fosstererHi ! I removed a patch applied earlier and receiving error as a result. Can smeone look into it?00:05
hggdhfossterer: details, please. We cannot look into it without details ;-)00:27
fosstererhggdh: I'm sorry.. r u still here?02:29
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cjohnstonAm I correct that a bug report requesting a package be sync'ed from Debian shouldn't be marked with the tag 'needs-packaging' ?11:40
hggdhcjohnston: yes -- a sync means it has already been packaged11:50
cjohnstonhggdh: that's what I thouhgt, just wanted to confirm before correcting a bug11:50
* pinky is away: Away17:37
agrestringereHello, I have a proposal for the Bug Squad to improve processes, who do I go to or email?17:46

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