drecutehow do I perform code versioning in juju?00:40
drecutelike for example, I make changes to my charm and need to push updates00:41
marcoceppi|awaydrecute: You can push your changes to bzr or git at any time00:45
marcoceppi|awaydrecute: However, if you want to "upgrade" the charm running, you can run the upgrade-charm command00:45
marcoceppi|away`juju upgrade-charm --repository="/path/used/during/deployment" <service>`00:45
marcoceppi|awaythat should increment the revision file in your charm, which for local deployments, is what juju uses to track changes00:46
marcoceppi|awaythe revision file is completely optional and only used for deploying from your local machine, if you're deploying from the charm store, the charm store keeps it's own revision of the charm, which is monitors the official repository for changes then increments number00:46
marcoceppi|awaySo if you run `juju deploy mysql` find a bug, fix the bug, get it merged in to the official charm, you just need to run `juju upgrade-charm mysql` and juju will see the version in the store is higher and run the upgrade00:47
drecuteThanks marcoceppi|away00:57
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disposablei'm trying to use juju with maas. I have both from ppa to make sure i use the latest versions. i've configured maas, have 2 nodes (1 declared and 1 allocated to root), however, after bootstrapping juju, when i type 'juju status', I get """error: Unable to connect to environment "". Please check your credentials or use 'juju bootstrap' to create a new environment. Error details: no reachable servers11:23
disposablei do not see any errors in /var/log/maas/*. what else should i check?11:23
disposableand my maas web ui works fine.11:24
davecheneydisposable: it sounds like bootstrap didn't work11:26
davecheneycould you try again with11:26
davecheneyjuju bootstrap -v11:26
davecheney(if you environment is bootstrapped, nothing will happen)11:26
disposableerror: environment is already bootstrapped11:26
davecheneyok, cool11:27
davecheneycould you do the status with -v for me ?11:28
disposablehttp://pastebin.com/SJVGsaTL is what's in my environments.yaml11:28
davecheney(i really wish -v was the default)11:28
disposabledavecheney: juju status takes forever to run (5+ minutes)11:29
disposabledavecheney: so please don't think i've left11:30
davecheneyhmm, sounds like a timeout11:33
davecheneyit smells like the mongodb server onthe bootstrap node didn't start up11:33
davecheneyi'm guessing there are lots of timeout errors11:33
disposabledavecheney: the verbose output isn't that much more informative - http://pastebin.com/FUri1dx311:42
davecheneydisposable: weird, why is you environment named ""11:44
davecheneyis node1 resolvable from your client ?11:44
* davecheney is asking in #juju-dv11:44
disposabledavecheney: it isn't. i haven't installed maas-dns and i'm using external dhcp server.11:45
disposableshould node1 be running?11:46
davecheneyyes, if i understand correctly, node1 has been designated as the bootstrap node, or what we call machine 011:47
davecheneyif it's not running, that would explain what is going on11:48
disposablewhen i list the nodes in maas web ui, i see node1 as "Status: Allocated to root". I can't say i understand what that means.11:48
disposabledavecheney: if i start node1, it'll try to pxe boot. will it not just get overwritten/reinstalled again?11:49
davecheneydisposable: tbh, i'm not sure, i'm not a maas expert11:51
davecheneyi only know it from the POV of juju and the provider interface11:51
davecheneyi *think* what has happened is your node 1 has been used as the bootstrap node11:51
davecheneybut becuase it is off, the environment is unaccessable11:51
disposabledavecheney: since it's in virtualbox, i've taken a snapshot and it's now booting up11:55
disposablei've made node1 resolvable, ran juju status -v and got this error - http://pastebin.com/5L5iXbxh On node1, i see network activity when juju staus is running, but otherwise there's no disk/net activity at all.12:09
* davecheney looks12:09
davecheneydisposable: here is what may have happened12:09
davecheneyyou may have shut down node 1 before the bootstrap process was complete12:10
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disposablei do not believe it was on while bootstrap was running. is there a way to un-bootstrap and re-bootstrap juju?12:10
davecheneydisposable: yes juju destroy-environment will remove the environment and release the machines back to the maas controller12:12
jamespagedavecheney, lol - (i really wish -v was the default)12:12
disposabledavecheney: thank you. i'll try that later.12:12
jamespagealias juju="juju -v"12:12
jamespagejuju is just a little to quiet these days :-)12:12
davecheneyjamespage: +112:13
davecheneysaves you having to run the command twice when it goes wrong12:14
marcoceppi|travedisposable: virtual box is not a good virtualizer for Maas13:11
marcoceppi|travefor one, pxe booting doesn't work (didn't work for me when I did this a year ago)13:12
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bbcmicrocomputeris proper networking with containers ala 'juju add-machine 1/lxc' working in latest 1.13.1?14:12
davecheneybbcmicrocomputer: i'm going to say a conditional yes14:54
davecheneybut i'd like to check with thumper before I say any more14:55
bbcmicrocomputerdavecheney: ah ok, thanks!14:56
disposablei'm trying to start over with juju+maas. when i issue juju destroy-environment, all i get back is - ERROR juju supercommand.go:274 command failed: gomaasapi: got error back from server: 409 CONFLICT15:06
disposablewhat should i do next (apart from reinstall)?15:07
disposablenevermind, deleting declared node from maas, fixed it.15:09
m_3can any OSX users help test out the brew instructions in https://code.launchpad.net/~evarlast/juju-core/osx-homebrew-goget/+merge/178379 ?15:10
m_3it should be easy to check... it's just installing go with brew, then using go get to install juju client15:12
sidneiadam_g, hazmat, around? seems like 'units:' was renamed to 'num_units:' in the rewrite?16:28
sidneijuju-deployer that is16:28
* hazmat pokes around orig src16:36
hazmatsidnei, hmm. it does look that way16:37
hazmatsidnei, i'll add in a back compat for it16:37
sidneihazmat: thanks16:37
JamesTaitHi all.16:58
JamesTaitI upgraded to Ubuntu Saucy over the weekend, and with it to juju-core 1.12.0 (later to 1.13.1 via PPA).  I've been using jitsu watch to wait for a node to come up, but now I'm getting an error "ImportError: No module named juju.control".17:00
JamesTaitAm I missing a dependency somewhere?17:01
marcoceppiJamesTait: jitsu is depreciated and no longer compatible with juju > 0.717:04
JamesTaitmarcoceppi, ah, that'd explain it. Is there something I should be using instead?17:04
* JamesTait hasn't been keeping up to date with the charm schools. :(17:05
marcoceppiJamesTait: so, we have juju plugins (being that we can create arbitrary juju subcommands much like bzr and git) however, at this time we dont' have a comperable watch alternative17:05
marcoceppiJamesTait: what were you using watch for primarily?17:06
JamesTaitmarcoceppi, I'm using it in a Makefile where I wait for solr-jetty to be started and then use juju status to get its public IP address to put into a configuration file for something else.17:09
marcoceppiJamesTait: Gotchya, would it be better to mock that exchange in a relation instead?17:09
JamesTaitmarcoceppi, this is for a local dev environment (for click package index), and I'm not quite sure what the status is of the dependent service (which is the click package index WSGI service).  I think I'll need to have a chat with the chap who charmed it for production and see what we can work out.17:11
marcoceppiJamesTait: ah, I see, so the ip isn't used directly with other charms, but for external service17:12
marcoceppiSo, there's a tool called amulet that I've been working on, it's designed with testing in mind, but it has a port of the jitsu watch command in the form of `amulet wait`17:13
marcoceppiin that the command will block until either a timeout is reached or the environment/service is moved to started17:13
JamesTaitmarcoceppi, yeah.  The way the dev environment is currently set up, we use juju for solr-jetty, but the wsgi service is just run directly under gunicorn.17:13
JamesTaitmarcoceppi, ah yes, I recall reading about amulet.17:13
marcoceppiJamesTait: So, it's in the ppa:juju/pkgs ppa, it's purpose is for functional tests, but you could certainly run that command add-hoc until I port the code to a juju plugin :)17:15
JamesTaitIt sounds like an option.  I'm currently drafting an e-mail to the team to describe the problems I've had during the upgrade so others don't need to. :)17:16
JamesTaitAnd "I'll fix the Makefile so you can all continue working as you are" sounds so much better than "We're going to need to re-work the dev environment and..." ;)17:17
JamesTaitmarcoceppi, thanks for your help, I'll give it a bash and let you know how we get on.17:17
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marcoceppiJamesTait: cheers, please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!17:21
JamesTaitmarcoceppi, will do!17:25
JamesTaitmarcoceppi, is amulet available on Saucy?17:36
marcoceppiJamesTait: Oh, let me kick off a saucy build17:36
JamesTaitAwesome, thanks. :)17:36
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andreas__adam_g: hi, I added the tests, could you take another look? https://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/charm-helpers/ceph-wait-for-device/+merge/17942920:57
adam_gandreas__, ack,, will in a bit20:57
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adam_gahasenack, any chance you can add the 'slow' attribute to those tests that wait on a timeout?22:14

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