dholbachgood morning06:42
locodir-useri want help on ubuntu 12.0413:56
locodir-usercan some one help me?13:56
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locodir-userHi folks, just a quick question? I am new too the team, and was wondering, about not having too do everything online? Meaning documents, as far as using Libre, can it be encrypted?21:46
locodir-userHi optimusprimem, are you from the area?21:48
optimusprimemlocodir-user, hi, what area?21:49
locodir-userNew England?21:50
locodir-userWhere you from?21:50
locodir-userWow, how is it there? I was working with a gentlemen from Brazil. He stated it was beautiful, but also some poverty.21:52
optimusprimemthis true21:53
locodir-userI have always been a fan of teamwork, so I thought I would try a teamwork approach. Do you know the answer too my previous question?21:54
geniiSince they arrived after you asked it, seems unlikely ... ;-)21:54
locodir-userI know it is an open source portal, but am having trouble working on documents offline? I was just trying too see if I could download just Libre from the umbuntu program?21:56
locodir-userI have a disk for Umbuntu, but on a tower, and want too install some on a laptop?21:57

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