marcoceppi|awayhelp, anyone around?00:16
marcoceppi|awayDragging and dropping an exported yaml from gui doesn't accept the file, I simply get  the file downloaded again00:17
marcoceppi|awayGoogle Chrome00:17
marcoceppi|awayand Firefox00:18
marcoceppi|awayabout to demo, using jujucharms.com public deployment00:18
huwshimimarcoceppi|away: Seeing the same thing. http://comingsoon.jujucharms.com is erroring when I try it too.00:30
marcoceppi|awayhuwshimi: this is really unfortunate :\00:30
huwshimimarcoceppi|away: Can you drag charms from the sidebar onto the canvas?00:33
marcoceppi|awayhuwshimi: I can, I did mocked a large HA OpenStack deployment earlier00:33
marcoceppi|awayit works and it's up, but I've dropped internet connection a few times so I wanted to reload the page to get the last missing charm00:34
marcoceppi|awayI'm going to just wing it though for now00:34
marcoceppi|awayIf it's not working post-meeting I'll open a bug00:34
huwshimimarcoceppi|away: OK. I'm not getting any errors so the drop targets might not be working somehow. If you can check if it works in  http://comingsoon.jujucharms.com00:35
huwshimithat would be good00:35
marcoceppi|awayhuwshimi: I get an environment import failed, Unparsable environment data00:36
huwshimimarcoceppi|away: OK, that's what I get too00:36
marcoceppi|awaywhich is a step up from it not accepting the target00:37
marcoceppi|awayfor refernce: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5975549/00:37
marcoceppi|awayhuwshimi: thanks for confirming, about to demo00:37
huwshimimarcoceppi|away: Hope it goes well!00:38
marcoceppi|awayhuwshimi: any idea on IE support paths?00:42
huwshimimarcoceppi|away: For this issue?00:43
marcoceppi|awayhuwshimi: no, just in general00:43
marcoceppi|awaywhat's the lowest (if any) supported version of IE?00:43
huwshimiWe try and support IE10 fully, but there are some outstanding bugs (https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bugs?field.tag=ie10)00:44
huwshimiWe are working towards them at the moment00:44
rick_hmarcoceppi|away: is the feature complete? I know there's work around deployer formats and such in progress00:51
rick_hmarcoceppi|away: I had that same issue while testing in sprints and was told it wasn't done yet00:51
rick_hmarcoceppi|away: if you got the unparseable environment data that might be the format switch 00:52
rick_hmarcoceppi|away: ie10 is only supported version and some known bugs in progress. https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bugs?field.tag=ie1000:52
marcoceppi|awayrick_h: well the file came from juju-gui00:54
marcoceppi|awayrick_h: I assuemd it could read what it created00:54
marcoceppi|awayrick_h: thanks for the info!00:54
rick_hmarcoceppi|away: right, but in the last month the format changed around? I'm only vaguely familiar00:54
rick_hmarcoceppi|away: https://canonical.leankit.com/Boards/View/102529849 is a card in progress00:55
marcoceppi|awayrick_h: yaml support was added, but I'm not aware of format changes. I don't follow the deployment that closely00:55
* rick_h isn't sure if you can read that :/00:55
rick_hmarcoceppi|away: yea, me either while is hurting getting you help00:55
rick_hbut a card in progress from bcsaller right now is titled "import deployer format"00:55
marcoceppi|awayrick_h: well that's good to know, since i'm writing an abstration layer for deployer files00:55
marcoceppi|awayrick_h: it's okay, I've still got the original deployment in a browser tab00:55
marcoceppi|awaywe can make it through this00:56
rick_hmarcoceppi|away: yea, sorry. You can cli that?00:56
* rick_h isn't sure how that works cli -> gui and back00:56
marcoceppi|awayrick_h: well, I don't want to actually deploy it, since it's a huge openstack install00:56
rick_hmarcoceppi|away: ah, gotcha00:56
marcoceppi|awayrick_h: no, it was jujucharms.com gui -> disk -> gui (error)00:56
marcoceppi|awayI haven't actually done that deployment00:56
marcoceppi|awayjust wanted to be flashy about it00:56
rick_hI see00:56
marcoceppi|awayrick_h: huwshimi: thanks!00:58
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benjiabentley: good morning; I have fixed up my branch, if you have a moment to look it over: https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/charmworld/featured-breakout/+merge/17950313:13
abentleybenji: Have you pushed your branch?  I don't see the fixes you're talking about.13:14
benji"Pushed up to revision 343."13:14
abentleybenji: The current diff is still adding qa: None13:15
abentleyLine 104 of the diff13:15
abentleyMy IRC app is flaking out.  Back in a sec.13:16
jcsackett...i walk away from the computer. i come back and my dog is pawing at it on the coffee table.13:17
benjiabentley: fixed and pushed 13:17
jcsackett....when did my dog become a cat?13:17
abentleybenji: Also at 48613:19
benjiyow!  I really botched that merge.13:19
benjifixed and pushed13:21
gary_posterdentist, biab.  I am tweaking Huw's branch.13:25
abentleybenji: r=me13:28
abentleybenji: Wait a sec, I don't think this works, because you're storing charm_ids.13:36
abentleybenji: And I'm making charm-ids versioned.13:36
abentleybenji: So we would have to update the featured charm-id every time.13:37
abentleybenji: I.e. every time we ingest.  Which is exactly the kind of thing we don't want to do.13:37
rick_hhatch: ping for when you get in. Need to chat login code. 13:46
benjiabentley: I thought that the (revisionless) charm ID would be good for featured charms, since only ownership changes or series changes would affect the ID13:48
abentleybenji: You are storing the soon-to-be-revisioned charm-id as an attribute at line 68, AIUI.13:49
benjiabentley: I am, and when it is revisioned we'll have to change that13:50
abentleybenji: I proposed that you store name, owner and series in the document.  That will work now, and it will work in the future, too.  But if we do it in the future, we also have to do a migration to change it.13:52
abentleybenji: So let's do it now, so we don't have to do the migration later.13:53
benjiabentley: my concern with that approach is that constructing the set of featured charms for the API would then become N searches, one for each charm.  Is that going to be fast enough?13:55
abentleybenji: I think we could construct a single search with an OR block at the top, so that we could use a single search to find all the charms.13:57
sinzuiorangesquad, can everyone join a hangout in a few minutes?13:57
rick_hsinzui: rgr13:57
abentleysinzui: Sure.13:57
jcsackettsinzui: rgr.13:57
rick_hsinzui: our standup hangout?13:57
sinzuirick_h, Do you still have a link to it?13:58
* sinzui looks in browser history13:58
rick_hsinzui: yea, in my calender sec13:58
hatchrick_h: hey, just going to grab a coffee then ready to chat13:58
rick_hoh shoot, I did but guess not. 13:58
benjiabentley: ok, I'll take a stab at that approach.  To be clear, running that query would result in all revisions of all featured charms and we would then drop the non-latest, right?  Or is there a way to query for only the latest revision?13:58
rick_hhatch: will be a few13:58
rick_hhatch: sorry13:58
sinzuioh. maybe I do remember it13:59
rick_hsinzui: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/9e4f8e4352c744b862c522c70e8fdde42f531f5713:59
rick_horangesquad ^13:59
jcsackettorangesquad: be there in a moment.13:59
sinzuiadeuring, can you join this hangout ^14:00
* adeuring is coming...14:00
benjiabentley: can a revision of a charm ever be removed?14:58
abentleybenji: I am assuming no, for a given instance of charmworld14:59
hatchsometimes I wish js had real interfaces15:03
rick_hhatch: I'm about to relocate but while I'm in transit let me know if there's any reason I shouldn't do http://paste.mitechie.com/show/998/ to fix #119939215:15
_mup_Bug #1199392: can't view fullscreen charm details from url <charmbrowser> <juju-gui:In Progress by rharding> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1199392>15:15
sinzuiorangesquad, I I think saucy decided the meeting is over.15:16
sinzuiI have nothing left to say15:17
rick_hsinzui: thanks for he info. Going ot relocate back to real interwebs back home then. 15:17
abentleybenji: Sorry, was in a meeting.15:20
adeuringabentley: could you please update staging to r341?15:22
abentleybenji: Yes, when charms are versioned "running that query would result in all revisions of all featured charms and we would then drop the non-latest", just as we're doing with other searches.  We might switch it to Elasticsearch later, since that's versionless.15:22
abentleyadeuring: Sure.15:22
benjiabentley: ok, thanks15:22
hatchrick_h: i dont see any issue pending QA is ok15:24
abentleyadeuring: done.15:25
adeuringabentley: thanks!15:25
rick_hhatch: k, I wasn't sure on this login event and why this is going on. I'm not sure how best to get some tests in there because I have to url mangle and the test suite won't like it15:28
hatchrick_h: yeah this is all wako becuase the login comes from the ws15:29
rick_hhatch: k, thanks for the sanity check15:29
hatchrick_h: maybe we should create our own 'url manager' which handles fetching things like window.location15:29
hatchso that we can actually test these things15:29
rick_hhatch: well I'd expect it in the ns-routing15:29
rick_hhatch: but his code is diong it's own dispatch call15:29
rick_hhatch: and only dispatching the small little path it knows/wants to know about15:30
hatchwell I'm just saying we can't unit test this login method because it pulls right from window.location which asyou said will bust up the tests if we change that15:30
hatchso if we had it pull from 'fake().window.location'15:31
hatchthen we could mock it15:31
hatchI'm not saying you should do this now15:31
rick_hhatch: ugh, well I'd rather that it didn't use pathname at all, but it's fed that already upstream15:31
rick_hbut use the whole url15:31
hatchyeah I was thinking that too but then we have to deal with parsing out multitutes of base urls15:32
rick_hhatch: right15:32
hatchstill doesn't make it any easier to test though15:32
rick_hhatch: well then I don't need my change at all :)15:32
rick_hI just need to get the whole url into the navigate call15:32
hatchI suppose you could change the regex's to parse the full url15:33
hatchnot sure if that's any less work though15:33
rick_hhmm, maybe I don't care about that. If we hit this else block why can't I just use window.location.url?15:33
rick_hvs the redirectPath. 15:33
hatchbecause the redirectPath can be set by external stuff15:34
rick_hhatch: guichat?15:35
Makyojujugui call in 10 kanban now15:50
gary_posterThanks Makyo.  Also, jujugui, orangesquad, early warning that this meeting may go over a bit, reviewing some of the changes from the past week..15:51
rick_hstory time!15:51
* hatch grabs his blanky15:52
rick_has my son would say "15:52
rick_h"criss cross apple sauce with a bubble in your mouth"15:52
hatchlol what?15:52
rick_hit's how the kids sit at day care. Sit on the floor with criss-crossed legs and your mouth closed as if it had a bubble in your mouth15:53
hatchahh - smart teacher15:53
rick_hand keep it closed tight so the bubble doesn't get out15:53
rick_hoh yea, great for story time15:53
bacso where does the apple sauce come in?15:53
rick_hrhyming, kids love it15:54
* bac likes apple sauce15:54
gary_posterjujugui call in 215:58
gary_postersinzui jcsackett call ping16:02
sinzuigary_poster, google refuses to believe I am logged in16:02
gary_posterack sinzui :-( proceeding with kanban for now but let us know if you want us to wait on anything16:03
Makyogary_poster, May be misreading the UX by unit bit, actually.  It looks like it's listing charms, rather than units.16:38
gary_posterMakyo, ah, yes16:39
Makyogary_poster, Which we can do for up/downgrade, but not cross-grade, which I guess is okay.16:39
hatchreview time!16:39
MakyoThat would leave cross-grade as some manual step for CLI.16:39
gary_posterMakyo, right, I thought crossgrade would be a bit much for the GUI16:39
gary_posterat least for now16:39
gary_postercool, thanks for reviewing it again Makyo.16:39
hatchjcsackett: url for your branch?16:41
hatchsorry my email is being dumb16:41
rick_hhatch: https://codereview.appspot.com/12768043/16:41
hatchjcsackett, did you merge trunk into your branch?16:44
jcsacketthatch: i believe so.16:49
jcsacketthatch: what makes you ask?16:49
hatchjust curious16:50
hatchI also added a note tot he code review wondering if we should rename it from browsercharm in the cleanup16:51
hatchthinking that browser is going away :)16:51
jcsacketthatch: we want to keep a distinction between browsercharm and charm right now.16:53
jcsackettwhen we remove the charm model code we'll also rename browsercharm.16:53
hatchright right of course16:53
gary_posterhatch, I didn't understand what you meant in #1211356.  could you be a bit more concrete in bug?16:55
_mup_Bug #1211356: service configuration is used in too many formats <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1211356>16:55
hatchgary_poster, sure - I added a card to talk about it on Friday as well16:56
gary_postercool thanks hatch (but I won't be there, so I want a clue too ;-) )16:57
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hatchgary_poster, oh right....ok updated16:57
hatchgary_poster, does the new description make a little more sense?17:09
gary_posterhatch maybe :-P .  on a charm, the config is about schema, while on the service, the config is about values, so that seems reasonable to be different, unless there's a simple way to unify them.  The template diff sounds clearer on the face of it.17:11
hatchyeah this is mostly about requiring you to run a util parse method on the service data in order to render it17:13
hatchMakyo, is there any QA required for your branch?17:20
Makyohatch, if you would be so kind: change 'python' to 'go' in app/config-debug.js and deploy a service - it should have units in the inspector, a health graph on the service, etc.  Should be quick.17:21
hatchwill do!17:22
hatchrick_h, do you use irssi for irc?17:40
rick_hhatch: yes17:41
hatchI'm trying to decide between that or quassel 17:42
rick_hhatch: weechat is the one to check out these days17:42
rick_hhatch: I've just not bothered to switch my config over atm17:42
rick_hsince I've had this setup for so long17:42
hatchit's been around for 10 years and isn't even at version 117:43
rick_hwelcome to OSS17:43
hatchwhat is this...a nodejs script?17:43
hatchMakyo, review and qa done17:46
hatchrick_h, hmm it looks pretty cool17:47
rick_hjcsackett: qa issue: http://gui:8888/:gui:/charms/charms/precise/ceph-14/json/ auto reloads over and over17:47
hatchnice UI....console17:47
rick_hhatch: yea, if I didn't already have a setup I'd be using weechat and one day when I'm bored I'll port over17:47
hatchI really want to setup a irc client which is always running so I can just hook into it as I move from computer to computer17:48
rick_hhatch: yea, <3 17:48
Makyohatch, Until pyjuju is fully deprecated, I would assume the pyjuju sandbox will remain, but perhaps someone else from jujugui can comment.  +1 on splitting into separate files if possible, though.  Will make a slack task.17:49
hatchhave you used/looked into quassel? 17:49
hatchMakyo, yeah I kind of figured as much, cool17:49
rick_hhatch: graphical? no...I've not looked at it17:49
hatchjujugui lf two reviews on https://codereview.appspot.com/12770043/17:49
hatchrick_h, well it also has a server component 17:50
rick_hyea, no thanks17:50
rick_hjust use weechat and be happy17:50
hatchI'm going to built up my terminal and try and go cold turkey17:51
rick_hlet me know when you need a hang :)17:51
hatchtmux, weechat(I guess :P), vim?  17:51
rick_hwhen you get ready for mutt let me know :)17:51
hatchhaha no 17:52
hatchthat'll never happen17:52
rick_hbest email client out there!17:52
* rick_h hugs mutt17:52
hatchya know I say that.....but who knows!17:53
hatchyour horrible terminalness is rubbing off on me 17:53
rick_hI'm a horrible influence, just ask the locals around me17:54
hatchgary_poster, shall I continue on the inspector tasks? Did you want anything in particular done right now?17:54
hatchI bet!17:54
hatchrick_h, I love how mutt's feature list includes 'color support' lol17:55
rick_hhatch: yea, very handy17:55
MakyoNeed to switch from screen to tmux one of these days.17:56
hatchMakyo, yeah, even I know that's the right move :)17:56
MakyoI'm just so used to screen.  Will take some effort.17:56
rick_hMakyo: the pragmatic prog tmux book helped me switch. Really handy read17:56
hatchrick_h, how does mutt handle html emails?17:56
rick_hhatch: so I patch it through to w3m for the most part, or else I open them in chrome through mutt17:57
hatchahh ok - just curious really17:57
rick_hyea, most I can read in w3m, a command line browser. Otherwise you can write the message out to /tmp and them chrome them17:57
hatchthe reason I'm considering vim at all is that I pretty much navigate through sublime with keyboard shortcuts anyways and switching between irc/sublime/terminal is getting to be a pita17:58
rick_hhave you ever heard of a tiling window manager? /me runs away cackling17:59
hatchlol yes18:00
MakyoSo...vim + ctrlp \o/18:00
rick_hMakyo: glad you like it :)18:01
* hatch goes to google ctrlp18:01
rick_hsee, this is what's great about sprints. You walk away with new side things that are awesome18:01
hatchrick_h, Makyo ahh yes sublime does that with ctrl+p :D18:02
hatchguess I could have assumed lol18:02
hatchrick_h, I know I asked this before but I can't remember the answer - do you use a vim window manager or tmux for different windows18:06
rick_hhatch: I use my tiling WM and lots of splits in vim. I don't use tmux to window/split18:07
hatchahh right right18:07
hatchand is there anything in vim which has the idea of a 'project'18:08
rick_hjcsackett: nvm I guess. I can't dupe now. The code is going away soon as well so carry on!18:08
rick_hmeh, that stuff is too much imo18:08
gary_posterhatch, bcsaller, would it be reasonable for hatch to tackle the scale up/down ux?18:09
bcsallergary_poster: Thats fine with me, but I can get to it once I've finished this import stuff18:09
gary_posterbcsaller, if hatch thinks scale up/scale down is a good task, then you could prototype how to use the sandbox + topologies to display bundles in the charm browser18:12
bcsallergary_poster: that sounds like a good use of time to me18:12
gary_postercool bcsaller 18:12
bcsallerand fits well with the import story18:12
hatchalright I'll take the scaleup/down18:13
gary_postercool thanks hatch, bcsaller 18:13
rick_hsinzui: wanted to check in on the deploy docs and process for charmworld? 18:13
hatchbcsaller, did you have any work done on it yet?18:13
sinzuiabentley, I see staging is at r341. Do you have any reservations if we deploy it for rick_h?18:14
bcsallerhatch: I didn't take it very far, I'd just started with the template. Mostly I moved to the import stuff. I'm happy to do a pre-imp call though18:15
abentleysinzui: Let me check...18:15
rick_hsinzui: I'm looking at 342 as my icon branch didn't really require updating staging. 18:16
abentleysinzui: No, I'm happy.18:16
sinzuiabentley, fab.18:16
sinzuirick_h, are you saying staging is 1 rev behind?18:16
rick_hsinzui: yes18:17
hatchbcsaller, sure in a bit - I'm just fixing some IE test failures18:17
sinzuirick_h, we need to see it on staging to verify the charm can stop and start for the rev18:17
abentleysinzui: Staging still isn't auto-updating on branch landings.18:18
sinzuiabentley, I was going to run the tests for 342 then juju set revno18:19
abentleysinzui: Yes, that's what we have to do right now.18:19
rick_hsinzui: ok18:20
abentleysinzui: But you could also go straight to 344.18:20
sinzuiworks for me18:21
rick_hjujugui 2 reviews please for tiny diff to fix #1199392 https://codereview.appspot.com/1279104318:21
_mup_Bug #1199392: can't view fullscreen charm details from url <charmbrowser> <juju-gui:In Progress by rharding> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1199392>18:21
bacrick_h: i'll do one18:22
rick_hbac: thanks18:22
hatchbcsaller, the upgrade story is on mockup v11 or did we have a different one for it?18:23
bcsallerhatch: upgrade charm ux?18:23
gary_posterhatch this isn't the upgrade story but the scale up/down story18:24
hatchohh ok so we are using the v11 version?18:24
Makyohatch, upgrade charm ux: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d6sc200adk2dszs/juju-gui-2-inspector-09.jpg18:25
gary_posterthink so.  verifying18:25
MakyoJust so you can diff them18:25
hatchyup pretty close thanks18:25
hatchok I'm going to grab lunch first then get started on this18:26
gary_postercool.  and yes, v11 should be it18:27
sinzuirick_h, staging updated. Are you satisfied it has the feature you need?18:35
rick_hsinzui: yes, thanks!18:36
rick_hjcsackett: hatch can I interest either of you into a small itty bitty review? https://codereview.appspot.com/1279104319:05
hatchrick_h, so you're going this way instead of a util method eh?19:06
rick_hhatch: yes, a util method isn't needed and needs a home, and doesn't get me anything as then it needs tests that muck with the url19:06
hatchI'm not sure I agree because this way we can't unit test this method19:07
hatchalthough we had this discussion already19:07
rick_hsure we can, override the getter as we talked about. It's 'a util method'19:07
rick_hjust in an attr atm right next to the code using it that needs it19:08
hatchwe can override the getter?19:08
rick_hbut it's ugly, I give you that19:08
rick_hhmm, can't you override the getter of an ATTR?19:08
hatchI didn't think so19:09
hatchmaybe you can and I've been missing out...19:09
* rick_h didn't look I guess. It's a function, why not be able to override it19:09
hatchI think you have to pass in a named fn and override that one because I am pretty sure YUI doesn't give you access to the getter fn's after instantiation19:10
rick_hok, well this can be pulled into a util when someone else needs it. For now it seems like fixing this special onLogin event issue with a sledgehammer19:11
rick_hand woot, autocomplete landing. /me keeps refreshing comingsoon 19:11
rick_hgary_poster: sinzui so autocomplete is out the door and bug fix. Is there a priority from here I should take into account? inspector cards? other browser bugs? should we chat on some of the new ones that came out of IoM?19:12
gary_posterrick_h, awesome~19:13
gary_posterrick_h, working up answer.  have a glass of water. ;-)19:14
rick_hgary_poster: np19:15
gary_posterrick_h, how about (dun dun dun!) the STICKY HEADER CODE! <sound echoes>19:19
gary_posterrick_h, you can say no, but, your mission, should you choose to accept it...19:20
* rick_h pretends gary_poster was talking to hatch :P19:20
* hatch pretends he doesn't exist and can't be assigned this tasks19:20
rick_hgary_poster: k, I don't have all the background. If you can link me to the notes/info I can look into it. I've seen a couple of links of demos from hatch 19:20
hatchrick hop into guichat I can give you a rundown19:21
gary_poster...would be to get a simple variant of sticky headers working in the inspector and the charm browser.19:21
rick_hhatch: k19:21
rick_hgary_poster: ok, yea I've seen the card about a demo, but know there was some confusion abuot when/how it was used as well?19:21
gary_posterhatch, do you have a link of the FF demo?  Please emphasize that we should go with something quick rather than something perfect--we can negotiate with  UX, but the user testing said load and clear that the sticky headers were helpful19:22
hatchyep definitely19:22
hatchI think I have the link somewhere I'll have to look19:22
gary_posterthanks hatch.  rick_h, the confusion was that we thought it needed to be implemented a certain way.  what UX actually wanted seemed easier and more common, but turned out to be harder.  hatch knows where the bodies are buried.  I can hop on the call at a moments notice if desired19:23
rick_hgary_poster: k, thanks. Chatting now19:24
gary_posterbcsaller, I suspect you want to do this almost as much cutting your fingernails to the quick, but we do have you done for "Write documentation for Databinding Engine and Controller" and that is something that both of your reviewers requested.19:29
gary_posterThat would be a good task to complete before you move to the prototype.19:30
bachi sinzui19:30
sinzuihi bac19:30
bacsinzui: you got a sec so i can pick your brain?19:30
bacsinzui: guichat is occupied.  i'll make a hangout19:31
bacsinzui: you are unavailable.  :(19:32
sinzuiI am here19:33
sinzuiin g+19:33
sinzuiI am trying to call you19:34
gary_posterjujugui, could I have two volunteers for charm reviews today of frankban's branch, please?  https://codereview.appspot.com/12770044/19:34
bacsinzui: it thinks i'm in a call with both of your identities and it won't let me join either!19:35
benjigary_poster: I'll take one19:35
gary_posterthanks benji19:35
sinzuibac, ring me again?19:35
bacyes, the non-canonical you19:35
bacgah, killed ff and am trying again19:36
hatchbcsaller, have a moment for that pre-imp?20:03
rick_hgary_poster: autocomplete is on comingsoon. Do we still have the css build issue on there as it looks funky? I've got to run but will look into it in the morning if needed. fyi20:07
gary_posterrick_h, ack, thanks, will investigate20:08
gary_posterrick_h, was a conflict *and* a build issue. :-) resolved20:16
bcsallerhatch: sorry, was at lunch, want that call now?20:31
hatchyup lets do it20:31
hatchgary_poster: want to pop into guichat for a second?20:36
benjiabentley: I've upadated my branch to not depend on charm ID20:36
gary_posterhatch will be there in 520:36
abentleybenji: Looking...20:36
abentleybenji: While waiting on your branch, I've been working on removing doctype: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charmworld/+bug/120847720:38
_mup_Bug #1208477: Bundle metadata contains redundant "doctype" attribute <charmworld:In Progress by abentley> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1208477>20:38
benjiabentley: hmm, I think doctype is pretty important for my branch20:39
abentleybenji: The caller should know what the document type is.20:40
benjiabentley: right, but how will the FeaturedSource know what kind of document it has been given?20:41
benjiabentley: I'm sorry, but I really have to run an errand right now, I'll be back later but I suspect we'll have to iron this out in the morning20:42
abentleybenji: The caller can pass that info in.  It already does for get_featured.20:42
abentleysinzui: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/charmworld/remove-doctype-attribute/+merge/179814 ?21:28
* sinzui does21:29
sinzuiabentley, r=me21:30
sinzuithat was nice without a single surprise21:30
abentleysinzui: The surprise for me was that Elasticsearch doesn't support bulk updates.21:31
bacsinzui: could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/charmworld/create_replacemet-bundle-aware/+merge/179816 ?  it is the fix we discussed, i just pulled it out into a bite-sized branch.21:37
* sinzui looks21:38
bacsinzui: with this fix, bundles added before running bin/es-update survive.21:40
sinzuibac: Your have two tests of similar name, but they do different things with create_replacement()21:44
sinzuibac maybe the names could be test_create_replacement_default_bundles() and test_create_replacement_with_bundles()21:46
bacsinzui: i followed the existing pattern with charm/charms.21:47
bacsinzui: but i'm happy to change the names of them all to be clearer21:47
sinzuibac, could you? That's all I ask. r=me21:48
bacsure.  thanks sinzui21:48
hatchbcsaller: what do you use for vim to allow you to use the mouse the way you do?22:08
hatchdo you use gvim?22:08
bcsallerhatch: no, console vim. I think its :set mouse a22:09
bcsallerfor 22:09
bcsallerall modes22:09
bcsaller:help mouse will tell you 22:09
hatchwhat was after 'its' my irc client turned it into an emoticon22:10
rick_hhatch: colonset mouse a22:16
rick_hgary_poster: thanks! looks much nicer22:16
hatchrick_h: thanks :) I finally got zsh running on my laptop, it didn't want to run22:17
hatchnow trying to find a theme22:17
rick_hhatch: theme? for the prompt?22:25
rick_hhatch: because the colors are the terminal colors22:25
hatchyeah alanpeabody is what I went with22:25
hatchehh I don't like that one either22:29
hatchlooks like I'll end up making my own hah22:29
hatchmorning huwshimi23:09

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