IdleOneAny news on the membership certificates being sent sometime ?00:27
joseIdleOne: want me to call canonical tomorrow and confirm?00:40
IdleOnejose: no need to make a long distance call for that, but thank you.00:43
IdleOneI was just wondering if we were going to get them some time soon and thought I would ask in here00:44
joseoh, well, it was free anyways :)00:44
josemaybe they're still on mark's queue00:44
IdleOnewell, if it is no bother to you, sure. I don't want to bother the folks at Canonical either.00:44
IdleOneI mean these are not really a priority, just would be nice to have00:45
joseI may need it for my university admission process, they ask for documents to prove you do the things you say00:46
joseI'll let you know, then00:46
IdleOneok, thank you for helping :)00:46
josesure :)00:46
SergioMenesesI think it should arrive soon01:08
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dholbachgood morning06:42
benonsoftwareAfternoon dholbach06:44
dholbachhey benonsoftware06:44
benonsoftwareHow's thing going dholbach?06:45
dholbachgood good - how about yourself?06:45
benonsoftwareI'm great.06:46
jussiMorning popey08:40
nigelbMorning popey, jussi.08:49
elfywelcome to the waltons :p08:50
popeyNight Jon-boy!08:52
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dholbachhey aq14:31
dholbachaquarius, on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-1305-click-package it says "[aquarius] talk to Roberto about client work items: TODO" - I guess that can be ... removed or something?14:32
dholbachbkerensa, hey hey - there's "[bkerensa] define a specification for click package content for any required bits (such as copyrights for GPL): TODO" on the same blueprint14:32
aquariusdholbach, ha! yes. ralsina should be up to date on that. You might want to nudge him to confirm. Sorry; I must have not updated that.14:32
dholbachthanks aquarius14:33
dholbachhow's life?14:33
aquariusdholbach, actually pretty good; myself and my daughter spent a week in Paris, which was excellent14:41
aquariusalthough I have pretty much had my fill of pastries, now14:41
dholbachI can imagine14:42
dholbachaquarius, did you get some macarons as well?14:42
elfyis it possible to actually eat enough - I've never noticed14:42
* popey is trying to resist such things14:44
aquariusdholbach, Niamh did. I just had almond croissants and crepes all week. Fantastic.14:45
dholbachyeah, it's good stuff :)14:45
popeymmmm crepes14:45
aquariussee Niamh's macaroon dessert at https://plus.google.com/108243663090085262773/posts/DHFiaJGiUr1 :)14:46
SergioMeneseshi everybody!14:51
elfyhi SergioMeneses14:51
SergioMeneseselfy, \o14:51
josehey dholbach, mind a quick PM?15:08
dholbachjose, not at all15:08
dholbachall rightie16:39
dholbachhave a great rest of your day16:39
dholbachand see you tomorrow!16:39
jonomhall119, ping?19:33
mhall119jono: pong20:00
jonohey mhall11920:04
jonomhall119, what happened with the Oppo phone?20:04
jonomhall119, anyone complete a port?20:05
mhall119jono: we had 3 people try and boot images for it20:05
mhall119up until everybody had left the conference area and both startapp and cpanel booths were taken down20:05
jonoanyone succeed?20:05
mhall119jono: no20:06
jonomhall119, aha20:06
mhall119I don't know that much about porting, but from what they told me it seems there's a problem with teh CyanogenMod image for the find 520:06
jonomhall119, ahhh20:06
mhall119I have the phone with me, and I'll post the extension of the conference on my blog and the XDA forums20:06
mhall119jono: did you happen to get any contact info from the Oppo guys?20:07
mhall119specifically Guillerme?20:07
jonomhall119, yeah, I think I have a card20:07
jonomhall119, did you get a receipt for the FedEx order?20:07
mhall119cool, I want to make sure I can get info from them when I need to20:07
mhall119jono: no, the concierge just took the shipping labels and the boxes, said they'd go out today20:08
jonomhall119, I am going to need to need a receipt to expense it20:08
jonocan you call the hotel and ask them to email a receipt to me?20:08
jonothanks mhall11920:09
mhall119jono: so the guy who handles shipping for the hotel went home at 3pm, but the front desk sent him a message to email the reciept and tracking # to you and I20:37
jonothanks mhall119!20:37
mhall119I'll call again tomorrow if we don't have it in the morning20:37

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