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iBelieveIs there anyone here from the Calendar app team? I've got a question about a feature in it.00:33
annerajb iBelieve there is another irc channel for apps dont remmeber which one.00:59
iBelieveannerajb, thanks, I asked there too (#ubuntu-app-devel), but tried here as well in case any of them hang out here01:02
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annerajbyay progress the bootstrap appears to be working fine. now i just have to get the rootfs installed (assuming it fits inside my tiny space)01:23
nhainesannerajb: congratulations.  :)01:32
annerajbnhaines, fun was short lived the bootstrap apparently dosnt know how to mount the rootfs01:33
annerajbit may have to do with what it says on the wiki The "scripts/touch" file in the ramdisk needs to figure out the data partititon's device file name (like /dev/foo). It might fail for your device and cause the boot process to fail. I've hard-coded the device path for the Desire Z for now, maybe we can set this in the device config at build time later.01:33
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Oroku_Sakiis there a wiki for the partition layout explanation???02:12
Oroku_Sakiwhere things are supposed to be02:12
Oroku_Sakiwhen I run unity8, I get this... Cant find EGLConfig, returning null config02:14
Oroku_SakiI have egl.cfg....02:14
annerajbOroku_Saki, Not all device node permissions may be covered by this. In particular if you have no graphics coming up and get EGL related errors in logcat, make sure you add a line allowing non-root rw access to the GPU device node. For OMAP/SGX devices the line is something like02:16
annerajbthat's from the wiki02:16
Oroku_Sakifor the udev 70 rules?02:17
annerajbit looks like it.02:18
Oroku_SakiMODE="0666" that is what I have02:18
Oroku_SakiI did it for all lines in my udev.tenderloin.rc from cm02:18
annerajbOroku_Saki, did you check that this KERNEL=="pvrsrvkm" matches the kernel module your device uses for gpu??02:18
Oroku_Sakiwell, the touchpad is an adreno, but it doesn't use that module like say the droid 4 maserati.. the touchpad adreno has kgsl and etc all built into the kernel02:19
Oroku_Sakieven tried.  "export QT_QPA_EGLFS_DEPTH=16"02:19
annerajbcan you post a logcat or and dmseg?02:20
Oroku_Sakithe entire dmesg?02:20
Oroku_Sakior output of when I run unity02:21
annerajbhmm post the entire thing pastebin wont mind lol02:21
Oroku_Sakijust a quick info when I run unity as root.. I get this "QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display"02:22
Oroku_Sakibut when I run as phablet I get the EGL error02:22
annerajbhow are you starting unity?02:23
Oroku_Sakidmesg.. http://pastebin.com/gFU9jd9f02:23
Oroku_Sakijust running "unity8" =)02:23
Oroku_Sakiphablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ initctl start unity8 initctl: Unable to connect to Upstart: Empty address ''02:25
annerajbis the upstart daemon running?02:27
Oroku_Sakiyes.. ? upstart-file-bridge --daemon02:29
annerajbwell i am out of ideas didnt notice anything on the dmesg02:29
annerajbthought based on a different message under root i guess it could be some sort of permission that phablet dosnt have02:30
Oroku_SakiI see a constant powerd complaint abut my backlight in my syslog...02:30
Oroku_Sakiother then that.. me too02:30
Oroku_Sakiout of ideas02:30
Oroku_SakiI cannot android-chroot02:31
Oroku_Saki02:12 ?        00:00:00 lxc-wait -n android -s RUNNING02:31
Oroku_Saki"/proc/-1/root/: No such file or directory"02:32
Oroku_Sakithings are strange now.. I need to wait for a new porting guide or something02:32
Oroku_Sakiis my android-ramdisk.. is that supposed to be mounted somewhere??02:33
Oroku_SakiI cant mount loop my system.img, so I decided the mntroot in my touchscript should be my actual system partition02:34
Oroku_Sakilxc boot says success02:34
Oroku_Sakiactually.. "/var/log/upstart# cat lxc-android-boot.log mount: can't find /data in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab"02:35
Oroku_Saki"/home/phablet/.cache "doesn't seem to have any logs about unity, or anything really02:37
Oroku_Sakior upstart02:38
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Oroku_Sakianyone know a way to test EGL\GL?03:17
Oroku_Sakiinitctl start ubuntu-touch-session USER=phablet03:19
Oroku_SakiI do not seem to be missing libOmex libs or libGL* or etc03:20
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Oroku_Sakiphablet@ubuntu-phablet:/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/bin$ ./qmlscene __pthread_gettid -2 Cant find EGLConfig, returning null config Aborted03:40
Oroku_Sakiphablet@ubuntu-phablet:/$ sudo qmlscene -platform ubuntu /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/qml/QtMultimedia/Video.qml __pthread_gettid -203:54
Oroku_Sakithat doesn't crash... screen refreshes.. when the command stops my screen turns to a crazy blue, and stays blue until I rerun the command03:55
Oroku_Sakiactually, blue comes on when this comes up in console: Cant find EGLConfig, returning null config03:56
Wufuwhat is the sudo password on ubuntu touch after install?06:18
RAOFubuntu, IIRC06:18
Wufucan u update ubuntu touch with "apt-get upgrade" ?06:22
RAOFYes, as long as you're not using the image-based updates system, I think (in that case, the system partition is read-only)06:26
Wufuevery time i sudo it says the password is not "ubuntu"06:32
NimbleWufu, the password is phablet.06:33
Wufuthansk that helped :)06:34
dholbachgood morning06:45
Oroku_Sakiany reason why I can't logcat?07:01
Oroku_SakiI see a patch about alog instead of log and smybolic link07:02
Wufuany one have problem with calling a phone nr that begins with + or * ?07:33
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annerajbanybody have instructions for repacking the initramfs? Need to modify scripts/touch for my device08:38
ogra_annerajb, why would you do that ?08:39
annerajbthe scripts/touch cannot find my data partition since i am on a btl/mtd device and it cannot read the partition labels08:39
ogra_ah, so you end up in an adb shell then ?08:40
annerajbyup with a message saying that it coudnt find a data partition here is a post on the mailing list about another device that has my same issue08:40
ogra_*ok even08:41
ogra_annerajb, the abootimg package ships a scritp for this08:41
ogra_abootimg-unpack-initrd and abootimg-pack-initrd08:42
lilstevieis there a way to find out why upowerd would be calling for an emergency shutdown? I've looked through logs and with tried to see if there was anything with powerd-cli listen and am still no better off08:42
ogra_i'll try to get to bug 1199084 this week so you can specify them on cmdline in the future08:43
ubot5bug 1199084 in initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch (Ubuntu) "mount support via cmdline parameters: systempart= datapart=" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119908408:43
annerajbogra_, thanks :D08:43
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Youth Day! :-D08:44
annerajbogra_, how do you use that command every -h variation i pass to it says ramdisk dosnt exist08:45
ogra_annerajb, abootimg-unpack-initrd /path/to/initrd.img08:45
ogra_it will unpack it in your current dir (so better run it in a scratch or tmp directory you crate first)08:46
ogra_if you run abootimg-pack-initrd in the same place it will pack the contents to an initrd.img again08:47
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annerajbogra_, abootimg-pack-initrd dosnt work. zcat complains about the img not being in grep format. i am passing it as argument the boot.img08:58
ogra_abootimg-pack-initrd doe not take any arguments08:59
ogra_you just need to run it in the same place you ran the unpack09:00
ogra_it will then create an initrd.img ...09:00
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annerajbogra_, well i cant run the unpack.09:01
ogra_ah, you said pack above :)09:01
annerajbyeah my bad09:01
annerajbgzip: initrd.img: not in gzip format09:02
annerajbcpio: premature end of archive09:02
annerajb that's what it says09:02
ogra_so you have the bare initr.img file (or androids ramdisk.img) ?09:02
annerajbogra_, i have boot.img renamed in the same directory to initrd.img09:02
ogra_boot.img is not an initrd.img :)09:02
ogra_boot.img usually contaisne bootloader setup kernel and initrd together09:03
annerajbis that the file i should be modifying? the one that contains the scripts/touch file?09:03
ogra_initrd.img containse the scripts/touch file09:03
ogra_boot.img is a container that carries more than just an initrd09:03
ogra_abootimg -x boot.img09:03
ogra_try that09:03
ogra_if your vendor was sane enough to use an android standard boot.img it should work09:04
annerajb../boot.img: not a valid Android Boot Image.09:04
ogra_(and you should end up with three files ... bootimg.cfg, initrd.img and zImage)09:04
ogra_ah, sad09:05
ogra_so the other way is to edit it in your build tree09:05
ogra_and do a rebuild afterwards09:05
ogra_the ramdisk.img09:05
annerajbso i edit the script inside ubuntu-root/touch/scripts09:06
annerajband then run which target to repack it?09:06
ogra_you unpack the ramdisk.img ... edit the script in the unpackaged dir and then use the repack command to repack the ramdisk.img09:06
annerajbok and then i make a boot.img with that and the cfg and the kernel?09:07
ogra_no, then you do a rebuild of your zip09:08
ogra_your device uses a special non standard way of compiling the boot.img ... you need to use the way the build uses09:09
ogra_(typically samsung does that)09:09
annerajbso i run brunch epicmtd as normal?09:14
annerajbwont that override the ramdisk.img?09:15
ogra_not if you didnt clean it09:15
ogra_if you did, just run a full build, then edit and run it again (it should only pick up the changes)09:16
popeyogra_: (been away on vacation for a week so catching up) - should I be testing the ubuntu-system images?09:19
ogra_popey, as you feel like ... fo rthe normal images we now fullt rely on the dashboard09:19
popeywhen are we switching?09:19
popey(to the image based ones)09:19
ogra_no idea, we are still missing Mir/lightdm and a full switch to click09:20
ogra_at least the latter is needed09:20
ogra_else you cant install/remove stuff09:20
ogra_not sure we'll wait for Mir though09:21
popeygosh, phablet-flash got a lot more chatty ☻09:21
* popey gets tea while it does the work09:21
ogra_it also got caoomands now09:21
ogra_plain phablet-flash wont do anything anymore09:22
popeyogra_: do we have docs somewhere ready for new world order phablet-flash?09:25
ogra_i dont think so09:26
ogra_sergiusens wrote a mail i think, but the wikis are outdated09:26
dholbachogra_, popey: there's not too much on the wiki which needs updating09:31
dholbachI'll look into it09:32
annerajbogra_, that didnt work the brunch epicmtd overwrote my ubuntu-root/scripts/touch09:32
dholbachhttps://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg03687.html is sergiusens' mail09:32
annerajbogra_, from what i read a blank initramfs get's downloaded every build09:32
annerajband it uses that as a template to make the device specific one09:32
ogra_annerajb, you should have created a ramdisk.img ... not sure what "your ubuntu-root/scripts/touch" is supposed to be, but it will definitely not be used by anything09:33
popeydholbach: thanks!09:33
annerajbi did create a ramdisk.img it was rewrote09:34
annerajbogra_, ubuntu-root is a folder on out/target/product/epicmtd/ which contains the initramfs after extraction (the one that get's downloaded online)09:35
annerajbThe android_build repository on phablet.ubuntu.com has all the required changes to create the android zip file. It downloads files for a generic initramfs and puts them in "out/target/product/devicename/ubuntu-root". I think that changes to those files are not automatically put back into the ramdisk09:35
annerajbthat's from the wiki09:36
ogra_annerajb, right, so you want that initramfs file, not some script09:36
annerajboh ok so i want modified the downloaded initramfs09:36
dholbachogra_, popey: done09:36
annerajband since it's already downloaded is gonna use the one i have?09:36
ogra_annerajb, right09:37
* ogra_ is afk for ~1h09:38
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diwicogra_, I'm looking at the audio hal, it tries to /dev/socket/qmux_bluetooth which - when running from outside the container with libhybris - fails with EACCESS10:10
diwicogra_, it looks like /dev/socket/qmux_(audio|gps|radio) are set up for groups audio, gps, and radio, but not the bluetooth one10:11
diwicogra_, since you did the flipped container stuff I figured you might be the best person to ask10:11
ogra_bah, sigh, that means we need more android groups in our rootfs10:11
annerajbogra_, btw that didnt work ogra it redownloads it every time. even without cleaning any files.10:12
ogra_so look at the build scripts and disable the download :)10:13
annerajbyeah already did10:13
diwicogra_, so are you the right person to make sure we get a bluetooth group in the android rootfs, and set that group to allow /dev/socket/qmux_bluetooth access? :-)10:14
diwicthe phablet user seems be part of the bluetooth group so outside the container probably things will be working10:15
ogra_diwic, well, most likely, yes ... what will access that socket ? the prob is not adding the user or making phablet a group member10:15
ogra_the prob are daemons that dont run as the needed user10:15
diwicogra_, well, when opening the audio HAL it tries to access it - most likely that will be the PulseAudio process10:16
ogra_are we sure everything that accesses the socket directly from the ubuntu side will have the right permissions ?10:16
diwicogra_, pulseaudio runs as the phablet user right now.10:17
diwicogra_, bluetoothd runs as root, we can guess that might also use the socket perhaps10:18
ogra_well, root should be fine10:19
diwicogra_, and unless some security person thinks pulseaudio should run as something else, I'm happy with having it running as the phablet user10:19
ogra_yeah, phablet seems ok10:19
diwicogra_, other than that I'm not sure who would access the socket10:19
ogra_i wasnt so sure about direct access ... does pulse actually access the socket itself ?10:19
diwicogra_, pulseaudio opens the audio HAL. The audio HAL accesses the socket.10:20
* ogra_ is a bit surprised that we shove sound through a socket on teh ubuntu side instead of just using the sound devices directly 10:20
ogra_ah, ok, so there is another layer10:20
diwicogra_, I don't think we shove sound through it. It's just the proprietary blobs doing stupid things.10:21
ogra_as usual10:21
davmor2morning all by the way10:31
ogra_diwic, for a test, can you edit /etc/init/lxc-android-config.conf and add a "chmod a+rw /dev/socket/*" right above the lxc-wait line, it should start working then10:34
ikillcypherhello any developers here ?10:37
annerajbogra_,  after modifying it so it dosnt download it and repacking the ramdisk.img when i run brunch it still overwrites it10:37
timpikillcypher: I guess so, but even more in #ubuntu-app-devel10:38
ikillcypherwell it is about ubuntu-touch10:38
ikillcypherso what with ubuntu-app-devel ?10:38
ogra_annerajb, hmm, are you sure you look at the right ramdisk ?10:38
timpikillcypher: #ubuntu-app-devel is more specific, but you can try here also10:38
ogra_(might probably be called ubuntu-ramdisk.img)10:38
ikillcypherogra__ are you a developer ?10:39
annerajbramdisk.img in out/target/product/epicmtd/10:39
ogra_ikillcypher, yes10:39
ikillcypherit seems like porting ubuntu-touch did not work I sent an email but no responds10:39
ogra_annerajb, is that the only file with ramdisk in its name in that dir ?10:39
ikillcypherI have already everything done with the changes patched but when I do brunch I get kernel error10:39
annerajbogra_, there is also android-ramdisk.img10:40
annerajbbut android-ramdis.img is the ubuntu one ie. not the one that contains the script/touch init file that moutns /data10:42
ogra_right, thats supposed to end up in /system/boot/ in your zip10:43
ogra_while the other is for the boot.img10:43
annerajbwell i guess ill have to pack ramdisk.img by hand10:44
annerajbi mean the whole boot.img10:45
ikillcypherogra_, http://pastie.org/private/tgyyfvzawfhj0mz8rl5z8q10:49
ikillcyphererror im facing porting it to my device already did all the patches that was in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting10:50
annerajbikillcypher, did you remove the devicenameParts target?10:50
ikillcypherremove what?10:50
ogra_ikillcypher, thats a multi job build ... (waiting for unfinished jobs) ... the error cn be miles above, you need to paste more of the log10:51
ogra_it is likely that the actual error is just fallout of one that happened earlier10:51
ikillcypherhere full logs10:51
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ikillcypherhumm ?10:55
smartboyhwikillcypher, hey how are you?10:59
ikillcypherogra_ ?11:05
diwicogra_, gaah. /dev/socket/qmux_bluetooth is a directory, and in there, there is one socket created in each direction.11:11
diwicogra_, so I tried a variation on your command, and now the thing does not boot. Reflashing now.11:11
ikillcypherhe seems to be have disappear11:11
ikillcyphersmartboyhw, Im finally getting help on my porting11:12
smartboyhwikillcypher, \o/11:12
smartboyhwHow is your progress?11:12
annerajbikillcypher, if you run brunch again do you get the same error?11:13
ikillcypherwho me ?11:13
ogra_ikillcypher, that doesnt look like it builds a kernel at all11:13
ikillcypherlet me try11:13
annerajbikillcypher, listen to ogra he has a good point. you should have some kernel build lines aven after having completed a build it still check syscalls and version files11:14
ikillcypherso what should I do ?11:14
ikillcypherogra_, ?11:16
ogra_dunno, make sure it builds a kernel :)11:17
ikillcyphero.o dude you are a ubuntu-touch developer11:17
ogra_go into the kernel dir, copy your defconfig to .config and see if you can do a maunual build11:17
ikillcyphermanual build ?11:17
ogra_ikillcypher, well, i'm not a sony developer :P11:17
ikillcyphermake_defconfig ?11:18
ogra_try a manual kernel buid11:18
ogra_no, copy the defconfig for your device to .config in the toplevel dir of the kernel source tree11:19
ogra_then run make zImage and see if there are errors11:19
annerajbogra_, this is my proc/last_kmsg http://paste.ubuntu.com/5976907/11:19
annerajb It says no errors detected so apparently the bootstrap booted fine??11:19
annerajbI am seeign now a black screen and i have no adb11:19
ogra_thats a samsung, right ? give it some time, i havent found out yet why adbd comes up so slow on these devices .... if you have no boot loop thats a good sign at least11:20
annerajbogra_,  if i have a boot loop will the animation show every loop?11:21
ogra_well, it will reboot all the time11:21
ogra_instead of sitting on a black screen with sdb running11:21
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ikillcypheroh fcuk11:21
ikillcypherthere are like two yuga configs files11:21
ikillcypherone with cm_fusion_yuga11:22
ikillcypherand one with fusion_yuga11:22
annerajbfun fun11:22
ogra_annerajb, [    4.223150] arch_reset: attempting watchdog reset11:22
annerajbkernel stall right?11:23
ogra_that looks like your kernel commits suicide11:23
* ikillcypher retry to build11:23
ogra_and i cant see it using the ubuntu initrd11:23
ogra_look at the lines after [    3.607211] Freeing init memory: 5356K ... there you should see a bunch of thing like starting udev and it would print which disk it mounts etc11:24
ikillcypherogra_ how do I manuel build the kernel /11:25
ogra_[    3.581788] Warning: unable to open an initial console.11:25
ogra_that one is definitely an issue too11:25
ogra_ikillcypher, did you copy the config over to .config ?11:25
ogra_after that just run "make zImage"11:25
ogra_it should start building11:25
ikillcypherI really cant find .cofig ?11:26
ogra_no, you create it by copying the defconfig there11:29
ikillcypherso I create a new folder call .config11:29
ogra_cp /pathto/defconfig .config ... in the toplevel dir of your kerne11:29
ogra_no, a file11:30
ikillcypherand copy the two defconfig to it ?11:30
ogra_no, the one your build uses11:30
ogra_it surely only uses one11:30
ikillcypherwell it does automatically o.O11:30
ogra_and you said you did the changes for tehh kernel config when porting ... so the file you edited before is the one11:30
abimanyuhi any one know how to debug boot loop?11:31
ogra_abimanyu, try to get into recovery without powering the device down ... then you can check /proc/last_kmsg from the recovery adb11:31
ikillcypherthat ?11:32
ogra_if thats the one your device uses for building the kernel, then that, yes11:32
abimanyuogra_: i tried that but its only showing messages from bootloader not kernel11:32
ikillcyphercp /kernel/sony/apq8064/arch/arm/configs/cm_fusion3_yuga_defconfig  .config ?11:33
ogra_abimanyu, are you sure you didnt power down ?11:33
ikillcypherogra_ im not good with bash commands :(11:33
ogra_abimanyu, last_kmsg lives in ram ... if power is lost you only get info from the current (recovery) boot11:33
abimanyuogra_: i have Samsung Tab 2 i am unable to enter recovery without pressing power button11:34
annerajbikillcypher, cp /home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch/kernel/sony/apq8064/arch/arm/configs/cm_fusion3_yuga_defconfig /home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch/kernel/.config11:35
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annerajbikillcypher, then do cd  /home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch/kernel/ && make zImage11:35
ikillcypherikillcypher@ikillcypher:~/xperiatouch$  cd  /home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch/kernel/ && make zImage11:36
ikillcyphermake: *** No rule to make target `zImage'.  Stop.11:36
annerajbikillcypher, type pwd and paste the output of that command11:36
ikillcypherikillcypher@ikillcypher:~/xperiatouch/kernel$ pwd11:36
ogra_wrong dir :)11:37
* annerajb hides11:37
ikillcypherwtf ?!11:37
ogra_ /home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch/kernel/sony/apq8064/ is the toplevel dir for your kernel11:37
ikillcypherso what is the correct directory ? then11:37
ikillcypheryup it is11:37
annerajbo so the cp i gave ya is wrong11:37
ikillcyphercp /home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch/kernel/sony/apq8064/arch/arm/configs/cm_fusion3_yuga_defconfig  /home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch/kernel/sony/apq8064/ ?11:38
annerajbikillcypher, cp /home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch/kernel/sony/apq8064/arch/arm/configs/cm_fusion3_yuga_defconfig /home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch/kernel/sony/apq8064/.config11:38
annerajbuse my because yours wont use the .config name after copying11:38
annerajbafter that you can run make zImage inside the sony/apq8064/ directory11:39
ikillcypheryup I know not that newbie11:39
annerajbogra_, any ideas about the initrd thing? how do i know if it's using the ubuntu initrd11:39
ikillcypher]Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers (EXPERIMENTAL) [Y/n/?] y11:39
ikillcypherCross-compiler tool prefix (CROSS_COMPILE) [] (NEW)11:39
ogra_ikillcypher, oops :)11:40
annerajbit seems the default config need some updates11:40
ikillcypherPrompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers (EXPERIMENTAL) [Y/n/?] y11:40
ikillcypherCross-compiler tool prefix (CROSS_COMPILE) [] (NEW)11:40
ikillcypherLocal version - append to kernel release (LOCALVERSION) [] (NEW)11:40
ikillcypherAutomatically append version information to the version string (LOCALVERSION_AUTO) [Y/n/?] (NEW)11:40
ogra_export CROSS_COMPILE="/home/ikillcypher/xperiatouch/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-eabi-4.6/bin/arm-eabi-"11:40
ikillcypherI Press enter and this happens11:40
ogra_and then run again11:40
ikillcypherinteruppt the zImage ?11:41
ogra_yo dont want it to mangel your config11:41
ogra_are you sure you copied the .config in place ?11:43
ogra_ls -l ./.config11:44
ikillcypherikillcypher@ikillcypher:~/xperiatouch/kernel/sony/apq8064$ ls -l ./.config11:44
ikillcypher-rw-rw-r-- 1 ikillcypher ikillcypher 14549 Aug 12 19:38 ./.config11:44
ogra_hmm, ok11:44
ogra_weird that it asks questions, it shouldnt11:44
annerajbogra_, could it be that the device config is old and the new kernel introduced this new flags?11:45
annerajbactually nvm..11:45
ogra_well, the device config should be for the kernel version in use ... unless the cyanogenmod tree is wrong11:45
annerajbi dont think the kernel just added the ability to append kernel release to local version.11:46
* ikillcypher heartbrokes and hope he is able to port it 11:46
ikillcyphercause thousands of users will be dying for it so Im not going to give up11:46
ogra_ikillcypher, wait until sergiusens gets up, he usually has better ideas sbout the android trees than me ...11:47
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ikillcypherhow long is that11:47
ikillcypherit is 19:47 here11:48
ogra_dunno. just hang around here ... the above line wil have highlighted his name11:48
ogra_and he usually reads the backlog on IRC11:48
annerajbogra_, any ideas on what i could do apart from go under the desk and cry? the wiki said somethings about enabling CONSOLE_ on the kconfig but i have them all enabled.11:50
ogra_annerajb, i would start trying yo get the ubuntu initrd in use first11:50
annerajbwhich one is the ubuntu initrd the rootfs??11:51
annerajbor the ramdisk.img?11:51
ogra_it shoul dtheoretically be the ramdisk.img11:51
annerajbhmm my /system dosnt have scripts/touch11:52
annerajblet me flash again.11:52
ogra_and you should see it printing stuff about systemd-udevd  and init should print which disks it tries to mount etc11:52
ogra_your /system never has scripts/touch11:52
annerajbyeah like the error i had before. it seems the latest flash broke it11:52
annerajboh where is scripts/touch then?11:52
ogra_inside the initrd11:52
ogra_(and in a place in the ubuntu rootfs. but thats not of any interest for your issue)11:53
annerajbwhere does the initrd reside on /system?11:54
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* ikillcypher does not know what to do 12:02
* ikillcypher reboot into windows for the time being12:02
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annerajbogra_, so i commented too much and it wasnt copying the initrd. still can't get the stupid script/touch to stay modified :(12:13
=== _salem is now known as salem_
diwicogra_, so I tried manually executing these commands in a root shell, and they indeed resolved the problem that you need to run as root:12:19
diwicogra_, "chmod a+rwx /dev/socket/qmux_bluetooth" "chmod a+rw /dev/socket/qmux_bluetooth/*"12:19
ogra_diwic, heh, i bet -R would have done that too ... but yeah, lets probably do it this way and save additional system users12:23
diwicogra_, -R ?12:26
ogra_rercursive :)12:26
diwicaha, as a switch to chmod12:26
* diwic is slow today12:26
iKillCypherogra_, let me know once that dude is back12:27
diwicogra_, opening it up to *any* user, including malicious apps, does not sound like a good idea to me12:27
diwicogra_, hum, unless they're blocked by apparmor perhaps12:28
ogra_diwic, yeah, indeed, but we're also trying to get rid of these hardcoded android UID/GID stuff12:28
diwicogra_, I'll just trust that you know more than me on the matter then :-)12:29
ogra_heh, no, i dont12:29
ogra_but we cant just use a UID that only exists on ubuntu ... the socket is shared, permission chnages also happen in android12:30
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
ogra_so that would force the next android UID into the ubuntu side ...12:30
ogra_i'm pondering which is the less bitter pill to swallow :)12:31
iKillCypherogra_ do you think the porting is possible for my device12:36
iKillCypherxperia z12:36
iKillCyphersince some others have done it for xerpia z tablet and other xperia devices12:36
ogra_iKillCypher, if cyanogenmod runs, it should indeed12:36
iKillCyphershould I ask one of the members to join in here freexperia team member ?12:37
ogra_iKillCypher, did you try running cyanogenmod on your device before starting to port ?12:38
iKillCypheryeah of cause12:38
ogra_ok, then porting should work too12:38
iKillCypherI have even build cm 10.2 and cm 10.1 on my device12:38
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iKillCypherI will try to ask the member to join this channel12:39
themikemiKillCypher: you might start with mamenyaka's kernel: https://github.com/mamenyaka/android_kernel_sony_apq806412:41
iKillCypherwhat about it12:42
themikemhis Xperia Tablet Z port is on https://github.com/mamenyaka12:42
themikemyou're using the same kernel on your device.  He made the mods necessary to run Ubuntu to the kernel already, and has it integrated with the android build system.  Might be a good reference for what you are trying to do, given the devices are very similar.12:43
iKillCypherI have made necessary patches to kernel too12:44
themikemokay, just a suggestion12:45
iKillCypherwell I will pm him then12:46
iKillCypherthank you12:46
themikemyour build system for the "brunch" command is going to use the defconfig you mentioned earlier.  If you want to mod the config, you need to mod that defconfig file and then run make mrproper in the apq8064 kernel directory12:47
themikemif you want to use menuconfig, you can run ./make_defconfig.sh cm_fusion3_yuga_defconfig in kernel/sony/apq806412:48
iKillCypherhuh ?12:48
iKillCypherwell I just want it to brunch properly12:48
iKillCypherso I dont get what are you trying to sya12:48
themikemright, so brunch is using cm_fusion3_yuga_defconfig to build your kernel12:49
themikem(most likely anyway, you'll need to double check it)12:49
iKillCypherand ? edit ?12:49
iKillCypherI did that12:49
themikemso if you want to modify the kernel configuration, you'll need to modify cm_fusion3_yuga_defconfig12:49
themikemthen run make mrproper in the apq8064 directory, croot, and then brunch12:50
iKillCypheryup did that ?12:51
iKillCypherrun make mrproper ?12:51
iKillCypherthemikem can you repeat that Im going to boot into ubuntu for now12:51
iKillCypherin awhile12:51
themikemyes, you have to do the "make mrproper" in kernel/sony/apq8064.  The make_defconfig.sh script does all this for you.12:52
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daftonrailsSaw this advert F.Y.I. about Ubuntu Edge on ebay .... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130965518650&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:GB:112313:20
mamenyakasergiusens, ogra_ hi! got a moment?13:25
ikillcyphermapreri, here ?13:28
ikillcypherwhat did you tell me just now ?13:28
_polto_"phablet-flash community -d mako" do not work. output: bzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:~mako-image-dev/phablet-image-info/mako": No such person or team: mako-image-dev13:30
Oroku_Saki"root@ubuntu-phablet:/# ./logcat Unable to open log device '/dev/alog/main' "??? /dev/alog???13:30
_polto_any idea pls ?13:30
cyphermoxgood morning!13:35
ikillcypherwhere did that guy go just now13:38
ikillcyphero.o :(13:42
_polto_good morning. sorry to repeat myself for those who  just came in..13:44
_polto_"phablet-flash community -d mako" do not work. output: bzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:~mako-image-dev/phablet-image-info/mako": No such person or team: mako-image-dev13:44
_polto_any idea pls ?13:44
_polto_and I was surprised by ubuntu-one icon that just login you on the web interface, but do not allow any sync with my phone.13:45
_polto_also on Nexus4 phone jack does not work. It does on android.13:48
ogra__polto_, i dont think you want the "community" in your command there ... mako is officially supported13:49
ogra_and the sound layer isnt even implemented, dont expect everything to work there :)13:50
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_polto_ogra_, oh, how to get the latest build for nexus4 ?13:50
ogra_well, sergiusens changed the commands, i dont know what you need for official ... moitting "community" should print you the options though13:50
ogra_likely something with "cdimage"13:51
_polto_ogra_, I got my main phone stolen. So I am evaluating if my ubuntu-phone can become my daily phone.13:51
_polto_I was not able yet to setup 3G.13:51
ogra_it should just come up AFAIK13:52
ogra_(if you dont have a PIN lock in place at least)13:52
ogra_there might still be UI glitches though ... the indicator showing ot wrong etc13:53
_polto_ogra_, I did not find how to setup a lock13:53
ogra_well, does your SIM have  a PIN ?13:53
_polto_I removed the PIN since the phone is not asking for and do not work with the PIN.13:53
ogra_ah, k13:53
ogra_then it should just connect13:53
ogra_and yoou should see rmnet0 as your network connection if you check from commandline13:54
_polto_OK. Cellular settings show  the choice 2G or 2/3/4G in gray (not selectable)13:55
ogra_dont trust the settings app ... nothing is connected to anything there13:55
ogra_(well, some bits are, but dont ask which)13:56
_polto_OK :)13:56
ogra_check with the terminal :)13:56
ogra_nmcli d13:57
ogra_should give you the list of devices13:57
ogra_nmcli c13:57
ogra_the connections is use (or available)13:57
_polto_gsm disconnected13:58
ogra_is this a recent image ?13:58
ogra_/var/log/installer/media-info has the build stamp on current images13:59
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_polto_ogra_, how could I sync contacts to my phone ?14:01
_polto_ogra_, 2013081114:02
ogra_i think that only works for google contacts14:02
ogra_well, looks like yesterdays image then14:02
_polto_google contacts are ok, to start14:02
_polto_my android was synchronised..14:03
_polto_also I tried OTG USB and HDMI on nexus4, none of them worked. :(14:03
ogra_no, it wont for 13.1014:04
ogra_thats only planned for 14.0414:04
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=== _salem is now known as salem_
ogra_13.10 id the target for a working phone system ... 14.04 for convergence14:04
popeyhmm, flashing mako my phone is sat at the android guts screen and phablet-flash is telling me INFO:phablet-flash:Flashing system to /home/alan/Downloads/phablet-flash/ubuntu-touch/20130812/saucy-preinstalled-system-armel+mako.img14:05
popey< waiting for device >14:05
popeywhat's it waiting for?14:05
ogra_the device14:05
popeyits there.14:05
sergiusenspopey: hmmm... are you on saucy?14:05
popeyI've even moved it closer on the desk14:05
popeyyes sergiusens14:05
ogra_did you use the new syntax ?14:05
sergiusenspopey: just replug it in14:06
popeyits a machine I _just_ upgraded to saucy14:06
popeyyes ogra_14:06
popeyalan     23751  2.0  0.4  63112 14036 pts/5    S+   15:02   0:04 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/phablet-flash cdimage-touch -b --pendin14:06
sergiusenspopey: replug it in... also see if fastboot devices returns anything14:06
popeystill sat there14:06
sergiusenspopey: what about running fastboot devices? and then 'sudo fastboot devices'14:06
sergiusenspopey: and did you have custom udev rules before updating?14:07
Oroku_SakiHey ogra.. do you know why logcat goes to /dev/alog instead of /dev/log... problems running logcat....14:07
popeyalan@hactar:~/phablet-flash-wrapper$ fastboot devices14:07
popeyno permissions  fastboot14:07
popeyalan@hactar:~/phablet-flash-wrapper$ sudo fastboot devices14:07
popey[sudo] password for alan:14:07
popey04c770facfe7991f        fastboot14:07
Oroku_SakiI think its a libhybris thing?14:07
ogra_Oroku_Saki, namespace issues ...14:07
ogra_our logcat reads from it though14:07
popeysergiusens: no, didnt touch udev, this laptop has been in a drawer for months14:07
Oroku_Sakimy touchpad shows dev/log and dev/log_main etc... should this work?14:08
sergiusenspopey: so this is a udev issue14:08
popeyits never had the ppa on either14:08
plarspmcgowan: Do you know who could take a look at bug #1211334. I'm not sure whether the retracer will deal with it successfully or not, we'll see I guess.14:08
sergiusenspopey: what version of android-tools-fastboot do you have?14:08
ubot5bug 1211334 in gallery-app (Ubuntu) "gallery app crash during automated tests" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121133414:08
Oroku_SakiI am booting off a lvm partition14:08
ogra_Oroku_Saki, no, the udev rules in ubuntu would move it to /dev/alog (and logcat only looks there with the phablet tree)14:08
popeysergiusens: 4.2.2+git20130218-3ubuntu1414:09
plarsasac: in case you are interested also, bug #121133414:09
sergiusenspopey: oh... issue can be if you ever used 'android' _months_ ago :-) and added a rule into your udev that would break the ones in the package14:09
Oroku_Sakihad to add lvm.static and change my initramfs, told it where the data partition was and.. have problems mount loop with /data/system.img so I just told it where my system partition was14:09
popeyits never used android on that laptop14:09
Oroku_SakiI added udev rules...14:09
ikillcyphersergiusens, OMG14:09
popeyits never had anything to do with phablet on14:09
ogra_Oroku_Saki, oyu mean you try to boot your device with lvm on the mmc ?14:09
ikillcypheryou are here waited for you for ages14:09
Oroku_Sakiand it booted.14:09
ogra_Oroku_Saki, that will surely need a lot of tinkering with the ubuntu initrd then14:10
Oroku_Sakibut... having problems finding out if android is running.. and I get EGL.cfg cannot be found errors14:10
Oroku_Sakiso I thought I would try to run logcat =)14:10
sergiusensikillcypher: there are other people here who can help too14:10
Oroku_SakiI have never been able to successfully do a logcat14:10
Oroku_Sakiin my life14:10
ikillcypherogra_, asked me to wait for you14:10
_polto_so long..14:10
_polto_ogra_, thanks for all the help. I'll try to use it as main OS on my phone for some time.14:10
_polto_let's see how it works for me.14:10
ogra_Oroku_Saki, well, if everything worked /system/bin/logcat should just do what you knwo it for14:10
Oroku_Sakipolto, I would help you14:10
Oroku_Sakibut I don't have any supported devices14:11
sergiusenspopey: can you unplug the device, run 'udevadm  monitor' and plug it in again?14:11
Oroku_Sakithat is what is bugging me, it says it cannot find /dev/alog14:11
Oroku_Sakiquantal was the last time I got the gui working14:11
popeysergiusens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5977432/14:11
Oroku_Sakiyou helped me then.. so.. you got it working.. =)14:12
ikillcypherogra_, what was the issue I was facing kernel right14:12
ogra_ikillcypher, i just said he might have better ideas :014:12
Oroku_Sakiyou had me copy my missing libs and firmware from jb... but my new rom sources do not require that14:12
ikillcypherwell let wait for him to respond then14:12
ogra_ikillcypher, your kernel doesnt start to build14:12
ikillcypheryeah let hope someone can help me out14:13
ikillcyphercause I really want to support this devices and make the community happy14:14
Oroku_Sakiogra_ can you tell me where exactly the android system partition is supposed to be mounted? /system or /android/system.. and the /data partition???14:14
Oroku_SakiI get confused about the android data partition vs the phablet data partition14:14
ogra_/system and /data14:14
ikillcypheranyway im wondering why not write it from scratch ?14:14
Oroku_Sakiso /data should just be my cm-data partition?14:14
ikillcypherwhy use cm as based ?14:14
ikillcyphercm == cyanogenmod ?14:14
ogra_Oroku_Saki, right14:14
Oroku_Sakihmmm okay.. well.. that is right14:14
ogra_Oroku_Saki, though it becomes your / too14:15
Oroku_Sakiwhat about /android/system does that really matter?14:15
sergiusenspopey: can you append a --property to that command?14:15
Oroku_Sakialso, I don't seem to have an fstab in my android-ramdisk.img14:15
Oroku_Sakiso I added one.. but it didn't seem to help14:15
Oroku_Sakilxc complains it cannot find mtab or fstab14:15
ogra_have a read ... that should give you some impression14:15
popeysergiusens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5977455/14:16
Oroku_Sakithanks ogra! time for work.. read it when i get.. to.. "work"14:17
Oroku_Sakilooks sweet though... or neat.. thought out real well.. do you know why they flipped it?14:17
Oroku_Sakitouch script is confusing.. wish someone would post one that uses system partitions instead of detecting the data partition based off of a label and or uuid14:18
annerajbOroku_Saki, i hardcoded mine it was a pain to do if yuo need help il sent you a diff14:19
ogra_Oroku_Saki, bug 119908414:19
ubot5bug 1199084 in initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch (Ubuntu) "mount support via cmdline parameters: systempart= datapart=" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119908414:19
Oroku_Sakithanks! here is mine.. http://pastebin.com/40ZXZk9P I would like to compare it with yours14:19
annerajbOroku_Saki, https://github.com/w-flo/android_build/commit/522aee7be3503cb9c6db65b8163cdc3e73fbfc9c#core/Makefile14:19
ogra_i'll try to get that fixed this week14:19
annerajbogra_, :D14:19
Oroku_SakiI stared at it for at least an hour... =) thanks! the one thing I got stuck on is loop mounting my system.imf14:20
Oroku_Sakiit wouldn't mount.. so I said screw it.. here is my /dev/store/cm-system...14:20
ogra_Oroku_Saki, uh, dont mix up things14:20
* ikillcypher omg any idea what should I do14:20
ikillcypherim like staring here14:20
ogra_Oroku_Saki, the tpuch scripts does many things for mand diffeerent images14:20
ogra_only one path is the right one14:21
Oroku_SakiI noticed14:21
Oroku_Sakimntroot, etc14:21
ikillcypherand ogra_ why wasnt ubuntu- touch written from scratch?14:21
ogra_(loop mounting doesnt happen at all in normal flipped)14:21
Oroku_Sakimntroot should be my /data14:21
annerajbikillcypher, probably because the effort it would require it would be gigantic14:21
ogra_ikillcypher, because the drivers for the hardware wouldnt be usable this way14:21
Oroku_Sakimount -o loop,ro ${rootmnt}/var/lib/lxc/android/system.img /android-system14:22
ogra_annerajb, it wouldnt, but you wouldnt find free drivers for modems or graphics14:22
Oroku_Sakithat is where it wouldn't mount, even with my system.img being there... or anywhere14:22
Oroku_Sakiand.. there is not a system.img in that path...14:22
ogra_Oroku_Saki, yes, normal flipped images do not loop mount anything14:22
ogra_and they dont use img files at all14:22
Oroku_Sakiomg confused =)14:23
ogra_as i said, dont try to make all code paths of the touch script work14:23
ikillcypherso ubuntu-touch is based on android ?14:23
ogra_all you want is to add your device to the top level list14:23
lilstevieogra_, is there any way to bump up the amount of logging from upowerd? on my device it calls for an emergency shutdown for what seems to be no reason on unplugging it14:23
ogra_ikillcypher, no14:23
ogra_lilstevie, there should be a debug option ... no idea how to enable it though14:23
lilstevieogra_, :/ okay14:24
Oroku_Saki@annerajb can you pastebin your touch?14:24
sergiusenspopey: your issue is that I don't have a mako ;-)14:24
Oroku_SakiI need a cheat sheet14:24
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
ogra_ikillcypher, ubuntu uses a few binary drivers from android ... and all the bits that are needed to make these drivers operate properly14:24
popeysergiusens: hah14:24
ikillcypherrest ?14:24
popeysergiusens: i can give you ssh access to the laptop if that helps?14:24
annerajbOroku_Saki, thought that wont work. since the touch script get's overwritten14:25
sergiusenspopey: nah, the stuff you gave is good14:25
Oroku_SakiI put it in my initramfs myself14:25
ikillcypherpopey, developer right ?14:25
Oroku_Sakiunder /scripts14:25
ogra_Oroku_Saki, theoreically adding mmcblk0p267 or whatever your /data partition is to the variable at the top which holds the list of lables shoudl eb enough14:26
Oroku_Sakiproblem is my /data partition is a logical volume14:26
ogra_yeah, thats an issue14:26
Oroku_Sakiand the uuid does not show up in by-label or uuid14:26
ogra_and wont be easy to solve14:26
Oroku_SakiI did get labels to work on my logical fat32 partition14:26
popeyikillcypher: hmm?14:26
Oroku_SakiI think I may be able to add labels to my data and system partition so the labels show up in /dev/disk/by-label14:27
Oroku_SakiI had the change the 60-persistent rules and remove dm-*14:27
ogra_well, you should be able to mount by device name ...14:27
ogra_by just adding it to the list14:27
Oroku_SakiI just mount by /dev/store or /dev/mapper14:27
Oroku_Sakithe uuid's for ext4 do not match the actual uuid shown by blkid14:28
ogra_partlist="userdata UDA DATAFS USERDATA"14:28
Oroku_Sakioh yeah... a touch script that works off the blkid would be cool. =)14:28
Oroku_Sakiyeah I say that partlist=14:28
ogra_just add something that identifies the device there14:28
sergiusenspopey:  cat /lib/udev/rules.d/70-android-tools-fastboot.rules | pastebinit14:28
Oroku_Sakiare those partition labels?14:29
annerajbi added mtdblock3 to that line and that's what all my changes Oroku_Saki14:29
annerajbOroku_Saki, they are device names14:29
ogra_Oroku_Saki, thats a list thats just used with find /dev -name $listitem14:29
ikillcypherogra_, sergiusens , popey  : Im facing this error and im trying to port ubuntu-touch to xerpia z once im done I wish I could help in the development :(14:29
Oroku_Sakimy /dev does not show a .. /dev/data14:29
ogra_on first match the loop breaks and the found device is used for mounting14:29
ogra_Oroku_Saki, why would that matter14:29
Oroku_SakiI figure its a attribute of the partition14:29
ogra_find searches in /dev14:30
ogra_and uses whatever it finds first14:30
popeysergiusens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5977496/14:30
annerajbOroku_Saki, what i did to find my device name was to boot into recovery mount data and in adb run df -h14:30
ogra_no matter what subdir it is in14:30
Oroku_Sakiit is getting a list of all the names in /dev14:31
sergiusenspopey: so your udev stuff is fine, in comparison to mine at least, and it seems you get seat14:31
Oroku_Sakihow is it matching that to a name like "datafs or uda"14:31
ogra_Oroku_Saki, right, so just add a proper match14:31
Oroku_Sakidm-3 or etc?14:31
* ikillcypher is sad 14:31
Oroku_Sakisince mine say dm-1 dm-4 as virtual device mapper disks14:31
ogra_find /dev -name dm-314:31
ogra_or rather just add dm-3 to the partlist variable14:32
ogra_and it should juyst magically all work14:32
sergiusenspopey: just for the sake of it grep 4ee0 /lib/udev/rules.d/* /etc/udev/rules.d/* | pastebinit14:32
Oroku_Sakithanks! one last question.. should I have a system.img in my /data? I don't see how touch script detects my system.img.. I see it in the script.. but14:32
ogra_no, thats another image type14:32
popeysergiusens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5977502/14:32
sergiusenspopey: this should just work! :-/14:33
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
Oroku_Saki"echo "initrd: mounting ${rootmnt}/var/lib/lxc/android/system.img as ${rootmnt}/android/system" >/dev/kmsg || true mount --move /android-system ${rootmnt}/android/system"14:33
* popey starts again14:33
Oroku_Sakithat confused me14:33
* ikillcypher is wondering what's with the ignore14:33
sergiusenspopey: can you do this without --bootstrap ?14:33
ogra_Oroku_Saki, yeah, thats for the OTA images which arent supported for ports atm14:34
ogra_Oroku_Saki, just ignore all that stuff14:34
ogra_all you need is the device name in the list14:34
Oroku_Sakiconfused the hell out of me...  great.. that does work.14:34
Oroku_Sakiit reads my build.prop from my /system14:35
Oroku_Sakibut only if I mount system hardcoded14:35
ikillcypheram I not around :(14:35
Oroku_Sakiso I do.. "mount --bind /android-system ${rootmnt}/android/system mount --bind ${rootmnt}/userdata ${rootmnt}/android/data"14:35
ogra_Oroku_Saki, mounting /system is dealt with by fstab14:35
ogra_(in ubuntu)14:35
Oroku_Sakithen I have /system and /data linked to /android/system and /android/data14:35
ogra_no, you dont want that14:36
popeysergiusens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5977517/14:36
Oroku_Sakiyeah... I had a feeling you would say that14:36
Oroku_Sakiso system should be mounted automagically?14:36
ikillcyphersergiusens, popey too busy for me ?14:36
ogra_Oroku_Saki, first make sure the initrd gets you into an ubuntu rootfs and adbd is up there ... then we can move on14:36
sergiusensikillcypher: you need to ask a specific question, this is high traffic and most of us do this _while_ we work on other things14:37
popeyikillcypher: I can't help, sorry14:37
ikillcypherthat is my question14:37
Oroku_Sakithat part it easy, but I will change it this time my just adding my dm-* to my partition list and report back.14:37
sergiusenspopey: are you using xmir?14:37
ogra_Oroku_Saki, the setup creates the fstab on first boot using a script, that script will need adjustment too14:37
popeysergiusens: no, but the desktop isn't logged in14:37
ikillcypherogra_, knows what is happening o.o14:37
Oroku_SakiI dont have an fstab in my android-ramdisk though.. is that bad?14:37
popeyit's a remote machine14:37
ogra_Oroku_Saki, but first try to get a proper boot :)14:37
popeyas in, it's on the other side of my desk14:37
sergiusenspopey: hmmm... ah, so you need to have _seat_14:38
Oroku_Sakiokay... okay.. getting to far ahead of myself14:38
* popey logs in14:38
Oroku_Sakialso when I try to run android-chroot it complains about /proc/-1/root not being there14:38
popeysorry sergiusens14:38
ogra_sergiusens, i wish i could say the same ... today i didnt manage to do anything "while" working on other bits :)14:38
Oroku_Sakimaybe your suggestions will fix that14:38
sergiusensogra_: was figured speach, last thing I did yesterday was with my invisible cloke on :-)14:39
ogra_Oroku_Saki, android-chroot kind of expects that the container is up and running ... i dont think thats the case for you yet14:39
ogra_sergiusens, haha14:39
Oroku_Sakilxc-config gripes about no mtab or fstab14:39
ogra_we need mores such cloaks14:39
Oroku_Sakiso I bet so.. try again after the changes... time for work!! =)14:39
ogra_Oroku_Saki, right, just get the boot going and we can move on14:39
Oroku_Sakithanks man!14:39
ogra_one step at a time14:39
ikillcypherok now me >:(14:40
Oroku_Sakithe worst part is: when it works... bored.. the fun part is getting it to work.14:40
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
ogra_ikillcypher, well, there isnt much to help with, get your kernel to build, then it will move on (or find out why it doesnt build and fix that)14:41
ikillcypherand how do I do that ?14:41
ikillcyphersince zImage isnt working14:41
ikillcyphermake zImage14:41
ogra_Oroku_Saki, should we break it more often so you dont lose interest ?14:41
Oroku_Sakilike webos14:41
Oroku_SakiI at least got openweb os to boot a gui on my maserati phone.. but I lost interest after that....14:42
Oroku_Sakithat and I realized they were using libhybris and working off of ubuntu-touch14:42
Oroku_Sakiand then touch changed a lot.. which left me wondering.. what the hell will happen to open-webos14:43
ikillcypherPrompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers (EXPERIMENTAL) [Y/n/?] y14:43
ikillcypherCross-compiler tool prefix (CROSS_COMPILE) [] (NEW)14:43
ikillcypherDUDE !_! WHY !_!14:44
ogra_because it wants these set and they arent, usually the build scripts wold set them in your environemnt so nothing would ask forr them i guess14:45
ogra_did you ever build a CM image manually ? you should probably start with that, make sure you understand whats going on and find out if it happens there as well14:46
ogra_or even lower and read up about how to build a kernel14:46
pmcgowanplars, I assigned it to gusch14:46
plarspmcgowan: thanks14:48
guschpmcgowan plars looking at that https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/saucy-touch-maguro-smoke-gallery-app-autopilot/72/artifact/clientlogs/ the powerd crashed as well, and dmesg.log reports some thermal problems14:48
plarsgusch: yes, we see that powerd crash pretty frequently14:49
ikillcyphersorry for the caps14:49
ogra_ikillcypher, and does it build the kernel there ?14:49
sforsheeplars, gusch: every powerd crash I've looked at has been due to powerd starting before the sensors were ready, and afaik we don't yet have any way to deal with that14:49
ogra_ikillcypher, so just compare the two kernel trees and find the difference14:50
ogra_and if you have it i bet your build will work14:50
ogra_sforshee, !14:50
guschplars: so if that's a thermal issue, then gallery has no chance to fix that ;)14:50
ogra_sforshee, powerd uses the snesorservice ?14:50
sforsheeogra_: yes it uses the proximity sensor to turn off the screen during calls14:51
ogra_sforshee, we *need* to make sure it starts after the container then14:51
sforsheeogra_: how do we do that?14:51
ogra_sforshee, we are trying to hunt down an issue where something accesses the sensor service before the container is up since weeks ... the container fails then14:51
Oroku_Sakioh yeah... my device backlight is under /sys/class/leds...  that has never worked for me.. quantal used to complain14:52
plarsgusch: I'm not sure why they would be having thermal issues, unless the powerd crash could cause that... sforshee?14:52
ogra_nobody ever thought about powerd i think :)14:52
Oroku_Sakipowerd seems to use /sys/class/backlight14:52
Oroku_Sakifor the lcd backlight14:52
ogra_Oroku_Saki, it also uses hybris to talk to sensors14:52
sforsheeplars: thermal issues wouldn't be caused by powerd14:52
sforsheeOroku_Saki: yes, that's the standard kernel framework for backlights14:52
ogra_no, thermal issues could be caused by ueventd hanging14:52
ogra_or by rteh sensorservice not being able to start14:53
Oroku_Sakidoes the container have to be running for graphics to work (stupid question, I expect yes)14:53
plarsogra_: we're aware of that, and we kill ueventd to force a restart before running the test14:53
ogra_Oroku_Saki, rightm thats a yes :)14:53
Oroku_Sakithat is why my egl config can't be found then14:53
Oroku_Sakilike it says in some link somewhere14:53
ogra_plars, right, it seems though that just having powerd's upstart job depend on the "android" event would fix all this :)14:54
plarsthe ueventd eating 100% cpu bug kills the autopilot jobs in general, so if it were that I would expect to see a lot more than those 2 failures14:54
Oroku_Sakimy backlight uses /dev/lm8502 so I added that to udev though it is not in my udev.device.rc it is mentioned in my init.device.rc14:54
Oroku_SakiI thought that was smart. =)14:54
Oroku_Sakiokay I better go14:54
ogra_Oroku_Saki, the mpunpoints need to be populated (/system, /data, /vendor and factory) and the container needs to be up for graphics to work14:54
Oroku_Sakiyeah I don't have vendor or factory14:55
Oroku_Sakiwhat is /android/system for?14:55
ogra_factory is mostly used for 3G stuff ... likley not important ... and it is often also called efs14:55
ikillcypherogra_, that wont work14:56
ogra_/adnroid/system is for the OTA images14:56
ikillcyphersince it was modified14:56
Oroku_SakiI guess that is the tmpfs that populates those /system /vendor or etc14:56
=== dednick|lunch is now known as dednick
ikillcypherI will try to ask one of the existing ubuntu developer14:56
ogra_it isnt used in normal flipped images14:56
Oroku_SakiOTA image.. over the air?14:56
Oroku_Sakiyou mean the 400mb zip file?14:56
ogra_Oroku_Saki, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ImageBasedUpgrades ...14:57
ogra_thats the next step after flipped images14:57
Oroku_Sakiso having /android is... useless?14:57
Oroku_SakiI see that in my touch script though14:58
ogra_it doesnt exist on normal flipped images14:58
Oroku_Sakiwhere it is creating /tmpfs/android, etc14:58
ogra_the touch script is used for various different image types14:58
ogra_ignore that part14:58
Oroku_Sakiit looks for /tmpmnt/system.img14:58
ogra_which should never be there on a normal flipped image14:58
Oroku_Sakiso... does this go into affect? # Old flipped model elif [ -d /tmpmnt/ubuntu ]; then mount --bind /tmpmnt/ubuntu ${rootmnt} mountroot_status="$?"14:59
annerajbOroku_Saki, hey how did you repack your scripts/touch i can't figure out how to make mine use a modified touch script without the zip being broken14:59
annerajbthe device zip cannot be installed since it's broken somehown if i modify it15:00
Oroku_Sakiunpack gunzip -c ../your-ramdisk-file | cpio -i15:00
ogra_Oroku_Saki, no15:00
ogra_nothing of this is used15:00
annerajbOroku_Saki, do you run that after getting the zip from brunch? or in between?15:00
Oroku_SakiI just found it in my initramfs, under /scripts I take the kernel that is in uimage, and split the ramdisk and kernel, unpack the ramdisk, edit touch, pack it, and join the kernel and ramdisk back into a uimage file that is compatible for moboot, my boot loader15:02
asacbug #121133415:02
ubot5bug 1211334 in gallery-app (Ubuntu) "gallery app crash during automated tests" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121133415:02
asacplars: is this reproducible?15:03
asace.g. retrying gives the same result?15:03
Oroku_Sakicreating a moboot compatible uImage uses the mkimage command15:03
annerajbOroku_Saki, thanks :D15:04
guschplars: how can I open/use the core dump file?15:04
Oroku_Saki@ogra_ cat /android-system/boot/android-ramdisk.img | gzip -d | cpio -i fstab*15:04
Oroku_Sakiis that used?15:05
ogra_Oroku_Saki, not used :)15:05
Oroku_Sakidang it man! what is used?15:05
ogra_only the first "find" and the according mount call15:05
ogra_all the other logic lives inside the rootfs for nromal flipped15:06
Oroku_Sakiso it would then go to here? # Mount the data partition to a temporary mount point mount /dev/store/cm-data /tmpmnt mount --bind /tmpmnt/ubuntu ${rootmnt15:06
Oroku_Sakiwell.. what it would normally say stock?15:06
ogra_well, just add it to the list :)15:06
ogra_the fid should find it by name15:06
Oroku_Sakiuserdata UDA DATAFS USERDATA SWEET..15:06
Oroku_Sakiokay, thanks!15:06
ogra_it mounts that, then bindmounts the ubuntu subdir and just moves on15:07
Oroku_Sakiyou should have spent yesterday on here, instead of... doing.. enjoying the sunshine and spending time with your family, blast you!15:07
ogra_no further mounts mangling or anything15:07
ogra_yeah, i know ... i'm such a lazy bastard15:07
ogra_not working on weekends and the like :)15:08
* ikillcypher is SAd15:10
plarsgusch: gdb I would guess15:13
plarsasac: doubtful, we can try, but probably difficult to reproduce15:13
asacplars: we saw gallery app being flakyt before. I assume this is the reason?15:15
asacif so, i am sure it will come back. lets retry and see if it goes green15:15
asacgusch: did the coredump in the bug give you anything useful?15:15
plarsasac: no, this is new15:16
plarsasac: we have not seen this crash in the past runs15:17
asacplars: if we retry, we wont' loose the log etc.?15:17
plarsasac: it will disappear from the dashboard, but we won't lose it completely15:17
davmor2ogra_: you mean you don't have a second job working weekends like the rest of us........oh hang on you're going to say taking care of families isn't a second job right ;)15:17
plarsasac: and we can get it back there too15:17
ogra_davmor2, on the weekends i'm a gardener ... and can opener for my cats15:18
asaclets see if there is anything useful in the coredump from gusch15:18
ogra_davmor2, sometimes i'm a cleaning woman15:18
balloonsiBelieve, is someone else on the team going to review https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/sidebar/+merge/178783?15:19
iBelieveballoons, Arto doesn't have much time, Carlos works on the backend, not the UI, and mhall119 is out of town, so I haven't found anyone to merge it.15:20
iBelieveballoons, though popey looks like he's back. I'll see if he can do it.15:22
balloonsiBelieve, kk :-)15:23
davmor2ogra_: see that's 3 extra jobs you hadn't even thought about right :)15:24
iBelievepopey, could you take a look at the merge requests I've made for File Manager? No one else on the team has had time to review them.15:24
ogra_davmor2, heh, yeah ...15:24
mptdidrocks, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareUpdates#Phone15:27
didrocksmpt: thanks!15:27
davmor2ogra_, popey: if you go to plus.google.com/app/basic/stream on the browser do you get a static window? or can you scroll on it.  In Thursdays image it was fine but on fridays and todays it is static for me15:30
ogra_davmor2, i can scroll in the non mobile version15:30
ogra_but it started to hang recently in the mobile version15:30
davmor2ogra_: twitter is the same so I'm assuming it is to do with the user agent but could be wrong15:31
davmor2user agent string that is15:31
davmor2ogra_: also how do you get the desktop version up mine always seems to be the mobile version :)15:32
ogra_davmor2, i think asac pomoted a new user agent string ... might be thats it is slightly wrong15:33
* davmor2 glares at asac 15:34
=== nik90|Office is now known as nik90|GoingHomwe
popeyiBelieve: will take a look15:36
iBelievepopey, thank you!15:36
davmor2asac: is it possible that this breakage coincides with the update to the user agent string?15:38
jdstrandChickenCutlass: hey, when audio flinger is moved to HAL, does that mean we'll be using pulseaudio15:58
ChickenCutlassjdstrand, correct15:58
jdstrandChickenCutlass: cool, thanks :)15:58
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
guschasac: I don't get any hint from the core file, but I guess the gallery was built without debug symbols ...15:59
guschasac: I just call "gdb /usr/bin/gallery-app /tmp/CoreDump" - any better way to use the core dump?16:04
guschplars: I just call "gdb /usr/bin/gallery-app /tmp/CoreDump" - any better way to use the core dump? As gallery  seems to not have debug symbols16:12
annerajbgusch, there is a way to get stack trace without debug symbols on the crashed binary16:14
annerajbgusch, but it requires the debug symbols that where stripped from the build.16:14
annerajband the segfault line from the dmesg16:15
guschannerajb: ok - how do I do that? I'll need quite some help for that ...16:19
annerajbwell you can start by finding the debug symbols of the gallery app assuming they where compile with16:19
annerajbsometimes they are build with them and stripped after building and saved somewhere else16:19
digossantossomeone online?16:21
guschannerajb: I'd then assume the symbols be in a separate package, but there is none16:21
ogra_no, 336 people idling16:21
annerajbgusch, you can look at the makefiles see if it's build with symbols16:22
annerajbalso you could compile it yourself with symbols16:22
guschannerajb: but then I'd need the exact same version, right?16:23
annerajbwell if it crashes with a newer version then you have symbols if it dosnt the bug was fixed?16:23
digossantoshello fellows, I'm tring to port ubuntu-touch to the sony xperia s lt26i. I was able to boot and run the shell in the quantal-phablet-mwc image, but any image newer than that gets me to a black screen16:23
guschannerajb: the crash happened only once - I'm not able to reproduce it16:24
digossantoshave you ever seen this issue?16:24
annerajbgusch, then you will have to track the symbols (assuming they are saved somewhere)16:24
annerajbgusch, i have to head out to get lunch but ask aroud hopefully one of the ubuntu touch developers can tell you where the symbols may be16:25
asacplars: did you retry the phone-app? e.g. reproducible?16:31
ogra_asac, do you know if the useragent string in the browser was changed ? i know you had asked for it16:33
ogra_seems G+ and twitter stopped working in mobile mode now16:33
popeyogra_: visit http://popey.com/ogra from the phone and I'll tell you what the UA is ☻16:34
ogra_heh, cool16:34
popeybah, loads of other people clicking that ☻16:35
ogra_popey, heh, and i just get a 40416:36
popeyyeah, you will, whats your public IP?16:36
ogra_uh, 87 something ...16:36
ogra_80 :P16:36
popeyhmm, see no visit today16:37
ogra_funny ... i see the 40416:38
ogra_and a search form16:39
popeyon the phone?16:39
popeyhow strange16:39
ogra_popey.com blog ...16:39
ogra_calendar and a ton of links on the right16:40
balloonsplars, asac I'm saddened to see the fixes for weather did not work in the lab. Everything runs locally here for me and on the device ;-(. Do we have videos being produced yet for failures? I don't see anything in the jenkins artifacts16:40
ogra_and your askubuntu icon16:40
plarsballoons: that doesn't work on the device, only on x8616:40
plarsballoons: it is working for you on a real device?16:41
balloonsplars, ahh, right.. of course :-)16:41
plarsasac: you mean gallery app?16:41
balloonsplars, yes, weather seems to be a network issue completely. it's just plain timing out16:41
popeyogra_: "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 5_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1 Mobile/9A334 Safari/7534.48.3"16:44
popeyso no, not changed16:44
ogra_popey, www.whatismyuseragent.com16:44
ogra_yeah, i get the same16:44
popeyhah, i get an iis error on that domain ☻16:44
Cantideiis :C==*16:45
ogra_it gets the IP wrong though16:45
ogra_ah, no, it doesnt ...16:46
ogra_popey, well, does G+ work for you ? can you scroll ?16:48
ogra_all elemnts, links and buttons work16:49
ogra_but i cant scroll16:49
popeythe phone is painfully slow here16:49
popeyactually just the kb16:50
ogra_i can even use the swipe gesture that brings in the G+ menu16:50
popeybah, 500 error loading plus16:50
ogra_... which in turn is probably what steals the scrolling16:50
popeyyeah, wont scroll here either16:51
popeyi got to plus via gmail16:51
ogra_for me it works if i siwtch to the desktop version16:51
davmor2ogra_: confirmed, popey if you goto plus.google.com/circles then goto home from there you get the desktop version and it works fine.  I have no idea what broke it from Friday on but something did and it needs fixing :)16:53
ogra_are you sure it worked on friday ?16:54
ogra_i have the thu. image installed16:54
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# cat /var/log/installer/media-info16:55
ogra_Ubuntu Saucy Salamander (development branch) - armhf (20130808)16:55
davmor2ogra_: 20130809 was the first day it didn't but I didn't find out till I had logged off,  and thought it might be a temporary issue, so waited till today to confirm16:55
ogra_well, it doesnt work for me16:55
davmor2ogra_: thursdays image was fine for me fridays was the first that died for me16:55
ogra_so it either has borken earlier or it is googles fault16:56
davmor2ogra_: ah hang on wasn't thursday the day you did 2 images?16:56
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
davmor2or was that wednesday,  I'm thinking if it was thursday I might of got the earlier image rather than the later one16:58
ogra_yeah, there were several on thu.16:58
ogra_grepping for iPhone in the webbrowser-app source reveals nothing17:00
davmor2ogra_: so I would of had 0808 so it might of broken on a later build that I picked up on friday hence the difference maybe?17:00
* ogra_ finds /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/Extras/Browser/UbuntuWebView.qml17:03
Cantideneutral to which region?17:04
Cantideoops, wrong channel, sorry17:05
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
davmor2ogra_, popey: muhahaha run the browser from the terminal and enjoy the warning17:08
* ogra_ changed the user agent ... 17:09
ogra_didnt change anything17:09
davmor2ogra_: with the new agent string does twitter scroll if so then it might be that gplus changed something17:11
ogra_dunno, i dont have a twitter account17:11
ogra_G+ definitely doesnt and kind of gets messed up CSS17:11
ogra_(using the user agent string from a galaxy S4)17:12
balloonsfginther, if you have a sec, can you help explain what the deal with this not merging is? https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-clock-app/convert-aptests-to-sdk/+merge/179062. The video shows it's not finding the qml file to launch?17:19
awecyphermox, ping17:20
aweogra_, d17:20
ogra_awe, f17:20
* awe thinks ogra_ missed a letter in the sequence17:20
asacplars: zes17:29
plarsasac: hmm, I think you are saying yes to my question earlier? I reran the gallery tests, and they passed this time as I suspected. It could be, as gusch thought, related to the thermal issue, which we now believe to be related to whoopsie pegging out the cpu. Or it could be just a hard-to-reproduce gallery segfault17:31
asacplars: phone-app needs same attention17:31
asaci was told fix for this has landed or is about to land17:31
asacso lets revisit tomorrow and wednesday17:32
asacif thats gone17:32
plarsasac: sounds good17:32
asacballoons: your fixes haven't made it into the image? do you know?17:32
balloonsasac, filemanager didn't land into the package, and thus didn't make it into the image. Weather did, and sadly it didn't change anything. inside the lab it appears the test timeout's trying to connect to the weather api17:33
asacballoons: thats something that goes through network?17:34
balloonsasac, we've made changes to test more specifically for this timeout that should land today.. but i'm not sure what to do for network failures17:34
asaci assume we have no outward internet connection (for weather)17:34
balloonsasac, plars said it shouldn't be an issue, but it seemingly is.. the api can be flaky so I blamed that, but it definitely works on my device17:35
asacplars: touch devices have open access to the internet?17:35
asacin the lab?17:35
plarsasac: for everything but icmp17:35
plarsasac: but that shouldn't be a problem for it17:35
asacplars: maybe we landed this tunnel through adb?17:36
asacdo we have other tests that access the internet and succeed still?17:36
plarsasac: last I checked, still waiting for a merge in phablet-tools17:36
asacok... so thats unlikely the reason17:36
balloonsright, I don't want to cop out that it's a network issue, but the tests literally are timing out on the network updates.. ie, running a search for a city, updating the weather, etc17:37
asacballoons: guess stay on it for now... you could maybe add something simple like a "wget" test that ensures you can get proper data from some server17:37
asacplars: can we add that to default?17:38
balloonsasac, heard.. We'll keep adding things to shed some more specific light on what's going on inside the lab17:38
asacplars: like a wget17:38
plarsasac: we are already doing much more than that at each test run, we are pulling the tests across the network17:38
asacto know up front hat we can access the internet for sure17:38
balloonsyes, your connecting to lp correct?17:39
asacplars: dont know... we are not doing that externally, do we?17:39
plarsasac: yes, externally17:39
asacplars: from where to where?17:39
plarsasac: from the ppa right now, with click, it will be from bzr17:39
asacthose are special places17:39
asaci would think that code and ppa might be special places in terms of canonical DC17:39
asacwith special rules17:40
plarsballoons: there's some possibility that the device could be super busy with whoopsie eating 100% of the cpu17:40
balloonsplars, well we could bump the timeout's even further.. they are at 30 seconds.. you think more time is needed?17:40
asacplars: can we find out if whoopsie is running and wait before ruther tests get kicked off?17:40
plarsballoons: have you tried it running locally on a device? or just on x86?17:41
plarsasac: whoopsie is always running17:41
balloonsplars, yes, tested on my device, and m-b-o's also17:41
asacplars: always processing crashes also?17:41
plarsballoons: ok, I'll add it to my stack of things to try to get to today17:41
plarsasac: no, it's just eating 100% cpu in some tight polling loop right now, new bug17:41
balloonsplars, I'll also push the timeout's to a couple mins each17:42
plarsasac: https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/121141717:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1211417 in touch-preview-images "whoopsie takes 100% CPU on the phone" [High,New]17:42
balloonsif that's ok17:42
asacplars: so you see that locally?17:42
=== Cantide is now known as CantiAFK
plarsasac: yes17:42
asacalways reproducible? if so go to foundations guys i guess17:43
asacfeels important17:43
plarsasac: yes, om26er  just opened the bug a bit ago, and it is definitely reproducible17:43
asaci guess thats because we landed whoopsie on phone today?17:43
asacor is that a regression?17:44
ogra_whoopsie landed a while ago17:44
balloonsfginther, d'oh I figured out the issue with clock, ty17:44
ogra_but didnt do much usefule stuff iirc17:44
asaccan we check if we picked up the whoospie upload from today?17:45
asacsee it went up 8hours ago17:45
ogra_ev only landed the finctional changes recently IIRC17:45
asacev: ^^17:45
ogra_*functional ... :)17:45
ogra_not fictional :)17:45
asacogra_: can you check if we have 0.2.20 on todays image? maybe that is the fix for this issue?17:45
plarsasac: 0.2.20 is on today's image17:46
asacev: see above... seems whoopsie does some harm to our images :)17:46
asacand phones17:46
ogra_according to http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130812/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.manifest17:46
plarsogra_: I confirmed it on my device locally as well17:47
om26erme too17:47
om26erjust after I updated my phone, it picked the latest whoopsie 0.2.20 and the issue happened after that17:47
ogra_it started to log to syslog on friday17:48
annerajbogra_, where i can find a changelog for the nightly images?17:48
ogra_the other changes just seem to be test related17:48
asaci think this is the diff that landed today?17:48
ogra_annerajb, we dont have one yet (whey were only available in the old build system, it is planned to have the changelogs again later)17:49
asac16 -> 2017:49
annerajbogra_, allrighty17:49
asacplars: could you file this bug against the whoospie package as well?17:50
asacseems done now17:51
plarsasac: yes, done17:51
om26erwe reported it for whoopsie directly and added touch-preview-images as affects17:52
ogra_very good17:52
asacom26er: confusing that we have two targets. in general, the distro packages should be first stop for everything that comes out of the archive17:53
plarsom26er: what works much nicer, when you have a package to open against, is to use ubuntu-bug package_name. Then you can always go back and open a a task against touch-preview-images, etc17:53
om26erplars, right, I was a defect-analyst previously ;) since the problem was on a phone ubuntu-bug would add not much to the bug report17:54
plarsom26er: I can understand the confusion, for phone apps you would typically open against the project, but for ubuntu things we would normally open against the package rather than the project17:54
plarsom26er: wouldn't add much, no, but would open against the package instead of the project, and if there were any logs that they like to get for that package it would grab them automagically17:54
asacplars: we dont want to do that either anymore17:55
asaceverything that has a package should get a package bug17:55
plarsasac: don't do what?17:55
asacplars: use the upstrewam project17:55
plarsasac: oh, but I thought we were going away from packages in the apps?17:55
ogra_yes, and to archive packages17:55
plarsasac: or do you treat the ubuntu package as synonymous with a click package?17:55
asacplars: oh right. good point. i completely forgot17:55
asacplars: TBD17:56
asaci guess we dont have a reasonable story there yet17:56
plarsogra_: right, that would fall under "ubuntu things" for lack of a better term to come to mind17:56
ogra_click is a different story17:56
ogra_without any plans yet i guess17:56
cyphermoxawe: pong18:04
aweI updated davmor2's bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/120688818:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 1206888 in touch-preview-images "Mobile data not always activated properly" [Critical,Confirmed]18:05
awelooks like a race between NM's ofono settings plugin & ofono's provision plugin18:05
aweso if the NM plugins runs first18:05
aweall bets are off18:05
davmor2awe: I'm just overjoyed you could replicate it :)18:05
* awe is glad he can make someone happy on a Monday18:06
davmor2awe: I'm always happy, well and grumpy, in hayfever season I'm sneezy, 4 more to go and I'm a full set18:18
OrokuSaki@ugra_ changed my touch "partlist="dm-10 userdata UDA DATAFS USERDATA" booting now18:20
OrokuSakiit worked, I am in phablet18:20
OrokuSaki@ogra_ cat lxc-android-boot.log mount: can't find /data in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab18:22
dualinityand...is Ubuntu Touch worth it yet?18:22
OrokuSakisystem is not populated though...18:22
dualinityNo apps?18:23
OrokuSakisystem partition does not show to be mounted18:23
mfischogra_: are you around or are you at debconf too?18:42
OrokuSakiI added the /data partition to my fstab.. now it wants the vendor to be added18:48
OrokuSakibut I don't have a vendor partition18:49
OrokuSakiso my update-fstab script may not be working?18:49
sergiusensplars: does this work for you? https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg03282.html18:59
sergiusensplars: I meant -> https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/lock_makedirs/+merge/17977718:59
annerajbis android-ramdisk.img being used??19:07
OrokuSaki@ogra_ I got lxc-android-boot to show success. =)19:16
annerajbOroku_Saki, grats :D19:26
_polto_ogra_, about HDMI on Nexus or any other phone. the presentation video with a screen - it's a fake ? Or does it work on some other model ? Also what is the best supported and powerful hardware to run ubuntu-touch ?19:27
Joe_B_polto, the presentation was done using ubuntu for android (which is in a working state), ubuntu touch tethering/docking I think is scheduled to begin development in october and april release.19:29
_polto_Joe_B, Oh. Thanks !19:33
jdstrandsergiusens: hi! I responded to your manta bug19:34
_polto_Joe_B,  but  I can not find any download link for ubuntu for android. Is it available ?19:35
jdstrandsergiusens: if you are available now, I can help you19:35
Joe_B_polto_: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-for-Android-Will-Not-Be-Released-Before-Ubuntu-Edge-373531.shtml19:36
jdstrandsergiusens: feel free to comment in the bug too :)19:41
_polto_Joe_B,  hmmm... I do not see any reasons to let us play with touch, but not with ubuntu for android.  (I co-funded Edge. And I think about buying more of them soon)19:43
Joe_B_polto_: I'm not with canonical.  I don't know their reasoning.19:45
Joe_BBut I'd assume they're not just being arbitrary.19:45
_polto_Joe_B, at least not arbitrary. I hope so. :) Just that my main phone was stolen and now I have only the nexus 4 that I was testing with touch, but it's not yet 100% OK for my daily usage. So instead of going 100% android (CM) I would prefer this intermediate solution of ubuntu for android.19:49
OrokuSakicat lxc-android-boot.log.... "ln: failed to create symbolic link '/lib/modules': File exists"19:52
OrokuSakianyone got any ideas?19:52
OrokuSakiis that referring to /system/lib/modules or /lib modules?19:52
Nickit should be /system/lib/modules on android19:54
Joe_B_polto_, I actually just nabbed an original galaxy nexus from ebay for $80 us to try out touch, android hardware can be had even cheaper.20:01
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OrokuSaki@ogra_ cat unity8.log = Cant find EGLConfig, returning null config20:15
OrokuSakiandroid seems to be running now20:15
OrokuSakilxc-wait -n android -s RUNNING and no more logs complaints in /var/log/upstart20:17
OrokuSakianyone have any ideas?20:17
OrokuSakiroot@ubuntu-phablet:/home/phablet/.cache/upstart# qmlscene = qmlscene: could not find a Qt installation of ''20:18
annerajbOroku_Saki, how did you extracted the boot.img?20:21
annerajbI tried with cpio and it didnt work20:21
OrokuSakithe boot.img..... ??? hmmmm20:21
annerajbdid you have to extract it?20:22
OrokuSakiI am using a bootloader to boot, it boots a uImage20:22
annerajball righty20:22
OrokuSakimaybe something to do with my kernel console argument?20:22
OrokuSakiworked in quantal though20:23
annerajboh your issue20:23
OrokuSakiyeah.. I think its a Qt5 issue with my adreno gpu?20:23
annerajbdo you get any egl errors like failing to open device?20:23
OrokuSakiCant find EGLConfig, returning null config20:24
OrokuSakithat is in my unity8.log20:24
OrokuSakihttp://gpupowered.org/node/8 I found a link about qt5 stuff... and export QT_QPA_EGLFS_DEPTH=24, but that is TI stuff and I have qualcomm20:26
annerajbthat's for screen resolution that should be unrelated to your issue20:27
annerajbcan you run qt3d (assuming you have it)20:27
OrokuSakicant seem to run logcat... Unable to open log device '/dev/alog/main': No such file or directory20:28
annerajbor if you type qt and tab do you get any binaries20:28
OrokuSakiqt says command not found20:28
annerajbOroku_Saki, http://www.slideshare.net/prabindh/qt5-on-ti-processors slide 820:28
annerajbdo you get that could not create egl surface20:29
OrokuSakihow can I be sure my SGX driver is installed?20:30
OrokuSakiyeah.. my kernel doesn't seem to use a module for graphics20:34
OrokuSakiit is all built into the kernel.. my phones does though.. funny because my tablet and phone have the same gpu20:34
OrokuSakiphone has a module for graphics, tablet does not20:34
OrokuSakiqmlscene says it cannot find QT20:35
OrokuSakiqtconfig: could not find a Qt installation of ''20:37
OrokuSaki@annerajb qt3d doesn't seem to exist20:39
annerajbdid you copy the vendor blobs?20:40
OrokuSakioh snap!20:40
OrokuSakiso take everything in my jellybean vendor and copy over to /vendor?20:40
OrokuSakithanks man!20:40
annerajbthere is a script to make your life easy20:41
OrokuSakithe extract files script?20:43
OrokuSakion the porting page?20:43
balloonsplars, the build fro weather is finished, if you do make it that far down your list today20:43
OrokuSakiI just copied my vendor folder over from my jellybean vendor folder20:43
annerajbnot sure if that works but give it a try :P20:43
OrokuSakiI thought that would do it20:43
plarsballoons: awesome, I'll get to it20:43
annerajbtake a look at your device specific extract-files.sh and check if it's that easy20:44
plarsballoons: did you change anything other than the timeout?20:44
annerajbOroku_Saki, in my device it copies files that are not on vendor/ for example EGL get's copied from lib/egl/libGLES_android.so !!!!!!!20:45
balloonsplars, timeouts moved up to 2 mins, and there has been a network error added.. m-b-o did the work on it20:45
OrokuSakiall vendor blobs made it successfully20:47
OrokuSakiyep.. it copies files to /system/bin /system/etc/firmware, etc20:48
OrokuSakithey are all in the rom /system folder20:48
annerajball right hopefully you got all the files !20:48
OrokuSakipowerd restarts over and over again20:49
OrokuSakiAug 12 20:49:24 ubuntu-phablet powerd[4867]: No backlight devices found Aug 12 20:49:24 ubuntu-phablet powerd[4867]: Could not read maximum brightness, guessing at dim/bright values20:50
OrokuSakimy source works on quantal, that I know.... the gui comes up...20:50
rickspencer3hey, if I have a javascript object that is key value pairs, is there a cooler way to display the values in QML than just updating the text of labels?20:50
annerajbOrokuSaki, someone was saying earlier that powerd was restarting on canonical test servers earlier and gave a explanation20:57
annerajbOrokuSaki, thought on your case it says about backlight and brightness20:58
OrokuSakiI remember that.. but then someone said it shouldn't matter.. it shouldn't prevent me from getting a gui....20:58
OrokuSakiI am /sys/class/leds/lcd_backlight20:58
annerajbso you still get the same egl errors from earlier?20:58
OrokuSakiinstead of /sys/class/backlight20:58
OrokuSakiyeah.. same egl errors20:58
annerajbdamm it20:58
OrokuSakiwhat gets me is I should be able to run qmlscene20:59
annerajbwhat does it print when you run it?20:59
annerajbno qt found?21:00
OrokuSakiqmlscene: could not find a Qt installation of ''21:00
OrokuSakiqtconfig says the same thing21:00
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ArcadiaFramehi im interested in porting ubuntu touch to my droid x or htc hero, any advice?21:25
ArcadiaFrameim kinda new to programming as a whole but willing to learn21:26
maseiAnyone got usb otg working on nexus 4 with ubuntu touch? Nothing is showing in up in dmesg when I connect any usb devices21:28
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|eod
frankennetbookhello all... just wonder if someone can help me out, i'm trying to flash a phone i have with ubuntu touch but I'm getting the following error error: device not found ERROR:phablet-flash:Command 'adb shell getprop ro.cm.device ' returned non-zero exit status 25522:02
frankennetbookanyone know what that might mean?22:02
RobbyFwhats the best way to keep my device updated other than flashing daily?22:15
annerajbso it seems that modifying the scripts/touch after packing (and repacking it) corrupts the boot.img22:17
annerajbOroku_Saki, you got any luck?22:19
IdleOneCould someone tell me if Touch would run on this http://www.opip.com/product/JXD-P300-7-inch-WSVGA-Screen-Dual-Core-Android-4.0-Tablet-PC-with-GPS-WiFi-Camera-Bluetooth_p18618.html ?22:26
annerajbIdleOne, apparently there are people working on a port for it. as a guideline if you can run cyanogen mod on a device ubuntu touch should run22:43
annerajbIdleOne, see this apparently somebody is already working on getting cyanogen mod working on them http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=239986522:44
IdleOneannerajb: cool, ty.22:44
achiangsergiusens: hi, i'm trying to manually install some demo content on my N4, using a saucy (flipped) image. i'm reading the source of phablet-demo-setup right now, and i see that it only seems to grab the pictures, contacts, and indicator content. however in the PPA, i see music and video content available for saucy...23:04
achiangsergiusens: what's the story with that?23:04
sergiusensachiang: that's already installed23:05
achiangsergiusens: ah, ok23:05
sergiusensachiang: they are the lens/scopes in there23:05
achiangsergiusens: ack23:05
achiangsergiusens: so that includes the shell package too?23:05
sergiusensachiang: the demo shell stuff? yes23:06
Oroku_Saki@annerajb not yet... I just do my ramdisk.img file that is part of my uImage23:06
annerajblucky you!23:06
Oroku_Sakimy device has 2 kernel options.. 2.6.35 or 3.0.8... 2.6.35 lacks fanotify23:07
Oroku_Sakiso I am rebuilding with 3.0.8.. I was able to make it work last time.. without fanotify and quantal23:07
Oroku_Saki3.0.8 lacks.. lots of stuff.. it was never finished23:08
achiangsergiusens: thank you for the help23:14
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achiangsergiusens: hi, sorry to bug you again, but any clue on why contacts might be busted?23:37
achiang# dpkg -l | grep contacts23:37
achiangii  demo-assets-contacts                                  0.26-0ubuntu123:37
sergiusensachiang: it's most likely abandoned23:37
achiangwhat does that mean?23:37
sergiusensachiang: dead code23:39
koegzisthey can some one help install the ubuntu touch on the nexus 423:48
koegzistthe phablet flash command isnt working23:48
annerajbkoegzist, how are you writing the command?23:54
annerajbOroku_Saki, Werent you having this issue earlier 6.893714] initrd: mounting /dev/block/mtdblock323:54
annerajb[    6.898351] initrd: Couldn't find a system partition.23:54
koegzistno this is my first time on irc ever23:55
koegzistphablet-flash (cdimage-touch|cdimage-legacy|ubuntu-system|community) -b23:55
koegzistis what im doing23:56
koegzistwhwhile i have android booted under adb23:56
annerajbkoegzist, usually on a shell command if you have things int hat syntax (| | | ) it means choose one23:56
annerajbso you have to choose between cdimage-touch or ubuntu-system or community23:56
koegzistso on the nexus for what should be choosing?23:56
koegzistnexus 4***23:56
koegzistthanks for the help btw23:57
annerajbit seems you wanna run cdimage-touch23:58
annerajbthought i am not sure which argument is for your device23:58
annerajbphablet-flash cdimage-touch -d mako -b23:59
annerajbit seems that's the command you want23:59

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