nezsezanyone home?02:19
rick_hyep, home02:20
nezsezoh sorry rick, got lost in an email response :)02:41
snap-lGood morning12:16
snap-lBrought a fan to work. Feeling a little better about the world.12:16
rick_hmorning and heh12:17
brouschA device for moving air, or a cheering person?12:18
snap-lA device for moving air12:24
snap-lThere's low airflow in this cubicle12:24
snap-lFinally did something about it12:24
snap-lI got the raindrop colored one12:26
brouschI have 2 server towers 10ft away that circulate air for me12:27
snap-lLucky. :)12:28
snap-lAlso played a bit with the theme on my blog12:29
rick_hvornado ftw!12:35
snap-lYeah, almost all of our home fans are vornado12:54
snap-lnd by almost, I mean two.12:58
rick_hyea, 3 here13:00
brouschKivy is higher up than Pyramid http://stg.pythonhackers.com/os/13:06
brouschIf you can't get a Chromecast, make your own https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=at.maui.cheapcast13:08
snap-lAre we having fun yet?14:19
rick_hoh yea14:20
rick_hmotrin kicking in14:20
jrwren2 ervers nearby is not lucky, its torture. How loud is it near you brousch ?14:32
rick_hoh servers14:32
rick_hnvm, got it14:32
jrwrentypo, not enough coffee14:32
brouschNot too bad14:33
brouschThey are tower servers, so there's more noise consideration14:33
jrwreni like quiet.14:33
jrwreni find laptops annoying when their fans spin up14:33
brouschIt's white noise to cover the ramblings of people in nearby cubicles too14:33
jrwrenah, as long as it isn't the jet engine sound of my 1U servers.14:34
Blazeixanybody have an opinion on grunt?15:27
Blazeixhaving an issue figuring out why you'd use it over a makefile15:27
snap-lGod, there's a new version of Learning Python15:27
rick_hBlazeix: because it's JS15:27
rick_hother than that...nothing15:27
snap-lIt's like why you would use ant over make15:27
Blazeixyeah, but seems weird to have js config for cli tools, which is what most of them are15:27
Blazeixguess it's just the node community15:27
snap-lor rake over make15:28
brouschmaybe more portable than make to Windows15:28
snap-lmake has a heavy C bias15:28
rick_hyea, node community wants to use their node tools to do their node apps so that they don't have to learn shell, or anything else resembling something already installed on the system15:28
snap-lso it makes sense for things that have a compiled state that can be updated whenever a file updates15:28
Blazeixwhich fits perfectly for minification/compilation of coffeescript/sass etc15:29
Blazeixok, but i can accept that 'ant' and rake/fake/?ake exists, so i guess i'll be ok with grunt15:30
snap-lPersonally I feel like everyone is spending time reinventing the wheel, but then again if nothing changed we'd be using Turbo Pascal on DOS 3.3 machines15:31
snap-lso I just suck it up. :)15:32
brouschScrew that $600 for Ubuntu Edge thing http://gigaom.com/2013/08/12/firefox-os-for-the-world-zte-to-sell-80-open-smartphone-through-ebay/15:45
jrwrenBlazeix: i have strong opinions on grunt. have you formed your own yet?16:47
snap-lIt's going to be a patent grab at this point16:47
jrwrenBlazeix: grunt exists for 1 reason only: Windows.16:47
* rick_h sits back to listen to jrwren story time16:47
jrwrenWindows doesn't ship with make or bash, but nodejs installs from the Windows Platform Installer (WPI)16:47
rick_hah, that's interesting16:48
jrwrenso by using grunt you target all platforms on which nodejs runs.16:48
* snap-l gets his footie PJs on and a cup of hot cocoa16:48
jrwrenyes, it sucks, and it bullshit and make + posix shell16:48
jrwrenis better.16:48
rick_hbut at least it's a valid reason16:48
jrwrenyes, Windows is a valid reason.16:48
snap-lQuestion: why not reimplement make in JS then?16:48
jrwrenhowever, if you don't care about windows, then you have no good reason to care about grunt, IMO16:48
jrwrenuse make and shell16:48
rick_hright, which is why I don't think much of grunt16:49
jrwrensnap-l: make does do very much, after dep resolution the interesting things it does is call shell commands16:49
nezsezwhat are you ppl using js for in the first place, web dev, mongodb, admin scripting or what?16:55
rick_hJS all the things!16:56
rick_hweb dev thuogh16:56
nezsezok, so you are using make to handle platform/arch conditionals ?16:57
Blazeixjrwren: ah, interesting, thanks16:57
Blazeixfor windows dev i only ever do .NET stuff, which has "the MS way" like bundling16:58
rick_hnezsez: yea, makefiles for automating/building/installing really16:58
Blazeixbut i suppose if i were trying to python or something like that i could see using grunt16:58
rick_hnezsez: bookie's install it "git clone ... && make sysdeps && make install && make run && xdg-open http://localhost?6543"16:58
nezsezI'm not a js guy, is why i'm asking16:58
nezsezrick_h: yeah i use make, just not for js LOL16:59
rick_hnezsez: ah, well grunt is just doing the file watching, css minifying, less processing, etc16:59
rick_hjrwren: bookie sprint my place 31th 11am. I'm going to start writing up a block post and such but put it on the calendar :)17:00
Blazeixin webdev there are a lot of processes that need 'compilation', like combining all your JS files for efficient downloading17:00
Blazeixit's these sort of processes that you'd use make or grunt for17:00
nezsezwtf is "bookie" ?17:01
Blazeixrick_h's open source project17:01
nezsezso rick_h is an online gambling kingpin17:02
Blazeixsocial bookmarking kingpin17:03
rick_hhah, yea something like that17:10
brouschI want something like grunt in python17:13
brouschSo I can use it on windows and Android17:13
* rick_h wonders if pake is still around17:13
brouschWas dead when I looked17:13
nezsezbrousch: you code for android on linux, MS windows, both or what?17:14
brouschfabric is close, but the openssl dependecy is annoying on windows and android17:14
brouschI use Linux at home, and am trying Windows at work17:14
brouschWorking on Python on Android stuff17:14
brouschI do a little of everything17:15
nezsezyeah me too17:15
nezsezjust got the new edition of "Learning Python"17:15
nezsezthe biggest turn off for coding these days is the setup/maintenece of the friggin IDEs17:16
nezsezeclipse, Visual Studio......egads17:16
brouschI had weaned myself off of PyDev (eclipse) to vim on Linux, but now I'm back to using it because I can't get the hang of vim on Windows17:17
brouschBut really setting up PyDev is easy. Download Aptana Studio, install, done17:18
nezsezah, yeah i pretty much use vi for everything17:19
nezsezonce you get the buffers/windows/tabs thing down it's great17:20
nezsezi have been thrown off with some of the default keybindings in gvim on MS win17:20
brouschpart of it is the windows console17:21
Blazeixoh, definitely run gvim on windows17:21
Blazeixconsole vim on windows is sad17:21
brouschI try to go somewhere and I keep using the wrong \s and commands (ls)17:21
Blazeixthe cream project keeps up-to-date windows builds, much more up to date than vim.org: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cream/files/Vim/17:22
nezsezLOL, yeah just yesterday i typed ":ls" and got the standard error17:22
nezsezon gvim on win I mean :)17:22
Blazeixif you install git for windows, it adds mingw environment, so you get 'ls'17:22
nezsezsure, if you do the $PATH thing on the install of git17:23
nezsezI of course did not do that17:23
Blazeixoh, i do17:23
Blazeixyou get rxvt, too17:23
nezsezi haven't heard of cream before17:23
Blazeixyeah, i don't really know too much about the editor, but they keep vanilla vim builds as well as their cream builds17:24
nezsezso it's not just another .vimrc thing?17:24
nezsezbut an actual build of the vim source with mods?17:25
Blazeixi think so17:25
nezsezTim Pope's stuff is the best17:25
nezsezbut it's just vimrc and plugin stuff17:25
nezsezbrousch: what kinda apps are you doing for android?17:26
nezsezbrousch: you coding for split windows on tablets yet?17:26
nezsezBlazeix: you don't use eric or idle or pydev at all anymore?17:28
Blazeixi just use vim, though i'm not a master python programmer17:29
brouschEclipse really isn't bad. A bit slow to start up, but you only do that once a day17:29
nezsezbrousch: you work on the kivy project, or use for your own projects?17:29
nezsezbrousch: a excellent17:29
nezsezBlazeix: well try running an eclipse install on a multi user system for 100+ dev; believe me it's a nightmare17:30
brouschAnything running for 100+ devs sounds like a nighttmare17:31
nezsezsadly, most OSS userland projects are not coded for actual simoultaneous usage17:31
brouschDo they not have their own computers?17:31
nezsezbrousch: sure they do, and that's a whole nuther can o' worms :)17:31
brouschThen what's the  problem? They work in eclipse on their computer, commit via git17:32
nezsezbrousch: but for continous integration, build servers, and typically HPC stuff many run off servers for compatability etc17:32
brouschI don't see what eclipse has to do with what happens on the servers17:33
nezsezbrousch: most companies, large institutions centralize for many things17:33
brouschThey're doing it wrong!17:33
nezsezbrousch: they run eclipse from a server17:33
nezsezno they aren't17:33
nezsezyou cross compile for ppc, mips, arm, pi, cell/GPU and the setups get complex quick17:34
brouschYou don't just submit the builds to the build servers?17:34
jrwrenrick_h: thanks, its on the calendar17:34
nezsezmost of the ones I've worked with did, but only after testing on a server ya know17:35
nezseztake a 1024 node beowulf, vs a 1024 node SGI Origin for example17:36
brouschStill sounds wrong to me, but I have no experience with enterprise stuff17:36
nezsezif you are writing code for both working on the same domain problem, well it don't pay to have dozens of eclipse setups all over the place17:37
nezsezso they setup eclipse on a multi-user system, setup paths for the various arch/plat LIBS, etc, and then everyone runs eclipse off that server and remote displays17:37
snap-lThis sounds like a unique problem to have17:38
brouschSounds slow17:38
snap-lEverywhere I've seen Eclipse / Rational, it's been installed on the local machine17:38
snap-lAnd usually with the beefiest of beefy machines17:38
jrwrenits because they are using eclipse.17:38
jrwrenusing eclipse as a build engine is the problem. now solve it.17:39
jrwrenyou should always be able to do a build without starting an IDE.17:39
jrwrenif you do not share this value, then your values are out of whack. fix that.17:39
snap-ljrwren: Ever built a Websphere WAR file from scratch?17:39
snap-lI tried. it's not fun17:39
nezsezjrwren: you obviously have not worked with faculty. fix that.17:40
jrwrenI have worked with faculty.17:40
jrwrenif you mean university fools.17:40
snap-lWas this for a lab?17:40
jrwrenPhDs are the worst.17:40
jrwrenits still wrong: fix it.17:40
jrwrenI didn't say fixing it was easy.17:40
nezsezyeah, as in 100's or 1000's coding for HPC <sigh>  talk about herding cats :)17:40
nezsezacutally, for me, phd *students* were great to work with :)17:41
jrwrenIME most PhDs wouldn't know a HPC if it hit them in their face.17:41
jrwrenyes, and even postdocs are great IMO17:41
snap-lBut yeah, I agree with jrwren; having some form of build server would be preferable to having everyone run eclipse and display remotely17:41
jrwrenonce you get a professorship position something changes in you. your pre frontal cortex turns to mush17:41
snap-ljrwren: You lose the "strive"17:42
snap-lstrife is what makes a postdoc bearable17:42
nezsezjrwren: I had one guy in physics, actually the highest ranking faculty at a major statue univ, he wrote code for an SGI Origin 200017:42
snap-lonce they lose the strife, they become ethereal cereal17:42
nezsezjrwren: 57 Gig ram and 57 compute nodes (very impressive back then FTR)17:43
snap-land float up into the eternal asshole17:43
nezsezjrwren: and he wrote a single threaded, single process program LOL17:43
snap-l(Actaully, there were some great PhD folks who didn't become assholes where I worked)17:43
jrwrennezsez: not surprising. was it fortran?17:43
nezsezjwren: yup fortran of course17:44
jrwrensame here, all the PhDs i've worked with ehre are great.17:44
jrwrenthey were spending their time getting PhD and profships, not spending time leanring to code. I don't hold it against hem.17:44
jrwrenthe hard part is getting poeple to understand that PhDs are shitty coders, and helping them code better.17:45
jrwrenand yes, I mean compsci PhDs too17:45
nezsezsome of my best friends now are phd students I helped out years ago17:45
nezsezI should point out at this point that I worked for Mathematics, CS, and Eng college over the years.17:45
jrwrenwhat school?17:46
nezsezThe CS coders were actually good, except for the really old ones17:46
nezseza major state univ, not in MI :)17:46
jrwrenno names eh?17:46
nezsezwell, I detest that school now17:46
jrwrenall the more reason to name teh evil.17:47
nezsezLOL true17:47
nezsezthere, I said it17:47
jrwrentennessee tech!17:47
jrwrentexas tech17:47
jrwrentalahasee tech17:47
nezsezI almost applied for a position at tenesee with NASA about 10 yrs ago17:47
nezsezglad i didn't17:48
brouschThe Technical University17:48
nezsezTexas Tech17:48
nezsezI hate that school, and I worked with the previous pres, provost, and a prev chancillor too17:48
nezsezI must say that the faculty in the math and CS depts were really great ppl17:49
nezsezbut the sniveling middle management and beaurocratic hell were horrible17:49
nezsezan no I never met Bobby Knight, altough two of my admin friends did17:50
nezsezI never met Mike Leach either17:51
nezsezdid anyone go to univ here in MI?17:54
rick_hlol, in another irc channel "hatch| your horrible terminalness is rubbing off on me:17:54
nezsezgrad or undergrad? how was it, the atmosphere in your area i mean17:57
nezsezI'm thinking about applying to the univs here (employment not student) is why I ask17:57
brouschIt was the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The most universitiest place on Earth17:57
nezsezdid you like it there?17:58
brouschMy only complaint is the cost17:59
nezsezk, did the staff (not faculty) treat you pretty good or was it like anytime you interacted with them it was a nightmare?17:59
brouschI don't remember any nightmares18:00
nezsezLOL yeah I paid 12$/hr when i quite, 10 yrs later it was 120$/hr !18:00
greg-gnow that my work laptop was stolen and I want to manage my gpg/ssh keys in the best possible way (don't worry, I've deleted that laptop's ssh key from everywhere it could access), what is the best guide on "here's how to do it, this is the really secure/right way" (I'm thinking a guide that says "for your gpg signing key, do this, for your gpg encryption key that does automatic backups, do this." etc)18:01
brouschDon't they hand out macbook airs on the street corners for free in SF?18:02
nezsezman i'm sorry to hear that18:02
rick_hgreg-g: :( and ping http://pthree.org/ for advice. He's all into this stuff18:03
ColonelPanic001nezsez: fwiw, I did my B.Sc. in CS at Wayne State18:04
brouschColonelPanic001: Wait, don't you work there?18:05
nezsezColonelPanic001: ah, I had some friends that worked in the math dept there a long time ago, they liked it18:06
nezsezColonel: as a student, how did the staff treat you?18:06
ColonelPanic001brousch: I do work here now, yeah18:07
ColonelPanic001student from 2004-2008, employee in C&IT Jan 2011-present18:07
ColonelPanic001nezsez: as in, were the professors nice? I'd say so18:07
nezsezcolonel: no not the faculty, the regular staff, secretaries, IT personel, etc18:08
ColonelPanic001my intereaction with them was minimal at best as a student18:08
ColonelPanic001I just showed up and went to class18:09
ColonelPanic001but I have no specific complaints either, if that helps18:09
nezsezcolonel: I understand.  That's one of my objections to current colleges...they should be more involved with the students18:09
greg-grick_h: oh righ!18:10
ColonelPanic001well, there's something like 100-200 student orgs here, etc18:10
ColonelPanic001but I didn't seek them out, etc until I helped re-start one18:10
ColonelPanic001didn't do any of the orientations, etc18:10
rick_hgreg-g: and I'll be hoping a thinkpad lands your way :)18:11
nezsezColonel: I understand. It seems the Wayne State Linux group has been inactive for several years18:11
ColonelPanic001if they had tried harder, I would have told to leave me alone so I could study. :)18:11
greg-grick_h: YES!18:11
ColonelPanic001meh, it's semi-inactive18:11
ColonelPanic001we exist in that there's a bunch of use that talk daily, etc18:11
ColonelPanic001in fact, #waynestatelug18:11
* rick_h shudders at the idea of laptop stolen18:11
greg-grick_h: that was my second thought after "shit"... "oh, sweet, maybe I'll get a real laptop now!"18:11
ColonelPanic001we live18:11
rick_hgreg-g: yea, I didn't want to start with that18:11
rick_hgreg-g: but can't say it didn't 'pop' into my head :)18:11
ColonelPanic001but, we don't meet often because we're mostly employees, etc. We just need a couple students to take initiative and get it going18:11
greg-grick_h: :)18:12
greg-gsilver lining and all that18:12
rick_hgreg-g: but yea, hit up aaron, he's given talks and such and run encrypted HDD and such for a long time18:12
nezsezcolonel: I understand; I started a LUG at TTU in the early 90's as a staff memeber myself18:12
* greg-g nods18:12
ColonelPanic001I should probably have this laptop with full disk encryption18:13
nezsezyeah, I was a memeber, you know one who spreads memes <sigh>18:13
ColonelPanic001next time I do a reinstall18:13
nezsezColonel: you do IT there now?18:14
ColonelPanic001I does18:14
ColonelPanic001but there are good things about WSU, too.18:14
nezsezWSU and UofM both have very good reputations18:15
snap-lWSU has a reputation. :)18:15
nezsezone of our grad students became faculty in math for a while (he's gone now) at WSU18:15
nezsezhe like it there18:16
nezsezWDET kicks ass FTR18:16
ColonelPanic001I've known a few math grad students here, but I couldn't really say much about the department18:16
brouschStolen laptop is one reason I'm looking forward to chromebook-like things18:17
nezsezcolonel: you work for a dept, centralized IT, or a special center or what?18:18
ColonelPanic001I'm just tired of all the stuff in the way of the NSA backing up my stuff for me. I figure with a chromebook it'd be wasier18:18
ColonelPanic001nezsez: yeah, central IT, called Computing and Information Technology18:18
nezsezNSABackup, store your data AND have a luxury, ultra-secure, one room hotel visit18:19
nezsezhey, you can't increment that way!!18:20
nezsezcolonel: do you code, or mostly do addmin stuff18:20
nezseznezsez+= nezsez + 118:21
ColonelPanic001nezsez: both, but mostly code. My title is "systems integrator", so it's more like "just make this work k thx"18:21
nezsezi've actually seen someone try to do that type o line <sigh>18:21
ColonelPanic001my department of maybe 12 people or so is probably half admin-types and half programmer types18:21
nezsezLOL yes i know what you mean18:21
nezsezno DBA types?18:22
ColonelPanic001so lately I've been tyring to get old order data into a new ecommerce site, for example. Lots of "hey this order looks screwed up, might want to fix that" and not as much code anymore18:22
ColonelPanic001but it comes and goes18:22
ColonelPanic001nezsez: whole other department of DBAs18:22
snap-lThey're developer DBAs. :)18:24
nezsezyou can just call em' Deva :)18:25
nezsezyou guys using cognos, Peoplesoft, Banner (or whatever it's name du jour is ) ?18:26
nezsezAD or LDAP/kerb?18:26
snap-lI haven't been in the same room as Cognos since I worked at Chrysler18:26
snap-lnever did anything with it18:26
ColonelPanic001Banner. The horror, the horror.18:26
nezsezI'd have to go thru hell with banner and cognos each semester18:27
nezsezwe had massive probs with the migration from techRIM/FIS to banner....made by the same damn company too <sigh>18:27
snap-lI think just firing them up is enough to raise the ambient room temperature to mostly boiling18:27
nezsezLOL, peoplesoft is just as bad FTR18:28
nezsezI've seen secretaries literally screaming in a public place due to Banner18:29
nezseza faculty member once told me that he'd seen an actual fistfight break out about peoplesoft18:30
nezsezcolonel: how many students does WSU have roughly?18:32
nezsezsnap-l: did you ever work at a univ?18:32
ColonelPanic001nezsez: undergrad? not sure, probably 27,000-30,000 total18:34
ColonelPanic001for the entire university18:34
nezsezI didn't realize it was that big, I thought it was *much* smaller18:35
ColonelPanic001is large.18:35
nezsezTTU is 40k+18:35
ColonelPanic001remember ours is the largest single-campus medical school in the country. Or so I'm told. For example18:35
nezsezI did not know that18:35
ColonelPanic001Founded in 1868, Wayne State University is a nationally recognized metropolitan research institution offering more than 370 academic programs through 13 schools and colleges to nearly 29,000 students. Wayne State’s main campus in Midtown Detroit comprises 100 buildings over 200 acres; its six extension centers offer higher education to students throughout Southeast Michigan.18:36
ColonelPanic001never saw this before18:36
ColonelPanic001there's some other metrics in there18:36
ColonelPanic001oh, sorry18:36
ColonelPanic001I was way off18:36
brouschSpecializing in gunshot and stabbing victims18:36
ColonelPanic0012012 had 19k undergrads, 28.9k total18:36
nezsezclose enough :)18:37
nezsezis the crime rate really high on campus?18:37
ColonelPanic001on campus? no18:37
ColonelPanic001we have our own police department which is pretty great, and 1984-like cameras that cover pretty much the entirety of Midtown18:38
nezsezLOL it's like U of H in TX; campus is beautiful, nice, but cross the street and you better have kevlar18:38
ColonelPanic001a fellow student and I used to jokingly call it "the green zone"18:38
ColonelPanic001but yeah18:38
ColonelPanic001WSUPD officers are all licensed as Detroit officers, too. None of that "oops he got away" because it's a little off campus. They patrol areas near but not strictly on campus, too18:39
nezsezat TTU, the campus cops are actually state cops, they have jurisdiction everywhere18:39
ColonelPanic001I've been told, but not researched it myself, that WSU has a lower crime rate than U-M Ann Arbor and many others18:39
nezsezwell nice if they are good cops :)18:40
brouschMy brother in law is one of them18:40
nezsezyour brother in law works at TTU as a cop?18:41
brouschWayne State18:41
nezsezor is a good cop?18:41
nezsezah cool18:41
ColonelPanic001never really interacted with the police here, couldn't say much about them18:42
ColonelPanic001other than if you're on the main campus, they're everywhere18:42
ColonelPanic001not even counting the cameras18:42
nezsezcolonel: has your IT dept established policies/procedures for Incidence Response and legal issues?18:43
nezsezas in tampering with evidence issues, ownership of data in case of death, those sorts of things?18:44
ColonelPanic001I would expect so, but I don't honestly know18:44
nezsezI ask because I've been stunned with the number of univs that have no actual procedures for IT to follow in such cases18:44
ColonelPanic001"I just work here". heh18:44
ColonelPanic001yeah, if asked, I would just go ask my boss. I don't know.18:45
ColonelPanic001try not to die18:45
nezsezwell word of warning, if there is a breach, and you unplug the network cable (much less shut the machine down), you can be held accountable for tampering with or destroying evidence18:46
nezsezif there is an investigation later18:46
ColonelPanic001I do nothing of importance anyway, don't worry18:47
nezsezare any of the other local users groups like the ann arbor computing thing, or the python users group worth cecking into?18:51
brouschnezsez: Are you in Ann Arbor?18:51
* nezsez just moved to MI18:51
brouschThere are makerspaces everywhere18:52
nezsezI'm in Canton for the time being till I find a house18:52
ColonelPanic001MUG, MDLUG, Omnicorp Detroit, etc, etc18:52
ColonelPanic001WSULUG, I have to mention, too, of course18:52
nezsezI passed the Wayne state lug cause it's info was so out of date I assumed it was defunct18:53
nezsezI joined the mug, and mdlug maillists18:53
nezsezthey admin of the UofM lug told me today that they were still active18:54
nezsezI missed the maker fair in Detroit the other weekend sadly18:56
ColonelPanic001haha, WSULUG is in a state of "a lot of us all work here and talk in #waynestatelug, but don't officially meet much, until someone gets it going"18:59
ColonelPanic001hopefully maybe this fall we'll get some meetings18:59
brouschColonelPanic001: Similar to GRLUG19:01
* nezsez wonders if the colonpanic nick is taken19:09
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* WARNING ***Colon Panic imminent***19:11
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jrwrenrick_h: have you looked into dokku ?19:20
jrwrenColonelPanic001: do you work with Kevin Hayes?19:20
ColonelPanic001in the same building, I've met him19:21
ColonelPanic001but not really19:21
greg-gjcastro: does your x230 wifi work? http://askubuntu.com/questions/109260/how-do-i-get-an-intel-ultimate-6300-n-working19:21
rick_hjrwren: yea, looked at it, not used it19:21
rick_hkeeping an eye on it. <3 the idea19:21
jrwrensame here.19:22
greg-gwho has an x230 here?19:24
rick_hgreg-g: oh oh me me me me19:24
greg-grick_h: how's the wifi?19:28
greg-gwhich card do you have?19:28
rick_hgreg-g: I don't have any issues with it19:28
greg-g(mind doing an lspci?)19:28
rick_hsec, it's upstairs and on a call19:28
greg-gah, sorry19:28
rick_hgreg-g: np19:28
_stink_jrwren: do you know Kevin?  we like to leave him dns queries like kevinhayesforpresident.com19:39
snap-lnezsez: I worked at Wayne State for a while in the college of engineering19:45
snap-lthat was 20 years ago19:46
snap-lAnd now I'm old19:46
greg-gsnap-l: not true19:46
greg-gsnap-l: you were before you said that.19:47
snap-lgreg-g: Thank you19:47
snap-lgreg-g: Please form an orderly queue where you may partake in placing your lips on my posterior19:48
jrwrenyes, I know kevin. I worked with him at ou when he was student employee there.19:48
greg-gsnap-l: :P19:49
jrwreni turn 36 tomorrow. I'm just a young kid still.19:49
snap-lGood lord, Carlo is still at WSU19:51
_stink_jrwren: cool.  Kevin gives entertaining presentations too.19:55
jrwrenhe was always a pretty fun guy.19:57
nezsezdoh, sorry snap, got lost in another channel :)20:19
brouschjrwren: I thought you were about 5 years younger20:22
greg-gman, how old do you think I am, brousch ?20:42
greg-gand jrwren is 31.... odd20:43
brouschThe beard makes you look older20:43
greg-gwithout the beard I look 1820:44
greg-grick_h: any word yet on your wifi chipset?21:30
rick_hgreg-g: will go look now.21:52
rick_hgreg-g: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/1001/21:54
greg-goh, huh, the option now is a centrino 630021:56
greg-ghope it still works in debian :)21:56
widoxgreg-g: I have 03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (rev 35)21:57
widoxnot an X series, but it works ok21:57
greg-gwidox: ahh, and it works?21:57
* greg-g tells work to buy him an x230 :)21:57
snap-lgreg-g: Awesome! Hope you have better luck with this laptop23:25

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