Flannelrebbecajohnson20: That's the link you were given and asked to read, after you were kicked the first time.00:00
FlannelIf, for some reason, you've lost that link, the page is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:00
rebbecajohnson20I said f... kids and roasted asked me what f... means and I wrote "fuck" then u banned me00:00
rebbecajohnson20Are u there00:02
rebbecajohnson20Y u do get paid to do this?!00:02
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: We don't get paid.  And why would you think a comment like "fuck kids" would be in-line with the guidelines?00:03
rebbecajohnson20Because roasted said I am a kid and I said fuck kids because im not a kid anymore im 1200:03
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: Right.  But the guidelines clearly address profanity, and I even specifically told you to keep things family friendly earlier as well.00:05
rebbecajohnson20Whatever.. why you said "go find another channel" thats mean its not in guidlines00:05
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: I was simply trying to get you to take your inappropriate comments elsewhere without having to ban you.  I apologise if it came off as mean.00:06
rebbecajohnson20Its ok :) but why swearing is not permitted?00:06
rebbecajohnson20Do you work at ubuntu?00:07
rebbecajohnson20"It came" = "it ejaculated"..00:08
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: As I already explained, there are children in the channel sometimes, or parents with young children, etc, which means to be respectful of them, we should keep the channel family-friendly.00:08
rebbecajohnson20Y do you respond so slow?00:09
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: Anyway, this isn't a social channel.  Did you have anything else related to your ban you'd like to clarify?00:10
rebbecajohnson20You said "it came" and it means"it ejaculated" thats swearing:/00:10
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: That's etymologically/historically accurate, but still, that's the slang usage at best.  "came" can mean plenty of non-dirty things.  But again, did you have any additional questions regarding your ban?00:12
rebbecajohnson20Can I get unbanned?00:12
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: Not at this time.  No.00:12
rebbecajohnson20Ubuntu offtopic is my favourite server00:13
rebbecajohnson20Why? :/00:13
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: Because as far as I can tell, if I unban you, you'll simply get banned again soon thereafter.  So let's not go through the motions and save everyone the hassle.00:13
rebbecajohnson20How old are you?00:14
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: Is there anything else?  If not, please part this channel.  Take some time to read the guidelines and the Code of Conduct, and rejoin here in a week or two after you've let things soak in and are ready to participate in a constructive manner.00:14
rebbecajohnson20Please can you just tell me how old are u in a private message?00:15
Flannelrebbecajohnson20: I don't see how it's relevant, so no, I can't.  Sorry.  Have a nice day though.00:15
rebbecajohnson20Because you ban everybody you must be a young troll :/00:16
tsimpsonrebbecajohnson20: calling people names is not going to help you00:17
rebbecajohnson20Help me with what??00:17
tsimpson...and is only more reason to not lift the ban00:17
rebbecajohnson20What reason00:17
tsimpsonhelp you not remain banned, that's why you're here00:18
rebbecajohnson20.unban rebbecajohnson200100:19
rebbecajohnson20Oops nevermind00:19
tsimpsonas you aren't going to get unbanned, I suggest you leave and come back when you're feeling more rational00:19
rebbecajohnson20What means feeling rational?00:19
tsimpsonnot feeling irrational00:19
rebbecajohnson20And what is that?00:20
rebbecajohnson20No im gonna have a mental break myself if I will not get unbanned00:20
tsimpsonthat's unfortunate, but there's nothing we can do about it00:21
rebbecajohnson20IM A FUCKING SCARY CUNT!00:21
* Flannel stands on IdleOne's lawn.00:23
IdleOneyou sir are welcome to stand on my lawn, just don't let the neighbour kids play there00:24
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sykoI was unbanned a few days ago by AlanBell after some moderator placed a false ip-range ban.10:12
sykonow, I am banned again?10:12
sykoI never did anything harsh?10:12
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ubottusyko called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()10:13
sykosorry you guys are afk so :p10:13
Myrttiusing the ops call is a sign that you could do with a second helping in patience10:14
Myrttidealing with unbanning isn't an emergency, so please in the future don't use the ops call for it.10:15
sykoMyrtti: I was unbanned by AlanBell a few days ago because one of your operators placed a false IP-range ban, AlanBell sorted it out though, but now, I am banned from #ubuntu again? * Cannot join #ubuntu (You are banned).10:16
Myrttiunsurprisingly I did notice your question earlier, as did all the other ops.10:16
Myrttihowever I have a rather important phonecall to make so I don't have time to dwell further into the issue10:17
Tm_Tsyko: patience, please10:19
Tm_Tsyko: looks like you specifically are banned10:19
Tm_Tsyko: you happen to know about that?10:21
sykoTm_T: AlanBell unbanned me like 2 days ago.10:22
Tm_Tthere's no wide-range bans that preventing you to join #ubuntu but only you10:22
sykonow, when I tried to enter the channel.10:22
sykoit says * Cannot join #ubuntu (You are banned).10:22
sykoTm_T: any reason behind that?10:22
Tm_Tsyko: well I kinda asked if you knew, I could remind you though (:10:22
sykotm_t: I don't even know why I was banned...10:23
Tm_Tsyko: about three weeks ago, "33:16 <Lanser> Life is like a box of......rm -rf / commands."10:23
sykotm_t: lanser was my old alias.10:23
Tm_Tsyko: and?10:23
sykoand what?10:23
sykoI was in #ubuntu, and thought to change my nick to Lanser, did /nick Lanser and I got banned.10:24
Tm_Twell, that line is a reason why you are banned currently10:24
AlanBell11:00 < syko> i joined freenode, and did /join #ubuntu, it says "you have been banned", i never came here but i have been banned ?10:24
AlanBellso there was a bit of a lie in that then10:24
Tm_Tso if you like to join our support channel again, it would be nice to solve those bans10:25
sykoAlanBell: no10:25
sykohow can I solve those bans ?10:25
AlanBellthe big ban on that address space is gone, that isn't what is blocking you10:25
sykofill out freenode forms?10:25
Tm_Tsyko: by being honest with us for starters10:25
MyrttiI've honestly already lost count on how many times you need to be told to not use the ops call for ban resolution10:26
Myrttifor the love of all that's precious, could you not do it again?10:27
sykoI will not do it again, myrtti10:27
Tm_Tsyko: so, do you remember why you are banned?10:29
Tm_Tbrb, I'm needed elsewhere for a moment10:30
sykoI am also needed somewhere, I'll be back.10:30
sykokeep your eyes and ears open.10:30
PriceyI wonder what their point is.10:52
ikoniaPricey: there point is to cause problems/damage to peoples machine and annoy people11:46
ikoniahence why he's STILL joining channels and doing "!ops"11:47
ikoniahence why he's registering new accounts to hide his "past"11:47
ikoniaeg: the other day he said "I'm new here"11:47
ikoniathen he's just admitted his "old" alis11:47
Priceyikonia: He just didn't strike me as being very good at it.12:05
ikoniaoh no, he sucks at it12:12
ikoniayou're totally correct12:12
sykoHello, guys I am back.14:27
sykoMyrtti: I will not trigger the !ops thing now. :p14:27
Coreysyko: May we help you with something?14:28
sykoCorey: I was banned for saying 'fedora is better'14:29
sykoCorey: #ubuntu's operators seem to be having fun with their powers.14:29
Tm_Tsyko: what did I said about being honest?14:30
sykoTm_T: If I be honest, will you unban me?14:30
sykolike, truly honest.14:30
Tm_Tsyko: that's first requirement, but not the only one14:30
ikoniasyko: hang on this is just nonse14:31
sykowhat's the next one?14:31
ikoniahe's alrady banned under 10 different identities14:31
ikoniahe's told constant lies14:31
ikoniathis is a waste of time14:31
sykoTm_T: please forgive me.14:31
sykoI am sorry, ikonia.14:31
sykoikonia just hates me.14:31
sykobut do you hate me, tm_t?14:31
ikoniaI don't hate you14:31
ikoniaI just want you to behave inline with the rules of ubuntu, not lie, not try to cause a problem, not keep hitting the !ops trigger14:32
ikoniait's really not a hard set of things to grasp, you've had MANY chances14:32
ikoniasyko: until you can actually behave, follow the rules, stop telling lies, stop hitting the !ops trigger, stop trying to ban evade there is zero point in having any more conversation about this14:33
ikoniasyko: clear ?14:34
sykounderstood, ikonia.14:35
ikoniasyko: ok, bye then14:35
Tm_Tikonia: well put, thank you14:36
PriceyWhen you're desperately wanting to get back into a support channel but don't even cry about needing help with something... it's just not trying!14:38
ikoniaTm_T: I'm just tired of trying to negotiate with this guy, it's pointless while he's just trying to cause a problem and lie abou tit14:38
ikoniaPricey: what do you mean ?14:39
Tm_Tikonia: well I was going to tell those same things but more verbose, I think you managed to put it out more effectively14:39
* genii slides Unit193 a coffee14:45
Myrttivisualise: hi15:03
Picivisualise: Hi, how can we help you today?15:42
Pici /7015:44
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ubottuch4k3r called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()16:39
ch4k3rthis little motherfucking ikonia bitch16:39
ch4k3rbanned me16:39
ikoniach4k3r: you really don't learn do you16:39
ch4k3rI LOST MY16:39
ch4k3rYOU FUCK16:39
ch4k3rI NEED HELP16:39
ch4k3rFROM PARSNIP16:39
ikoniach4k3r: stop it - tone down the language16:39
* Pici blinks16:39
PiciDid I miss something?16:39
Myrttithe language, geez16:40
ikoniaI believe he' just a child, hence the language16:40
ikoniaI could be wrong on that16:40
IdleOneWas he being a problem in #ubuntu while action was helping him?16:42
ikoniawell he's still telling lies16:42
ikoniaas he's not actually using ubuntu16:42
IdleOnewhat is he using?16:43
ikoniawhich is why he's banned from #kali-linux #ubuntu to some extent as he's trying to get generic instructions to work on backbox16:43
ikoniawhich is a hacked up based on ubuntu buid16:43
ikoniaand telling lies (not very good) about what he's doing and command output16:44
ikoniathen it ges confusing as he trips up16:44
IdleOneok so he was banned got unbanned, then got banned again.16:44
ikoniano - didn't "really" get unbanned16:44
ikoniahe's been ban dodging for about a month with k1l_16:45
ikoniajust keeps joining doing !ops16:45
ikoniamade "another" new account, AlanBell wasn't aware if was teh same guy, unbanned him, cut him some slack16:45
ikoniahe behaved like a fool a bit,16:45
ikoniathen came back using his "old" new nickname with his old cloak so an "old" ban caught him16:45
ikoniaand he started up again16:45
PiciWell, there were no notes in the bantracker to tell us that it was the same person.16:45
ikoniabut it then proved it was the same guy saying "I've never used ubuntu before I'm new here" was a lie16:46
ikoniaPici: which one - the one I just banned ?16:46
IdleOneNot questioning the decision of banning him mind you. From the 4-5 lines he posted in here just now he probably deserves the ban. I just wanted to catch up :)16:46
Piciikonia: the person that alan unbanned, I briefly looked at it myself.16:46
ikoniaPici: ahh I spoke to alan about it16:46
ikoniaPici: there wasn't a note in it as it was a "new" account16:46
ikoniabut it was the same guy16:46
ikoniaI can prove it without any doubt16:47
IdleOneI don't think anyone is asking for proof. Just helps us when there is some documentation we can all read and be on the same page.16:48
ikoniawell, I couldn't document a ban on syko - as that nickname didn't exist16:49
ikoniahe was caught under his IP ban16:49
ikoniaalan thought it was a new user sharing the same IP16:49
ikoniahowever BT should now be up to date16:49
IdleOnepersistent this one is16:49
ikoniaand he came in saying "I'm new to ubuntu, never been in here before, please unban me"16:49
k1l_this one here is the sam as syko with the ip AlanBell unbanned. he is a real problem user exept for the time he really needs support16:49
ikoniaso Alan really had no choice16:49
AlanBellyup, it was a plausible new user, and on a wide ban we should assume good faith16:49
bazhang me is ready to remove confused_guy16:50
ikoniabazhang: he'll stop, probably just learning his client16:51
bazhangwe have #test for iirc16:51
ikonianot everyone knows16:51
ikoniaand he's been asked to stop, and has done16:51
Lanserikonia: I've behaved very accurately.18:23
Lanserand I have been following the rules.18:23
Lanservery positively, ikonia.18:23
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ubottuLanser called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()18:23
Lanserand fuck you all18:23
Myrttioh for gods sake18:23
Lanserone more time..18:23
IdleOneLanser: Stop doing that please18:23
tsimpson^ they are in ##c++ now asking for "skilled hackers"18:26
bazhangwe only have ikoni a18:27
ikoniaha ha ha ha18:33
ikoniatsimpson: he asked in #python too, I do suspect this is a young kid, excited to be a hacker18:34
k1l_yes, the ubuntu support he needed was backtrack support most times.18:49
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ikoniais't backbox now, even more l33t18:55
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