tseliotany archive admins around?08:34
stgrabertseliot: I'm sort of here (at a conference)08:35
tseliotstgraber: I have some packages approved for an SRU but the binaries are stuck in NEW (precise-proposed)08:36
stgrabertseliot: ah, ok, I'll take a quick look then08:36
tseliotstgraber: nvidia-prime, fglrx-pxpress, nvidia-graphics-drivers-319, nvidia-graphics-drivers-319-updates, nvidia-graphics-drivers-304, nvidia-graphics-drivers-304-updates, nvidia-graphics-drivers-173-updates, nvidia-settings-319, nvidia-settings-319-updates, nvidia-settings-304, nvidia-settings-304-updates, nvidia-persistenced, fglrx-installer-updates, fglrx-installer-experimental-1308:37
tseliotstgraber: nvidia-prime and fglrx-pxpress belong in main, the nvdia and fglrx drivers in restricted, nvidia-settings* in main (same as nvidia-persistenced)08:38
stgrabertseliot: hmm, fglrx-pxpress is in universe in saucy08:41
tseliotstgraber: I have a MIR for that, let me find the bug report...08:42
stgrabertseliot: hmm, I'm not fond of the idea of promoting this in the LTS before it's done in the dev release...08:43
tseliotstgraber: I guess the MIR hasn't been approved yet. Using universe should be ok for now, I'll have the packages moved as soon as the MIR is approved08:44
stgraberok, accepting to universe for now then08:44
tseliotdidrocks: please have a look at bug #1204820 when you can08:46
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1204820 in nvidia-prime (Ubuntu) "[MIR] nvidia-prime & fglrx-pxpress" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120482008:46
stgrabertseliot: all done08:48
tseliotstgraber: excellent, thanks!08:48
stgraber(restarting queuebot as it didn't notice)08:49
didrockstseliot: looks both good. is anything build-dep on them or will you add them to the support seed?08:55
tseliotdidrocks: nothing really depends on them now08:56
didrockstseliot: ok, please add them to the support seed then08:56
didrocksthen, once pushed, I'll promote them08:56
tseliotdidrocks: I'm not sure how to do that or why08:58
didrockstseliot: if we don't do that, nothing will pin them in main08:58
didrocksand so someone will demote them08:58
tseliotdidrocks: ok, so maybe either supported-hardware-common or supported-hardware-desktop?09:00
didrockstseliot: oh, I don't know those, I'm sued to "supported" in bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.saucy/, but if there is anything else09:01
didrockstseliot: just push to the one which makes sense and give me a sign so that I do the promotion09:01
tseliotdidrocks: ok, shall I do that for precise too? (the packages are also in precise-proposed)09:02
didrockstseliot: yeah09:02
tseliotdidrocks: ok, good09:02
didrockstseliot: but wait for it to be out of proposed to remember me to promote it there as well09:03
didrocks(the override is lost between proposed and update if it's the same than proposed -> release)09:03
tseliotdidrocks: ok09:03
tseliotdidrocks: ok, I've just committed revision 2152 for saucy, so the two packages should be pinned09:14
didrockstseliot: thanks! promoting09:14
tseliotdidrocks: great, thanks!09:15
didrockstseliot: yw, done :)09:16
stgrabertseliot: ok, I'll promote it in precise too then09:24
tseliotstgraber: ok, thanks09:25
stgrabertseliot: done09:27
tseliotstgraber: great, thanks again :)09:27
tseliotstgraber: BTW, is nvidia-persistenced in saucy?09:35
stgrabertseliot: doesn't look like it09:35
tseliotstgraber: it was reviewed by cjwatson, then I applied his changes, reuploaded but it was never reviewed or approved again09:36
rtginfinity, are you ready to promote linux 3.11 ?12:06
tseliotstgraber: still around?12:53
stgrabertseliot: yeah12:55
tseliotstgraber: I don't see fglrx-installer-experimental-13 in precise-proposed12:55
tseliot(same bug report)12:56
tselioti.e. 119894212:56
stgrabertseliot: I only processed the new binaries this morning, not new sources. fglrx-installer-experimental-13 is a new source pending review in precise-proposed12:57
stgraber(so is nvidia-persistenced apparently)12:57
tseliotstgraber: oh, so they haven't been approved yet12:57
tseliotok, I should probably ask slangasek about that then12:58
stgrabertseliot: is fglrx-installer-experimental-13 mostly an identical copy from saucy? if so, I can confirm that part and let it in based on that, otherwise I don't think I've got the time to do a full New review of it12:58
tseliotstgraber: fglrx-installer-experimental-13 is the same as fglrx and fglrx-updates in saucy12:59
stgrabertseliot: note that cjwatson, doko, slangasek and I are all at Debconf this week, so it may be difficult for us to find enough time in a row to do a full New review12:59
stgrabertseliot: ok, I'll grab the saucy source and do a diff, if they seem sufficiently identical (just obvious packaging changes), I'll let it in and then let its binaries in too13:00
tseliotstgraber: thanks a lot13:00
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stgraberae8f805e52508dd2fde55be3dc7dffd1  fglrx-installer-updates_13.101.orig.tar.gz13:16
stgraber12ae4dc15542382eb0c119729af6fd70  ../precise/fglrx-installer-experimental-13_13.101.orig.tar.gz13:16
stgrabertseliot: ^13:16
stgraberok, they're actually identical except for the precise one being shifted one level (no top level fglrx-installer in that tarball)13:18
stgrabertseliot: ^ is that going to be a problem once we backport the saucy kernel to precise?13:21
stgrabertseliot: debian/pxpress also indicates some code that's in precise but not in saucy (_find_process function and code to call dpkg --configure -a)13:23
slangasektseliot: is fglrx-installer-experimental-13 already in saucy?13:24
stgraberbesides that the rest seems mostly identical to saucy's13:24
slangasekah, so it is13:24
slangasekstgraber: thanks for tending :)13:24
stgraberslangasek: as fglrx-installer-updates, yes13:24
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tseliotstgraber: that would be a problem for 12.04.4, it shouldn't be for 12.04.3 (Which won't ship 3.11)13:48
tseliotstgraber: that part of code (debian/pxpress) is only used when called from jockey and there's no jockey in saucy13:48
tseliotslangasek: no, but the same driver is in fglrx and fglrx-updates (it only has a different name)13:49
stgrabertseliot: ok, thanks for the answers. I'll let it in now (the rest indeed is a copy + rename)13:55
tseliotstgraber: right, thanks13:55
rtgstgraber, do you have time to promote Saucy linux from -proposed ?14:01
cjwatsonThat isn't a manual task14:02
cjwatsonExcept in that it needs some problem resolved14:02
stgraberlet me check what we're missing, is that just d-i?14:02
rtgstgraber, it might be, but I'm not sure.14:02
cjwatsond-i's missing (Adam was going to do it today, I thought), and I think it's also mysteriously hung up on an autopkgtest14:03
* cjwatson fires up the VPN14:03
stgraberhmm, indeed, stuck on autopkgtest14:03
cjwatsonSpuriously - I think I'll force it14:03
rtgcjwatson, it is a major transition from 3.10 to 3.1114:03
cjwatsonI know14:04
cjwatsonBut proposed-migration doesn't care about that :)14:04
cjwatsonI'll sort out d-i14:05
stgrabercjwatson: will you also do the seed changes?14:07
ScottKIt looks like there's a mess around linphone/sipwitch that needs ucommon ported to a newer GNUtls (not done upstream yet).14:08
ScottKWay beyond me to sort out.14:08
jbichawe can clear up the linphone situation by removing ucommon 6 from Debian since it may take a while for the Debian maintainer to get around to fixing http://bugs.debian.org/71685514:16
ubot2`Debian bug 716855 in libucommon-dev "libucomon-dev: Dependency on libgnutls28-dev makes sflphone unbuildable" [Important,Open]14:16
jbicha*remove ucommon from -proposed and then rebuild sipwitch14:16
ScottKExcept ucommon doesn't build with libgnutls-dev14:16
* ScottK tries.14:17
jbichaI've so far been unsuccessful at convincing the Debian maintainer that it's a big problem14:18
ScottKjbicha: The current sipwitch in proposed doesn't build with the older ucommon.  So I think both have to go.  Trying that now.14:29
ScottKNope.  That fails on the newer libexosip.14:30
jbichaScottK: oh :(14:32
ScottKI think the whole lot needs to go.14:32
jbichaif we cared enough, we could add a ucommon5 source package...14:33
ScottKNo, I don't think that would do it.14:37
ScottKsipwitch depends ucommon >= 614:38
jbichaScottK: I mean have both ucommon and ucommon5 so that packages could build with whichever one they need...but I didn't test that either14:48
ScottKCleared out.15:26
ScottKDoesn't seem to have made anything worse.15:54
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infinityrtg: Yeahp, I'll get it shoved along after my morning meeting.16:01
rtginfinity, too late, cjwatson already gave it the nudge it needed16:02
infinityrtg: Oh.  So he did.16:03
rtginfinity, he updated d-i, and I just received emails that all have been promoted16:04
* infinity nods.16:05
rtgnow, I'm gonna upload -rc5.16:05
infinityI just twiddled the seeds to match, since I didn't get to mucking with making that all work automagically over the weekend.16:05
cjwatsonta, I had it uncommitted for when it landed16:11
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