locodir-userHello, I'm a newbie to Ubuntu-world.00:45
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JonathanDThen why did you miss fosscon? :P08:53
JonathanDMorning rmg5109:55
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teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else.... except for those who said they were coming to Fosscon but didn't show up :P12:07
KyleYankanYeah, screw those people.12:08
KyleYankanThere was danishes, muffins, lemonade, even chocolate!12:08
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rmg51where Teddy goes chocolate goes :-D12:15
teddy-dbearand where jedijf goes pastries goes ;-)12:16
teddy-dbearlet's add to that12:18
teddy-dbearwhere JonathanD goes he runs into traffic problems :-/12:19
jedijfwe should win best fed convention in the geek awrds next year12:27
jedijfand i don't like the new google alerts12:27
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JonathanDjedijf: someoen needs to nom nom nominate us for geek awards.13:31
MutantTurkeyouterbanks were nice....13:39
MutantTurkeyfelt a bit weird compared to the shore13:39
bts368504:53:41 < JonathanD> Then why did you miss fosscon? :P13:48
MutantTurkeyyeah i dunno13:48
waltmanMutantTurkey: it felt weird because you weren't at fosscon.14:25
waltmanhth hand14:26
waltmanYou wouldn't have been the only animal, since teddy-dbear was also there.14:26
jedijfdemon teddy-dbear14:26
teddy-dbearand Stitch stayed in the hotel :'(14:27
jedijfwaltman: all i know, i was very impressed with all the buzz i was hearing about your talk...good pick14:27
waltmanI was a little disappointed with it, to be honest. I could have done much better with the demo.14:28
jedijfand bts3685 too - your buzz was after the talk - nice.....14:29
jedijfwaltman: no worries - i never actually even setup.......14:30
bts3685yeah, hella lot of buzz14:38
jedijfyou 2 and the vr guy14:39
jedijfthat's what i noticed14:39
JonathanDdid teddy get a fosscon pin?14:47
teddy-dbearI got one15:04
teddy-dbearand a fedora pin15:05
teddy-dbearand an Ubuntu pin15:05
teddy-dbearI'm all blinged out for now15:06
jedijf got nada - nothing15:07
jedijfoh - a fedora shirt15:07
TheBoatCapnI started my collection of linode shirts. Beth as well.15:09
jedijfi didn't even grab a linode shirt15:22
jedijfor a danish or muffin or bagel15:22
jedijf'bout 6 redbulls15:22
jedijfwhen crissi gets back i still need to register15:23
jedijfnever even introduced myself to beth...and i was going to.....15:24
TheBoatCapnI'm sure you'll meet again15:24
teddy-dbearI forgot to mention my FreeBSD ears15:33
teddy-dbearthey blink :-D15:33
TheBoatCapnThere are switches inside to turn them off15:33
teddy-dbearthey are off right now15:34
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jedijfRT @NTRPhiladelphia: #Job NTR's Computer Thrift Store still seeks retail manager! Apply by 8/16. Details at bit.ly/13SGLeO16:12
MutantTurkeywyattderp: do I know you?18:09
MutantTurkeysince you PM'd me but keep leaving...18:10
wyattderp--Calvin, Lives in Conshi just outside of Bala outside of Philly.... -- Alex "Sup Dawg"18:11
wyattderpMutantTurkey, Yes ^^18:11
teddy-dbeartell him your old nick18:12
wyattderpJust dropped him a line on Facebook.18:13
MutantTurkeyI'm lost... are you alex?18:14
MutantTurkeyah sorry got confused18:14
MutantTurkeyknew a kid named Wyatt also18:14
MutantTurkeywaddup, manay...err east falss not Conshi18:14
wyattderpEh, Close enough xD18:15
wyattderpYeah... I kinda got dragged back in here by pleia2 Who posted something about fosscon so on a whim I re-joined #arch-us-pa and only jedijf Was in there.18:15
MutantTurkeyah cool cool18:16
MutantTurkeywhat's up with you lately?18:16
wyattderpNothing really - Got evicted last November. Been living in my aunts basement for the last I think 8 - 9 months. Kinda trying to get into security in my spare time so I can do some freelance stuff. Stopped Distro hopping at #!. Been busy with the company / Working on a highly lucrative deal as we speak.18:19
MutantTurkeyyeesh... Which company are you working with18:19
MutantTurkeyyeah I am just hanging on Debian lately....18:20
jedijfcrunch bang was my favorite for installfest - favorite prep/usage18:20
MutantTurkeyI don't believe much in specialty "distros" for installing some package18:20
MutantTurkeyi do believe in it for making installs easy and ready to go... but it's still to me just a bundle18:20
MutantTurkeyin the same way you can select to install xfce/nome/kde on debian with a select box18:21
jedijfit was nice enough to require further exploration18:21
MutantTurkeyis #! debian/ubuntu/arch?... can't reember18:21
MutantTurkeythere's archbang right?18:21
wyattderpForming a new one which is a partnership between our current company. Which I now hold 20% ownership of and a group of old Greybeards from the Unisys days under the new title of STYCKZ18:21
jedijfMutantTurkey: perspective - think of a person coming to an installfest18:21
wyattderpMutantTurkey, #! Is debian.18:21
MutantTurkeyyeah I get the purpose for making installs easy18:22
wyattderpIts also very smexy.18:22
MutantTurkeyI just use a tiling manager, so I don't really need very many things... terminal / browser18:22
jedijfbut as luck would have it, a broadcom 4306 showed up :/18:23
jedijflate in the day18:23
wyattderpI am trying to get away from all the GUI stuff as well... Next thing you know I'll be using VI for android code.18:23
MutantTurkeyoh god... eek eek eek18:23
MutantTurkeyI would say " look but you better stick with windows"18:23
MutantTurkeyI had terrible trouble with my broadcom card when I got my laptop... nowadays it just works18:23
jedijfbuy a dongle18:23
MutantTurkeybut a new mini-pcie card really18:24
MutantTurkeywyattderp: hows your android programming going?18:24
jedijfbut given this case ...a dongle18:24
MutantTurkeyjust got the S4... really it's slick18:24
jedijfyeah, or that...tether18:24
MutantTurkeytething on my S4 was all about impossible18:24
MutantTurkeytook me forever to get working18:24
jedijfstock boy18:24
jedijfrom man here18:25
MutantTurkeyyeah I was on vacation withno ointernet18:26
wyattderpMutantTurkey, Right now I am going through the trials and tribulations of learning the NDK.18:26
MutantTurkeyso i couldn't do that.18:26
MutantTurkeyrooted it though with an apk which was cool18:26
wyattderpI still feel like my skills are lacking all in all but as always I am my own worst critic.18:26
MutantTurkeyworking on any cool apps?18:27
wyattderpRight now just the company app but I have a few ideas in place regarding AR that I plan to  make open source.18:28
MutantTurkeycool cool18:28
wyattderpIf you want I can go into them here in a few.18:29
wyattderpAKA the general ideas and so on.18:29
MutantTurkeyif you'd like18:29
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wyattderpAlright first we have ARCSs (Said "Arks") Augmented Reality Crime Scene Simulation (Not a game) General idea is just that you take data / photo's from a crime scene and cram them into AR Markers and then you can use them to re-create a crime scene in minimals amounts of space. Use Photosphere to collect images and then tag em.18:43
MutantTurkeywhat's an ar marker?18:43
MutantTurkey"augmented reality?18:44
wyattderpYes. Augmented reality runs on markers to make things appear from nothing.18:46
MutantTurkeyhmmm cool18:46
jedijflike alcohol18:47
jedijfmakes things appear from nothing18:47
wyattderpI once was lucky enough to make a 3d Hatsune Miku show up... Then the app crashed and it got deleted.18:48
wyattderpInref: Miku http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100608233215/vocaloid/images/1/1a/Illu_KEI_Vocaloid_Hatsune_Miku-img3.jpg   -- The worlds first fully virtual diva.18:49
wyattderpSecond app = The ARCorkBoard (ARCB) as you can imagine its using AR markers / tags (Same thing) to fill out an evidence board. (Like what the po used to use in major cases)18:53
MutantTurkeyso who's your end user?18:56
wyattderpAnyone with a smartphone enough freespace for the app and a forward facing camera.18:57
wyattderpIts just the PD would likely have a direct use for it.18:58
MutantTurkeywhy forward facing?18:59
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wyattderpMutantTurkey, Yeah you know how the  First gen Nexus 7 only has a camera that faces the user? -- Well forward facing means its something viewing from the outside not the inside like the N7.19:20
jthanJonathanD: That burn earlier.. wowow20:30
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JonathanDjthan: :D20:43
jthanJonathanD: How the hell are you?20:44
JonathanDi'm great.20:45
jthanGlad to hear it.20:45
adomcan't get enough21:11
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TheBoatCapnconice adom22:00
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