philipballewhey everyone! Anyone want a meeting?02:08
epsooh! ooh!02:08
philipballeweps, welcome!02:09
philipballewthere is nothing on the agenda today, but the floor is open if someone has something02:10
epsSF Ubuntu Hour on Wednesday: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2468-ubuntu-hour-san-francisco/02:11
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]02:11
philipballeweps, nice, that looks pretty good.02:15
philipballewI think that is the only hour on our state currently.02:15
philipballewI think Pasadena had one this past week. I assume it went well.02:16
epsSomeone should hold one in San Diego. ;-)02:16
philipballewIt's true. Someone should. :)02:18
epsIt's been half an hour ... if no one else has anything to add, I think we should wrap this up, and reconvene on the 25th.02:33
pleia2hm, anyone else on the bad.debian.net mailing list? I sent an email to it last week but it doesn't seem to be in the archives17:31
pleia2wondering if it actually made it, or archives just broken17:31
akkI'm on bad, but I don't always notice which emails come over that list vs. other lists (multiple lists filtered to one folder).18:48
pleia2I only sent it to one list :) ANNOUNCEMENT: Bay Area Debian meeting at Henry's Hunan Restaurant (SOMA location), SF, August 14th @ 7PM18:49
pleia2on thursday the 8th18:49
akkI don't remember seeing that (but that's not 100% reliable, I don't always pay a lot of attention to the SF meeting announcements).18:50
pleia2ok, thanks anyway18:51
akkAnd that was the day I got home, so my mail logs might be messed up from that day. Do you know if you sent it morning or evening?18:51
pleia2 Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 9:59 PM18:52
akkMy Procmail log here starts at Thu Aug  8 17:25:45 and does not have that subject in it anywhere.18:54
akkSo I think it didn't make it here, at least.18:54
pleia2it was just a reminder anyway, the original announcement was sent in july18:55
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agliodbshey, how do I modify the command line of programs which are launched by Dash?  I haven't been able to find any instructions on this.22:17
pleia2dash the shell or the unity dash?22:25
bkerensapleia2: So I think a bunch of Mozillians will be following me to the Mission Friday night for Cancun if you would like to join us22:59
bkerensaI can ping u when I have a solid time22:59
pleia2bkerensa: this friday?22:59
pleia2my best friend is in town fri-tuesday, so I'm pretty much unavailable during that time23:00
bkerensapleia2: ah23:07
bkerensapleia2: yeah I land Friday afternoon and will be there till monday23:07

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