regorI've installed SAMBA just now and I can access my files on my Windows 7 computer via LAN but Ubuntu 12.04 doesn't show up on my Windows computer?04:58
regorAlthough, I could do the same thing BEFORE I installed SAMBA.04:59
regortrying to get it both ways!04:59
regorIs there a windows service I might need to start?05:00
regorhave to reboot!05:17
regorI've got a windows 7 computer, an Ubuntu 12.04 computer and an HP printer all connected to a cisco router. Both computers have Internet connection and printer accessibility. When I first installed Ubuntu, I could access file shares on my windows computer but I could not see my Ubuntu computer from windows. I recently installed samba thinking I needed that to get things to work. Since then I...08:31
regor...cannot access anything from either direction...accept the printer! Any suggestions?08:31
wilee-nileeregor, You might try #ubuntu08:33
wilee-nileesure ;)08:37

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