
peeepsctrl-alt/left-right cursoryes18:14
HisaoNakaiI think you can also modify the key18:14
HisaoNakaiNot sure of it though.18:14
peeepsi guess so18:14
peeepsi have another question about ubuntustudio. newbie question i guess. how do i save setting for when i want to start a recording in ardour? by this in mean... do i always have to make connections in jack everytime i want to record someting? Id like to have mi midi  synths and guitar ready to go18:17
peeepsi'd like to have and the cables connections settings saved in patchage for example18:18
HisaoNakaiAlso claudia. Also non-sessionn-manager.18:29
HisaoNakaiAnd Ardour does some patching by itself too IIRC.18:29
prompt32how can change my MAC of wlan0 ? macchanger inside initscripts (and outside ) fails ...20:35

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