magespawngood morning06:35
Kiloshi magespawn and all the lurkers06:36
magespawnhow goes it this morning Kilos?06:37
Kilosgood ty magespawn and you?06:37
Kilosbooted without a hassle06:37
magespawnall good, thats good06:37
magespawngoing to school later for yearly photos06:38
magespawnin fact i had better go now06:38
Kiloswas thinking if i can now get xp to not have a black screen i can run chkdsk and let it mark the bad areas06:38
magespawnthere must be away to do that in linux06:39
magespawnwill check it out when i come back06:39
inetprogood mornings07:01
Kilosmorning inetpro 07:01
Squirmto all those latecomers07:09
Kiloshi Squirm Snowy 07:14
Kiloshi sakhi tonberry352_ 07:25
Kiloshiya maiatoday you well?07:36
maiatodayfine thanks Kilos07:37
Kiloshi psyatw 08:20
psyatwhi Kilos08:20
magespawnhi all09:06
magespawnKilos i have found this http://superuser.com/questions/77789/external-hard-drive-bad-sectors-recover-mark-utility-in-linux09:06
Kilosty magespawn 09:07
Kilosthe commands i have you actually have to make a file where it remembers them09:08
Kilosdoesnt actually mark them on the drive09:08
Kilosbut im actually scared to fiddle in the ms partition in case it crashes my unity. at the moment its booting cleanly. i havent tried to go to the xp install since grub update09:19
Kilosbut i reckon ubuntu is safe here because it isnt using anything in the first 10g of the drive apart from boot sector i think09:20
magespawnat least it is working 09:23
Kilosyeah, now disk utility shows it has a few bad sectors09:23
Kilosas long as sucks stays on them thats fine09:24
Kiloshi Xethron 09:29
Kiloswe just gotta work out how to make QA auto identify with freenode09:30
KilosMaaz, google how to read irc freenode #ubuntu-za logs09:36
MaazKilos: "Ubuntu ZA - Ubuntu South Africa LoCo" http://ubuntu-za.org/ :: "Get Involved | Ubuntu ZA - Ubuntu South Africa LoCo" http://ubuntu-za.org/get-involved :: "Feedback Monthly irc meeting March | Ubuntu ZA - Ubuntu South ..." http://ubuntu-za.org/news/2012/03/19/feedback-monthly-irc-meeting-march :: "3 - Ubuntu ZA - Ubuntu South Africa LoCo" http://ubuntu-09:36
Maazza.org/node?page=2 :: "User account | Ubuntu ZA - Ubuntu South Africa LoCo" http://ubuntu-za.o…09:36
Kilosi need saterdays logs to see the commands the weed gave me09:36
Kilosmorning superfly 09:37
superflyhi Kilos09:37
superflyKilos: this? pastebin.com/9ULkREsM09:38
superflyKilos: this? http://pastebin.com/9ULkREsM09:38
Kilosty will go see09:38
Kilossome commands that must go in ibid.ini09:39
Kilosyeah thats them ty superfly 09:39
superflyKilos: not commands09:40
superflythose are options that you set09:40
Kilosi looked in ibid.ini but dunno how to make them work09:41
Kilostried adding them and adding with set but didnt work09:42
Kilosmaybe they gotta be set in a certain place09:43
Kilosis this where to do it superfly  http://slexy.org/view/s20abrPeU609:57
Kilosthere by auth09:57
Kilosand must i change password to my bots password09:58
Kilosand i dunno if i must remove hostmask09:59
Kilosai! dont work either way10:24
KilosMaaz, ibid channel10:28
magespawnKilos hee this might help https://github.com/ibid/ibid/blob/master/ibid.ini10:42
Kilosah lemme look there ty magespawn 10:43
magespawnshows you where to set those in the ibi.ini file10:43
magespawnit is a tumbleweed original10:44
Kilosthat looks good. how did you find that10:46
Kilosya i see that but how did you find it10:46
Kiloswhat did you google for10:46
magespawnhow to set nickserv password  on ibid10:46
magespawnMaaz google how to set nickserv password  on ibid10:46
Maazmagespawn: "Anonymous Latinoamerica" http://anonlatam.tumblr.com/10:46
Kilosthats most of my prob i think i dunno how to google properly10:46
magespawneveryone gets different results10:47
magespawni could be wrong but i think you may have to set the last line to false10:48
magespawnas in, under freenode "disabled=True" to "disabled=False", but i could be wrong about that10:50
Kilostheres lots to read there and try to understand. my ibid.ini looks very different10:51
Kilosmuch less10:51
Kiloshehe magespawn i remember i fixed an 80g drive once before in a similar fashion11:02
Kilosstarted the xp install then told it to use next partition so it installed to D: and the drives still going11:04
Kilosonly the first 100m were messed up11:04
Kiloshi Trix[a]r_za 11:14
magespawngotta go out bbl11:18
Kilos-wb Squirm 14:11
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Kilosat last. ty magespawn inetpro 14:18
Kiloshi Cantide 14:18
KilosQA, coffee on14:18
* QA washes some mugs14:18
Cantidehey Kilos :)14:18
CantideQA is the new Maaz? 'o'14:18
Kilosna she is my visiting bot14:19
Kilosjust let her come brag with her cloak14:19
inetproQA: coffee please14:19
QAinetpro: Alrighty14:19
magespawnis vhata on the ibid channel Kilos?14:20
magespawnah well at least it is working now 14:20
Kilosyou didnt tell me to remove the #14:20
magespawnsorry the hash tage means that line is ignored14:21
magespawntag even14:21
QACoffee's ready for Kilos and inetpro!14:22
Kilosyeah i forgot the uncomment thing14:22
KilosQA, ty love14:22
QAKilos: What?14:22
Cantidei had an idea for an app by the way14:23
Cantidebut i'll need to figure out how to use GPS data... and it will be impossible for me to test because i lack an Ubuntu Touch capable device T-T14:23
Cantideresearching now >.<14:25
magespawnhi Cantide14:25
Cantidehello :)14:25
magespawndoesn't ubuntu touch run on top of android?14:25
Cantidenot exactly14:26
Cantideyes, but now they're releasing "flipped" images14:26
Cantidethey're slowly but surely removing their dependence on Android it seems, which is great :)14:27
magespawnit looks like the flipped images are only for certain devices14:33
Cantidethe 4 reference devices14:33
inetproCantide: oh wow!14:33
CantideNexus 4, Galaxy Nexus and i forgot the other tow14:33
Cantidetwo *14:33
* inetpro loves the idea of the flipped image14:33
Cantideat least they are making good progress with Ubuntu Touch :)14:33
CantideCan't wait for the first official release14:34
inetpronou praat ons!14:34
magespawnhere is some more info https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2013-July/037443.html14:34
inetprowatch this space... come next year we will see the Ubuntu phone for real regardless of whether the target of $32m was reached or not14:35
* Cantide clicks14:36
Cantidewell, they may not make their own phone, but i am sure manufacturers are keen to release devices running Ubuntu Touch14:36
CantideCan't wait for May!!! (or around there)14:36
Cantidethis is also interesting if you want to see the state it is in on the reference hardware: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArLs7UPtu-hJdDZDNWliMmV1YUJ3Zk1pQlpDdGp4VFE#gid=014:38
Cantidedoes anyone here have a device capable of running Ubuntu Touch?14:39
magespawnwhat is an enterprise architect?14:40
Cantidenot sure... sounds like it could be many things14:41
magespawnjust looking at this http://businesstech.co.za/news/it-services/44018/best-paid-it-professionals-in-sa/ and this http://www.itweb.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6644114:44
magespawnsame thing14:47
magespawnlater all home and shopping time14:47
Kilosgo safe magespawn 14:47
KilosQA, leave #ubuntu-za14:48
Kiloshi charl Mezenir 15:43
charlhi Kilos 15:49
Kiloshi magespawn 16:52
magespawnEverything still working?16:53
Kiloslol yeah i hope so16:53
magespawnCool beans16:53
inetpromagespawn: define everything16:54
Cantideit turns out that GPS support hasn't landed in the Ubuntu SDK yet T-T so much for that plan..16:56
magespawninetpro not the internet or ftp17:12
magespawnSpecfically Kilos's setup17:15
magespawnCantide thats too bad17:15
Cantidethey said it should land in the next week or two17:15
Cantidei wanted to make a phone-tracking app17:15
Cantidethat would be handy17:15
magespawnLike smscontrol for the n90017:16
Cantidecan't say i know that >.<17:18
magespawnAwesome piece of software17:18
Cantidethat seems a bit different to what i had in mind17:19
Cantidei wanted to make an app that you could install on multiple devices and then link them - then you could query a device for its location17:20
Cantidea bit tricky for me, but handy for stalkers and / or / parents / friends17:20
Cantidebut alas, with no GPS, and no means for me to test it myself, that is now out the window :)17:21
=== Cantide is now known as CantiAFK
Kilosnight all. sleep tight and warm17:49
magespawnCantide it would also be handy for finding a misplaced phone or tablet, espcially if you can't phone it like the tablet18:09
Cantideit's a fun / nice app to make, and useful18:09
Cantidesome parts will be challenging for me - i.e. querying a remote device and that device sending GPS info18:10
Cantideit's simple to query your own device :)18:10
Cantidebut, as i said, apparently GPS isn't working yet in Ubuntu Touch T-T18:10
magespawnreally? how?18:10
Cantideusing QtLocator -> http://doc.qt.digia.com/qtmobility-1.1/qml-location-plugin.html18:11
Cantideoh, "Location"18:11
Cantidesame  thing :p18:11
magespawnmaybe wait for it18:11
Cantidebut that hasn't filtered through to the Ubuntu SDK as yet.. so.. -.-18:11
Cantideyeah, 2 weeks... eh and then i may not be able to implement it as i'd like18:11
Cantidei decided on something SIMPLE :)18:12
Cantidethat needs no hardware :)18:12
Cantidealso, one can submit as many applications as one likes to the competition18:12
Cantidethere is no limit18:12
magespawncare to share the details, or you keeping it under wraps for now?18:12
Cantideso i could make something simple now, submit it within 2 weeks, and then maybe make an attempt at the other one with the remaining time18:13
Cantidejust a nice Unit Converter, because it seems the standard calculator doesn't have one18:13
Cantide(i'm going to download the calculator app now and test it to be sure)18:13
magespawni use those all the time18:14
Cantideyeah, very handy18:14
Cantideand very easy to make18:14
Cantideand useful on the phone, tablet and desktop18:14
Cantideand relies on no specific hardware such as GPS18:14
Cantideso i think it's a nice app to make18:14
Cantidei can do it in a day or two i think18:15
magespawncool beans18:19
ThatGraemeGuy'lo peeps18:29
superflyhi ThatGraemeGuy18:34
ThatGraemeGuyhey :-)18:35
Cantide"Just to let you know, someone else has already been working on a unit converter (though not for the Showdown). Here is an article about it: http://iloveubuntu.net/handy-utility-unit-converter-reached-01-version-usable-temperature-length-mass-and-time-categories."19:18
Cantideffuuuuuuuuuuuu :D19:18

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