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MrLahey hey there. I cannot login to lubuntu after changing my password. apparently this is because I also did not change the password for my encrypted home drive. any ideas to fix? thanks'04:24
holsteinMrLahey: can you get in and change it back?04:32
holsteinrecovery promt.. and go as root, using your passphrase04:32
MrLaheythanks I got to root through the grub recovery. how do I change the home drive password from here.04:36
holsteinMrLahey: i would change the user pass back.. get it all working again, and start fresh04:37
holsteinMrLahey: http://askubuntu.com/questions/33730/will-changing-password-re-encrypt-my-home-directory04:37
holsteinits not like the user pass is decrypting anything, AFAIK04:38
MrLaheywhen i tried to change it back it says "authentication token manipulation error, password unchanged"04:40
holsteinMrLahey: "When you change your password, the home directory passphrase is re-encrypted with your new password, so you should have continued access to your files with the new password.04:41
holsteinMrLahey: i think when you say "appartently this is becuase i didnt.." what you mean is, you are "assuming".. i dont think you have figured out what you issue is04:42
MrLaheyI changed the password and was able to login. but now the desktop is empty (no panel) and only the default apps show when right clicking04:56
MrLaheyhey there I am on lubuntu and am having an issue...i couldnt login after changing my password so I went into grub and changed it back. now I can login but the panel is missing and when I right click to open apps, it only shows the default apps that came with the distro.05:22
absabhow do you convert from ODT to JPG (or PNG) ? is there an app that converts many different filetypes?10:42
Lejmerhey guys, could someone help me with a booting problem?13:13
amesbury_eugreetings! i have a question about installing lubuntu on virtualbox17:20
wxlamesbury_eu: just like installing not-in-virtualbox17:21
amesbury_euDuring setup of vm i choose the name of my vm: lubuntu OS Type>Operating System:Linux>Version:Ubuntu . So  virtualbox will recognise lubuntu as being ubuntu?17:23
wxllubuntu is ubuntu, with a different desktop environment17:23
amesbury_eui realise lubuntu is built almost same as ubuntu so this will be ok?17:23
wxlcarry on17:23
amesbury_eucool! will get to work. thanks :-)17:24
MrLaheyHey there I am on lubuntu and having an issue on my other computer. I changed the password and could not login after that, so I used grub recovery to change the password back. after that I could login but its like my profile is gone. the panel is missing, the desktop is empty, when I right click it shows only the default programs, none of the ones I installed. it basically looks the same as if you logged into a guest account17:57
melodiehello !20:17
melodiephillw ?20:18
phillwmelodie: present20:18
melodieI have started testing Lubuntu Saucy just today. I have downloaded the ISO yesterday and updated it with zsync before starting it20:18
melodieI have seen you have approved my membership on the Lubuntu list, thank you!20:18
melodieI have been reading some of the threads in the archives20:19
phillwexcellent, I trust you saw the acceptance to L-QA area.20:19
melodiebtw, how are you? :)20:19
melodieI have received a notification mail about it20:19
melodieL-QA area : this is where I suscribed I think?20:19
phillwI'm well, just doing some wiki work for the main QA team.20:19
melodieI might have to stick here, I have seen small mistakes to be corrected20:20
melodieelse, I don't feel like posting to the mailing list right away. It is not even specifically dedicated to testing, am I right about that ?20:20
melodiephillw and I think I will need your lights about some parts of the testing process, for which I have no idea how that is used20:21
phillwmelodie: the mailing list on https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-qa is specifically for the lubuntu-qa team (I shorten it to to L-QA)20:21
phillwbottom left hand corner to subsribe20:22
melodieso I have not suscribed there?20:22
melodieYes I did20:23
melodiethe mail notification says so20:23
melodieat same time it seems that some of the messages are cc from lubuntu mailing list20:24
melodiephillw a few questions20:25
melodieshould I introduce myself on the mailing list for a start ?20:25
Guest87270hello friends :)20:25
melodiehi Guest8727020:25
Guest87270how are you20:26
phillwmelodie: yes, some of the stuff we send to L-QA is also sent to General, and some to all mailing lists... such as the seeking of the new TL for the wiki area.20:26
Guest87270do you recommend installing software from an unauthenticated source?20:26
phillwwhich reminds me.... I must send out an email on that!20:26
phillwGuest87270: depends on what you mean by unauthenticated, it is a grey area.20:27
melodieGuest87270 generally not, but you might want to explain which software and from which source20:27
melodieGuest87270 sometimes you may be missing an authentication key and have to download it with the appropriate command line (from the ubuntu server source)20:28
Guest87270phillw, also send out that Lubuntu should only have 1 release per year on xx.04 with a full 1 YEAR support and every other year being LTS release being in line with Ubuntu (a 3 year LTS is fine)... instead of making 2 releases per year that only have 9 months support20:29
Guest87270melodie, can you check if installing grub-customizer for you is from an authenticated source, thanks20:29
phillwGuest87270: the most recent stuff we did on using sources, is that of using PPA's; this is covered at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/PPA_Testing20:30
melodiephillw I have started for a first test in Virtualbox and after logout and login again in live mode, I was not having French anymore but an asian language20:30
melodiephillw here is the shot: http://meets.free.fr/LubuntuSaucyTesting/2013-08-12-220616.png20:31
melodieso should I first introduce myself on the list before starting to post?20:31
phillwmelodie: is that in saucy, aka 13.10 ?20:32
melodieGuest87270 in Precise it was not unauthenticated, but if it is for you and you need help, just provide us with a copy paste of the error message please, so we can help you20:32
melodiephillw sure20:32
Guest87270W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net raring Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY A8AA1FAA3F055C0320:32
melodie<melodie> I have started testing Lubuntu Saucy just today. I have downloaded the ISO yesterday and updated it with zsync before starting it20:32
melodieGuest87270 ok wait a second20:32
melodieGuest87270 try this:20:33
phillwmelodie: the language packs for 13.10 are not finalised, they are the last things that really get done. Every one else has to do their work 1st before the translations can be fully done.20:33
melodiesudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com A8AA1FAA3F055C0320:34
Guest87270melodie, what does that do?20:34
melodiephillw ok so this is not a bug which needs to be reported20:34
melodieGuest87270 this should request the one missing key on the ubuntu key server20:34
melodieat least it has worked for me each time I have needed it20:34
phillwmelodie: do report it as a bug, but for bug discussions, please do use the #ubuntu-quality channel as such things as language packs affect all flavours :D20:35
melodiephillw very good.20:36
Guest87270thanks babe, it worked :)20:39
melodieGuest87270 lol !20:39
melodieno one ever calls me babe on the chans. XD20:40
Guest87270i popped your babe cherry :P20:40
x5ivesI'm checking my disc for defects but it's just been sitting on the lubuntu loading splash screen for ages.23:39
phillwx5ives: is that from the self test of the CD?23:53
phillwthe spash screen is not the test screen...23:54
x5ivesI know, it hasn't even got to checking it yet.23:54
phillwthen you have not selected the test at boot.23:55
x5ivesI have.23:55
x5ivesWhen the CD loaded I selected to check it.23:55
phillwre-boot, and then on the menu, use the self test. If that fails, you have a bad image.23:55
x5ivesI selected "Check disk for defects" after the CD loaded and choose my language, that's the one you mean right?23:57
phillwx5ives: yup, is that reporting an error?23:58
x5ivesNope, It's just sitting on the loading splash screen.23:59
x5ivesI haven't rebooted it though.23:59
phillwthen the CD burn has failed. If the CD cannot self check, it is corrupted.23:59
x5ivesI'll try, but I don't see how it's going to make a difference.23:59

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