bluesabreforestpiskie: I've confirmed the bug you found in indicator-sound, and found a work around.  I've added a comment to the bug as well, so maybe we can get some traction on this. https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-sound/+bug/120820401:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1208204 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "indicator-sound no longer functions with xfce4-indicator-plugin" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:06
bluesabreochosi, knome, mr_pouit ^01:06
elfybluesabre: thanks, confirm that the workaround after your's works 05:58
knomebluesabre, ugh06:22
elfymornign knome 06:38
knomehai elfy 06:54
elfyjust about to do a clean install and then install xmir into it 07:01
knomei'm about to leave sometime sooner or later07:03
knomebut have fun with xmir ;)07:03
elfyhave a good day :)07:03
knomewill do07:03
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elfyclean install of daily + install of xorg-server-mir and unity-system-compositor and reboot 07:45
elfyappears to work ok at first glance - other than a flashing login screen07:46
elfytyping in a treacle mine appears to have been fixed07:46
elfytthough display refuses to let me choose a different resolution - think there is a bug for that07:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1196239 in Mir "Cannot change display resolution" [Critical,Triaged]07:54
Noskcaj10Can we try and sync xfce4-indicator-plugin? Everything has been fixed in debian or upstrea,09:30
elfywell - that experiment didn't last long11:33
lderanoh dear11:54
elfysome activity in irc channel - cue really slow refresh ... 11:54
elfysort of asked in -mir, wiaiting for some sort of response - not holding my breath though, it being sunday11:57
lderanwell atleast you can get to the desktop eh :P11:58
elfywas a bit hasty installing it on this machine perhaps lol11:59
pleia2I'll try to catch GridCube, but he should just get his team to select a desktop each week and let us know what it is (I really don't need to be involved aside from working with knome to find a spot on the site)15:46
elfyIf I see him before you I'll tell him 15:47
pleia2thanks :)15:52
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knomepleia2, yah18:40
Noskcaj10never mind, it works now. I'll test the package, then file a bug19:47
Noskcaj10I've got the new indictator plugin on my PPA, but we can't sync unless ubuntu get's indicator-messages-gtk220:44
micahgNoskcaj10: we dropped that since it wasn't ported to the latest indicator API20:46
Noskcaj10micahg, so i assume syncing the plugin won't happen?20:47
micahgfrom where?20:47
micahgoh, gtk2 version was never ported20:49
micahgthat's why20:49
Noskcaj10syncing xfce4-indicator-plugin from debian20:50
micahgNoskcaj10: I thought you just had that uploaded (0.6.2)20:50
micahgoh, that was the datetime plugin20:51
micahgNoskcaj10: indicator needs a patch forward ported20:51
Noskcaj10ok, i'll look into getting debian updated then. Once it's ready, can you merge it on SVN? i still don't have access20:52
micahgI don't either20:52
micahgNoskcaj10: Debian is up to date, the patch hasn't been integrated upstream yet AFAIK20:53
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skellatNoskcaj: So, you got my e-mail then?20:57
Noskcajskellat, yep20:57
skellatDid it help?20:57
Noskcajyeah. I've realised that this can't get synced unless another package goes into the ubuntu repos20:59
skellatNoskcaj: Or the Ubuntu changes get handled by the upstream too so as to reduce the friction21:00
skellatThat's the other strategy you can follow if a dependency got dropped from the Ubuntu archive21:01
Noskcajone other question. Does anyone here have debian upload rights? I have 10 packages on mentors with nothing happening21:02
micahgwe're not getting gtk2 back in indicator-messages upstream21:02
skellatWell, that means getting the Ubuntu delta pushed upstream then21:03
micahgno, it needs to be ported and we don't have the resources21:04
micahgCanonical is upstream for that21:04
micahgif someone is bored and wants to do the porting, we can reintroduce21:05
micahgbut I think that time might be best spent elsewhere21:05
NoskcajWhat "elsewhere" do you recommend? 21:08
skellatmicahg: What do you see as left on the priorities list as we head into Feature Freeze?21:08
micahgfigure out Mir stuff, gtk-theme-config21:08
micahgoh, and getting some other unity stuff out of the image21:08
skellatmicahg: There is that docs sponsored + SRU upload for 12.04 that nobody wants to touch with a bargepole21:09
micahgI can do that as soon as I have some time (hopefully this week)21:10
skellatmicahg: You should have the bug logged somewhere21:10
skellatMir still boils down to watch & wait to see if any new code drops21:10
skellatThe known issues list is known to us and we need to watch to see if anything gets cleared off it with a further code drop (if any)21:11
skellatI don't think mr_pouit will be happy on the multi-monitor issue since Mir only supports mirroring and using multiple monitors is on Known Issues as not done yet21:12
skellatUnit193 & I are both idling in -mir watching things ever so hopefully21:13
micahgwell, if that's not done and not scoped for 13.10, we'll wait21:13
NoskcajAnd if anyone wants to check xfce4-settings 4.11, it's ready for upload and in my PPA, we just need a meeting to decide if we use it or not21:13
skellatmicahg: They still have time but that is my feeling too21:13
skellatAs to gtk-theme-config...I have no clue where that stands right now21:13
micahgwaiting on me to upload to mentors which I hope to do tonight21:14
micahgNoskcaj: I won't take -settings without mr_pouit's ACK21:14
skellatCool.  Ping Paul Tagliamonte if you have to to see if we can push things forward.  We're after DIF so we'll need to do a manual requestsync.21:15
micahgskellat: yeah, I can handle that :)21:15
skellatPaul is one of my predecessors as leader for Ubuntu Ohio...21:15
Noskcajmicahg, what i expected, but i'm let to see mr_pouit online, ever21:15
skellatNoskcaj: You can always write Lionel an e-mail21:17
NoskcajI'll wait till the end of the week, then try that21:17
skellatmicahg: Yeah, I do hope the Fluxbox king himself may help us navigate the queues more easily.21:18
* skellat wanders off to the other room to check on the BeagleBoard-xM relative to a Dropbox matter21:20
knomeNoskcaj, i'd send the email as soon as you can.21:32
Noskcajknome, ok, thanks21:38
* Noskcaj requires breakfast, will be back soon21:39
NoskcajGthumb 3.2.3 can't be put into ubuntu until bug 1191959 is fixed21:51
ubottubug 1191959 in automake1.13 (Ubuntu) "Update to latest 1.14 automake" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119195921:51
micahgNoskcaj: it seems silly for gthumb to depend on a new automake21:52
Noskcajmicahg, yes, but the .configure won't work without it, and i don't know how to make a workaround21:52
micahgrequired automake is 1.8 in tree21:55
micahghrm, 1.1121:55
micahgbut still fine21:55
Noskcajstrange, i'll find the error i get21:55
Noskcajmicahg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5975127/21:58
micahgNoskcaj: try with dh-autoreconf22:00
micahgno idea why you're getting that22:00
NoskcajHow do i use that with the simple rules file?22:02
micahgdh --with autoreconf22:03
Noskcajmicahg, it still won't build22:05
micahgNoskcaj: well, if you put up a source package for me somewhere, I'll try to take a look later tonight22:11
Noskcajmicahg, ok, thanks. i'll upload it now22:11
* micahg disappears for a bit22:11
NoskcajIt's a big file because i can't run debuild clean22:14
micahgNoskcaj: ok, just give me the debian dir diff than22:14
Noskcajthe orig is at https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B57km_mHQf74UGwxYUdLWXUyNUU/edit?usp=sharing and the debian folder is at https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B57km_mHQf74aUR6Qmtqd2J6Vmc/edit?usp=sharing22:19
micahgNoskcaj: your issues are caused by one of the patches or your environment, I commented out all the patches and I seem to get pretty far in the build23:50

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