tigrangI have an atheros wifi card. With kernel 3.2 my connection is stable, I restart to latest 3.11 and my connection fails to connect or its very unstable. I was reading a bug report that said it was fixed in RC4, but I'm still having issues with it. Anyone else experiencing this or any suggestions? Thank you00:02
TJ-tigrang: Which kernel module drives the hardware? Is it a mainline module, or added via DKMS or some other out-of-tree mechanism?00:03
OerHekstigrang, "latest 3.11" ? how did you install that kernel, raring is @ 3.8.0-2700:03
tigrangTJ-: ath9k00:03
tigrangOerHeks: from mainline kernel site00:03
tigrangTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5975484/00:05
TJ-tigrang: Any entries in /var/log/kern.log indicating problems?00:05
Ragingany python dudes here?00:05
GeekDudeQuick question: Why won't my iptables rule "iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8080" stick around after reboot?00:05
GeekDudeRaging: you might want to check #python00:05
jribGeekDude: where are you putting them?00:05
GeekDudejrib: Terminal00:05
jrib!iptables | GeekDude00:05
ubottuGeekDude: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo00:05
jribGeekDude: you can read the iptables page on the wiki if you want to store and restore your iptables rules00:06
TJ-GeekDude: You will need to use iptables-save or some other firewall mechanism (such as UFW or Shorewall) to save and restore rules at shutdown/startup00:06
GeekDudeI tried iptables-save, but it didn't seem to help00:06
jribGeekDude: read the wki00:06
jribwiki even00:06
rypervencheGeekDude: YOu need to install iptables-persistent00:07
TJ-GeekDude: If you use iptables-save, then there needs to be a script at start-up that runs iptables-restore00:07
minidinoI tryed to use GParted to shrink one partition and expand/move another. Something failed and now my partitons are screwy. I saved the gparted details file. Can anyone help me?00:08
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tigrangTJ-: a bunch of these http://paste.ubuntu.com/5975494/00:09
tigrangTJ-: wlan0: AP {{redacted mac address}} changed bandwidth in a way we can't support - disconnect00:10
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TJ-tigrang: I'd think the issue is this "changed bandwidth, new config is 2417 MHz, width 1 (2417/0 MHz)" ... the /0 would presumably be the channel bandwidth which should be 20 or 40Mhz ... I'd need to check the source to be sure00:13
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TJ-tigrang: cfg80211 seems to be showing its trying for 40MHz channels covering that frequency00:14
Inertiatichi guys00:23
Inertiatichow do i upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04?00:23
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade00:23
jrib!upgrade | Inertiatic00:23
ubottuInertiatic: please see above00:23
Dr_WillisInertiatic:  the do-release-upgrade command is commonly used.00:23
Inertiaticcool, thanks guys!00:23
Dr_Willisim suprised it hasent asked you to upgrade.00:23
Inertiaticit did a few months ago00:24
Inertiaticbut i didn't want to00:24
Inertiaticand now it stopped asking :-|00:24
Dr_WillisI just upgraded an old 12.10 box today. :)00:24
FlailGameDevUbuntu is crashing on me and it wants to send system reports. I don't want to send the system report. I would like to read it, however. Where do I find a list of system errors that would be reported if they could be? Like Event Viewer in Windows.00:24
maggie_Didn't have to configure anything, it logged right in00:24
Inertiaticnice Dr_Willis, that command seems to work00:25
tigrangTJ-: know of anything I can try besides turning power savings off and nohwcrypt=1?00:25
TJ-tigrang: I'd add to the Linux bugzilla that it doesn't seem to be fixed, if you're sure the patch is included in the build you're using00:27
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wiakhow do i completly disable notify osd?00:31
wiaki cant remove the package as its needed by ubuntu-desktop and gnome-power-manger :O00:31
Dr_Williswiak:  ubuntu-desktop is just a meta-package00:32
Dr_Willisno idea what gnome-power manager does. ;)00:32
wiakDr_Willis, its a battery power config app i think00:33
wiakit basicly makes laptop sleep when lid is closed00:33
Dr_Williswiak:  why do you want to disable it? theres a 3rd party 'configurable' osd -> http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/configurable-notifyosd-updated-for.html00:33
wiakDr_Willis,  well when i use fn + volume keys my whole system stops taking keyboard/mouse commands00:34
wiakand i think its related to osd etc, as its buggy00:34
wiakwhen i take one press to turn up volume it will go to 100%..00:35
Dr_Willispkill notify-osd         perhaps and see if that kills it.00:35
Dr_Willisand see if the issue still happens?00:35
Dr_Willisactually notify-osd may restart..00:35
trismwiak: you can install notification-daemon and then you can remove notify-osd00:36
trismwiak: notification-daemon won't start automatically in unity00:36
wiaki dont need any notify so i want to remove them compleley00:37
Dr_Willissomthing seems weird with that last URL.. im not sure the guy is correct in his assumptions. ;)00:37
Dr_Willishe just purages the notifyosd package basically ;)00:38
trismyeah he isn't, dbus will restart notify-osd, and that isn't even the correct package name00:38
trismwiak: yes, but you can't without removing other things00:38
Dr_Willistrism:  yea. :) i wasent sure which guide was correct and which was wrong00:38
trismwiak: but again, notification-daemon will not start automatically like notify-osd in most sessions00:38
Dr_Willis!bug 70204200:39
ubottubug 461058 in notify-osd (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #702042 notify-osd needs a "privacy mode"" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46105800:39
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trismalthough without a notification daemon, you will start getting volume/brightness osd updates from gnome-settings-daemon, so...00:43
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KyleUKAre there any PostgreSQL experts here?00:51
reisioKyleUK: higher percentage in #postgresql00:51
KyleUKI tried there, but it's totally dead.00:51
TJ-KyleUK:   At 01:51? of course!00:51
El_Presidentei have a problem with vlc ... im running ubuntu 12.04.2 when i start playing an iptv stream the sound is about 8 seconds too early but that decays within 30 seconds ... any idea?00:52
Guest54050oops, sorry00:53
tigrangTJ-: thanks for the help, I opened a bug report, I'll see what happens00:55
tigrangI love 3.11 for all the radeon improvements, but man wifi is killing me00:55
Dr_WillisEl_Presidente:  decays? you mean it catches up then plays properly?00:56
TJ-tigrang: I've been using 3.10/.11 too; fixed a really annoying 802.11n bug on the AP card driver00:56
El_PresidenteDr_Willis, yes after 30-40 seconds sound and video are synced00:57
El_Presidenteand stay that way00:57
Dr_WillisEl_Presidente:  sounds like some sort of buffering going on. you might want to ask in the vlc channels. theres may be some option to buffer more befor starting the video stream00:58
* Dr_Willis is glad he finally got VLC for his Android devices. ;)00:58
El_Presidenteunderstood ty Dr_Willis00:58
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wiakme agin00:59
wiakam gonna forget using fn + keys in linux forward01:00
wiakto buggy01:00
wiakfor me01:00
jc_how can I make shutdown not require sudo01:01
reisiojc_: are you using GNOME/Unity?01:01
reisiothat should be able to shut down without sudo01:01
jc_but I want to do it from the command line01:01
reisioright right01:01
reisiowhat's wrong with using sudo?01:01
TJ-jc_: Add an entry into /etc/sudoers01:01
reisioit's an extra five chars01:01
El_PresidenteDr_Willis, well i increased caching to max but the video still starts too late01:02
reisioTJ-: wouldn't that still use sudo? :p01:02
El_Presidentei dont think it is a caching error01:02
El_Presidentei will file a bug report at ubuntu ...01:02
TJ-reisio: But you'd not need to enter a password01:02
jc_I tried but messed up my  sudoers file and now I have to start over (its a vm so its no bit deal. do yo know the correct way to do it?01:03
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Orxata_I can't see images on my web browser01:03
Dr_WillisEl_Presidente:  check with the vlc guys/channel. you could paste the url to the stream so others in here can see if it happens with them also.01:04
wiakif your sudoesrs file are messed do this, reboot into recovery and go to root and then mount -o rw,remount / and then pico /etc/sudoers01:04
Dr_WillisEl_Presidente:  you may not need the cache to be max. but it to start AFTER its cached a lot.. of cours it could be some quirk with the stream also.01:04
reisiojc_: should say in the file01:05
reisiojc_: but probably: %users ALL = NOPASSWD:/sbin/shutdown01:05
jc_reisio: thanks I'll try it01:05
Dr_Willisjc_:  one 'dirty' way to do it - is set the suid bit on the shutdown command. ;)01:05
Dr_Willisjc_:  then anyone can just type shutdown01:05
TJ-jc_: Here's the entry from one of my servers for someone with restricted permissions: "eddie  jeeves = NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown, PASSWD: /sbin/ifup, /sbin/ifconfig, /sbin/ip, /usr/sbin/service"01:06
El_PresidenteDr_Willis, unfortunately i cant share a stream since it is german iptv ...01:06
jc_cool I see what I did wrong01:06
LlucidWhere might I find the log for command histories?01:06
reisioLlucid: for sudo?01:07
Dr_WillisLlucid:  the bash history is in .history normally01:07
Dr_Willisbut it may not be totally correct. if you have several shells open01:07
TJ-Bash history is ~/.bash_history01:07
LlucidPreferably sudo lined,Yes.01:07
LlucidThank you.01:07
jc_since I just messed the sudoers file is there anything I can do to fix it? or do I just rebuild the system01:07
TJ-Llucid: For sudo commands look in /var/log/auth.log01:08
Dr_Willisjc_:  find the default sudoers file and replace it.01:08
TJ-jc_: boot to recovery (which gives you a root terminal) and fix it, or boot from an external device (USB, DVD) and fix it from there01:08
TJ-jc_: The sudo package contains a sample file at /usr/share/doc/sudo/examples/sample.sudoers01:09
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LlucidWhat is the sudo line to open File System?01:10
Dr_WillisLlucid:  clarify wht you mean01:11
LlucidI wish to open /File System/ through sudo01:11
Dr_Willisopen it in what program?01:12
LlucidProgram? I have been told the line before, Something alike "sudo ts___"01:12
Dr_Willisyou can access a directory in nautilus as root via  'gksudo nautilus /path/to/location' but its NOT a good habbit to run nautilus as root01:12
Dr_WillisI got no idea what you mean by 'ts*'  opening a 'filesystem' is a little vague.. accessing a DIRECTORY is  done as above01:13
TJ-jc_: To get the original /etc/sudoers file, if you don't have sudo access to reinstall the package ("sudo apt-get --reinstall install sudo") then grab the source: "cd /tmp; apt-get source sudo; less sudo-1.8.8p3/debian/sudoers;"01:13
TJ-Llucid: I believe what you mean to say is, you wish to 'mount' a file-system ?01:14
LlucidDr_Willis; It was a simple two worded line, It opened my File Manager01:14
LlucidUsing sudo*01:14
jribjc_: also make sure you use "visudo" to edit the sudoers file from now on01:14
LlucidSorry to say File System, Mistake.01:14
jc_jrib: why visudo?01:15
jribjc_: because it checks for syntax errors before saving01:15
jc_jrib: nice thanks01:15
jribjc_: it exists exactly to prevent the situation you are in now ;)01:16
Euripides_LamontHello everyone, Euripides_Lamonthere and i'm here and ready to DDoS.01:17
Dr_WillisLlucid:  nautilus is the file manager by default. i dont know of any that begin with 'ts'01:17
LlucidThe sudo line to open File Mannager please.01:17
Dr_WillisLlucid:  'gksudo nautilus'  opens the file manager as root.01:17
LlucidAttempting to help a friend who has had his system /possibly/ compromised.01:18
Dr_WillisLlucid:  unless you are not using Ubuntu, but some other desktop01:18
LlucidYes, Xubuntu 13.04.01:18
LlucidI merely come here due to the greater chance of aid.01:18
TJ-You're thinking of Thunar, then01:19
LlucidYes TJ01:19
TJ-Llucid: Alt+F2 then "gksudo thunar"01:19
LlucidTJ; Done. Thank you kindly.01:20
TJ-Or, much better, Accessories > Terminal ... lovely command line :)01:20
LlucidAh, But wait... What is the gk in gksudo for?01:20
LlucidI merely used sudo thunar01:20
TJ-gksudo is for the GTK GUI01:21
LlucidThe difference being?..01:21
TJ-You should always use gksudo in the GUI because it ensures the environment is configured correctly01:21
scathen^Chey all, i am having trouble raiding the ulimit for open files. I have followed these instructions, but they don't work (http://askubuntu.com/questions/162229/how-do-i-increase-the-open-files-limit-for-a-non-root-user)01:21
LlucidTJ; I see, Thank you again.01:21
zykotick9Llucid: for more details see the link in "/msg ubottu gksudo"01:22
jribscathen^C: did you read the first answer?01:22
LlucidAh; I forget of that zykotick9.01:22
scathen^Cjrib: of course. tried all those things, and it won't change01:23
jribscathen^C: ok, well then say step by step what you did and show in a pastebin (commands, contents of files, etc.)01:23
TJ-scathen^C: Are you trying to raise the limit for a particular application?01:24
scathen^Cyeah (neo4j)01:24
LlucidWhat is this "session closed by user nobody" my auth.log speaks of?01:24
scathen^Ctried those exact instructions01:24
t_rexcn smone halp me?01:25
t_rexIts really importnt01:25
Dr_WillisLlucid:  dont use just 'sudo' for gui apps.. use 'gksudo'01:25
jrib!who | scathen^C01:25
ubottuscathen^C: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:25
t_rexis anybdy thre?01:25
TJ-scathen^C: What user does the neo4j process run as? your own user ID?01:25
LlucidDr_Willis; I have/did so.01:26
Dr_WillisLlucid:  using just 'sudo' can cause issues with files not getting the right permissions01:26
t_rexi need halp01:26
t_rexhelp me plz01:26
scathen^CTJ-: neo4j, but i've set the limits in the conf file as * which I thought was everyone.01:26
Dr_Willist_rex:  then state the problem01:27
t_rexi was trying t dlete some files01:27
t_rexand clear som space01:27
TJ-scathen^C: Correct. Did you also uncomment "# session    required   pam_limits.so" in /etc/pam.d/su ?01:27
t_rexand my accidentaly deleted ststem 3201:27
Dr_Willist_rex:  you mean you deleted files off your windows hard drive?01:28
t_rexno its ubntu01:28
abaddonDr_Willis,  Hey, I just wanted to say I solved it. Aparrently I had the path wrong which was why it wasn't executing. So thanks for your help in telling me to create an execute script. It works!!01:28
Dr_Willisabaddon:  :) proper path is key to proper programs ;P01:28
t_rexi delete my ubntu systm 3201:28
bazhang!enter | t_rex01:28
ubottut_rex: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:28
Dr_Willist_rex:  whats the EXACT path you deleted.. your typos are confuseing things.01:28
scathen^CTJ-: yeah, pam_limits is uncommented. I just changed the limits to the neo4j user specifically, ill let you know if it works01:28
LlucidSome of these auth logs do not appear to be of my doing per say...01:29
abaddonDr_Willis,  BWAHAHAHAHAHA Aaayy, coming back and looking at it in a calm light helps too01:29
Dr_Willisabaddon:  yep. its the little things that  are alwsy the big problem01:29
t_rexthe fle was in /ubuntu/system 3201:29
abaddonDr_Willis,  Indeed, welp, I just came back to say that it works and you helpeed a ton. I'm off to play somr FF01:30
TJ-Llucid: some system processes might cause entries in auth.log01:30
jribscathen^C: make sure you're logging in again too.  But to properly troubleshoot this you need to show in detail what you've done so we don't have to keep guessing01:30
t_rexcan some one help m01:30
LlucidTJ; What should I look for in instances of /hackers/?01:31
t_rexwhy is no body hlp me?01:32
TJ-Llucid: I don't understand the question. If you're looking for signs of intruders it depends on what you think they might have been doing01:32
t_rexthe fle was in /ubuntu/system 3201:33
t_rexwhy is no body hlp me?01:33
t_rexcan some one help m01:33
Dr_Willist_rex:  theres no /ubuntu/system 32 directory by default that ive ever seen01:33
LlucidTJ; Well, My friend has said he walked out of his room and returned to see a terminal opened run lines and close at very high speeds, And that his download history had been deleted. He thinks he may have someone using his connection for activities not suiting a person of his stature.01:34
t_rexit ws on when i install but then i saw something on internet say 'dlete systm32' and i delte and my ubntu stooped working.01:34
Dr_Willist_rex:   you are using a WUBI install or a normal install?01:35
TJ-Llucid: OK, first thing to do is shut it down. Then, boot from a USB stick or LiveCD so you know there are no trojans running, and then inspect the system carefully, looking for recent (date/time) changes in core system configurations, and in the user home directories01:35
t_rexcan some one help m01:35
t_rexcan some one help m01:35
t_rexcan some one help m01:36
FloodBot1t_rex: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:36
LlucidTJ; This cannot be done without myself being there.01:36
t_rexwhy is no body hlp me?01:36
t_rexit ws on when i install but then i saw something on internet say 'dlete systm32' and i delte and my ubntu stooped working.01:36
LlucidTJ; Do you have PMs disabled?01:36
t_rexthe fle was in /ubuntu/system 3201:36
t_rexths is usless01:37
Dr_Willist_rex:  your rambling is useless. that directory does not exist on a normal install01:39
MonkWitDaFunk Hi dr_willis, how do i use the truecypt security model as a user without root access?01:40
Dr_WillisMonkWitDaFunk:  no idea.i dont use tryecrypt01:42
LlucidTJ-; Are you busy? It is not my intentions to pester you by any means.01:48
TJ-Llucid: I am; I have a major disk recovery operation going on01:52
LlucidTJ-; I see; Sorry to disturb. I really require your aid in this matter, May I PM you my email for a later time?01:53
TJ-Llucid: We're all volunteers, just giving tips whilst not having anything better to do. I can't help any more than the tips I can give in this channel01:55
LlucidTJ-; Very well, Thank you for the aid provided.01:56
James_EppGeneric question here. I want to loop some commands. In windows batch scripts, I would do a ":section" "insert code" and then "goto section". How do you do this in bash?01:58
TJ-James_Epp: In a shell script you'd use a "while true; do something; done" loop02:00
James_EppTJ-: How does this look? while true; clear; acpi -b; done;02:03
abaddonAhhh...yet another question for the wonderful Ubu group. I'm looking for a very light file manager that still has a gui. It would be nice if it still looked like a nautilus or caja type fm. Any suggestions out there? I've used xfe, nautilus, caja, gnome commander, tux commander spacefm, and 4pane. They just don't suit me too well.02:03
James_Eppabaddon: Thunar02:04
TJ-James_Epp: That'll be endless. The "true" is supposed to represent some test that will at some point become "false" and end the loop and script02:04
James_EppNot too many features, however.02:04
abaddonJames_Epp,  I should add that it has to be nearly independant in operation. ie, not reliant on kde, gnome, unity, etc02:05
chamunksanyone know the arg for tar that omits the full path when I'm tar'ing something.  "tar -cvfz $USR.tar.gz /home/$USR"02:05
Dr_Willisabaddon:  try rox-filer02:05
chamunksthats putting the entire path /home/$USR into the tar I want to be able to extract $USR onto the desination without the whole path.02:06
James_EppTJ-: Hypothetically speaking, if acpi were installed on windows and "clear" worked, this is what the batch script would look like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5975736/02:06
abaddonDr_Willis,  tried that. it's...ok...not great...just...ok.02:06
Dr_Willisabaddon:  it has some features that i really really wish other fm;s had02:06
abaddonDr_Willis,  such as?02:06
Dr_Willisabaddon:  select a group of files and try 'rename' and see that neat trick it has02:07
James_Eppabaddon: Perhaps some kind of PHP file manager you could access via a web GUI?02:07
Dr_Willisi tend to just use 'mc' most of the time. :) or some other dual pane file maangers02:08
Dr_Willis!info gentoo02:08
ubottugentoo (source: gentoo): fully GUI-configurable, two-pane X file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.19.13-2 (raring), package size 755 kB, installed size 1906 kB02:08
TJ-James_Epp: Is there a reason for the 'clear' because that'd almost instantly wipe out what "acpi -b" reported02:08
TJ-James_Epp: Are you trying to detect some condition or just watch the value?02:08
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James_EppTJ-: Watch the value.02:09
abaddonDr_Willis,  Oh yeahh...not something I need at though. And James_Epp I would much prefer it to be stand alone from other uhhh stuff. There was an fm I tried once that resembled tux and gnome commander but I can't find it. It also was independant from the terminal.02:09
James_Eppabaddon: I have no suggestions02:09
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abaddonJames_Epp,  thanks bud for trying. =p02:09
TJ-James_Epp: "watch -n 10 acpi -b"02:10
Guest1413So I screwed up my partitions and then used testdisk to try and fix thigs. I did Anylize and tried to write the partition table. Testdisk told me to restart to apply changes. I did and all I got was a grub recovery consol. I booted a liveCD and the entire HDD now shows as unallocated space. What do?02:10
TJ-James_Epp: That'll run the command every 10 seconds02:10
James_EppTJ-: Thank you.02:10
James_EppDo you know of any bash video tuts on youtube that are pretty good?02:11
TJ-James_Epp: Video is lots of wasted bandwidth. I always go to http://www.tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/02:11
TJ-James_Epp: That is my bible02:11
abaddonDr_Willis,  I tried many Fm's but none sing to me the way I want 'em to. XD I'm so picky....02:12
abaddonDr_Willis,  I've tried looking for a list of FM's on the web but they're so short and generally list the same 10 fm's i've tried02:13
James_EppTJ-: Thanks, man! Need to watch how long my netbook can last as a portable router.02:13
lawltoadwhats the preffered way to make a USB Windows8 bootable for installation in raring?02:14
TJ-James_Epp: Why not have it simply record it?02:16
reisiolawltoad: http://serverfault.com/questions/6714/how-to-make-windows-7-usb-flash-install-media-from-linux#answer-16706002:18
TJ-James_Epp: 'while true; do echo "$(date +%Y-%m-%d,\ %H:%M:%S) $(acpi -b)" >> marathon.log; sleep 30; done'02:18
TJ-James_Epp: That'll write a timestamped log to "marathon.log" ... after the device goes to sleep/dies, you can read that file to get the power and time profile02:19
lawltoadreisio, is ms-sys not in the repos?02:19
reisiolawltoad: possibly not02:19
James_EppTJ-: SO...many....variables......and dollar signs. *shivers*02:21
TJ-James_Epp: Well no, the $(...) is the shell's way of allowing you to run a sub-shell process and replace then call with whatever the sub-shell wrote to STDOUT02:22
James_EppTJ-: Let's just say this is the most "advanced" bash script I've ever done. Even then, I used a GUI for cron and grsync to get out the rsync script :))02:24
TJ-James_Epp: we all start somewhere. I often know bash can do things but can't remember how so return to that advanced scripting guide02:25
James_EppTJ-: I definitely thank you for the resource, I'll take a look at it when I don't have some random weird project pop into my head.02:26
ace_strikeri am in huge trouble..my system is network disabled and it shows it is running in low graphics mode...udev has been mishandled ..is there any chance i can get my ubuntu back ?02:26
ChrisMaQgood night guys02:28
ace_strikerwait for em02:28
ace_strikeri am in huge trouble..my system is network disabled and it shows it is running in low graphics mode...udev has been mishandled ..is there any chance i can get my ubuntu back ?02:29
ace_strikeri am in huge trouble..my system is network disabled and it shows it is running in low graphics mode...udev has been mishandled ..is there any chance i can get my ubuntu back ?02:30
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ChrisMaQcan anyone tell me if its possible to get skype running perfectly in ubuntu 12.04?02:37
reisioyes it is02:37
ace_strikeri am in huge trouble..my system is network disabled and it shows it is running in low graphics mode...udev has been mishandled ..is there any chance i can get my ubuntu back ?02:37
aneksdoes anyone know why simple scan or xsane would crash once the printer is on but work fine when it's off?02:38
ace_strikercan i copy paste from live usb to solve missing packages ?02:38
ChrisMaQi have been having two problems pulseaudio (selecting my usb headphone for calls) and notification doesnt come up when call is placed02:38
ace_strikerChrisMaQ: you should try killall pulseaudio02:38
TJ-aneks: Printer, or Scanner?02:38
aneksTJ- it's a printer/scanner in one02:39
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TJ-aneks: Yes, but they're separate devices ... the problem you describe is more likely to be caused when the *scanner* is switched on ... since SANE will be trying to talk to it via the drivers02:40
ChrisMaQbut thats a temp fix .. i will have to restat the service to get control of my sound drivers afterwards right?02:40
aneksif I run simple scan or xsane when the device is off it runs fine, as soon as I start the device and try to open either one of the two, they start but then crash.02:40
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TJ-aneks: Any reports in the system log-files, or the user session log (~/.xsession-errors)  ?02:41
ace_strikerChrisMaQ: unfortunately yes..or upgrade to latest ubuntu02:42
aneksTJ- the only thing I see in the system log file is this02:42
aneksAug 12 12:41:50 igor kernel: [ 5099.621184] usb 5-1: usbfs: interface 2 claimed by usblp while 'simple-scan' sets config #102:42
TJ-aneks: What is the make/model of the device?02:43
ChrisMaQcool ... i cant wait for the other lts to be released02:43
aneksTJ- it's a Canon MX41002:43
ChrisMaQthanks though02:43
ChrisMaQis there aq command to reset pulseaudio settings for ubuntu 12.0402:43
ace_strikeri have got dbus exception..02:44
ace_strikerfailed to load application.02:45
aneksTJ- this is what I get from .xsessions-errors02:45
TJ-aneks: The SANE hardware compatibility page says that device is untested, which suggests SANE doesn't have a 100% compatible driver currently02:46
TJ-aneks: I'm reading a bug report on the Debian site for SANE that suggests that error is caused by the hplip driver... see http://alioth.debian.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=314301&group_id=30186&atid=41036602:48
Psil0cybinHey guys quick question02:55
Psil0cybindoes anyone know a light weight program like screenlets02:55
Psil0cybinto get a widget on the right side that says information about my linux box02:55
Psil0cybinip address, hd space left, etc02:56
Dr_WillisPsil0cybin:  conky is a common tool for that task02:56
Psil0cybinbut light weight :P for a computer that has 1GB Ram?02:56
Psil0cybinwould it work on Xubuntu02:56
Psil0cybinfor Xfce02:56
Psil0cybinor does it need gnome02:56
Dr_Willisconky sould work on any desktop02:56
aneksTJ- thanks02:56
Dr_Willisits as old, or older then gnome. ;)02:56
xkernelis there an application for remote desktop sharing with the ability to draw and write notes?02:56
Dr_Williswebupd8 or omgubuntu had a neat post about a conky config tool that included conky themes.. made it easy to setup. the metro theme - had some nice simple meters02:57
ace_strikerthanks for unsolicited help though friends.03:00
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thiebaudeHow do i get rid of the keyring password on google chrome?03:00
ace_strikerxkernel: knote similar03:01
ace_strikerthiebaude: google similar : How do i get rid of the keyring password on google chrome?03:02
thiebaudeace_striker, ok i'lll try that, thanks03:02
carthusianI was downloading some .deb file, I cancelled it. However now I cant install anything else :( it is the synaptic package manager on ubuntu 13.0403:15
TJ-carthusian: At a terminal try "sudo apt-get -f install"03:15
adas /nick ax56203:18
cartusiaalright I got this http://pastebin.com/fAfzpFZg03:19
cartusiawhen I typed sudo apt-get -f install03:19
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TJ-cartusia: Is another package installer running, either command-line or GUI?03:22
black_angelhey, guys, i wanna query the c function 'sleep()' in linux, how-to do this?03:24
cartusiaits closed03:24
cartusiabut in synaptic there was a cancelled debian package.03:24
cartusiaI have gone to system monitor03:24
cartusiato check if there is any app running and there is nothing else.03:24
DamonGantSup IRC. I´m stuck. Horribly stuck. I upgraded to a mainline build kernel 3.10.5, that fixed my one audio issue, but fucked up my broadcom wl, so I eventually tried enough patches to get it to build, but not I can´t load it because ¨key rejected¨03:25
TJ-carthusian: there may be a stray process holding the lock. Try this at a terminal, it will list any processes that have that file open still. "sudo ls -l /proc/*/fd/*  | grep '/var/lib/dpkg/lock' "03:27
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wiakDamonGant: well you should boot .old then :P03:30
wiaki lost my ath wlan too when i compiled it to03:30
DamonGantwell, that doesn quite resolve the issue, I just need modprobe to load that goddamn module03:32
mostroHi people, I need some help here. I'm having some trouble with my broadcom 4313 and Kernel 3.5, the led is on, I can see my network, but can't connect03:35
mostroI have installed the broadcom sta driver03:35
Bjondwhen will broadcom's reign of terror end?03:35
ndidiso i have ubuntu installed alongside OS X on my macbook air. i want to enable FileVault under OS X. will that nuke my dualboot?03:37
Inc_Hello #Ubuntu03:41
Dr_Willisi was ablwe to buy several nice 'works out of the box' wireeless usb dongles at amazon. ;) hopefully some day broadcom will..well.. die.03:42
Inc_I have a question about wireless adapters and Linux03:42
wilee-nileeDamonGant, Maybe if you keep swearing is a public access family irc channel it will magically fix itself.03:42
Inc_I have the awus360H and it keeps shutting itself off after about 15 minutes03:42
Inc_It has no problems in windows03:42
Inc_Will stay on for hours03:43
Inc_But in Linux (Not just Ubuntu) it won't work.03:43
Inc_for very long03:43
mostroSo, what are the posibilities to getting the broadcom 4313 working in kernel 3.5?03:43
Inc_Are there drivers I need to download for it?03:43
Marleneehow i save every thing printed when when iam using screen command03:43
Dr_WillisInc_:  just reboots? or powers off? or crashes ? or what exactly03:44
Inc_It seems to just power off03:44
Dr_WillisMarlenee:  old scool way would be to use the 'typescript' command befor you do any work you want to record.03:44
Dr_WillisInc_:  sounds like its overheating and shutting down.03:44
Inc_I get a network message saying I've been disconnected and the light isn't flashing on the adapter03:44
Inc_I plug it back it and it works fine03:44
Dr_WillisInc_:  noticed your fans blowing? loud? not at all?03:44
Inc_But, it doesn't do that on windows03:44
MarleneeDr_Willis : this command is built in ubuntu or i have to install it03:45
Inc_It's a USB adapter03:45
Inc_It's outside the computer03:45
Dr_WillisMarlenee:  type it in a terminal and see...03:45
cartusiahmmm how can I completely kill all off synaptic?03:45
cartusiathrough the commandline03:45
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TJ-Marlenee: "screen -L" will log all windows03:45
Dr_WillisInc_:  so JUST the usb adaptor is crashing? not the whole pc?03:45
cartusiaI am reading a book, and looking online. I tried some commands but they all say the same.03:45
cartusia"locked by another process"03:45
Dr_Williscartusia:  if you can see the window.. 'xkill' then click on the window to kill03:46
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »03:46
Inc_Correct, just the adapter Dr_Willies03:46
MarleneeDr_Willis : bash: typescript: command not found03:46
MarleneeDr_Willis : E: Unable to locate package typescript03:46
Dr_WillisMarlenee:  it may be just 'script' its a command last used by me lik3 5+ yrs ago03:46
Plinker_Marlenee: You might try screen capture and then just copy this (paste) to a graphics program!03:46
cartusiathanks :)03:46
gradohola me siento solo x03:46
Dr_WillisMarlenee:  you want all the screen sessions recorded - try that -L option to screen03:47
MarleneeDr_Willis : i hear about this command but i cant found it in ubuntu apt-get03:47
wilee-nilee!es | grado03:48
ubottugrado: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:48
wilee-nileegrado, all ubuntu support03:48
gradoque me nppb wilee xd ok03:48
LLckfanI am trying to rreconnect my blu-ray player to my routeers wifi and I am getting DHCP cannot be acquired. I have checked the routers settings and DHCP is enabled. Is there a way to fix this?03:49
cjopcjopevening everyone03:49
Dr_WillisLLckfan:  set a Static ip on the player perhaps?03:49
LLckfanDr_Willis it conncts fin in manual03:50
LLckfanThen it goes back to auto03:50
cjopcjopI was wondering what would be the best way to backup my server onto an external HD, rsync? Which application would make it easier for me to re-install the server if the shit did indeed hit the fan?03:51
pvl1LLckfan: are you positive dhcp is enabled on wireless. what about mac filtering? and also be sure to flush settings on ur blueray before u try auto03:51
LLckfanpvl1 ys03:51
LLckfanI have checked03:51
LLckfanEnabled has a dot by ir03:51
wilee-nileecjopcjop, Clonezilla will clone it rsync maybe, and please don't swear.03:51
pvl1LLckfan: what about mac filtering etc? and try to clear the lease for the device03:52
LLckfanpvl1 done all that03:53
LLckfanand the blu-ray connects manual03:53
pvl1LLckfan: you verify by checking internet connection yes?03:53
cjopcjopwilee-nille, cheers for the info, my apologies03:53
derrikwhats the best way to see running services?03:54
pvl1derrik: top03:54
pvl1( i prefer htop actually)03:54
Dr_Willisderrik:  the service command can show what services are running03:54
derrikhm ok thanks03:54
pvl1Dr_Willis: thank you didnt know of that03:54
Inc_I have a question about wireless adapters and Linux03:54
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/03:54
Inc_I have the awus360H and it keeps shutting itself off after about 15 minutes03:55
Inc_It has no problems in windows03:55
Dr_WillisInc_:  you may want to clarify what that device is exactly.. most of us wont know its a USB wifi adaptor (correct?)03:55
Dr_WillisInc_:  also you should determine what chipset it is using. the brand dosent matter near as much as the chipset.03:55
LLckfanpvl1 yes03:55
pvl1LLckfan: if you can. shut off your router for like two minutes, or find a way to flush its leases.03:56
Inc_I said it was a wireless adaprter..03:56
Inc_And the chipset is03:56
Dr_Williswireless can mean Built in, or wifi, or 3g.. or...03:57
Dr_Willisor usb..03:57
LLckfanpvl1 I have done that03:57
Inc_It's a USB03:57
Inc_Plug in03:57
pvl1LLckfan: and it still wont connect?03:57
pvl1LLckfan: what was the error03:57
Inc_ RTL8187 - Chipset03:57
LLckfanpvl1 it connects in manual but not in uto03:57
Dr_WillisDetermine the chipset - and check the askubuntu.com search  and the forums to see if anyone else has reported known issues with that chipset. they may list known probolems and known work arounds.03:58
LLckfanpvl1 DHCP cannot be acquired03:58
tinksterWriting init-scripts for a set of tools that an external party wrote for us.  One of the inits works fine, the other doesn't. The biggest difference is that #2 needs to use do-start-stop -c user to start the process.  How do I diagnose why it's failing?03:58
tinksterI should note that when I run /etc/init.d/tool2 start manually ot works fine.04:00
pvl1LLckfan: what kind of encryption u got goin on04:01
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tinkstererrrk ... start-stop-daemon not do-start-stop ... getting a bit tired here04:01
derrikdo all linux programs work in every distro?04:05
LLckfanpvl1 what04:05
pvl1derrik: technically... yeah... but your probably going to end up compiling some04:05
pvl1LLckfan: wep, wpa/wpa204:05
LLckfanAnd it has been connect to the DHCP before04:05
derrikwell i have gentoo under install now and it doesnt have service command like ubuntu/lubuntu/etc. but i could install it in it?04:06
MarleneeDr_Willis : finally i install typescript thank you04:06
pvl1derrik: not every command in linux is a "program" like in windows. theres scripts, commands, service, programs etc04:07
wind3xHey, this is my second time trying to install Ubuntu server and I keep getting the error message "Unable to install the selected kernal".  Help would be much appreciated, thanks04:07
pvl1LLckfan: do you mean it used to work right04:07
pvl1wind3x: are you still in the livecd04:07
aaksideApplications keep getting locked to my unity launcher without me adding them there. Is this a feature, bug, or am I overlooking something?04:08
wind3xpvl1: I do not think this is the livecd as it is installing, I've never used a livecd before04:08
aakside(In Ubuntu 13.04)04:09
wind3x"An error was returned when trying to install the kernal into the target system."04:10
wind3xKernal package: "linux-generic-lts-quantal:.04:10
Purpleberry23how do I launch an app? It shows up when i go to the Software Center, Installed drop down menu to GetDeb. There it is. It says I can remove it. I just want to launch it.04:11
Purpleberry23Any ideas?04:12
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wind3xno clue mate, i cant even install it04:12
LLckfanpvl1 when I first set it up it was set to use auto(DHCP)04:12
Purpleberry23I am using DHCP04:12
Dr_Williswind3x:  so how are you installing this server edition (which release) and onto what kind of machine?04:13
Dr_Willis!info linux-generic-lts-quantal04:13
ubottuPackage linux-generic-lts-quantal does not exist in raring04:13
Dr_Willis!info quantal linux-generic-lts-quantal04:13
ubottu'linux-generic-lts-quantal' is not a valid distribution: extras, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, saucy, saucy-backports, saucy-proposed, stable, testing, unstable04:13
Dr_Willis!info linux-generic-lts-quantal quantal04:14
ubottuPackage linux-generic-lts-quantal does not exist in quantal04:14
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu.  Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support continues. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.04:14
Purpleberry23I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on a boot only system. I'm using it as a music server04:14
wind3xOnto a desktop, custom-built computer using a burned ISO(which passed the DVD checker prompt) I am installing ubuntu-12.04.2-server-amd64.iso04:14
Purpleberry23I've installed Subsonic web media player04:15
Purpleberry23but it won't launch04:15
reisioPurpleberry23: what happens when you try to launch it?04:15
Purpleberry23I can't even launch it. It just says I have it installed. When I go to the file, it only give me the option to remove.04:16
Purpleberry23Remove button04:16
Purpleberry23Thanks reisio btw04:16
reisioPurpleberry23: okay, can you open a terminal?04:16
Purpleberry23and I can get to my command line of course04:17
reisioPurpleberry23: dpkg -L nameOfPackage04:17
reisioif it's a "web" media player, it probably needs a web server04:17
reisiowhich it may or may not come with04:17
reisiobut it probably -does- come with an explanation04:17
Purpleberry23hmm Apache?04:17
Inc_Does anyone know of a tool for cracking router logins?04:18
Dr_WillisYou did start the subsonic service? like the docs say? ;)04:18
wilee-nileeInc_, wrong channel.04:19
Dr_WillisInc_:  not really ontopic for this channel, or network.04:19
Inc_wilee-nilee Mind telling me a right channel? Lol04:19
wind3xDr_Willis: I forgot to address it to you but the info is stated above to the best of my knowledge. Thanks.04:19
wilee-nileeInc_, #imanidiot04:19
Purpleberry23Yes! I did start it04:19
Purpleberry23I checked the Var/log and it says it's installed and updated04:20
Purpleberry23I stopped the service then restarted it04:20
Purpleberry23but no icon on my desktop04:20
Dr_Williswind3x:  well somthign is VERY odd - that package you mention is not found in any of the repos.04:20
Inc_wilee-nilee, Oh you're just going to be an asshole. Gotcha04:20
reisioInc_: try #aircrack-ng04:20
Dr_Williswind3x:  which iso are you using exctly?04:20
Purpleberry23I'm new so I'm probably missing something04:20
Inc_Invite only channel apparently, reisio04:21
Dr_WillisPurpleberry23:  err. from what i readingof the subsonic thinggie docs.. you dont get an icon. you access it from a browser04:21
Dr_Willis http://yoursubsnicserverip.number:404004:21
reisioInc_: nah04:21
reisioInc_: but you might need to be identified04:21
reisio/msg nickserv help register04:21
reisio/msg nickserv help identify04:21
Dr_WillisPurpleberry23:  so it says this During the install?04:21
Inc_reisio thanks04:22
Dr_Willisoops wrong nick.. :)04:22
Dr_Willis wind3x  so it says this During the install?04:22
Purpleberry23Oh, I'll try that port04:22
Dr_WillisPurpleberry23:  all i did was read the 'starter docs' for the tool. ;)04:22
pvl1wind3x: ok isntall cd. are you still loaded onto the install cd04:22
wind3xDr_Willis: That is the exact filename of the file I downloaded off ubuntu.com on Friday, I am not sure how else to put it.04:23
pvl1LLckfan: im lost, dunno04:23
pvl1kick it04:23
wind3xYes I am still in the install CD04:23
Dr_Williswind3x:  so the install works, or you get this error while installing?04:23
pvl1Dr_Willis: is there a way to read log files on the server install cd?04:23
Dr_Willispvl1:  cant say ive ever noticed :) never needed them04:23
MrLaheyhey there. I cannot login to lubuntu after changing my password. apparently this is because I also did not change the password for my encrypted home drive. any ideas to fix? thanks'04:23
wind3xDr_Willis: I get this message while I am installing, it gives me an option to pick a certain part of the install to try again04:24
wind3xI have yet to have a successful installation, this error occurs during the installation process04:24
Purpleberry23Wow - this is crazy, can we start a meetup downtown Tacoma at a Bar?04:25
Inc_How do you download drivers for wireless cards?04:25
pvl1Dr_Willis: i guess same then!04:25
Purpleberry23Harmon Brewery04:25
Purpleberry23Let's do it, guys!04:26
wilee-nileePurpleberry23, You wait I will be right there. ;)04:26
Purpleberry23haha, I'll bring my tower04:26
pvl1wind3x: what computer are you installing on04:27
wind3xA custom PC with a gigabyte mobo, Q9900 processor, corsair ram, etc...04:28
wind3xIt previously had windows vista but more recently centOS04:29
Purpleberry23Dr_Willis: I tried the browser link, but it timed out04:29
pvl1wind3x: core 2 dup?04:30
Dr_Williswind3x:  thats very weird. because from what i saw earlier - the package you listed. dosent exist in any release.04:30
Dr_WillisPurpleberry23:  time to follow the install guide at the apps homepage i guess. you might need to make a user/edit a config from the guides i skimmed04:30
wind3xits a quad core and I grabbed it straight from http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server04:31
wind3xdo you think another version is better?04:31
Dr_Williswind3x:  was there a checkboxc at the beginning to 'install updates' ? the desktop cd has that..04:31
Dr_Williswind3x:  id be tempted to try the 13.04 server. or mini installer also.04:32
hipitihopis it possible to run 32 bit LX container on a 64 bit host04:32
wind3xno, there was only an option to start the instalation as a whole04:32
pvl1hipitihop: whats LX stand for04:33
pvl1wind3x: id try the latest server as well04:34
wind3xalright will do, thanks. a basic google search showed that "zeroing the hd might help" since it messed up installing once, do you think i should try this?04:35
holsteinwind3x: i would test the drive.. "zeroing" it shouldnt effect the performance04:36
Dr_Williswind3x:  i dont really see how its a hard drive issue. if its trying  to install some package that dosent exist.. or have i totally missread the problem04:36
hipitihoppvl1, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LXC04:36
pvl1i agree, wind3x, are you doing a fresh isntall04:36
wind3xthe thing is that I have no OS on it currently so I'm not sure how I would zero the HD04:37
Dr_Williswind3x:  you can get to a console from the live dvd/cd04:37
wilee-nileewind3x, this the 12.10 server, 12.04 is longterm, much longer.04:37
Dr_Willisbut again . i dont see why zeroing it would matter.04:37
fastputtyhello guys04:37
fastputtyi am under 8.0.4 and i canot find anywhere the wireless avaiable list04:37
fastputtyi went to hardware drivers and see my ahteros wireless card enable04:38
fastputtysomene may help out04:38
pvl1hipitihop: kool havent seen that before. interesting stuff. but cant help ya sorry :(04:38
Dr_Willisfastputty:  Ubuntu 8.04  you mean?04:38
wilee-nileefastputty, 8.0.4 really?04:38
pvl1lol you two would be upset at that04:38
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support ended on May 9th 2013. See http://ubottu.com/y/hardy for more details.04:38
fastputtyi know i know but its a old old computer04:38
icelitejust  missed it04:38
holsteinwind3x: what im saying is, you shouldnt have to..04:38
fastputtyi just want to make it revive04:38
holsteinwind3x: there is nothing that should fail, ans zeroing will make it not fail04:38
Dr_Willisfastputty:  upgrade it to a current release is going to be the main advice.04:39
wind3xAlright thanks a ton, I'll just try the newest version and cross my fingers04:39
fastputtyno internet04:39
pvl1fastputty: the newer versions all have better everything for old pcs. just keep it lightweight. install kde, or lubuntu04:39
fastputtycannot upgrade04:39
fastputtyonly wireless04:39
fastputtycannot find the wireless vaialable list04:39
FloodBot1fastputty: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:39
fastputtyhow can i get the list?04:39
pvl1wind3x:  good luck04:39
Dr_Willisfastputty:  if your wifi card is not supported by that old a release.. its not supported.04:39
fastputtyi bleieve i have made it work before04:39
fastputtyjust long time i didnt touch kde04:40
Dr_Willisdesktop should have an icon somewhere for the wifi stuff/network manager04:40
fastputtyforge evrything lamost04:40
fastputtyyeah where is that ICON???04:40
wind3xthanks pvl104:40
Dr_Willisits your desktop.. look for it.. we dont rember what the desktop layouts look like for every release.04:40
Dr_Willisor run the network-manager tool via the clo04:40
holsteinfastputty: "believe"? maybe you used a windows driver with ndis.. there is a GUI ndis frontend.. ndisgtk..04:40
Dr_Willisassuming the wifi 'used' to work -  and all you need to just find the icon. ;)04:41
cutionsometimes wifi works like a pimp beast in linux / ubuntu04:41
cutionother times it works lame04:41
cutioni blame the hardware manufacturers04:42
reisiothose terrible hardware manufacturers that made you buy their product04:42
cutionyes and no04:42
cutionyou have to remember if a guy gets a beast deal on a computer, buys it for cheap04:42
reisiothat he was forced?04:42
cutionmaybe that person didn't you know have control of every piece of hardware in it04:42
cutionbut he's poor04:42
cutionit's a good price04:42
FloodBot1cution: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:42
cutiona good deal04:42
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:42
cutioni'm not flooding.04:43
Dr_Willisyes you are.04:43
rreedcution, sacrifice you make :)04:43
reisiojust a bot, guy04:43
Purpleberry23Dr_Willis: did the command line install step by step. I think it's a problem with my port/router. Thanks for your help04:43
Purpleberry23reisio: thanks for your help too04:43
Purpleberry23I'll bring it to class04:43
linuhi all i have added new integrated(bluetooth and wifi ) module driver in kernel 3.6.9 and compiled for i386,it showed me the following error can you tell me what is that issues http://pastebin.com/DvMUauyP04:46
vaskaloidisI just installed nagios from the source on my server - and I went to the website my.serverIP.com/nagios and it won't work04:49
vaskaloidisany suggestions - or what would happen if I just installed nagios from apt-get now, would it create two copies of nagios? I would rather uninstall the one I compiled from source04:49
linurtl8723au this is the driver name which i added externally to the kernel 3.6.904:49
GEEGEEGEEwhat kernel version does ubuntu 13.04 use?04:51
GEEGEEGEEor whatever the newest verison is04:51
wilee-nileelinu, YOu might look through these threads and see if there is any relevant info.  http://askubuntu.com/search?q=rtl872304:51
wilee-nileeGEEGEEGEE, 3.8 something04:51
GEEGEEGEEok thanks04:51
linuwilee-nilee yes i will check04:52
vaskaloidisany suggestions as to why my nagios won't work after I compiled and built it from source - it won't work when I attempt to access it from a web browser mysite.com/nagios and I installed it on ubuntu 12.0404:53
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=== thatsnotgood is now known as darkapp
galups2000where r u from...?04:58
wilee-nilee3rd planet from the star at the center of the Andromeda galaxy05:00
Semorwhere can I find kernel  debug info for  3.5.0-23-generic #35~precise1-Ubuntu ?05:01
=== kills_witch is now known as rejoinder
wilee-nileeSemor, Why not use a kernel probably already there?05:07
wind3xTo anyone who was here before, I regret to inform that I got the same exact error upon trying to install the new version :(05:10
Dr_Willisrefresh our memoruys as to what the exact error was.05:13
wind3xit installs up to the "kernal" point then says it can't write it05:14
Dr_Williscant WRITE it or cant Install it or cant download it?05:14
wind3xumm, let me scroll up and see what i wrote before one sec05:15
wind3x"An error was returned when trying to install the kernal into the target system."05:15
jpdswind3x: Sounds like your out of disk scape?05:16
wind3xi had it set to use and repartition the entire tera05:16
wilee-nileejpds, sounds like your guessing.05:17
wind3xI have the syslog if anyone's willing to translate it for me05:17
wind3xi have no idea what it means but i can paste it all05:17
Semorwilee-nilee: I need to recompile kernel ?05:18
wilee-nileeSemor, Seems out of ubuntu support.05:19
Semorwhy ?05:19
wilee-nileemaybe not give some details to the channel.05:20
jpdswilee-nilee: What else can "cannot write" mean?05:20
MrLaheyhey there I am on ubuntu and am having an issue...i couldnt login after changing my password so I went into grub and changed it back. now I can login but the panel is missing and when I right click to open apps, it only shows the default apps that came with the distro.05:20
MrLaheylubuntu rather05:20
wilee-nileejpds, many things.05:20
wind3xIf anyone can please decipher or attempt to decipher that pastebin  you would win an internet and my upmos gratitude05:22
Dr_Williswind3x:  you are installing FROM a cdrom?05:28
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
wind3xNo Dr_Willis, a DVD-R.  Does that matter?05:29
Dr_Williswell i see several messages about  the system having issues reading the optical drive.05:29
Dr_Willisbut it all seems to be block 1 and block 0.05:30
Dr_WillisAug 12 05:03:22 kernel: [  527.590422] Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 005:30
wind3xsr0 is the ethernet I think, I was offered a choice of two different options which is strance since I only have one port05:31
wind3xas far as I know05:31
Ben64sr0 is never ethernet05:31
wind3xalright, im probably wrong then05:31
wind3xi've used the drive to install other distro's by DVD, but they were much larger. maybe I need a blank CD then?05:32
Dr_WillisAug 12 05:09:36 in-target: Unpacking linux-image-3.8.0-19-generic (from .../linux-image-3.8.0-19-generic_3.8.0-05:32
Ben64wind3x: i'd have to agree with Dr_Willis though, bad drive, bad media, or bad image05:32
Dr_WillisAug 12 05:09:38 in-target: dpkg-deb (subprocess): decompressing archive member: internal bzip2 read error: 'DATA_ERROR'05:32
Dr_WillisAug 12 05:09:38 in-target: dpkg: error processing /media/cdrom//pool/main/l/linux/linux-image-3.8.0-19-generic_3.8.0-19.29_amd64.deb (--unpack):05:32
wind3xBen64: I tried two versions of the server and got the same error05:33
Dr_WillisIts having problems reading files from the cd - from what i can tell05:33
Ben64Aug 12 05:09:42 in-target:  corrupted filesystem tarfile - corrupted package archive05:33
Ben64i guess it could also be bad ram05:33
Dr_Willisthe mini installer cd image - would download the stuff from the internet as needed i belive.05:33
Ben64or bad cpu... motherboard, hard drive...05:33
wind3xhmm, you know I did just install new ram today05:33
Dr_Willisphase of the moon. ;P05:33
wind3xbut i had centOS on this thing just a few hours ago with no problems05:34
R-800Hi, all. Trying out Ubuntu again after being away a while.  Never got very proficient with it.  Now I have a new challenge: Trying to install it on a system without internet access.  I have another computer that can get online (obviously?) but that doesn't seem terribly helpful yet.  Did some research, but feeling overwhelmed.05:35
Ben64R-800: the installer works the same if connected or not, whats the problem?05:36
reisioR-800: why can't you get access?05:37
=== Andres_SM is now known as AndresSM
Dr_Willisits nice to have the internet connected - so the installer can get the extra codecs/packages and updates at install time. but its not required05:38
R-800reisio: Well, the access issue isn't a troubleshooting issue.  Let's just say, it's not going to have access, and it's out of my hands.  Nothing is broken as far as that goes.  It's just a limitation I am forced to deal with (I'm setting this up for someone else).05:38
chamunksI'm getting ERROR: Bad port '25510-25530'  for ufw allow proto tcp from port 25510-2553005:38
chamunksany ideas?05:39
reisioR-800: mmm, k05:39
reisioR-800: so it won't have access after you hand it off?05:39
reisioR-800: or you don't want it to ever have access?05:39
R-800reisio: It's out of my hands.  That means it doesn't matter what I want.05:39
reisioI don't understand :p05:39
reisiosomeone has a gun to your head?05:39
reisioshould I call the cops?05:39
Dr_WillisR-800:  so install it.. and hand it off.. there ya go.05:40
Dr_WillisR-800:  internet is not needed for a normal desktop install. but it is nice.05:40
reisioif I _should_ call the cops, say "it's out of my hands"05:40
R-800Dr_Willis: That was already done.  I suppose I could leave it at that.05:40
wind3xDr_Willis: If you think there is an error loading from the DVD, is there a way I can use a portable HD instead?05:40
Dr_WillisR-800:  so.. we have no idea what your real question is..05:40
Dr_Williswind3x:  you can setup grub2 on a usb hd/flash to boot the iso. or image the iso to a usb. (or hd, but that would be weird)05:41
Dr_Williswind3x:  or use a tool from the pendrivelinux site to make a live-usb installer on the hd.05:41
Dr_Willisi even have a thing for my android phone (rooted) that lets my Phone boot the pc with an iso file on the phone. ;P05:41
linuhi added external rtl8723au driver to kernel 3.6.9 and firware also copied and i tried to compile for i386 it shows http://pastebin.com/tu2zcQwA05:42
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
R-800Dr_Willis: Understood.  My real question pertains to certain issues with the install, probably minor, but which would be resolved by now if the system in question had internet access.  So now I'm looking for ways to get the needed downloads from the computer which does have access.  In trying to research this, I got to feeling like it's perhaps not as straightforward as I hoped it would be.05:42
Dr_Williswind3x:  or do an install TO a small usb flash drive from a differnt pc.. and image it to your system :)05:42
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline05:43
wind3xAre you sure that would fix the problem though? I mean I tried installing two different versions to DVD and the both had the same issue, its very strange05:43
Dr_Williswind3x:  your issue seems to be either reading of the cd. or the image on the cd.  Id try making a bootable usb from a known good image.05:43
Dr_Willisa space pc on the same network - opens up the possibility of having a network-boot setup also. ;) or you could try the minimal installer it downloads everything from the internet i belive05:44
Dr_Willisspare pc...05:44
wind3xok, could you please? supply me to a link with a known good image05:44
Dr_Willisi always get my images from torrents. rarely ever have issues with them. then check the md5sum05:45
wilee-nileewind3x, I would torrent the 12.04 server from ubuntu05:45
xmetali copy the devs directory05:45
xmetalthough apttoCD is something i have used before05:45
xmetaloops .. DEBS that should be05:45
xmetalack lol05:46
xmetalthat made no sense ... "i copy the Debs directly " is what i meant05:46
PiNinjaTesting, can anyone see this?05:46
xmetal(haven't eating in awhile, not thinking .. forgive me :P )05:46
wilee-nileexmetal, Just seeing your nick makes me reach for the peppermint lozenges, and I'm not sure why. ;)05:46
wind3xIs that different than the one at http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop ?05:46
MrLaheyhey there I am on lubuntu and am having an issue...i couldnt login after changing my password so I went into grub and changed it back. now I can login but the panel is missing and when I right click to open apps, it only shows the default apps that came with the distro.  all the apps i installed are not showing up. its like its not loading my "profile" or something05:47
djapois there a pdf viewer that works from tty, i dont mean a text based pdf viewer but rather one that can be launched from tty without an x session running?05:47
R-800I guess I could start by asking how to get DVD playback to work through the default Movie Player in 12.04 without getting missing multimedia plugin errors. I wouldn't know what specific plugins I should even be looking for, or how to find out.05:47
linuwilee-nilee http://askubuntu.com/search?q=rtl8723 i followed that page,there stated to copy firmware,i did,but shows the same error http://pastebin.com/tu2zcQwA05:47
Dr_WillisR-800:  normally theres a package you install, then a script you have to run to get the actual 'stuff'  due to legal reasons05:50
xmetalnot naming what OS i run05:50
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:50
babinlonstonUsing ubuntu server 12.04 Not showing syslog Why ?05:51
wilee-nileexmetal, Not any more anyway. ;)05:51
djapoR-800: theres a dvd decoter neaded because dvd movies are slightly encrypted, if i remember correctly it is the css library you need05:51
R-800Dr_Willis: I see.  I did come across some of the stuff about legal issues in the research I was trying to do.  But that didn't exactly encourage me, as one might imagine.05:51
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
R-800djapo: Thanks.  How would I search for that library on a remote computer, since the computer that needs it doesn't have internet access?05:52
Dr_WillisR-800:  dont get me started on 'dvd movie playback' :) i have 'legal' dvd's that i cant play in a totally 'legal' dvd player (the wifes old sony) due to 'legal' extra copy protection the companies have put on the disks..05:53
djapoR-800: sudo apt-get install libdvdread3;sudo /usr/shar/doc/libdvdread3/examples/install-css.sh05:53
Dr_WillisR-800:  so i am forced to  do less then legal things to play my legally bought media.05:53
Dr_WillisR-800:  set up the dvd sutff on a pc that is online, and fifure out what it copied where. and then transfer the files via sneakernet. :)  or setup a pc that IS online how you want. then just image it to the 2nd pc.05:54
Dr_Willisthat may be even easier. ;)05:54
R-800djapo: Thank you, but I must confess to have blundered by omitting an important fact: The computer without internet access is the onl one running Ubuntu.  The computer WITH internet access is NOT running Ubuntu, but Windows 7.  Could things be any more complicated?05:55
xmetalhe said windows ... GET'EM05:56
R-800Ha ha.05:56
xmetalfor the first time i am saying that to someone else05:56
djapoR-800: what version of ubntu are you using ?05:56
R-80012.04 LTS.05:56
djapoR-800: packages.ubuntu.com05:59
R-800djapo: Okay.  Here goes...05:59
crasshow do I get access to i386 arch from amd64?06:00
crassthe amd64 repos appear to have some :i386 packages, but not all06:00
Dr_WillisR-800:  setup vbox on the internet pc.. and setp linux how you want. then image the vbox install.. or well fifure out how to get internet to the linux box.. ;)  sounds like a lot of effort going on here thet could be eliminated by a 15 foot bit of cat-5 cable06:01
Ben64crass: what are you trying to do06:01
R-800Dr_Willis: Granted.06:02
djapocrass: enable multiarch06:02
crassBen64: specifically, I want to get libgl1-mesa-dri:i38606:03
crassdjapo: I have the multiarch-support pkg installed, if that's what you mean06:03
djapocrass: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiArch06:05
leaf_watoruhi to everyone. what you think: does ubuntu edge campaign wins?06:05
Ben64crass: uh.. have you tried "sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri:i386"06:05
crassdjapo: thanks, just found that06:05
R-800djapo: I didn't see the css library available under the libraries section of that site.  Did I look for it in the wrong section?06:05
djapoR-800: libdvdread3 not css06:06
crassBen64: no, but its not listed in synaptic06:06
crassBen64: but it looks like that might work06:06
R-800djapo: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Okay.06:06
djapoR-800: wait06:06
djapoR-800: its libdvdread406:07
djapoR-800: and after that run sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh06:07
rajeevI have installed ubuntu on my new system. I have installed LAMP server, but when I am trying to run a drupal instance at localhost/drupal for the folder drupal which is inside www, it says "You don't have permission to access /drupal on this server."06:08
R-800djapo: Okay, so, can this library be downloaded on the windows machine and then sneakernetted to the Unbutu machine?  If so, what will the destination path be for placing the transferred file?06:08
=== rajeev is now known as RajeevK
djapoR-800: download the file into usb and place into your linux desktop06:10
foo357Hello, I have a ubuntu machine that has an rsa and dsa key, but I can't see a ssh_host_ecdsa_key.pub in /etc/ssh06:12
djapoR-800: than do sudo dpkg -i pathtofile/packagename.deb  where path to file is  the path to the file and packagename is the name of the package06:13
Marleneei get error after run typescript command : Segmentation fault06:14
Marleneeit show me this error every cmmnad i run06:14
R-800djapo: Got it.  Thanks.  One last question.  I used Ubuntu once before, and had no problem getting to the terminal.  But the interface seems to be different now, and I can't bring up a command line.  What am I missing?06:14
Marleneeeven "ls -l"06:14
Dr_WillisMarlenee:  this is in a screen session? try it outside of a screen session?06:17
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Dr_WillisR-800:  type 'term' in the search box when you bring up the dash. ;)06:17
Dr_WillisR-800:  press and hold the windows key to see a list of keyboard shortcuts. and the unbuntu manual will give you the basics of the unity interface06:18
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:18
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:18
R-800Dr_Willis: Thanks.  Now here's a really easy one.... What is the exact path to the Ubuntu desktop???06:18
Dr_Willisthat ubuntu manual may be worth copying over to the pc - befor you give it away also06:19
shadowfioshello I am trying to setup a finerprint system are there any recommended libraries to do so?06:19
Dr_WillisR-800:  you mean 'Desktop' in your home directory? ;)06:19
R-800Dr_Willis: Yes, I believe so.06:19
djapoR-800: type pwd into a terminal06:19
djapoR-800: that will give you your current working directory06:20
djapoR-800: for example /home/username06:20
R-800Okay, so far so good...06:20
djapoR-800: than the path to the desktop will be /home/username/Desktop/06:21
R-800djapo: Got it.  Thanks.06:21
berryciderspiderWill Razer keyboards work on ubuntu? If not macro's, at least the standard keys?06:21
R-800djapo: That seems to have done something.06:24
R-800djapo: Possibly something good.06:24
Dr_Willisberryciderspider:  i would think so, My razor ouse works fine. I think theres some razor tools out for linux to give you the extra features also06:24
djapoR-800: have you installed css yet06:25
berryciderspiderDr_Willis: Would the black widow be suitable for programming as well, and if not which keyboard would you recommend?06:25
R-800djapo: I thought so.  How will I know if it worked?06:26
Dr_Willisberryciderspider:  i dont really see what would make a keyboard 'suitable for programming' or not.06:26
Dr_Willisberryciderspider:  if you can type on it.. its suitable06:26
shadowfioshello i am trying to program a fingerprint authentication system in ubuntu are there any recommended libraries that are in c/c++06:26
Dr_Willisshadowfios:  i thought that feature/tools were allready in the repos.  with a pam module or somthing.06:27
djapoR-800: have you done sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh06:27
R-800djapo: It made several references in the terminal to things like Unpacking libdvdread4, Setting up libdvdread4, Processing triggers for libc-bin..., ldconfic deferred processing now taking place, then it returned me to the prompt.06:28
R-800djapo: Oops.  Didn't do that yet.06:28
berryciderspiderDr_Willis: Do you use a standard mechanical keyboard or laptop-like-key keyboard?06:28
Dr_Willisberryciderspider:  i literally have.. like 30+ keyboards around this house ive used over the years.06:29
Dr_Willisberryciderspider:  and yes i do have some of the old IBM-Model-M clicky-clacky keytboards06:29
Dr_WillisI also have some gamer-keyboards (a G15) that works fine06:29
Dr_Willisi got about 20 keyboards - i need to load up and take to goodwill. ;) I dont need that many06:30
penguinmanhonestly I find i like the cheap ones the best. basically the $10 a pop ones you can pick up at any office supply store.06:30
Dr_WillisLogitech has some decent keyboards for a fair price these days.06:30
Dr_Willistheres one you can wash in the sink for like $2006:30
R-800djapo: It looks like the fetch failed.  Lots of stuff came up on the screen.  It would take a while to relay it all.06:31
xmetali have to say hardware wise i have always went with and loved Logitech06:31
penguinmanactually, as much as I hate to admit it, my current favorite keyboards are actually made by microsoft.06:31
Dr_Willisi got a few logitech disasters - where they did 'innovative' things and made the boards a pain to use. ;)06:31
djapoR-800: lol, i forgo tyou don't have internet on that pc06:31
djapoR-800: hold on06:32
Dr_Willislike remaping the F keys to be MS Word macro keys by default. ;P06:32
R-800djapo: I thought that might be it.  It listed various URLs, as if it was looking for a connection.06:32
Dr_Willisdjapo:  ;) thats sort of the whole issue he has. ;P06:32
xmetalthe "cheaper ones" (only a few bucks less then the logitechs i have gotten are a pain to use iMHO06:32
xmetalthe "no name" brand ones i mean06:32
penguinmanDr_Willis: i actually liked the wave, just a little large for my desk06:32
Dr_Willisthe G15  i have now is a bit over-big also. it has some special Gkeys - that i dont even use. in windows, or linux06:33
Dr_Willisand i wore half the letters off the keys. ;) had to get some stickers to put on them06:33
djapoR-800: download libdvdcss2 from packages.ubuntu.com06:34
berryciderspiderDr_Willis: Not sure if I should get a mechanical keyboard or not...06:34
R-800djapo: Okay.06:34
Dr_Willisberryciderspider:  i doubt if it matters much06:34
MarleneeDr_Willis : i cant get out the script command everytime say : Segmentation fault06:34
djapoR-800: and then install it just like you installed this one06:34
RajeevKCan somebody help with "You don't have permission to access /drupal on this server."06:34
R-800djapo: Okay.06:34
Dr_WillisMarlenee:  this is in a screen session or not?06:34
penguinmanberryciderspider: they're nice, just loud. and a pretty decent investment for a good one.06:35
Marleneeno its not06:35
Dr_WillisMarlenee:  i got no idea then. ive not used the script command in 4+ years at least06:35
berryciderspiderpenguinman: Are they all suitable for programming?06:35
R-800djapo: I don't see libdvdcss2 in the list.06:36
MarleneeDr_Willis : i cant even kill this command06:36
penguinmanberryciderspider: depends on what switches you get. the harder switches are mostly for gaming when you're slamming the keys anyway. the softer ones are pretty good though.06:37
berryciderspiderpenguinman: So brown switches would be best? What about the Diatec Filco ninja?06:37
penguinmanberryciderspider: honestly, i'm not sure on brands. like I said, I use a $15 microsoft branded keyboard right now.06:38
Dr_WillisMarlenee:  go to console, try killall script     perhaps06:38
berryciderspiderpenguinman: I suppose they're all pretty much the same anyway.06:38
Dr_WillisMarlenee:  or ctrl-\  i recall06:38
djapoR-800: hmm indeed ...06:39
penguinmanberryciderspider: get an old model M if you can find one. otherwise I'm not sure.06:39
Dr_Willispenguinman:  ;) got 2 of those.. ps2.. but some days its hard to find a pc with a ps2 port.06:39
Dr_Willisthe lack of a windows key - can be a pain in unity06:40
berryciderspiderthanks for the advice06:40
penguinmanDr_Willis: oh yeah, forgot about that.06:40
R-800Dr_Willis: My experience has been that the presence of the Windows Key is a pain in just about any application.  : )06:41
djapoR-800: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/pacages/medibuntu_free/precise/free/base/libdvdcss206:42
R-800djapo: Okay...06:42
=== mrmist is now known as mist
penguinmanR-800: depends on what DE you're using too. KDE you can get away with no windows key. Gnome or Unity is a bit of a different story06:42
R-800djapo: Now it tells me that the page this links to doesn't exist.06:42
R-800penguinman: I guess it would have to be.  I wouldn't know, of course.06:43
djapoR-800: mised spelled packages06:43
djapoR-800: i missed spelled packages06:43
R-800djapo: Okay!  I see that now.06:43
Dr_WillisUnity makes very good use of the windiows key.06:44
Dr_Willisand the use of the 'hud' on the alt key is also easy to overlook06:44
R-800djapo: I changed it to "packages" and I get the same error.06:44
penguinmanDr_Willis: yeah, one thing about unity I really do like. KDE I had to remap everything to make sense.06:45
djapoR-800: let me get a short url06:45
Dr_Willis http://tinyurl.com/l8a99gv06:45
Dr_Williswas what you gave eralier :)06:45
R-800djapo: The shorter, the better.  : )06:45
Dr_Willisi got a auto-tiny-url script in my weechat client06:46
xmetali hae the unity DE installed though i rarely use it to be honest06:46
djapoR-800: http://tinyurl.com/kwk4mas06:46
Dr_Williscompiz has been core-dumping on me lately :) so ive been digging into Lubuntu06:47
penguinmanDr_Willis: always a fun time. isn't unity supposed to be ditching compiz anyway and going to QT?06:47
Dr_Willispenguinman:  supposed to be going to 'wayland' and ditching X also. ;)06:48
raedovhello guys06:48
penguinmanDr_Willis: fair enough lol06:48
Dr_Willisi will wait and see what happens.. this channel will be SO hectic whenthey do that change06:48
penguinmanDr_Willis: i tried mir out. still slow as molasses on this lappy. and my desktop is an Arch machine, so can't really test it on my heavy duty hardware.06:49
raedovhow to show multimedia details in Nautilus ? such as size in pixel , fps .. etc06:49
xmetalhae? woops06:51
GODDOGwhat is the "vimpc"?  help06:53
Dr_WillisGODDOG:  not sure what you are refering to.06:54
=== vincent is now known as Guest29769
GODDOGDr_Willis:  i use "homebrew" in my Mac06:56
R-800djapo: Okay, I got it to the point where I need to enter the line "sudo /usr/share/doc... " line, and am wondering how it needs to be changed this time around, because I already tried to substitute as best I could, and think I typed something wrong.06:56
Dr_WillisGODDOG:  im not sure anyone in here knows what you are talking about.06:58
R-800Dr_Willis: I can be pretty sure I don't, at least.  : )06:59
Dr_WillisR-800:  we get that a lot in here. ;)06:59
djapoR-800: no, d you have the package from the url in the desktop, if so do a dpkg -i06:59
djapoR-800: same like you did for libdvdread406:59
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
djapoR-800: and that should do it07:00
R-800djapo: I tried to follow all the steps the same way, but the path needs to be changed, and I suspect that it needs to be changed in a way that isn't obvious.  The original line read "sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh", so should the new line read "sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdcss2/install-css.sh"?07:01
penguinmanR-800: where did you download it to?07:02
R-800penguinman: /home/username/Desktop07:03
penguinmanthen the path ~/Desktop should do the trick07:03
Dr_Willisthe file is in /home/username/Desktop/install-css.sh then you mean?07:03
raedov how to show multimedia details in Nautilus ? such as size in pixel , fps .. etc07:03
Dr_Willisraedov:  its possible it cant do it. I always right click and do properties07:04
penguinmanraedov: i don't think nautilus does that. i know the gnome devs have been taking a lot of that out lately.07:04
djapoR-800: no don't do that anymore, try sudo dpkg -i pathtofile/packagename.deb where the package name is the name of the new file you just downloaded from the tiny url07:04
lacy20any one can say chinese?07:04
Dr_Willislacy20:  moo goo gai pan?07:05
lacy20what is mean07:05
R-800djapo: Okay.07:05
R-800djapo: But I already did that part.07:06
wilee-nilee!cn | lacy20 the bot can07:06
ubottulacy20 the bot can: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:06
djapothan it should work then07:06
R-800djapo: I didn't make that clear, but I already did that part and it seemed to work okay, but I thought there was another step afterwards.07:06
djapoR-800: try it out07:06
lacy20thank you07:06
penguinmanbeen awhile since i've been in here, wasn't sure ubottu was still around.07:07
djapoif it does not play the dvd you might have to set your region07:07
djapoR-800: R-800 if you need to set your region try downloading the package regionset installing it and then doing sudo regionset ... you might not haveto tho07:10
R-800djapo: It still doesn't work, but I don' think the region setting is the issue, at least not yet.  I'm still getting the same error as every other time: "Required plugin could not be found.  Python (v2.7) requires to install plugins to support the following multimedia feature: DVD source."07:10
Dr_Willisi recall a bug or similer issue with that message R-800  you may want to check askubuntu.com07:11
djapoR-800: what player are you using07:11
Dr_Willispersonally i would suggest installign vlc as your media player. ;)07:11
R-800Movie Player, or whatever comes pre-installed.07:11
djapoR-800: vlc is a better choice07:11
R-800Dr_Willis: I'd be up for that, if it will work.07:12
R-800Still have to download it remotely, though.07:12
djapoR-800: it will install a bunch of codecs along with07:12
RajeevKI am getting "sudo: unable to resolve host"07:12
R-800djapo: Well, I'll try that, then.07:12
=== maztah is now known as maZtah
Dr_Willisor course getting all the vlc packages from one pc to another since you dont have internet.. will take some time i imagine07:14
R-800Dr_Willis: I had a bad feeling about that.07:14
R-800Also, it seems like there's only a Windows version, from what I've seen so far.07:15
Dr_Willisid just run a cable and been done with this all an hr+ ago. ;)   Hmm. i DO recall some unofficial ubuntu variants that Might come with all this stuff included. but i cant even rember their names.07:15
Dr_Willis!info vlc07:15
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.8-0ubuntu0.13.04.1 (raring), package size 1058 kB, installed size 3356 kB07:15
Dr_Willisvlc is out for most every os there is. ;)07:15
tonestry smplayer instead of vlc07:15
Dr_WillisI even have it for my android devices07:15
Dr_Willismplayer with no gui can even work. ;) i think.07:15
Dr_Willissmplayer will want  a lot of qt stuff i think07:16
john38Hello all is there a program for ubuntu that will enable you to use all 6 cores of  your cpu07:16
Dr_Willisgmplayer will use the gtk stuff07:16
R-800tones: I don't know why I should use one vs. another UNLESS one's easier to install than another.07:16
Dr_Willisjohn38:  mine uses all the cores automatically07:16
Dr_Willisvlc plays most everything you can throw at it. ;)07:16
Dr_Willisand has a fairly decent interface and feature set.07:16
djapojohn38: go 64 bit ... either way ubuntu uses all cores07:16
tonesI use both vlc and smplayer, but I use smplayer more07:17
john38djapo, what i mean is for all programs used07:17
Dr_Willissmplayer had a few neat features i recall. ;)07:17
djapojohn38: you can assign a program to use a core07:17
john38djapo, so Ubuntu uses all your cores automatically07:17
djapojohn38: the linux kernel manages cores and yes it uses less of them when there is less load and when there is more it uses more07:18
john38djapo, ok07:19
john38djapo, cool thnks07:19
R-800So tired...07:19
tonesdo people here attend local LUGs?07:21
spartanxhello all07:23
R-800Anybody heard of Keryx?07:23
spartanxhow can I install a graphics tablet of kraun on ubuntu07:24
Dr_Willisspartanx:  you mean install Ubuntu ON a tablet (android?) or 'use' a tablet (like a wacom thing) for a input device?07:25
spartanxwacom tablet type07:26
spartanxinput device07:26
spartanxi have a kraun pen tablet a607:26
=== rohan__ is now known as dex_
R-800Good night, all.  Thanks for trying to help, anyway.07:29
spartanxme as if I do lsusb device Zippy Technology Corp07:30
Wufuany one have problem with calling a phone nr that begins with + or * ?07:33
bfmt048my update strucks at init script for samba not found (ubuntu 11 >> ubuntu 12.04)  while unpacking libc-bin07:34
bfmt048any one help , my update strucks  at showing warning : init script for samba not found07:37
spartanxresponse one07:40
timfrost!patience |bfmt04807:40
ubottubfmt048: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/07:40
timfrostWufu: Are those phone numbers international (it is usual for a business card to use '+' to denote the prefix used when placing an international call (such as '+64' to denote calling New Zealand or '+1' for England).  I am not sure what the '*' would mean07:52
HypnotiXhow i edit or delete a link file i created usr/bin07:52
bfmt048Could not install '/var/cache/apt/archives/fonts-liberation_1.07.0-2ubuntu0.1_all.deb'07:53
timfrostHypnotiX: rm will remove a symlink07:56
auronandace!fonts | bfmt04807:59
ubottubfmt048: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/07:59
timfrostHypnotiX: you can change the symlink with 'ln  -sf' eg 'ln -sf a b' will change the file 'b' to be  a link to 'a'07:59
HypnotiXim lost :)08:01
HypnotiXill just remove them :D08:01
timfrostHypnotiX: what are the actual files/links and other details?  I (or others who are on-line) should be able to give you the commands that you need if we have that detail08:04
HypnotiXi just wanted to create a link to access my text editor in the terminal08:05
HypnotiXbut there were was already a link made with that name08:05
qinwhat editor?/08:08
qinright, is it for all users?08:10
HypnotiXim the only user :)08:11
HypnotiXso yeah i guess so08:11
timfrostHypnotiX: Does the link you want to change point to an entry in /etc/alternatives/ ?  If it does, it may be possible that sublime is a valid choice, in which case 'update-alternatives' may help08:12
qinI mean, you may want to use more exotic path for own links, scripts, etc..08:12
hibariwhois lasers08:14
jostCan anyone point me to an online or windows tool to decode Intel Machine Check exceptions?08:16
HypnotiXi dont know what you mean qin08:18
HypnotiXi want to use sublime for all text related stuff08:18
blazemoreHypnotiX: export EDITOR=/path/to/sublime_binary08:19
HypnotiXwell i did it with "ls -s path/to/sublime" /usr/bin/foobar08:20
blazemoreThat will mean "foobar" will fun sublime08:21
HypnotiXand i edited the default.list and changed gedit to the sublime desktop file08:21
blazemoreIt won't set sublime to your default text editor08:21
HypnotiXyeah i know08:21
HypnotiXi edited the default.list for that08:21
timfrostHypnotiX: If  'path/to/sublime' doesn't start with a '/', it won't work unless you (or at least the terminal/program you are using to invoke sublime) are in the directory where that path IS valid.  You probably need to add the leading '08:24
HypnotiXi set it with to start with /08:29
=== Argh is now known as HAWiese
HAWieseMoin, moin!08:33
HAWieseMoin, moin!08:33
timfrostHypnotiX: do you get sublime if you type 'foobar' in a terminal?08:34
HypnotiXwell its sublime instead of foobar :)08:35
timfrostHypnotiX: In that case, you have created an appropriate symlink.  Did you get sublime from an official Ubuntu repository, a PPA, or somewhere else?08:43
aldobrhi all08:43
HypnotiXtimfrost: ppa08:44
HypnotiXits not on the official i think08:44
aldobrafter i install ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS i cannot use it because the refresh rate is set wrong right from grub...08:44
aldobrthe monitor displays a Hz symbol to show that the refresh rate is wrong08:44
aldobrthen nothing happens08:45
aldobrhow to solve that08:45
aldobrj minetest08:45
blazemore!nomodeset | aldobr08:46
ubottualdobr: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:46
aldobrcant do08:46
aldobri have no change to type anything08:46
aldobrjust boots right into a wrong refresh screen08:46
blazemoreCan you not even see Grub? You might have to hold Shift while your computer boots08:46
aldobrshift hmmm08:46
aldobrok, thanks i will try that08:46
timfrostHypnotiX: I suggest that you contact the PPA admins, and ask what is the "official" way to make sublime available, and for it to replace nano/vi/...08:50
HypnotiXfrom what i understand that repository is made by some guy08:51
HypnotiXnot the people that made sublime08:51
blazemoreThe PPA doesn't add a menu entry?08:52
HypnotiXit does08:52
regorI have 2 computers (Windows 7 & Ubuntu 12.04) and a HP printer connected via ethernet cables to a cisco router. When I first installed ubuntu, I was able to access file shares located on my windows system but Ubuntu didn't show up on windows. Last night I installed samba thinking I probably needed that to do the job. Now I can't access either computer, either direction! Any suggestions?08:53
aldobrhi again08:55
aldobrnope, shift wont prevent grub from using a wrong refresh rate08:55
aldobrbut, i found that if i press enter it boots into a correct refresh rate (duh)08:55
blazemoreThat's good aldobr. Take a look in /etc/default/grub for grub settings, make sure you run sudo update-grub after making changes08:57
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=== dstevens is now known as davro
ActionPa1snipregor: can you ping the other system?09:24
ni291187I need help...09:25
thneeLot's of stuff seem to have breaked on one of our servers at august 8, can someone help me understand this syslog? http://pastebin.com/UQ4ab8wq09:25
=== pal is now known as ese
thneeIt's quite similar to this bug, but that's really old and we are on 12.04.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rsyslog/+bug/45973009:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459730 in rsyslog (Ubuntu) "rsyslog doesn't create /dev/xconsole " [Undecided,Confirmed]09:26
twager!seen dutchy09:28
ubottuI have no seen command09:28
arashhi , how can I disable TLS in the new firefox ?09:29
blazemorearash: http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/96332509:29
sid418mouse not working after upgrade to 12.0409:30
arashthere doesn't seem to be a mark box for that ~~09:30
blazemorearash: Are you in about:config ?09:30
arashwell thans09:31
arashyou know my friend , Iran actually sniffes the internet connections09:31
arashso TLS won't work09:31
blazemoreI Googled "firefox disable tls" and clicked the first result, did it work?09:31
arash@blazemore worked perfectly09:31
iceroot_TLS will also work with man in the middle attack09:33
iceroot_so there is no single reason to disable it09:34
sid418how to get into working state of my mouse09:34
babinlonstonhow to PID location with PID is it possible ?09:36
iceroot_babinlonston: what?09:36
blazemoreWhat do you mean, babinlonston ?09:36
bekksbabinlonston: Whats a "PID location"?09:36
babinlonstonin ubuntu im using passenger installed and it will start when nginx starts , and i want to know the location of pid , were its located09:37
bekksbabinlonston: There is no need to contact me outside this channel to answer my question.09:37
babinlonstonis't possible to find the pid file location using PID 12545 some think like this09:37
blazemoreWhat do you mean by "location of pid", that's the part that I don't understand09:37
regorActionPa1snip, 0% packet loss!09:38
babinlonstonbekks: im not contacted u :p09:38
bekksbabinlonston: What exactly are you trying with that PID?09:38
iceroot_babinlonston: the pid is in your ram, its not on your filesystem so there is no location09:38
babinlonstoni want to monitor the process so i need to point the pid location09:38
regorlet me try it both ways!09:38
sid418after upgrade into 12.04 my mouse is not working anyone help please , any suggestions about what can i do now09:38
blazemorebabinlonston: /var/run/nginx.pid maybe?09:39
babinlonstoniceroot_: every pid have a location under /var/run/ something09:39
blazemore!patiende | sid41809:39
blazemore!patience | sid41809:39
ubottusid418: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/09:39
iceroot_babinlonston: i thought only pid-files are stored there09:39
babinlonstonblazemore: yeap u right but there no pid for passenger09:39
regor0% packet loss both directions!09:39
iceroot_babinlonston: that are pidfiles in /var/run/  that is not the pid itself09:40
iceroot_babinlonston: like this one /var/run/dhclient6-eth0.pid09:40
babinlonstonthat what im talking iceroot09:40
iceroot_babinlonston: not every program is creating a pid file09:41
babinlonstoniceroot_: yeap ur right and which service im talking about is passenger and its have pid  while im doing ps -aux | grep passenger09:42
bekksWhy do you need the pid file to monitor the process? Just monitor "ps -aux"09:43
iceroot_babinlonston: and as i said earlier, pidfile is not a pid and not every program is creating a pidfile09:43
bekksA stale pid file will provide misleading information.09:43
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iceroot_babinlonston: ps aux | grep passenger09:44
crazyhorsehey so what do you do for encrypted rolling backups in ubuntu?09:44
crazyhorseis there anything nice and easy?09:44
blazemorecrazyhorse: If I were you I'd just encrypt the entire drive you're backing up to with Truecrypt09:44
crazyhorseok.. that's easy enough09:44
crazyhorsewhat do i use for rolling backups?09:44
blazemorecrazyhorse: And then use a regular incremental backup app to back up to it09:44
crazyhorseany suggestions?09:45
babinlonston1001     27298  0.0  8.1 684068 329064 ?       Sl   Aug08   0:10 Passenger09:45
blazemoreNot personally, no, rolling backups don't fit my workflow09:45
iceroot_crazyhorse: deja-dup09:45
iceroot_crazyhorse: installed by default09:45
crazyhorseiceroot: does it store everything or just deltas?09:46
iceroot_crazyhorse: deltas09:47
iceroot_crazyhorse: first backup = everything, all others backups = deltas with encryption09:47
crazyhorseoh right nice.. ok so a good solution09:47
crazyhorsejust a removable harddrive09:47
crazyhorseencrypted with truecrypt.. plug it in, put in pw, run the backup09:48
bekkscrazyhorse: But keep in mind, that you need a running system with truecrypt installed to restore your backup.09:49
crazyhorsebekks: yeah, it only takes a couple of mins to setup09:49
crazyhorseso that should be ok09:49
iceroot_crazyhorse: the backup itself is using encryption, no need for truecrypt09:50
crazyhorsereally, what encryption does it use?09:51
crazyhorsedoesn't mention it in the application09:51
=== vincent is now known as Guest63989
blazemorecrazyhorse: I'd still recommend using Truecrypt because then it'll be easier to restore09:52
crazyhorsethere are still no options for switching encryption on or off09:52
crazyhorseadditionally it says it uses duplicity to do the encryption but i can't see any details of what encyrption it's using09:53
bekkscrazyhorse: Is your host system encrypted too?09:53
iceroot_crazyhorse: man duplicity09:53
gsommerIn Gnome Classic, now do I change mouse acceleration? (Not sensitivity) ?09:54
crazyhorsebekks: yeah09:54
crazyhorsenot with truecrypt though09:54
iceroot_crazyhorse: encrypting  tar- format  volumes with GnuPG09:54
iceroot_crazyhorse: man gnupg   as well09:55
crazyhorseiceroot: yeah i'm reading on the website instead :D09:55
crazyhorseok is it possible to have two sets of backup?09:56
crazyhorsea local office one that happens every day09:56
crazyhorseand a weekly backup that i use with an offsite drive i bring in09:56
iceroot_crazyhorse: not by default09:56
iceroot_crazyhorse: it will always create the delta for your last backup, you cant use 2 different deltas09:57
iceroot_crazyhorse: you have to run duplicity twice with different options09:57
crazyhorselets say for example i have Computer A backing up to HDD1..  if i then plug in HDD2 and then do another backup09:57
crazyhorsepresumably it will run again09:57
iceroot_crazyhorse: in deja-dup you have to change the target directory, so that you are working on 2 directories (you have ti change it everytime you want a different backup (dayly or weekly)09:58
crazyhorseyeah ok09:58
crazyhorseor maybe have the daily one setup through the UI09:58
iceroot_crazyhorse: it will run again with the delta for the last backup it will found, so when you switch the hdd it will work09:58
crazyhorseand just have a command i run manually to do the weekly one09:58
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catyHey, anyone know how to search through a lot of .html files at once with a word or phase?10:01
blazemorecaty: grep word *.html10:01
ActionPa1snipcaty: definitely grep10:02
catyah okay thanks10:02
thincedwith -R you can make it recursive10:02
ActionPa1snipcaty: you can even grep the resulting text to filter the text further10:03
ActionPa1snipcaty: grep -R test *.html | grep foo10:04
crazyhorsedoes anyone run ubuntu on a macbook pro?10:06
crazyhorsewhat's the battery life like?10:06
ActionPa1snipcrazyhorse: depends on the model10:06
ActionPa1snipcrazyhorse: macbook pro is a lot of systems10:06
ActionPa1snip!mac | crazyhorse10:06
ubottucrazyhorse: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages10:06
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sykohey guys!10:07
=== syko is now known as Lanser
crazyhorseActionPa1snip: ok, so in general, peformance etc should be good10:08
crazyhorseand i shouldn't have any major issues?10:08
ActionPa1snipcrazyhorse: well, no. MacOS is designed specifically to run specifically on that hardware10:08
crazyhorseright, so there are some performance issues?10:08
crazyhorseor battery or what?10:08
ActionPa1snipcrazyhorse: so no OS wil lrun as well as MacOS will run as well as the OS is specifically tailored. The Apple OS is designed and tweaked to run on your overproced Apple hardware10:09
crazyhorsei didn't ask will it run as well as10:09
ActionPa1snipcrazyhorse: it wont perform as well10:10
crazyhorsefor example a while back windows performance on the mac was awful, and you'd only get an hour or so of battery life out of it10:10
ActionPa1snipcrazyhorse: it will probably work well.10:10
crazyhorseok cool10:10
heraclitusrunning 3.5.0-31-generic, attempting to install ati proprietary drivers for radeon x1300/x1550 series (legacy driver). Get Error: ./default_policy.sh does not support version is there a fix for this? Or is my kernel not supported?10:11
bekksheraclitus: Whats the very exact error message, can you put it into sa pastebin please?10:11
ActionPa1snipheraclitus: tried the legacy PPA for the driver10:12
auronandaceheraclitus: that sounds like a rather old radeon card, are you sure you can't use the open default drivers?10:12
heraclitusI'm sure I can't use the open default drivers. I attempted to install the ppa with #apt-get install fglrx-installer Here's the pastebin of the error http://paste.ubuntu.com/5976731/10:15
bekksheraclitus: So which card do you actually have?10:16
heraclitusRadeon x1300 :)10:16
ActionPa1snipheraclitus: https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/fglrx10:18
heraclitusah, the ppa seems to be working now.... let's see if it works10:18
ActionPa1snipheraclitus: its a groovy ppa10:19
heraclituslol groovy baby10:19
jellowanyone recommend any good calender app for ubuntu and android that can sync together?10:27
ActionPa1snipjellow: one that can read google calendar.....10:27
ActionPa1snipjellow: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/11/how-to-integrate-google-calendar-with.html10:28
jellowActionPa1snip: rather not use good to be honest10:28
ActionPa1snipjellow: but your Android devcie uses Google calendar......right10:28
anuvratplease take a look at this https://dpaste.de/zMzQw/10:29
ActionPa1snip!info rabbitmq-server10:29
ubotturabbitmq-server (source: rabbitmq-server): AMQP server written in Erlang. In component main, is extra. Version 3.0.2-1 (raring), package size 3665 kB, installed size 4356 kB10:29
anuvratI am trying to install rabbitmq-server and apt-says that it will remove postgres and I am not able to understand why :(10:29
ActionPa1snipanuvrat: are there any bugs reported?10:30
=== Abd_Allatif_ is now known as Abd_Allatif
anuvratActionPa1snip, I don't know ... I am in the middle of developing my django app and I need both postgres and rabbitmq to be installed on my system10:32
anuvratI installed postgres-9.2 on 5th of august, and that is the last date in rabbitmq's logs on my system.10:33
anuvratI am presuming that installing postgres somehow removed rabbitmq and now when I am trying to install rabbitmq it says it will remove postgres ...10:33
anuvratwhat to d o?10:33
ActionPa1snipanuvrat: I'd see if there is a bug reported10:33
ActionPa1snipanuvrat: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue10:34
anuvratUbuntu 13.04 \n \l10:34
anuvratActionPa1snip, Ubuntu 13.04 \n \l10:34
ActionPa1snipanuvrat: for a server? not the LTS?10:35
anuvratActionPa1snip, this is my local machine that I develop on.10:36
absabhow do you convert from ODT to JPG (or PNG) ? is there an app that converts many different filetypes?10:39
=== lasse_ is now known as mandrake-
sam_I have a folder with many images of different names. I have another image with which I need to replace all these images. I need to retain the names of the original images. How to automate this?10:40
blazemoresam_: for filename in `ls directory_of_files`; do rm $filename; mv path/to/other_image $filename; done10:42
alfreddbammnoit not starting up..pls guide me..10:42
absabblazemore: help me too :)10:42
blazemoreabsab: .odt is an Openoffice Writer file, you can't really convert it to a png10:43
alfreddbahow to install and configure mmnoit10:43
blazemoreabsab: Unles you mean like a picture of the document10:43
reisiosam_: you can't use the word 'image' for every variable10:43
absabhow about PDF to JPG?10:44
reisiopdfimages -j10:44
blazemoreabsab: Imagemagic is what you need10:44
absabok thanks all10:45
blazemore!details | alfreddba are you getting an error?10:45
ubottualfreddba are you getting an error?: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:45
MonkeyDustalfreddba  mmnoit is not in the repos and my seach engine does not find it... what is it?10:47
sam_blazemore: thnx it worked10:51
gmaghello. My machine just simply stopped launching grub at start and the screen goes blank. I booted with an ubuntu live cd, and I am not trying to have access to some config files from my partition. I am trying to mount sda1 somewhere in /mnt, with mount -t ext3 /dev/sda1 /mnt/mydisk, does this make any sense? I am getting an error: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1, missing codepage or helper program, other error. Any ideas?10:57
gmagoops, "I am not trying"* should be "I am trying"10:58
ActionPa1snipgmag: you can mount partitions using Nautilus10:58
blazemoregmag: Can you please post the output of "sudo fdisk -l" onto http://paste.ubuntu.com10:58
ActionPa1snipgmag: gmag if the superblock is bad, try a different superblock10:58
streulmaas I think, 13.10 should work on my Retina! Is it good to try 13.10? Or is it better to install the 3.10 kernel in 13.0410:59
ActionPa1snipstreulma: it is pre-release so is not ready and officially not stable10:59
ActionPa1snipstreulma: 13.10 support and discussion is in #ubuntu+110:59
alfreddbaMonkeyDust:sorry mmonit11:05
alfreddbablazemore: am not getting any error web browser unable to load..am using ubuntu 12.04.. i installed monit its working great..pls guide me..11:07
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gmagActionPa1snip,  sry for the delay: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5976884/11:11
gmagoops, that was for blazemore11:11
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest5045
blazemoregmag: And which drive are you trying to mount, do you know? The FAT32 one?11:13
gmagblazemore, sda111:13
blazemoregmag: Could you pastebin the output of "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt" ?11:14
michaelwarbrickI need to copy files from Mac OSX to Ubuntu via external hard-drive11:14
michaelwarbrickwhat file format should I format it with?11:14
blazemoremichaelwarbrick: the word you want is "filesystem", and the answer is fat3211:14
michaelwarbrickblazemore: i have files larger than 4gb11:14
blazemoremichaelwarbrick: NTFS then, unless OSX support ext11:15
michaelwarbrickyeah  I could format as NTFS11:15
gmagblazemore, it takes a long time until it outputs this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5976895/11:15
michaelwarbrickdoes NTFS support checksums?11:15
gmagblazemore, and /mnt has nothing11:15
blazemoregmag: Can you please post the output of "sudo fdisk -l" onto http://paste.ubuntu.com11:16
blazemorewrong one sorry gmag11:16
blazemoregmag: Could you pastebin the output of "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt" ?11:16
gmagI am doing all this stuff as root11:17
blazemoregmag: No need for sudo then11:17
blazemoregmag: Could you pastebin the output of "mount /dev/sda1 /mnt" ?11:17
gmagblazemore, what am I missing, I just did that11:18
blazemoregmag: where?11:18
gmag<gmag> blazemore, it takes a long time until it outputs this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5976895/11:18
blazemoreoh sorry11:18
gmagblazemore, happens to me all the time11:18
michaelwarbrickwhat's considered the best in terms of performance/reliability file system under ubuntu?11:18
blazemoremichaelwarbrick: ext4 is recommended yes, and it's the default fs11:19
blazemoregmag: Can you boot from a LiveCD/USB ?11:19
blazemoreactually doesn't matter gmag11:19
gmagblazemore, I am currently on a live cd11:20
blazemoregmag: can you run "fsck /dev/sda1"11:20
gmagblazemore, I cant boot without Live cd11:20
gmagblazemore, I am running that check11:20
blazemoreOK I'm going to lunch now11:21
gmagblazemore, wait pls11:21
gmagit was fast11:21
michaelwarbrickblazemore: ah it looks like i can get Ext4 support in both windows and osx11:21
blazemoregmag: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/Advanced_Find_ext2_ext3_Backup_SuperBlock11:22
blazemoremichaelwarbrick: careful, it might be a bit sketchy. I'd bet Linux/OSX support for NTFS is better than Windows support for ext11:22
gmagblazemore, ok, thanks. have a nice lunch11:22
michaelwarbrickblazemore: it's made my paragon11:24
michaelwarbrickall their other file managment thingys work11:24
michaelwarbricki've been using their NTFS one for years11:26
s7r`i want to use ubuntu as my default operating system11:29
s7r`can I ?11:29
ActionPa2snips7r`: yes11:30
DJoness7r`: As long as your computer will let it be installed, then yes11:30
kariCan somebody light me little bit. I have now fresh xubuntu 12.04 32bit installation. I go to youtube.com and it ask me to download flash player (tho in the background videos are opening normally).11:31
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash11:31
ActionPa2snipkari: which browsers have you tried?11:31
kariActionPa2snip, this is fresh installation. i have only firefox here11:32
ActionPa2snipkari: can you please give a pastebin of the output of:   lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swk|spark'11:32
ActionPa2snipkari: try other browsers, see how they are affected11:32
kariActionPa2snip,  im pretty sure it doesn't work with anything. gpu is 2002 and desktop 2004  :D i have now nvidia-96 drivers but here is the pastebin http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5976961/11:34
kariActionPa2snip, im still wondering how it can show flash videos in the background even i haven't install any?11:35
ActionPa2snipkari: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer11:35
kariActionPa2snip,  or is youtube it using now html5? i can install flashplugin-installer but then i dont get any videos :/11:35
kariActionPa2snip, ok wait lets do this your way :) i will now install that installer.11:37
ActionPa2snipkari: seems like firefox expects a package, its a 'feature'11:37
kariActionPa2snip,  ok now i have installer. whats next?11:38
ActionPa2snipkari: close firefox then reopen it11:39
kariActionPa2snip,  i started firefox from console to get some debug..." ###!!! [Parent][RPCChannel] Error: Channel error: cannot send/recv"11:39
kariActionPa2snip,  that error comes 154534543 times atleast11:39
wasanzyon ubuntu 10 server , what is rsync called?11:40
=== Dozy is now known as Dozy_AFK
bekkswasanzy: "rsync".11:41
wasanzysame? because I can't find it on my ubuntu 10 server11:42
ActionPa2snip!info rsync11:42
ubottursync (source: rsync): fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool. In component main, is standard. Version 3.0.9-4 (raring), package size 293 kB, installed size 620 kB11:42
ActionPa2snipwasanzy: is it installed?11:42
ezra-s"dpkg -l | grep rsync"  to see if it's installed or "apt-get cache search rsync" to search for it in the list of available packages11:42
ActionPa2snipkari: do the flash video play as expected?11:42
wasanzyI thought it came by default11:43
kariActionPa2snip,  no, black window there where it show it.11:43
ActionPa2snipwasanzy: maybe not in server, simple to install11:43
ActionPa2snipkari: ok, remove the package11:43
wasanzyyh bt version 10 i no more  supported so so I can't seem to install from repo11:44
kariActionPa2snip, ok, but what is that error what comes to console all the time when i try to watch video.11:44
kariActionPa2snip, only comes if i start firefox from console11:44
ActionPa2snipi see, weird11:44
bekkswasanzy: Well, then you dont even have ubuntu.11:45
kariActionPa2snip,  and i have nvidia gpu GeForce4 MX 44011:45
ezra-swasanzy, http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/i386/rsync/download11:45
wasanzythank you ezra-s11:46
ezra-sthere repo is still there11:46
mandrake-any way to upgrade from gnome 3.5.4 to 3.6 when using ubuntu 12.04?11:46
ezra-srsync is in the secury updates11:46
ezra-shttp://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/r/rsync/rsync_3.0.7-1ubuntu1.1_i386.deb more precisely11:47
kariActionPa2snip,  im pretty sure that when we discover what is that channel error: cannot send/recv. we can find solution :)11:47
istiaqueWhat is the best video converter for ubuntu?11:48
Ben64!best | istiaque11:48
ubottuistiaque: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.11:48
ActionPa2snipistiaque: there isnt a single best, or the others would cease to exist11:49
ezra-sistiaque, I would be transcode is11:49
ActionPa2snipistiaque: your question is as intelligent as "what is the best colour of the rainbow?"11:49
ActionPa2snipistiaque: you will get opinions, none are best11:49
ActionPa2snipistiaque: do you seriously think there is one single best?11:50
ezra-sfor him there will be11:50
kariistiaque, for my use, this xubuntu is the best. i found nvidia-96 driver packget straight form repository. :)11:50
ActionPa2snipezra-s: yes but user is asking a channel of randoms11:50
ezra-sActionPa2snip, I know, just playing along11:50
istiaquePlease give some list of video converter in ubuntu?11:50
ActionPa2snipistiaque: why not try a few, see which you like and use that one as you have evaluated it best for your needs11:50
ezra-sistiaque, use the software-center and search it yourself, lazy one!11:51
ActionPa2snipistiaque: http://askubuntu.com/questions/27864/best-video-converter11:51
ActionPa2snipistiaque: again, do you seriously expect there to be a single best video converter?11:52
ActionPa2snipistiaque: in any OS>11:52
istiaqueThank you very much,,ActionPa2snip>11:52
ActionPa2snipistiaque: can you please answer my question11:53
ezra-sActionPa2snip, your effords to get such a question answered are futile :P11:53
ActionPa2snipezra-s: just trying to make people think...just a little bit11:54
babinlonston how to install mmonit  Monitoring server11:54
kariActionPa2snip,  ok now im installing chromium. lets see11:54
ActionPa2snip!info mmonit11:54
ubottuPackage mmonit does not exist in raring11:54
ActionPa2snipok, let me search the web....11:54
fidel!info monit11:54
ubottumonit (source: monit): utility for monitoring and managing daemons or similar programs. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:5.5-6 (raring), package size 270 kB, installed size 737 kB11:54
fidelbabinlonston: i guess you mean that package - not mmonit11:55
ActionPa2snipbabinlonston: do you mean monit?11:55
ezra-sActionPa2snip, hope your faith does not fade11:55
istiaquei think ,,here lot of soft of video converter ,,its my mistake,,and i am new here ,,so i ActionPa2snip> so i think11:55
ActionPa2snipistiaque: its nothing to do with new11:55
ActionPa2snipistiaque: its as smart as "what is the best fizzy drink?"11:55
ActionPa2snipistiaque: the question is ridiculous. There is no single best11:56
istiaqueha ha ha,,11:56
* ezra-s scratches head, fizzy?11:56
istiaquei agree with sir ActionPa2snip>11:56
ActionPa2snipezra-s: carbonated?11:56
babinlonstonmmonit .. it will Monitor Multiple Host in single one , already i have installed monit in 3 servers now i need to connect those 3 server's to one server which was installed with mmonit11:56
ActionPa2snipbabinlonston: http://mmonit.com/wiki/Monit/Installation     says its monit11:56
ezra-sActionPa2snip, asturian cider of course!!!11:57
ActionPa2snipezra-s: I dunno, Rubicon mango never fails t satisfy11:57
ezra-sspecially while you eat roquefort cheese11:57
babinlonstonfidel: http://mmonit.com  here its and the installation not helps me what mentioned here in this site im using ubuntu 12.04 server11:57
babinlonstonActionPa2snip: its http://mmonit.com11:57
ezra-sActionPa2snip, rubicon mango, that sounds like manufactured crap11:57
ezra-sfilled with sugar and unhealthy11:58
fidelbabinlonston: just realized there is mmonit as well. as MMonit is not available via ubuntu-repo - you have to install it manually (most likely) or via a ppa (if that exists for this project)11:58
kariActionPa2snip, interesting... so now i installed first chroium and then again flashplugin and now it crashed. falied to load video....11:58
ActionPa2snipbabinlonston: http://mmonit.com   click wiki, how to, Install Monit11:59
ActionPa2snipbabinlonston: from the link _you_ gave11:59
babinlonstonfidel: yes u right how can i go through it11:59
bekksbabinlonston: I guess you have to actually read the howto ;)11:59
ActionPa2snipbabinlonston: http://ludwigkb.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/monitoring-with-munin-and-monit-mmonit.html11:59
ezra-skari, Google Chrome (not chromium) is the only one which comes with flash pre-installed for it and maintained by google12:00
babinlonstonActionPa2snip: its not help buddy alreay googled :)12:00
ActionPa2snipbabinlonston: I prefer to quack12:01
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|quick_lunc
kariezra-s,  ok thanks. lets see now :) i will install that one12:01
MonkeyDustduckduckgo <312:01
babinlonstonActionPa2snip: let me have a look at your link thanks mate12:01
FloodBot1quackgyver: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:01
quackgyverQUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK !!!!!!12:01
ActionPa2snipbabinlonston: from the link you gave I got the link I gave you by navigating the same page you gave12:01
ActionPa2snipbabinlonston: so its safe to say, that's how it is installed12:01
quackgyverQuack you.12:01
ezra-squackgyver, you got quacked12:01
quackgyverNo, you got quacked12:02
quackgyverby yours truly12:02
quackgyverget your facts straight bucko12:02
quackgyverget your quacking quacks straight12:02
ezra-soh my, he's on quacksteroids12:02
ActionPa2snipor  bad wrap of quack12:02
babinlonstonActionPa2snip: its told me to start mmonit using ./bin/mmonit , but the service is not starting then what may be the problem :(12:03
quackgyverYou know how you can tell when a channel is good?12:03
DJones!ot | quackgyver12:03
ubottuquackgyver: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:03
quackgyverIt's when people play along with the joke. Instead of doing !bot commands to shut you down12:03
* ezra-s chuckles12:03
quackgyver*steps back into the shadows again. the faint echo of a quack rings in your ears*12:04
blazemoreWould you rather drown a baby or eat all the faces off a litter of puppies?12:05
bekksblazemore: Neither nor. You and quackgyver are now on my ignore list. Welcome to the trash can.12:06
babinlonstonAssertException: Required <License> element not found -- in '/usr/local/mmonit-2.4/conf/server.xml' near line 354 this mean i need to buy the licence ?12:07
=== bumbledorf is now known as deadweasel
bekksbabinlonston: Thats an assertion, not an error.12:08
ezra-sbabinlonston, have you tried reading the program documentation before using it?12:08
fideland you used the app before?12:09
kariezra-s,  ok  now youtube videos work with chrome own player. This computer is going to go small girl and she wants to play facebook games :) it now wantas get.adobe flash player12:09
blazemorekari: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree12:10
kariok, i can install that nonfree version also, but lets see...i think it won't work12:11
ezra-skari, problem with adobe flash is that it is no longer supported under linux so installing it manually will probably have you with outdated version, so your best bet imo is to use Google Chrome12:11
ezra-ssomeone may correct me on this12:12
kariezra-s,  i think you are right.12:12
=== KyleYankan is now known as TheBoatCapn
moldytrying to update 10.04 to 12.04. /var/lib/dpkg/status apparently contains several corruptions, e.g. dpkg: error: parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/status' near line 54558 package 'libgnome2-0'  duplicate value for `Package' field12:15
moldyhow do i fix this?12:15
=== liam_ is now known as Guest22339
ezra-smoldy, have you tried "sudo apt-get -f install" ?12:16
ShapeShifter499I have this odd issue, I have two similar hotspot devices, known as the Overdrive and Overdrive Pro. The latter being a smaller brother of the two devices. Anyways they seem to use the same USB id codes when connected to my ubuntu system and therefor the two tethered connections are treated as one although there should be two. How do I fix this?12:17
moldyezra-s: yep. all the standard ways fail because the status file is corrupted12:17
ezra-sI have no experience with that upgrade, didn't even know it could be done, although it may make sense since it is lts 2 lts12:17
moldyezra-s: i.e. apt-get -f install, apt-get autoclean, etc.12:17
Guest22339why does firefox not use libnotify other than it not linking driectly to downloads folder after a download being completed12:17
philinuxezra-s:  Flash version here is and still getting security updates12:17
kariezra-s,  where i can set autologin on in this xubuntu  .config/xfce?12:17
philinuxezra-s: using firefox12:18
ezra-smoldy, my best bet would be to go to /var/lib/dpkg/status and see that line, maybe remove it, making a backup of course12:18
ezra-swild speculation12:18
ezra-sphilinux, installed from .deb package from the distro?12:18
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
cutieActionParsnip: moldy could use your dropbox apt-fixing script12:19
philinuxezra-s: yes12:19
moldyezra-s: yeah, i fixed the corruptions manually now, seems to work12:19
ezra-sphilinux, thanks for letting us know , will check that when I get home :)12:19
ezra-smoldy, lucky bastage :)12:19
ShapeShifter499does anyone have any ideas on my issue?12:20
moldynext problem: http://pastebin.com/XTduWVcE apt-get -f install doesn't help12:21
babinlonstonI want to contact my office persons though local network and it want to be only local messenger .. i tried gnome2ip messenger and its not working properly it have some dependency problem, Any one have local ip mesesenger  ?12:21
ezra-sShapeShifter499, I have no idea, if they are different devices they should be treated as such, same id would imply a hw manufacturing error, afaik, I bet they have different MAC Address, so here is my super wild scpeculation without even looking, there could be some kind of automatic bonding there? (feeling wild today)12:22
Guest22339why does firefox not use libnotify other than it not linking driectly to downloads folder after a download being completed o also cant seem to find any way to implament it12:22
Fieldybabinlonston: set up a jabber server and use something that can talk jabber, like pidgin. you can compile it to only support jabber if you wish.12:22
ShapeShifter499ezra-s, if this is true would I have doubled speeds?12:23
babinlonstonFieldy: will it work around my local network ?12:23
philinuxezra-s: quote "First of all, Adobe will start enforcing this new policy only after Flash Player 11.2 is officially released. Then, after that, it will continue providing security updates for five years for non-Pepper versions of their software.12:23
ShapeShifter499ezra-s, one alone gives me around 500kb/s to 1mb/s12:23
ezra-sShapeShifter499, no idea really12:23
ezra-sShapeShifter499, sorry12:24
philinuxezra-s: from here. good explanation. http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/flash-linux-future.html12:24
ezra-sphilinux, there it is.. thanks for sharing it man!, I knew I had read something about it but I didn't remember it perfectly12:24
ezra-skari, see what philinux has shared12:24
kariezra-s,  thank you :)12:25
ezra-sbasically if something somewhere requires flash over 11.2 you are screwed :P12:25
ezra-sdon't know if chrome will go further12:25
Fieldyno big loss12:26
* ezra-s reading article12:26
bekksezra-s: chrome is at 11.7 already...12:27
GrubInitramCan somebody help me with grub + initram although I use Trisquel?12:27
GrubInitramCan somebody help me with grub + initram + cryptsetup although I use Trisquel?12:28
bekksGrubInitram: Whats trisquel?12:28
DJonesGrubInitram: This channel only supports the official Ubuntu releases12:28
GrubInitramOh, ok12:29
GrubInitramTrisquel is a free distribution based on Ubuntu12:29
georoothi can someone tell me how to compile a c application to plain .bin in ubuntu??12:29
bekksGrubInitram: And its not an official release, so it isnt supported in gere.12:29
ezra-sthe article gets funny at the near bottom12:30
GrubInitramI guessed, but my question is regarding a common package. Doesn't that count?12:30
georoothi can someone tell me how to compile a c application to plain .bin in ubuntu??12:30
DJonesGrubInitram: I'm afraid not, we don't support other variants because we don't know what changes they dev's could have made12:30
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:30
moldygeoroot: nothing ubuntu specific about it. use gcc.12:30
georoottell me syantax in gcc please..12:31
ikoniasyntax ?12:31
ikoniafor what12:31
GrubInitramThat's an odd question12:31
hayerHe wants to compile a .c -> .bin12:31
moldygeoroot: which application is it?12:31
Spec-Chumgeowhat are you trying to do?12:31
Spec-Chumgeoroot: ^^12:31
OerHeksGrubInitram, /join #trisquel12:31
georootsimple application for a school12:32
moldygeoroot: if you just have one c file, iirc you can do "cc foo.c"12:32
hayergcc -o test.bin test.c12:32
bekksGrubInitram: No, it doesnt count. We dont know whats different in trisquel. Please refer to the trisquel support.12:32
georootthanks hayer12:32
GrubInitramI see that you are busy with many questions12:32
moldygeoroot: that will create a file a.out. or you can use the -o switch as mentioned by hayer.12:32
GrubInitramI'll leave you alone12:32
moldyhow do i fix unmet dependencies if apt-get -f doesn't do it?12:33
GrubInitrammoldy: you could try installing aptitude: "sudo apt-get install aptitude" and then run it: "sudo aptitude" or you can try synaptics12:34
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
OerHeksCarefull with Aptitude on a 64 bit system.12:35
OerHeksmoldy what errors do you get? use paste.ubuntu.com to paste12:35
moldyGrubInitram: http://pastebin.com/XTduWVcE12:36
moldyGrubInitram: hm, thanks. i thought apt-get was the currently recommended package manager, but i guess i was mistaken about that?12:36
=== companion is now known as Companion
GrubInitrammoldy: No don't listen to me12:36
GrubInitramI am a power user, not developer or anything12:36
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and 12.04) as aptitude cannot  handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.12:37
karii just noticed, that if i want to shutdown this xubuntu it will hang :D  should i try to add acpi=off to kernel parameters?12:37
moldywell, at least aptitiute seems to do some more calculation, i will see how it ends up...12:37
GrubInitramGood luck12:38
moldythank you :)12:38
GrubInitrammoldy: by the way, aptitude can give you several solutions12:40
mudkip908kari: add acpi_osi="Windows 200612:41
moldyunfortunately, aptitude doesn't offer a solution either :(12:41
mudkip908kari: acpi_osi="Windows 2006"12:41
GrubInitrammoldy: if you just run 'sudo aptitude' it displays a window in terminal. you can look for packages pressing l key12:41
GrubInitramoh, sad12:41
GrubInitramDo you have some kind of special ppa or repository12:42
karimudkip908,  why "windows 2006" ???12:42
moldyGrubInitram: i had a few before the release-upgrade12:42
CapprenticeWhich channel I might get to chit chat on anything ? This seems a ubuntu only channel :P12:42
mudkip908kari: because it's a value that works on many computers. you can also try "Windows 2001" and "Windows 2001.1"12:43
PiciCapprentice: #ubuntu-offtopic is our non-support channel.12:43
DJones!alis | Capprentice12:43
ubottuCapprentice: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*12:43
GrubInitramOoohhh, you are doing  release-upgrade12:43
GrubInitramWell, that is always a pain for me.12:43
moldyyep :-/12:43
GrubInitramI think that you should ask the experts around here12:44
GrubInitramBy the way, I am not an Ubuntu user. Apparently, I cannot ask questions, but I can help people! HAHAHA12:44
GrubInitramIsn't that ironic?12:44
GrubInitramWell, see you, moldy12:44
GrubInitramI have to see how to solve my own trouble12:45
karimudkip908,  thanks i will test those :)12:45
OWDHikonia bruda ola12:47
ikoniaOWDH: hello12:47
OWDHOngavezir Da Holyness köszönt titeket12:47
ikoniaOWDH: please talk in English in this channel12:48
OWDHHello Matthew12:48
Capprentice@Ikokia : You are alive !!?????? !!! :P12:48
ikoniaCapprentice: ?12:48
CapprenticeYou are the one who get on my nerves. You are the expert I alwys were taking advice 7 months ago :P12:49
ikoniaCapprentice: apologies, I don't remember you12:49
CapprenticeNo need. Its gr8 to see u again :P12:49
^2fChi yall :D12:49
OWDHAnd do you remember me, ikonia bro?12:49
ikoniaguys can we get back to Ubuntu discussion please12:50
Capprenticesure :)12:50
CapprenticeOh man ! no one asking questions today. How borring ! I though I would spend some time watching peoples asking questions....Leaving now..12:56
Aut0Execanyone here?12:56
CapprenticeOh hello !?12:56
Aut0Execi have a quick and easy question12:57
Capprenticeyes ! must not be joke.12:57
Capprenticego on :P12:57
Aut0Execif i install ubuntu "inside of windows" how much of a performance difference is there?12:57
blazemoreAut0Exec: Do you mean with Wubi?12:57
Aut0Execvs installing from stratch12:57
Aut0Execwith wubi12:57
ikoniaAut0Exec: shouldn't notice anything12:57
Capprentice?? with Wubi yes.12:57
blazemoreAut0Exec: I noticed the difference12:57
ikoniaAut0Exec: file system differences are the only real differences, the rest should be native12:58
blazemoreAut0Exec: I always recommend a real installation, wubi causes more problems than it solved12:58
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CapprenticeMe too. I think the allowable disk size is 30 GB12:58
Capprenticethats a limit12:58
k1l_Aut0Exec: dont use wubi. wubi is a performance loss since its inside a container on windows and not native12:59
CapprenticeInstall along side windows. Use windows bootloader. Use EasyBCD to create entries for ubuntu.12:59
Capprenticeor may be GRUB.12:59
Capprentice :P12:59
ShapeShifter499philinux, about that flash post your shared.... W.I.N.E. can always run that flash player within a windows firefox. Problem solved13:01
ikoniadepending on wine is a bad idea13:01
ShapeShifter499*you shared13:01
ShapeShifter499ikonia, why?13:01
CapprenticeAny one used Shockwave player on Wine ? many of the flash games runs on Shockwave player. Have anyone tested wine for that ? Or Unity web player ?13:01
ikoniaShapeShifter499: because it's a moving target13:01
Aut0Execk1l_: thanks for that... thats kinda what i thought13:01
ikoniaOWDH: please stop13:02
ShapeShifter499ikonia, how is it a moving target?13:02
ikoniaShapeShifter499: support for components varies from week to week,something that works this week, may fail next week, or require an update to a version that's not available/compatible with the current OS13:03
ikoniahence "moving target" and hence "dependable" solution13:03
CapprenticeAnyone knows if Unity beta is launahced for Ubuntu or not ?13:03
ikoniaCapprentice: unity beta ?13:03
CapprenticeUnity Web Player. The dev team was proposing to launch the Unity Gaming platform for Linux distros too. SO I thought may be it is available now ...13:04
ikoniaCapprentice: where is the info on this ?13:04
CapprenticeOn youtube :P13:05
CapprenticeI can fetch you the link if you want.13:05
=== liam_ is now known as Guest67532
ikoniaCapprentice: where ? I'm not aware of the unity development team making such announcements on youtube13:05
CapprenticeOk wait. I have watched that video 3-4 months ago.13:06
CapprenticeLet me check If i find that.13:06
wasanzymy home directory has become Read-Only file system, even when I tried changing it like chmod -R 777 /home/name am getting permission denied13:06
TJ-Capprentice: Yes; is this what you're wanting? http://unity3d.com/unity/multiplatform/13:06
wasanzywhat could be wrong?13:06
ikoniawasanzy: normally a failure / corruption in the file system drops it into read-only mode13:06
TJ-wasanzy: Likely that the file-system itself has been mounted read-only due to a problem. Check "mount | grep home"13:07
wasanzyTJ:, no output13:07
wasanzyikonia: then wat can I do?13:08
TJ-wasanzy: OK, so /home is in the rootfs then. So "mount | grep ' / '  "13:08
CapprenticeTJ- Yep that is the thing :D13:08
ikoniawasanzy: chances are if you reboot, it will do an fsck on reboot (take some time) and fix itself13:08
ikoniawasanzy: or you could manually do it from a livecd13:08
Capprenticeikonia: http://unity3d.com/unity/multiplatform/desktop13:09
wasanzyis a remote ubuntu server so I don't have physicall access13:09
feloncan anyone help me get my display working right.  i cant choose any 16:9 resolution, with kernel drivers on 12.04 my options are only 4:3 .....ive tried every  propritory driver there is and yes the beta 304. nvidia driver gave me the best options out all the drivers, and even tho i had 16:9 in the resolution list with nvidia beta 304. driver, it wouldnt let me do it ...13:09
Capprentice@ TJ- Where is the preview download link ?13:09
ikoniaCapprentice: ah, so not ubuntu's unity desktop,13:09
wasanzy/dev/sda1 on / type ext3 (rw,noatime,errors=remount-ro)13:09
ikoniawasanzy: ok, so you have two choices13:10
Capprenticeikonia: no :)13:10
ikoniawasanzy: 1.) reboot and see if it autofsck's / fixes it13:10
=== hp is now known as Guest10124
ikoniawasanzy: 2.) talk to remote hands and ask them to boot it from a remote media13:10
wasanzyikonia: ok13:10
wasanzythank you all13:10
OWDHnot at all bro13:10
felonaint there more more drivers i can pick from ?13:11
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TJ-Capprentice: "v4.2: Linux: Implement headless player; this will not require Xlib (requires Unity Pro)." see "Linux, Mac, and Mecanim" at http://blogs.unity3d.com/2013/07/22/unity-4-2-has-arrived/13:11
Guest67532why doesnt firefox use ubuntu's default notification system?13:13
Guest10124hey guys i want ask how i upgrade ubuntu 12.4 to 13.4  with next windows13:14
Guest10124please help me ful13:14
Guest67532why doesnt firefox use ubuntu's default notification system?13:14
TJ-Capprentice: I think this answers your question with a "No".  "We don’t currently have any plans to ship a web player for Linux, but we encourage you to export your game to Native Client, which Linux users can take full advantage of."   http://blogs.unity3d.com/2012/11/22/linux-publishing-in-unity-4-0/13:14
santanuhi there!13:15
ActionPa1snipGuest67532: you will need to upgrade to 12.10 first13:15
santanuhaving loads of issues with Intel e1000e network card since morning13:15
TJ-santanu: Any clues in the kern.log ?13:16
Guest10124thank you Guest67532 i do this know13:16
santanuI'm on 12.0413:16
OWDHI'm on 10.0413:16
kariim back again :D i have tried acpi=off, "acpi=force apm=power_off" and my motherboard bios that acpi is disabled, because if i put it on my computer starts to be very slow and mouse pointer is moving only every second or so.13:17
santanuit's listed by lspci and lshw list the card13:17
MonkeyDustOWDH  desktop or server?13:17
OWDHDesktop and server13:17
DJonesOWDH: Be aware that 10.04 desktop is no longer supported13:17
santanuI'm on 12.04 server13:17
OWDHBut the hardware old... 2GB RAM and 3GHz P4 CPU13:18
Guest10124what you problem13:18
CapprenticeTJ- Thats bad.13:18
Guest10124give me you qeus13:19
santanu"ifup eth0" repprtes: "ERROR while getting interface flags: NO such device"13:19
DJonesOWDH: I have 12.04 running on weaker hardware than that13:19
karirestart works perfectly tho :)13:19
OWDHTx DJones bro13:19
ActionPa1snipOWDH: lucid is EOL on desktop13:19
OWDHola neko bro13:20
TJ-OWDH: I'm running 13.04 on the same hardware as a gateway router and file-server with 10 NICs, 2x RAID 1 arrays, and 2x xDSL modems - it idles most of the time. I'm just upgrading it to 13.10 so I can install apache 2.4 with HTTPS PFC (perfect forward secrecy)13:20
nekoi have a folder with thousand of millions of files that i need to delete13:20
nekono success with either rm *13:21
nekonor find -delete13:21
nekosomeone have an idea ?13:21
TJ-neko: Literally, millions? what file-system is it on?13:21
kariok i try to reboot again...13:21
nekoi cannot now how much files are in it13:21
Guest10124I have 12.04 running on weaker hardware than that  My reply13:21
nekols die because it have not enough ram13:22
Guest10124Vanilla] Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is a good version of Ubuntu, but it needs a lot of horsepower, that is not available in aging computers.13:22
Guest10124But the computer would do well with 12.04 and a lighter desktop environment. I suggest that you download the iso files and test them from a CD or USB drive (boot a live session without installing it). And when you see how it works, decide what to install.13:22
Guest10124Xubuntu with the light desktop environment XFCE13:22
Guest10124Lubuntu with the ultra-light desktop environment LXDE13:22
FloodBot1Guest10124: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:22
santanuneko: ls | wc -l13:22
nekoit die13:22
=== mydogsnameisrudy is now known as rudyismydog
nekoi suppose it is ext3 filesystem13:22
jan1337zQuestion: I have a (given) ubuntu Image on VirtualBox that is installed with GUI … I assume that displaying the GUI in takes resources. How can I disable the GUI so that is only runs in terminal mode so that it takes less resources?13:23
TJ-santanu: That's not a good idea! That'll block the f/s whilst it iterates if all the files are in the top directory13:23
nekoTJ- : indeed13:23
nekonever got in such a situation13:23
TJ-neko: Is it a temporary directory, or the remains of an installation of some specific application?13:24
santanuTJ: that's true!13:24
nekoit is a sessions folder from php13:24
nekothat goes crazy13:24
nekokeeping on create sessions files for months13:24
soman1Xubuntu 12.04 Elements of the panel (time, language and fast launch) are not displayed. Is any ways to fix it?13:25
TJ-neko: I suspect what you need to do is remount the file-system with "data=writeback" option *only whilst deleting* to prevent the use of the journal log. Make sure the PC is protected by a UPS or battery first though, since if power goes out it could make a serious mess of the file-system.13:25
nekowow  it is in fact a virtualized server13:26
nekoi have no physical access to it13:26
TJ-neko: OK, read up on "data-writeback" then so you understand it13:26
TJ-neko: If it is a VPS then I'd guess it is in a UPS-protected data centre13:26
santanudoes anyone here with some network-configuration knowledge?13:27
santanuI can't bring up my eth0 (or eth1)13:28
TJ-neko: The slowness is caused by every deleting being written to the file-system journal log rather than direct changes to the directory inode, and then having to be committed separately.13:28
santanuit's an Intel e10003 on-board card13:28
karican someone point out for me some manual. i can try to figure this out also. i have tryed to google, but i can't find good solution. i can hear that HDD shutdowns, but still its halted13:28
nekoTJ- : in fact my problem is not that it is slow, it is that commands to delete files keep on dying13:29
santanu*intel e1000e13:29
kariother words, when i press shutdown it hangs.13:29
nekoTJ- : well find . -delete seems to not dying right now13:29
TJ-santanu: what does this show? "lspci -nn | egrep -i 'Ethernet'  "13:30
nekowill wait, if i have not success with this will try to mount it without the data-writeback13:30
nekoTJ- : thanks for the informations13:31
GothPawso I have a load to black screen issue that I tried "nomodeset" however it did not work but it did lead me to an error -->  xinit: unable to connect to X server: Resource temporarily unavailable. Please note that this did  not happen before installing kubuntu-desktop for my wife sine she doesn't like Unity (13.04). Any suggestions?13:31
santanuTJ: 00:19:0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation Device [8086:153b] (rev 04)13:32
TJ-neko: Run the command from 'screen'. Whilst it is running, press Ctrl+A then C to create a new shell, and in that shell run "top" and see if the 'find' process is busy. To switch back to the 'find' window press Ctrl+A then N. After the commands have stopped, do Ctrl+A then \  to exit the screen sessions.13:32
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OWDHHosanna for you13:33
nekoTJ- : it seems to work as "df" show that files are into deleting13:34
TJ-neko: Go make a cup of coffee come back later :D13:34
santanuTJ- : 00:19:0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation Device [8086:153b] (rev 04)13:34
TJ-neko: I'm running a ddrescue of a 500GiB drive and so far it's taken 4 days.... I've had lots of coffee so far waiting for it :)13:35
TJ-santanu: OK, so that's the e1000e driver.13:35
nekoTJ- : :) i hope it will not need as much time13:35
nekoTJ- : i try to stop coffee13:35
TJ-santanu: You've confirmed the driver has loaded correctly by inspecting dmseg/kern.log ?13:35
CapprenticeTJ- 4 days non stop ?!13:35
TJ-neko: I was doing tea but got fed up!13:35
mohitSHey guys, does anybody know what's the command (key combination) assigned to the power key in Ubuntu(linux).i.e. what happens in background when we press powerkey on our desktop/laptop having linux installed?13:37
TJ-Capprentice: Yes... got it sat next to me on a specially configured 'caddy' machine I use for this stuff; it's got about 25GiB of damaged sectors through physical shock. So far its recovered 450GiB13:37
santanuTJ- : "dmesg| grep e1000" reports it does13:37
TJ-santanu: OK, so your issue with the interfaces not coming up is more likely down to what they are physically connected to possibly?13:37
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
TJ-santanu: Have you verified the ethernet cables are OK, that the hosts/switches on the other end are fine? When a cable is plugged in does the kern.log show the interface link being detected?13:38
mustmodify_I'm trying to grep through Rails logs. Is there a way I can say " and stop and the first blank line" instead of using -A7 etc which will sometimes include the next log entry and sometimes not include the entire current entry?13:38
mustmodify_with grep13:39
mustmodify_sorry I must have edited that out :)13:39
TJ-santanu: You should see something like "e1000: eth6 NIC Link is Up 1000 Mbps Full Duplex, Flow Control: RX/TX"13:39
santanuTJ- : I think I sould mention: I swaped the HDD from a machine with a realtek card on it13:39
TJ-santanu: OK, I think I know your issue! Listen closely :)13:39
mohitSanyone guys?13:40
OWDHmohits bro ola13:40
mohitSola OWDH13:40
TJ-santanu: To ensure NIC interfaces get the same name, udev keeps a note of the first time an  NIC is seen and associated a name to its MAC address. It keeps that info in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules. My bet is that the Intel interfaces are there but with higher numbers. If you want to get the original interface numbers you'll need to either edit that file, or delete the custom lines in it, and let udev rediscover the new interfaces and assign numbers f13:41
TJ-rom 0 again13:41
mohitSI was having a small query related to the commands assingned to the buttons in linux system13:41
santanuTJ- : just FYI..... I traied editing 70-persistent-net.rules with the new MAC address, that didn;t work at all13:41
mohitSwhat is the command (key combination) assigned to the powerbutton on linux machine. I'm trying to automate some small things using it13:41
mohitSappreciate any help13:42
blazemorethe power button as in... the button that turns on/off the PC, mohitS ?13:42
TJ-santanu: So delete/comment out all the existing rules in there and try again. You should be able to unload the e1000e module, restart udev, and reload e1000e13:42
blazemoreThat button is special t's not like a keyboard button13:42
santanuTJ- : If I reboot the machine with 70-persistent-net.rules removed, it doesn't cretae the file autometically13:42
blazemoreIt sends some sort of ACPI command13:42
mohitSon pressing which you get the options (reboot/shutodn/restart/suspend/cancel)13:42
mohitS@blazemore In any way can we simulate the same things using terminal13:43
TJ-santanu: You should only need to comment out/delete the custom rules. I would have thought though that udev just recreates that file if it is missing.13:43
blazemoremohitS: yes, the "reboot" and "shutdown" commands13:43
TJ-santanu: When you run "ifconfig | grep eth" what do you get?13:43
santanuTJ- : let me try again13:44
mohitS@blazemore: those command will actually take respective  action reboot/shutdown13:44
blazemoremohitS: Yes that's right13:44
mohitSwhat I want is just send the power button interrupt, no13:44
mohitSaction, as pressing power button just the popup comes13:44
mohitSnothing happens until we select the options...13:44
blazemoreoh that's kind of technical mohitS ... start here maybe http://linuxgazette.net/106/pramode.html13:45
CapprenticemohitS, On my Ubuntu machine it just shutsdown the pc without any warning or anything :P13:45
mohitS@blazemore: thnx dude, will check it out surely13:45
blazemoremohitS: I guess you could start weith "tail -F /proc/acpi/event" and press the button13:45
mohitS@Capprentice: that may be because of setting that you have opted13:46
TJ-santanu: you ought to see something like this in dmesg/kern.log when the module loads: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5977342/13:46
mohitSnot able to read the /proc/acpi/event that might be a service, running continuously13:47
meowsusI've noticed that, on occasion, Unity will just freeze after being opened making my desktop unusable. When I switch over to TTY1 and run `top` I see Compiz is blasting forward with 100% of my CPU. I'm wondering what is happening, but there are no logs associated with compiz that I can find. Can anyone help me figure out how to debug something like this, seemingly without logfiles?13:47
karihello again. i have new information :). if i press main switch to power off it works (i think even too fast almost like "init 0") but i choose power off button from menu it will hang. Does that help anybody to solve this?13:47
santanuTJ- : I don't see that in my dmesg at all13:48
santanuTJ- : what am I missing?13:48
ActionPa1snipkari: try:  sudo shutdown -h now    to shutdown13:48
TJ-santanu: Well, your module is e1000e not e1000 so you might need to adjust the regular expression13:49
philinuxmeowsus: look in the xorg log files in your home13:49
mohitS@kari: init 0, shutdown -h now, shutdown -h 0, poweroff are almost used for same purpose, with some diff of what steps they take to poweroff your sys13:49
meowsusphilinux: Word, checking...13:49
kariActionPa1snip, i tried that already and it hangs. /etc/default/halt has HALT=poweroff line...13:49
santanuTJ- : I simply tried "dmesg | grep -i e1000" - that should catch the rest13:50
philinuxmeowsus: I meant xsession errors soz13:50
TJ-santanu: Well then I'd read dmesg/kern.log line-by-line to ensure the driver is loading!13:51
santanuTJ- :  I also get "missing $INTERFACE" if I try: "/lib/udev/write_net_rules all_interfaces"13:51
kariActionPa1snip,  only way to shutdown computer is to press now straight that power switch. it doesn't even wait that splash screen :D its fast!!13:51
TJ-santanu: You set INTERFACE before calling it I assume?13:51
kariActionPa1snip, and i think it will harm my hdd if it does it like that13:51
ActionPa1snipkari: how? its a graceful shutdown...13:51
santanuTJ- : what about "lsmod"? It lists the module there13:52
TJ-santanu: Does it report e1000e ?13:52
kanylWhat's a good place to put stuff that shared between users? Putting something in my home and chmodding it seems ugly, is there a standard path where shared files usually go?13:52
kariActionPa1snip,  i don't know. i have acpi disabled from bios (because it doesn't work so well my computer starts to lag with it)13:52
meowsusphilinux: Sweet, thanks man. I'm seeing some stuff in here, for sure!13:52
mohitS@kari init 0 is the exactly the same, the way you select shutdown from the gear icon13:53
TJ-santanu: Thing is, the module will report what it is doing and that should be in the system logs. If it isn't then either the syslog daemon is faulty or else the module is stuck.13:53
santanuTJ- : I did "modprobe e1000e" first13:53
karimohitS,  ok...hmmm13:53
philinuxmeowsus: I also check /var/log/xorg.0/13:53
philinuxmeowsus: I also check /var/log/xorg.0.log13:54
karimohitS, well can we look to some log file or? to figure this out...i don't like to guess :)13:54
DanDuncombeI ran the command:    sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade     and now the mouse won't move. I am using the latest Kubuntu. Help?13:54
mohitS@kari you can have a look at kernel logs in /var/log/kern.log13:55
TJ-santanu: Which version of Ubuntu is this on? It may be the module doesn't have an alias for your device13:55
santanuTJ- : 12.0413:55
mustmodify_I have grepped a log for a username. Now I want to say "now get rid of \n\nProcessing and all lines that follow it up to but excluding \n---" ... any thoughts?13:56
TJ-santanu: Hmmm, this might be the issue. Try this: "sudo lspci -nnvv -d 8086:153b" and tell us what the kernel driver lines show13:56
mohitSthere you can check where your system is getting problem, or just enable kernel logs by doing echo 10 > /proc/sys/kernel/printk13:56
TJ-santanu: Then check if the kernel module has the alias by doing "modinfo e1000e | grep -i 153B"13:56
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karimohitS, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5977383/13:58
kariActionPa1snip,  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5977383/13:58
TJ-santanu: On 12.04 you can install a backported (newer) kernel to get the hardware driver support you need without a full release upgrade. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Release/Rolling13:59
santanuTJ- : "modinfo e1000e | grep -i 153B" doesn't return anything at all. "modinfo e1000e" does a lot though14:00
kari12 13:57:52 ubuntu kernel: [    0.000000] ACPI Error: A valid RSDP was not found (20110623/tbxfroot-219)14:00
TJ-santanu: If you get nothing from the grep then that answers your issue. The 12.04 kernel doesn't have support for the hardware in the e1000e driver. So you need to install a more recent kernel. See that link I just posted for how to go about that14:01
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
TJ-santanu: If the OS has some other form of networking you can do a simple "sudo apt-get install linux-current-$FLAVOUR"; otherwise, you'll need to manually download the correct .deb packages from the archive using a networked PC and copy them over using a USB stick and then use "sudo dpkg -i ..." to install them14:02
kariActionPa1snip,  ok boys i will settle for main power switch. Its enough for me :) thank you for helping14:06
santanuTJ- : do you have the url for the download nandy?14:07
santanuTJ- : *handy, I mean14:08
jnhghyis there a way to count all the words from all the files in a directory that has subdirectories? the command should be recursively. is there such a command?14:09
blazemorejnhghy: "find directory -type f | xargs wc | awk '{total = total + $1}END{print total}'14:10
blazemorejnhghy: Ignore the first quotation mark there14:11
=== Dozy_ is now known as Dozy
ActionPa1snipblazemore: nice14:12
TJ-santanu: This script will dig out the current package names used by the virtual package for generic kernel.  $ apt-cache show linux-current-generic | awk '$1~/Depends/{gsub(/,/, "", $2); printf "%s\n%s\n", $2, $3}' | while read pkg; do apt-cache show $pkg | egrep '^Depends'; done14:13
jnhghyblazemore: worked like a charm, thank you14:15
TJ-santanu: You can get the packages manually from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/14:16
blazemoreActionPa1snip: Thanks :)14:16
kanylWhat's a good place for a shared directory? Is /var ok? should I create it in the root instead?14:17
kanyl(Shared between local users)14:17
blazemorekanyl: Up to you but I use /var14:17
blazemorekanyl: eg "/var/remote", "/var/music" etc14:17
TJ-kanyl: I use /home/all/14:18
Aniruddha_DaichiHello everyone, Aniruddha_Daichihere and i'm here and ready to DDoS.14:18
TJ-kanyl: I've a group "users" which all user accounts are in, and /home/all is owned by root:users with u+rwx,g+rwx,o+rx14:19
OerHeksAniruddha_Daichi, do not DDoS yourself, as it is not supported here.14:19
detch_i have  a bad internet connection . i installed lamp on my laptop . i will install ubuntu 13.04 could i copy lamp folders on cd and copy it instead of downloading it again ?14:19
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santanuTJ- : If I run the script, I get "E: No package found" as the first line14:19
kanylTJ-: thanks14:19
TJ-santanu: OK, sounds like the apt cache is out of date; I'll pastebin you the result from a 12.04 here14:20
santanuTJ- : and "Depends: linux-headers-3.8.0-27-generic" as 2nd line14:20
TJ-santanu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5977470/14:20
santanuTJ- : I'm running 3.2.0-51 at the moment14:21
DozyJohn___:  hello?14:21
John___I need some help, I just used Wubi to install Ubuntu 12.0414:21
TJ-santanu: So you'll need 3.8 to get the support you want. I checked - it has it14:21
Dozywhats the issue John___?14:21
John___(on an external drive, with my main OS on an internal)14:21
John___And when it boots14:21
John___It goes to GNU Grub version 1.99-21ubuntu3.914:22
santanuTJ- : noe I get the same output as ur; I had a typo in my first try14:22
John___And displays grub>14:22
TJ-santanu: :)14:22
John___and some other text14:22
santanuTJ- : *now14:22
Dozyyou installed ubuntu onto an externel hard drive with wubi?14:22
TJ-santanu: I think that'll sort out your issue, let me know if it doesn't14:22
Dozybut from my understanding of wubi it runs ubuntu as a program14:23
John___Oh it does?14:23
John___It dual boots it14:23
TJ-santanu: Now, I have to rebuild the LVMs on a 500GiB drive that ddrescue has just recovered 450GiB of. I could be some time!14:23
John___I thought anyway14:23
John___Ill boot to my normal OS now I guess and see if I can find it... (im running Windows XP)14:23
John___It does come up with a bootloader though...;14:24
John___Ubuntu or Windows XP Professional14:24
santanuTJ- : Thanks for yout help. now I need to find out an USB stick14:24
TJ-santanu: Or CD14:24
DozyJohn___:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide14:24
Dozywhat happens when you go onto wubi?14:25
Dozyonto Ubuntu*14:25
John___Throws me to Grub14:26
John___Also this was my first Linux install ever14:26
John___So im a noob xD14:26
Dozywhat does the GRUB tell you?14:27
detch_ i have  a bad internet connection . i installed lamp on my laptop . i will install ubuntu 13.04 could i copy lamp folders on cd and copy it instead of downloading it again ?14:27
John___It just says14:28
John___Grub 1.9914:28
John___This is a BASH text prompt thing14:28
Dozythats all?14:28
John___and grub>14:28
Dozyso you get   Grub>_14:28
Dozyand you can type14:28
John___So did I scew something up?14:30
Dozynah John___ thats not your fault14:31
Dozyok did you get the 64bit or the 32bit?14:31
psychofarti am not trying to turn you away from God14:32
John___So is there any quickfix?14:33
=== psychofart is now known as waters
Dozytrying to figure out what kernel version came with that ubuntu14:33
DozyI know the quick fix but idk what kernel is pre packed into ubuntu 12.04 32bit14:33
John___my external hard drive wasnt plugged in14:34
John___lemme try it now14:34
=== waters is now known as certain
Dozywell John___?14:35
John___shutting down xp as we speak14:35
John___alright rebooting14:35
DozyI think you should move from xp to ubuntu :314:35
John___I plan on it :314:35
John___Especially since steam is forUbuntu now14:36
John___And I <3 steam14:36
Dozy ^_^14:36
John___alright im in the windows boot chooser14:36
John___No luck :(14:36
John___is it a problem that my External is formatted to NTFS?14:37
John___All my drives are NTFS except for my USB14:37
John___Theese are my disks: (memdisk) (hd0) (hd0,msdos1)(hd1)14:38
MonkeyDustJohn___  don't hit the enter key too often, it's getting a headache14:38
Dozyok you are in grup now right John___?14:39
borlaxDomestic abuse of the enter key. lol14:39
Dozyok type14:39
Dozylinux /boot/vmlinuz-14:39
Dozythen type 3 and hit tab14:39
Dozydoes the tab add more infomation?14:40
Dozyso what came up?14:40
John___it added a / and wubildr.exe14:40
Dozythats not what i'm looking for14:41
John___shall I hit enter?14:41
Dozychange the 3 to 3.14:41
Dozyand then hit tab14:41
Dozydid it add more?14:41
John___the 3 to 3?14:41
Dozythe 3 to 3.14:41
Dozysee the .14:41
Dozythe ..14:41
Dozyadd a 3 .14:42
FloodBot1Dozy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:42
John___same thing still14:42
Dozyfloodbots ready to kill me at this stage lol14:42
Dozyok type out whats after grub>14:43
John___linux /boot/vmlinuz- 3,/wubildr.cfg14:43
John___replace the comma with punctation14:43
John___that was mistypo14:43
John___and when i hit enter it says file not found14:44
John___it appears its not picking up my external drive14:45
Dozyok we will go about this another way14:45
John___it says i have memdisk, hd1 hd1msdos and hd2 (my flash drive)14:45
aFeijohey folks, I need to create an user named "adm", but system doesnt let me :) "useradd: group adm exists"14:46
=== Gasseus is now known as Rallias
DozyJohn___: is hd2 your external hdd?14:46
soy_el_pulpoaFeijo: you need to assign it a different group14:47
blazemoreaFeijo: "useradd" also attempts to create a group with the same name as the user, but in ths case that group already exists14:47
John___.no its my flash drive14:47
soy_el_pulpoaFeijo: in "adduser" if no group is specified, will create a group with the same name14:47
Dozywhat one is the external14:47
John___because when i take it out it disappears14:47
aFeijoah, worked with extra param, -g users14:47
aFeijothanks guys!14:47
John___both hd1 and hd1msdos1 say unkown file format14:47
Dozygonna go for hd114:48
Dozydoes this work for you14:48
Dozylinux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-16-generic  root=/dev/hd1 loop=/ubuntu/disks/root.disk ro14:48
Dozytype that into your grub> prompt14:48
John___file not found14:49
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
Dozylinux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-16-generic14:49
John___file not found;14:50
Dozylinux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6 then hit tab14:50
Dozydoes it auto fill?14:51
John___nothing appears14:51
Dozyok then 1 sec14:51
Dozylinux /boot/vmlinuz-3.0.0-12-generic14:52
Dozytry that14:52
Dozysigh this may take a while...14:52
=== daek_ is now known as daekdroom
DozyHay Ubuntu IRC what kernel version does ubuntu 12.04 32bit come with??14:52
ActionPa1snip!info linux-image-generic14:53
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (raring), package size 2 kB, installed size 33 kB14:53
ActionPa1snip!info linux-image-generic precise14:53
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB14:53
blazemoreHow can I do something like "for line in `cat file`; do echo "foo" > $line; done"14:53
blazemoreWill that work?14:53
ActionPa1snipblazemore: I dont think so, what are you wanting to do?14:54
=== mohamed is now known as Guest42860
John___No luck with 3.0.0 generic14:54
ActionPa1snipblazemore: unless its a list of files to put the word 'foo' into14:54
Dozylinux /boot/vmlinuz-3.2. hit tab14:54
blazemoreActionPa1snip: list of strings, want to curl http://foobar/string and save as filename "string"14:54
Dozysorry I was stupid and could not find the right kernel version14:54
blazemoreobviously different string for each line14:55
Dozybut the awesome IRC helped14:55
Dozyso try that last one I gave you14:55
Dozylinux /boot/vmlinuz-3.2. hit tab14:55
TJ-blazemore: "sed -i 's/^\(.*\)$/foo/' $FILE"14:55
nicksloansupervisor looks like it is trying to start itself once it has been installed. The init scripts are really bad, and I've provided my own upstart script for it, so I'd prefer it not start itself until my puppet provisioner has had a chance to add the upstart scripts. Is there a good way to prevent this startup upon installation?14:55
ActionPa1snipblazemore: so its a fle list to download from the web?14:55
DozyI got study to get back to =/14:55
blazemoreActionPa1snip: Sort of, I fixed t now14:56
DozyI do need to get back to stdy So I don't have time to help you atm14:56
John___Can anyone else help? D:14:56
blazemoreActionPa1snip: I remembered that, by default, wget will call each file exactly what I want, so I don't actually have to do anything special at all14:56
Dozyare type your question and hopefully someone smarter than me can help14:56
xqeeHello guys, can someone can help me ?14:57
DozyJohn___: website of use to whom ever is gonna help ya14:57
ActionPa1snipJohn___: boot to liveCD and chroot to installed OS, repoair grub there14:57
OerHeksJohn___ your install is through wubi?14:57
cfhowlettxqee, details ...14:57
John___Also I dont have any CDs around so I cant CD14:57
blazemore!anyone | xqee14:57
ubottuxqee: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:57
cfhowlettJohn___, wubi is for TESTING ubuntu not for long-term installation.  consider dualbooting14:57
John___I am dualbooting...14:58
John___When I launch it asks me for Ubuntu or Windows XP14:58
John___And this is for school and it starts tomorrow so I need it ASAP14:58
xqeewhen imgur bash script give me url of pic i want copy that url to text file14:58
cfhowlettJohn___, wubi is not dual booting.  but suit yourself.14:58
MonkeyDustJohn___  wubi is only a pseudo-installatuion inside windows14:58
OerHeksJohn___, you started with"<John___> I need some help, I just used Wubi to install Ubuntu 12.04"  so that is not real dualboot.14:58
John___how to I access it then?14:59
MonkeyDustJohn___  if you would erase windows, ubuntu would be gone too -- with a normal installation, ubuntu stays if you delete windows15:00
xqeehow to copy grep output text automaticky to text file ?15:00
somsipxqee: grep match fromfile > tofile15:01
John___so how do I access Ubuntu?15:01
g_byersdamm something weird is going on, there is no power to my usb ports until the os boots, any solution, it's happened since I installed grub, any solution, can you boot via usb from grub?15:01
xqeesomsip thanks15:01
blazemoreJohn___: If I were you I'd unnstall Ubuntu/wubi and do a proper Ubuntu installation15:01
John___im not to good at this tech sutuff15:02
cfhowlettg_byers, kill wubi.  do a proper dual boot.15:02
John___id probably mess it up15:02
TJ-xqee: You can pipe it all using the redirection ">" or use a pipe through tee " grep .... | tee myfile.txt15:02
g_byerscfhowlett I have15:02
Nick797Would anyone know how I can make tcpflow run in the background? tcpflow & simply stays in the foreground somehow15:02
g_byersmy machine is windows free15:02
TJ-g_byers: BIOS, enable Legacy USB support15:02
cfhowlettJohn___, all the things that break windows will doubly break wubi.  and if a windows error causes wubi to break, your ubuntu is pretty much hosed ...15:02
wilee-nileeg_byers, How are you confirming no power at usb, grub would have no relevance15:02
John___ok but how do I launch WUBI?15:03
John___to run Linux?15:03
jonascjI'm having trouble making libvirtd start properly. Should I try to seek help here in #ubuntu or is it a question for #virt?15:03
g_byersok, lets get really technical, there is no blinky lights on usb till debian/ ubuntu starts15:03
John___also when I uninstall Wubi will the bootloader be back to normal?15:04
g_byerswilee-nilee it seems that there is no power until an os starts15:05
wilee-nileeg_byers, I can tell I will be of no help to you.15:05
cfhowlettJohn___, probably not without repairing the windows bootloader with windows repair tools15:05
John___well, i meant making it so it would boot straight to XP again15:06
cfhowlettJohn___, I understand that.  wubi has written a change to the windows bootloader.  Google around a bit for the cure, but last time I did it, the bootloader didn't reset... which is why you back it up before you wubi.  but you did that, right?15:07
John___i dont mess around with stuff in system3215:07
cfhowlettJohn___, :)15:07
blazemoreJohn___: Boot into windows, start->run->msconfig->boot15:08
John___so am I stuck with ubuntu now? xP15:08
John___ok im there15:08
g_byerswilee-nilee humm turning off "Fast BIOS mode" seemed to solve it, weird, never had the problem before this :S15:08
blazemoreJohn___: If you can't boot into Windows, use your Windows install disk to do a repair; this'll reinstall the Windows bootloader15:08
John___I see the MSCONFIG15:09
John___Do I just remove C:\wubildr=Ubuntu?15:09
=== mpw_ is now known as mpw
blazemoreYes or you can just uninstall Ubuntu from add/remove programs15:09
blazemoreOr rearrange the options so Windows is default15:10
blazemoreAnd if you want to do Ubuntu again, do a real install with real partitioning; it's way less likely to go wrong15:10
blazemoreHow many files is it reasonable to have in a single directory with ext4? Something silly like a trillion, or will I run into problems with a couple of thousand?15:11
John___BTW- is there an IRC for dual bootd?15:12
somsipblazemore: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext4 has all this and more...15:12
blazemorekingah: like if the display time is O(n^2) I'm going to have a bad time with a billion files15:13
blazemoresomsip: ^15:13
blazemorekingah: I'm wondering about the performance of things like ls15:13
santanuhi there! I just upgraded the kernel to 3.8.0-27 and my keyboard/mice not working any more15:14
blazemorenvm, I've been advised my 14k files will be fine15:14
blazemoresantanu: Does it work when you boot into the older kernel version?15:15
santanublazemore : yes, ork in older version and also in grub menu15:15
santanublazemore: *work15:15
ActionPa1snipsantanu: hold SHIFT at boot and load the older kernel, is it ok?15:16
santanublazemore: yes, I can load the older version and keyboard works15:16
RoshanHi i neeed help on wifi WPA thing15:17
santanublazemore : just doesn't work when I load 3.8.0-2715:17
RoshanI configure my mobile broadband thru wvdial15:17
blazemoreRoshan: I just realised, Roshan is (sort of) Nashor backwards15:17
blazemoreOfftopic, but it just changed my entire life15:17
reisiois Nashor a thing?15:18
Nick797hi guys, if I do screen -S myscreen -m -d mycommand It doesnt start a new screen, any ideas?15:18
saiarcot895Hi, I'm trying to bridge my wlan0 and eth0 so that the device connected to eth0 can access the internet (wlan0 is connected to the internet). How can I do this?15:18
blazemorereisio: Baron Nashor from league of legends :)15:18
reisiooh okay15:18
RoshanIts my real name15:18
reisioNick797: #screen15:18
Nick797ya I can send to that channel15:18
bkfitztrying to allow my developers to upload code to my apache instance via sftp... questions: I believe Openssh is handling the sftp, how do I change the default directory to /var/www/codetest?15:19
bkfitzDoes it just dump users into their home15:19
xanguais it just me or firefox 23 no longer shows the ongoing downloads in the download toolbar button¿ didn't happened in the previous version15:19
blazemorebkfitz: Change their home directory15:19
bkfitzI could change the ftpwww users home directory to /var/www/codetest but then i have bash config files etc in there15:19
bkfitzblazemore, :)15:19
blazemorebkfitz: By default most clients will put stuff in the home directory unless told otherwise15:19
Roshani need to share my mobile broadband to android(Nexus 4)15:19
bkfitzblazemore, so it's safe to have the bash defaults in /var/www15:19
Roshanmobile broadband configured with wvdial ..15:20
bkfitzblazemore, or are you suggesting i delete them15:20
AlexZionsaiarcot895: I guess you need to do it on firewall level ...., there is a good tool to easily manage the firewall and share the connection , you get it on repo looking for "firestarter"15:20
blazemorebkfitz: What client are your devs using to upload?15:20
bkfitzprobably filezilla15:20
santanublazemore: any idea why keyboard doesn't work in 3.8.0-27 kernel?15:20
blazemoresantanu: No15:20
bkfitzblazemore, could just have them change the remote dir i guess15:20
blazemorebkfitz: Take a look here http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSSH/Cookbook/SFTP#Chrooted_SFTP-only_Accounts15:22
blazemorebkfitz: Look at "Chrooted SFTP to Shared Directories"15:22
Roshanblazemore: can u direct me on this topic?15:23
Roshanblazemore: sharing mobilebrodband, which is configured with wvdial over wifi?15:23
blazemoreRoshan: I don't think you can... do you mean you have mobile broadband on your laptop, and you want to be able to access it on your ANdroid phone?15:23
Inertiatichello guys15:23
Roshanblazemore: i want to share internet to my android phone15:24
blazemoreRoshan: You will need a wireless access point15:24
blazemoreRoshan: if your mobile broadband is USB, you can get ones which have USB ports to share a mobile broadband connection15:24
wilee-nileexangua, I see tiny amount text and if clicked the bar showing download here15:24
Inertiatici upgraded ubuntu from 12.10 to 13.04, but now google chrome won't start :-/15:25
blazemoreHi Inertiatic, how did your upgrade go?15:25
blazemoreOh, not so good then. Have you tried running it from a terminal and seeing if there's an error?15:25
Inertiaticblazemore: hey, everything's good so far, but chrome won't start15:25
Inertiatichmm, i'll try that now15:25
Roshanbalzemore: Em using laptop... but the problem is how to get my wireless card share internet ..15:25
blazemoreRoshan: You can't, you need a wireless access point15:26
blazemoreRoshan: You can buy routers which have USB ports allowing you to share a mobile broadband dongle15:26
Inertiaticblazemore:  yeah i get this error: /usr/bin/google-chrome: error while loading shared libraries: libudev.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:26
Roshanblazemore: oh ..my bad .. i ll wait for sim tomorrow ..the sim will be converted to microsim ..15:26
jamescarrcloud front having issues?15:27
xanguawilee-nilee: when a download is ongoing it is supposed to show the download in the icons and the popup, it doesn't to me...i have to open the download window15:27
xanguawhat was the comand to start firefox safe mode¿15:27
jamescarrtrying to build out some server images and failing to download the server iso15:27
jamescarr==> virtualbox: Error downloading ISO: Get http://ddj9plya1d2mr.cloudfront.net/ubuntu-13.04-server-amd64.iso: lookup ddj9plya1d2mr.cloudfront.net: no such host15:27
jamescarrBuild 'virtualbox' errored: Error downloading ISO: Get http://ddj9plya1d2mr.cloudfront.net/ubuntu-13.04-server-amd64.iso: lookup ddj9plya1d2mr.cloudfront.net: no such host15:27
RaceMattersdon't paste shit here15:27
jamescarrdidn't mean to paste multiple lines15:27
Roshanblazemore: i hope ..but im just satrting to work :)15:27
Inertiaticblazemore: i found the solution, thanks bro!15:28
blazemoreInertiatic: sudo apt-get install libudev0:i38615:28
Inertiaticyeah, thanks :D15:28
blazemoreor sudo apt-get install ia32-libs15:28
Roshanblazemore: thanx for the big help ..15:28
blazemoreCool good luck15:28
wilee-nileexangua, You might turn off the ubuntu tweaks in the addons and see if it changes15:28
jamescarryeah, looks like releases.ubuntu.com is having problems: https://gist.github.com/jamescarr/b639723abed2f8f0f4b815:28
xanguawilee-nilee: that's the first thing i always disable15:29
wilee-nileeme to15:29
blazemorejamescarr: mirrored for you http://ndc.rory.sh/ubuntu-13.04-server-amd64.iso15:33
RaceMatterswhat's the fucking difference between dist-upgrade and upgrade when you have the same motherfucking repository set in sources.list?15:33
xangua!language | RaceMatters15:34
ubottuRaceMatters: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:34
jamescarrblazemore: thanks… I just grabbed from the mit mirror15:34
airtonixso mad15:34
airtonixRaceMatters: http://davitenio.wordpress.com/2008/08/24/difference-between-apt-get-upgrade-and-apt-get-dist-upgrade/15:34
airtonixRaceMatters: tl;dr dist-upgrade fills in the gaps with required dependancies15:35
xanguawilee-nilee: i did disable all related ubuntu addons (acounts, unity, etc) and still doesn't show them...it does still however show the 'download finished' popup in the top right corner wich was introduced in firefox 22 I believe and can't find a way to reset it to it's original position15:36
jamescarrblazemore: how fast is that mirror you posted?15:37
blazemorejamescarr: Faster than you15:37
jamescarrblazemore: haha :)15:37
blazemoreI guarentee it15:37
jamescarrjust curious. I started downing from MIT before yo posted it, currently at 30%15:37
blazemoreBoth me and MIT will max out your connections so stick with MITs15:37
blazemoreI'll delete that iso now anyway I don't plan to run a public Ubuntu mirror15:38
wilee-nileexangua, I'm not sure of any specific fix other than a new user, or full reset and or a full purge and reload.15:39
OerHeksxangua, " firefox -safe-mode "  and try reset or safe mode15:39
counterglitchhey everyone I'm having a problem with Steam on raring. Installed from steampowered.com and launched, updated. The initial screen appears where it asks me to login or create an account, but I can't click anything15:42
napscSo, I've never messed with my the default log rotation scheme.  I would like to change my syslog rotation to weekly and retain 8 weeks of logs.  After researching, my head is spinning so i wanted to verify with people who might be more familiar with the way logrotate is broken up... I need to change /etc/logrotate.d/rsyslog file and change the /var/log/syslog section to weekly rotate 8, correct?15:42
ActionPa1snipcounterglitch: tried running a no compiziting session?15:43
counterglitchActionPalsnip: thanks for the tip15:43
ActionPa1snipcounterglitch: I assume you use Unity shell under Compiz + Gnome15:43
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.15:43
counterglitchActionPalsnip: I'm using default session which I assume is Unity with compiz+gnome15:44
ActionPa1snipcounterglitch: aye, try something like xfce415:44
counterglitchActionPalsnip How do I temp. disable compositing?15:44
ActionPa1snipcounterglitch: seems steam is in the repos15:46
ActionPa1snip!info steam15:46
ubottuPackage steam does not exist in raring15:46
counterglitchActionPalsnip: installing from repos produces same result15:46
ActionPa1snipcounterglitch: install xfce4 package, log off then log in to the XFCE session15:46
counterglitchActionPalsnip Thanks I will try xfce!15:47
counterglitchwow xfce is only 60 megs!15:48
=== Mokou is now known as Guest82341
ch4k3rHow can I check my startup programs in commandline?15:48
ActionPa1snipcounterglitch: if its ok in XFCE then compiz is probably not processing clicks right. YOu will also get higher FPS as XFCE uses fewer resources15:48
blazemorech4k3r: What Ubuntu version?15:48
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: do you  mean the ones in the startup application in Dash?15:48
ch4k3rHow can I check my startup programs in the terminal?15:48
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: grep Exec= ~/.config/autostart/*15:49
ch4k3rActionPa1snip: how can I add "preload" to startup programs from the terminal?15:49
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: if you install preload it will start as needed. You don't need to manualy add it15:49
=== jack is now known as Guest88155
ch4k3rIs there a way to make Ubuntu automatically execute a script with sudo on startup?15:50
ch4k3rfrom the terminal15:50
ch4k3rI'd like to make /Desktop/defense.sh execute on startup.15:50
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: does the command need the x server to be running?15:50
ch4k3rno, actionpa1snip15:50
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: then run:  gksud ogedit /etc/rc.local and add the command above the 'exit 0' line15:51
ch4k3rI want this script: /home/chaker/Desktop/defense.sh to execute at startup with sudo.15:51
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: you will need to use absolute referencing15:51
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: add an ampersand to the end of the line, so it will be:   /home/chaker/Desktop/defense.sh &15:51
ch4k3rI just add /home/chaker/Desktop/defense.sh at /etc/rc.local15:52
ch4k3rand that's it?15:52
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: yes, above 'exit 0' and with an ampersand at the end as I showed you15:53
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: it will run as root and just before the DM loads15:53
ch4k3rwhat is an ampersand?15:54
Picich4k3r: &15:54
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: shift + 715:54
* genii sips and ponders octothorpes15:54
ch4k3rexit 0 & /home/etc/etc/etc/test.sh15:54
ch4k3rlike that?15:54
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: no15:54
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: in the file there is the line 'exit 0' that is the LAST line, if you add lines below that they will not get ran15:55
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: if you add them above, they wil be ran as root15:55
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: you add the ampersand so that they get bckgrounded and do not hang the boot if they go awry15:55
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: here is mine as an example: http://paste.ubuntu.com/597777915:56
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: mine puts my browser cache in ramdisk15:56
counterglitchACtionPalsnip xfce worked. I'm going to look into compositing on steam. Thanks!15:57
ch4k3rwhat is the meaning of chown -R15:57
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: change owner15:57
=== m0nst3r is now known as m0nst3r_aw
ch4k3rand it will run as root?\15:58
ch4k3rlike root/root15:58
ch4k3rI want it to run as root.15:58
ActionPa1snipcounterglitch: yes, then compiz is causing an issue (no surprises there)15:58
ch4k3rand my root is password-protected.15:58
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: yes, the commands in rc.local run as root15:58
ch4k3rwait, action15:58
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: I saw you state it the last time, hence I advised it15:58
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: your root account is disabled15:58
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: the account still exists though and still has all its access15:59
someGuestHello, I was wondering if someone could help me. I have a question about the LTS Enablement Stack. This sentence concerns me: "These enablement stacks are only intended for use on x86 hardware at this time." Link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack16:00
counterglitchActionPa1snip is there a way to disable compositing for just a single process (like the steam window) or does compositing not work like that16:00
ch4k3ractionpa1snip, like this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5977796/16:00
someGuestSorry, accidentally pressed Enter. Anyhow, I'm confused as there are 12.04.2 x64 versions of Ubuntu that ship with the new kernel. So, what does all this mean?16:00
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: you don't need the 'chown -R root:root'   bit16:02
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: otherwise, yes16:02
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: be sure the script is executable16:02
ch4k3ralright, thank you16:02
ch4k3ranother question16:02
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: you do realise the file extension is meaningless in linux16:02
ActionPa1snipcounterglitch: its all windows as far as I am aware16:03
ch4k3rhow can I reinstall my system files if something goes wrong? without deleting my files in /home/16:03
ch4k3rand /opt/16:03
ActionPa1snipcounterglitch: you could report a bug16:03
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: keep a backup16:03
caodepalahi everyone16:03
ch4k3ractionpa1snip: there is no option to reinstall system files?16:03
ch4k3rwow, actionpa1snip, windows is better then16:03
caodepalai got into trouble with ubuntu i really need some help16:03
wilee-nileesomeGuest, Is this in relation to any ubuntu install if so what release?16:03
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: be sure to run: chmod +x /home/chaker/Desktop/defense.sh16:03
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: how do you mean 'system files'?16:03
ch4k3ri'll have to add that to rc.local, actionpa1snip?16:04
ch4k3rI mean16:04
counterglitchok thanks will do!16:04
ch4k3rdo you have any knowledge about ecryptfs, actionpa1snip?16:04
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: you only need to run the chmod once to make it executable16:04
ch4k3rif my ecryptfs gets screwed up, or I can't boot, or my kernel is broken and have no internet connection, how can I fix it?16:04
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: none, I think average users using encryptfs is a bad idea16:04
wilee-nilee!details > caodepala16:04
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: imagine the average old dear wanting to web browse and can no longer boot16:04
ubottucaodepala, please see my private message16:05
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: having to advise in a liveCD how to decrypt data16:05
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: its less than jolly16:05
ch4k3ractionpa1snip: how to decrypt data in ecryptfs16:05
ch4k3rif I have my passphrase.16:05
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: there are guides online aplent16:05
ch4k3ractionpa1snip, where?16:05
sivik_anyone seen when  you upgrade from xubuntu 12.10 to xubuntu 13.04 that all keyboard shortcut keys are not working even if you click the restore to default under settings-keyboard-application shortcuts16:05
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: if you keep an unencrypted USB storage with your data on in a locked safe you will have a secure backup16:06
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: search and you wil find them.16:06
caodepalai turn on my laptop and when i get to the log in panel i put my passord as normal then i get an > unable to launch startxfce4 x session startxfce4 not found falling back to default session16:06
jpdsActionPa1snip: Until the USB drive dies.16:06
ch4k3ractionpa1snip, can I use rsync to copy /home/ to my USB?16:06
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: once it is decrypted, I'd imagine so.16:06
ActionPa1snipjpds: then make a new copy as the standing data is still available :)16:06
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: can you imagine how hard it is to advise users decrypting stuff when they screw up their OS16:07
ch4k3rActionPa1snip: indeed.16:08
ch4k3rActionPa1snip: how can I copy /home/ to my USB (without deleting /home/ ofc)16:08
blazemorech4k3r: cp -rv /home /path/to/usb16:09
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: use nautilus to copy it over, or use rsync (o even grsync)16:09
ch4k3rwhich is the most faster way?16:09
Marleneei get this error everytime i run any command what mean this error : " Segmentation fault "16:09
caodepalaanyhelp please16:09
felipe__hi everyone16:10
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: speed will depend on drive speed, different software wont ake a drastic amount of differenyce16:10
blazemoreMarlenee: Even after rebooting?16:11
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: if you get all the data copied, you can use rsync and it will only copy over new and changed files. Makes it faster16:11
dagerikmachine suddenly rebooted out of nowhere- how can i find the cause?16:11
ch4k3ractionpa1snip: how can I copy /home/ch4k3r to /media/myusb with rsync? which command?16:11
ch4k3rdagerik: see dmesg16:11
sivik_check dmesg dagerik and /var/log/messages16:11
blazemorech4k3r: http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/09/rsync-command-examples/16:11
blazemorech4k3r: That's what I use for when I can't remember rsync16:12
felipe__i need your help my friends ... i am new user in ubuntu, i have some presentation in microsoft office and i need check this presentations, for thois reason i need download office 2010 in my pc16:12
=== sivik_ is now known as Sivik
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: use grsync, its a pretty GUI to rsync16:12
blazemorefelipe__: The short answer is, you can't install Microsoft Office on Ubuntu, in a similar way that you can't play a Playstation game on an XBox. Use the included LibreOffice Impress to open your presentation16:12
Marleneeblazemore : its ssh server i cant reboot16:12
caodepalawhen i try to log in to ubuntustudio i get the message  unable to launc startxfce4 x session startxfce4 not found falling back to default session16:13
ch4k3ractionpa1snip: how can I do it with rsync?16:13
blazemoreMarlenee: you get sengmentation fault when you try to reboot?16:13
ch4k3rthat's the question, parsnip.16:13
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: i'm not sure 100%, grsync will give you a GUI and will also show the command ran16:13
blazemorech4k3r: rsync -vr /home/ch4k3r /media/myusb16:13
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: try looking online or read the man page16:13
ch4k3rI came here earlier16:13
ch4k3rone of your mods said16:14
blazemorech4k3r: I ddn't know that, I had to look at the page I literally just sent you. Did you read it?16:14
ch4k3rrsync -av --progress /home/ch4k3r /media/myusb16:14
ch4k3rI am still confused which one to use.16:14
ch4k3rI don't want to delete /home/ch4k3r16:14
Marleneeblazemore : i got this error when i run any comamnd like "ls" "ps"16:14
felipe__blazemore: but is possible install office in ubuntu16:14
blazemorech4k3r: Neither of those will delete that16:14
dagerikthis seems to have caused the sudden reboot. whats going on here? http://www.bpaste.net/show/GoSF4iE3BmbpBBuMz3YF/16:14
blazemoreMarlenee: Can you run "reboot" ?16:14
Sivikfelipe__: you cannot install microsoft office 2010 on ubuntu16:14
Sivikfelipe__: use libreoffice presentation16:15
blazemorefelipe__: It's POSSIBLE but very difficult, and you don't need to. Why do you think you need to?16:15
ch4k3rhow can I check startup-programs with my terminal? (like see which programs/scripts run at startup and how to disable/enable them)16:16
blazemorech4k3r: Do you mean ones that start when you log in, or ones that are run before you log in, as the computer starts up?16:16
ch4k3rblazemore: both.16:16
blazemoreThe latter is /etc/rc.local16:17
blazemoreActionPa1snip knows the former, because he told someone a little while ago16:17
ch4k3rwhat is it, actionpa1snip?16:17
ActionPa1snipch4k3r:  grep Exec= ~/.config/autostart/*16:18
felipe__blazemore:  because i am new in ubuntu, i need detach of windows little by little16:18
blazemorefelipe__: Try using Libreoffice to open your presentation16:18
blazemorefelipe__: Libreoffce Impress is very similar to powerpoint, you won't feel lost16:18
devyanican anyone help me, i need to know about the release name of ubuntu version 13.04.16:19
blazemoreRaring Ringtail16:19
ch4k3rparsnip, do I have to run that command in my terminal?16:19
devyaniblazemore, thankyou16:19
ch4k3rActionPa1snip, mind changing your nick to ActionParsnip or Parsnip as I am very confused.16:19
blazemorech4k3r: That command will show you applications which run on login16:19
ch4k3rnothing came up, blazemore.16:20
blazemorech4k3r: People aren't going to change their nick just to suit you. Just type ac[TAB]16:20
=== [Off]Cyrax is now known as Cyrac
ch4k3rb0x@b0x:~$ grep Exec= ~/.config/autostart/*16:20
CyracHi,I was wondering. I have VirtualBox version 4.2.16 r86992. Are there any new version of Linux Ubuntu that goes for Virtualbox version 4.2.16 r86992? if so.. where do I download it? I need the iso file16:20
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: thats the standard startup items folder16:20
blazemoreOK so you have no autostart items. You know Ubuntu comes with a GUI called "startup applications" which does exactly what you need?16:20
ActionPa1snipCyrac: ubuntu is ubuntu, why would there be a specific version?16:21
ch4k3rblazemore: I customized it a lil bit.16:21
ch4k3rI made Ubuntu into ArchUbuntu./16:21
ch4k3rmixed some stuff16:21
felipe__blazemore: I am a teacher and some presentations are not the same in libreoffice16:21
Cyraccuz the version of ubuntu i downloaded won't work for the virtualbox version i got16:21
snoopybbthello people!16:21
ActionPa1snipCyrac: tried Xubuntu?16:21
blazemorefelipe__: Then you should use Libreoffice at school16:21
ActionPa1snipCyrac: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?16:21
snoopybbti'm reading "the unix programming environment" and it now tries to see the content of a directory by running "od -cb ."16:22
snoopybbtand that won't work in ubuntu/linux16:22
devyanihow do i come to know about the version of ubuntu am using?16:22
snoopybbtwhy ?16:22
CyracNo idea,sorry.. just need it on a virtualbox16:22
blazemoresnoopybbt: Because you're reading a unix book16:22
blazemoresnoopybbt: If you were reading a Linux book the examples would work16:22
iceroot_what can you recommend (FOSS) to use Video and Audiochat? to be able to talk to other users (target is using windows)16:22
blazemore!ekiga | iceroot_16:23
ubottuiceroot_: ekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga16:23
iceroot_blazemore: also video?16:23
blazemoreoh wait does that support video?16:23
blazemoreI'm out of ideas then sorry :316:23
snoopybbtblazemore: isn't gnu/linux supposed to be unix-compatible/posix-compliant and things lilke that ?16:23
ActionPa1snipCyrac: if you didnt MD5 test the ISO, how did you know it was complete and consistant and error free?16:23
ActionPa1snipCyrac: have you tried Xubuntu?16:23
blazemoresnoopybbt: Well, conceptually yes, but UNIX hasn't been around for decades16:24
felipe__blazemore: I know, I agree ...but I am a teacher in Colombia ...pitifully linux is not common here16:24
ch4k3rMy RAM is 3718MB and 621MB is being used, is this fast or average?16:24
felipe__blazemore: help me please16:24
iceroot_blazemore: thank you, its also supporting video, i will have a look16:24
Cyracidk.. i'm newe to ubuntu.. sorry16:24
blazemorefelipe__: Then you should dual-boot Windows, or install Windows in a virtual machne, if you NEED the compatibility16:24
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: if you run:   free -m | head -n 3 | tail -n 1 | awk {'print $3'}     what is output?16:25
ActionPa1snipCyrac: download the Xubuntu 12.04 ISO, MD5 test it, then try that in Virtualbox16:25
ch4k3rActionPa1snip: it shows 23916:25
felipe__blazemore: Where can I get the .iso archive ?16:25
ActionPa1snipCyrac: if you dont geta display, try different settings in video settings16:25
snoopybbti should try on freebsd and see what happens16:26
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: then you are using 239Mb RAM16:26
ActionPa1snipsnoopybbt: I suggest PCBSD :)16:26
moldystill struggling with dependency problems. any suggestions on how to move on? the obvious answers like apt-get -f don't help here. http://pastebin.com/UAw3s6kt16:26
ch4k3rmy RAM is 4GB16:26
ch4k3rI bought my laptop and the supplier said it's 4GB...16:26
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: 239 is your used ram16:26
ch4k3rand system profiler says its 4GB16:26
ch4k3rhow is my ram 239MB?16:26
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: you are USING 239Mb16:26
ch4k3ris 4GB fast?16:27
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: free -m | head -n 2 | tail -n 1 | awk {'print $2'}       is total RAM16:27
blazemoreI am going home now, good luck all16:27
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: 4gb doesnt show speed16:27
moldyif i try to remove these packages with apt-get remove, i just get more depndency problems :(16:27
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: 4Gb is a restriction on how many concurrent apps can run16:27
ch4k3ractionpa1snip, 363116:27
xintronI'm currently dividing my disk for a linux + windows 8 setup but I'm not sure what partitions win8 will need. EFI is created but am I best of leaving the space for windows after the EFI and then create my linux partition at the end of the disk (leaving unallocated space between EFI -> Linux)?16:27
ch4k3rActionPa1snip: how can I learn commands like that?16:28
xintron(then let windows handle the partition table setup with the unallocated space)16:28
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: sounds about right, do you have onboard video?16:28
TheCompWizAnyone know what hd-media I should be using in conjunction with the precise iso?  Everytime I boot from the hd-media in current... it comes back with "No kernel modules were found"16:28
ch4k3rwhat is a onboard video?16:28
fdssnoopybbt: It is apparently a property (limitation?) of the Linux kernel.  See: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/43056/od-emulation-for-directories16:28
bibi23How can I get a "no such file or directory" error when running a mysql query in a script? here is the error I get and the offending line, I don't try to use any directory on that line "/usr/bin/mysql" is a correct path. http://pastie.org/822996116:28
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: you learn the individual commands, like grep and awk, then use them in chains by using pipes16:28
CyracSo how do I find out wich ubuntu goes for the version of virtualbox.. i have no idea what to do16:28
fdssnoopybbt: I mean, I don't think of it as a limitation, but maybe you do. :-P16:28
ch4k3rwhat is the meaning of generic-pae16:29
ActionPa1snipCyrac: again, there is no specific version16:29
felipe__I need your help guys....where can i get the windows xp .iso archive ?16:29
daftykinsfelipe__: that isn't the purpose of this channel16:29
daftykinsthis is for ubuntu support16:29
ActionPa1snipCyrac: if you use Xubuntu or Lubuntu you will not be using Compiz and it will run smoother and labour the host less16:29
ch4k3rwhat does generic-pae mean? which is on some few distros when you do uname -a16:29
ch4k3rlike 3.x.x-generic-pae16:29
daftykinsch4k3r: google.16:29
k1l_felipe_: ##windows16:29
felipe__daftykins: Ok...sorry my friend16:30
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: instead of an external video chip you can use a GPU attached to the motherboard, or even inside the CPU if you have ivy or sandybridge16:30
ch4k3rdaftykins: I was expecting a reply from ActionPa1snip.16:30
daftykinsch4k3r: sure, but you're asking stuff you can look up for yourself16:30
CodeBhi guys, someone here uses empathy? how can i hide join and leaving messages? thanks ;)16:30
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: its the name of the kernel. As a standard user I wouldnt worry too much16:30
* TheCompWiz wishes someone had an answer for me.16:30
xanguaCodeB: you don't, better use a dedicated irc client16:31
superbootHi all. Ubuntu has (what I think to be) a stupid default of having all files your write be world readable. Would it obviously break something to do:    chmod -R o-rwx *  ?16:31
wilee-nileeTheCompWiz,  hd-media?16:31
ActionPa1snip!bug 660176 | CodeB16:31
ubottubug 660176 in empathy (Ubuntu) "empathy needs ability to hide join/part messages in IRC" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66017616:31
CodeBxangua: ok, thanks ;) need to go back to xchat...16:31
snoopybbtfds, blazemore: it actually works on FreeBSD 9.something16:31
ActionPa1snipCodeB: Pidgin does it :)16:32
snoopybbtfds: i'm gonna checkout that link you posted :)16:32
iceroot_superboot: dont do that16:32
iceroot_superboot: specially not on /16:32
sviesusisalushi. when i try to use apt-get i get "Segmentation fault (core dumped)". apt-get clean doesnt help. how can i fix this ?16:32
CodeBActionPa1snip: ahahah thanks but i'm used to xchat, i'm just testing empathy..16:32
fdssnoopybbt: Perhaps they care less about compatibility with a wider range of filesystems.16:32
superbooticeroot_: Yes, I know not to do it on root. I'm just talking about /home/user/*16:33
ActionPa1snipCodeB: same here but PIdgin, used it all my Linux days. Waay back when it was Gaim :)16:33
CodeBActionPa1snip: i'll give it a try too :P16:34
CyracI installed version 13 of ubuntu.. the virtualbox says: This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU,but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernal appropriate for your CPU16:34
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ch4k3rActionPa1snip: please check this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5977912/ and tell me if it is right.16:35
iceroot_Cyrac: and your question is?16:35
CyracHow do i install the right one the version 13 without get that message16:35
superbootCyrac: You got the wrong Ubuntu iso. You need a 32 bit version.16:35
iceroot_Cyrac: your host-system is not an amd64 system or you have disabled vt-x in virtualbox, because of that you can not install ubuntu as the amd64 version as a guest16:36
snoopybbtfds: i don't think it's a  filesystem compatibility list... i'm reading a lot of different answers on the topic16:36
iceroot_Cyrac: so use the i386 version (32bit) or make sure your host and vbox setup supports amd64 (64bit)16:36
snoopybbtfds: someone talks about not all filesystems storing directories as files, some other says it's a problem of gnu od16:36
ch4k3rplease check this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5977912/ and tell me if it is right.16:37
Cyrachow do I check it and where can I download the 32 bit and/or 64bit?16:37
iceroot_!download | Cyrac16:37
ubottuCyrac: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Raring, and help keeping the servers' load low!16:37
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: i'd change it to:   /home/ch4k3r/Desktop/hz/Check\ Nast/defense.sh16:37
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: escapes the space in the file name16:37
ch4k3rwhy not ""16:37
ch4k3rand do I have to add that little space16:38
iceroot_Cyrac: http://ftp-stud.hs-esslingen.de/pub/Mirrors/releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386.iso16:38
ActionPa1snipch4k3r: not sure it'll work tbh, I know the escaping will be fine16:38
TheCompWizOk... question of the millennium... why are the precise hd-media images for quantal?  (http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-amd64/current/images/hd-media/)16:38
FloodBot1ch4k3r: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:38
Bowbles_I am trying to use apache2 as a proxy, but am getting a "Invalid command 'ProxyRequests', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration" error. However, I have already enabled mod_rewrite using "sudo a2enmod rewrite" and tried to restart the service (where this error came from). Any ideas what else it may be?16:38
snoopybbtfds: btw, the "linux won't let you do read(<args here) on directories" is the most reasonable reason, so i'll take that for right, one day i'll investigate that myself16:38
CyracWhat does it mean this Raring thing?16:38
iceroot_!raring | Cyrac16:38
ubottuCyrac: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0416:39
Cyracok.. thanks.. i hope this one works :s16:39
iceroot_Cyrac: its the name of the current release16:39
moldyok, i restored the pre-releasde-upgrade sources.list and ran apt-get autoremove. now, apt is apparently removing my whole system...16:39
moldyfunny stuff16:40
MoPacI'm seen a regression recently in display performance, and I'm not sure if it's ubuntu, nvidia, the Sony-related kernel plugins, or some combingation (on Sony Vaio F). When my screen turns off due to inactivity, and I reactivate it, it cannot stay on more than a second or so. I press display button to turn it on, then it goes right back off. Have to shut down to fix. Anyone else seen similar?16:40
daftykinsmoldy: you started an upgrade and are trying to go back?16:40
moldydaftykins: as a last resort, because i cannot figure out how to fix the dependency issues16:41
TheCompWizAnyone? ... why are quantal hd-images in the precise tree?16:41
papachanTheCompWiz ???16:41
TheCompWizhttp://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-amd64/current/images/hd-media/   <---- just tested... those are for quantal... not precise.16:41
PiciTheCompWiz: Have you considered that it might not be on purpose?16:42
TheCompWizor at the very least... it is looking for the kernel packages for quantal...16:42
TheCompWizPici: No.  Precise is LTS... quantal is not.16:43
PiciTheCompWiz: What package is it looking for?16:43
TheCompWizPici:  During the install process... it complains that it can't find kernel modules... I continue anyway... get to the end... and it asks which kernel to use... and the only things listed are quantal images.16:43
=== Le is now known as cjopcjop
trismTheCompWiz: that would make sense with the lts enablement stack stuff16:44
Pici!info linux-generic-lts-quantal precise16:44
ubottulinux-generic-lts-quantal (source: linux-meta-lts-quantal): Generic Linux kernel image and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 28 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)16:44
TheCompWizOk... so where do I find hd-media that corresponds to the precise 12.04.2 iso?16:44
PiciTheCompWiz: Its a way to get more up-to-date kernel images in an LTS release.16:44
snoopybbtfds: funny thing: i can do some sort of ls without using ls on FreeBSD: i just need to run strings against .16:45
snoopybbtfds: or another dir16:45
trismTheCompWiz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack16:46
R-800Hello, everyone.  I'm trying to download VLC media player for Ubuntu from a Windows machine so that it can be installed remotely. (the Ubuntu machine has no internet connection).  At first it was surprisingly hard just to find a non-windows version for download.  Finally found one, but it has a link I must use to start the download that won't work from Firefox in Windows.  How can I get this...16:47
R-800...download going?16:47
reisioR-800: packages.ubuntu.com16:48
reisionow, were you the guy who wouldn't say why he can't use a network?16:48
SlartR-800: there used to be a "create a wget script to download stuff from an offline computer and then run it on any windows computer"-application somewhere.. not sure if it's still around though16:49
* Confused_guy would like to interject for a moment and contemplate about something rather bizarre.16:49
* Confused_guy noticed that MOST of the laptops in his local computer store had SSD drives.16:50
* Confused_guy just found out that the TRIM function is NOT enabled by default in Ubuntu 13.04.16:50
* Confused_guy is confused.16:50
* ikonia asks Confused_guy to stop doing /me commands16:50
ikoniaConfused_guy: if you want help, just ask a question16:50
Confused_guyikonia: sorry about that. :)16:50
* x_ wonders why they speak about themselves in the third person16:50
ikoniaConfused_guy: not a problem16:50
Confused_guyBut I'm still rather confused about that....16:51
daftykinsTRIM is part of the ATA spec, if it has been implemented in the Linux kernel it'll be there16:51
ikoniaConfused_guy: just ask a clear question, and people will try to help/explain16:51
daftykinsif manual setup is required, google it. i doubt it'll be hard16:51
x_what is TRIM function?16:51
ikoniaConfused_guy: it can get a bit lost with /me commands16:51
ActionPa1snipx_: its for SSDs16:51
daftykinsx_: SSD maintenance16:51
R-800Slart: Do you think something like Keryx might help with this?16:51
Confused_guyI was just wondering why the TRIM command isn't enabled by default. :\16:51
ikoniaConfused_guy: what makes you think it's not enabled ?16:52
x_maybe it's not enabled because most don't use ssd's?16:52
Confused_guyikonia: because I found tutorials for 13.04 telling people how to enable it.16:52
x_though i guess it wouldn't do anything to regular hdd's16:52
Confused_guyikonia: How can I check whether or not it is enabled?16:53
SlartR-800: no idea, never used (or even heard of keryx) but it sounds like a nice idea16:53
ikoniaConfused_guy: you have to tell machine you're using an SSD, it's not disabled16:53
ikoniaConfused_guy: you change the mount options in /etc/fstab to confirm the correct settings, then it's done16:53
joe1Hey quick question what should i google for i have an issue with a grey chunk on the left of my screen then the right side is the desktop16:53
ikoniaConfused_guy: (basically anyway)16:53
SlartR-800: the package-download script thing I was talking about was a part of synaptic.. the old default package manager before software center16:53
Confused_guyikonia: This guide right here tells me that using /etc/fstab for TRIM may not be a good idea: https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/ssd#TOC-Automatic-TRIM:-by-rc.local-by-cron-or-by-discard16:54
R-800Slart: Right.  Okay.16:54
Confused_guyBut I don't know if it is outdated or not.16:54
joe1i know a little so im also willing to help with any issues others have16:54
ActionPa1snipjoe1: sounds like Unity panel isnt loading right. Press ALT+F2 and run:   unity --replace16:54
ActionPa1snipConfused_guy: https://sites.google.com/site/lightrush/random-1/checkiftrimonext4isenabledandworking16:54
joe1im runing lxde16:55
ikoniaConfused_guy: it doesn't advise you not to do that16:55
ActionPa1snipConfused_guy: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/01/enable-trim-on-ssd-solid-state-drives.html16:55
ikoniaConfused_guy: it makes you aware of what happens when you put discard options in /etc/fstab16:55
ActionPa1snipjoe1: ok, do you use xcompmgr ?16:55
joe1let me check16:55
ActionPa1snipjoe1: you will know if you are, ts a conscious thing to install and use16:56
R-800reisio: I followed a download link for VLC on packages.ubuntu.com that downloaded a 43k file, seemingly too small to be anything but a startup file for some kind of download manager, which isn't what I need.  Did I click the wrong thing?16:56
ActionPa1snipjoe1: so to 'check' you have to remember if you installed it16:56
Confused_guyThanks for the help guys.16:56
joe1ok so im not i checked in terminal and it said its not intalled16:56
ActionPa1snipjoe1: what, exactly, were you going to 'check' with/at/on/in?16:56
SlartR-800: synaptic is still available from the regular ubuntu repos, it's just not installed by default.. if you install it there is an option in the File menu to "generate package download script", put the resulting file on a usb-stick together with the wget application and it will download the packages you need to the usb stick (or that's the theory at least)16:56
joe1i just typed the name of the program to see if it was installed16:57
ActionPa1snipjoe1: is this an upgrade from a previous release or is it a clean install?16:57
reisioR-800: well, it doesn't handle deps for you16:57
joe1clean install 12.1016:57
ActionPa1snipjoe1: is it fully updated?16:57
ActionPa1snipjoe1: what video chip do you use?16:57
joe1im working on that now16:57
ActionPa1snipjoe1: get fully updated and then worry16:58
ActionPa1snipjoe1: updates may fix it16:58
R-800Slart: Interesting.  I see.  I used to use Synaptic a long time ago, and wouldn't mind seeing it again.  But my headache is installing programs at all, as they must be acquired initially on a Windows machine and then transferred to a Ubuntu one.  I'm having a lot of trouble.16:58
joe1got it ill stick around will stick around untill update are done incase i can help anybodey16:58
SlartR-800: that's what the script is for.. you run the download script on another machine and it downloads the packages it needs to the usb stick.. you then use that on the offline ubuntu machine.. it's like a network proxy.. albeit a slow and possible sweat-inducing one =)16:59
R-800reisio: Okay.16:59
reisioyou could always boot a live copy of Ubuntu on the networked machine and fetch from there17:00
reisioor... just network the box you're installing to already17:00
R-800Slart: I understand that, and I think that is absolutely awesome.  But as you pointed out, Synaptic doesn't come with Ubuntu by default anymore, and it's Synaptic that generates the script that makes this transfer to the USB stick possible.  That means I have to get Synaptic onto the Ubuntu machine somehow, as the first step, without benefit of the script generating trick.17:01
matthias_hello, i've got a problem with my ubuntu ltsp server17:01
SlartR-800: packages.ubuntu.com should take care of that.. I don't think synaptic has a lot, if any, dependencies.. but you will be doing a lot of walking back and forth between the two computers with any solution17:01
joe1R-800 you should be able to sudo apt-get install synaptic17:02
SlartR-800: You might want to check if it's possible to download the most common packages onto a usb-stick or dvd.. like the old big install dvd's and use that as a package source17:02
R-800Slart: Understood, and granted.  And yes, the fewer dependencies, the less of a headache it will be.  And thankfully, there won't be that much walking, as one of them is a laptop.  : )17:02
TJ-R-800: There's a little 'trick' to help you. Install the same Ubuntu into a virtual machine on the Windows host, then once it's fetched the files you need, copy them to your USB storage from "/var/cache/apt/archives/" and put them in that same location on the target Ubuntu.17:02
ActionPa1snipTJ-: done that before, or use liveCD, mount the internal partition and copy the deb files over :)17:03
R-800TJ: Interesting.17:03
ActionPa1snipR-800: ^17:03
TJ-ActionPa1snip: Yeah, it can be useful even on another Linux host with chroot, if you have one without connectivity17:03
matthias_my fat-clients shows only the busybox up. i configured a proxy-dhcp with dnsmasq and it worked with thin clients very well but not with fat clients. it show the error socket failed connection refused when i hit f6 while the ubunt logo is loading17:04
TJ-ActionPa1snip: R-800: Also, in the past, I've taken the hard drive out of the target, plugged it into a networked host, configured a virtual machine on the host to use that hard drive, and then just done a regular update since the VM has network17:05
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: do you see them requesting things in the logs17:05
matthias_ActionPa1snip: which logs?17:05
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: for the services, on the server side17:06
SlartR-800: this looks like another way of doing things.. http://www.howtoforge.com/dvd_images_of_ubuntu_repositories17:06
SlartR-800: it seems simpler to do it with a usb-stick though.. dvd's are so last decade =)17:06
TheCompWizPici: I'm still a bit lost... I understand what you're saying but the question is this: what hd-media do I need to use for the *currently-default* ubuntu precise iso?17:06
matthias_ActionPa1snip: sorry i don't know wich log files do you mean?17:07
matthias_ActionPa1snip: it shows on the client the busybox after the ubunut logo17:07
jonascjHi. libvirt-bin is crashing for me when starting. It exits with status 6 (seen in the syslog) ~10 times and then finally stops respawning because it's respawning too fast. Any suggestions as to where I might start my investigation?17:07
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: its a dns server right? with dnsmasq?17:08
matthias_ActionPa1snip: yes right.17:08
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: do you see any activity in the dnsmasq log mentioning the system having an issue?17:08
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: is the hostname in the DHCP lease pool on the sever17:09
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: do you see a request etc in the logs for the DHCP service17:09
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: this is basic trouble shooting stuff.....checking logs]17:09
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: are the services being hit by the client?17:10
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: if not then check the client17:10
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: if they are, what responce do they get? What does it mean? Does the client get the responce?17:10
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: is there logging on the clients?17:10
matthias_ActionPa1snip: no the clients cant log because they don't start up, they only show the busybox17:11
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: then basic stuff like pinging IPs and making sure interfaces have drivers and IPs and default gateways and so forth17:11
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: then its nothing to do with the server side yet, you need to get the clients up and running]17:12
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: but its that sort of stuff you need to be looking at, just on the clients, all logs and such17:12
matthias_ActionPa1snip: there all drivers every interface is working, because it worked without the dnsmasq and as thin client config, but not in the fat client modus17:13
matthias_ActionPa1snip: how should i  look on the clients when they only show the busybox. im scanning right now the servers log17:13
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/FatClients17:13
matthias_ActionPa1snip: i know this site, i configured the server like there. 1 week ago i've done this without dhcp-proxy and it worked. but now i get errors on the client like : socket failed connection refused17:15
Guest23641Hey guys, i just install 13.04 on my machine which has a nvidia g660 card in it when unity goes to start it says opengl module not found.  the nvidia-settings appears to show everything working properly any ideas?17:15
ActionPa1snipGuest23641: what CPU do you use?17:16
matthias_ActionPa1snip: here's the important section of the log file http://pastebin.com/9eD4cYpu17:16
joe1i was so behind on updates 300mb plus17:17
ActionPa1snipjoe1: all ok now?17:17
joe1still updateing17:17
Bowbles_I am trying to use apache2 as a proxy, but am getting a "Invalid command 'ProxyRequests', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration" error. However, I have already enabled mod_rewrite using "sudo a2enmod rewrite" and tried to restart the service (where this error came from). Any ideas what else it may be?17:17
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ActionPa1snipmatthias_: in the busybox can you check ip addresses of the system?17:18
MoPacHello; I have a question about testing upstream kernel builds.  I'm not sure which version I need to choose in order to validate a bug report in Ubuntj 13.04 - there seem to be so many choices.17:18
daum_hey guys - just install a nvidia g660 on 13.04 but now uniqty won't start saying it can't find opengl (just asked this under Guestname, however moved the irc to my laptop)17:19
matthias_ActionPa1snip: no i can't but it shows the ip of the server, the dhcp router and the client on the pxe loading screen up17:21
matthias_ActionPa1snip: i think here is the problem Aug 12 19:18:58 matthias-VirtualBox in.tftpd[2246]: tftp: client does not accept options17:22
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: then use t'web and see what it means :)17:23
CyracThis might sound stupid to ask. But what can ubuntu do that windowds can't?17:23
trismMoPac: which bug? they often specify which version they want you to test, though probably just latest which would be: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.11-rc5-saucy/17:23
iceroot_Cyrac: respect your freedom17:23
iceroot_!free | Cyrac17:23
ubottuCyrac: freedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and  http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/licensing17:23
ZIPYCyrac: shell17:23
ZIPYCyrac: open source17:23
TJ-Cyrac: Give you Freedom17:24
MoPactrism: But should I really use a Saucy-configured build to test for Raring problems?17:24
CyracSo u mena it can make bots,irc server for free cuz its built in?17:24
ActionPa1snipCyrac: lots of things as the OS is flexible17:24
daum_it looks like i'm getting issues from compiz (opengl) - Error: FBO is incomplete: GL::FRAMEBUFFER_UNSUPPORTED (0x8cdd) any ideas?17:24
iceroot_Cyrac: yes but when we say "free" we mean "free as in free speech" not "free as in free beer"17:24
TJ-It gives you the Freedom to tinker with the code, transform it, extend it, do clever things with it17:24
ActionPa1snipCyrac: yes you can run an IRC server if you want17:24
WulframnCyrac: the primary difference is that Windows is comprised of a proprietary set of software, while Ubuntu is free and open-sourced. What this means is that you can look anywhere, do anything, etc. with Ubuntu whereas you cannot with Windows.17:25
Cyracif it wasnt for the commands on ubuntu how hard it is,i probably have choosed ubuntu instead17:25
iceroot_Cyrac: you have use ubuntu without the command line interface (cli), there is no need to use commands17:26
PeterGriffinI set up a VPN and I need a tool to measure the speed ot the interface, the loss rate, etc. Does anyone have a suggestion?17:26
iceroot_Cyrac: its just easier for us to help with commands instead of "click here, click there and so on"17:26
iceroot_PeterGriffin: iftop for example17:26
iceroot_PeterGriffin: also ping, wget and so on17:26
ZIPYPeterGriffin: how is louis :P17:27
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axisysI created a replica on account on master and I can connect to it from slave using that account .. but use rt4 says Access denied for user 'replica'@'%'17:27
axisysoops. wrong channel17:27
PeterGriffinZIPY: She asks about you too17:27
nicksloanhow might I work around this: https://gist.github.com/nicksloan/2417cb3d7696ea72046817:27
R-800Sorry for being repetitive, guys, and ignorant, and thick in the head, but I have to ask this again.  And I must apologize for being so clueless, as it makes it hard to even know what question to even ask. Here's by best effort at asking anyway:17:27
R-800I'd like to download VLC media player for Ubuntu 12.04, as completely as possible (meaning all dependencies included) via a Windows machine, so that I can sneakernet it to a Ubuntu machine without internet. How can I proceed?.17:28
CyracHow do i fiund out what version of ubuntu i use on ubuntu?17:28
iceroot_!offline | R-80017:28
ubottuR-800: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD17:28
iceroot_Cyrac: cat /etc/issue17:28
nicksloanthought I was in #puppet17:28
silnerR-800: the easiest way may be to add the medibuntu repo17:28
R-800I'd live to do that, but Synaptic isn't installed on this version of Ubuntu, or am I mistaken?17:28
R-800live = love17:28
iceroot_R-800: http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/17:29
TJ-R-800: boot a LiveCD/USB on a networked machine of 12.04, install vlc, copy /var/cache/apt/archives/ to the target Ubuntu and do "apt-get install vlc"17:29
ActionPa1snipR-800: not by default17:29
CyracOh man. i wnated ubuntu the latest version,not version 9. :s17:29
R-800TJ-: I don't have a networked machine running 12.04 currently.17:29
silnerI never realised Synaptic isn't in Ubuntu. Sorry. I mostly use Xubuntu, but I thought that would hold17:30
ActionPa1snipCyrac: yeah, neither Karmic or Jaunty are suported17:30
ActionPa1snipsilner: its still available :)17:30
PeterGriffiniceroot_: I haven't tryed iftop, which I will in a moment, bat in general I need something giving rich statistics for the connection quolity.17:31
nicksloanis there any way to stop packages that start themselves on installation?17:31
matthias_ActionPa1snip: sry i can't find anything ;(17:31
nicksloanthat is… prevent that from happening at all17:31
R-800iceroot_: What should I enter for the question "What package do you need to install?" if I"m looking for VLC and all its dependencies?17:31
matthias_ActionPa1snip: still the same in.tftpd[2246]: tftp: client does not accept options17:32
nicksloanbecause auto-starting a service I've just installed is kind of a bitch-ass thing to do, from an automated provisioning standpoint.17:32
TJ-R-800: You need "apt-offline"17:32
lotuspsychje!language | nicksloan17:33
ubottunicksloan: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:33
trismMoPac: yes, the point is to see if the bug is already fixed upstream17:33
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: if you check the working systems, do they have that in the logs too?17:33
R-800TJ-: Where do I enter that?17:33
nicksloanlotuspsychje: my apologies! didn't mean to offend17:33
usr13nicksloan: There are applications that start in userspace, and you'll find a section in "Settings" for "Autostart".  (Services are a different matter.)17:33
MoPactrism: thanks17:33
MoPacI'm seen a regression recently in display performance, and I'm not sure if it's ubuntu, nvidia, the Sony-related kernel plugins, or some combingation (on Sony Vaio F). When my screen turns off due to inactivity, and I reactivate it, it cannot stay on more than a second or so. I press display button to turn it on, then it goes right back off. Have to shut down to fix. Anyone else seen similar?17:33
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: http://www.unix.com/red-hat/181855-pxe-boot-server.html17:33
silnerActionPa1snip: Ah, I guess it's the promotion of the software centre. I should have realised.17:34
TJ-R-800: http://www.debian-administration.org/article/Offline_Package_Management_for_APT17:34
drmeisterHey folks - I've used Linux(slackware/redhat/fedora) for several years in the past but not for the past 5 years or so.  I'm installing Ubuntu.17:34
lotuspsychje!yay | drmeister17:34
ubottudrmeister: Glad you made it! :-)17:34
ActionPa1snipmatthias_: https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:PXE_boot_installation  states: This is normal. PXELINUX does not seem to accept all options, but it does not impact booting. "in.tftpd: tftp: client does not accept options"17:34
drmeisterQuestion: Do the development tools get installed automatically?17:34
nicksloanusr13: yeah. I'm wrestling with a service… supervisor17:34
lotuspsychje!dev | drmeister17:35
ubottudrmeister: Interested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment17:35
usr13nicksloan: Is this a server, or desktop?17:35
drmeisterCurrently it's installing and "Retrieving file 51 of 109" - it's going to take a while before I can find out.17:35
JuJuBeeIve been having trouble with my desktop not booting.  Get a grub error.  I have a sata->usb adapter so I took the HD out and plugged it into my laptop while looking at syslog.  Here are the results  http://pastebin.com/MLVFHZfV  is my HD Toast?17:35
nicksloanthe init scripts are not very good, and a bare-bones upstart script is working a lot better. would rather just use that.17:35
reisiohi val___17:35
bazhangdrmeister, you need to install build-essential17:35
nicksloanusr13: ubuntu server17:35
val___I want to build a terminal-based(ncurses) desktop app that talks to a server17:35
TJ-R-800: Provided you have Python on the Windows PC, apt-offline will work17:36
drmeisterbazhang: Is "install build-essential" a command line command?17:36
bazhangdrmeister, sudo apt-get install packagename is the syntax17:36
nicksloanusr13: the trick is, I'm provisioning with puppet. I can install my upstart script, and tell it to use upstart instead of init, but not when it is already started.17:36
lotuspsychjeJuJuBee: maybe you can test your hd with the package 'testdisk'17:36
CyracHow do I check with virtualbox v4.2.16 what ubuntu I can use. everytime i try download the latest version version 12 or 13,i have problems17:36
JuJuBeelotuspsychje: the os does  not see it as far as I can tell...17:37
drmeisterubottu: I'm writing a Common Lisp compiler at the moment for my research - I'll be compiling it on Ubuntu but I don't think I would call myself an "ubuntu developer".17:37
ubottudrmeister: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:37
R-800TJ-: I was just wondering about that.  According to this article, apt-offline will indeed work when the networked machine runs Windows, which is exactly the situation that applies for me.17:37
drmeisterubottu - you rascal.17:37
nicksloanreally think there ought to be a way to choose in advance17:37
TJ-R-800: I think you have your solution!17:37
R-800TJ-: Thank you.  But what should I download to enure this will work for the Windows machine?17:37
* pinky is away: Away17:37
drmeisterbazhang: Putting it all together its: "sudo apt-get install build-essential"?17:38
TJ-R-800: I assume, a Windows build of python, and the apt-offline python script17:38
usr13nicksloan: service <name> stop17:38
ActionPa1snipR-800: just use dpkg to install all the debs17:38
bazhangdrmeister, yes17:38
lotuspsychjeJuJuBee: if testdisk or gparted can't see your hd, might be dead indeed17:38
drmeisterbazhang: Got it - thank you very much!17:38
R-800ActionPa1snip: Are you sure? That sounds like something that wouldn't work in Windows.17:39
TJ-R-800: see the man page: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man8/apt-offline.8.html17:39
ActionPa1snipR-800: if you are copying debs from system to system, you can install debs at command line17:39
val___I would like to build a client(ncurses)/server application in C, could anyone point me in the right direction? I am coming from the web world where I built http web services and the browser(client) consumed it17:39
TJ-ActionPa1snip: He won't need dpkg; apt-offline does the install itself17:40
val___I've been looking into tcp sockets17:40
usr13nicksloan: In other words, just stop the service, do what you need to do and then re-start it.17:40
drmeisterI'm installing Ubuntu on Virtualbox 4.2.16 on a Mac OS X 10.8.1  -   Ubuntu didn't give me the option of installing 32-bit or 64-bit.  Where does that get defined?17:40
lotuspsychjeval___: maybe try the ##programming channel?17:41
R-800TJ-: Thanks so much.  I know I need to do a lot of self-education here, and with the links you've provided, I think that's finally going to be possible.17:41
usr13nicksloan: And so now that you know that a service is automatically started when you install it, you can act accordingly.17:41
DJonesdrmeister: That depends on whether you downloaded the 32 or 64 bit iso17:41
val___lotuspsychje: thanks!17:41
drmeisterDJones - Ah!17:41
Slartval___: there has to be a channel for c programming.. perhaps they will know of a good framework for you.. try ##cplusplus or ##c17:41
drmeisterDJones: I don't know which one I got - I guess I'll find out once it finishes installing.17:42
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Slartval___: that is assuming you're not looking to write the whole thing from scratch.. =)17:42
lotuspsychjei have this corrupt mouse icon problem again every first boot of the day on 13.04 64 bit clean install, on an older ati X800 and driver 'radeon', any sugestions?17:43
gribouilleis the contents of /dev created statically or dynamically?17:45
R-800TJ-: Can you tell me anything about Keryx as an alternative approach to this problem?  Any thoughts on which method might be more straightforward?17:45
usr13gribouille: dynamically17:45
DJonesdrmeister: From memory, the 32 bit version will have i386 in the iso's name, 64 bit has amd64 in filename17:45
gribouilleusr13, I have a quantal that is not running, and /dev is not empty17:46
usr13gribouille: Actually no, it's static, but updated as you go.17:46
drmeisterDJones - then I have the 64-bit version.  I just looked at the iso file: ubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso17:46
TJ-R-800: apt-offline is in the main ubuntu archives an maintained by one of the apt developers; Keryx isn't either.17:47
usr13gribouille: Yea, it's static.17:47
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gribouilleusr13, you just said it is dynamic17:47
CyracHow do i check what operativ system virtualbox have and the system there?17:47
usr13gribouille: What is it you need to do?17:47
mrtAkdenizHi Guys,17:47
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mrtAkdenizIs there any channel for game support? Or May I ask here?17:48
=== Guest27714 is now known as mgodzilla
CyracI mean if it has 64 or 4317:48
R-800TJ-: Thanks, but I'm struggling to translate your kind comment. I'll just take this to mean you don't think Keryx is the solution.17:48
SlartmrtAkdeniz: try asking here17:48
gribouilleusr13, I want to backup my system. do I have to backup /dev?17:48
lotuspsychjemrtAkdeniz: ubuntu gaming?17:48
usr13gribouille: What is the purpose of your backup?17:48
mrtAkdenizlotuspsychje, yes, on Steam Dota 217:48
lotuspsychjemrtAkdeniz: ask your issue mate as Slart sugested you :p17:49
usr13gribouille: For a complete system restore.  (Start from scratch with new HD?) Or _______________ ?17:49
mrtAkdenizI am going to ask lotuspsychje , but I dunno where can I to start :p17:49
gribouilleusr13, yes17:49
nicksloanusr13: yeah. That occurred to me, but it's easier said than done. Puppet can't have two service objects of the same name. which means I can't let puppet's magic do the stopping of the init version of the service, and the starting of the upstart version, which means making manual Exec calls, which puppet discourages. Not starting on installation at all would be much cleaner, I was just hoping that it was possible.17:49
TJ-R-800: Correct :) I'd always go for something that is maintained as part of the Debian/Ubuntu core packages17:49
mrtAkdenizMy graphics are Gallium 0.4 on AMD TURKS, not official amd drivers, and game is lagging.. Freezing etc. How can I install official drivers? I tried once from amd website, but my whole desktop went off. :\17:50
SlartmrtAkdeniz: add some more info to that like what model of graphics card, what version of ubuntu, if it's just a problem with that game or if this is happening to regular desktop apps as well17:51
usr13nicksloan: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/puppet.html17:52
mrtAkdenizregular desktop apps working well, on game problem is starting.. AMD Radeon HD7670M , Ubuntu 13.04 x64 Gnome17:52
SlartmrtAkdeniz: I'm sure there are someone in here who knows about AMD graphics cards.. I use a nvidia-card myself so I won't be able to help you myself17:52
mrtAkdenizoh Slart mate thank you anyway :)17:52
R-800TJ-: I'm having some trouble finding out what Python components need to be installed to make apt-offline work with a networked Windows machine.17:52
CyracCan anyone help me to find the right version of ubuntu or something? everytime i try,i cna't get the ubuntu work? not with latest version17:53
nicksloanusr13: am I supposed to pay attention to a particular part of that? I've seen that page, and the puppet docs. I know how to do what I want, just was looking for a cleaner way.17:53
nicksloanusr13: I appreciate the help, even though the answer isn't what I was hoping for17:54
TJ-R-800: I'd say just regular Python, else they'd specify more17:54
TJ-Install the apt-offline script, run it, see what it says17:54
R-800TJ-: Seems simple enough.17:55
mrtAkdenizCyrac, can you explain more about your issue?17:56
matthias_ActionPa1snip: http://imgur.com/YhlWiAr17:56
MrLaheyHey there I am on lubuntu and having an issue on my other computer. I changed the password and could not login after that, so I used grub recovery to change the password back. after that I could login but its like my profile is gone. the panel is missing, the desktop is empty, when I right click it shows only the default programs, none of the ones I installed. it basically looks the same as if you logged into a guest account17:57
sahilhello i am planning to install linux kernal 3.10 in my ubuntu 12.04 for sake of improvement of graphics card.is there and conflict/regression that i amy encounter?17:58
daftykinsMrLahey: perhaps you've lost your /home ?17:58
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daftykinsMrLahey: what do you see from 'ls -l /home' ?18:00
meteors2313command to join a channel?18:00
reisio/join #achannel18:01
sahilany help?18:01
MrLaheydrwx------ 44 david david 12288 Aug 12 02:12 david18:01
R-800TJ-: apt-offline won't seem to install in Windows because none of the included files are recognized.18:01
reisiosahil: with?18:01
reisioR-800: why not hook the Ubuntu install up to the network18:01
R-800reisio: I understand that you have difficulty with my situation, but your line of inquiry isn't helpful.18:01
sahilwill updating to kernal 3.10 on ubuntu 12.04 cause any regression?18:02
bekkssahil: It will cause regressions to everything fixed only in the Ubuntu patches to the kernel.18:02
k1l_sahil: there is no 3.10 from official ubuntu repos so far.18:02
reisiowell it was more rhetorical18:02
PiciR-800: How is apt-offline not working in Windows a problem for #ubuntu?18:02
reisioPici: you don't see a connection between apt and Ubuntu?18:03
Picireisio: I don't see a connection between running software on Windows and Ubutnu.18:03
IllusioneerI am trying to ssh in, using SSH keys works fine, and sshd_config has "PasswordAuthentication yes", I however can't get my user account to allow a plain-text password login18:03
reisioPici: what about wubi?18:03
reisioPici: what about disk imagers?18:03
reisioalso rhetorical18:03
reisiosahil: it could, but you can always undo it18:04
IllusioneerI just get "Permission denied (publickey,password)."18:04
Illusioneerin the -v version it even says "debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password"18:04
OerHekssahil,  the Linux kernel for the upcoming Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) is the stable version 3.10.1, but it is still in beta18:05
Illusioneerbut then after failing to find an rsa key, I get "debug1: No more authentication methods to try."18:05
TJ-Illusioneer: is there something in ~/.ssh/config preventing passwords ?18:06
MrLaheydaftykins sorry I was looking at wrong pc lol. I can't keep all my computers straight18:06
R-800Pici: Fair question.  Technically, it isn't.  What would you recommend?  I am doing a favor for a dear family member, who I want to help get into the habit of using Ubuntu.  The machine won't connect to the internet at present.  A windows machine is the only method available for downloads right now.  I would think this community would be more understanding, and champion my efforts to get...18:06
sahil<OerHeks> if i am not mistaking kernal 3.8 is going to be backported to 12.0418:06
R-800...someone using Ubuntu.  If the fact that Windows is involved creates a problem for the community, that is a real shame, in my view.  I thought there would be more encouragement and less scrutiny.18:06
daftykinsMrLahey: can you pastebin 'ls -l /home' ?18:06
IllusioneerTJ-: no the new user home dir is almost entirely empty18:06
gdadheechwhich is best code browser for ubuntu18:07
OerHekssahil why messing with kernels, what is your videodriver problem?18:07
IllusioneerTJ- : do I have to add the user to a ssh group or some such?18:07
k1l_OerHeks: sahil yes, 3.8 is in the enablement stack for 12.0418:07
sahil<OerHeks> nothing my system is stable...just want to tinker to get few more fps in games ...either natively or via wine ;)18:09
Cyraci didnt see the answer of my question,cuz i was away..what was the answer? sorry18:09
TJ-Pici: apt-offline is provided in the Ubuntu archives for offline installation of packages to a non-networked Debian/Ubuntu PC, and *can* fetch the packages required via a Windows host (or another Linux host) as part of its workflow. So it is pertinent to #ubuntu18:09
CyracCan anyone give me the right version of ubuntu? Cuz everytime I try ubuntu the latest version,it doesnt work.. and idk how to check what right version I need18:10
PiciR-800: I completely understand. Its not that we don't want to help, but I don't think that you are going to be ab;e to find people here that can help you with installing specific software on Windows even if it is related to Ubuntu.  There are many other helpful channels here on freenode that would be much more informed in such matters.18:11
MrLaheydaftykins http://pastebin.com/zssDsDd818:12
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daftykinsMrLahey: hmm ok, well you've still got your own home there then. it said total 12 though 0o is there nothing else in there?18:15
daftykinsCyrac: what are you trying to install ubuntu on?18:15
gdadheechany code browser to understand the project ?18:17
k1l_gdadheech: do you have a ubuntu problem?18:17
MrLaheydaftykins in the terminal i just see the folder home/david18:18
daftykinsMrLahey: fair enough, does the terminal consider your home to be that folder still? and you can see any data within it that you'd created before? e.g. type 'cd' then 'ls' and you should see your stuff18:19
painhi guys18:20
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snolluxEllo ello. So I'm trying to turn this kind of weird package I made (basically a lone C file, plus a few python scripts and a bash "INSTALL" script to move things and set permissions) into a legit ubuntu package. How can I do that?18:22
snolluxHere's the current "INSTALL" script http://pastebin.com/QeP7Fc8P18:22
painis anyone keen to help me?18:22
MrLaheydaftykins yes I see my folders and stuff in there18:22
painatheros wireless, after the update to 13.04  2 meters range where i can use it18:23
daftykinsMrLahey: ok i was expecting some kind of profile corruption - i'm out of ideas i'm afraid :(18:23
ekahi all. When I try to upload a picture to say Facebook, I can't see the network drives in the file chooser dialog. I have all my pic in a NAS that I can access it through network file share in nautilus… but can't when uploading… what can I do?18:24
MonkeyDustsnollux  better ask in #ubuntu-app-devel18:24
reisioeka: last I checked, admittedly some time ago, Facebook used Java™ by default for such nonsense18:24
ekareisio: I can't anywhere18:25
paineka: i am saving the pic on my desktop and when uploading it, just changing the folder18:25
reisiocan't what?18:25
blazemorereisio: I've never heard that, and it is the sort of thing I'd have heard18:25
ekareisio: access my shared net folder from an upload file chooser being FB or other service18:25
ekapain: it's a PITA18:26
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reisioblazemore: what is?18:27
blazemoreFacebook using Java18:27
* reisio shrugs18:27
blazemoresnollux: Start here http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/18:28
daum_when i start unity it keeps saying opengl failed to load,it looks like my opengl is working fine - glxgears shows 60fps18:28
ekait really sucks18:28
paineka: i still have an issue with the ubuntu, when saving somewhere, i have to open the folder manualy, because when it comes to a salf kind of refreshing folder loke desktop it is not there.. so open manually the folder, maybe it helps18:29
jezi22guys any good pdf reader which saves the last page i read on? i tried evince but i cannot find the options. i tried googling but no luck.18:29
ekapain: it doesn't … it's a shared folder… I don't know why… win does it, mac does it…18:29
MrLaheydaftykins thanks for your help18:30
drmeisterI'm installing Ubuntu on Virtualbox 4.2.16 on a Mac OS X 10.8.1  -  It got hung up "Retrieving file 55 of 100(and something)" Under Activity Monitor "Real Mem = 5.55 GB" and it was only using 20% CPU and sat like that for an hour.  I hit the SKIP button a few times and now it's continuing.   Will I need to start over again?18:30
ekajezi22: last time I read in Linux I used to put bookmarks… don't remember which reader though18:30
usr13eka: If it's nfs share, I'm sure it would work, but beyond that, I don't know.18:30
ekausr13: it's a samba share18:31
daftykinsdrmeister: no, it'll just be trying to pull down updates during install, no reason to do that during install at all18:31
paineka: samba shoulld work, try to refresh18:31
usr13eka: Well, it would depend on how it's mounted.  Should work.  I don't know.18:31
ekapain: tried many times…18:31
drmeisterdaftykins: Thanks - it just said Installation complete and it's rebooting.18:31
jezi22eka: the default in ubuntu works. just saves it automatically when the pdf is closed. but i reformatted to ubuntu server and installed my own desktop environment. now it doesn't do the same behavior18:31
ekait just doesn't show on the list of drives… nor show any net browser…18:32
ekapain: usr13: I even added a shortcut on nautilus… but it doesn't show in the upload dialog18:32
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matthias_is here sb well known about ltsp?18:33
lvlephWhen trying to read a folder on an ext3 files system I get an Input/Output error18:33
matthias_because i've got a question18:33
lvlephHow can I delete this folder?18:33
usr13eka: If it's mounted perminately (so-to-speak), it probably works.  In other words, with a fstab entry, example:18:33
usr13eka: // /home/mounts/localmount cifs rw18:33
ekausr13: yes, but I don't want permanent mount :P18:34
paineka: i am not that aadvanced, but it looks like kind of sudo right to me, can't help you more, sorry18:34
ekapain: it's not that18:34
matthias_if i boot up my fat client there stands eth0 configured:  but above it says  ip=  ##.277 is my client .4 is my server .1 is my router and my  server acts as dnsmasq but why is in the second line .1 but  not .4?18:34
MrLaheydaftykins another problem I am having my be a clue. for example certain programs no longer work. as an example when I try to run pcmanfm at the terminal it says "error while loading shared libraries: libmenu-cache.so.2"18:34
matthias_here a screenshoot: http://i.imgur.com/YhlWiAr.jpg18:34
shadejI want to use my ubuntu as a router18:35
shadejhow will be its performance?18:35
usr13eka: YOu could always just copy the file(s) over to Ubuntu's filesystem.  Right?18:35
reisioshadej: fine18:35
ekausr13: yes but that is a PITA… I don't understand why in hell it doesn't show network shared folders18:36
shadejreisio: in comparison with a router?18:36
ekait happens on FB on imgur, gmail…18:36
usr13eka: I'm not sure either.18:36
reisioshadej: lot of routers run Linux systems already18:36
daftykinsmatthias_: 'connection refused' sounds more like permissions / wrong host18:36
ekausr13: it must by a tailored down nautilus or something18:36
usr13eka: And I'm not that knowledgable about facebook either, (my idea of social-networking  is email :).18:37
shadejreisio: oh yeah but i am trying to use my pc as a router18:37
CyracCan anyone help me get the latest version of ubuntu please? where u ahve trashbin and stuff on the left side18:37
ekausr13: I can't on gmail… FB was an example18:37
ekausr13: see here http://serverfault.com/questions/431182/file-upload-page-coming-up-it-is-not-showing-the-mounted-folders18:37
ekausr13: everybody is having the same issue18:37
usr13eka: I also don't use nautilus, (I use thunar).18:37
reisioshadej: I know, you said18:37
drmeisterI have a brand-new shiny Ubuntu installation.  I'm trying to get a development environment installed.   "sudo apt-get install build-essential" returns with "unable to locate package build-essential".   "sudo apt-get update" --> Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists18:38
usr13eka: (I'm an xfce user.)18:38
ekausr13: nautilus is the default in ubuntu afaik18:38
reisiodrmeister: you got any other package manager / frontends open?18:38
ekausr13: in the default ubuntu install ;)18:38
shadejreisio: so if that is the case why do people purchase routers why dont they use normal PCs to do so18:38
usr13drmeister: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade18:38
drmeisterreisio: I'm new to Ubuntu (but lots of decade old experience with Linux/slackware/redhat/fedora)18:38
usr13eka: Yes, you are correct.18:38
reisioshadej: routers are preconfigured for a specific task18:39
CyracI have problems everytime.. :(18:39
shadejreisio: is that what makes them expensive18:39
reisioshadej: routers aren't expensive18:39
shadejreisio: are you sure18:39
painppl, still here, anyone, atheros, bad wireless, ux31e asus, 1 meter works, disabled the power savings-no result..any help? searched everything, well, the thing is that on 12 had the same issue but in a week through the update it was good, now it sucks but i need it for my job..18:39
drmeisterusr13: All it gives me is "Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists"18:39
matthias_daftykins: as already metion there is something worng with the ip first and then eth0 because there is instead of .4 you see what i mean?18:40
usr13drmeister: Close other package managers first.18:40
shadejreisio: can u tell me their average cost18:40
CyracWho can help me with ubuntu? I am trying to install the latest version of ubuntu.. but everytime i try,i can't get it to work18:40
reisioshadej: I'm not sure the average cost of all routers would be a useful figure18:40
reisioshadej: you can get one for $20 at local stores in the USA18:40
drmeisterusr13 - I don't think I have any package managers open.  It just booted into Ubuntu (fresh install) - does one come up automatically?18:40
shadejreisio: wow i had very bad image then18:41
usr13drmeister: (There are a cople of front-end applications for apt and one of them is apparently running or opened.)18:41
usr13drmeister: sudo apt-get update  #What does it say exactly?18:41
DreamPCsHey guys, any other apps besides Minitube to play youtube videos?18:41
daftykinsmatthias_: you're not really explaining it too clearly18:42
reisioDreamPCs: youtube-viewer18:42
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DreamPCsCool, I'll try that, thanks.18:42
Cyracusr13: would u b so kindly help me? :)18:42
usr13Cyrac: Sure.  What do you need?18:42
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UbuntuNewbie!ask | Cyrac18:42
CyracI have been trying to install ubuntu the latest version 11,12 adn 13.. but everytime i try,i can't get it to work18:42
ubottuCyrac: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:42
usr13Cyrac: What seems to be the problem?18:43
shadejreisio: so you are telling me that i can replace my router with a pc18:43
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reisioshadej: yup, routers are computers too, just simpler ones18:43
Cyraci either get a block screen that stops,strange colours or it won't start at all.. hard to say when i ahve tried like 4 times or more18:44
drmeisterusr13: Thanks, is it ok if I post a small piece of screen-shot?  Copy and past from VirtualBox to OS X is not working yet.18:44
usr13!nomodeset | Cyrac18:44
ubottuCyrac: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:44
painbrennan: paid it, i have the router 2 meters away now an the signla is at the minimum18:44
usr13!paste | drmeister18:44
ubottudrmeister: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:44
usr13drmeister: One line is ok,18:45
CyracSo how do i fix it, usr13?18:45
matthias_daftykins: ok on this image http://i.imgur.com/YhlWiAr.jpg under "my ip address seems to bee..." you can see and on the bottom you can see "eth0 configured...." i think there is ab problem at eth0 configured.. because there is not metioned which is my server and thats because there is the socket error? clear sry im from germany :)18:45
CyracI wnat to have that version of ubuntu that have trasbin and stuff on the left side18:45
MonkeyDustCyrac  it's called unity18:45
painthe pain is not me18:45
painTHE PAIN IS NOT ME, i mea the one with the atheros18:46
usr13Cyrac: "See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter"18:46
ekapain: you could change your nick to something like _pain_18:46
shadejreisio: is configuring  /etc/sysctl.conf  enough to turn pc to router18:46
ActionParsnip2Cyrac: that will be Ubuntu then as it uses Unity shell by default18:46
paineka: trying, but if i am right the irq from the 90 wouldn't let anyone on the same server with the same nick :)18:47
ActionParsnip2Cyrac: if you are using virtualbox still then I suggest you use the 2D session.18:47
reisioshadej: I doubt it18:47
shadejreisio: hm18:47
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing18:47
Cyracusr13: on that link u gave me,there is a black screen there show about ubuntu.. this generic thingy.. what version of ubuntu is that?18:48
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daftykinsmatthias_: sounds like the DHCP server is giving it the wrong IPs then perhaps18:49
ActionParsnip2Cyrac : have you tried asking in #vbox they may know some settings18:49
ActionParsnip2!away > gbuyers[away]18:49
CyracI only want ubuntu to work,but the latest version with all stuff like trashbeen and stuff on the left side18:49
drmeisterusr13: I was messing around trying to figure out copy/past from VirtualBox to OS X - here's the result: http://imagebin.org/26730318:50
usr13Cyrac: Is this what you are talking about?:  http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/3509/dgfdgrunningoraclevmvir.png18:50
painchanged it everywhere in the settings... does not work.. lol18:50
matthias_daftykins: my router gives it the .227 but above it becomes the right one you know where to change this, so that in the second paragraph the adress is the same like in the first paragraph?18:50
Cyracusr: well.. how does the desktop of ubuntu look like using that ubuntu version?18:50
Left_Turnhey guys i installed python3 but when u type python3 my OS can't find it.. how can i search for it18:51
reisioLeft_Turn: how'd you install it?18:51
Left_Turni can't remember... i used make make install i think18:51
icelitehi Left_Turn18:51
Left_Turnhi icelite.. do we know each other?18:52
Left_Turnsorry i have bad memory18:52
iceliteahh the Swindon girl18:52
painlesseka: did it :D18:52
iceliteremember ?18:52
reisioLeft_Turn: probably should've used apt-get install python318:52
usr13drmeister: ls /var/lib/apt/lists/lock    #What does that say?18:52
daftykinsmatthias_: if you're trying to PXE boot then you can't use your domestic router for the DHCP server unless you've modified its' scope for the whole thing18:52
TJ-matthias_: Have you ensured the nbd kernel module is installed from the initrd?18:52
Left_Turnis there a way to search for python3 that i do have reisio ?18:52
drmeisterusr13: It just returns /var/lib/apt/lists/lock18:52
Cyracusr13: would u b so kindly show me how the desktop look like on ubuntu using that version of ubuntu u showed me?18:53
Left_Turni don't recall speaking to any girls on irc18:53
reisioLeft_Turn: apt-cache search python318:53
drmeistercat /var/lib/apt/lists/lock -> Permission denied18:53
Left_Turnok thanks reisio18:53
drmeisterusr13: sudo cat /var/lib/apt/lists/lock -> nothing18:53
usr13drmeister: ls -l /var/lib/apt/lists/lock    #What does that say?18:53
ActionParsnip2Left_turn: I can name a few18:53
matthias_yes TJ- daftykins im using dnsmasq because i can't modify settings on my router18:53
Left_Turni see ActionParsnip2 :)18:54
TJ-matthias_: "Socket failed" usually occurs because the nbd kernel module (which creates the socket) isn't loaded18:54
Left_Turnreisio: it's definately installed.. but the results son't show a path18:54
drmeisterusr13: -rw-r----- 1 root root 0 Feb 13 17:13 /var/lib/apt/lists/lock (I typed that in, it should be accurate)18:55
drmeisterusr13: Yup, it matches.18:55
matthias_TJ-: and how can i load this module?18:55
Cyracusr: i really need to see how the desktop look like from the version of that ubuntu u showed me,the photo.. been installing over and over and i forgot wich one it was18:56
usr13drmeister: ps aux | grep apt18:56
painlessso, ubuntu 13.04, atheros wireless works on 2 meters only and badly, ubuntu 12 was ok, any help? (latest kernel, and tried everything like turning down the power saving mode and stuff)18:56
ActionParsnip2Matthias_: based on tj-s advice.  You can run: echo nbd | sudo tee -a /etc/modules > /dev/null18:56
Left_Turnreisio: :(18:56
usr13drmeister: ps aux | grep apt    #Show me the pid number(s)18:57
ActionParsnip2Painless: is the Raring install a fresh install or did you upgrade from Quantal?18:57
drmeisterusr13: It's the same as before so I'll repost it:  http://imagebin.org/26730318:57
drmeisterusr13: Except for the grep pid the pids are the same as in the  http://imagebin.org/267303 paste.18:57
painlessActionParsnip2 - upgrade18:57
Cyracusr: sorry if I nag,but idk how the desktop look like on the version of ubuntu on the photo u showed me.. sorry18:58
ActionParsnip2Painless : from Quantal?18:58
ActionParsnip2Drmeister: is software centre open?18:58
ActionParsnip2Painless : ok. Are there any bugs reported?18:59
painlessActionParsnip2 did something i did now on the 12th but now it seems not to work18:59
painlessActionParsnip2 lot of bugs, but none regarding the wireless18:59
drmeisterActionParsnip2: How do I tell?  I'm new to Ubuntu - some sort of language support installer was open but hung up - I just shut it down.19:00
painlessActionParsnip2 like python crush, chromium mostly19:00
ActionParsnip2!aptfix | Drmeister19:00
ubottuDrmeister: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »19:00
Cyracusr: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/extra/LINUX/large/ubuntu1210installation-large_014.jpg <... this is the way I want my ubuntu to look like,but the latest version of it19:00
ActionParsnip2Drmeister : its a big app with software to install19:01
matthias_ActionParsnip2: TJ- after running this nbd | sudo tee -a /etc/modules > /dev/null19:01
=== Cyrac is now known as Cyrax
ActionParsnip2Cyrac : yes that is default.  Its is unity shell19:01
matthias_ActionParsnip2: TJ- still the same problem19:01
drmeisterActionParsnip2: I tried the "sudo fuser..." and then sudo apt-get update --> Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists19:01
drmeisterShould I reboot?19:02
usr13drmeister: sudo kill 1716 ; sudo kill 1717;sudo kill 171819:02
Cyraxwhere do I get that version of ubuntu?19:02
reisioLeft_Turn: that's what dpkg -L is for19:02
ActionParsnip2Drmeister : sounds like a plan19:02
Left_Turnwhat's dpkg -L reisio19:02
ActionParsnip2Drmeister : then rerun the command ubottu gave19:02
ActionParsnip2Left_turn : read the man pages19:02
Left_Turni really hate man19:03
drmeisterI rebooted and then: sudo apt-get update -> now it is connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com19:03
ActionParsnip2Reisio : could use awk on the output and pipe to sudo kill :)19:03
Left_Turnit confuses me even more:(19:03
Cyraxit would b really helpful,if u could give me a download link to that version, ActionParsnip19:04
CyraxFor virtualbox that is19:04
usr13drmeister: After that is done, do sudo apt-get upgrade19:04
usr13drmeister: (Which is an essential part of the post-install process.)19:05
kim79Hey i havea problem after i installd the nvidia driver my resilution is wrong and unety dont load19:06
nurowDoes anyone know of a solid, high-end gaming laptop that has excellent compatibility with Ubuntu? I recently purchased a System76 Bonobo Extreme and have had a ton of issues with it, and want to find a better laptop. Any ideas?19:06
CyraxActionParsnip2: sorry if i ask alot,but its first time and i need a download link for that version of ubuntu from the photo I showed u.. latest one. been trying to find it,but no luck19:07
drmeisterusr13: Thanks - I'll do that.  It's saying Err http://us.archive.ubuntu.com precise Release.gpg... Something wicked happened resolving 'us.archive.ubuntu.com:http'   Do I have a problem with my connection to the interwebs?19:07
ActionParsnip2Cryrax: its the Ubuntu iso from the main site. The image you gave is default.  Nothing different19:07
ActionParsnip2 Cyrax: http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/ubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso19:07
MonkeyDustnurow  try zareason's webiste19:07
drmeisterCurrently it is stuck at: 23% [Connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com] [Connecting to security.ubuntu.com] ...19:08
ActionParsnip2Cyrax: third time now. There is not a special ubuntu for virtualbox just like there isn't a special windows version for virtualbox either19:08
ActionParsnip2 Cyrax : Ubuntu is Ubuntu19:08
nurowMonkeyDust, those are also Clevos, right?19:08
=== Y_Ichiro_ is now known as Y_Ichiro
nurowI've just been so disappointed with the Bonobo Extreme. It claims to have Ubuntu support but: my headphone jack doesn't work, my brightness control doesn't work, and the clickpad has no driver and performs HORRRIBLY19:09
ActionParsnip2Cyrax: you can set settings in virtualbox to run ubuntu better but the cd inage is exactly 100% identical in every way19:10
nurowI would really like to a high-end Samsung type laptop or something that I could put Ubuntu on... but I'm afraid of running into driver issues.19:10
Cyraxi know.. but its so confusing for me who never used it before. but just one question.. Are there any command for ubuntu to upgrade ubuntu version i have?19:10
ActionParsnip2Cyrax : look into the 3D abd 2D acceleration in virtualbox.  Have you tried that?19:10
Cyraxnope.. idk how either.. sorry19:11
ActionParsnip2Cyrax: yes you can upgrade to the next release or if you use Precise (and I suggest you do)19:11
ActionParsnip2Cyrax : you can upgrade directly to 14.04 when it is released next year19:12
ActionParsnip2Cyrax : in one jump19:12
Cyraxunder get ready for installtion of ubuntu.. u can tick the box "download updates whiel installation of ubuntu.. is that recommended or can I skip that?19:13
Toze_das_Covesit's up to you Cyrax19:14
drmeisterHmm, it looks like my Ubuntu installation has no internet connection.  It's running within VirtualBox (sigh).19:14
usr13drmeister: Yes, if you do not have an active connection to the internet, it won't work.19:14
wilee-nileeCyrax, I would tick it.19:15
drmeisterDoes anyone have experience with getting a network connection for Ubuntu working from within VirtualBox?  When I bring up the Network settings it says "Attached to NAT" and at the bottom of the window it says "! Non-optimal setting detected"  - that's helpful.19:18
drmeisterI'm on OS X 10.8.1, the network connection to the host is fine.19:18
=== versi is now known as kalkov
RexodusIs it working?19:19
kim79I installd the nvidia drivers and now unity bars wont load19:20
tsygrlhey all - i just installed postfix on an unbuntu box. Accidentally trashed /etc/postfix. How do i get it back apt-get remove dovecot-postfix; apt-get install --reinstall dovecot-postfix; does not reinstall /etc/postfix.19:21
drmeisterSorry, I forgot to mention that the network connection for my brand new Ubuntu install within VirtualBox is not working. No urls are being resolved.19:21
certaini am not trying to turn you away from god19:21
iceroot_tsygrl: do the same with the package "postfix"19:21
iceroot_tsygrl: and maybe try "--purge"19:22
majorkaHey guys, any problem with netbeans ?!? 7.0.1 7.1.2 and 7.3.1 seems to having some problem with the new java update.19:22
b0xhi, im trying to install ubuntu 13.04, but i always get a dirty disk/faulty drive error just after choosing the install or manually setting up partitions19:23
b0xi have checked my internal hdd, it is fine19:23
b0xi have also tried both installing from cd and usb flash drive19:23
b0xi want to dual boot windows 8, and its running in efi mode, so im using the uefi installer19:24
wilee-nileeb0x, Do you have an allocated space for the install?19:25
sncsHi all, can someone help me out with a very strange problem I seem to be having19:25
b0xyes, ive got a 100gb partition19:25
daftykinssncs: ask away19:25
b0xthe installer formats the partition and does copy some files19:25
b0xthen fails19:25
sncsSeems that whenever I ping6 a host which isnt IPv6 it routes to local19:25
wilee-nileesncs, Maybe if you describe it to the channel.19:25
sncs# ping6 google.com19:26
sncsPING google.com(ee-in-x8b.1e100.net) 56 data bytes19:26
sncs64 bytes from ee-in-x8b.1e100.net: icmp_seq=1 ttl=57 time=4.98 ms19:26
wilee-nileeb0x, You should resize windows with its partitioner first.19:26
sncsroot@optimus:/var/www/tajtickets.nl/log# ping6 microsoft.com19:26
sncsPING microsoft.com(optimus.arconnect.nl) 56 data bytes19:26
sncs64 bytes from optimus.arconnect.nl: icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.037 ms19:26
wilee-nilee!pastebin > sncs19:26
ubottusncs, please see my private message19:26
painlesshi all, any kind of strong ubuntu guy in here? athero wireless? bad connection?19:26
sncsoptimus.arconnect.nl is my server name19:26
sncsmy bad wilee19:26
iceroot_sncs: 1. use pastebin 2. dont run a root-shell19:27
iceroot_sncs: 3. dont host a server when you are using a root-shell all the time19:27
wilee-nileesncs, No biggie you just want all the info compacted for easy access19:27
=== RedefinedClank is now known as Clank|Gone
sncsyeah i know running root is bad, im messing around with the configs, saves me have to sudo all the time19:28
wilee-nileepainless, The channel works with you stating the actual issues to it.19:28
wilee-nileesncs, very bad habit and can screw up permissions, get used to the password.19:28
* sncs logs on via normal user19:29
b0xi have resized the windows partition already19:29
wilee-nileeb0x, With?19:29
painlesswilee-nileensorry, what do you mean?19:29
wilee-nilee!details | painless19:29
ubottupainless: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:29
sncsthe main problem is why does my server think that any host which doesnt have AAAA record is itself19:30
wilee-nileeb0x, Have you run windows so it does its auto-chdsk and all is good there?19:30
b0xas i said, the partition exists, when i retry the installation ubuntu prompts to 'reinstall' rather than clean install/dual boot19:30
tsygrliceroot_: thanks - going to stuff my configz into git before i do too much more this time ;-)19:31
wilee-nileeb0x, YOur not answering questions and using your own conclusions, it is not help you actually want, best of luck.19:31
b0xyes ive ran chkdsk19:32
b0xalso a surface scan/sector scan of the hdd19:32
painlesswilee-nilee: sorry, but wrote the issue for lots of times lately, here we go:00:1f.3 SMBus: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family SMBus Controller (rev 05)19:34
painless02:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)19:34
us0rhello, I'm trying to connect my eserver running ubuntu 10.04 to the web through a netgear n600 dual band router that is connected to a wall jack. I get a strong internet connection to a windows computer close by but when i run the ethernet cable from the router to the server across the room i get nothing. any thoughts on what i am doing wrong? thanks19:34
painlessnot working except 2 meters away19:34
wilee-nileepainless, Best I can do is link you here. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=AR948519:35
=== Clank|Gone is now known as RedefinedClank
painlessthanks man, checking it out19:35
painlesswilee-nilee, yuo just have googled it, i did for a year, nothing, i am desperate19:37
wilee-nileepainless, Not sure but adding weal signal to that search might help.19:37
painlessdid it, did it19:37
wilee-nileepainless, We are all desperate for something, I said this is the best I can do, this is free help, if you want better answers go to the right service.19:38
b0xwilee-nilee: running chkdsk again, volume bitmap issues, fixing now19:39
sncsAnd since non existant AAAA IPv6 hosts resolve to localhost, all queries that need to go to an outside server go to the local server19:39
sncsand scripts fail :S19:39
painless<wilee-nilee, yoou are not the right person to tell me me to abandon it, i am o linux since 2003 :D, just seeking for the right guys to help me19:39
wilee-nilee!attitude | painless19:40
ubottupainless: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines19:40
wilee-nileedid not say I was19:40
painless<wilee-nilee no problem, i understand that, why are you taking it some kind of personally19:40
sncssoon as i ifdown eth1 (ipv6 interface) everything works like a charm19:40
sncsbut then no IPv6 traffic.. :S19:41
painlessi am just trying to get ssome answers19:41
painlesssorry to bother you19:41
b0xisnt something like the decibel setting?19:41
b0xor power?19:41
painlessit is about the driver19:42
Cyraxusr13: I installed now version 12.. the one who gave me the link.. but it only gave me the terminal.. what shall I do now?19:43
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
wilee-nileeCyrax, This a server or desktop?19:45
Cyraxit didnt get me into desktop at all.. jsut the terminal19:46
wilee-nileeCyrax, Did you download the desktop or sever iso for your virtualbox install?19:47
painlessbox: it is about the drivers, by some reason(we discussed with some of my ubuntu friends), it is not just keeping the good stuff  and trying make it better, it takes out some good stuff sand keeps going on...why so?19:47
Cyraxwilee-nilee: the file from the link he gave me is called ubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso19:48
wilee-nileeCyrax, You might check the ISO's md5sum, vbox uses its own drivers in general, there may be a problem there but checking the iso is a good start.19:49
wilee-nilee!md5sum | Cyrax19:49
ubottuCyrax: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:49
OerHekspainless a simple google search learn  that your atheros supports only Single Band (no G/N) http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/ath9k19:51
painlessDerHerks so what? do not see any issue here?19:52
Cyraxwilee-nilee: i dont understand this :(19:52
wilee-nileeCyrax, And can you explain what you do not understand, or should I guess. ;)19:53
aldobrhi all19:53
Cyraxi dont understand what u explained and i dont evne understand y I can't sue version 12.. it goes fine with version 919:53
painlessOerHeks, sir, i had a very good quality until i have upgraded to 13.04.. i tried everything...19:54
aldobri want to run a program that i downloaded, its a command line tool, the file is there, the permissions are right but when i type ./do-install i get file not found error19:54
bekksCyrax: Ubuntu version 9 isnt supported anymore.19:54
painlessOerHeks it did work on 12th one19:54
aldobrhow can bash return file not found for a file that appears on ls ?19:54
bekksaldobr: Depends on your check.19:54
Cyraxwell.. at least that works fine for me.. but version 12 i can't evne get it to work.. the one who gave me the download link,. i only got to terminal only19:54
TJ-aldobr: easily :)19:55
aldobra light turned on on my head19:55
wilee-nileeCyrax, That makes two of us, so far you have vaguely described nothing but a terminal, this could be due to a handful of varibles, all we can do is to start knocking them out, so I suggest checking the iso first for a good download..19:55
aldobrwhat happens if the file has a shebang line and the interpreter is not there ?19:55
aldobrdoes bash say file not found ?19:55
OerHekspainless, oke i did not get that part, was working before upgrade.19:55
painlessOerHeks yep19:56
TJ-aldobr: makes sense doesn't it?19:56
aldobri will check that19:56
CyraxWould u b so kindly help me with it, wilee-nilee? would b really helpful..maybe its wrong bit version19:56
wilee-nileeCyrax, I was helping, but now I'm done, others will be better with this, best of luck. ;)19:57
OerHekspainless, i find an simular problem with 12.10 > nohwcrypt=1 http://askubuntu.com/questions/245826/network-card-atheros-problem-ubuntu-12-1019:57
CyraxWho else are willing to help me here?19:57
painlessOerHeks more, i tried all the net tricks like turning down the power saving mode and stuff.. my kernel is the latest..19:57
painlessOerHeks, did that, for 100 times man :)19:58
painlessOerHeks it did help before 13 but it doesn't19:59
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foofoobarHi. I'm trying to pass data from arecord to sox. "arecord -f cd foo.wav" and then using it via "sox foo.wav .." works, but not with a pipe20:00
foofoobarI tried this: arecord -f cd -t wav | sox - -t wav -r 16000 -b 16 -c 1 rec_tmp2.flac vad reverse vad reverse lowpass -2 250020:01
foofoobarI get the error: sox FAIL formats: can't open input  `-': WAVE: RIFF header not found20:01
foofoobarAny ideas?20:01
painlessfoofooba,sorry, not that advanced, but i think that it  is about the permission of the files or something20:03
daakui've got a static network setup which works for the most part, but i need to run "sudo ip route add default via" after boot to get the network to work. is there an appropriate way to get this happen as part of the setup from /etc/network/interfaces?20:06
=== empty is now known as davidbowlby
ikoniadaaku: why don't you manage this through network manager, as it's designed ?20:07
ikoniadaaku: remove all the content from the /etc/network/interfaces file that you've added and manage it through network manager, as designed20:07
daakuikonia: this is a headless container without a gui, not sure if that matters and i haven't used network manager before20:08
wilee-nileeabc456, HI, do you have a support issue?20:08
ikoniadaaku: is it running ubuntu server or ubuntu desktop ?20:08
wilee-nileeabc456, Excellent, tell the channel and maybe help is available. ;)20:09
daakuikonia: it was setup using debootstrap20:09
abc456i am using debian, but i cant write in #debian, but i think this question is for linux general20:09
abc456i installed the nvidia driver, now i want to change the resolution to "1920x1200" which is not available in the nvidia-settings, how can i change it per hand?20:09
ikoniadaaku: that doesn't answer my question20:09
wilee-nileeabc456, YOU would need ##linux then this is ubuntu support, and you can ask debial to remove whay=tever blocks.20:09
=== RedefinedClank is now known as Clank|Gone
abc456in #linux i cant send to channel too20:10
drmeisterI just installed Ubuntu on VirtualBox - I have an internet connection but no DNS - has anyone seen this before?20:10
wilee-nileeabc456, Debian might reqire you being registered with freenode not sure really.20:10
iceroot_!register | abc45620:11
ubottuabc456: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode20:11
sncsaha after much searching.. does anyone know how to disable IPv6 in PHP/Curl?20:11
daakuikonia: i'm not sure how to answer that question i guess. it's running precise20:11
abc456strange, last time i could write to the channel20:11
ikoniadaaku: why did you not just do a normal install ?20:11
daakuikonia: i used lxc-create with the ubuntu script to create a container, my first ubuntu container, so i guess it was the "normal" install from my perspective :)20:12
wilee-nileeabc456, Maybe the isp your on has been banned...etc hard to say, but I would get there help, #freenode can help.20:12
=== Clank|Gone is now known as RedefinedClank
CyraxI might give up on using ubuntu on virtualbox.. can't get any version to work exept the old version 920:12
abc456maybe its beceuase i am with root acount in irc?20:12
ikoniadaaku: bottom line, add a default gateway to the interfaces file then20:12
morshedsncs: >>>/join ##php20:13
bekksCyrax: Version 9 isnt supported anymore, and Ubuntu up to 13.10 works fine in vbox.20:13
ikoniaCyrax: could you expand more on "can't get it to work"20:13
ikoniaCyrax: what's the actual problem20:13
=== Snake2k__ is now known as Snake2k
sncsmorshed: thanks20:14
Cyraxidk how to explain.. sorry. i try to install ubuntu .. well tried to install ubuntu 11,12 nad 13.. and somehow i can't get it to work.. idk what20:14
ikoniaCyrax: please explain "can't get it to work"20:14
Cyraxi am able to install it,but it doesnt get me into the desktop of ubuntu20:14
ikoniaCyrax: describe the problem20:14
ikoniaCyrax: what does it do ?20:14
Cyraxit only get me to the terminal only20:15
abc456ok it worked20:15
ikoniacan you see the terminal now ?20:15
daakuikonia: makes sense, i have "gateway" (https://gist.github.com/daaku/f1d6872bc1718f52a4fb) but i still need to manually add the route20:15
Cyraxi did,but since it didnt work,i removed it.. now i try install version 13 and see20:15
ikoniadaaku: you need a default gateway20:16
bekksCyrax: You didnt specify "didnt work" yet. What does it do? Refuse to work, drinks beer all the time, sits on your couch?20:16
=== companion is now known as Companion
ikoniadaaku: according to that pastebin that should add a default route20:16
daakuikonia: that's what i was expecting too20:17
Cyraxb serious.. its annoying when i can't get it to work.. let me jsut install version 13 and see how it goes20:17
bekksCyrax: I am serious. What does "didnt work" mean? Specify it please.20:18
bekks!details | Cyrax20:18
ubottuCyrax: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:18
ikoniadaaku: thats very odd, that should add fine20:18
CyraxI am trying to explain as best as i can.. sorry if i can't explain good enough20:19
=== Nym is now known as Guest11694
ikoniadaaku: ahhh I see the problem20:20
ikoniadaaku: you eed to add "eth0" to the auto line20:20
ikoniaput "auto eth0" above the iface eth0 inet static line20:20
CyraxNow i install ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso .. i tell u how it goes20:20
usr13Cyrax: What did you install last time?20:21
icelitesahhi all20:21
CyraxCan't remember.. there has been so many i installed idk wich one..20:21
=== gaben is now known as blazemore
daakuikonia: didn't help20:21
usr13Cyrax: (I think I saw you asking some questions before.)20:21
ikoniadaaku: can you pastebin me your current interfaces file20:21
daakuikonia: i think the ubuntu network setup isn't kicking in and the lxc is setting up the network20:22
daakuikonia: https://gist.github.com/daaku/f8b1594ba5051c6dab2420:22
daakuikonia: running "ubuntu@pvm01:~$ sudo ifup eth0" returns "RTNETLINK answers: File exists"20:23
baegle1All of the suddent, Flash is just failing left and right in Firefox. Happened pretty much right after a routine package update20:23
daakuikonia: running "sudo ifdown eth0" returns "ifdown: interface eth0 not configured"20:23
CyraxOk,i installed ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso .. this is what I got: This Kernet requires an x86-64 CPU,but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU20:23
baegle1Anyone experiencing this?20:23
daakuikonia: even though "ip addr" shows eth0 to be configured20:24
ikoniaCyrax: your installing 64bit on a 32bit machine20:24
guntbertdaaku: auto eth0   on a separate line20:24
daakuguntbert: doh, let me try that20:24
Cyraxoh crap. sorry for the word. i didnt know what bit it was.. thanks.. i try 3220:24
usr13Cyrax: Looks as though you need x86, (32bit).20:24
daakuguntbert: no change with that20:25
Cyraxusr: would u b so kindly help find that one?20:25
usr13Cyrax: Yes.  Do you want 12.04 LTS?20:26
Cyraxlatest version20:26
Cyraxdoesnt matter 12.04 or 1320:26
icelitehi all20:26
usr13Cyrax: 12.04 is the latest LTS, (which is what I use).20:26
usr13LTS | Cyrax20:27
MonkeyDustguys, the !permissions factoid brings no help -- i'm unable to delete or chown, chmod a hidden .Trash folder on this external USB - ls -la shows it is owned by [me] but it says 'permission denied', even with sudo - hints & tips?20:27
guntbertdaaku: did you out the  auto eth0 immediately above the lines defining eth0? (they have to be consecutive if I remember correctly )20:27
daakuyep, i put it right before it20:27
usr13!lts | Cyrax20:28
ubottuCyrax: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)20:28
guntbertdaaku: sorry, I was not really following, just spotted the wrong sequence20:28
CyraxThat didnt give me any link.. i need 12.04 LTS x86 (32)20:28
daakuguntbert: np, thanks for trying20:28
xpotQuestion: how do I fix this? "Dropping incompatible voice frame on SIP/100056-00000001 of format ulaw since our native format has changed to (alaw)" Asterisk 11.520:28
usr13Cyrax: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/thank-you?distro=desktop&bits=32&release=lts20:29
Picixpot: You'd probably have better luck by asking in #asterisk20:29
adknight87How do I configure gdm I just updated to 12.10 and x won't start20:29
budmangno matter what I cant get a 12.04 kernel to downgrade, Ive updated the grub, update-grub, see the files get updated, but it simply will not boot.20:29
=== petersaints_ is now known as petersaints
Martin[3]one doesn't simply boot20:30
xpotPici: I thoughts that was where I was... oops ;)20:30
wilee-nileebudmang, Have you tried all the kernels in the grub boot menu?20:32
budmangwilee-nilee: its a remote server with no kvm, though Im sure it would work if manually selected.20:33
budmangI need to to use the old kernel as default.20:33
blazemorebudmang: Why not just uninstall the other kernels entirely?20:34
wilee-nileebudmang, Sure, be sure to be detailed in your issue.20:34
javatexananyone know of an accurate keyboard mapping for macbook pro?  delete key not work in thunderbird among other things  ;)20:34
wilee-nileejavatexan, This a ubuntu installation?20:34
=== CoilDomain_ is now known as CoilDomain
budmangwilee-nilee: ? which details am I missing or do you need? I've even removed all kernels expect the running one, and the old one I want.20:35
javatexanwilee-nilee: yes ubuntu 13.0420:35
javatexanunity looks nice btw :)20:35
wilee-nileebudmang, I need none, however it took a prompt to get that is is remote and that you have to have a specific kernel, had that been there to begin with I would not even have responded.20:36
javatexanwish I could disable the 3 finger behavior of this touchpad.  Look down every once in a while to see I am in another program...hahaha20:36
budmangwilee-nilee: ahh I see sorry about that.20:36
=== Companion is now known as companion
daakui guess rc.local is the solution for now :/20:41
wushuhey, my apple keyboard is acting funky with ubuntu 12.04 lts. cant figure out how to get brackets or curly brackets. does anyone know if there is an easy fix for this?20:41
FireBeard[({ ?20:42
CyraxDoes it exist any 64-bit virtualbox? :)20:42
wushuFireBeard: can do () but not the other ones20:42
FireBeardhave you tried changing the keyboard language?20:43
=== liam_ is now known as Guest27199
wushuFireBeard: yeah the layout is norwegian, but i have tried english. still the same issue20:44
budmangwilee-nilee: I put a hold, on the kernel verision etc.. I cant find out how it wont downgrade..20:45
FireBeardmaybe try another keyboard then20:46
richwestcoastUbuntu is better than Linus20:47
=== Guest27199 is now known as linuxliam
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as Nisstyre
djapohow can i delete ifb0 interface it was created while i was trying to masquerade i no longer needed and would like to delete it20:53
linuxliamhow stable is the 3.10 kernel and is there any major need to update to it from debs20:55
holstein!13.10 | linuxliam20:55
ubottulinuxliam: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+120:55
ikonia3.10 kernel is not part of an ubuntu release yet20:55
linuxliami know but its listed on kernel.org as stable20:56
ikonialinuxliam: why do you want it ?20:56
ikonialinuxliam: what's wrong the with kernel ubuntu provides ?20:56
linuxliamwas wondering if i'd gain any performance even if its minor20:56
ikonialinuxliam: bigger release numbers do not mean better performance20:57
linuxliami know20:57
holsteinlinuxliam: 13.10 is not released yet.. you are free and encouraged to manually update to whatever kernel you like.. that will not be officially supported here either20:57
ikonialinuxliam: is here anything in the release notes that says it will improve performance for your hardware ?20:57
ikonialinuxliam: if you "know" why are you wondering if it will give you better performance if there is nothing to suggest it will20:57
ikonialinuxliam: you're willing to break ubuntu support/compatability for a fantasy possibility of better performance?20:58
linuxliamthat would be considered testing20:58
FireBeardUbu now only has 9 months of support left per every non-LTS versions, great20:58
ikonialinuxliam: no, it's not testing, it's just random20:58
FireBeardnobody still installs it20:59
MonkeyDustlinuxliam  if you want to test it, you need not ask questions here20:59
ikoniaFireBeard: what ?20:59
TJ-linuxliam: 3.10 fixes quite a few driver bugs, including very slow Intel 4965 802.11n WIFi, so it can improve things dramatically. It is also supported as an upgrade via the linux-current package series, for 12.04 and others20:59
holsteinlinuxliam: test what you like.. you are, as i said, free to and encouraged to. but its not supported here20:59
ikonia!info linux-current20:59
ubottuPackage linux-current does not exist in raring20:59
FireBeardikonia: read up20:59
ikoniaFireBeard: read up what ?20:59
FireBeard9 months per release20:59
ikoniaFireBeard: we know....20:59
FireBeardit's ridiculous20:59
ikoniaFireBeard: then don't use it20:59
FireBeardI've been using it for many years21:00
holsteinlinuxliam: AFAIK there are "dailies" of 13.10 you could try live to see the kernel on your hardware21:00
syntroPiany known recent updates broke ssh port forwarding? i cant use it anymore...21:00
FireBeardthis caught us all by surprise21:00
ikoniaFireBeard: not really, it was announced a while ago,21:00
TJ-linuxliam: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Release/Rolling21:00
FireBeardikonia: a few months before at the most21:01
holsteinFireBeard: you are free and ecouraged to support whatever release manually you want for as long as you like21:01
ikoniaFireBeard: yes,21:01
FireBeardholstein: not trying ti make a scene21:01
FireBeardjust an observation21:01
ikoniaFireBeard: then stop talking about it21:01
FireBeardas a long time UBU user21:01
ikoniaFireBeard: we know the support policy, you pointing it out again changes nothing21:02
linuxliamim not massivley tech savy just wanted to know what the 3.10 kernel improves overall in lamens terms21:02
ikonialinuxliam: bottom line - you don't need it21:02
zykotick9ikonia: +121:02
ikonialinuxliam: trust the ubuntu developers to push out the best supported kernels they can to allow your machine to function and maintain supportability21:02
k1l_linuxliam: they say it with every new kernel version21:02
TJ-linuxliam: The main thing is adding support for newer harder to older releases, as well as some bug-fixes21:02
ikonialinuxliam: unless it fixes a specific problem to you, use the ubuntu packages21:03
ikonialinuxliam: more so if you're not tech savy as you said earlier21:03
k1l_linuxliam: if you want stableness just wait untill the final ubuntu release is done.21:03
FireBeardwe all know the policy, we all hate it [so it seems], but nobody does anything about it21:04
ikoniaFireBeard: please don't put words in our mouths21:04
ikoniaFireBeard: no-one said we hate it21:04
ikoniaFireBeard: if you don't like it, don't use the distro21:04
ikoniaFireBeard: you don't seem to grasp the "stop talking about it" concept21:04
FireBeardthat's like saying: if you don't like the local water: stop drinking it, or stop flushing your toilet with it21:05
FireBeardI get the message tho21:05
ikoniaFireBeard: it's nothing like saying that21:05
ikoniaFireBeard: this is a choice technology with mulitple other choices21:05
ikoniaFireBeard: the people who own the project have changed it's policy,21:05
linuxliamalso one other thing what is causing Skype 4.2 to consistently crash in Ubuntu 13.0421:05
ikoniaFireBeard: you have a choice a.) accept it b.) don't use it21:06
=== d1gtl is now known as anal0g
djapoim getting an  error  when i run systemctl status iptables; no such file or directory21:06
holsteinFireBeard: or, use the LTS.. thats what its there for.. to provide a longer term21:06
ikoniadjapo: uname -a please21:06
FireBeardikonia: you are saying to either accept ANYTHING they enforce, or pack up my business and go elsewhere?21:07
ikoniaFireBeard: not quite, but the bottom line is, canonical control and define the project21:07
felonQuestion: if edid cant detect my monitor and im stuck in 4:3 / cant i look my monitor up ver/refresh and all that, and fill in as needed in my xorg.conf and it should work while running the current nvidia driver ?21:07
CyraxWhoever gave me the link to x86 (32bit),, it didnt work.. it still got me to the terminal only21:07
holsteinFireBeard: nothing is being "enforced".. its just not being supported.. cost and resources have been reviewed, and the policy is changing21:07
ikoniaCyrax: do you have the terminal there now ?21:07
Cyraxonly terminal21:08
ikoniaCyrax: can you type "id" and tell me what it says please ?21:08
holsteinFireBeard: the LTS's are supporteing *longer* on the desktop than before (currently)21:08
FireBeardnever mind, you sheep keep defending Canonical, and keep sucking Mark's dick21:08
guntbertdjapo: what are you trying to do?21:10
syntroPiCan someone give me a hint why my ssh tunnel of RDP port would not work? all i get is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5978741/21:10
Cyraxuid=1000(blade) gid=1000(blade) groupes=1000(blade),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),3021:10
linuxliamwhats the best way to put forward ideas to ubuntu devs?21:10
ikonialinuxliam: such as?21:10
TJ-linuxliam: via the ubuntu-devel mailing list21:10
ikoniaCyrax: ok, great, so it is actually installed, it's just not starting Xorg21:10
failmasterhey guys, i have a problem switching luks passphrase auth to key file based for root fs, details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?hey guys, i have a problem switching luks passphrase auth to key file based for root fs, details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization anyone?21:11
holsteinhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu/Wishlist linuxliam as well21:11
Cyraxikonia: So what I do?21:11
ikoniaCyrax: I guess need to work out why xorg isn't starting21:11
Cyraxikonia: maybe wrong version of virtualbox?21:12
ikoniaCyrax: why would you say that ?21:12
felonQuestion: if edid cant detect my monitor and im stuck in 4:3 / cant i look my monitor up ver/refresh and all that, and fill in as needed in my xorg.conf and it should work while running the current nvidia driver ?21:12
ikoniaCyrax: what is the OS that virtualbox is running on ?21:12
TJ-failmaster: For it to work you'll need to include a script in the initrd, I forget it's name now, but I seem to recall that there's an update-initrd hook to install one automatically for key-files nowadays (when I first did it, had to write my own)21:12
linuxliamikonia: adding a quicklist to "Displays" to allow for better muilti monitor mangement i.e easy switching display output21:12
CyraxUbuntu is on virtualbox21:12
javatexanI changed using Xmodmap and ccsm if anyone cares ;)21:12
ikoniaCyrax: what os is virtualbox running on21:13
javatexanworks pretty well now21:13
CyraxHow do i check that?21:13
ikoniaCyrax: what OS is on your PC ?21:13
CyraxWindows 8 64 bit21:13
ikoniaCyrax: ok, so virtualbox is running on Windows 821:13
ikoniaCyrax: when you setup a virtal machine, you configure it with virtual hardware, what video card did you set it up to use ?21:14
Cyraxikonia: no idea21:14
ikoniaCyrax: finding out is a good move21:14
failmasterTJ-, yeah, i remember that some of my previous setups with such configuration required one, at first it was like 3rd party script years ago, later it was one shipped with cryptsetup, but recently with 12.04 it used to work like this, however, thank you for the tip!21:14
CyraxI have no idea how21:14
ikoniaCyrax: looking in the virtualbox settings ?21:14
Cyraxu mena adapter type?21:15
ikoniaCyrax: yes21:15
CyraxAdapter type: Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop (82540EM)21:16
failmasterTJ-, but hey, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/552658 take a look at this, whole this subject is a mess and no one really cares =)21:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 552658 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "Encrypted root using key-file should not require custom key-script" [Wishlist,Confirmed]21:16
ikoniaCyrax: did you install the ubuntu desktop ISO ?21:16
=== liam_ is now known as Guest11032
Cyraxikonia: ubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso21:17
TJ-failmaster: I'm reading your Q... let me think about it21:17
gordonjcpfailmaster: only mad people who love having the ability to lose all their data forever without any user intervention use disk encryption21:17
Cyraxthe one who gave me,had numner 32 in it,so i guess that was 32 bit21:17
failmastergordonjcp, any arguments for this?21:18
ikoniaCyrax: that image should install xorg and all the display stuff you need,21:18
failmasteror it's just your subjective concerns?21:18
gordonjcpfailmaster: well, everyone that uses it seems to have terrible problems, constantly21:18
ikoniagordonjcp: agreed21:18
Cyraxikonia: Can u find a way so i can really install it for the os I got? cuz i have tried all day and no luck21:18
ikoniathe ammount of people who really need it are %121:18
gordonjcpfailmaster: and if your drive starts to go bad, *all* your data is gone21:18
ikoniathe ammount of people want it because they think they "need" encyption to stop their silly pictures being seen %9921:19
gordonjcpfailmaster: one single bad sector, and that's it - gone, forever21:19
ikoniathe ammount of people who make a mess of their machine with it and have no idea how to manage it %99.921:19
gordonjcpikonia: oh totally21:19
failmastergordonjcp, no actually, it helped me several times, stability is a consensus as always, depending on the context someone makes a choice21:19
failmasterand saying that it's wrong "because, what if..."21:19
failmastersorry for my english21:20
CyraxSo from adapter type.. is it wrong virtualbox version for the ubuntu?21:20
ikoniaCyrax: no21:20
TJ-failmaster: I've just referred back to an article I wrote about it back in the 'Hardy' days. Much of it is still relevant; check this bit out in particular, I think it helps address your Q http://tjworld.net/wiki/Linux/Ubuntu/HardyEncryptedLVM#EncryptedDiskConfiguration21:20
CyraxThen idk whats wrong.. idk how to fix it either21:20
ikoniaCyrax: the problem is Xorg is not starting up, xorg is what makes your desktop display21:20
failmasterTJ-, many thanks for your attention!21:21
CyraxSo how do i get this Xorg with it?21:21
ikoniaCyrax: depends why it's failing.21:21
=== Nym is now known as Guest24677
failmasterCyrax, is it possible to show us xorg logs?21:22
Cyraxhow do i check it?21:22
failmasterwhatever, it's all common stuff https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_debug_Xorg_problems21:23
failmasterCyrax,  as it written in there, server log file(s): /var/log/Xorg.*.log21:24
failmasterbut most probably grep EE will point to the problems directly21:24
=== linuxliam_ is now known as linuxliam
usr13Cyrax: /var/log/Xorg.0.log21:25
budmangCan anyone help me downgrade a kernel? 12.04 ubuntu. Ive tried everything. no matter what it simply will not boot with the older kernel. Always picks the newest latest one.21:26
nukleuzAnyone here that could help me out with a server that wont boot? :)21:26
usr13Cyrax: As failmaster points out, you might try:  grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log21:26
usr13nukleuz: Sure.21:26
TJ-budmang: When the system being booting hold down Shift key to access the GRUB bootloader menu, then choose "Previous Versions" sub-menu21:26
sinkensabeHi, I cant get vim to reinstall properly. How can I restore etc/vim/vimrc to default settings i.e. as when ubuntu is installed ?21:27
usr13budmang: Is the kernel installe3d?21:27
budmangTJ, it is a remote system, if I have the tech do that it works, i guess then I could remove the other kernel... but there should be a way just to make it default no?21:27
CyraxHow do i copy and paste the log from the ubuntu on virtualbox?21:27
budmangusr13: yes the kernel I want is installed.21:27
usr13ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-*list  #First see what is on the list.21:28
syntroPican someone help me tunneling RDP port through ssh connection? It worked before, i did not change anything and now it stopped working for some reason i have to find out... i really need this working soon21:30
nukleuzSuperb :) The thing is that I followed a guide on how to remove old kernels from AskUbuntu; I considered the guide as safe, since several users confirmed that it worked. But it resulted in a system without a kernel; and several packages god unintalled. This is a RAID setup where /boot is /dev/md0 (sba1, sdb1) anf /dev/md1 is (sdb3, sda3). When i lost all my files I had to restore my server from a sync (rsync)21:30
nukleuzbackup that was made erlier that day; and now the server wont boot at all. I have updated grub, and tried out everything that I could find on Google/Ask Ubuntu etc. I have used chroot to access the servers filesystem :)21:30
budmangusr13: it just outputs the kernel I want and the one running21:31
budmangnukleuz: the os/data/boot is on the raid too?21:32
budmangdoes it boot into that mini shell/prompt?21:32
Cyraxfailmaster: here is the photo of the log: http://puu.sh/40t6h.png21:32
usr13budmang: Is the system running now?21:33
budmangusr13: yes.21:33
budmangI just did that LS command you gave me on it.21:33
budmangI even tried an apt HOLD on the kernel/version21:33
usr13budmang: I suppose one easy way is to remove the one you are using now and do a reinstall of the other one.21:34
budmangcan I remove the one that is active/inuse?21:34
usr13(the one you want to use.)21:34
usr13budmang: There may be a better way, (and I welcome additional input), so......21:35
nukleuzbudmang: that mini shell / promt? When i chroot? Yes. And commands works well, thats how updated grub and removed som kernels when the filesystem was restored again.21:35
CyraxSo what does it mean on that photo, failmaster?21:35
failmasterCyrax, here you go, there is no module for your virtual video adapter for some reason, you may want to continue investigate it reading about how it should be shipped, maybe ther is even package in target system repos21:35
budmangright nukleuz I have a raid ubuntu box does the same, we have to type a few things to get it booted up(I have not found the full fix for it yet).21:35
CyraxI have windows 8 64 bit and my computer is new,so its nothing wrong with my computer21:36
budmangusr13: no I just mean can you remove the current in use kernel :)21:36
budmangI did not know that Im trying now.21:36
syntroPiwhy does my ssh tunnel not work at all? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5978741/21:36
budmangcouple how toos say DO NOT remove this kernel(the one running).21:36
failmasterCyrax, try switching to console like ctrl+alt+f1 for example, check out if internet connection could be configured and if yes, it would be easier to try to reinstall that virtualbox thing... guest-additions if i remember well21:37
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CyraxWhat if it was wrong version of virtualbox?21:37
failmasterCyrax, i suspect that it should bring all that stuff including that module21:37
usr13budmang: Yes, far as I know.  You probably need to remove the linux-image-3.x.x as well is the linux-headers-3.x.x21:38
usr13budmang: Again, if anyone else has an alternative idea they can let us know....21:39
budmangCourse. I just tried yours rebooting now :)21:39
CyraxSo how can i fix it? i really have no clue21:40
usr13budmang: Are you sure you can't fix what is wrong with the newer one?21:40
CyraxAdn what is the newest version of virtualbox for windows 8 64 bit?21:40
failmasterCyrax, google for it, it's not that hard actually, i would start from here http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html#idp1130668821:40
budmangusr13: This is corporate BS. It must be downgraded to the current kernel of the other production machines.21:41
syntroPibudmang, i did this once like this "mount /dev/sda1 /mnt ; sudo mount -o bind /dev /mnt/dev ; sudo mount -o bind /sys /mnt/sys ; sudo mount -t proc /proc /mnt/proc ; sudo chroot /mnt /bin/bash ; grub-install --force /dev/sda ; exit ; reboot"21:41
syntroPifrom usb boot repair console21:41
VSpikeHi. I have 12.04, with precise backports enabled. Why do I have znc 0.206 instead of 1.0-2~ubuntu12.04.1 which https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/znc suggests?21:41
budmangsynTax: yea ive repaired them before and appreciate your reply.. it just seems to be that one hardware raid one.21:41
syntroPibudmang, it was gpt on hw raid with mbr grub21:42
Cyraxnothing there about download link for latest and newest version of virtualbox21:42
budmangsyntroPi: yes exactly..21:42
Dr_WillisVSpike:  not everthing gets back ported perhaps?  with znc specifically - i tend to use the source, to keep it as up to date as possible.21:44
seroculsupport and help for backbox21:45
usr13serocul: Yes...?21:45
seroculchannel backbox in irc21:45
xkernelI'm looking for app that allows team collaboration like desktop sharing with real time drawings21:46
MonkeyDustserocul  type /join #blackbox, it's not supported here21:46
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|eod
seroculhow i join21:46
usr13serocul: http://irc.lc/autistici/backbox/21:47
MonkeyDustah, back, not black21:48
VSpikeDr_Willis: yes, true. But that page does suggest backports should have that package version, unless I'm reading it wrong21:48
usr13serocul: On irc.autistici.org you should find channel  #backbox21:48
feloni did: gtf 1024 768 60, and i finally got a return of # 1024x768 @ 60.00 Hz (GTF) hsync: 47.70 kHz; pclk: 64.11 MHz21:49
felon  Modeline "1024x768_60.00"  64.11  1024 1080 1184 1344  768 769 772 795  -HSync +Vsync21:49
ubuntnoobanyone know how to fix repository information?21:49
seroculhow connect i using xchat21:49
Cyracvirtualbox 4.2.16 is the newest,right?21:50
felondid i just get my HSync +Vsync ? that i can add in xorg.conf to get my 16:9 cause im stuck in 4:3 ?21:50
felonanyone ?21:50
usr13Cyrac: On what OS?21:50
CyracWindows 8 64 bit21:50
Dr_WillisVSpike:  from the liuttle ive used bacpoorts.. not a whole lot gets added to it. but i tend to stick to the latest releases  so rarely need backports21:50
=== Cyrac is now known as Cyrax
MonkeyDustCyrax  better ask in ##windows what soft is being used in windows21:51
usr13Cyrax: Looks like it is...21:51
failmasterTJ-, sorry for being a bit annoying, but the thing is... i assume that scenario which feeds the key is already shipped with cryptsetup, because in my case sdb1 unlocks flawlessly during boot for example without keyscript option, so the main issue as i see it - using 3rd party keyscript for this basic operation while having this option out-of-the-box already, so maybe you know by accident what makes it possible by default? =)21:52
Cyraxusr: just trying to reinstall virtualbox and see if the problem i ahve with ubuntu get fixed.. wich I hope21:52
syntroPiwhy does my ssh tunnel not work at all? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5978741/21:52
Vivekanandahisto: if you are around and got a min I have a printing question. using lpr. Can I pm ?21:53
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
failmasterCyrax, if you have read the official reference (the link i gave you last time) you should suspect that it won't fix by itself, because the problem is having guest-additions on target system installed, which didn't happen for some reason and when nothing special was done, this reason is mysterious enough to make a conclusion it won't go away by itself21:54
scorp1usanyone know what the package name is for QtQuick.Controls is?21:56
ubuntnoobFailed to load repository information, anyone know how to fix this?21:56
Dr_Willisubuntnoob:  pastebin the apt-get update  output for the channel to see.. it could be the repo is down, or has bad info.21:56
seroculhello how conection21:58
guest_01anyone know if mir will still retain x forwarding abilities of x21:58
Dr_Willisserocul:   the xchat homepage has some VERY well done starter guides and docs on how to use the client..   try /connect servername   or /server servername21:58
TJ-failmaster: Sorry... was out in the wheat fields with the Husky! Yes, by default cryptsetup installs the script from "/usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/local-top/cryptroot" into the initramfs. Take a look at the scripts below /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/21:58
ubottuMir is the next-generation display server currently under development by Canonical and Ubuntu. It's slated for inclusion in Ubuntu 14.04. For more information on it, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec . For code, see https://launchpad.net/mir21:59
failmasterTJ-, many thanks21:59
seroculthanks i try21:59
Kratisto78I'm looking to ask a few questions about Ubuntu.  Is this the correct place?22:00
usr13Kratisto78: Yep22:00
=== Daulity is now known as Duality
Kratisto78I am running xubuntu on this computer but I just bought a lenovo S400 and I'm trying to put ubuntu on it but I am having trouble22:01
usr13Kratisto78: What seems to be the problem?22:02
Kratisto78The farthest I could get was using usb to boot I tried to click try linux before installing in grub but my screen goes black22:02
Dr_Willis!nomodeset | Kratisto7822:02
ubottuKratisto78: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:02
Kratisto78I'll check into that thankyou22:03
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=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
failmasterTJ-, however appears that cryptroot is the hook responsible for it, which throws a warning on initramfs-update while running it's checks against rootfs entry in crypttab that doesn't meet the condition if [ "$key" != "none" ] && [ -z "$KEYSCRIPT" ]; so it's none "none" due to the fact there is a key file mentioned, which somehow leads to unbootable system lol Many thanks TJ- i had to re-check it unfortunately... Thank you!22:05
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apb1963So I just installed a brand new router.  I've got a windoze machine and a ubuntu box.  Windoze is fine, it's where I'm typing from now.  Ubuntu has no ethernet address whatsoever.  However, the router knows ubuntu's hostname so apparently it sees it.  I've tried service networking restart which gives an odd error, I've also tried rebooting.22:06
TJ-failmaster: From the docs, you do still need to provide the keyfile= part in crypttab22:06
apb1963Not sure where to go from here.22:06
failmasterTJ-, so basically i should give it a try - pointing keyscript option to cryptroot scenario?22:06
apb1963When I installed 12.04 LTS server yesterday, there was no network attached.22:06
apb1963So I'm guessing something didn't get configured properly I suppose.22:07
TJ-failmaster: See section 6 "Exotic key types" of /usr/share/doc/cryptsetup/README.initramfs.gz22:07
histoVivekananda: I don't know much of anything about lpr22:07
failmasterTJ-, there is a sentence from there in http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization which make this part mysterious22:07
failmasterbut it takes the script in case of non-rootfs device on boot =)22:08
OerHeksapb1963, this manual is a good start > https://help.ubuntu.com/13.04/serverguide/network-configuration.html22:08
failmasterwhat a mess22:08
apb196312.04 ?22:09
apb1963close enough?22:09
OerHeksapb1963, should be the same i guess > https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/network-configuration.html22:09
apb1963thank you22:09
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TJ-failmaster: There's a script "crypto-usb-key.sh" attached to another of my crypt articles: http://tjworld.net/wiki/Linux/Ubuntu/HardyRAID5EncryptedLVM#EncryptedDiskConfiguration22:10
histoapb1963: check your cable22:10
histoapb1963: and on the ubuntu box sudo service networking restart    or restart the machine22:11
TJ-failmaster: I think the thing to understand is, if you provide the key-file name as an absolute path, and that path is mounted when cryptsetup runs, then no helper script is needed. If however you're using an encrypted rootfs, then it needs a helper script since by definition nothing except the initramfs is mounted - and you won't want to store the key-file in there!22:11
Vivekanandabut would you know about writing demons22:11
failmasterTJ-, /boot is mounted on that stage22:12
failmasterTJ-, and non rootfs device gets unlocked successfully22:12
TJ-But you won't be storing the key-file in an unencrypted boot?22:12
Kratisto78ubottu: I tried adding the nomodeset this time I could see a small amount of purple stretched across the top and it looked like it was loading into ubuntu but eventually it just reset and reverted back to windows.  I just put nomodeset right after quiet and splash22:13
ubottuKratisto78: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:13
failmasterTJ-, i will because wherever i store it it's unencrypted, so boot in my case is removable physically22:13
TJ-failmaster: The docs say, when not providign absolute paths, cryptsetup script will look in certain pre-determined directories for the files22:13
Kratisto78guess i meant usr1322:13
TJ-failmaster: OK, that makes sense, if its a removable USB device.22:14
Kratisto78usr13: I tried adding the nomodeset this time I could see a small amount of purple stretched across the top and it looked like it was loading into ubuntu but eventually it just reset and reverted back to windows.  I just put nomodeset right after quiet and splash22:14
failmasterTJ-, that makes me sure i'm not the victim of evil-maid, that's why key is under /boot/key and i don't see the reason why it should be more complicated22:14
apb1963OK so I believe that eth0 never got configured/created, since ifconfig doesn't show anything but lo... so do I follow the "manual" method in the ... manual?  Or is there something else that will set it up for me?22:14
histoapb1963: ifconfig eth0 up22:14
histoapb1963: or ifup eth022:14
failmasterTJ-, what is funny is that it actually worked on 12.04 2 months ago22:15
usr13Kratisto78: Is this a virtual machine install?22:15
apb1963no, that doesn't work.... there's no device22:15
TJ-failmaster: So, have you specified the absolute path to the key-file in crypttab whilst /boot is mounted then?22:15
Kratisto78usr13: Nope I want to wipe my windows off this eventually22:15
histoapb1963: or ip link set eth0 up22:15
usr13Kratisto78: So right now it's a Dual-Boot setup, right?22:15
OerHeksapb1963, on ubuntu server you need to set it up through the installationwizard, or manually after setup because you had no internet available.22:16
failmasterTJ-, yep, just /boot/key but hook just skips this entry with warning during update of initramfs-environment image22:16
usr13Kratisto78: Is it 12.04 or 13.04, or  ___________?22:16
failmasterTJ-, skips only for rootfs device22:16
xkernelI'm looking for app that allows team collaboration like desktop sharing with real time drawings22:16
Kratisto78usr13: Its only a windows install I'm trying to install ubuntu and I believe 13.04 but I can double check22:17
apb1963OerHeks: So I would follow the manual method on the page you gave me yes?22:17
usr13Kratisto78: Is it wubi?22:17
histoxkernel: there are plenty of colaboration apps. Search the software center or alternativeto.net22:17
OerHeksapb1963, yes, that would be fine22:17
TJ-failmaster: which version of Ubuntu is this? I'm reading the scripts for 13.04 right now but they could have changed22:18
Kratisto78usr13: No I didn't use that at all I just used a program to mount an ubuntu iso on a usb22:18
usr13Kratisto78: So  you didn't really "install" ubuntu yet, right?22:18
failmasterTJ-, 13.04 came up with this problem on freshly installed instance http://askubuntu.com/questions/330660/what-is-the-correct-way-to-use-key-file-luks-authorization22:18
Kratisto78usr13: no not yet22:18
usr13Kratisto78: So right now, your just trying to boot Ubuntu LiveUSB?22:19
apb1963ok histo's last command - ip link set eth0 up seems to have created the interface, as ifconfig recognizes it now22:19
histoapb1963: wasn't this system working previously?22:19
Kratisto78I just logged into windows and looked at the usb and wubi is something I can launch.  Do i try that?  And yes I'm just trying to boot into it using a live usb22:19
apb1963histo: no.  new install22:19
apb1963as of yesterday22:19
SuperLaggrub seems different than what I remember it22:19
SuperLagHow do you change which kernel boots, by default, if several are listed in the menu.lst file?22:20
histoapb1963: is this a server install  with no desktop?22:20
apb1963so eth0 shows up now.... but no ip4 address... there does seem to be an ip6 address... but my ISP only gives me ip4 afaik... plus now of course with the new router, I'm behind nat so my router is assigning ip4.... I think.22:21
k1l_SuperLag: for grub2 there is no menu.lst anymore.22:21
histoSuperLag: you shoulnd't have a menu.1st with grub2 you edit /etc/default/grub and after you make changes sudo update-grub22:21
apb1963histo: correct22:21
histoapb1963: then configure /etc/network/interfaces to put up your interface on boot and dhcp or use static whatever.22:21
SuperLagk1l_: well, that would do it, wouldn't it? :)22:21
k1l_SuperLag: see the wiki pages for grub2, read it and get used to the new script-style.22:21
usr13SuperLag: /boot/grub/menu.lst. It has been replaced by /boot/grub/grub.cfg.22:21
usr13Kratisto78:  So, which ISO is it?  12.04 64bit?   12.04 32bit?  13.04 64bit?  13.04 32bit?  __________?22:22
xqeehello here is my problem, i want that script detect any video filetype not only mp4 so how i can solve this string? /home/user/mediass.sh $FPATH/*.mp422:22
John____i have a question is it possible that i can use ufw on servers like ubuntu server?22:22
failmasterTJ-, just to make it clear, my steps where pretty simple - set it up with default passphrase auth for both hdds in system, after that leave the only keyslot for key file auth, so both devices have only 1 option - being unlocked with the key file, which works on boot only for non-rootfs device (any mount point but /)22:22
usr13John____: You probably just need to create a firewall-script22:23
Kratisto78usr13: I thought it was 13.04 64 bit but I'm not sure.  Is there anywhere on the usb i can check to confirm?22:23
TJ-failmaster: The code in the script is at lines 281-284 of /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/local-top/cryptroot22:23
CyraxEven reinstall virtualbox and install ubuntu 12.04 LTS didnt help.. still it gets me only in terminal. I guess I need abit older version of ubuntu.. version 10 or 1122:23
TJ-failmaster: There has to be a key-script if there's a key-file, according to that code22:24
histoCyrax: ubuntu boots fine in virtualbox22:24
usr13Kratisto78: Probably, not sure, but do you have the name of the ISO image file?22:24
Cyraxit wont get me in the desktop.. said something about Xorg.. idk.. but it only gets me into terminal only.. nothing else22:24
xqeecan i just write like this /home/user/mediass.sh $FPATH/*.mp4, mkv, avi ?22:24
Kratisto78usr13: Oh yeah I believe this is the one I put on its ubuntu 13.04 desktop amd6422:25
failmasterTJ-, the only symptom that gives me start fro troubleshooting is cryptroot hook warning during `update-initramfs`, thank you, will give it a look, but... the fact it should be there is not defined according to manpages =) and the fact it works with non-root devices in system makes it even more frustrating, so it was a bug when it used to work liek this in 12.04 for rootfs device :D22:26
Cyraxhisto: So what shall I do?22:26
TJ-failmaster: but /boot/ is mounted by then. It isn't mounted during initrd, is it?22:27
histo!md5sum | Cyrax22:27
ubottuCyrax: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows22:27
TJ-GRUB loads the kernel and initrd image into memory from the /boot/ partition, but it isn't mounted in the initrd environment22:27
CyraxI already checked that link.. i didnt understand any of it22:27
failmasterTJ-, if so, how comes that my sdb1 currently unlocks with key file?22:28
apb1963that was the ticket.  Thank you histo & OerHeks !22:28
histoCyrax: check the howtomd5sum page22:28
xqeehello here is my problem, i want that script detect any video filetype not only mp4 so how i can solve this string? /home/user/mediass.sh $FPATH/*.mp4 | can i just write /home/user/mediass.sh $FPATH/*.mp4, mkv, avi ?22:29
histoCyrax: you need to obtain the md5sum of your iso file and compair it to the md5sums on the ubuntu.com site to ensure your file matches22:29
histoxqee: [1,2,3] ?22:29
Cyraxehm.. idk how.. please tell me how22:29
Cyraxi'm new to ubuntu22:29
Wulframn!md5sum | Cyrax22:30
ubottuCyrax: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows22:30
histoCyrax: are you in ubuntu or windows?22:30
usr13Kratisto78: Did you run a checksum on the ISO imaga?22:30
xqeehisto i want script detect only avi, mp4 and mkv22:30
histoWulframn: I tried that already. He can't understand the page.22:30
histoxqee: k22:30
Wulframnhisto: My bad22:30
Dr_Willisxqee:  you will need to use a regular expression for the file.*whaterver* pattern   AND watch out for spaces in the file names.22:30
Kratisto78Nope not really sure what that is22:30
CyraxI have windows 8 64 bit and running virtualbox on it.. i wnat to install ubuntu on virtualbox22:30
Dr_Willisxqee:  id suggest asking in bash and finding some tutorials on regular expressions22:30
usr13Kratisto78: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Md5sum22:31
Jordan_Uxqee: What is your end goal?22:31
Kratisto78usr13: wait I just tried the nomodeset again and it randomly booted in22:31
Kratisto78usr13: should I just click install ubuntu 13.04?22:31
xqeeJordan_U if script find mkv, mp4 or avi it will create mediainfo in txt file22:31
xqeeJordan_U can handle that fow few file formats its working only for one22:32
TJ-failmaster: I don't know how much clearer I can say it: sdb1 is unlocked because it is mounted after the real rootfs has been unlocked, and at that point /boot/ has also been mounted because of the entry in /etc/fstab. At the point that that linux and initrd are running /boot/ is *not* mounted and therefore the key-file is not accessible. Also, the key-file for rootfs *needs* a helper script installing that'll 'cat' the key-file to stdout so it can be read by the22:32
TJ-script in local-top22:32
WulframnCyrax: You have a fresh virtual environment to work with?22:32
Sharp1Hi, I'm using Ubuntu 13.04 and if I set up a hotcorner to switch workspaces in Unity Tweak Tool, it doesn't work after I log out and log in again. The settings stays the same in Unity Tweak Tool, but the corner does nothing. Does anyone have a solution?22:33
usr13Kratisto78: Go to the file you downloaded and run md5sum on it and google the result.22:33
Dr_Willisxqee:  for just 3 file types.. have it just repeate whatever command 3 times.. once for each pattern.22:33
Cyraxu mean java? on virtualbox or ubuntu?22:33
trace30mdoes fglrx work on newest ubuntu with an ATI HD4350 ?22:33
histoCyrax: you need to use a windows application to verify the hash of your ubuntu iso22:33
usr13Kratisto78: md5sum ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso   #Wait for result and google it.22:33
Ari-Yangtrace30m, fglrx is garbage ;/22:33
trace30mAri-Yang: why?22:33
WulframnCyrax: Do you have a fresh virtualbox environment to work with? Or have you attempted to install Ubuntu in the environment?22:33
Ari-Yangtrace30m, horrible 2d acceleration22:33
histoCyrax: it should match this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes22:33
usr13Kratisto78: Oh wait.  You said it booted up?22:34
failmasterTJ-, so grub never mounts /boot ? =)22:34
histoxqee: I would ask in #bash22:34
trace30mAri-Yang: but better 3D22:34
CyraxI installed virtualbox on my windoos 8 64 bit.. then i downloaded .iso of ubuntu.. the 12.04 LTS on virtualbox22:34
usr13Kratisto78: Did it boot up ok this time?22:34
Kratisto78yeah I'm in ubuntu22:34
Ari-Yangtrace30m, the open source driver, UVD, and the new dynamic power management competes, hell even beats fglrx22:35
histoCyrax: aparently your iso is bad if it's hanging in virtualbox22:35
Kratisto78usr13: fuck I always forget to type your name in front.  I have an option to instlal on the desktop since its in ubuntu22:35
histo!language | Kratisto7822:35
ubottuKratisto78: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.22:35
Ari-Yangtrace30m, can't point you the way, just google what I said, check phoronix out too, bye22:35
TJ-failmaster: GRUB mounts /boot/ to read the bootloader menu and files, and then it chains the linux kernel and initrd image into memory and hands over to them. At that point, *Linux* does *not* have /boot/ mounted.22:35
Kratisto78Sorry everyone my fault22:35
trace30mAri-Yang: is the opensource driver enough for 3D?22:35
budmangusr13: that worked FYI22:35
budmangsorry stepped out for lunch.22:35
xqeeThanks All22:35
failmasterTJ-, how it takes my initrd image requiring appropriate fs module, what is the default mount point then at this stage? =)22:36
Dr_Willistrace30m:  try it and see how well it works for you.22:36
Cyraxhisto: So what i do? i dont understand this hash5sum or what it was called.. so u need to help find a way to fix it22:36
usr13budmang: Good.  Thanks for telling us.22:36
WulframnCyrax: To fix it you need to download a fresh .iso.22:36
Dr_WillisCyrax:  if the iso is a bad download. you redownload it. (torrents can help make sure its a good download)22:36
budmangusr13: why would it not take the default :)22:37
usr13Kratisto78: Ok... go for it.22:37
CyraxCan u give me a fresh fixed one please?22:37
usr13budmang: Not sure...22:37
TJ-failmaster: initrd is mounted as a read-only / file-system... it is replaced by the *real* rootfs just before /sbin/init is executed22:37
Kratisto78usr13: Okay thanks I'll try it hopefully it works and I don't need to report back22:37
linuxliam_what is the best irc client based on features and ease of use granted i am using xchat but i looked at launchpad bug listings for xchat some have been there for years with no fix i would love to fix it myself but im not a developer and input appreciated22:37
WulframnCyrax: Do you know how to use torrents?22:37
Cyraxyes ofcours22:37
usr13Kratisto78: Ok.  Good luck.  (We'll be here....)22:38
Cyraxproblem is to fix that ubuntu u said22:38
TJ-failmaster: So if the real rootfs is encrypted, and its key-file is on the /boot/ file-system, then initrd has to have a script that will mount /boot/ file-sytem onto /boot/ in order to read the key-file22:38
failmasterTJ-, whatever, there should be a mount point for filesystem which contains initrd image?22:38
histoCyrax: I don't need to do anything. You need to read the page that you've been provided as it clearly points you in the right direction for obtaining a hash value of the iso you have on your machine. After you get that you compare it to the link I provided you with the hashes to confirm it matches.22:38
Cyraxi jsut have to install a older ubuntu22:39
WulframnCyrax: download this .torrent file and use it to download Ubuntu 12.04 via your preferred torrent client. http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/ubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso.torrent22:39
usr13Cyrax: md5sum ubuntu-what-ever.iso   #Wait for result and google it.22:39
TJ-failmaster: initrd is the root and it contains an /init script that does all the early set-up work, including unlocking a possibly encrypted rootfs that will replace initrd22:39
usr13Cyrax: Which ISO image do you have?22:39
failmasterTJ-, initrd image is a file on a filesystem, that's why grub needs a module for this22:39
TJ-failmaster: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/l-initrd/index.html22:40
TJ-failmaster: "The initial RAM disk (initrd) is an initial root file system that is mounted prior to when the real root file system is available"22:40
Cyraxjust curious.. about setting ram.. can i set it to any when creating virtual drive or must it b 512MB22:41
failmasterTJ-, agreed, but technically it mounts unpacking from the file which is built as /boot/initrd.img-3.8.0-blah so it has to mount the media with boot22:41
Jordan_Ufailmaster: Why do you want to have a separate key file for your LUKS container rather than doing things normally (with everything needed in the LUKS header)?22:42
usr13Cyrax: Depends on how much you have, how much you think you need or can afford for Ubuntu.22:42
TJ-failmaster: *what* "has to mount the media with boot"  ... that would be GRUB... and Linux has just replaced GRUB in memory and is executing. GRUB is dead!22:42
CyraxI got 8GB ram22:42
usr13Cyrax: Give it 2G or so.22:43
failmasterJordan_U, not sure what you mean exactly, i jsut want key file auth on boot for every luks device without 3rd party script22:43
TJ-failmaster: So, the answer to your issue is, USE A KEY-SCRIPT !22:43
usr13Cyrax: I don't even think Ubuntu will run on only 512M22:44
failmasterTJ-, this answer should be given in /usr/share/doc/cryptsetup/README.initramfs.gz and there is none22:44
Wulframnusr13: 512M is the minimum recommended amount22:45
WulframnIt's gonna run *slooow*22:45
TJ-failmaster: "...if you wish to make use of more complex setups (such as root-key-on-usb-memory), you can create a script which does all the steps necessary to retrieve the key and then prints it to stdout"22:45
usr13Cyrax: If it does, it would be pretty slow and clunky, (unless you go for lubuntu or xubuntu).  But as Wulframn suggests, 512M is "minimum" recommended amount, so...22:46
failmasterTJ-, it gives me an option to have such scenario in case i will decide to hide it deeper, however it is clear for me that grub should mount filesystem with kernel image and initrd before ram disk starts to spin providing initramfs environment22:46
Jordan_Ufailmaster: Is this keyfile contained on a separate media that you plan to keep more secure than the media containing the root filesystem itself?22:46
failmasterTJ-, that's why i already had such setup22:46
failmasterJordan_U, on /boot which is removable device physically22:46
WulframnI was throwing it out there that that was the minimum; I *strongly* recommend a minimum of 2G unless you want to know what it's like to ride a snail uphill through molasses!22:46
usr13Cyrax: Considering what Wulframn must posted, 1G or 1.5G might be ok.22:47
Jordan_Ufailmaster: A removable device which you plan to keep more secure than the internal drive?22:47
Jordan_Ufailmaster: More physically secure that is.22:47
failmasterJordan_U, exactly, because internal drives without bootloader and keys in there are already secured, that's how i see the point of encryption22:47
TJ-failmaster: You are failing to understand that whatever GRUB does, the Linux kernel does *not* inherit. GRUB doesn't 'mount' file-systems for Linux.22:48
dminuthhey guys, am having following problem.  Ubuntu 12.04LTS, am not seeing my battery charge level on a toshiba satellite l745d.  I tried any and all Ubuntu based distro's and am having same proble,.. Tried Debian and it has it.  But i like Ubuntu.  So any idea how to get that to work.  I know it has to do with the toshiba-acpi kernel module but i am not advanced enough to find the solution22:48
usr13Cyrax: Wulframn agrees that 2G is good.22:48
TJ-failmaster: I've been using this exact scenario for my servers for over five years; it needs the key-script.22:48
VivekanandaI am trying to print directly to printer from ubuntu ( ie without print dialogue). Shoould I do this or should I first write a .txt file and then print it or should I write a file in a shared folder, find a host ( win7) program to monitor the folder and print to the printer directly22:48
failmasterTJ-, so it's necessary to have the key file built into initrd in order to make it work for rootfs device?22:49
usr13Vivekananda: lpr  Hit enter, start typing, Ctrl-d  at start of line to finish, or lpr file-name.txt22:50
TJ-failmaster: not the key-file no, the key-script. The key-script then does what is needed (in your case, it mounts /boot/ temporarily, reads the key-file, unmounts /boot/, writes the key-file content to stdout, and exits22:50
Jordan_Ufailmaster: You seem to have it completely backwards. The drives containing the encrypted data are useless to an attacker if they steal the laptop (assuming this is a laptop), but the key (contained on your flash drive) is very valuable. The key should be stored on the *most* physically secure media, not the least physically secure media (if it's stored unencrypted in the first place).22:50
usr13Vivekananda: ... that is, if the desired printer is set as server default.  (lpq should tell you that).22:50
dminuthToshiba laptop not showing battery charge level, Can anyone help ?22:51
failmasterJordan_U, it's not a laptop, it's a olid box that weights about 16kg and i have a very exotic backup for this key file22:51
syntroPiaaarg where  is the gui way to add a user to a group????? do i really need terminal or edit /etc/groups manually??22:51
TJ-failmaster: All the servers in my racks use the same method22:51
usr13Vivekananda: You should also be able to do   lpr file.pdf   or   lpr file.jpg22:51
histoVivekananda: lpr filename -P printername22:51
Jordan_Ufailmaster: Why keep your most important secret (the decryption key) on something that weighs a few grams and is easily stolen then?22:52
failmasterTJ-, i got it, but why do i need a keyscript at all if at some point i have an absolute path which is correct at the timeline where cryptsetup takes place22:52
Vivekanandausr13: I have a guest ubuntu on vbox on a guest win7. here is the problem I am facing --http://www.gist.github.com/vvikramjhu/621538422:53
failmasterJordan_U, because no once can steal it from me22:53
dminuth<--- requiring help for toshiba-acpi.22:53
failmasterone* lol22:53
Wulframnfailmaster: are you andre the giant and skilled in all forms of martial arts?22:53
TJ-failmaster: How does Linux and the initrd scripts know where to find the file-system to mount to read the key-file? Because each admin might choose to do that bit differently, we're left to provide our own key-script22:53
Jordan_Ufailmaster: How is your USB drive secured? Do you keep it in a safe when not in use?22:53
failmasterWulframn, no, i got my profit-habits22:53
Vivekanandausr13: histo the file prints but with lots of weird things. eg sometimes one print goes through but all paper in the tray is cycled through!! other times I get 2 or more prints as in the link I posted above22:53
Wulframnfailmaster: Then it is easily stolen. You it would behoove you to listen to those attempting to educate you.22:54
Vivekanandausr13: histo the file prints but with lots of weird things. eg sometimes one print goes through but all paper in the tray is cycled through!! other times I get 2 or more prints as in the link I posted above  http://www.gist.github.com/vvikramjhu/621538422:54
histoVivekananda: print driver issue?22:54
failmasterTJ-, i wouldn't argue if it wasn't working 2 months ago with 12.04, but before that i used the keyscript =)22:55
failmasteri didn't need one 2 months ago22:55
failmasterand i'm 100% sure about it22:55