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knightwisemorning everyone06:26
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knightwisehey MooDoo ! :)06:27
knightwisehow are you today :)06:27
MooDooknightwise: it's 07:27 and I'm in the office.....er FAB ;)06:27
jussiMooDoo: do you have a long trip to your office?  (Im often in mine at that time)06:34
MooDoojussi: no it's about 40 mins from my house, I'm on the 7am start this week06:35
jussiMooDoo: ahh much longer than my commute then. :D06:35
* jussi 's commute is approx 15 steps :D06:35
MooDoojussi: ah work from home?06:35
jussiMooDoo: yep06:36
jussiMooDoo: what kind of work do you do?06:36
MooDoojussi: tech support for an web hosting company06:36
jussiahh yeah. Im one of those nasty salespeople (although for a software/open source type company)06:37
jussi(and no, its not canonical :P )06:38
MartijnVdSjussi: as long as you don't sell things the devteam can't make.. ;)06:41
jussiMartijnVdS: of course I do!06:41
knightwiseanyone know a good command line bittorrent client ?07:16
MooDoortorrent i think07:17
dwatkinsyeah, rtorrent is pretty nifty07:21
TheOpenSourcerermorning earthlings07:21
dwatkinsgreetings TheOpenSourcerer07:21
MartijnVdS\o TheOpenSourcerer07:21
dwatkins...and everyone else ;)07:21
TheOpenSourcererBack after a week off.07:22
TheOpenSourcererNot terribly motivated this morning. :-(07:22
MooDooI can believe it07:22
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: This week: http://www.gbbf.org.uk/07:22
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: if you want something to look forward to ;)07:22
TheOpenSourcererI've been to that a few times recently.07:23
TheOpenSourcererYesterday I was here: http://www.westdean.org.uk/Garden/News%20and%20Events/ChilliFiesta.aspx07:24
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: cool (hot?)07:25
TheOpenSourcerer\o AlanBell07:59
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brobostigongood morning everyone,08:33
brobostigonmorning popey08:34
SuperMattmorning funky-hatted people08:44
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Youth Day! :-D08:44
SuperMattI remember that08:45
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:48
DJonesSuperMatt: Remembr youth? If I wasn't going senile, I might remember it08:51
mungbean_what class of micro sd card should i be getting for my phone?09:03
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popeyAlanBell: you said alt-tab was better in 13.10, can you test something for me pls?09:16
popeyon workspace 1, open some apps (terminal and browser for example), then switch to workspace 2, open a terminal there so it's the in-focus app09:17
popeynow switch back to workspace 1, alt-tab09:17
popeynote that it keeps you in terminal, rather than taking you to the browser09:17
Guest14455nick mungbean09:21
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mungbean_is there anythig faster than a class 10 micro sd?09:44
directhexUHS grade 109:45
mungbean_still 10MB/s?09:47
mungbean_my sd card is struggling as i've offset my internal phone storage onto it for apps et09:47
mungbean_cos the htc desire has pitiful internal storage09:47
mungbean_makes even the keyboard laggy09:47
mungbean_but i already have a class 1009:48
DJonesmungbean_: I've got a class 10 in my Galaxy S3 with quite a few apps on the card, I can't say I've noticed any speed issues, that may just be because its a newer & faster phone though09:49
mungbean_i'm not doing the android "move to SD" thing though09:49
mungbean_rather formatted part of the sd card to use as internal storage09:49
bigcalmmungbean_: I think that you'll be limited by the hardware of the Desire09:51
bigcalmThis is my idle speculation09:51
mungbean_it speeds up when i clear cache etc09:51
bigcalmYes, I found that with my Nexus One, before I sold it to my Dad09:52
DJonesmungbean_: http://androidforums.com/htc-desire/304477-whats-fastest-sd-card-htc-desire-can-handle.html Suggests that even if you put a class 10 in, the desire is only capeable of accessing at class 6 speeds09:52
mungbean_looks like i have to put up with it then09:53
mungbean_my missis doesn't suffer the same09:53
mungbean_(or doesn't complain)09:54
DJonesThe comment could be something thats not supported by facts though, maybe have to check the hardware spec to confirm it09:54
mungbean_apps are certainly getting a lot bigger09:54
mungbean_why is ebay and amazon app 10mb+09:54
bigcalmPartly why I continue to use web interfaces rather than apps09:55
bigcalmVery much so for Facebook, but then I don't use FB a whole lot any way09:55
directhexalso, remember that the controller matters as much as the card09:55
directhexand most cards on the market are fakes which don't meet the stated speed class09:56
DJonesThe app's are 512K, its the adverts that make up the other 9.5Mb :)09:56
mungbean_it works OK sometimes but suffers from android lag09:56
mungbean_i was sad to hve to replace tweetdeck09:56
mungbean_installed the official twitter app and i have to sign in each time,. doesn't remember password09:57
popeydamnit, made a cup of tea, left it in the kitchen #fml09:59
bigcalmpopey: nothing worse in life eh?10:00
DJonesThat'd be more of problem if it was the kitchen at home and you were in the office10:00
mungbean_ewww tea10:00
bigcalmWill be sad not to go to oggcamp this year. Will somebody bring back a mug for me? :D10:04
* popey no longer drinks coffee ☹10:04
bigcalmThat said, winning 2 mugs last year in the raffle was a little much10:04
bigcalm(which have yet to be used)10:04
popeyi use mine daily10:04
bigcalmOh, the oggcamp mugs we use, I mean the chalk board mugs are still in their boxes10:05
OliAny electricians (amateur or otherwise) in here? I'm looking for a crimp that can securely hold two wires that have been twisted together without anything else come in and touch them. Sort of like a poor man's terminal connection. Certain they exist but I can't convince Google or Amazon to show me them. What's the proper name?10:05
DJonesDuct tape?10:05
OliThat is my current option, yes10:06
DJonesThats about as near as I could come up with10:06
bigcalmOli: so you don't want to use a chocolate block?10:06
DJonesChocolate blocks10:06
Olibigcalm: truth is there may be more than one cable... There may be three or four.10:06
popeyyeah, you should use choc blocks10:07
OliOh okay, you win10:07
popeyor those are what you specifically asked for?10:07
DJonesThere are some I've used on a car that take a 2 cables into a connector, the connector has a hole at each end and just compresses using pliers10:07
popeyor those for multi-way10:07
DJonesHmmh, popey read my mind10:07
popeyamazon did10:08
davmor2Morning all10:08
OliButt terminals could do the job...10:08
DJonesThat was exactly what I was thinking of anyway10:08
OliThat gel one looks a bit whacky10:08
bigcalmWaterproof though10:08
DJonesThat just makes want to go out and buy a packet of gummi bears10:10
OliThese are what I was thinking of origininally: http://img.alibaba.com/wsphoto/v0/602861800_1/free-shipping-1000-pcs-Nylon-Crimp-Caps-Gauge-Wire-Connectors-Terminals-Close-End-Wire-Terminal.jpg10:10
bigcalmI think that there is a kind of screw on version of those as well10:11
OliThat sounds familiar10:12
AlanBellpopey: yes, it does10:18
AlanBellhmm, is that expected or not I wonder10:18
popeyseems like a bug to me?10:22
AlanBelldunno, I expect the developers would dispute that10:27
AlanBellhowever the designers might not10:27
AlanBellalt-tab takes you to the last application type you had focus on, which was terminal, on the other workspace10:28
popeyi will poke a designer10:29
popeyand then talk to them on irc10:29
AlanBellor it takes you to the last window you had open, which was terminal on the other workspace10:29
mungbean_should i be able to add my ssh key to a keyring so i never have to type the password after logging in?10:37
mungbean_doesn't seem to work for me10:38
directhexyes, you should.10:38
mungbean_ah, under details i had "lock this key when i log out" selected10:41
popeyAlanBell: confirmed with design it's a bug, can you confirm pls https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/121126110:42
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1211261 in unity (Ubuntu) "alt-tab selects incorrect window when using workspaces" [Undecided,New]10:42
AlanBellpopey: do you sometimes see the top bar shadow overlayed on browser tabs of maximised browsers?10:45
AlanBellespecially after changing monitor configurations a bit10:45
popeyi can't say i have10:47
popeybut i haven't plugged my laptop into an external display for a while10:47
popeybigcalm: i may have to duck out of the real ale train ☹10:48
bigcalmNoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(10:48
bigcalmLife happens to us all but you shall be missed10:50
* TheOpenSourcerer will also not be going on the RAT - I'll be in Italy. Anyone want to buy my ticket?10:51
popeywell, i _could_ go, but i am off booze, so I would have to set around watching you lot get drunk10:51
bigcalmOh gawd10:51
popeyguess i could go ☻10:51
popeyand drive home after ☻10:52
AlanBelldesignated driver \o/10:52
popeyyeah, why not, i love steam trains and I've already paid for the ticket :D10:52
mgdmI was thinking about going but it's a bit of a trek10:52
jussipopey: just make it 10£ per person for a lift home, and youll end up with more than you came...10:52
mgdmTheOpenSourcerer: I might, I will investigate further after lunch10:52
bigcalmIs this a short term change of drinking habit, or does it continue to the 25th October?10:52
popeygood idea!10:52
popeybigcalm: not sure10:53
popeysee what doc says10:53
mgdmOh, medical reasons :/10:53
bigcalmpopey: there will be other drinks, so as long as you come :)10:53
TheOpenSourcererpopey: Change your doc. Mine recommends 21 Units a day ;-)10:54
jussiTheOpenSourcerer: are you your own doctor? :D10:54
bigcalmmgdm: a bit of a trek, but a damn good night out10:54
TheOpenSourcererlol - nope.10:54
mgdmbigcalm: where is it again?10:55
bigcalmmgdm: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/2320-real-ale-train/10:55
bigcalm(not Alton Towers)10:55
JethroTrollWe need an #ubuntu-uk meet at Alton Towers!!10:57
JethroTrollAlanBell will smuggle the food in.10:57
bigcalmDid somebody mention cake? What a good idea11:04
jussibigcalm: the cake is a lie!11:04
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bigcalmThis cake is no lie :D11:10
davmor2it is a lie to us :P11:10
* bigcalm noms11:11
davmor2bigcalm: very nice11:12
bigcalmdavmor2: I may have over done the butter icing a little11:12
andylockranmorning alls11:18
bigcalmFor a moment, I thought you were only greeting the Alans of the channel11:22
mungbean_i think this page needs removing http://ubuntu-uk.org/ircstats/11:25
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MartijnVdSit's almost a year old11:25
OliBut weren't we all, once?11:26
bigcalmI think some of us still are11:28
OliI'll have you know I'm at least one and three quarters.11:28
OliApologies, I think I'm having an alergic reaction to Monday. It's making me very silly.11:29
popeyi'll set it to redirect to brobostigon's stats11:33
popeywhere are they?11:33
dvrrchkconfig  not install  in ubuntu12.1011:56
popeysudo apt-get install chkconfig11:58
dvrri try to install  apt-get  i face  problem   "E: Package 'chkconfig' has no installation candidate"11:59
popeyooh, seems it's been removed12:02
popeyi wonder why12:02
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davmor2man gvfs has a big hit on speed, nautilus over ssh using gvfs 4.2 Gb/s,  scp 11.8 Gb/s on the same file12:18
Guest22339why does Firefox not use libnotify other than it not linking directly to downloads folder after a download being completed12:19
bigcalmdavmor2: GB not KB?12:19
bigcalmOr even MB12:19
davmor2bigcalm: it's a backup on the local network12:20
bigcalmI would be happy with 4.2GB/s over a network connection :)12:20
davmor2bigcalm: no you're right sorry Mb/s12:21
davmor2but still it's a huge performance hit12:21
* bigcalm prints and frames12:21
davmor2bigcalm: only this time most of the time you're wrong :P12:22
davmor2bigcalm: as I say though it's still a huge speed difference scp for the win me thinks :)12:23
bigcalmI see the same over CIFS. Haven't checked the speed of NFS yet12:24
dwatkinsI've got my NAS mounted via NFS, and I get 11 Megabytes/s out of it.12:29
dwatkinsnfsstat tells me I'm using NFS v3.12:29
^2fClo :)12:49
OliI get 113MB/s read over gigabit+NFS12:49
OliFades a bit after a few seconds to ~100-110MB/s12:50
OliAnd that's a pv copy from RAID5 (nfs server) to /dev/null (so there's no write slowdown factored into that)12:50
dwatkinsI imagine my speed is somewhat reduced by being over 100 MBit/s ethernet and to a rather old netbook.12:58
mungbeanjust ate the most disappointing sandwich ever.13:02
dwatkinswhat was in it, just margarine, mungbean?13:05
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mungbeanplum sauce and duck13:05
mungbeansounds lovely but was tasteless and minging13:05
SuperMattmmm duck13:10
brobostigoni hope the stats are working right.13:11
mungbeani've lost the tux babygro ..wonder if my wife has "lost" it13:12
mungbeanwanted to put my daughter in it13:12
Guest67532why doesfirefox not use libnotify for notifications13:19
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popeybrobostigon: link?13:22
brobostigon-quassorry, it messed up the case.13:24
popeylooks like it's working fine13:24
brobostigon-quascool, good.13:25
mungbeando you also collect monthly stats rather than alltime brobostigon-quas ?13:25
mungbeanand what happened to gord?13:26
popeyhttp://ubuntu-uk.org/ircstats/ now redirects13:27
popeyhe left canonical to do other things13:27
popeysome while back now13:27
brobostigon-quasOK. I will do my best to keep it running properly.13:27
mgdmmrevell: did Chris Molozian move to another company?13:28
mungbeansorry i didn't explain, i mean, "most active nicks" is often more useful over a month period rather than all time , innit?13:29
mrevellmgdm, I think he is contracting.13:29
mgdmmrevell: Ah. I got an email from Lee this morning saying 'Chris is no longer with us', which I took to mean he'd left the company, not that he'd left this existence...13:29
mrevellhah, no, he is alive :)13:29
mgdmgood :-)13:30
mungbean"Please clear this box if you would not like to receive offers and information from us"14:05
mungbeanarggh confusing!!14:05
popeymungbean: i hate the ones that have two boxes, one you have to tick, one you have to not tick14:17
mungbeanyes, there followed a similar reverse question14:18
mungbeanwas stressful enough jst buying the product14:18
mungbeanroofbars for my motor14:18
* bigcalm returns from a lunch time nap - working from home++14:20
mungbeani wonder if g+ will ever take off14:20
mungbeani just have loads of contacts who never post anything, and nr do i14:21
dwatkinsI use it quite a lot, but most people I know on there are technical-types.14:22
mungbeanask.fm must have benefitted from a lot of free publicity from the dailymail as somebody has signed up with my email address.14:22
dwatkinshow does that get them free publicity?14:24
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popeyI'd say G+ has taken off14:25
bigcalmI've stopped looking at it14:25
popeygiven both my brother and sister out of the blue said they want to leave facebook, and try something else like twitter & G+14:25
popeyneither of them are techy at all14:25
popeyand I never talk about G+ to them, so it's not my influence14:26
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dwatkinsmy niece left Facebook for a week.14:33
mungbeani like facebook14:33
dwatkinsshe's 15, though, this sort of thing is just what I expect as the on-going drama of being a teenager ;)14:33
dwatkinsI saw the reason why - some kid at her school was horrid14:34
dwatkins(in a completely inappropriate way, too, but I won't go into details)14:34
OliIt's going to be amazing for kids these days when they're 40 and they look back at all this crap that Facebook kindly logged for them.14:34
popeymy aunt created a new account because "my old one had thousands of friends, and I wanted a clean start"14:34
popeymy neice posted photos of her driving license online ☹14:35
zleapi just got bored with facebook14:35
zleapended up with 2 accounts as someone invited me and i was unable to work out how to add them to what i already had14:35
mungbeanmy family alone is around 70 people14:35
mungbeanmaybe nearer 10014:35
mungbeancousins and brothers , uncles etc14:36
OliThat's a lot of people.14:36
popeyi have "30 friends" apparently14:37
OliOn facebook or just generally?14:37
mungbeani have about 30 in my staging area14:39
mungbeansimilar number waiting in linked for rejection14:39
OliYou make your friends audition?14:39
popeyand i follow 1100 people on G+14:39
AlanBellif I post a picture of my kids building a robot arm, on Facebook people are more interested in what my kids are up to in the holidays, on G+ people want to know what python library we used14:39
mungbeanfb has more control and access to comments and notifications14:40
mungbeang+ handling of all that is terrible14:40
AlanBellI have zero clue who sees what on facebook14:40
AlanBelland why stuff turns up in my feed14:40
zleapAlanBell, cool re robot arm14:40
popeysome of my family found out of my fathers death because someone tagged him and said something14:40
zleaptom on the dclug has a voice controlled robot arm14:40
popeyso everyone who is a friend of his found out14:41
zleapnot good i guess14:41
mungbeanunless you want that info out there, then its an excellent medium14:41
dwatkinsI tagged someone on facebook who I wasn't aware had passed away :(14:41
AlanBellat some point I will probably unfriend pretty much everyone who isn't a relative on facebook14:42
popeythats exactly what I did14:42
popeyand only use fb for family and for school / ballet groups, and admin of UUPC etc14:42
mungbeani belong to a large church (well over 1000 ppl each week), so there's a massive social side too14:42
zleapi just go to the page of my local rugby club,  theyh have several, i can't be botered enough to make an account and trawl all the different club fb pages for info14:43
mungbeanits a good way for people to share their lives when you don't get chance to see them each week14:43
zleapyeah but if done properly14:43
popeyyeah, since my dad went, his wife is on fb a lot, staying in contact and asking me for pc support14:43
zleapbut the club also has a website it would be better to put events there and then have everyone share on their individual pages14:44
zleapi like the look of the plymouthwebdev group it has one simple webpage and a twitter link14:45
zleapso nice and simple,  the page as info about them and info as to when the meetings are14:45
OliWhat is this?!15:00
OliIt burns.15:00
* popey chuckles at @straightprideuk going full streisand15:01
popeyalthough pretty sure it's an elaborate troll.15:01
AlanBellit is probably Anne Widicombe15:03
mungbeanconsidering they mention gingerpride...pretty sure.15:17
AlanBellis codeplex good or bad? http://phpexcel.codeplex.com/ looks potentially useful15:19
haltHI guys, i try to configure sudo but got a syntax error could you guys have a look at it ?15:19
AlanBellhalt: that doesn't quite make sense, but do ask your real question15:20
haltI have just simple file called user in the /etc/sudoers.d folder with 0440 permission, and the content of the file is "user ALL=NOPASSWD:/bin/su admin_user"15:20
AlanBelloh, maybe it does make sense :)15:20
halti got the >>> /etc/sudoers.d/user: syntax error near line 0 <<<   message15:21
haltAlanBell: got it I think it's a bug15:28
halti have to open one more line in the file15:28
haltthen it's wroking, so if i have one single line then it's give me a sytax error, if i have one enter on the end of the line then it's works15:29
Azelphurpopey: do you do full drive backups with rsnapshot? if so, can you show me your backup line? :)16:53
bigcalmrdiff-backup FTW :D16:55
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popeyAzelphur: backup line?17:03
Azelphuryea, the line with all the excludes and scuh17:03
popeyi dont have excludes in the individual backup lines17:04
popeyi have excludes separately17:04
popeybecause i do the same excludes on all machines17:04
AzelphurI see17:04
AzelphurI'm game for that anyway tbh, would be nice to have full drive backups of all my stuff17:04
popeyi exclude /dev /proc /tmp /sys /lib/udev/devices and /home/.ecryptfs17:05
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Azelphurcool, ty :)17:06
awilkinsJust wasted 40 minutes of my life checking DLL versions on Windows copies of Apache2 / OpenSSL17:27
diddledanawilkins: why?17:27
DJonesCan anybody suggest a reason for this http://imagebin.org/267290 Updated software is available, do I want to install it, but it doesn't tell me what it wants to update17:27
awilkinsdiddledan, Because our IT department gives us a free Security Check and sends us horrible vulnerability reports17:27
awilkinsdiddledan, The real question is : why the hell are we running services that run entirely off Apache, Java and Tomcat on *!&^^£!"£ Windows 2003 server17:28
diddledanDJones: it's a malware update :-p17:28
awilkinsThe philosophical question is : Why doesn't Windows have a proper fricking package manager17:28
diddledanawilkins: ouch, and yes, it should be running on a POSIX system!17:29
DJonesdiddledan: At least updating in a terminal tells me its bamfdaemon, libbamf3-1 and libdvdnav417:29
awilkinsThe answer to the question is that these are virtual machines and our ICT dept is too "underskilled" to support Linux in a VM17:29
diddledanDJones: as I said, malware :-p17:29
awilkinsdiddledan, They only have people who know how to break Windows, ysee17:30
diddledanthank god our techy team (including me in that) is entirely linux-based17:30
diddledanwe're only small though, so we're able to be agile in that way17:31
awilkinsRight, I'm blowing this popsicle stand and going home17:31
diddledanI've finally started moving our old outdated gentoo systems to ubuntu \o/17:31
diddledanour issue tracker and nagios setup are going to be the first to go17:32
daftykinssome snaps of my island if anyones interested18:17
popeypretty place18:19
diddledandaftykins: I'm not sure you can claim ownership18:19
daftykinsdiddledan: after an accident one day i was left with a scar on my hand in the exact shape of the island, now i'm King due to old laws18:20
daftykinsit's just yet to sink in to general knowledge... ;)18:20
daftykinspopey: sure can be!18:20
* davmor2 has an image of Braveheart in his head with daftykins saying My Island18:20
diddledan<weird accent>they can take our homes and our familiies and everything, but they cannot take our FREEDOM! oh wait, hang on.</weird accent>18:21
diddledanobviously that's paraphrased a bit18:22
* dwatkins hands diddledan the blue paint18:22
diddledanmmm, tasty18:23
diddledanso, ubuntu phased updates. will they be used for security patches or only non-security updates?18:29
daftykinsthere's a guy over here who has a second bike frame mounted on top of a first, so he's sat right up high like stilts height18:37
daftykinsseems a frightening thing to ride18:38
TheOpenSourcererYay! England win the Ashes!18:43
brobostigonthe brobostigon'ator is watching TBBT.18:44
diddledanis that another simon cowell thing. first there was britain's got talent (BGT) now there's TBBT (The best British Talent)?18:46
mgdmThe Big Bang Theory18:46
diddledanI nearly got it first time18:46
brobostigonhe blasphemed, not knowing TBBT, :D18:47
diddledanbe honest, sciency types can't blaspheme, that's a religious thing.18:48
diddledanok, closest seaside has to be more than 50 miles away, yet I keep hearing dozens of gulls18:49
brobostigondiddledan: yes , i know, cant one make a joke?18:49
diddledanbrobostigon: in your case, probably not. certainly if that's your best effort :-p18:49
diddledanI'm a witch now?18:50
mgdmdiddledan: you're in no position to be revoking anyone's licence to make jokes. :P18:50
diddledanmgdm: but.. I have a homemade "humour police" shield and everything!18:51
brobostigondiddledan: my best recent joke, is designing a baby brow for my brother and his partner, that says the following on a prison patterned texture, "i have been inside for 9 months"18:51
diddledanbrobostigon: lol18:51
brobostigondiddledan: now thats a joke. :)18:52
TheOpenSourcererTime for University Challenge...18:53
diddledanI'm not geek enough to do well at university challenge18:53
diddledanthe computer related questions are always widdle-easy though.18:55
diddledanI'm sure they must have had a question along the lines "after what mammal is a computer's pointing device named?"18:56
mgdmthe last computer question I remember was 'what does the A in LAMP stand for?'18:57
diddledandid paxman pretend he knew the answer?18:57
mgdmhe didn't have to pretend, seeing as it was written in front of him18:58
diddledanyeah, but sometimes he's incredulous that the teams don't know18:58
diddledanso he rubs their nose in it18:58
diddledanhe's somewhat confrontational18:58
diddledanwith his "come on!!!!"s18:59
AlanBellpopey: when you hover over the sound indicator, and use the mouse wheel, should it change the volume like it used to do, or should you have to click it and hover over the slider and roll the wheel in what feels to me like the wrong way?19:32
popeyi didnt know you used to be able to by just hovering over the indicator19:33
popeyi thought you always had to open the indicator menu up19:33
MartijnVdSi filed a bug about that 2 weeks ago19:33
MartijnVdSlet me find the number19:33
MartijnVdSbug 122047019:34
lubotu3Error: Launchpad bug 1220470 could not be found19:34
MartijnVdSwhich got merged into bug 120403619:34
lubotu3bug 1204036 in The Sound Menu "Mouse wheel stopped working on Saucy" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120403619:34
* popey "Me too's"19:36
AlanBellI guess the dash downloading and showing you screenshots of applications you ask it to launch is a feature though19:38
AlanBelloh, maybe they stopped that now19:38
AlanBellyay, they did19:39
ali1234wow, i thought everyone knew about the mouse wheel thing19:40
ali1234i wonder if that is broken if you use the sound indicator on gnome-panel?19:40
AlanBellit is a really nice feature, because you can change it without taking focus from any windows19:41
ali1234switching focus is always risky19:42
ali1234although technically clicking the indicator doesn't remove focus from the current window, at least not with gnome-panel and metacity19:42
AlanBellmainly because videos tend to un-fullscreen themselves, even if you do something on another monitor, but you can (could) do the volume change19:43
ali1234yeah there's that19:43
ali1234although i have seen applications that will un-fullscreen if you even so much as use the keyboard volume controls19:43
ali1234and then there's stuff that blocks keyboard controls and trap the mouse inside the fullscreen window (SDL!!!)19:44
ali1234i think that's fixed in SDL2 though19:45
mungbeanman, i still cannot disable the ubuntu bongos in 12.0419:45
ali1234my dad accidentally booted into ubuntu one time and then asked me "what's umbongo tv?"19:47
mungbeanthey drink it in the congo19:48
mungbeanah, dconf-editor has a setting, maybe 3rd time lucky19:48
diddledanumbongo tv? where'd the tv come from?19:59
diddledanI love that about mikrotik software/hardware - lose your router ip and you can still admin it via mac address to reconfigure it's ip to something known (provided you're on the same L2)20:03
diddledanadded benefit is it stays connected even when your local IP changes, such as when you're fiddling20:04
diddledanand we all know what sysadmins are like for fiddling (I'm no exception there!)20:05
ali1234i dunno20:06
shaunothey're still problems?  ipv6 solves that for me20:07
ali1234you can do the mac trick on any router20:07
ali1234you have to know it's subnet though20:08
AlanBellhow does that work then?20:09
diddledanknowing the subnet isn't a given20:09
ali1234you create a fake entry in the arp table for a made up IP, then anything you send to that IP will go to the router's MAC20:09
ali1234you won't get any packets back though if the subnet is wrong, because the router will just get "no route to host" when it tries to reply20:10
diddledanmikrotik works without knowing anything about the device other than it's mac20:10
ali1234most likely it has a special service which broadcasts the router address when it receives a special packet20:11
diddledanhow would that work when I'm in a different subnet tho?20:11
ali1234because when you're in a different subnet you can send a packet to the router by arp spoofing20:11
ali1234you just can't receive anything back20:11
ali1234so the router gets the packet and sends a broadcast packet20:12
shaunopretty much the same as dhcp, but in reverse order.  you broadcast the answer instead of the question20:13
ali1234yeah. needs special software on the router, but it's trivial to implement20:14
ali1234there are other tricks you can use if you don't have that20:14
diddledanthey totally need to implement that kind of feature into ssh(d)20:14
ali1234why sshd?20:14
diddledanbecause most equipment these days has an sshd installed so if you lose a device you will still be able to ssh to it20:15
diddledanI certainly am not going to advocate using telnet20:16
shaunoI don't get why it's ssh's problem to fix though20:16
diddledanso who should fix it then?20:18
shaunowell, it's already fixed.  ipv6 link-local addresses + avahi20:18
shaunossh is really one of those things that should be left alone to concentrate on what its there for, rather than trying to turn it into a featureset clown car20:21
diddledanbrb, rebooting router20:22
ali1234"clown car" :D20:23
ali1234few network devices are completely silent on the network so a good trick is "sudo tcpdump -n -i eth0 ether host aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff" and then reboot it20:24
diddledanwow, did I reboot so quickly my connection didn't drop?20:25
JethroTrollWho diddled diddledan?20:25
diddledanthat'll be shauno , JethroTroll20:26
diddledanhe's always diddling me20:26
shaunoyeah I've done that before ali1234.  if I don't know what subnet it thinks it's on, just listen for a 'whohas' and make a good guess20:27
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* AlanBell contemplates sitting outside watching for perseids21:12
diddledantoo light here21:15
diddledanbloody streetlighting21:15
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