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davmor2xnox: are you still the main guy to point ubiquity issues at?15:42
davmor2xnox: if so,  I install 20130809 of saucy over the weekend and on the Ubquity screen I couldn't connect to the wifi from the indicator, and if I tried on the installer page it crashed ubiquity however it worked fine on the try desktop mode. So definitely a ubiquity side issue15:47
xnoxdavmor2: correct. We currently do not setup a logind session for ubiquity, thus a few things don't work in the ubiquity at the moment. this is one of them.18:52
xnoxdavmor2: there is a bug open about it. I was hoping to sit down with laney this week and fix it.18:52
davmor2xnox: ah no worries then, as long as it's known I can ignore it for now :)18:53
superm1xnox: with the xmir plans, are you intending to have ubiquity running under mir/xmir or on it's own X session?22:12

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