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iBelieveIs there anyone here from the Calendar app team? I've got a question about a feature in it.00:32
iBelievenik90, ping00:36
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haloanyone here?04:56
halohow to build a deb file from a qt project04:56
dholbachgood morning06:42
kazak1377hello everybody. I'm ne in ubuntu dev, but i've already have some exp in qt development(c++ and pyqt). So my question: is there any methods to create ubuntu touch app using pyqt or just python or c++ logic insted of javaScrip?08:03
_5m0k3kazak1377 You can use c++ and register classes, etc to use in your qml08:11
guschoSoMoN: hi08:37
guschoSoMoN: have you seen my updates from friday on https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-autopilot-uitk-toolbar-buttons/+merge/17940908:37
oSoMoNgusch: hey, no I haven’t seen them, let me check08:37
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Youth Day! :-D08:44
oSoMoNgusch: looks good now, I’m running the autopilot tests on my device and will then approve08:51
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oSoMoNgusch: approved09:00
guschoSoMoN: cool thx09:01
mihir_dpm: Good morning :)09:59
dpmhey mihir_10:02
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nik90|Officemehow: got 2 mins?10:13
mehowwhats up ?10:13
nik90|OfficeI implemented the new timer designs. Had a small doubt in the final step10:13
mehowok :)10:14
nik90|Officeso in the wireframe design, when you click on a timer preset, it shows you the analogue timer face along with the preset name. The wireframe indicate that the user can click on the preset name to edit them. Is that right?10:14
nik90|Officeif yes, how does the user confirm the edit? Do I add a toolbar button for that?10:15
mehowyes I think when you in the edit mode the bottom bar is always there10:15
nik90|Officeah ok. So the user will see the on screen keyboard and beneath it the toolbar will be persistent to show the save button10:16
nik90|Officemehow: thnx. I think I should be able to implement the timer and alarm definitely by this week. With that many of the major design blocks are complete leaving some small interaction questions for next week.10:17
m-b-odpm: Hi!10:18
m-b-odpm:  Could you review a MP for me?10:18
nik90|Officedpm: good morning :). btw I sent the email to the mailing list regarding the app confinement issue we were talking about last week. Hopefully someone from the security teams responds to it.10:24
mihir_dpm: hey dpm..:) hope you are doing great after weekend :)10:26
mehowcool !10:28
mehowif you need anything just shout ;)10:28
mihir_dpm:  Could you review this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/1210873 ?10:40
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1210873 in Ubuntu Calculator App "Operands without any calculations" [Undecided,New]10:40
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popeymihir_: confirmed11:01
nik90|Officepopey: hi :) Hope you had a nice vacation. I liked the g+ pic with your new friend (the small dog) :D11:14
popeynik90|Office: thanks! yes, well rested. That dog was Soooooo cute!11:18
narekbpeople, I am a noob at Ubuntu development, I have a question11:19
nik90|Officepopey: is it a full grown dog or a pup?11:19
narekbwhy does your first, most basic tutorial fail?11:19
narekb"QQmlComponent: Component is not ready"11:19
nik90|Officenarekb: are you referring to the currency conversion app?11:19
narekbnik90|Office, maybe I miss some components?11:21
nik90|Officenarekb: I am not having any issues running it.11:21
nik90|OfficeI suspect so11:21
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narekbI installed everything the docs told me to11:21
narekbnik90|Office, what version of Ubuntu do you have?11:21
nik90|OfficeI am running Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy. Although I used 13.04 for quite some time before making the transition to 13.1011:22
* narekb is on 13.04 too11:22
narekbI don't think developers on 13.04 are screwed :D11:22
nik90|Officenarekb: despite getting that output, does the app show up?11:23
popeynik90|Office: tiny pup11:23
nik90|Officepopey: Is it okay if I create a wiki page to track the list of apps being developed for the app developer showdown. This way I can direct all people to this page.11:24
narekbnik90|Office, it does11:24
narekbbut shows nothing11:24
narekbjust empty window11:24
mihir_popey: Thanks :)11:25
narekbnik90|Office, that wiki page is actually a good idea11:25
randomgchi, is there any api or something similar to access the camera?11:25
nik90|Officenarekb: may I suggest you try to just create a basic app with just tabs and some label perhaps and see if that works.11:25
randomgcI'd like to develop a instagram client for the contest11:25
nik90|Officerandomgc: that is a brilliant idea!11:26
nik90|Officerandomgc: let me see if I can find something for you11:26
randomgcand which version of ubuntu should I target? 13.10 or 13.04?11:26
randomgcthanks nik90|Office11:26
mihir_popey: from your comments , user should able to enter -3 that's it correct ?11:26
nik90|Officerandomgc: the ubuntu sdk works well on 13.10 and 13.04, so I do not think that should matter.11:27
nik90|Officerandomgc: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~qreator-hackers/qreator/touch/view/head:/qreator/Scanner.qml11:28
nik90|Officerandomgc: this is an app made by another person which uses the camera. The code shows the flash, and camera usage. Hope this helps.11:29
nik90|Officerandomgc: it is not the official api docs, but I am not sure such a page exists if though it should.11:29
nik90|Office*even though it should11:29
randomgci'll take a look11:29
narekbnik90|Office, it outputs a hello world Label just fine, but it gives an error on color:black11:30
narekb"ReferenceError: black is not defined"11:30
nik90|Officenarekb: it should be color: "black"11:30
nik90|Officeyou forget the quotes ""11:30
narekblemme try11:30
randomgcI found the camera-app but it requires dependencies only available on saucy11:30
randomgcand i'm running raring atm11:30
narekbhaha even worse11:30
nik90|Officenarekb: If that works, then I am guessing the currency converter should also work.11:31
nik90|Officenarekb: perhaps you can upload your code somewhere and I can take a look later.11:31
popeymihir_: yes11:31
nik90|Officenarekb: worse?11:31
narekbnik90|Office, it does output, but agian, QQmlComponent is not ready11:31
nik90|Officerandomgc: ah11:31
popeymihir_: both android and ios calculators let you do that11:31
mihir_popey: Okay got it :)11:31
popeyso you can type "-3+8" and get 511:31
nik90|Officenarekb: dont worry about the QQmlDComponent. It is something I see as well but is just a warnign11:31
narekbok then11:32
narekbI'll try the Currency app again11:32
narekbthanks nik90|Office11:32
nik90|Officerandomgc: ah..11:32
mihir_Okay but that -3 can be done with the either (+/-) sign button or (-) minus button11:32
nik90|Officerandomgc: can you create a post at http://www.reddit.com/r/ubuntuappshowdown/ so that I can keep track of your app and also perhaps reply to your saucy dependency issue.11:33
* nik90|Office is going for lunch. see you soon11:35
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randomgcok nik90|Lunch I'll do that11:35
mihir_popey: One more question , user is not able to change sign E.G ( 5 + 2) , if user wants to choose * then they have use C is it okay ?? is it desirable behaviour ?11:45
narekbfolks, one more question11:47
narekbhttps://twitter.com/ubuntuappdev/status/230967660706418689 does this Tweet mean no more apps will be judged?11:47
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narekboh, wait *facepalm* it's an 2012 tweet11:48
popeymihir_: i dont understand11:50
mihir_WebbyIT: commented on your MR :)11:53
mihir_popey: Nothing leave it , I got it :) i misunderstood11:55
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randomgcnik90|Office, ok I tried qreactor and on my laptop it seems to work (it uses the built-in webcam) I assume that on a phone it will automatically use the phone camera12:08
nik90|Officerandomgc: I would assume so as well. Although do you try the qreactor-touch branch or the main branch?12:09
randomgcqreactor-touch branch ofc12:10
randomgcthe one written in qml12:10
nik90|Officerandomgc: okay. Then I suppose it would work on the device as well.12:10
nik90|Officenarekb: woops :P12:13
narekbnik90|Office, ???12:14
nik90|Officenarekb: regarding your previous comment about the tweet :)12:14
narekbahh yeah12:14
narekb"woops" indeed12:14
narekbeven more woops, my machine is so messed up it can't do anything12:14
narekb"You know nuffin, Jon Snow"12:15
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nerochiaroom26er: hi, do you know if jenkins will run tests and add comments on MRs that are marked as "work in progress" ? or does it need the MR to be ready for review before it does that ?12:40
om26ernerochiaro, those merge proposals are not picked up by jenkins12:48
om26ernerochiaro, the status needs to be 'needs review'12:48
nerochiaroom26er: ok, i'll change it, thanks12:48
om26ernerochiaro, gusch oSoMoN fyi, on each MR from now on, autopilot tests will run on maguro and mako for camera, gallery, notes, mediaplayer, webbrowser, share12:54
om26errenato, ^12:54
nerochiaroom26er: share will stop existing at some point, it will become a component. i'll let you know when the transition is complete12:54
om26ernerochiaro, sure12:55
guschom26er: nice - I hope there are not too many false erros12:56
om26ergusch, i'll keep looking, also if you feel a failure is not a "real" test failure, do tell and I'll try to address that12:56
oSoMoNom26er: that’s excellent news, thanks!12:57
oSoMoNom26er: I suppose that will result in additional links in the comments posted on MRs by jenkins?12:58
om26eroSoMoN, yes, it will12:58
nik90|Officepopey, dpm: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/AppShowdownList12:59
nik90|Officepopey, dpm: There are still many apps. Will add them after I get home12:59
popeynice work!13:00
* popey subscribes13:00
oSoMoNom26er: I’m seeing your dummy commit branches, did you know that you can do a dummy commit without an actual change (not even a blank line addition/removal), by issuing "bzr commit --unchanged"?13:17
iBelieveIs there anyone here from the Calendar app team? I've got a question about a feature in it.13:19
om26eroSoMoN, never knew that, should be helpfuly13:23
iBelieveoSoMoN, are you one of the calendar devs? I see you listed on the Top Contributors section of the launchpad project13:23
oSoMoNiBelieve: more like a mentor than an actual developer, but if you have a question shoot, I might be able to help13:24
mefrionik90: ping13:27
iBelieveoSoMoN, so for the App Showdown, I've started developing a tasks manager, Ubuntu Tasks (http://sonrisesoftware.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/ubuntu-tasks/). The other day someone mentioned the To-Do button in Calendar app, so I'm wondering if that is still a planned feature in the Calendar app13:27
iBelieveoSoMoN, I don't really want to waste my time developing an app that will have the same functionality as something in the Core Apps :)13:28
oSoMoNiBelieve: understood, I don’t know what the plan is but I’ll ask the designers13:30
iBelieveoSoMoN, thanks13:30
mefrionik90|Office, ping13:31
mefriohi guys...how can I add my application here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/AppShowdownList ??13:34
iBelievemefrio, do you have a wiki account? It looks like devs can add their own apps themselves. If you don't, I can add your app for you. Let me first try and find out if that's ok for devs to add their own apps13:39
mefrioiBelieve, I don't have a wiki account. Let me know if you can and I will give you my app informations13:40
iBelievemefrio, can you give your app info now, so I have it?13:42
iBelievedpm, mhall119 do either of you know if App Showdown developers can add their apps to the AppShowdownList wiki page, or do we need nik90 to do it?13:43
mefrioiBelieve, Application: "Memories", Author: "Mario Guerriero",  Code: "https://github.com/Mefrio/Memories", Blog: "http://mefrio.wordpress.com/2013/08/11/memories-ubuntu-touch-application/"13:43
iBelievemefrio, okay, thanks13:45
iBelievemefrio, and good luck on your app!13:45
mefrioiBelieve, thank you! :)13:45
dpmiBelieve, feel free to do it!13:45
iBelievedpm, okay, thanks13:46
iBelievemefrio, I'll add your app right now13:46
mefrioiBelieve,  great thanks!13:46
iBelievemefrio, done13:52
mefrioiBelieve, thank you again :)13:53
iBelievemefrio, for your blog link you gave me, it only points to one article. It might be better if you create a special category/tag, such as "Ubuntu App Showdown", and give me the link to that, because then people will be able to follow progress, instead of just seeing you're first post.14:02
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mefrioiBelieve,  yes, you are right. Here it is the link to the tag ubuntuappshowdown: http://mefrio.wordpress.com/tag/ubuntuappshowdown/14:04
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GuidoPallemansI have a function that needs to wait until a numberanimation is done, how can i do this?14:21
GuidoPallemansthis is what I currently have: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5977471/14:22
iBelieveGuidoPallemans, you should be able to just check the existing running property. What doesn't work about what you've currently got?14:28
Cantidehey iBelieve :)14:32
iBelieveCantide, hi14:32
CantideI finally had a good idea '-';; now i'm researching GPS functions >.< I hope i can get it to work14:33
nik90|Officehi iBelieve14:33
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: anybody with a wiki account can add their app14:33
iBelievenik90|Office, okay, thanks for the info14:34
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: btw did u ping me yesterday? I was already asleep14:35
iBelievenik90|Office, yes14:35
iBelievenik90|Office, I read your blog post about the Ubuntu App Showdown. Nice post, I'll try to keep the advice in mind. You mentioned some community designers who might be interested in designing an icon or giving a design opinion. What is the best way to contact them?14:36
Cantidei have a strange question...14:40
CantideI don't have a device capable of running Ubuntu Touch, so if I develop an app, will the judges give feedback as to how well it is working on the phone?14:40
oSoMoNiBelieve: hey, so I talked to Lina who’s in charge of design for the calendar app, and she says at the moment there are no plans to implement a to-do feature14:42
iBelieveoSoMoN, good, that makes me feel so much better :)14:42
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: they generally hangout in the ubuntu app developer g+ community.14:45
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: so g+ is the best way I would think14:46
nik90|OfficeCantide: yes :) Also I am sure there are people having a device who will be more than willing to help test your code and give feedback14:47
Cantidecool :) I want to try something with GPS, but it's impossible for me to test that... so i wonder if it's a good idea at all >.<14:47
GuidoPallemansim having some troubles with a function that needs to wait until an animation stopped: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5977557/ , but this doesn't work14:53
iBelieveGuidoPallemans, what doesn't work?14:54
GuidoPallemansiBelieve: sec, i changed some code15:02
GuidoPallemansi try to make an object (the ubuntushape) fall down, and only when that happened, the rest of the algorithm can continue15:03
GuidoPallemansright now i try to do this via sleep(fallAnimation.duration) , with a self-made sleepfunction, but now the animation doesn't happen anymore.15:04
GuidoPallemansand doing while(~.running) doesn't work either15:05
iBelieveGuidoPallemans, I think the problem is that the animation runs after the function exits, but with your wait, the function doesn't exit until it completes15:06
GuidoPallemansso i should wait for the animation out of the function15:06
vic1hi all, i'm trying to implement an ActionSelectionPopover in a toolbar [like the one in the ubuntu-toolkit example]... but is there a better example than that one?15:08
vic1[or just another example whose source I can look through]15:08
iBelievevic1, you could take a look at the file manager, you can get the source with bzr branch lp:ubuntu-filemanager-app15:08
vic1thanks iBelieve, will do15:08
iBelieveGuidoPallemans, I don't know what exactly you're trying to do, but you might be able to use onRunningChanged to know when the animation is completed15:10
GuidoPallemanshmm, that's a good idea too15:11
randomgcis there any resource where can I find some symbolic icon (for example a camera..) for my app?15:13
iBelieverandomgc, look in the ubuntu-mobile icons theme. A camera can be found at /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mobile/apps/symbolic/camera-symbolic.svg15:14
nik90|Officerandomgc: ubuntu-mobile-icons-theme provides them.15:14
nik90|Officerandomgc: You will have to convert it to a png to use it though since qml is buggy with svg files15:15
randomgcok thanks15:15
iBelieverandomgc, I have a nice command line for using Inkscape to convert the icons to a png, I'll find it for you15:16
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: ooh I would like that too :)15:16
randomgcthanks iBelieve15:16
randomgcnik90|Office, I don't have that package :/15:16
nik90|Officerandomgc: you can install it. I think the Package name is "ubuntu-mobile-icons"15:17
nik90|Officeyou search for it by15:17
nik90|Officeapt-cache search ubuntu-mobile-icons15:17
randomgck thanks found15:17
iBelieverandomgc, nik90|Office here is the command (I found it on Stackoverflow): ICON=<icon-name>; inkscape     --export-png=$ICON.png --export-dpi=64     --export-background-opacity=0 --without-gui /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mobile/actions/scalable/$ICON.svg15:18
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: what size is the png file? 32x32?15:18
iBelievenik90|Office, I think it is what ever the --export-dpi setting is, so I have it set to 64x64. I don't really know what the best size is, though15:19
nik90|OfficeiBelieve: thnx. Until now Paolo (one of the community designers) has been doing them for the clock app.15:20
Cantidei don't have those icons T-T15:20
Cantidewhere could i get them?15:21
iBelieveCantide, install the ubuntu-mobile-icons package15:21
Cantide"E: Unable to locate package ubuntu-mobile-icons"15:22
Cantideis it from a PPA?15:22
Cantideoh, i'm on 12.04... maybe that's why?15:23
nik90|OfficeCantide: ooh that could be it. Can you try "apt-cache search ubuntu-mobile-icons"15:23
nik90|Officeand paste output in paste.ubuntu.com and show us15:23
Cantideoutput was nothing lol15:24
nik90|OfficeCantide: then it is because of 12.0415:24
iBelieveCantide, 12.04 doesn't have the icons for some weird reason.15:24
* Cantide weeps15:24
nik90|OfficeCantide: would it be possible for you to upgrade to atleast 13.04, it would make life so much easier for developing touch apps15:25
nik90|OfficeI know it is not the best solution15:25
nik90|Officeunfortunately that's the way it has been.15:25
Cantidei have it installed on a USB disk '-';;15:25
Cantideso i guess i could boot into that15:25
* nik90|Office was a 12.04 user too .. forced to convert :/15:25
Cantideforced? how so?15:25
nik90|OfficeCantide: I had to write autopilot tests for the clock core app and for that I had to run 13.04 or later15:26
Cantideoh :(15:26
Cantidei actually want to upgrade... but i really don't feel like setting everything up again now, and then doing it again in a few weeks / months15:27
Cantideso i'm trying to hold out until my next PC and for 13.1015:27
nik90|OfficeCantide: true15:27
Cantidei'm taking this PC apart in a few weeks :)15:27
Cantideand taking the HDD with me '-';; when it put it in my new PC (whenever that will be) then i'll install 13.1015:28
Cantidei guess i will boot to 13.04 and try to get the icons there '-'15:28
nik90|Officehehe, or we could just share it with you via ubuntu one15:28
nik90|Officeor dropbox15:28
nik90|OfficeBut I can do that only in another 2 hours when I get home15:28
Cantideabout app development: the examples on Qt-project are mostly C++, are those modules / functions all available in the Ubuntu SDK? (sorry, i'm new to Qt etc.)15:29
Cantideit's okay '-';;15:29
vic1iBelieve: thanks a lot, the filemanager had the perfect example!15:29
Cantideor, if you are so kind, open a thumbnail view of the folder and screenshot it, then i can get an idea of what's there15:29
iBelieveCantide, yes, but only when using C++, not in QML15:29
CantideiBelieve, so if i want to use QtMobility, how would i do that?15:30
Cantidei'm a bit confused because the tutorial on canonical's website is QML... so i followed that... but now when i research functions i'm finding everything in C++15:30
Cantideit makes the learning curve that much steeper15:31
nik90|OfficeCantide: for most use cases, you should be fine with qml and javascript15:31
Cantideyes, i don't mind that, it makes the UI much easier to manage15:31
nik90|Officefor the gps application you are writing, I am sure there are qml counterparts to the c++ solutions15:31
Cantidethe problem is knowing what i can and can't do in terms of functions, and finding tutorials in QML15:32
Cantideyeah, i'm sure, too... but finding them and examples T-T15:32
Cantidenot easy for a n00b '-';;15:32
nik90|OfficeI am not sure if GPS location support has landed in the sdk though15:32
nik90|Officethat said I myself am looking for GPS qml examples15:32
Cantidelet me know what you find.. i have a few links open15:32
nik90|OfficeI believe it is planned to land in another 1-2 weeks hopefully15:32
Cantidesuch as this: http://qt-project.org/quarterly/view/location_and_mapping_services15:33
Cantideand this: http://qt-project.org/wiki/Retrieve_Location_Using_Qt_Mobility15:33
Cantideoh, that will be nice15:33
Cantideso perhaps i could start on my interface in the meantime15:33
nik90|Officeis basically qml15:34
nik90|Officewhen gps lands in the sdk, it will make use of qtlocation15:34
iBelieveCantide, when searching for docs on the qt-project site, it usually helps to add 'QML' to your search terms to keep most C++ stuff out15:34
Cantideoh, i see..15:34
nik90|Officealrite I am going home. See you guys in another hour or so. :)15:35
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randomgccan I change the icons in a Switch?15:43
vic1has anyone been able to display an icon in a popover ActionList?15:52
vic1Action has an iconSource property, but it doesn't seem to do anything15:52
iBelieveIs there anyway to install a click package on 13.04? I'm getting this error  (I also get it on 13.10): ValueError: Framework "ubuntu-sdk-13.10" not present on system16:02
guschoSoMoN: willing to do another autopilot MR? https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-atest-tabs/+merge/17973216:13
oSoMoNgusch: looking16:13
oSoMoNgusch: one tiny fix needed, I’m running the ap tests on my device, should be good to go16:24
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guschoSoMoN: pushed the update16:28
mihirboiko: Good Morning :)16:32
jonoiBelieve, I don't think it works on 13.0416:39
iBelievejono, okay, thanks. I'll try it again soon on 13.10 and see if I'm still getting that error16:39
jonoiBelieve, :-)16:40
boikomihir: hello :)17:21
Cantidenik90, just in case you hadn't forgotten, I managed to download those icons from the internetz '-';; so no need to worry about it ;)17:39
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boikoom26er: are autopilot tests already re-enabled for phone-app?18:01
om26erboiko, yes, I did enable them18:08
boikoom26er: great! thanks, I have just submitted an MR improving the tests, let's see how that goes18:09
om26erboiko, can you approve this branch please, https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/phone-app/connected_tests_improvements/+merge/17817618:09
boikoom26er: sure, I haven't seen that one, sorry18:10
om26erboiko, it does not affect any real tests, just the one's that are supposed to be run in the lab18:10
boikoom26er: ok, approved18:10
Cantidefrom where can i download the core apps to test on my desktop?18:17
Cantideoh, i found it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/PPA18:18
Cantidebut i'm on 12.04 T-T18:19
* Cantide sighs18:19
randomgcisn't camera-app a ubuntu core app?18:23
snolluxEllo ello. So I'm trying to turn this kind of weird package I made (basically a lone C file, plus a few python scripts and a bash "INSTALL" script to move things and set permissions) into a legit ubuntu package. How can I do that?18:25
snolluxHere's the current "INSTALL" script http://pastebin.com/QeP7Fc8P18:25
Cantiderandomgc, it is core functionality of a phone, but it's not one of the 12 core apps per se18:26
randomgcis there anywhere a mockup of how it will look?18:26
Cantidethe camera app?18:27
Cantidei'm not sure18:27
Cantidebut why not watch some vids on youtube? you can see it in action there18:27
CantideiBelieve is omniscient and omnipresent >.<19:04
randomgccan I change the default icons of a Switch widget?19:11
randomgcor a checkbox..19:11
timprandomgc: no, unless you create your own theme/style for your app19:13
randomgcbecause I'm creating an app that uses the camera and needs to switch between photo mode and video mode19:15
timprandomgc: that's a good use case19:15
randomgcyep and it would be perfect if the switch had a photo and a video as icons19:16
timprandomgc: currently the icons are defined in the style for switch or checkbox19:16
timprandomgc: which is in SwitchStyle.qml in the ubuntu ui toolkit default theme.19:16
randomgcis there a way to override the style?19:16
timprandomgc: yes, by creating a new theme. That is not as bad as it sounds, a theme has a parent theme, and you only need to create the Style.qml for the component where you like to change the style.19:18
timpI don't think there is a tutorial for that..19:18
timprandomgc: I think your use case is a good one to add functionality to the toolkit to be able to change the icons in the checkbox/switch.19:18
timprandomgc: could you request that feature by reporting a bug on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit and list the use case also?19:19
randomgcyeah sure :)19:19
randomgcis important where I store the source code of my app? (I'd like to use github..)19:22
timprandomgc: you can store it wherever you like19:31
timprandomgc: but I can imagine that it could be easier to publish to the ubuntu software center if you store it on launchpad.19:32
timprandomgc: but to be honest I don't know if that is the case or will be the case19:33
b0bbenhey all, quick q19:39
b0bbeni'm using the "QML Extension + Tabbed" template19:39
b0bbenand I can't seem to add any existing files to my main project (template=subdirs type)19:39
b0bbeni've had troubles in the past understanding the template=subdirs project type in qtcreator, so I'm guessing it's something there i don19:40
b0bben't understand19:40
randomgctimp, I've submitted the bug report as you said19:41
xqwztsb0bben: I've found that you can create subdirectories on the file system and qtcreator will see them.19:45
b0bbenxqwzts: i've added some .qml files (and one subdir) to existing components dir, and qtc doesn't see them at all :/19:46
xqwztscan you add a file from inside qtcreator?19:47
b0bbenxqwzts: just tried that, doesn't see file created from "New file" either19:48
xqwztsAdd New -> Qt -> QML File (Qt Quick 2)19:48
b0bbensomething is weird19:48
b0bbenxqwzts: yeah, did that19:48
qraziHello, i've been google to find how to do localization with the i18n.tr()-function, but couldnt find my way yet. Anyone has some pointers?19:48
xqwztscould it be a rights issue?19:48
xqwztswith the directory your project is in?19:48
xqwztsso when you create the new file [in qtcreator] is it created on the filesystem?19:49
b0bbenxqwzts: i could add existing (and new) files to the subproject called "backend", cause it's a regular project, not one with template=subdis19:49
b0bbenit's created on the file system, even tho it put the file in the root19:49
b0bbenon restart of qtcreator, it sees my files!19:51
xqwztsstrange :|19:51
b0bbenannoying bug, add new file -> quit qtC -> move file to right folder -> start qtC19:51
b0bbenatleast i'm not stuck on that anymore19:51
b0bbenthx for rubber-ducking xqwzts19:51
xqwztsglad it worked19:52
xqwztsyou could try just closing the project instead of all of qtcreator btw19:52
Cantidei tried adding the core apps collection ppa, and then installing some of them, but it doesn't find the packages despite adding the ppa and doing an apt-get update T-T it may be yet again because i am on 12.04 T-Tv19:56
randomgccan I suppress this warning? file:///usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/CrossFadeImage.qml:85: Unable to assign QSize to QSizeF20:19
jaropecould someone please tell me - If I have other versions of Qt installed will this cause an issue with Kits for ubuntu SDK?20:28
randomgcqt4.8 won't20:29
randomgcif you have 5.1 I don't know20:29
jaroperight ok20:29
jaropeI installed ok but there are NO ubuntu project options and no kits20:30
randomgccheck if you have enabled the ubuntu plugin fro qtcreator Help > About Plugins..20:31
randomgchave you installed the ubuntusdk from the ppa?20:31
jaropeyes randomgc I did from the ppa - havent checked the plugins so will look at that20:32
jaropeok ubuntu seems to be selected there20:33
randomgchave you tried turn off and turn it on again? jk :p20:34
jaropehehehe randomgc  yes..and i then did it again and pulled all the cables out and pushed them all back in again twice :D20:35
randomgcif ubuntu-sdk is installed correctly I don't know what is your problem :/20:36
jaropeoo those guys at redmont have such a sense of homour20:37
jaropeI think my huge mix of SDKs and Qt versions is messing things up20:37
randomgcmmm synaptic just froze20:38
randomgcthis is bad20:38
jaropeI think perhaps a new user for Ubuntu and for straight 5.1Qt might be worth while20:38
jaropethanks randomgc20:38
jaropewill try a new stratagy20:39
randomgchow much code can I reuse from other projects? I mean, I need a oath2 library to access remote contents, can I reuse one available on internet? (if the license allows so of course)21:34
iBelievenik90, ping22:07
nik90iBelieve: pong22:12
iBelievenik90, I've subscribed to changes in the AppShowdownList wiki page, so I just saw that you added a column for click packages.22:13
iBelievenik90, where should I provide the click packages?22:13
nik90iBelieve: I still need to discuss with other judges, but my idea was to let developers create click packages using qtcreator and then host them. This way users can quickly install and try them out.22:14
nik90iBelieve: I still need to figure out where to host them. We might provide a common link for all developers perhaps.22:14
iBelievenik90, that's what I figured it was for. Should I just put my click package in my GitHub project for now?22:14
nik90iBelieve: You could. But I really need to discuss this a bit more.22:15
iBelievenik90, okay, thanks22:16
nik90iBelieve: I also intend to update the wiki with click package info to let users know how to install them etc etc.22:16
iBelievenik90, so then I suppose you don't want developers adding links to their click packages yet, until you've discussed it futher?22:17
nik90iBelieve: hmm..well yeah since we might change all of them soon to make it uniform.22:18
iBelievenik90, okay.22:18
iBelievenik90, related to click packages, do you know who and were I should ask for help with click packages? I'm getting weird errors trying to install my package produced by qtcreator22:19
nik90iBelieve: in all honesty no. I would guess david (irc nick dpm) might be the right person to talk about this.22:20
nik90iBelieve: He is in berlin timezone, might want to contact him tomorrow22:21
iBelievenik90, thanks22:21
randomgcwhich social network does Friends support?22:32
nik90randomgc: It supports twitter, linkedin, facebook when I tried it some time back22:37
randomgcso if I develop a instagram app I won't get extra points because I don't use u1db, Friends and OnlineAccounts D:22:39
nik90randomgc: Not necessarily. We will also judge your app based on its usability, design, performance and general usefullness. That said you have to also think about the future of your app. If friends does add support for instagram along with other social networks, how does your app differentiate itself from it? Or better why should a user install your app over friends?22:51
nik90randomgc: If you got an answer to that question, you should continue developing it.22:51
randomgcnik90, by Friends I meant this: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/qml/friends/qmlmodule-friends0-friends-0-1.html22:53
randomgcnot the app itself22:53
nik90randomgc: In a way it also applies to that as well. If I can share to instagram via the friends service (which can be leveraged by any app literally), Why should I install your app?22:54
nik90randomgc: Would you provide some options to edit the image before uploading to instagram?22:55
randomgcas soon as possible of course, at least some effects before the end of the contest22:57
nik90randomgc: there you go. That would be unique to your app :) and motivate me to use yours over any other general app.23:00
nik90randomgc: btw when you have something to show, can you add your app to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/AppShowdownList23:01
nik90I am keeping track of all apps being developed23:01
randomgcso here's my code https://github.com/random-cpp/instatouch just started today23:02
randomgcnot so much to see right now23:02
randomgcwhen I try to close a dialog I get this error: file:///usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/Popups/popupUtils.js:69: TypeError: Object QQmlComponent(0x2045470) has no method 'hide'23:03
randomgcand the dialog won't close23:03
nik90randomgc: sry but I will have a look at it tomorrow. Need to go to sleep now. Office tomorrow :)23:04
randomgcok goodnight :)23:04
nik90randomgc: and no worries, many are just starting23:04
nik90randomgc: good nite :)23:04
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