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kurt___Hi all - I am still getting "OAuthUnauthorized" from MAAS trying to install juju-gui.  The clock in my root node 0 is way off even with quantal images.  I had read some bug reports and had thought the timing bug was fixed?  Would be likely this is my OAuth problem and is it supposed be fixed in Quantal?20:43
kurt___Further to this and maybe because of this OAuthUnauthorized error, the deployment is always stuck in state of "pending" because it cannot spin up a new host.20:45
kurt___Even when I force the deployment to same node as root node, it still does not work.20:45
roaksoaxkurt___: it seems like if you were not authenticated to MAAS20:50
roaksoaxkurt___: have you configure juju to use the correct oauth credentials?20:50
kurt___roaksoax: maas is authenticated20:51
roaksoaxkurt___: not maas, juju20:51
roaksoaxkurt___: jujuenvironments file20:51
roaksoaxdoes it have the correct oauth key?20:51
kurt___yes it does as far as I know.  is there another test you can provide to determine this?20:51
roaksoaxkurt___: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5978683/\20:52
roaksoaxkurt___: so that pastebin shows an example of how the juju environments file should be configured to use with maas20:52
roaksoaxmaas-oauth is the key being provided to the maas user20:52
roaksoaxso you would need to go to the maas webui and retrieve it from the user preferences20:52
kurt___roaksoax: should the maas-server url be pointed to inside or outside interface?20:55
roaksoaxkurt___: shouldn't matter really20:55
kurt___my maas html interface is on 192.168.1.x and internal where maas nodes are is 172.16.118.x - I have the maas-server pointed to 172.16.118.x20:57
kurt___the maas clients can ping the IP on the 192.168.1.x interface, but nothing else inside 192.168.1.x or to the outside world20:58
kurt___I guess that's irrelevant20:58
kurt___but should I try switching maas-server to external address?20:59
kurt___And is the juju-origin a required parameter?  That is the only I don't have21:01
roaksoaxkurt___: you could swotch to public21:01
roaksoaxJuju origin depends21:02
roaksoaxwheere did you install juju from?21:02
roaksoaxkurt___: thrn juju origin should reflect ths21:15
kurt___I added it21:16
kurt___destroying environment and trying again.21:16
kurt___note that the time of my host is far different than the mass-ctrl - I was wondering if that could be the problem too21:17
kurt___the correct time still does not seem to be being passed to it21:17
kurt___I know this is a long standing problem, but thought it was fixed with the quantal images21:17
roaksoaxit should br fixed alresdy21:18
roaksoaxalreafy in maas in precise quantal etc21:18
kurt___my time is way off21:18
roaksoaxupdate your images to the latest ones? what maas version are you using?21:22
kurt___still getting that error21:29
kurt___roaksoax: any additional ideas?21:55
roaksoaxkurt___: let me see (sorry got caught up with something else)21:56
roaksoaxno odea21:57
roaksoax that's authentication issue :/21:59
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kurt___any suggestions on how to move forward with this roaksoax?22:31

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