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Andy80hi guys14:25
Andy80do you know if it's possible to trigger a jenkins build with a "bzr push" ? I've read that is possible with git and found some tutorials, but I don't understand if it's supported also with bzr14:26
Andy80I've found this http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/BzrHooks14:51
Andy80but I don't understand if it's already available or if it's a feature request14:51
jelmerAndy80: bzr hooks are available15:20
Andy80jelmer, yes, but I was just reading the docs here http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/development/en/user-reference/hooks-help.html in the "post_push" section it says "post_push is called with a bzrlib.branch.BranchPushResult object and only runs in the bzr client". There is no way to implement the hook on server instead of each client?15:22
jelmerAndy80: no, because the server might be a dumb server (e.g. sftp)15:23
Andy80jelmer, well... that's not a good reason imho. I mean... I could understand if this feature was missin on a "dumb server", but on a normal one it whould exist...15:24
jelmerAndy80: there is something that gets run on the server side in a smart server, though I'm not sure of the details there.15:25
LarstiQAndy80: post_change_branch_tip is perhaps more suited to your purpose17:15
Andy80LarstiQ, let me give a look..17:40
spundunhi all, is there a bzr equivalent of git notes? http://git-scm.com/2010/08/25/notes.html18:41

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