cjopcjopnobody really frequents this room eh? unfortunate as #ubuntu is just too big to get good follow up information03:55
BobJonkmanHi cjopcjop!03:58
BobJonkmanLots of people idling; you've just got to get us at the right moment03:58
cjopcjopOh good!03:59
cjopcjopThen I shall stick around03:59
cjopcjopquestion for you then bobjonkman04:00
cjopcjopwhat would be the best method to backup my server onto an external HD that would allow for an easy re-install?04:01
BobJonkmanI back up with rsync (manually, although I have a handy script)04:02
BobJonkmanBut if I'm planning on re-installing then I'll use `dpkg --getselections` to get a list of current software installed, install a fresh system from CD/USB, then use `dpkg --setselections` to retrieve all the packages I had installed before.  Restore the data (including the hidden dot files in the home folder), and all the settings should be restored too.04:04
BobJonkmanI might back up /etc separately, but I wouldn't restore it in bulk04:04
BobJonkmanbut that's simply because I know I've made a mess of the current installation and it's better to re-do than restore.04:05
BobJonkmanHandy script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5975988/04:07
cjopcjopMmm.. cheers for the info!04:27
cjopcjopI was looking at a DRBL server w/ Clonezilla and for my petty little 320gb server, it seems.. oh, excessive :)04:27
cjopcjopso what does dpkg --getselections do exactly?04:28
cjopcjopjust provide me with a list of my current installs?04:28
cjopcjopSo data is back up via rsync04:28
cjopcjopI like your method, feels like you have some good control04:29
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