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prgCoderhi guys - can anyone point me to a website on how to setup / install a secure Apache / PHP / MySQL envionment for a Ubuntu server? Please00:39
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prgCoderhi guys - can anyone point me to a website on how to setup / install a secure Apache / PHP / MySQL environment for a Ubuntu server? Please03:21
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chilli-saladprgCoder, have you tried the ubuntu server guide?03:50
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Semorwhere can I find kernel  debug info for  3.5.0-23-generic #35~precise1-Ubuntu ?04:25
prgCoderchilli-salad: thanks04:27
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jpdsSemor: ddebs.ubuntu.com ?05:04
derrikis thin client = windows terminal server?05:04
Semorjpds:what is the differnce between 3.5.0-23-generic and 3.5.0-23-generic precise1 ?05:05
jpdsderrik: No.05:05
jpdsSemor: Pardon? Do you have links?05:05
derrikjpds it isnt?05:10
derriki found with google:  A thin client is a network computer without a hard disk drive05:11
Semorjpds: do you know the precise1 version of ubuntu server?05:13
jpdsderrik: It might be an example instance of it; but it's not the only version of it.05:13
jpdsSemor: You mean 12.04.1 LTS ?05:14
Semoryes ,that is05:15
SemorIt is the kernel I am running05:15
lifelessSemor: what does "uname -a" show ?05:16
SemorLinux localhost 3.5.0-23-generic #35~precise1-Ubuntu SMP05:17
Semorhow do I install debug symbols for it?05:19
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WalterNtrying to figure out what is typical or good for spam filtering for postfix09:37
WalterNhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixAmavisNew is that typical?09:38
WalterNor some/all of these? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix#Other_Postfix_Guides09:38
mardraumWalterN: yeah amavisd-new, postgrey and SPF records for your domains09:50
mardraumWalterN: and spamhaus ZEN list09:50
WalterNerm, what? :-x09:52
mardraumWalterN: google.com09:52
WalterNI normally prefer asking in IRC before google, but w/e09:53
mardraumyou asked, I answered09:53
mardraumif you just "erm what" then you need to google09:53
WalterNso spamassassin is not as typical?09:54
mardraumit's part of amavisd-new09:54
WalterNoh ok09:54
mardraumthe other things will stop the shit actually getting to amavisd-new09:55
mardraumgo read about them.09:55
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greppyWalterN: I have used this in the past on ubuntu and debian servers: http://www200.pair.com/mecham/spam/11:58
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hallynlifeless: can you open a bug detailing how it interferes?12:21
hallynlifeless: do you mean that you do a one-filesystem backup of /var and want all containers backed up by that?12:22
lifelesshallyn: yes12:22
lifelesshallyn: I'm presuming the answer is 'there is no way to disable it today'12:23
hallynlifeless: you're telling me that if i mount btrfs at /mnt, and create a new subvolume at /mnt/a, then --one-filesystem will not traverse /mnt/a?12:24
lifelesshallyn: correct12:24
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lifelesshallyn: it may be constrained by 'when /mnt/a is mounted'12:24
hallynyou dont' mount subvolumes though12:25
lifelesshallyn: I ran into this with /home earlier today - noticed I had nothing in my home backups for this year12:25
hallynis there a btrfs mount option to not do that?12:25
lifelesshallyn: because the fstab for a new install with btrfs has a mount rule for home.12:25
lifelesshallyn: you could argue that it's broken rsync one-file-system heuristics, though IMO if its in the mount table, treating it as a mount point is pretty sane ;)12:26
hallynwhy is it in the mount table12:26
hallynit didnt' use to be12:26
lifelesshallyn: search me12:27
lifeless/dev/mapper/lifelesshp-root /home           btrfs   defaults,noatime,subvol=@home 0       212:27
lifelesshallyn: see #ubuntu-devel about the time I pinged you, I had a chat with RAOF about it12:27
hallynlifeless: i have 5 subvolumes under /home/serge/lxcbase, and they do not show up in 'mount'12:28
lifelesshallyn: right, they need to be mounted12:29
lifelesshallyn: I don't know offhand whether it's a) being a subvolume or b) being in mtab that breaks --one-file-system.12:30
lifelesshallyn: I can drill into it12:30
hallynlifeless: I don't understand12:30
hallynlifeless: 'mounted' by who?12:30
hallynthe contents are there without mounting them.12:30
lifelesshallyn: I'll chat another time; its 0030 here.12:30
hallynlifeless: np - thanks12:30
hallynlifeless: one thing,12:30
lifelesshallyn: see above w.r.t. /home which sent me down the path of looking at this for lxc too12:30
hallyni wonder if what is actually screwing you up is the default behavior of lxc to always bind-mount rootfs for containers - btrfs or not12:31
lifelesshallyn: and /home is mounted by fstab which the installer sets up.12:31
hallynlifeless: ok, thanks.  ttyl.12:31
lifelessI need to mount my crypted backups to check whether lxc containers are missing or not12:31
lifelessand yeah thats a good point12:31
hallynok.  they really shouldn't be12:31
* hallyn hopes he doesn't have to redesign the whole thing :)12:32
lifelesswell there may be multiple issues at play :>12:32
lifelessanyhow, another day! gnight12:32
koolhead11hallyn, hi there12:33
koolhead11how have you been12:46
hallynall right.  yourself?12:47
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hallynstgraber: uh, hopefully you've not made any updates to lxc staging branch in the last hour12:55
stgraberhallyn: nope, I haven't. I'm at debconf so unlikely to do a lot of commits this week.12:55
stgraberhallyn: I'm looking at LXC on Android at the moment, specifically getting a local implementation of getifaddrs12:56
hallynstgraber: ok - no reason for me saying that, carry on :)12:56
hallyni'm *seriously* soon gonna dogfood ubuntu phone in qmeu phone soon, not sure if android under that will be good for testing lxc in12:57
zulroaksoax/jamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-heatclient/refresh/+merge/17969513:05
zuljamespage/roaksoax: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-keystoneclient/netaddr/+merge/17969913:17
jamespagezul,-1 feedback in MP13:18
zuljamespage:  hes my evil twin who didnt have his DEBEMAIL set13:20
zuljamespage:  fixed now13:20
jamespagezul, still does not look like a new upstream release to me13:23
zuljamespage:  how about now/13:24
jamespagezul, +113:27
zuljamespage:  thanks13:28
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bkfitztrying to allow my developers to upload code to my apache instance via sftp... questions: what should the permissions be on /var/www?  I believe Openssh is handling the sftp, how do I change the default directory to /var/www/codetest?  How do I grant the 'ftpuploader' user permissions to this folder but not the rest of /var/www15:05
darthanubisUbuntu 13.04 - add-apt-repository is not adding repos15:30
darthanubisno error, and lsb_release -a results in a segmentation fault15:31
darthanubislook for an assist?15:31
* darthanubis back to google15:32
darthanubisthe web only shows ppl that have the not found error, but I do haveit installed15:33
darthanubisyes, I could edit the source.list by hand, just like add apt for the lazy15:34
darthanubisand am curious why anything on the system does not work as intended15:34
darthanubisI can't remove python-software-properties15:48
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red6mis it possible to delete a paste from http://paste.ubuntu.com/ ?16:45
andolred6m: Well, if it is critically important enough I guess you might be able to convenince someone with root access to do that for you...16:59
red6mandol, yeah. I guess I'll wait if it disappears n 30 days - and after that I might gonna have to find someone to delete it :-\ posted confidential shit by mistake.17:03
ribois something wrong with us-west-2.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com?17:29
riboFailed to fetch http://us-west-2.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-libc-dev_3.8.0-26.38_amd64.deb  403  Forbidden17:29
sarnoldribo: note that ec2 reports "403" when other servers might report "404".17:29
riboI still have the same question, then :)17:30
sarnoldribo: so if you're asking for files that have not yet synced over, or have been removed, the 403 response can be extremely confusing :)17:30
ribowas an apt-get upgrade :|17:31
sarnoldribo: perhaps you caught it in the middle of a resync.. try again in a few minutes.17:34
ribonot usually one to complain about things I'm getting for free, but that kinda sucks for auto provisioning instances, heh17:37
riboguess I'll just wait then17:37
darthanubisI can't remove python-software-properties17:58
darthanubislooking for an assist?17:58
ogra_check your logs for filesystem errors i would guess ... and if you have enough space ... that file doesnt just go corrupt out of nowhere18:00
qman__darthanubis, looks like your dpkg database is broken18:08
qman__as already mentioned, check that /var didn't run out of space, and try to correct the error on that line18:08
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zuladam_g/roaksoax: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/keystone/babel/+merge/17978019:11
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darthanubisogra_, thx, qman__ var did not run out of space. But would a corrupted FS also break my dpkg? I suppose.20:41
qman__darthanubis, yes20:42
s0m3bodyHello, was wondering how I could install Ubuntu Server over SSH through the server's recovery console?20:48
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darthanubisqman__, thx20:57
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failmasterhey guys, i have a problem switching luks passphrase auth to key file based for root fs, details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?21:11
fbdystangHi, does IMAP on port 143 require an MX record or an A record? Thanks21:18
guntbertfbdystang: neither21:20
s0m3bodyWell, it does require an A record, but the actual port doesn;t21:21
s0m3bodydoesn't *21:21
fbdystangguntbert: URL?21:21
* s0m3body points out the fact that if you don't know what kind of record it needs, you shouldn't be setting up a mail server21:22
fbdystangs0m3body: right but does the external DNS see it as an A record?21:22
s0m3bodyfbdystang: what do you mean?21:22
fbdystanghehe, I am a noob but I already have it set up and working with pop3. Trying to get IMAP working21:23
s0m3bodyif you set an A record, every DNS (should) see it as an A record..21:23
guntbertfbdystang: are you talking about setting up a mail server? the client just needs to get the IP address, hence you would need an A record for the mail server21:23
fbdystangguntbert: Thank you , that answers my question :)21:23
guntbertfbdystang: if pop3 works the DNS is ok21:23
fbdystangI had my external DNS service pointing to my imap port as an MX record, and I think that is what is causing issues21:24
guntbertfbdystang: DNS doesn't deal with ports at all21:25
geniiWell, port 53 ;-)21:25
guntbertgenii: splitting hairs? it *uses* 53 :-)21:26
* genii slides guntbert a tasty coffee21:27
guntbertwhat I need now - before going to bed - hmmm21:27
fbdystangSo, if IMAP comes in on an IP, not a port, how does it resolve to 143?21:29
geniifbdystang: The protocol itself... so the server listens on 143, and whatever client is trying 14321:30
storrgieWould anyone know where I should go with an issue like this: I've got a usb audio device (DAC) plugging into an ubuntu server build and the device appears to be disconnecting and reconnecting repeatedly (https://gist.github.com/storrgie/03b65e769de393e9cf0a)21:35
sarnoldstorrgie: in wild-guess land, perhaps it is waiting for a driver to download some firmware to the device?21:38
sarnoldstorrgie: do you know if it is supposed to work well under linux? can you run a usb sniffer of some sort under windows and see what it does? compare / contrast with a sniffer under linux?21:39
storrgiesarnold, I believe its supposed to work well under linux, however the manufacture doesn't support it working well under linux21:47
storrgiesarnold, I'm actually trying to email the engineer that worked on the usb interface to get some info from him21:54
storrgieI'm guessing its on their end21:54
sarnoldstorrgie: do re-check the docs to see if there is firmware or other userspace tools you need to run to make it work21:55
storrgiesarnold, thanks!21:57
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LargePrimehey helpful ones.  installing open vpn using the 12.04 guide.22:16
LargePrimeit fails at "source vars"22:16
sarnoldfails how?22:17
LargePrime  No /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/openssl.cnf file could be found22:17
LargePrime  Further invocations will fail22:17
LargePrimeis ther error?22:17
LargePrimehas a fix22:17
LargePrimeto just point at the config22:17
LargePrimeany thoughts?  it that a good idea?22:17
SuperLaggrub seems different than what I remember it22:21
SuperLagHow do you change which kernel boots, by default, if several are listed in the menu.lst file?22:21
LargePrimesarnold: sorry i have been inturupted.  i'll be back in an hour.  hope you are here22:22
LargePrimeand thank you22:22
geniiSuperLag: Grub2 doesn't use menu.lst22:48
geniiSuperLag: You have to edit /etc/default/grub file and add a line: GRUB_DEFAULT=#      ...where # is the entry you want to be default. Then sudo update-grub22:50
failmasterguys, where can i read about booting system over grub 2 related to detailed sequence, mostly about how it gets us into initrd image and how control being passed through stages of boot? please, sorry for my retarded english23:30
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub223:32
failmastergenii, i've been there, but from what i read i don't get the next thing: our initrd image is sotred on filesystem which normally has mount point at /boot later on a booted system, i need to have a clue on how it gets mounted from the very first stages and when it becomes accessible and from which mount points (if there are some others but /boot as far as i know there are none)23:35
sarnoldfailmaster: grub2 can understand a lot of different types of filesystems23:36
sarnoldfailmaster: so it can read initrd and kernel images off of filesystems without needing the disk blocks hard-coded (as lilo required)23:37
failmastersarnold, yeah i know that, at least it comes as a conclusion due to the fact it needs fs modules necessary to read from that /boot device it's installed on23:37
failmastersarnold, what i don't understand is why people telling me that there is no way my bootloader media is mounted and accessible during initrd stage23:39
geniiThe full official documentation is at http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html23:43
failmastersame problem trying to make rootfs device unlocked on boot using keyfile /boot/key but today, one guys gave me a tip, saying it shouldn't work like that http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization23:44
failmastergenii, oh, thanks, sorry for being banned in google lol23:44
LargePrimesarnold: I am back23:48
sarnoldhey LargePrime, any luck?23:50

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